Monday, April 30, 2012

Canadian Troops given Viagara to encourage rape ??

You like that title? I chose it with great care. For a specific reason.
First: to grab your attention. 
Second: to make you, the reader, think about how information is presented to you.
Sensational. Emotionally charged.

 This past weekend in the print edition of the Toronto Star there was an interesting article

"There could soon be less spring in the step of those at National Defence as the department considers halting the decade-long practice of distributing free Viagra to the troops.

Within government, officials have expressed concern for years about the rising cost of the wildly popular Viagra program, which saw members limited to six of the little blue pills a month — at a cost of $15-$22 per pill. The drug is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

When introduced in 2000, the government justified supplying the prescription wonder drug to troops as a health policy meant to ensure all soldiers were mentally fit and ready for the battlefield.

Mentally fit and ready for the battlefield? 
What the hell does that mean?

Ready for the battlefield? Like this?

Gaddafi 'supplies troops with Viagra to encourage mass rape', claims diplomat

If we were supposed to believe that Gaddafi 'supplied' troops with Viagara to encourage mass rape...

The next question, that begs asking, have Canadian Troops been given Viagara to encourage rape?

 Is this how they are made battlefield ready? With their little blue pills?

Six pills a month. Hours of erect battlefield readiness.


"Both the U.S. and Australia have similar programs of passing out free pills to their soldiers"

Battlefield ready. 

Another article here 

I am not, myself, suggesting that the reason for the Viagara distribution is nefarious.
It could be? Then again it could not be?
The corporate/main stream media will do that for us when they chose to.
They will suggest to us, the readers, something nefarious. As was done with the Libyan military news story.
The audience just has to let themselves get caught up in outrage and other irrational emotional responses.
That is how propaganda  works. That is how your perception is managed. How the reader is manipulated.

The Canadian news story was spun with humour and light heartedness "less spring in the step" 
They are virtually the same stories.
 Except for one glaring problem- we never knew if the Libyan story was true
We know the Canadian story is. The Canadian media is covering it as a cost issue.

What about this?
 The infamous Canadian Killer Colonel.
A trained killer, purportedly on anti-depressants, with access to free Viagara? 
What a mind bending brew!
Colonel Russell Williams
I have a number of posts here,  here,  or here on this monster
Additionally another military rapist


  1. There's a simpler explanation for that, crony capitalism. Viagra is a highly profitable drug, prescribe it for troops alongside with any other crap vaccine and drug. We know how intricate politic and industry are, energy, pharma, military etc are all in the same hands.
    Doesn't exclude your explanation, they both can be applied.

    1. Agreed there are probably several "good" reasons for the Viagra.
      Aggressive behavior is most likely also a reason for the pills, while profit would be a bonus. Steroids are another military secret weapon, drifting into our police forces as well.

      In any case, as our good Christian PM wages his holy war on drugs in Canada, he wants our soldiers guarding the opium smack and hash in Afghanistan to have stiff cocks to better accomplish their mission. Seems perfectly logical.

      The point made by Penny about how media can spin the same story two different ways is a good one.

    2. Hey Gallier:

      good point and one that had not crossed my mind

  2. Anonymous 8:01 glad that came through clearly
    media spin, media lies

    As for our good christian pm???
    don't get me started

  3. I am going to add one point to that post
    One that many will be familiar with
    I hadn't thought of it until after I had posted this...
    What role did accessibility of Viagara, combined with other factors, play in the role of the Killer/Rapist Colonel?
    There is an older post, I will relink in light of this "news"

  4. Hey Pen,

    Of course, with the right spin, anything 'darkies' or muslims (or chinese) do is terrible, and horrific, even if we are doing the exact same thing in Canada or the States.

    But yes, it promotes agression. It promotes soldiers to commit rape, of course - this further demoralises the enemy. It also produces profits for the drug companies, sure. It's everything all together, as usual - multi-pronged.

    Hope you're doing well, even though I don't comment that often, I always drop by to have a quick read when I can.

  5. slozo: my wayward son ;)

    How are you?
    Oddly enough, I was thinking about you the other day. I am glad you still drop by!
    I hope all is well with you and yours.

    Spin. It seems obvious enough to those that realize it, but, to others not so much.

    Don't be such a stranger!