Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ceasefire brings silence to Syria- Will it last?

Additional Updates at bottom!

I am not betting on it.

All is quiet. For now. NATO's rebels are not attacking and Syria is not defending.
Syria agreed to ceasefire as long as there were no attacks.  So far it appears there have been no attackers entering Syria from Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey.

Don't hold your breath for this to last-

"NATO is not ashamed to say it wants to dominate the region and is trying to extend its domination eastward," IRNA said, quoting Ahmadinejad as insisting: "The implementation of any plan in Syria should be free of pressures and interference, and all violence in that country should be stopped."

Turkey may just invite them, to "defend" their borders.
You know that means attack.

"More than two hours have passed and it's completely quiet across the country," said Rami Abdulrahman, director of the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

There is no indication that forces have been withdrawn. They won't be and should not be.

It appears that another Security Council resolution will be sought- That much was obvious.

David Cameron, the peacemaker that he is, wants the world to "tighten the noose on Syria"


Syrian foreign minister Jihad Makdissi told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that President Assad's government had no intention of breaking the ceasefire and had already made several military drawbacks.

Mr Makdissi said the Syrian government was prepared to enter a process to end the conflict but said President Assad retained the support of a "majority" of Syrians.

He said: "There is no reason to break the ceasefire at all. What is important is everybody should abide by the terms of calm. (Kofi Annan) is asking cessation of violence by all parties, not only the Syrian government. For our side we are fully committed for this."

Syria won't break the ceasefire. Guaranteed it will be the NATO backed scum!

Update begins- Syrian Observatory that NATO backed 'NGO' is claiming that  Syrian 'forces' kill civilian-

"The man was shot dead by either the regular armed forces or loyalist Shabiha militiamen outside the town of Mharadeh, said Rami Abdel Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights."

Given that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is based in the London.....

 Where is this information coming from? Obviously, the NATO backed terrorists!

I want to add this into the post- Gulf News: Arm the rebels to end the strife in Syria
Completely nonsensical headline....
Arming the rebels will only serve to increase the strife in Syria- The article is rhetoric filled. I will as always cut to the chase. You can fill your head empty words if you want, I try not to do that.

The gist of the article is this: The rebels need more arms and heavier arms. If they get them support from Russia and China will fall away, or so it is thought?

"It is a military fact that the power of the regime's forces rests on the heavy use of all kinds of armoured weapons. The need now is to supply the rebels with light anti-tank weapons to introduce some balance to the battlefield. Introducing a change in the battlefield inside Syria could be a key factor in resolving the diplomatic deadlock."

 The Russian-Chinese position, and the support received by the regime from certain regional states, will change if there is a change in the balance of power on the ground. The message to the regime and its forces, and to its outside supporters, must be clear that the regime has little chance of survival. Once this happens, the situation inside and outside Syria will promptly change in favour of the revolution. It is a psychological battle, as much as a practical one.

Today we are watching on our television screens the 'regime's' tanks freely firing on 'civilian targets'. We need to see these tanks not firing, but on fire. Supplying the Syrian rebels with light anti-tank weapons could be the turning point that could shift the nature of the Syrian uprising.

Do you get the impression that the ceasefire will hold? When the GCC nations along with NATO are plotting to up the ante. Anyone paying attention realizes this is not going to hold. And the false flag may have already flown, with our lone civilian shot- Now we have a martyr!

Russia wants UN monitors sent to Syria ASAP:

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on his ministry’s Twitter Inc. account that the presence of independent observers in Syria is “very important” in case of “provocations.”

Russia has a positive stance on the Syrian government’s response to the cease-fire and is seeking a similar approach from the country’s opposition, according to Gatilov. 

The danger that Saudi Arabia will turn Syria into an Islamist Hotbed

Odd piece really? Since this is EXACTLY what the West wants. A tyrannical, religiously fanatic government firmly in the pocket of the US and Israel able to produce lots of fighters to continue justifying the war on terror! And, an ace in the hole to tear down Iran. Something else both Israel and the US are salivating over

"the rulers began to look at the potential opportunity to topple the Assad regime in Syria, and seize the initiative in Saudi Arabia's increasingly tense standoff with Iran"
In the best of times, relations between Tehran and Riyadh have never been good, but for the past few years the relationship has deteriorated so much that it can best be described as a state of undeclared war.
Like I said, this just has Israel and the US drooling!!!!

So ignore the overall spin of the first piece that there is any 'danger' in Saudi Arabia turning Syria into a tyranny and read this piece from August 2011- This is quite an article!
 How Saudi Arabia can contain Iran and other benefits from Syria's Turmoil

Always ask yourself- Who benefits?

All of a sudden, Saudi Arabia finds itself facing a historic opportunity to greatly enhance its strategic position in the Middle East and perhaps even assume an undisputed leadership role in Arab politics.
And this is hardly just an internal Saudi matter.
The regional status of the kingdom is a matter of some importance to the United States and its policies in the Middle East. Given the (still solid) strategic alliance between the US and Saudi Arabia, it goes without saying that a more influential and assertive Riyadh helps Washington achieve its overall foreign policy goals in the region, most urgent of which is checking Iran’s power and preventing it from becoming a nuclear power state.
Saudi priority No. 1: Contain Iran

That coincides so nicely with the policy of Israel and the US!- You can read the rest at the above links

Reading about the beneficiaries of Syria's instability..... No one mentions the Syrian people. For obvious reasons..... 

At home, the Saudi leadership cannot pressure the Syrian regime too much because it knows that it is in an awkward, hypocritical position (the kingdom is second to none when it comes to denial of political rights and freedoms, especially to women, in the Middle East)

Clearly the Syrian populace has NOTHING to gain from this NATO destabilisation


  1. I agree with you Penny, there will be provocation for sure. I laughed at how the speeches from the main players in this are so worded that they could have been used whether a cease-fire failed, held, or was possibly about to brake... Easy one for the writers.

    As we know Cameron doesn't want peace - he wants Assad out regardless, as per the 'plan'... Now what will be the next move in this I wonder! ;-)

    Anan told the truth, as he was told, he said there was time for the deadline to be met, and it was... However, again on the BFBS radio, they are playing some audio of 'activists' saying that there was 'fighting in Damascus suburbs'...

    aka Marty

    1. Hey Marie;

      The provocation/false flag may have already taken place
      I have updated the post
      The NATO activists are claiming a 'civilian' was killed.

      Of course civilian is code for fighter, NATO backed fighter

      I will continue updating through the day.

  2. Our hero Wissam Tarif has been a busy boy on Twitter (!/wissamtarif). Apparently Syria has chalked-up 4 violations and he can prove it - well Wissam never lies!

    1. Hey Freethinker:

      I saw that was the latest, after I had noted the very first 'killing'

      But, all we need is one. One lone Martyr to wave around and be all inspirational

      As for our hero Wissam Tarif- no he never his sleep.
      But when he is awake he lives in some alternative reality

  3. Al-Moallem: Terrorism Escalated Despite Withdrawal of Army Units from Some Provinces

    Dodgy Australias regime supports US war on syria
    australias regimes have long serviced empires...any that didnt were removed (aka Whitlam govt)

  4. The guys who are backed by the US and EU etc and causing mayhem in syria have plans elsewhere,-says-Coptic-bishop-24161.html
    Why would anybody want to go there now. They are ruining their own country and obviously don't want tourists or they wouldn't be going out of their way to make people feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. Such a shame, but is anyone really surprised? Even a cursory knowledge of the Middle East would tell you that there have always been fundamentalists awaiting their opportunity, and only the repressive ex-governments have stood in their way. People who rebelled to get 'freedom' will live to wish they hadn't bothered.
    - Jane ROBERTS, Oxford, 23/12/2011 14:40

    Read more:

    1. should note that last item has salafists in Libya linked to Saadi Gadaffi! and is written by a pro-revolution person

      'Salafists are extremely small in number in Libya and had been regarded with degree of bemusement until they started attacking the shrines. They are also blamed for last month’s attack on the British World War II cemetery in Benghazi. They are also seen as not having initially supported the revolution. “The problem” said one Benghazi businessman, “is that they now have guns”.

      Some officials have linked them to efforts by Saadi Qaddafi to destabilize the country. One called them “Saadi Qaddafi’s psudo-Salafi body-snatchers”.

      In his TV address from asylum in Niger last month, in which he threatened to return to Libya and lead a counter-revolution, Saadi Qaddafi allied himself with the Salafists. “I not a politician”, he said. “I am a Salafist.”'
      saadi a salafist????

  5. of note:

    'There are five major Salafist groups in Gaza, all of which espouse an austere form of Sunni Islam that seeks a return to practices that were common in the early days of the faith.

    Their religious observances and refusal to abide by various ceasefires have set them on a path of confrontation with Hamas'

    these are the same group who are the insurgents in its no surprise they dont abide by the Annan ceasefire!

    Gaza Salafists snatch Italian, threaten to kill him
    By Mai Yaghi (AFP) – Apr 14, 2011

    GAZA CITY — A Salafist group of radical Islamists kidnapped an Italian activist in Gaza on Thursday and threatened to kill him, the group and aid workers said.

    Foreign aid workers in the enclave named the man as Vittorio Arrigoni and said he was an activist with a pro-Palestinian group called the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), who was also working as a journalist and writer.


    1. later found murdered

      so how can western regimes support such as psychotic terrorist group?

  6. My letter to the Economist on one of their dodgy reports on Syria:

    Hello Economist
    ... in your article on Erdogan and Syria you claim: 'IN THE early hours of April 9th a group of Syrian civilians fled to the Turkish border as clashes between insurgents from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Syrian government forces raged. Two Syrians died and several others, including two Turks, were wounded when Syrian troops fired on the civilians’ destination, a refugee camp located in the Turkish province of Kilis'

    this is not true...what happened and ironically is backed by the SOHR (no friend to syria) is :
    The AP reported on that shooting:
    The soldiers were believed to be firing at rebels who tried to escape to the refugee camp after ambushing a Syrian military checkpoint, killing six soldiers, according to the Britain-based activist group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.'
    Which makes much more sense even if less useful propaganda.
    so why make a claim that looks like deliberate disinfo?

    The SOHR has been the main source of a lot of propaganda against the syrian govt…yet even here they don’t claim what you do.

    Also this story in RT claims these refugee camps are being used by the insurgents to commit raids on syria.

    Also this Asia Times report concurs:

    So why does your story make the claims it does?


  7. interesting level-headed (well, as good as it will ever get in the world of perps) discussion here from Oxford academic at RFI: Information and misinformation on Syria
    (6 mins) Sharmine Narwani, a senior associate at Saint Anthony's College, Oxford, and contributor to the English edition of Al-Akhbar, an online arabic newspaper questions the way that information has been circulating about what's been going on in Syria for the past 13 months. And the effect that it has had on the situation.

    But the NATO war criminals are not going to let this one get away, having come so far. It's been on the books for 10 years.

    1. Linky no work for me but I found the interview here It was strangely hard to find and the search was no help - hmm.

      Anyway - yes a good interview, the interviewer had every one of her orthodox narrative points politely and firmly quashed.

    2. Sorry,my fault there is no unique url for the audio as the BBC does. "...things are not playing out as we're being told.." Told by all those devious perps at the Guardian - Black, Chulov, Beaumont and the rest of that shower....