Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Protests in Syria. Are there any taking place?

1-See Update below regarding Russia permanent presence on Syrian Coast 
2-Additional update regarding miniscule turnouts..
3-Additional update regarding failure of the UN to vote on Observers

Is the MSM/NATO news rehashing old pictures?

I have seen an awful lot of protest pictures out of Syria for more then a year now.
There is one today, making the rounds on all the NATO news outlets, better known as ‘main stream media’
In my humble opinion, this is most likely old footage, uncertain where and when it is actually taken.
Even the NATO news tells us this is "purported" footage. So they don't know, don't bother to verify, don't care.
Simple as that.
I however have a different opinion. Your surprised, right? The picture is suspicious, misleading  and intended to be that way. Indulge me for a few minutes?
This is the picture I am referencing
Featured prominently at CTV news ,Canada also at the Guardian, UK.

It is of course purported to show protests from today...
Well maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t.
Myself? I lean towards it not showing anything from today.

Let’s be brutally honest here-
The vast majority of Syrian have not supported the NATO destabilizers, they do not want their government overthrown and turned into a repressive Saudi like regime.
I would thing the vast majority of Syrians are not going to be impressed with the NATO destabilizers
protesting today in their usual minuscule amounts.
Therefore, if there are any actual NATO backed destabilizers left in Syria, they quite likely would face the ire of the ordinary Syrian who has had it with the year of terror brought on by these NATO backed fascists

That is just one problem. I touched on the second one,however briefly.

How many of these actual NATO backed scums are still in Syria?
With so many of them holed up in the refugee camps in Turkey, can they make it across the border to show up at staged protests? I have some serious doubts about that.
It is possible they tried, but were they successful?

"Syrian forces fought rebels near the border with Turkey today"
No doubt trying to make appearances for NATO cameras....

So let’s get back to the picture. Why do I take issue with this picture

Do you notice the ‘protestors’ have the flags (of occupation and destruction) to the back of their heads? Wonder why that might be?
It seems obvious that they are at the back of some sort of gathering.
Their camera persons are following behind to get the footage and make it appear to a gullible western audience that they are participating in a large protest. Perhaps they are, maybe they are not?

If they (protestors) were leading a protest they should have been ahead of the crowd.
The still would have been taken, I would think, from the front of the alleged protests-demonstrating clearly that participants were following the leaders/ flags/insurrection, whatever.
What we have instead is a few persons, carrying the  flag of occupation, at the end of a large group, cameraman in tow.

I have seen this previously done, via media reports and you tube footage, in Damascus, February 2012. There was a large funeral for three soldiers in Damascus. The NATO backed terrorists did the same thing. Inserted themselves at the back and along the sides of the sombre procession. The MSM/ NATO media released the ‘purported’ footage and presented it as a spontaneous protest breaking out at a funeral
It was bullshit then as it is bullshit now! Or bullocks! Horse feathers? Whichever!
So where is this footage really from and what was really going on?
I am not sure. What I am certain of, is this picture is not what is being claimed.

Additionally- Kofi Annan's spokesperson and I quote verbatim

"And then next week, if the cease-fire holds, and we hope it will, and if it turns into a genuine cessation of hostilities and of violence of all kinds and all forms by both sides, while the advance team is working effectively on the ground, then the council could authorized a full-fledged observer mission, with all the capacities needed, to support on the ground, the implementation of the six-point plan."

All kinds, all forms, both sides.
This is not what the msm/NATO news is spinning today.
 The Peace Plan is for both sides!

 1st Update:

Russia to keep warships off coast of Syria

Russia will keep a permanent naval presence off Syria's coast to match the growing number of Western warships monitoring the 13-month crisis, a top defence official said Friday. "A decision has been taken to keep Russian navy ships permanently stationed near Syria's coast

Russian Warships To Patrol Syrian Coast Permanently 

 "A decision has been made to deploy Russian warships near the Syrian shores on a permanent basis," the report said.

The Russian Kashin-class guided-missile destroyer 'Smetlivy' is currently deployed near the Syrian coast. Another Black Sea Fleet ship will replace it next month, the sources said, adding that several Russian warships were on their way to the Mediterranean.
2nd Update:


Assad's opponents had called for mass rallies on Friday to test whether the authorities would tolerate a return to peaceful protests, as Annan's six-point plan said they should.

But rallies videoed by activists were far smaller than the huge, chanting crowds seen in major cities at the start of the uprising 13 months ago and on several occasions in 2011.

Huge chanting crowds my arse!!
There never were huge chanting crowds, except for the pro-Assad rallies
Those were huge!

3rd Update:

UN to vote on Saturday for Observers

An advance team of about a dozen U.N. observers was standing by to enter Syria, an official said Friday, but the U.S. and its European allies were at odds with Russia over a Security Council resolution approving the mission.


  1. The presence of coloured people bothers me also
    The Islamist are not known to be fond of persons of colour....

  2. I am suspicious of that photo,Penny - it is the only one, nothing similar anywhere on the web, just plenty of this exact one. No You Tube footage from "activists" either....
    Another photo doing the rounds is a screen save from an unidentified YouTube video,as at the Times of Israel with associated video allegedly showing protests from Hama purportedly filmed in the Hama neighborhood of al-Arba'in from Syrian Scenes,Massive Hama Protest - 'Revolution for all Syrians' - 13 April 2012 .
    from a similar source, حلب الأنصاري - جمعة ثورة لكل السوريين 13 4 2012 Aleppo from SyrBouazizi

  3. Hey Felix
    REgarding your Hama video link....

    Of course, no idea where that really is and no idea when.

    Another thing that bothered me Felix....
    Did you notice all the "protestors" after coming down what appears to be a narrow alleyway, proceed on taking a sharp right and then the the individual videoing does not show any further beyond that...

    As Egoigwe said, we have to think not just about what is there, but, what isn't there

    What I suspect... Is that the people are just rotating around what appears to be a small green space and coming back up through the narrow space between some buildings and the green area.

    The video only runs 58 seconds.
    It would make sense that if there are progressing in a circle they could only recycle protestors for a very brief period of time

    It's not very clever, really.

    1. Protesters going round in a circle - my thoughts too. Also narrow alley to make a few look many.

      BBC spoke of many activist videos but didn't link any. I couldn't find any.

      RT: very disappointing, misleading headline 'Syrian opposition taunts ceasefire with mass rally'.
      "Thousands are thronging the streets in Syria after opposition called for mass rallies. Fears of fresh violence are running high as reports come in suggesting the country’s fragile ceasefire has been broken after at least five protesters were killed."

      but NO pictures or videos to back up their claims. The accompanying video does not show a single protester but rather shows some contented folks in Damascus going about their business.

  4. my letter to cartoonist: ali ferzat
    Hello Mr Ferzat
    i saw your cartoons on syria and your FB page, where you seem bent on demonising syrians and their govt,,,why? Dont you know that Syria is being targeted for regime change by the US using salafist terrorists??

    Its a pity the people of syria dont support your position. They support their givt and the army that is protecting them form salafist terrorists backed by the US regime (the same regime that has launched wars that have killed over 2million people in the middle east in the last 10 years).

    the terrorists you see to be ignoring are using turkey as a base to launch attacks on syria.using car bombs IEDs etc...are these the sort of people you want to support?

    also FYI
    The Syrian Sunni clerical leadership supports the Syrian government and opposes the uprising. That is not news. But on 10 and 11 April 2012 many senior Syrian muftis gathered in Damascus and reaffirmed it. Here's some news coverage of that:

    Posted by: Parviziyi | Apr 12, 2012 5:22:22 PM | 17

    support for Assad:

    so given all this, why are you demonising Assad with your caricatures?


  5. FYI

  6. Hey All:
    I pop back in after a day away and read the comments...
    Looking at my own and am horrified at the possible interpretations of what i had said

    "The presence of coloured people bothers me also
    The Islamist are not known to be fond of persons of colour...."

    Not intending to offend anyone with that wording.
    I know what I mean, and should not assume everyone else knows what I mean

    The presence of coloured people is not problematic for me personally
    It does create a problem when one thinks of how the NATO backed Libyan fighters are extremely racist and subjected the black Libyans to horrific abuse.

    In amongst the NATO fighters these extremists are present-
    I am also aware that many followers of Islam are black...
    So, I do apologize if I offended anyone. That was not my intent and will chose my words more carefully...