Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Memory Hole news: What Russia said about outside influence and peacekeepers to Syria

UPDATED! Scroll down -After you read the altering news..
2nd Update!-scroll down past the first ;)

I want to get this up quick because this news and it's headline seems to be disappearing, fast
While reading the latest,  hit a news story that had the headline - Russia calls on Syrian opposition, to cease-fire

"Russia calls on Syrian Opposition to cease-fire" that was the headline.  When I got to the story, the headline was now "Syria claims it started pulling back troops" Along with the headline change, an entire sentence was missing. Altered, might be more accurate.  

This was the originating sentence:
 "Russia has called on the opposition as well as countries that "influence them" to use their powers to bring about a cease-fire in Syria.

This was the altered sentence:

Lavrov also said called on the opposition to halt the violence.

This is how it works in the "la la land" that is the mainstream media. Manipulation is rampant. Everyday, at all hours.

I found another article still containing that sentence and more Russia calls on Syrian opposition, to cease-fire

Quoting from the piece before it too goes down the memory hole! 

Russia has called on the opposition as well as countries that "influence them" to use their powers to bring about a cease-fire in Syria.

He also called for a speedy deployment of international observers — including Russians — in the country.

Why is the Western media changing or censoring initial reports?

An aside: This is not the first time, nor the second or third time I have caught stories changing with vital information left out. Information that would help readers get fuller, clearer pictures of ongoing events. 

Update: additional info begins here

PM Erdogan and Saudi King to meet on Syria
This meeting was so very important that Erdogan cut short his meeting in China to fly back to directly to Saudi Arabia. I wonder if he got an urgent call from his dominatrix Hilary, prior to leaving?
Gotta get the war on! 

"The Syrian issue is top of the agenda," the official told Reuters in confirming that Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan would hold talks with King Abdullah in Riyadh at the end of the week. A Turkish newspaper said Erdogan would fly there directly on Thursday on his way home from an official visit to China.
Saudi Arabia, the world's top oil exporter has led Arab efforts to isolate Assad over the violent repression of an uprising that the United Nations says has killed 9,000 people.

I mentioned this bizarre version of reality- Saudi Arabia leading efforts against Assad over violent repression?
Saudi Arabia?! 
The media reports this, in all seriousness? How? Everyone getting the idea of how vast the disconnect between the media and reality? Do I have to keep hammering away at it?

To take the Saudi's absurd position evern further they mention Syria failure to comply with the Anan plan....

Never mentioning the failure of  that nation, the tyrannical fiefdom of Saudi Arabia,  and Qatar to stop arming the rebels. No mention of Turkey's failure to comply to the 6 point plan. 

Spin, spin, spin....

2nd Update:
Keep in mind this is not the first time Security Council members were informed that the Anan Plan deadline had been extended by two day. I had previously read this somewhere in amongst the many articles I have reviewed lately

So ignore the spin on how certain UN members are all upset about the extension. They knew before today.

 "Several Western diplomats complained privately that Damascus appeared to have won a two-day extension"  
Boohoo they knew

 I am just posting the important points- Anan is not leaving out the rebels

"Every effort must be made to achieve a cessation of violence in all its forms on 12 April at 0600 (0300 GMT)," Annan told the council in a letter

"There is no more time to lose," Annan said in a statement to the press. "We must all push for an end to the bloodshed before Syria plunges into the abyss."

The opposition should also cease fighting in order to "give no excuse for the government to renege on its commitments."

Since readers here have been following along, you are all aware that Turkey declared the UN Plan dead!
 I mentioned that in yesterday's post, Bashar Al Jaafari, like Syria, abused by the UN- News from Syria

We have read the news from today that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are rushing to meet with one another...

It seems safe to conclude that the opposition will not cease fighting and will continue to give Syria just cause to defend itself 


  1. Nice one Penny, perhaps an alternate site collecting these manipulations, as well as noting the 'reporters'. It could also go along with the fake and staged photos that sirred the shit , that shot the bullet etc


  2. Hey Pen',... We have had an unprecedented amount of yiddish noise here in Oz over the past two years, now nothing. ?, What we have now is a yankee base that is planned to be the largest in the sphere and yet the shill-media bang on and on about 2500, ya, whatever. Me thinks, the rabbinate has an agenda based time-line writ large on an ancient satanic script and the shit-kickers (nut-yah-hobo) are being pushed to achieve an unrealistic global control situation which is beyond the physical, without exposure that will obtain a definitive "critical mass" where OMG is concerned on the part of the untermensh! That's when we will be heard LOUD AND CLEAR,... BAM!

    Fuck the spot price on any commodity that you hold girl, it's the physical reality when the crash comes that will determine your Net gain!



    1. Veritas: how have you been , me swamped.
      Just trying to cover Syria is taking all my spare time up
      But I am trying, I am trying

      I am not sure what you mean by the spot price on the commodity, but, I am hoping this is a compliment to my tireless work?

      Troops to Australia: I am aware. getting things ready to start on China- the bastards.

      Also noticed things have toned down on Iran a bit, which is bullshit extraordinaire
      It is like the quiet before the storm
      Maybe some type of diversionary thing is going on
      If the NATO/Israeli goons can get through Syria, Iran is the next domino, perhaps after a short pause in Lebanon

    2. Hey Pen',...I am in awe of your work, so prodigious, excellent as per: Check this out - "Russia Is Massing Troops On Iran's Northern Border And Waiting For A Western Attack"...


  3. Aferrismoon:

    perhaps an alternate site collecting these manipulations, as well as noting the 'reporters'. It could also go along with the fake and staged photos that sirred the shit , that shot the bullet etc

    great idea. One that I would be into if only I had the time
    If anyone else wants to pick that one up and run with it...

    And hey Aferrismoon: Hope all is well with you?
    I will pop over your way again, sometime soon, I hope

  4. RT saying saying what you've said all along Penny: Syrian rebels ‘using Turkish refugee camps as base’

    Another pearl in the 'String of Pearls': Keeping China at bay: UK, Japan strike arms deal

    1. Freethinker
      It was the only thing that made sense.
      That the refugee camps were staging grounds for the attacks
      as they expanded, more NaTO rebels were coming in.
      The whole refugee claim is flawed. How many times can Turkey count the fighters going back and forth across the border
      And call them "refugees"
      I actually had some articles that acknowledged the rebels were present in the camps- along with refugees. Of course

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah, well I am not so sure about the dissolving of Turkey
      However the creation of a "Greater Israel" is definitely believable!

    2. Some in Turkey don't seem like they need much dragging.

      "Turkey dispatched its diplomats and senior politicians on Tuesday to lobby UN Security Council (UNSC) members for a new resolution on Syria . . . .

      Erdoğan has lobbied the Chinese government on Syria during the visit. He said that China has moved from its earlier position after Turkey explained what had really been happening inside Syria. He also added that even Russia had shifted its position. “After we explained the situation to them, they [Russia and China] came to a point where they said ‘Well, you are right, let's talk it over and work together.' Let's hope that it won't be business as usual anymore,” Erdoğan said.

      In a change to his planned schedule, Erdoğan decided on Tuesday to fly to Riyadh directly from China to have talks with Saudi officials . . . .

      Although it is not yet confirmed, Erdoğan may even stop in Russia . . . ."


    3. What a joke, some news stories say Russia has 'shifted' its position, while others say it is 'sticking to its position'. Blatant manipulation for the sake of a headline perhaps! Independent radio is playing some report where the commentator says 'it's difficult to see where we go from here'.


      aka Marty

  6. If you have a strong stomach watch and weep Congresswoman Maxine waters and Ambassador Robert Ford on a townhall meeting Anaheim, California. I can't make up my mind which of these two is more revolting, not that it matters.

  7. Penny,

    Regarding Hillary, from the article I cite above:

    "Before departing for Turkey, Davutoğlu also spoke with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and his counterparts from three other UN Security Council member nations. Davutoğlu told Clinton that the latest developments on the Turkish-Syrian border were worrying, the Anatolia news agency reported. Erdoğan announced while in China that Davutoğlu may attend the G8 Foreign Ministers meeting to be held in Washington on April 12 to lobby on Syria. “He may hold a teleconference with the G-8,” Erdoğan said."

  8. Some may be interested in this movie about the Kursk.

    Was the Kursk a false flag attack? Did the Americans sink it, but all sides are covering it up?

  9. The Tarp isn't fond of Annan: ‘West’s meddling absent in Kofi Annan’s biased Syrian report’

    I like the Tarp, his knowledge is vast, but I wonder why he, like other LaRouchians, is so soft on Israel. Is it because they have in the past been accused of anti-semitism, or is there another reason?

    This might be useful if you are trying to wake-up someone:
    Exposing Istanbul militia (aka. FSA), who they truly are.. By TurtleCr3w

    1. Good site, freethinker. I have bookmarked it.