Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pieces of the Puzzle: How do they fit in?

 Must read links-
 This post will put them all in one place for your easy accessibility.

From Anonymous/ April 03/2012 -The real Bashar Al-Assad 
" A very objective study of the current Syrian crisis that tackled the issue from all aspects"

From James: West Seeks to Perpetuate Syrian Bloodbath  (Land destroyer) 
James (he wrote this one too!) How Israel Plans to Rule the World Part 3

From Felix:  GLADIO, Bin Laden to Erdogan, Belhadj and Hamas: Mossad´s and NATO´s Dirty Underwear 2012.

Felix & Brian:  Was the Gaza Flotilla Massacre a Turkish-Israeli False Flag and Precursor to the War on Syria?

I had a post up some time ago that touched on the possibility of the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara being not exactly what it seemed.

Brian: Beware the 'trusted' source (more misleading videos from the main stream media) 

We have had a fair bit of talk here on the many misleading videos promoted by the main stream media to push the war agenda.

If you have the time there is some good reading contained in those articles!


  1. Thanks for the reminder Brian that the video fakery has been going on for over a year. Notice that back then the 'respectable' journos with the Big Boy Networks admitted error and disavowed any intent to spread lies.

    Now when they are caught they don't even bother disavowing their complicity . . . they simply ignore the subject or issue denials.

    Notice how obvious the fakery was in the vidoes. The perps are not good at faking videos--they're quite bad at it really.

    Simply talking to a Syrian national would reveal the uniforms were not Syrian and the license plates were not Syrian and the perps did not speak with a Syrian accent.

    1. It would be nice to speak more then one language.
      Gallier, speaks something like three which makes me totally jealous!

      "Dam you Gallier" ;)

      If your around?

  2. In the Lehmann article, I notice the author uses a photo of "Belhadj" (the enemy image) which shows the mysterious Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi who seems to have no previous history, only a presumed or self-confessed one, before March 2011 when he gave an interview to an Italian source. The lower photo of Lehmann is actually Belhaj. He came into the open again a few days ago,30 March 2012 for Time magzine
    He is seen at 1.19 in this video

    1. I see he is the one who made the media rounds claiming he was tortured. I recall at the time thinking he was "off" as in fishy.

      Wondered if this story was created to disconnect him from his job as spook/mercenary whatever?

    2. Penny - It is Belhaj who is suing Sir Mar Allen, ex-MI6, over rendition. The story surfaced in the MSM end Jan 2012 and died. The London Metropolitan police have been investigating since early January.
      Al-Hasadi, if you believe any of all this spooky stuff, was rendered by the US in Islamabad to Libya. So,he'll have to sue the CIA.

  3. FYI
    'Not mentioned but well-understood by the men from JINSA is that the well-connected Syrian “reformer” has been groomed to facilitate that unlikely democratic utopia by leading Iraq war architect Richard Perle, a prominent member of JINSA’s advisory board until a few weeks ago. '


    1. Hey Brian:
      I have an article somewhere in my big list of bookmarks...
      actually my ridiculously long list of bookmarks about that man and his connections.


      "Not mentioned but well-understood by the men from JINSA is that the well-connected Syrian “reformer” has been groomed to facilitate that unlikely democratic utopia by leading Iraq war architect Richard Perle, a prominent member of JINSA’s advisory board until a few weeks ago."

      Mr. Farid Ghadry was mentioned in more then a couple posts here, way back at the beginning of the 'peaceful protests' last year, when I noticed he did much grovelling before the Israeli audience

      This one from march 30/2011


      Then again April 17/2011


      November 9/2011


      His subservience to Israel is duly noted in two additional posts

      Somehow never got around to using it??

  4. The syria video exposed in 2011 would be hard for non-syrians to evaluate...how many of us are flent arab speakers and can tell a syrian from a lebanese accent? or know much about security uniforms? Such videos are put out to prime the public: its the subtle democratic way of getting the people to support regime policies..such images once associated in the publics minds with a give people are hard to eradicate

    1. THere is no substantive difference between Syria-Lebanese accents. Not like Egyptian vs Iraq vs Syrian for ex, where someone from Algeria cant understand an Iraqi. Many Syrians (pre-conflict) used to commute back & forth between the 2 countries every day- from Damascus to Beirut is about a 35 min drive (not counting time spent in checkpoints etc) and alot of intermarrying has and does go on. Inside Lebanon itself, there may be more glaring accents of mountain area vs coastal, than between Syria - Leb. The most valuable thing activists from Arab world could do is set up a tranlation bureau where all their opinions could be read by westerners directly instead of interpreted and doctored by the corp media.

      Not a big fan of Landdestroyer. Like Alex Jones, he is there to divert attention and heat off of Israel's role in all of this, and Israel's role is CORE.

    2. Anonymous: While there maybe no substantive difference there are likely many subtle differences that can be picked up by persons who speak the language.

      Down to dialect variances from region to region within the country

      I read all the articles I linked. They offer a wide variety of information, hence pieces of the puzzle.

      While I agree that Israel's role is very important, don't underestimate the role of Saudi Arabia and Qatar
      They have an agenda also

    3. Hey Brian

      I read your comment and Kony pops in my head
      What a psyop that was!
      Good god!
      Apparently there is going to be a Kony pt2

  5. From Anonymous/ April 03/2012 -The real Bashar Al-Assad
    " A very objective study of the current Syrian crisis that tackled the issue from all aspects"

    One crucial aspect in this article that is not covered at all well is the armed and violent nature of much of this opposition. This would be the NATO trained and funded terrorists that are causing the mayhem including being responsible for many, if not most, of the civilian deaths.

    The linked article blames the civilian deaths entirely on the Assad government. The author has also been published in most of the prominent news outlets of the usual suspects.

    Moon of Alabama has a good article with links to help with this omission

    1. Hey James
      duly noted. Saw that article at MofA.

  6. Hey Anonymous,
    "The most valuable thing activists from Arab world could do is set up a tranlation bureau where all their opinions could be read by westerners directly instead of interpreted and doctored by the corp media."

    Absolutely. Their lack of media savvy has bothered me for a long time. Ho hard would it be?!?!

    Lebanon was a creature of the French govt years ago. They separated it off from Syria to make the Christian Maronites a big fish in a small pond.

    I hav noticed before Land Destroyers reticence in mentioning israel. However, he does write some very good stuff and at the end of the day the enemy is the bankers (and increasingly their corporations) who control israel, Britain AND the US.

    1. I share anonymous' hesitancy about the various sources like LandDestroyer. I only recently became aware of it, like in the last two months, so I don't know enough about it to judge. Alex Jones is most likely a disinformation agent or gatekeeper. I think 90% of the stuff he talks about is on target, but the 10% he misleads on is really important.

      There are a number of seemingly good new sources I've discovered and I wouldn't be surprised if many of them are controlled opposition.

      I also agree about an Arab translation bureau. It used to be the news agencies had more bureaus overseas and hired more local reporters. But I think the news media is so corrupted that they purposely did away with local news' bureaus to avoid reporting the truth.

      My view is the West is probably muffling any sort of truth coming out of the Middle East. The biggest weapon the U.S. has is its propaganda and I suspect the Middle East has been thoroughly screwed in this regard. Just look at the effort it takes for someone like Thierry Meyssan or Sharmine Narwani to get their reporting out there. The New York Times only mentioned these reporters to discredit them and instead relied on paid assassins, the Syrian "activists."

  7. Hi Walter,
    Alex Jones is a widely acknowledged gatekeeper. There's no serious argument about it. I haven't read all of Tony Cartalucci's writing but what I have read is very good and spot on the money strategically. He doesn't pay much attention, if any at all,to israel as such. But usually with gatekeepers they will salt their writing with false narratives. Such as in the first link in Penny's article above where the writer drops in twice the false claim that the Syrian govt is responsible for all the civilian deaths which is quite impossible.

    Cartalucci doesn't do that from what i have read of his. But it is wise to be on the lookout for disinformation always.

    Sometimes I, myself, avoid using the words 'jews' or 'israel' and speak of 'bankers' and NATO or even just 'psychopaths' instead to avoid getting sidetracked. After all, if the wider public understood the nature of psychopaths and how to identify them, it would be game over for them everywhere not just in israel and the insanity would stop because we'd all stop being 'useful idiots'; we'd stop facilitating their violence. Rant over! :)

    So getting back to the missing media campaign on behalf of the people of the Middle East, why doesn't the Syrian govt establish an English language news service online? Why doesn't the Russian govt publish some of their intel on what is really going on with NATO?

  8. Yeah James. I have no reason to doubt Tony Cartalucci. I've enjoyed what I've seen so far.

    I don't know why Syria hasn't been able to get its message out. I know for sure the West is stifling the few messages we see. I've seen Syria Truth Network on Youtube and other sources . . . . but the mainstream media doesn't seem to care.

    The Syria Truth Network videos exposing Western media like CNN is instructive.

    It's amazing really, when you think about it.

    CNN correspondents appear to have accompanied insurgents as they engaged in sabotage of an oil pipeline. CNN later aired the propaganda videos and lied about the who caused the sabotage.

    Why didn't they do more than put a video up on youtube? I didn't see it on SANA either, if I remember correctly.

    I don't know why the Russians or even the Syrians aren't talking about it either. Did this come up in the "briefing" with the congressional staffers? I would think the Syrian and Russian governments would be screaming to get this message out. Maybe they are and I'm just not aware of it because the media has muzzled them.

    Maybe it's as anonymous says in the most recent thread; even Assad and the Iranian leaders are secretly working for the elite, just as the Russians are. Maybe it's all a sick play.