Monday, April 16, 2012

West Himalayan glaciers grew over last decade

 The glaciers flowing between the towering peaks of the Karakoram range on the Pakistan-China border have grown in size in the last decade, according to new research.
The impact of climate change on the ice in the greater Himalaya range has been controversial because of an unfounded claim by the United Nations' climate science panel over the rate of melting in the region The new study shows that glaciers in one important part of the mountain range are growing. "We provide a detailed glacier-scale evaluation of mass changes in the central Karakoram," said Julie Gardelle, at CNRS-Université Grenoble, who led the research published in Nature Geoscience on Sunday. "In our warming world, there are regions of the Earth where, for a few years or decades, the atmosphere is not warming or is even cooling.

This sentence is prime double speak- "In our warming world, there are regions of the earth that are not warming or are even cooling"

Therefore our  "WORLD" CANNOT be warming if some parts of it are staying the same and others are cooling.

The earth is always in a state of change. As a living organism it is evolving.
Always has been. Always will be.
From long before you and I were here, till long after we are gone.......

The scientists used 3D altitude maps obtained from satellites in 2000 and 2008 to track the changes in the glaciers. Prof Graham Cogley, of Trent University in Canada, who was not part of the research team, called the approach a "ground-breaking" advance. 

Who do there darndest to explain this away, minimize or downplay it...

 A French team used satellite data to show that glaciers in part of the Karakoram range, to the west of the Himalayan region, are putting on mass.

The response of Himalayan glaciers to global warming has been a hot topic ever since the 2007 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which contained the erroneous claim that ice from most of the region could disappear by 2035.

Amongst so many other "erroneous claims"

The French scientists, from the National Centre for Scientific Research and the University of Grenoble, compared two models of land surface elevation derived from satellite observations, for 1999 and 2008, and report their findings in the Nature Geoscience journal.


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  2. Don't ever forget - or more to the point, try to remember - that filthy rich capitalist pigs like the Koch brothers pay good money, and lots of it, to have the kind of thing you're saying put in print in newspapers for the masses to read.

    Do you ever have misgivings about being on the same side as people who have a record of destroying the integrity of the natural world as a part of their normal course of business?

    1. Peter D:

      Do the Koch brother pay for this stuff?

      And here I thought this was published in a journal, by people who had done the proper homework.

      "Do you ever have misgivings about being on the same side as people who have a record of destroying the integrity of the natural world as a part of their normal course of business?"

      Since I am not on their side, I do not have those misgivings
      Nice propaganda tactic FALLACY- guilt by association.

      Guilt by Association is a fallacy in which a person rejects a claim simply because it is pointed out that people she dislikes accept the claim. This sort of "reasoning" has the following form:

      It is pointed out that people person A does not like accept claim P.
      Therefore P is false

      It is clear that sort of "reasoning" is fallacious.

      Come back when you have something more substantial then fallacies to offer.

      I try as best I can to tackle all spin, all lies, all fallacies

  3. I think that the 'global warming' myth has reached its apex. People are not buying into the lie anymore. In fact I think the whole thing is simply a multi agenda hydra. It has co-opted the 'environmental' movement, it has diverted attention to other far more important pollutants, it has made many rich through 'carbon credits' and is a tool for forming a 'one world government'. I also think it is a convenient excuse to introduce even more disasterous 'solutions' - solutions which if it weren't for the lie of CO2 based warming would never be considered - yeah I am talking about geoengineering and weather modification.

    AGW is bullshit - plain and simple.

    How do you like your skies? Clear and blue? Or full of nanoparticles of barium? Aluminium? Strontium? Sulphur? Can I serve you some Haze with that?


    1. Hey buffy
      How is it going?

      "It has co-opted the 'environmental' movement, it has diverted attention to other far more important pollutants, it has made many rich through 'carbon credits' and is a tool for forming a 'one world government'.

      worth repeating
      I wonder where Peter D's stands on the Fukushima mess
      because according to the GW cult
      Nuclear energy = Green Energy
      Because the warmistas love the environment?
      No, they don't!

    2. Where Peter D. comes from (Australia), the Green party grew out of the remnants of the Nuclear Disarmament Party, and to this day the general vibe here is still against nuclear energy. But the numbers (of people) and the stakes we are dealing with are frighteningly high, and I've largely lost hope that we won't end up digging up every last pound of uranium in existence to use generating energy. Smart money would be on not building power plants in known earthquake zones.

      Judging by you're indignation, I'd guess that you live in a area affected by Fukushima fallout, hey Penny?

    3. Peter D:
      If you mean, do I live on the planet, well yeah!

      Nuclear energy is not, nor ever will be a green energy
      It is part and parcel of the Military Industrial/banking cartel
      It cannot be touted in any credible fashion as a green energy, in earthquake zones or elsewhere

      You may recall that Chernobyl had nothing to do with earthquakes?

  4. For those who don't believe that disgusting nuclear power is touted by the global warming cult as "green"

    Even James Lovelock had his price matched and caved to this toxic, humanity killing "energy"

    Lovelock stated in an op-ed: “We have no time to experiment with visionary energy sources; civilisation is in imminent danger and has to use nuclear—the one safe, available energy source—now or suffer the pain soon to be inflicted by our outraged planet.”

    How is Lovelock liking the fact that Fukushima has poisoned our planet. Killing sealife, human life, rendering parts of the planet uninhabitable

    Leaking radiation, cesium, plutonium
    guaranteeing difficulties for generations to come

  5. Well said Penny.

    There is much to be found in common between the leftist faux democracy movements of the bogus Arab Spring and the leftist faux-ecological movements declaring man-made global warming. In fact they are virtually equivalent: the same financiers, the same propagandists and the same happy, smiley youth activists ready to fight the cause. Its strange how many who can see that one group is bogus are quite taken-in by the other group. For example MoA sees through the faux-democrats but is duped by the warmists. On the other hand there are many climate sceptics who refuse to believe that there is any other conspiracy than their own hobby-horse. In fact these are only two facets of a much bigger picture.

    The real eco-fascist lunacy is only warming-up. Its going to get serious after Rio+20.

    From 'THE FIRST GLOBAL REVOLUTION - A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome (1991)' (contemporaneous to the first Rio Earth Summit in '92) -
    "The common enemy of humanity is Man
    In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill."

    1. You know what drives me bonkers freethinker?
      these individuals who make statements
      "filthy rich capitalist pigs like the Koch brothers..."

      But what is Al Gore? A filthy rich capitalist pig to quote from above, but, he is sainted by the GW cultist.
      How does that make any rational sense at all?
      It doesn't even enter their minds!

  6. I like this blog, especially the analysis on Syria. But climate change denying is not encouraging. Being skeptical and contrarian is fine when there isn't much at stake, but there is. James Hansen just published an interesting article - "Public Perception of Climate Change and the New Climate Dice."

    It's science, not personalities. I don't care about Al Gore or any other spokes-model on either side of the issue. It's the science and analysis that count and Hansen has been there expanding his findings and engaging in honest dialog.

    As for Syria, there is actually some good news from the United States - see the shift. The four March polls illustrated in the graphic show a major shift away from the endless war state to public demands that the government stop it's international belligerence. The under 40's in the U.S. lack the requisite brainwashing to support this nonsense all in the context of a crushing recession/depression. Of course, the government will ignore them and get away with it until about three months after Obama's re eletion. That's when the action begins, imho.

    1. Hi Michael Collins

      "I like this blog, especially the analysis on Syria"

      Thanks, I am happy you appreciate the analysis on Syria

      "It's science, not personalities. I don't care about Al Gore or any other spokes-model on either side of the issue. It's the science and analysis that count and Hansen has been there expanding his findings and engaging in honest dialog."

      Yet, you cite a "personality" masquerading as a scientist.

      Or a scientist who has now become a "personality"


      There is much valid commentary left here

      I will quote some of it

      "Ask yourself, when have you ever heard one of these AGW preachers talk of the pollution and 'carbon footprint' of war?"

      I have never, why is that? The carbon footprint of endless war must be spectacular, but never a peep.

      I notice the warmistas never talk of all the problems that surround the subject of nuclear power = green energy. As you, yourself, did not. Why is that?
      Nuclear power is NOT green energy. In any way shape or form
      Not from the filthy polluting mining of uranium to the toxic legacy humanity has to live with from "accidents" such as Fukushima

      Another very problematic issue the warmistas never broach is the subject of globalisation and all the emissions involved in the business of carting goods around the globe, to enable multinationals to exploit cheap labour and flout environmental regulations.

      Instead the warmistas tout a cult like belief system and perverted agenda of blaming humans, individual struggling humans as the cause of it all

      In order to justify imposing carbon trading, taxes etc
      To employ control and create a new form of "currency"
      Nope the warmistas never mention that...

  7. Sorry - link for polls

  8. Michael Collins, global warming is a crock of shit. James Hansen isn't a scientist (anymore), he's a political activist and should be in the slammer, as his cronies Jones, Pachauri and Mann. You should read a little bit more on the skeptical blogs, there you could learn what the science really says. I won't belabour that point, but AGW is part of the agenda of the NWO.

  9. Damn i had written a good response and stupid blogger lost it. I will try again...

    Michael, please read some more opposing views. We are not deniers (with all of what that insinuates).

    The so-called Anthroprogenic Global Warming is nothing but religion. To state that CO2 is the driver of all climate on earth is simply false and not proven in any scientific manner - real science not computer generated hogwash. We don't even have a computer which can take all of the myriad variables which do effect our climate under consideration. Solar variances, ocean atmosphere interactions, biomass, geography, and of course all of the feedbacks - both positive and negative are often not even accounted for in the present models - they are flawed and the error bars are massive.

    AGW is political and increasingly religious (no facts thanks - just beleive!!). It's about wealth re-distribution, power and control. None of the accords, starting with Kyoto, even come close to reducing Co2 emmissions. CO2 is NOT a poison. Not like other far more insidious pollutants, that thanks to the Warmistas we simply don't talk about anymore. It has served to co-opt the environmental movement so that nothing is ever mentioned about our real problems - loss of arable land, habitat loss, chemical poisoning of groundwater, freshwater basins and our oceans, adulteration of the food chain with gmos, the list is endless.

    Ask yourself, when have you ever heard one of these AGW preachers talk of the pollution and 'carbon footprint' of war? They don't. We could all stop driving our cars tomorrow and as long as the militaries of the world continue their follies we will see zero reduction in CO2 emmissions. Couple that with the disaster which is nuclear (the agw answer) and you must simply scratch your head, and ask: What gives?

    Now these same charlatons wish to 'remediate' the climate using toxic geoengineering methods, which by the way, they have already been doing with rather disasterous effects.

    No, Michael, AGW is BS, as gallier has already mentioned. It's not the carbon, you are being lied too and used.

  10. There was a time when I followed 'climate science' quite closely, but my eyes were opened by 'Climategate', 'Climategate-2' and recently 'Gleikgate'; the last is particularly interesting for those who want to see how the warmists are willing to lie and cheat 'for the cause'.

    Here's a look at some of Hansen's 'science'-
    Hansen’s Tremendous Data Tampering
    Spectacularly Poor Climate Science At NASA

    Here's a look at some long term temperature data Vostok Ice Core Temperature and CO2
    This shows that climate change is not new and has been going on (probably) forever. We are currently in a 'glacial maxima' (lucky for us), ie the relatively brief warm period before it gets cold again. We are near the expected end of this warm period which is (according to these data) cooler than previous maxima. CO2 has a strong correlation with temperature but it lags temperature; that is CO2 rise is an effect and not a cause (NB the graphs here show CO2 in the ice, NOT the associated atmospheric levels). Oh but all the industrial CO2 pollution the warmists cry! CO2 is approaching 400ppm, ie 0.0004 of the atmosphere and the man-made fraction of that is 3% (wikipedia); so the man-made contribution to global CO2 is around 12ppm or 0.0012%. Sea level: when it gets warm during a glacial maxima the poles tend to melt and the sea level rises - wow, this climate science is really hard.

    Obligatory Youtube vid: Bob Carter Presentation

  11. THanks for the comments everyone! :)