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Did the Syrian pilot willingly defect or did he have "incentive" to do so?

Big news concerning Syria is the alleged defection of a Syrian pilot, who flew his plane into Jordan.
This story has more holes in it then a piece of Swiss cheese
Some inconsistencies in the story
And now an update at the bottom, please check it out!

The earliest reporting has the pilot making a forced emergency landing in Jordan.
But that changed to defection.

Checking out SANA first
SANA initially reported that contact had been lost with the plane.

"“Earlier, an official source announced that contact was lost with an MiG-21 aircraft that was on a training flight.”

SANA then reports that the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in Jordan

"In Amman, a Jordanian government source told Agence France-Presse (AFP) that the MiG-21 warplane was forced to land in north Jordan."

Since Syrian officials had lost contact with the plane and it's pilot the the information of the "forced landing" had to have come from Jordan.

I was able to find remnants of that earlier reporting:

 Including this one from Avion news

 The Jordanian minister of Information Taher Adwan clarified the misunderstanding that saw Syrian media reiterate what they had been informed of via Jordan.

“Syrian Air Force MiG-21 aircraft landed this morning on the runway of the al-Mafraq air base, in the northern part of the country, was forced to do it because of emergency reasons” 

Then Jordan "corrected" the news and the defection angle reigned supreme

The pilots story is interesting also-

He is either from Idlib Province or  Deir Ezzor, a city in what I believe is a province of the same name.(correct me if I am mistaken, please)

Don't you find it odd the conflicting reports about where the pilot is from?
Doesn't he know where his home is? His family is? Or is the narrative still fluid?

Two conflicting reports
Toronto Star  Or- here

TS: “A source indicated that Hamadeh is a father of five and a native of restive Idlib province, and that his family is said to be under rebel protection.”

AP: "The pilot is from Deir Ezzor (in eastern Syria) and his family is known for its opposition" to Assad's regime, spokesman George Sabra added." (The spokesman is of course the opposition giving us a narrative)

As the Toronto Star  let's us know.. "his family is under rebel protection"

Is his family under rebel protection?  Or has his family been kidnapped?  Being spun as "protection"?  Is his family being held hostage by the NATO backed rebels??

The rebels are vicious, without a doubt. Therefore, it is not a stretch to believe the pilot may have  undertook the "defection" to save his family.

Update here:

Why a pilot?  What a pilot now?  The psy-op value is huge for the push to war.

When one thinks of disgruntled military  personnel wanting to defect, "grunts" come to mind.
The hard fighting, low paid boots on the ground. These individuals have the most to gain by defecting, possible increase in income and status etc., A pilot already has prestige, better pay and is less exposed to the possibility of being shot, exploded and generally blown to smithereens.
 Therefore there is less incentive to defect.

Also as this article points out the Syrian Air Force is close to the Assad regime and pilots are very, very loyal.

"Defections in the air force form a real danger to the Syrian regime,” he added. “The only people who are allowed to join the air force in Syria are strong regime loyalists.”
The fact that only loyalists are allowed in the air force bolsters the likelihood the pilot was forced to land in Jordan. As was initially reported. 

The air force is particularly close to the regime. Mr. al-Assad's late father and predecessor, Hafez, was an air force pilot"

Making the contention that his family was kidnapped and being held by the rebels all the more plausible.

So why kidnap and hold the family of a pilot, thereby forcing him to "defect" ?

For the obvious reason, or what should be obvious, the pilot is going to provide gut wrenching testimony to bolster the opposition claims that the Syrian army is using planes and helicopters at attack " innocent" persons. 

His gut wrenching emotional "testimonials" will get NATO the no fly zone they have wanted all along.

 Another quote from above linked article

"The defection came at a time when Syria has started using its air force against rebels – something it had appeared reluctant to do previously. But in recent weeks, as rebels attacked government tanks, Syrian troops used helicopter gunships to besiege opposition areas."
All stories of Syrian troops using helicopter gunships etc have originated with the opposition. I haven't been able to find anything to really bolster those claims. Nothing credible that is.

For NATO to move there war plan to the next level, they have to get their no-fly zone in place. The only way they can "sell" this scheme, to make it palatable, is to create a narrative.

Conveniently just one day after Ambassador (death squad) Ford makes a call for defectors on Facebook,  
NATO gets a straight out of Hollywood, summer blockbuster,  worthy defection.  A daring flight. Pilot allegedly getting out of the plane and kissing the tarmac. Wow!

To believe that crazy story is to believe that this specific pilot actually spends time on Ambassador Ford's Facebook pageand actually saw the appeal to defect. How likely do you suppose that is?

What seems the most credible scenario is  the abduction of the pilot's family by the rebels, Ambassador Ford being made aware of it by his terrorist crew, then setting up the narrative via social media and letting the rest fall into place.

Keep an eye on the spin that follows this latest news out of Syria


  1. Well here's a thought...
    Fighter jets are astonishingly expensive.
    Fighter pilots are also astonishingly expensive.
    The USA chooses only it most loyal officers to its expensive war-machines, there is too much at stake and the brass must rely upon those birds to do as told.
    So, how is it that this man was known to be opposed to Assad???

    Smells like more war propaganda to me.

    1. How convenient... a Mig-21 shows up before a false flag... With the proper markings, change the number and Unit info. If this article is on target... which is certainly plausible since there are a couple of counties who can out fit it with ANY kind of weapon... make sure there are plenty of cameras running on the desired target for evidence to show the world. Experienced MIG 21 pilots are a dime a dozen in the above mentioned countries.

  2. Here's a hoot - this YouTube video labelled Syrian fighter pilot defects to Jordan actually shows a Mirage jet which "defected" to Malta on Feb 21 2011. Check the Maltese vehicle registrations.
    Very odd there is no real YouTube footage of the "defection" to Jordan.
    The official photo , supplied by "activists" to AFP is shown in this YouTube video to be a fake,as expected. Syrian Mig-21 Defection Lie Exposed by Nutsflipped

    1. Thanks Felix

      I checked those all out, hoping others do also!

    2. Thanks for the link!

      But I'm still a bit unclear. Is that an Egyptian plane? Does Syria use Arabic numerals and do they have similar numbers? Does this mean they flew in a real plane or that they simply photoshopped the picture?

    3. Maybe it means the "emergency forced landing" was a crash or shootdown and there is no plane from Syria to take a picture of?

      Just a thought

  3. Here's a wild thought . . . maybe the control over the media is so complete that this story is completely fabricated.

    Maybe the Ministry of Defense statement and Syrian media reporting of this statement, like the Sana article, were faked. I don't know, maybe this is a foolish thought.

    But the story earler this week about Iran, Syria, Russia, and China playing war games is also suspicious. It allegedly originated from Fars (which most Western media infer is a propaganda arm of the government). But the war games story was proven false and it seemed like odd disinformation for the Iranians to put out. It couldn't have benefited them and seems to benefit the West. So did the West hijack Fars and now the Syrian media with this defection story?

    1. WWM:

      The story is completely fabricated.
      The pilot probably did defect, that is about the only real piece I can get out of this whole thing
      All the rest is suspicious.

      Read my update,hoping i have explained the reasoning behind why a pilot defection was a must at this time

    2. The only foolish thought is one that involves accepting anything from corporate media as truth.

      The Iran Russia China war games story is odd.
      In recent years we have all seen how fake revolutions and fake anti war groups are created and given media support.
      This brewing perfect storm that some would call WORLD WAR 3 is getting closer. The theater will be Syria Egypt and Iran, with US UK and Israel vs. China and Russia.
      Who can save us all???

      The aliens who show up at the Olympics in London just as the nukes are ready to fly in the middle east? Surely they will save us all.

      I have heard that Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez are controlled opposition.....from good sources. I suppose that China (NWO role model) Russia (KGB Putin friend of Bush's) and Syria (Bashar's father ran drugs with Bush) could be in on the plan.

      I have often thought of the project blue beam stuff as too difficult to pull off, people wouldn't fall for it. But if stopping WW3 during the London Olympics is part of the plan, it just might work. That link got me thinking along these lines.
      There, I see your wild thought your foolish thought, and raise them with a crazy theory. Peace.

    3. Anonymous,

      That is kicking it up a notch. The recent focus on aliens, zombies, vampires, and pirates seems like a diversion to me. The History Channel has a lot of alien stuff. But who knows, maybe it will be rolled out as a shock tactic.

      It seems technically difficult to pull off though. They need to do more than just show an alien movie, right?

      And I too wonder how far down the controlled opposition rabbit hole to go . . . even with Assad or even Iran and Russia and China. I don't know who to trust anymore.

  4. Good catch Penny! The Ministry of Truth are hard at work on this one - straight out of 1984.

    Jordan: Syrian fighter jet makes emergency landing
    A Syrian fighter jet made an emergency landing Thursday at a northern Jordanian airbase, a Jordanian government official said.
    A spokesman for the rebel Free Syrian Army, Ahmad Kassem, said the plane had defected to Jordan and that its pilot was seeking political asylum. He said the group had encouraged the pilot to defect.

    1. The group "encouraged" the pilot to defect??

      Given the reporting that the ruthless rebels are holding his family... I am sure that was all the "encouraging" the man may have needed

  5. Off topic - the start of a new narrative?
    Explosives found at Swedish Nuclear Plant
    Hmm, a fist sized lump of explosive material without a detonator - reminiscent of the many fake bomb narratives we've seen regarding planes and airports.

  6. I agree Penny, it's a psy-op... Why on earth would this guy choose to go all the way from the North down South in an ageing and long retired plane, that is only seen fit for training purposes by the Syrian Air Force, and risk being shot down by "peaceful protesters" with advanced surface-to-air-missiles?

    Surely there's a far safer option, like simply crossing the border from Idlib into Turkey to "seek asylum" in one of those terrorist "refugee" camps.

    1. Hey SAJ, I think the many inconsistencies is what got me picking this one apart

  7. Hey all! Thanks for the comments
    I have updated the post be sure to read it, please :)

  8. I read earlier two Turkish ('israeli') F-16's violated Syrian airspace near Latakia and were shot down, media reports are now saying one was shot down with two pilots in the custody of Syrian army intel....

    RT @syriancommando: #Syria-n air defense shot down an F16 near Turkish border, they're saying it's Turkish origin, others saying #israel-i.

    Turkey says warplane lost off Syria

    Turkey said on Friday it had lost contact with one of its military aircraft....

    Turkey's military said a search and rescue operation was underway. It lost radar and radio contact with the plane after it took off from Erhac Airport in the eastern province of Malatya, which borders Syria.

    Al-Mayadeen television station, which is based in Lebanon, quoted what it said were Turkish sources as saying a jet had been shot down by Syrian air defenses near the border with Turkey. There was no confirmation of that report. [...]

    RT - Turkish warplane crashes in Syria – report

    A Turkish military aircraft has crashed in Syria,according to media reports. A local witness has told RT Arabic that the plane crashed on Syrian territory and the two pilots were captured.

    According to Syrian sources for the "new" that the anti-Syrian drove last night to a hostile aircraft over the area Alpedrosah in Latakia and dropped one.

    Two pilots aboard missing Turkish military jet

  9. from a propaganda stream:
    Ahmad H. Aggour ‏@Psypherize
    According to the #FSA, the final destination of the pilot will be #France. #Syria

    Ahmad H. Aggour ‏@Psypherize
    The Air Force Colonel tore his military merits off his uniform as he stepped out of the plane. #Syria #Jordan

    (that one made me laugh. Must be an actor. Remember the TV series Branded?)

    Ahmad H. Aggour ‏@Psypherize
    Air Force Colonel Hussein Maree al-Hamada, is now the first fighter jet pilot to defect from #Assad. #Syria

    [also given as Col. Hassan Mirei al-Hamadeh by SANA.

    jpmlynch James Lynch
    Defected pilot MT @ZainSyr: “@RafifJ: #Syria: Idlib: Regime forces set fire to home of Air Force Officer, Brigadier Hasan Marei Al-Hamadeh
    about 16 hours ago

    Lynch: "I do media relations for Amnesty International* on the Middle East and North Africa". *Alarm bells.

    1. Alarms bells indeed.

      How the hell did they report this alleged burning so quickly? If this is a psy op this news follows a similar pattern from the Ministry of Defense statement--trying to paint the government ("regime") as punitive and angry. But the first report on SANA was very measured, as has the Syrian government and media response been throughout this crisis. The statement blaming the pilot for being a "traitor" seemed a little out of character from the Syrian public relations positions it previously took.

      Of course burning the family home is a nice touch too. And didn't the rest of the family go into hiding with the FSA and pals? This all seems orchestrated.

  10. Syriangirl Partisan shared New Syria's status.
    3 hours ago
    A break down of the media spin of the traitor pilot and his ancient mig
    Yesterday morning a Syrian air-force pilot defected with his plane to neighboring Jordan in the South. The NATO aligned media and warmongers found their opportunity to gloat in this, why and what's the big deal? Let's see what they missed:

    First of all and from the very early days we were hearing that the Syrian regime is a sectarian regime and we learned, no thanks to FoxNews, CNN, BBC and the others that Alawites is an offshoot of Shi'ite and the president is from that sect so the regime is based on that sect and oppressing the vast majority of the Syrian people, especially the Sunnis whom comprise over 70% of the population. If we start just looking at the Syrian former 2 cabinets and the one being formed now, we can simply say: Syria's vice president is a Sunni and from Daraa (the cradle of the 'revolution' as they like to say), so are some ministers, former Prime Minister of Syria: Naji Ottri is a Sunni from Homs, Adel Safar the one on his way out right now is a Sunni from Duma in Damascus countryside, the appointed new Prime Minister Riyad Hijab is a Sunni from Der Ezzor!! The Foreign Minister of Syria, another Vice President Najah Attar, an adviser to the president Buthaina Shaaban, 2nd person in Foreign Affairs ministry Faisal Miqdad, none of them from the 'offshoot' sect, the Minister of Defense Daoud (David) Rajha is a Christian!! and so is the majority of Syrian cabinets, Parliament, Army... etc.

  11. ...

    The defected pilot yesterday was a colonel in Syrian Air Forces, a Sunni from Idleb..? Remember: Idleb is another cradle or stronghold of the 'revolution' of the Sunnis against a sectarian oppressive regime..

    Secondly, the entire defection thing with the plane is a mere public stunt meant to add to the propaganda used against Syria in a simple way: The Gaddafi Moment. NATO accused Gaddafi of many things, which we are discovering it were all fabrications and media propaganda, including a 'turning point' when they brought a defector who claimed he was given orders to bomb civilians but refused. If we consider Syria now, only the Sheeple fools would believe of the possibility to bomb civilians by air, ground or sea, in a country like Syria where there's no pure towns based on sectarian or ethnic backgrounds. Everybody lives next to each other, so bombing, shelling or whatever strikes against such populations would not differentiate between a Sunni, a Shi'ite, a Christian, a Alawite, or a loyal or an opposition.. That's an exclusive act done only by moron criminals like NATO heads droning villages & towns including NATO Turkey droning Kurdish villages in the south east of Turkey where sectarian lines were promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood government of Erdogan.

    Thirdly, the pilot is from Idleb, bordering Turkey where the terrorist organization FSA (the umbrella which Al Qaeda among others fight under, ask Panetta & Dempsey) operates across the borders and where most of the terrorists are brought in Syria with the help of CIA, MI6 and others including French and Turkey's intel, and many defectors were smuggled out through that route. So why would an officer from that border city in the North West of Syria, go all the way to the south of Syria and defect to Jordan instead of simply crossing the borders and joining the FSA ranks?

    Fourthly, some would say because he needed to take the plane with him, and here I humbly remind you that MiG 21 was first produced in 1959 and retired in 1990s, it's an over 40 years old plane in the service of Syrian Air Forces for the purpose of training, so it is not used for military actions and considering the 'rebels' receiving advanced ground to air missiles from the USA, it's impossible even to consider using such an old plane in military actions. Not to mention that per international law and treaties related, the hosting country of a defecting pilot is obliged to return the plane and can keep the pilot in the event it grants him a political asylum status, which by the way includes preventing him from carrying out any political activities. The Jordanian government granted the defecting pilot political asylum status within a couple of hours (the fastest grant of such in the history of asylums, usually takes months).

    Conclusion: A public stunt by the CIA to promote a dead plot against a sovereign country just to prolong the crisis there, costing further blood and increasing the bid in the final settlement. Or as an analyst said: USA usually sells its agents after raising the bids in any settlement to the maximum possible level; sadly this is costing Syrian civilian and military innocent blood, spilled in the names of USA & other NATO member states citizens, with their money, using their children in many cases, and we hold each citizen in the west responsible for spilling the Syrian blood.

    Congratulations to the 'rebels' a mute traitor, and to the Sheeple of the West another crime in their names, with their money, by their own people against another country that never invaded any of your countries, nor threatened to do so

    1. Yes, the defecting soldier and the soldier that refused to shoot his fellow citizens was a common theme early on. And guess who was paying to promote it? Avaaz , via the "activists" it supports, and ads like this that they ran in Syria last year:

      "In the ad, the mother appeals to the soldiers’ consciences, not to turn their weapons on their family and friends and to ignore orders given by their superiors. She also reassures them that if they defect, they will be taken in and protected by the opposition.

      She says:

      "I am a Syrian mother. I call on every soldier in the Syrian army and each member of the security forces. Do you remember how your mother and father taught you to be a good person and loyal son? How your mother made every effort to teach you to respect the elderly, and offer kindness to children and dedication in the defence of those who do not have the ability to defend themselves? I'm here because I appeal to you to be that person today. A man and a soldier and a security officer does not use his weapon against his family and his people, the Syrians. There are those who give orders and force you to use violence against your brothers and sisters, but the decision ultimately is yours. Syrian civilians will not forget the courage you display, and will stand behind you today and in the future, when the sun shines again on all Syrian civilians and military soldiers living in love and freedom."

      Although numbers cannot be verified, Avaaz activists inside Syria report an increasing number of soldiers refusing to shoot on protesters and instead choosing to join their ranks.

      Last week in Jisr Al Shughour a large proportion of a unit based in the town defected after protecting protesters who were under attack by regime forces. Several have since appeared on television to confirm their actions and encourage more soldiers to follow suit. They also provided an insight into the cracks apparently emerging in Syria’s security forces. . . Avaaz works closely with citizen journalists [terrorists] inside Syria to produce coverage [propaganda] of the brutal crackdowns on protests, bringing them to the attention of the media in an attempt to pressure the regime into ending the bloodshed.

      Avaaz is also working to "blackout-proof" the protests - smuggling in secure satellite modems and phones, tiny video cameras, and portable radio transmitters, plus expert support teams on the ground - to enable activists to broadcast video feeds even during internet and phone blackouts. Avaaz's partners [Amnesty? The pilot already had asylum granted!] are also working hard to secure asylum abroad for any Syrian soldier who defects.""

  12. Update from RT - Turkish warplane shot down over Syria, pilots captured - witness to RT
    ... Unconfirmed reports suggest that Syria has shot at two Turkish fighter jets that entered Syrian airspace. One has crash-landed in Syria, and the pilots were captured, while the other jet managed to turn back to Turkey despite being damaged.

    The Turkish military say two jets went off radar screens as they were flying over the Mediterranean Sea off the south eastern province of Hatay, which borders Syria, Ihab Sultan, a local journalist in Syria, tells RT.

    “Witnesses spotted two jets flying in from Turkish territory. One of the planes went down in Syria’s territorial waters, while the other one made off,” says Ihab Sultan.

    Media says Syria’s defense systems shot down a foreign plane not far from the Turkish border, adds Ihab Sultan. Official sources only confirm a plane crashed.

    The Turkish daily Hurriyet also reports the two pilots have been rescued by Turkish helicopters. [...]

    Pilots rescued from military plane crash: Report

  13. As Brian mentioned, I've heard on a few news forums that the MiG21 is really old and bascially obsolete fighter plane now. So this makes me think that part of this story is fake. It's the kind of mistake a researcher would make, looking up to see what type of planes are owned by Syria and them using an old one in the write-up, having no idea about fighter planes anyway!!

    aka Marty

    P.S. It's not long 'til the Olympics...hint hint hint!

  14. like the US the FSA likes to recruit from the a self styled street thug: but how will he enter syria? not legally!

    'Yusef is set to leave for Syria to fight Bashir al-Assad’s unholy regime. Other young Tunisians have already joined the jihad, recruited in the city’s most radical mosques, and given a ticket to Turkey, along with directions on how to reach the army of rebels. “There are many other brothers: Egyptian, Libyan, Algerian,” says Yusef. Similar international Muslim brigades fought in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia.

    Yusef doesn’t look at us as he lays out his life story: poverty, the school, petty crimes to survive -- and finally the revolution.

    He is one among many other “ street thugs” from the slums who have kept the revolution alive in the streets, under the blows and tear gas. When asked if he is scared of a war which, at the end of the day is not his own, the boy suddenly comes to life: “ You don’t know anything,” he says. “Fear, courage... My strength is not in weapons. It is inside. I am an instrument. Muslims had become dependent on the things that you gave and taught us. This is our rebirth. How can we be afraid of a tyrant’s army? Don’t you see that God is helping us? God moved the Americans’ minds. The Americans are helping, arming and funding us. They are an instrument of the holy cause.”'

  15. "Beyond that, what was a Turkish fighter bomber plane doing in Syrian airspace in the first place as per Turkish military," [Anita McNaught of Al-Jazeera] said.

    "We don’t know how the plane was downed and how the international community is going to support Turkey in whatever response it decides to take."

    But the [Erdogan] statement also left open the possibility that Turkey, a NATO member, would respond militarily, an outcome that could further complicate and widen the Syrian conflict.

    There you go...

  16. Regarding the defection . . . I have to admit there is a good chance the pilot was paid and/or was sympathetic to the cause and that he sincerely defected.

    There is also a chance the older plane was simply easier to take and make an escape with. And flying down to Jordan may have simply been where the asylum issue was prearranged and his benefactors wanted him to go.

    But I thought I saw somewhere that the markings on the side of the plane were not consistent with Syrian military planes? I don't know . . . but seems like things are moving fast now towards war and the facts of this incident may be lost.

    1. But actually, the more I think about it . . . kidnapping his family would be more than enough motivation for him to do this.

    2. June 22, 2012 - Syria: Most Wanted BOY; 5 Million Bounty on Rayan's Head

      Yesterday evening (June 19) the terrorists tried again to kill him. It was not the first time. They failed once again but they have killed his 2 Brothers Yazan Mohammad and Murhaf. Why do they want to kill him? Answer: Because he is a symbol for free Syria and it's future and has lead several pro Bashar Al-Asad rallies in Damascus. This is the "Freedom" which the terrorists are asking for.

      Video link:

  17. Interview with journalist Anhar Kochneva on syria:

    Novosti Mira: Anhar, what do you think about the terrible tragedy in al-Hula (al-Houla), the subsequent expulsion of Syrian diplomats, simultaneously, from the western countries – by the way, just after the NATO Summit in Chicago – doesn`t this seem for you like it could be somehow related?

    Is there the view that all these things have been planned in advance, and we are now witnessing the implementation of pre-planned terrible scenarios?

    Anhar Kochneva: I would even add something from my sources: I have already received information several weeks ago, that the U.S. has, after all, taken the strategic decision to conduct a real war against Syria.

    According to some data this should happen at the end of this summer. To justify the proposed intervention, it needs a “Ferdinand” or – in our case – a Racak (place in Kosovo, where a massacre was staged, which was the formal justification for the bombing of Yugoslavia). In addition, among the armed rebels there is the repeatedly announcements of a “zero hour”.

    A provocation was thus actually expected. Now we are waiting for another “hour”, of which the bandits talk for quite some time: the “zero hour”. You know, that no such abstract terms in the tradition of the Arabs. You can really feel the hand of puppeteers behind this.

  18. Has anyone seen any pictures anywhere of the "defecting" pilot?
    I have not.

    I would have expected at this point in time his face would be all over the media.

    Actually, I would have thought they would have showed him instantaneously, like they did when the alleged "oil minister" defected.

    But nothing.

    I am now suspecting our "defecting" pilot was killed- hence the emergency landing. Hence the lack of immediate photo and media blitz.

  19. Thanks everyone for all the comments!!
    They are great, just great