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Foreign powers wage media war on Syria- Haffa updates

Heads up: Freethinker left this link: Expose NATO Dirty Tricks in Syria BEFORE They Happen
From Land Destroyer. Originating at Voltaire.

Below is the prequel to the linked story above; RT covered this last week- June 6/2012 Did I mention I have way too much stuff bookmarked to read Foreign powers waging media war on Syria
Russia Today: The Arab League Council has asked satellite operators Arabsat and Nilesat to suspend the broadcast of Syrian satellite channels. What do you think about this decision?  
Adnan Mahmoud:This decision is an attack on free media and freedom of expression. It’s an attack on Syrian media. The purpose is to hide the truth about what is really going on in Syria from people both inside and outside the country. This is part of the smear campaign launched by certain satellite channels and supported by the Gulf nations behind it. The decision contradicts fundamental moral and professional standards for mass media in the Arab world and globally. It contradicts the rules and regulations for satellite broadcasting as agreed by the Council of the Arab Ministers of Information. This decision was made by foreign ministers, which means it was politically motivated it’s part of the anti-Syrian political agenda. We all understand that these plans are being implemented on political and economic levels. The main purpose of this decision is to silence Syrian channels that can uncover the role of some of these countries providing support to terrorists in Syria, helping them financially and smuggling weapons into the country. They’re also afraid of Syrian channels disclosing the truth about terrorist connections of some media outlets, financed and supported by these outside players. We have had a situation where terrorists acted as correspondents for foreign media. The very people responsible for deaths, filmed their crimes and sent the footage to the media, blaming the government for the atrocities. The Syrian people and the Ministry of Information condemn this decision. The ministry considers it as its responsibility to provide satellite broadcasting for Syrian satellite channels  

RT: How will the governmentorganize satellite broadcasting for Syrian satellite channels? Do you plan to work together with Arabsat and Nilesat, since you have contracts with them?  
AM: Considering the current situation of war and hysteria around Syria, we anticipated that a decision of this sort would be made, especially after the US and Europe imposed sanctions on Syrian media outlets. Also the US and Canada took technical measures to stop Syrian TV channels and radio stations from broadcasting in North America. So we are prepared to help Syrian satellite channels continue broadcasting through different satellites in the same orbits that are used by Arabsat and Nilesat. We have the capability. As for the Arabsat and Nilesat satellites, did you know that Arabsat is controlled by the Council of Arab Ministers of Information, and the head of the Council is a Saudi? Saudi Arabia was one of the Gulf nations that suggested slapping Syria with sanctions. If Arabsat complies with this decision, this will constitute a violation of satellite broadcasting regulations. This would be a politically motivated step, organized by the external forces that are attacking Syria and the Syrian media. As for Nilesat, it is a joint-stock company. Some of the stock belongs to the Egyptian government; some, to private investors. That’s why we insist that Nilesat should not comply with this decision. It should honor its legal and contractual obligations to the Syrian Ministry of Information, which means continuing the satellite broadcast of our channels. I want to assure all of our viewers in Syria and abroad that Syrian satellite channels will continue broadcasting without any disruption. There is no need to get new antennas or reprogram your equipment. Today, daily satellite broadcasting in Syria is 16 hours. Many specialized information channels have not reached this level yet.  

RT: Since Arab states and other countries, as you say, are waging an information war against Syria, does the Syrian government media still provide balanced and unbiased coverage? Do they provide an accurate picture of the situation in Syria, especially considering that they were not prepared for this information war?  
AM: First of all, it should be said that everything about the mass media is in fact down to the audience. If we take polls run inside and outside Syria we shall see that the audience of the Syrian satellite channels has grown, and so has the number of viewers who perceive these channels as the source to turn to for live news coverage. Syrian satellite channels provide live coverage 16 hours a day, and this includes both the official channels and the specialized and private channels. Thus, we can say that the official Syrian media has taken a firm lead in the coverage of the barbaric war Syria has been forced into and in exposing the plans to undermine the strength and the spirit of the Syrian people. I am deeply convinced that the recent sanctions against our mass media came as a response to its increased impact. Had there been no such impact, there would be no need to introduce sanctions against our mass media. The American and European sanctions, followed by those imposed by some Gulf States at the recent Arab League meeting, only confirm that the influence of the Syrian media has grown. Because of all that, we will have to develop our information policy and improve the structure of the Syrian media

RT: The Arab League seeks to shut down some of the Syrian channels but the Annan plan actually calls for as many channels as possible to cover the events in Syria.    
AM: Of course, it’s very strange. We asked Kofi Annan and the UN Security Council “who will protect freedom of speech, democratic principles and liberties?” How can you shut down Syrian national media when the Annan plan calls for free accreditation for foreign media coming to Syria to cover the situation here? And we have 180 media outlets from all over the world represented in Syria, and over 100 accredited foreign reporters permanently working here, traveling freely across the country to cover the events. How can you shut down Syrian satellite channels and at the same time allow foreign news services to operate freely? This will result in biased coverage.All this is part of the information war waged against Syria. We know that 80% of the satellite channels dedicate 30 minutes of their news hour to Syria today. And a recent study shows that 90% of satellite coverage on Syria has nothing to do with the actual situation in the country. It’s all lies and fabrications. This again proves that there is a real information war waged against Syria, with real facts being substituted with fabrications. These lies are the only way for them to achieve their objectives in their war against Syria. The Houla massacre is a good example of that. As soon as the first pictures of the massacre were released, everybody started accusing the Syrian army and security forces. But we all know who was really behind this crime. The atrocities used against the Syrian people, as well as the sanctions introduced against the Syrian government media, have revealed the true nature of those waging war against Syria Today, the people of Syria are targeted by terrorists who are armed and sponsored by regional powers like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as well as by Western nations, such as the US. Those who often talk about fighting terrorism have joined their forces today to support terrorists attacking Syria.

 Syrian crowd blocks UN vehicles

Angry crowds have blocked UN observers from reaching an embattled rebel-held town in Syria, hurling stones and metal rods at the monitors' vehicles.
Their vehicles came under fire as they drove away from Haffa, but the source of the gunfire was not clear, the UN said. None of the observers was injured.
Meanwhile, Syrian forces pounded the eastern city of Deir el-Zour with mortars as anti-government protesters were dispersing before dawn, killing at least 10 people, activists said.
The situation in Haffa has raised alarm over the past eight days, and there are concerns civilians are stuck in the area while the regime and rebel fighters battle for control.
Washington said that regime forces may be preparing a massacre in rebel-held Haffa - a village about 20 miles from President Bashar Assad's hometown of Kardaha.It is not clear why the crowd wanted to prevent the observers from entering

-Angry crowds have blocked UN observers from reaching a rebel-held town
-Vehicles came under fire as they drove away from Haffa (after blocking entrance to Haffa)
Washington has been blathering on about Haffa being the site of an impending massacre

What makes sense?

The "angry crowds" are not Syrians, rather NATO backed rebels.  Or the "angry crowds"have been forced, under threat, to keep the UN observers out.
That means all the inhabitants are being kept as prisoners in their own homes.
If  the UN observers are being kept out of Haffa,  which they are, the rebels can freely commit the massacre that will be blamed on Assad.


More on Haffa /Haffeh;  
Rebels have fled from the town they were controlling

"Heavy shelling by field artillery has forced the remaining 200 rebels defending Haffeh to leave. There are several thousand civilians left without anyone to protect them from the Alawite militias surrounding the town," Selim al-Omar said by phone from the coastal city of Latakia, 30 kms (20 miles) west of Haffeh.

Note the narrative promoted by Selim al-Omar from Latakia.  Latakia which is 20 miles away from Haffa/Heffah

Keep in mind this is the town Washington was expressing concern about for days now-
Covered here

Al Haffah, Syria

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Hillary with Shimone with Peres: A nobel prize recipient?
And a "medal of freedom" winner? 
black is white
up is down
war is peace

Worried that Russia may send helicopters
 "Attack Helicopters" Grrrr
Of course she remains silent on all the armaments sent in with the help and or blessing of the US. Not worry at all about how that escalated the "conflict"? Or created it?

Hillary: “We  are concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from Russia to Syria, which will escalate the conflict quite dramatically”  

Russia's military dealings with Syria have been a major cause of concern for Israel.

Clinton said she consulted with Annan last week on his plan.
"The red line for us was the inclusion of Iran," she noted. "We thought that would be a grave error since we know that Iran is not only supporting the Assad regime but actively mentoring, leading, encouraging not merely the regular army but the militias that are springing up and engaging in sectarian conflict."

Peres: "Let the Arabs do it. They are ready; let them take responsibility; let's not accuse anybody that we are intervening; (oh but you are) let us support them in any way we can," he said. And in a direct message to the Arab League, he told them: "Do it yourself and the UN will support you."

The UN will support the Arab League?

Peres added that while many in Syria and the region were worried about what the alternatives  should Assad fall, keeping the strongman in power was not an option.

Israel has always wanted Assad out, hence their instrumental role in destabilization from the very beginning!

Is this the helicopter deal getting such attention covered here? 

Additional reading: Thanks Freethinker :)
Russian Warning Shots


  1. I raised the Syria issue at work yesterday.
    Good peace loving, tree hugging, Harper hating intelligent people told me I was wrong, very wrong!
    Those good peace loving people wondered why I am OK with standing by and doing nothing while children are slaughtered by their evil dictator.

    CBC and their greasy lies on Syria explain some of their views. So do these two......

    "New Democrats strongly condemn the latest brutal massacre by the Syrian government against its own citizens, including children, in the city of Houla. It was a brutal crime in clear violation of earlier commitments by the Syrian government......"

    Paul Dewar NDP.

    "The Green Party of Canada is urging Russia and China to re-join other UN Security Council members in trying to prevent a catastrophic civil war in Syria before it is too late.......
    Pro-democracy protests in Syria have been underway since early last year, with massive civilian casualties. President Bashar al-Assad has responded to the protests with lethal military force."

    Elizabeth May, Green Party.

    Canada is a fcuking disgrace!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Anonymous:
      ask them why they are OK with killing for peace?
      An oxymoron

      "a combination of contradictory or incongruous words"

      That's what the government and the lying media promote
      Killing for Peace. Killing for humane reasons.
      Killing to Protect

      To make the dumbed down (can't be intelligent if they support killing for peace/humanity or to protect)feel better, about wholesale slaughter.
      death is death
      murder is murder
      people end up just as dead.
      robbed of their life
      No matter the excuse given
      Canada isn't alone in being f'd

  2. The public are too easily fooled.

    They cannot comprehend the wickedness of the media, the military and the moguls.

    Mention Operation Gladio or Operation Mockingbird or MK ULTRA and they switch off.

    - Aangirfan

  3. My approach when discussing Syria with people is to tell them that everything they see on the TV regarding Syria is precisely as true as everything they saw on TV regarding Iraq and the WMD's. Story after story detailing every aspect of Iraqi wickedness. And here we are detailing every aspect of Syrian wickedness. Welcome to the propaganda campaign. The war is on and this is how it's done. We seen it all before!

    I tell people that after I spent thirty minutes on the net I knew that the Iraq stories were bullshit. I tell people that if they do the same they'll find Syria is no different. All they have to do is put 'houla massacre fake' into google and they'll be there. Once you have a second view it's a simple matter to compare with the MSM and see which story sounds more likely.

    Without they do that, even though they now know that Iraq was bullshit, they're just going to fall for the same lies all over again. I tell people they can believe the media if they like but I ain't interested. We all say we know that the media lies yet there they are thirty seconds later believing them all over again. Me, when I say I don't believe them, I mean it. I don't believe them. And of course Syria!

    "It's a pack of lies and if you want to believe it, well... up to you... but me, I know better and I ain't falling for it."

    1. Your approach makes sense if you are dealing with people who think and have a bit of courage.
      The people I spoke to at work trust CBC, BBC and PBS and NPR. They love those media outlets and view them as sacred liberal bastions of truth telling.
      They are every bit as devoted to those media whores giving them palatable lies as the Bush lovers were to FoxNews.......ever try to explain to a Bush lover how WMD were not in Iraq???
      The difference for me is that I never really cared about what the war loving Bush crowd thought of my pacifist views.........but I do care about my fellow liberals and what they think and do. To see them support the Obama continuation of Bush criminality disgusts me. They focus all of their rage on Harper while our NDP and Greens support immoral wars on Libya and Syria too.
      Do the people you speak with actually change their opinions?

    2. My two anonymous's...

      Believe what you want. And they always will.

      What I do when talking to people is point out the absurdity of their thinking. Or to be kind, the disconnect?
      The non logic.

      point out to them they are equally as absurd in their beliefs as the perceived "right" was in following Bush

      Try pointing out the insanity of bombing for peace. Killing to save. etc
      classic double speak.
      The only people who's minds will change are the people with minds open.

      Closed minds are just that, closed, boarded up.
      On vacation-permanent
      But, little hints can spark a fire.
      That's what I stick to. You won't know which little spark it might be, but one is all that is needed.
      And don't just do it at work. Say stuff in check out lines and to service workers (hairdressers, cashiers, bank tellers etc)
      Just little things...
      You will be surprised at the responses you get.
      I have been

    3. Penny, I agree that speaking with 'strangers' in your daily routine is more likely to result in the occasional positive, or extremely positive encounter. I have had them too. I like the idea of letting go of those little sparks and hoping they catch sometime.

      But for co workers and people we encounter frequently.......not so easy.
      Anyways, continued great work on Syria.

    4. Anonymous:

      think of them as programmed by a cult.
      Because, that is the equivalency.
      And plug away at the absurdities.
      rather then focus on the situation, speak in generalities
      and keep it simple, don't get to complex, though these situations are complex, but this just gives the brainwashed ammunition to fire back at you.

      I had this lady freak out on me in public, because I would not honour the moment of silence on Remembrance(killing) day.

      She was hostile.

      I told her I do not respect those that go to other nations and kill other people's children.

      She couldn't answer back to that one.

      Walked away mumbling under her breath about my lack of "respect"


    5. Respect. No doubt she will be pleased with Emperor Steve's $30 million dollars pledged to turn the war of 1812 into a national wank fest. Good value really, all we had to do was destroy Parks Canada to pay for it.

  4. Great updates Penny.

    Here's a good interview with Tarpley who sheds some light on the many games in play. Keep in mind that the Tarp has a massive blind-spot regarding Israel and the Zionists.
    Power Confrontation Looms

    Towards the end he brings up the latest psyop of Sunstein (that well know Briton; Britain controls everything according to Tarpley) the Vatican Spring. Also he asks how does Obama expect to get re-elected after the rout of Christians in Syria? Well I guess he doesn't - the Bilderbergers have chosen Romney, so Obama will be sacrificed along with the Syrian Christians.

    Another PressTV-Tarpley interview - West seeks annihilation of Syria gives some more background.

    1. tarpley has no blind spot regarding israel

    2. Care to elaborate? Maybe wilful blind-spot or dumb-spot would be more accurate?

    3. Thanks Freethinker for all the links

    4. why not you illustrate Tarpleys blindspot...not so freethinker
      and i dont trust persons who hide behind nicknames...Tarpley is a known person...you are not freethinker

    5. Thanks for the clarification Brian. I couldn't tell if you were being ironic or literal in your first cryptic comment. I think Tarpley sheds a great deal of light on current affairs and I have a lot of time for him, but it's my opinion after listening to many of his interviews that his light is rather dim when directed at Israel or zionist influence in the US. When I next think he is turning a blind eye to Israel or zionists I'll bring it to you attention.

      As for trust - I don't ask for or expect it.

  5. UN Observers' Car Runs over Three Civilians in Lattakia Reportedly the 2 critically injured have since died. Obviously it's too much to expect observers to listen or engage in dialogue (/sarc).

    1. Is this the other side of the story: Attack on UN vehicles (UNSMIS)?

  6. Two Days before America threatened another Houla-style massacre in al-Haffa, this was reported.

    [9/6/2012] WARNING:
    terrorists seize dozens of people to make new massacres.

    "The correspondent of Al-Al-Ikhbaria Suria TV, Lattakia: “Terrorist groups of gunmen kidnapped and abducted dozens of civilians from the region of Haffeh and have them transferred to an unknown destination.

    There is serious danger that these terrorists are preparing a new massacre, only to produce new weapons media (false flags) and new ways of waging war on the Syrian government, claiming later that it was the Syrian government to kill its own people. “"

    Syria News 12 June 2012. Armed Terrorist Group Kidnaps passengers of Two Busses in Homs
    Exclusive: Kidnappings and Death Threats Prepare to Commit Massacre in Haffa


    The UN piece 'Observers' mission has always been to gather intel, protect and give diplomatic cover to the 'jewish-zionist' hired death squad/mercenaries, the rest is just pure pantomime for the zombie consumer's of jmsm.

    Some UN monitors spying in Syria: Jordanian observer
    "A Jordanian member of the UN observer team in Syria says some of his teammates are carrying out spy missions by collecting information about Syria’s military headquarters....

    the monitors, on the order of Mood, made a visit to the port city of Tartus that hosts a Russian naval base and is of high military and security importance and sensitivity...the visit to Tartus raises suspicions as the city has not been affected by the tensions and unrest in the country...

    UN monitors also visited four military zones in cities including Daraa, Homs and Idlib where Syria’s air and defensive air army are located.. monitors also took videos from an aerial reconnaissance base in al-Hareh and another military base between Nowi and al Sheikh al Meskin."

    UN Peace Observers in Syria Save Foreign Spy
    What kind of “games” are played by UN Observers?
    United Nation ignored atrocities committed by Syrian armed gangs for too long
    Why Are the Observers Being Shown Around by the Terrorist?
    UN Observers Escalate the Violence with their Presence
    UN Observers Smuggling Terrorists in their Vehicles to Gather Intel about the Syrian Army

    1. Yes, the visit to Tartus is interesting. Looks like spying.
      SAJ thanks for all the links and thanks for helping to get the word out.

  7. Some UN monitors spying in Syria: Jordanian observer

    June 13, 2012

    A Jordanian member of the UN observer team in Syria says some of his teammates are carrying out spy missions by collecting information about Syria’s military headquarters.

    The Jordanian officer, who was not named in the report, was quoted by the Lebanese al-Diyar newspaper as saying that the Western members of the team, in particular head of the UN mission in Syria, Major General Robert Mood, conduct acts of espionage against the Syrian government.

    He said the monitors, on the order of Mood, made a visit to the port city of Tartus that hosts a Russian naval base and is of high military and security importance and sensitivity.

    UN monitors are tasked with observing the implementation of a ceasefire that was part of UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan’s peace plan, but the visit to Tartus raises suspicions as the city has not been affected by the tensions and unrest in the country.

    He said the UN monitors also visited four military zones in cities including Daraa, Homs and Idlib where Syria’s air and defensive air army are located.

    The Jordanian officer added that the UN monitors also took videos from an aerial reconnaissance base in al-Hareh and another military base between Nowi and al Sheikh al Meskin.

    The first group of the UN observers arrived in Damascus late on April 15. The observers were approved for the mission according to UNSC Resolution 2042 passed on April 14.

    On April 21, the UN Security Council met and unanimously voted on Resolution 2043 to send a mission of 300 observers to Syria.

  8. This video shows 2 services from the Syrian TV talking about this Neocon's Attack Through Others psy-op propganda offensive. [Link]

    Turkey Training Terrorists for Massacres
    More Fake Photos

  9. Amnesty International Justifying NATO Crimes

    amnesys shadowy executive has never demanded NATO heads be tried for known war crimes committed in libya and afghanistan...they just plead: please investigate!

  10. Syrian Islamist opposition casts out Christians

    June 14, 2012

    The Christian minority in Syria is facing a growing threat and thousands are being forced to flee their homes as they face harassment and discrimination from radial Islamist factions of the opposition.

    At least 9,000 Christians from the western Syrian city of Qusayr were forced to seek refuge after an ultimatum from a local military chief of the armed opposition, Abdel Salam Harba, Fides news agency reports.

    In the latest outburst of violence a Christian man was shot dead by a sniper in Qusayr, which neighbors the restive city of Homs.

    There have been reports last week that some mosques in the city have announced from the minarets: "Christians must leave Qusayr within six days, which expires this Friday."
    Two Catholic priests who fled Qusayr confirmed to the news agency that they heard the ultimatum "with their own ears" repeated from the minarets.


  11. Iraqi Politician: US, Arab Regimes Support Al-Qaeda's Terrorist Attacks in Syria, Iraq
    A senior Iraqi politician blamed the US and certain Arab regimes for providing logistical and financial support for the terrorist groups, including the al-Qaeda, which embark on deadly attacks against civilians in Syria and Iraq.
    In relevant remarks yesterday, a Jordanian politician had also warned of the US plots to revive the al-Qaeda in the region, and said Washington seeks to dominate the regional countries by using terrorist groups.
    "The US seeks to increase its military intervention and hegemony over the region by using the al-Qaeda in the Middle-East and changing conflicts to sectarian war," Secretary-General of Jordan's Democratic Party for People's Unity Saeed Ziyab told FNA on Tuesday....