Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Geneva Meeting on Syria sans Saudi Arabia and Iran

Annan to convene meeting on Syria

 The announcement came only after Mr. Annan had made concessions over which countries would attend. Conspicuously absent from the list of invitees were Iran, the strongest regional ally of President Assad of Syria, and Saudi Arabia, a prominent supporter of Mr. Assad’s enemies.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov will attend along with foreign ministers from other permanent Security Council members Britain, China and France. Also invited are emissaries from Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, the European Union, the Arab League as well as Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. 

The concession to Russia was the absence of Saudi Arabia.
The concession to the US was the absence of Iran.
Not really a biggie in the grand scheme of things

Critical to the outcome will be whether the United States and Russia can bridge their differences over Syria. The United States has demanded that President Assad step down.
Russia, the main military supplier to Mr. Assad’s government, has rejected any solution in which political change in Syria is imposed by outside powers.
Why not mention that the US has been the main support behind the opposition? 

Let's see what come out of this meeting?

Also interesting take about 30 minutes and give this  a listen from James Corbett

Eric Draitser of joins us today to discuss Putin’s re-election as Russian President last month and what this means on the global stage. We talk about the threat that Putin poses to the Western power bloc’s imperial ambitions, the destabilization campaign in Russia and its ties to Western NGOs, Russia-Sino relations, and the latest developments in Syria.


  1. Credit for pointing me towards the interview goes to a commenter at YaYa's blog :Yaya Canada
    (always in the side bar)

    M. Rocknest. Thanks :)

    1. Hey there Penny,

      Just wanted to say that this is a great interview.

      Both of these guy are very articulate and have their facts atraight. You have no idea how refreshing and impressive that is to me, in this age or nothing but "lowest common denominator" controlled debates that never stray outside the approved boundaries for discussion in the globalist mass media.

      Thanks for posting it and keeping us informed!! :)

    2. I am glad you enjoyed it.
      Short sweet and to the point.

  2. So this meeting is on Saturday - begs the question, what's going to happen on Friday?

    1. The build up to war will continue?
      That's what I think, anyway.

  3. Syria misdirection. Lots of action down in Peru (coup)/Bolivia (police protests). Wikileaks Assange defecting to Ecuador of all places? Assange interviewed president on RT a few weeks back. Ecuador defaulted their bonds. Correa called it odious. Key mining region. Correa an anchor to anti IMF axis.

    Also you may have missed this..
    Helmets belonging to the two missing pilots of the downed Turkish jet were found alongside parts of the plane wreckage, Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım said, according to daily Hürriyet.

    1. I'm assuming they found only helmets because they would have reported bodies if they found bodies, no?

      So then the most likely explanations are:

      1. The helmets were planted there later.

      2. The pilots ejected and left their helmets behind after being rescued (but wouldn't there be evidence ejection? Why wasn't this evidence cited rather than the helmets being found?

      3. The helmets were placed on cockpit seats and flown by remote control.

      4. The pilots went down with the plane but something/someone took their bodies away and left the helmets.

      Shoot. I'm confused. But right now I'll go with either #1 or #3.

    2. "Two pairs of boots, also believed to belong to the missing pilots were found several days before, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had said during a meeting with opposition leaders.

      There were no signs of parachutes near the wreckage and the pilots may not have used their ejection seats, according to information provided by the prime minister."

      So we have empty helmets and empty boots and no signs of ejection.

      I'm now going with a strong #1 above because Turkey had access to the scene so it would be easy to plant something like that.

    3. Actually, I'm going back to a 1 or 3. They could easily have put both the boots and helmet in the cockpit.

      Whether planted before or after, boots and helmets are logical things to plant.

      Very suspicious there are no bodies but these items.

    4. Thanks anonymous:

      Didn't catch that about Ecuador, Assange is defecting to Ecuador?

      Helmets found eh?

      So how did they get off the heads?

  4. Hell of a deal. Syria loses the closest thing it has to an ally and the terrorists lose one of dozens of allies they have, and certainly not the most important when it comes to getting an international "deal" done.

    This means there will be no one there to make a strong case on behalf of Syria because we have already seen Russia is making a weak case. China I don't know about but I would expect it to be like Russia.

    I would be interested in hearing what Iran is saying. The fact I have heard nothing tells me the western press wants to muffle them. Have they moved troops to the borders? Have they issued a response?

    1. Hey WWM:

      Syria can keep Iran informed as Russia can also.
      The US can inform Saudi Arabia. Or Turkey can.

  5. Great comment, Walter.

    And that's really the issue, isn't it - the fact the the globalist controlled mass media so completely decides for us what we should be allowed to hear - OR NOT.

    It's so easy to forget this and take it for granted, because this psychological warfare has become so refined and CONSTANT now - it simply IS "the norm" for us to hear/read/see what is chosen for us, and we're not to question - HEY why aren't there other sides of this situation being heard here???

    And, as you rightly pointed out before, when they DO say something about Syria or Assad's statement, they make sure to include a biased and leading description of it, like "his rambling speech". I suppose depending on who is writing the opinion and "review", it could easily be said that something like The Gettysburg Address" was quite boring, or "rambling" - if you get my point.

    I so completely hate the mass media for this fact alone - that they ALWAYS seek to define the debate, the terms and just generally the "acceptable boundaries of thought" that we are allowed to have - and, of course, there are plenty of other reasons to hate them (outright lies of both declaration and omission, falsification, exagerration, constant bias, etc.)

    We will only hear what the Syrian or Iranian leaders have to say when it is "allowed", which will obviously mean that what we're being allowed to hear from them is somehow favorable to the Empire in one way or another - demonizing them or happily announcing their defeat, compliance, surrender, etc.

    Here is a really excellent speech that you all should listen to if you've never heard it before - it is Michael Parenti, and he so eloquently and completely lays out the whole picture of what The Empire IS and DOES. Enjoy and learn what you can, it's worth your time, I promise you.

    1. I was quite taken by Parenti for a while but IMHO he is a 'limited hangout'. He talks a lot of truth but not the whole truth. Like a lot of left-leaning anti-imperialists he is deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to the influence of Israel and the Jewish lobby on the 'American' empire (and nation). Listen to him by all means but beware that you don't unwittingly accept his boundaries of thought.

    2. Well, of course, everyone is entitled to their own feelings and opinions, and we should ALL be thinking for ourselves, no matter who says things that we do or do not agree with.

      I can tell that you did not listen to this lecture that I posted, though, because if you had, you would have heard Parenti clearly questioning why, since we bomb all these countries using the "humanitarian" pretense, then why aren't we bombing Israel for what they've done to the Palestinian people for decades?

      He gives quite a lengthy list of the covert and proxy wars that "The Empire" has been directly involved in over many years - and as he says, this list is not even complete, but even so I am betting that any one of us who listens to this speech has probably never even heard about most (or at least many) of these war crimes in a lot of those not so famous places.

      I respect what you're saying here, but I will just add that if your primary litmus test (for whether or not someone is in your words a "limited hangout") is the degree to which they despise Israel and how often and loudly they express those ideas, then it is just as likely that you've already fallen prey to another, much less subtle form of thought boundaries.

      Blaming "the Jews" as if they are one "thing", and not millions of individual human beings with all kinds of different beliefs and values, is just as much a mistake as it is to blame "the Turks", "the Muslims", "the Christians"...or "the Anything".

      I do understand your point about the very powerful Israeli lobby interests, though, and there's no mistake about that. But, as with every other power, those are the tools of the ruling elite at work, and they do not in any way represent the interests or concerns of the everyday, decent people of any nation.

      Thanks for the comment and take care. :)

    3. It is not at all uncommon for leftists to criticise Israel regarding their treatment of the Palestinians, but that doesn't mean that they are universally objective regarding the influence of Zionists amongst the 'imperialists'. Take Noam Chomsky as a case in point.

      "Thanks for the comment and take care. :)"
      Well after coming as close to calling me an anti-semitic racist as makes no difference that remark seems highly disingenuous.

    4. LVB: I am listening to the speech right now, I did fast forward to the part where he addresses the Yugoslavia conflict.

      "that they (the media) ALWAYS seek to define the debate, the terms and just generally the "acceptable boundaries of thought"

      That is exactly what they do.

      I said this at YaYa's blog, which garnered a nasty comment here, I simply had to delete.

      Background: She referred readers over here
      Someone spouted "conspiracy theory" at her place.
      "Conspiracy Theory"
      This is the absolute clearest loudest signal you are dealing with a parrot.

      I offered this bit of advice

      "Just responding with your previously programmed thought processes

      A suggestion: Use your brain, grow your own thoughts

      consider it a prescription for what ails you."

      That brave person came here and called me an f'n a-hole.

      Wow! Imagine my horror?

      This poor individual can only think within the parmeters, the carefully laid out parameters of the msm.

      And anything else causes the poor parrot such distress they can only squawk "conspiracy theory" in hope of a cracker for reward

      Rather then think about it and do some research on their own

      It is dam sad

  6. here are those idealistic FSA peaceful protestors in the raw:
    Syrian militants 'opposition' killed for 15 euros a day

    Western media created the image of an ideological fighter for democracy in Syria has nothing to do with reality. Information Agency «ANNA» managed to interview the Syrian captives in the Hamas militants. He told how, for 15 euros a day, shooting passing cars without thinking of those who at this time there is.

    On the question of whether a prisoner regretted what he had done the crime, a former fighter named Immat referred to the rebel leaders, who argued that religion does not forbid killing and raping people of other faiths, on the contrary it is strongly encouraged.

    The story of people caught in opposition to all the same, it all started with peaceful opposition actions (for money!), Then they are recruited into gangs, issued by a machine, designated the daily wages, and a separate award for each violent action. In this case the militants do not care what they are fighting against their own people. Good money (by the standards of Syria) and any semi-literate worker goes killing.

    In this interview, you will personally make sure that the opposition demonstrators fired on her in order to blame for the crime of power in Syria. Thanks to the Western media it is possible to successfully implement

  7. Good points, Brian, and very interesting...but not so surprising, I'm sad to say.

    Where do you suppose that money (the euros paid to hire killers and "rebel protesters") is actually coming from?

    My bet would be various intelligence agencies (CIA being the most obvious, just as they did in Bosnia and Kosovo) and/or perhaps even the "always happy to help destabilize and globalize" lots of nations - Mr. George "One World Government" Soros, himself.

    Oh wait, I fogot, he only commits the globalist "financial crimes against humanity" to destabilize currencies, right...or does he really stop there???

  8. Syrian 'Rebels' Ransack Christian Churches
    Shocking images have emerged which show the aftermath of Christian churches ransacked by NATO-backed Syrian rebels, illustrating once again how western powers are supporting Muslim extremists in their bid to achieve regime change in the middle east

    1. What else to expect from such extremists?!

    2. I don't know what to say!! I'm from Syria, and I can tell you that the protesters were singing Sectarian songs in their first protests. Like this one: "toot toot.. we'll send the Alawis to the caskets, and the Christians to Beirut". It's only an example. (Also they were carrying light weapons in their first protests. For that; they were chanting in their protests "peaceful .. peaceful" to let the others believe that the security forces are attacking the Peaceful Protesters).

      As a Muslim-Sunni man; I can only say to the other religious sects: "Please forgive us, those religious extremists are only Muslims by name, but they don't belong to us".

      I hate the Revolution and all the rebels, also the fake Democracy and Freedom, because as you know it's a big and silly lie.

      The rebels have the green light from the "Religious extremists & Sectarian Sedition" leaders to kill the pro-regime people, even they are not "Shabiha", even they are girls or old men, even they do nothing, Just because they love their President Bashar Al Assad, and they hate the revolution like me. So we can't put our personal info on facebook (or to make it public), or to say that we are a pro-regime to anyone except who we know. You can see that in the Black Lists on facebook, everyday they put the pictures of the pro-regime persons, names, addresses, mobile numbers and phones, if they can get it, to send anyone to kill him/her. Black Lists are not only for the people inside Syria, but also in other Countries. I feel that we are living now in the Stone Age here!!

      Check out this video, I have uploaded it once again, but it CON­TAINS DIS­TURB­ING SCENE.

      "June 15, 2012: One of the pro-​regime was killed by throw­ing from the third floor."

      Well.. that's the result of the "ignorance & retardation" which the US and Israel based on, to success their plans. They are right when they say that the Arabs don't look forward for the future.

      And There are so many hiden facts about the Syrian Revolution, which will be uncovered in the near future, when the people will wake up from their dreams to see themselves between their new mother "US/Israel" hands. Because we don't like to read, or to think before we move.

      Thank You. And Thanks for Penny, and for everyone who is seeking the truth.


    3. Hello Tozz (hoping you do not mind?)

      I had to get your comment out of the spam file. That is something that blogger just does?! As annoying as that is.

      " I can tell you that the protesters were singing Sectarian songs in their first protests. Like this one: "toot toot.. we'll send the Alawis to the caskets, and the Christians to Beirut"."

      I don't doubt it! It would seem they were making their intent clear.

      And many Christians have gone to Beirut. Many Alawis have died. Particularly in Houla

      "Also they were carrying light weapons in their first protests"

      I covered that in some of my earliest posts on the Syrian destabilization. The main stream media has always been spinning this as peaceful and unarmed, but, that was never the case.

      As a Muslim-Sunni man; I can only say to the other religious sects: "Please forgive us, those religious extremists are only Muslims by name, but they don't belong to us

      I don't know what to say to this? You are not responsible for the actions of these extremists. You are doing what you can, just speaking out against these people and hopefully working with others to bring peace to all of the Syrians. Equally.

      Tozz: as humans we must always be on guard for that which can be used to divide us. You seem to understand that.

      "that's the result of the "ignorance & retardation" which the US and Israel based on, to success their plans. They are right when they say that the Arabs don't look forward for the future.

      Do you think that can be attributed to the history of foreign intervention in the area?
      The ignorance? (lack of knowledge) The inability to look to the future?
      That area of the globe, inhabited by the Arabs, has always been hotbed of overthrows and intervention, it must be difficult to create and maintain cohesion?

      I don't know?

      Just reading what you have written about being targeted?
      Personal information being made available for assassins.
      So horrible.

      Thank You. And Thanks for Penny, and for everyone who is seeking the truth.

      Your welcome :)

    4. Dear Penny;
      First of all I'm Sorry about late.
      I'm 100% with you in everything. But it's so hard when the Policy-Makers use us this time as a "tool" to reach their targets, not like the past years when they were using the regimes.(and between themselves are laughing at us and saying: look at those fool arabs.. they believe our lies!!).
      It's really what's happening now.. most of the people here are convinced that they make this revolution by themselves, not by the Western plans!! -- "oh yeh we are heros, from now on we're not afraid.. we want freedom" -- as they say.
      wtf.. I'm really astonished.
      And at the end, the new regimes were already selected, if we want or we don't .. That's it. It's a war game for many reasons as you know.

  9. Brian,

    Just like in Kosovo and Metohija...hundreds of Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries dating back to pre-14th century (designated as UN "World Heritage" historic sites, evem) were burned, dynamited and otherwise destroyed by the muslim extremist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) terrorists. They even defiled entire Christian cemeteries, uprooting the graves and so on.

    Not one word about any of it was ever said in any of the major globalist mass media, for obvious reasons - the KLA was financed, trained and supported by the US/UN/NATO - "The Empire".

    You can expect much more of this to come, in Syria and other places. I just wonder how much more the Christians of the world are going to take? That is, if they ever hear about any of these atrocities in the first place, you know?

    1. Sadly the Christians in the west (not all of them, but way too many of them) will lay down for more abuse
      They will take it, they will accept it, some will think it is acceptable.

      They have been so brainwashed to to "believe" that the common ground is "Judeo-Christianity"

      Which is ridiculous.
      Given that the followers of Judaism and the followers of Christianity have a big huge divide... It is obvious, glaring and huge


  10. Re: Micheal Parenti

    I haven't listened to him enough to really make a call on what he is about.

    I would think this is likely the second or third speech of his I took the time to listen to.

    I heard in the speech he (Parenti) took Chomsky to task for his (Chomsky's) use of spin.

    Chomsky, is a gatekeeper

    He only goes so far and he never strays from the NATO line.

    My two "gatekeeper" markers are 9/11 truth and the private central banking issue.

    1. Here is me admitting error.
      Even 9/11 truth isn't reliable.
      Mr Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was spouting 9/11 truth
      In his case he was playing to the audience.
      Not being legit.
      Given the obvious collusion of Muslim Brotherhood and Israel
      in Syria, just the latest joint effort

    2. I've now added media deception re Syria and Libya as one of my markers.

      And frankly a lot of people I previously trusted I don't because of this issue.

    3. FYI, the "visitors" continue...another one that is stil using Windows XP!!! LMAO I goofed on them in my update about this - I wonder if that turned any of their faces red and/or made them LOL?? ;)

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      28 Jun 05:59:04


  11. The Turkish military authorities said on Thursday that it could not find two missing pilots despite its search and rescue efforts to recover the wreckage of a jet fighter downed by Syria last Friday. The General Staff said in a statement that five military ships and four search and rescue helicopters have been searching for the jet since Friday.
    Russia would deliver three repaired attack helicopters to Syria on schedule, federal military technological cooperation service said Thursday. Director of the service, Alexander Fomin, said that Russia has repaired three Mi-25 helicopters in line with a contract Moscow and Damascus signed in 2008.
    Russia denies it backs Syria transition (AP). Russia says exclusion of Iran from talks is a mistake quoting Lavrov.
    Russia doesn’t agree with Annan’s approach and won’t support any imposed power handover, said the official, who asked not to be identified because the talks are confidential. Russia would not lend its support to any plans for outside interference in Syria which may be voiced at the upcoming international conference in Geneva, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday. “We will not, and would not be able to support any outside interference or imposition of recipes [in Syria],” Lavrov said at a press conference in Moscow.
    A senior Hamas member has been killed in a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus, a member of the group told AFP today, accusing Israel's spy agency of being behind the attack. Israel's defense minister responded coyly to the suggestion, telling army radio: "I'm not sure that that's necessarily right." Hamas said the member, Kamal Hussein Ghannaja, was killed on Wednesday. "A group of people entered his home in Qudsaya ... where he was liquidated," the official told AFP on condition of anonymity. "According to our information, Mossad was behind the assassination," he added, referring to Israel's foreign intelligence agency.
    And Finland..
    Saying that Finland will surrender its right to act independently in the event it joins the western military alliance, Putin added that Moscow will respond to deployment of any NATO attack missiles based in the Nordic country. “The involvement of any country in a military bloc deprives it of a certain degree of sovereignty, and some decisions are made at a different level,” the Russian president said at a meeting on Friday with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto. “If NATO decides to deploy missile systems, Russia will take retaliatory measures,” Putin told reporters after talks with Niinsto. “Russia’s retaliatory measures will be guaranteed. But what would we need that for?”

  12. Serbia elections delivered a loss to the pro western Europhiles.

    Serbia’s new president has publicly stated that genocide did not take place in Srebrenica, where Bosnian Serb forces are said to have massacred about 8,000 Muslim men and boys during the country’s civil war. Tomislav Nikolic, who was elected president last month, reportedly said in an interview with Montenegran state TV on Friday: “There was no genocide in Srebrenica.”

    Meanwhile, the border clashes continue,

    And the dislocations in Macedonia linked to NATO?
    "Membership for his country in NATO and the European Union, currently blocked, could be the assurance necessary to diminish tensions, Nikola Poposki, Macedonia’s foreign minister, said, speaking to the Hürriyet Daily News. “The most essential elements these days are to secure our region, so that it can benefit from the peace and prosperity project that is the Euro-Atlantic Integration.” The International Court of Justice had recently ruled against Greece for breaching its obligations by blocking Macedonia’s admission to NATO in 2008 because of the name dispute.

    And the sectarianism fuel
    The five Macedonians who were discovered mysteriously killed Thursday near capital Skopje will be buried Saturday. The gruesome murder provoked the simmering inter-ethnic tension between Slavic and Albanian Macedonians, with crowds walking out and rioting late Friday. Tensions in Macedonia have been simmering since the end of an armed rebellion in 2001, when ethnic Albanian rebels fought Macedonian government forces for about eight months, seeking greater rights for their community. The conflict left 80 people dead, and ended with the intervention of NATO troops. In 2011, simmering tensions flared again in ethnic clashes, including a string of street fights and hooligan behavior in Skopje and other major cities in Macedonia.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks anonymous:

      I did notice that Serbia and that area had "heated up" again, for lack of a better term, this brings destabilization to Russia's doorstep.

      Thereby making it relevant to the one world order sort of scenario we are witnessing

  13. freethinker,

    I was absolutely NOT calling you that, or any other nasty label. I was only saying what I believe to be very true - that falling into that trap of blaming and/or hating "groups", rather than the IDEAS and ACTIONS that you really despise - and we all should.

    Your concerns are well founded, and I already said (and meant it) that I respect what you're saying, so no offense was intended. But I do believe that the globalist mass media does a masterful job of painting people into this corner of using labels (therefore defining the boundaries of debate and thought) by using this "groupthink" strategy.

    The so-called "Occupy" movement is bitter proof of this, and I think we all know (or those wo are paying attention anyway) that this is purely a Soros and Ruling Elite-financed agitation which is designed to pacify the outrage and legitimate passions of the many unhappy and alienated population - outrage at the actions of the .04% (not 1%) of the wealthiest ruling class monsters on this planet, that is.

    You are not wrong in substance, and I was ot attacking you on that level - only adding a bit of nuance (and hopefully another aspect) to your ideas.

    Those were my intentions, believe it or you're free to take them or toss them aside as wrong and ridiculous - but they and my saying "take care" are given sincerely, and anything but disingenuous.

    I say what I mean, and mean what I say...perhaps a fatal flaw - that and perhaps writing WAY too much, both in comments and my articles. LOL

    (I won't say "take care" this time since it may offend you, but you can know that it IS subconsciously implied, anyway.) :)

  14. Penny,

    You are absolutely correct. And this "parrot in distress" syndrome you saw (when being forced to confront "unacceptable" thought patterns and conflicting ideas) is commonly known as COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

    I've written about it extensively, but based on the level of intelligence and critical thinking that I've seen from you and your readers/commenters, you probably already know quite a bit about this concept as used in PsyWar and the mass media.

    When people are confronted with logical inconsistencies in their beliefs (or what they THINK are "their beliefs", which have to a large degree been programmed into their minds via mass media), it causes this disruption, or dissonance, that results in this uncontrollable, subconscious reaction - which usually presents itself as shame, guilt, anger, embarrassment, lashing out at the messenger, etc.

    You did well, and your "parrot" is certainly not the only one who will come at you in this way - they are LEGION, and all around us.

    However, I always find it comforting in some ways, because when you get this kind of visceral reaction, it is clear that you have hit a nerve - and THAT means you are breaking through their thought barriers...even if only just a little bit.

    You can always expect the hostile backlash expressed in public, because that's just "saving face" - a character flaw shared by most of humanity (as opposed to just confronting and admitting the fact that you are/were wrong and learning from it) - but, it is very important to remember that you never really know for sure what effect you've had on such a person in their private thoughts and THIS is where the power of influencing their ideas really counts and takes root.

    I think you are making a positive difference here, and I'm sure most of your readers would completely agree. I just think of it as using your powers for good - and without playing dirty tricks, mind games and falsifying the truth as Military Intelligence agencies and the mass media do, we can still use their same mantra "Persuade, Change, Influence" in the opposite way they do, essentially using their own methods against them.

    The only component they have that we do not is MASS global exposure to our ideas - but the internet is certainly a game changer in that regard (at least for now), and we must continue doing what we can regardless.

    Never let the bastards get you down. :)

  15. Parenti - I never intended to make a meal of this. I was just pointing out, what is obvious to me, that Parenti (in common with many other left-leaning political commentators) paints the world controllers with a very limited palette. That doesn't mean that he lies; but he omits a great deal. He is not as bad as Chomsky (who I also followed for a while) but is blinkered enough for me to describe him as 'limited-hangout'. If anyone disagrees then that's fine, do your own thinking, take the truth from wherever you can find it, be _very_ wary of adopting heroes.

    For 90% of my adult life my beliefs were indivisible from Parenti's - I've spent decades in the worldview that he promotes. Its like looking at the world through a cut crystal, you could spend your whole life getting your worldview from just one facet, unaware of other aspects. Parenti's credo is very simple: left is good, right is bad, capitalism is ++bad - the PTB are US imperialists and capitalists. Much of what happens in the world can be explained in those terms. He doesn't explain tho' why Marx and Engels were supported and promoted by international bankers, or how the likes of Soros is apparently both a capitalist and a communist. Where he differs from most leftists is that he is not an International Utopian or Globalist.

    Where does he stand on 'litmus-test' issues? After hours spent (wasted?) listening to his talks my take is:
    * Anthropogenic Global Warming - 'warmist', on-board with the agenda.
    * Private Banking Cartel - blind, but he rails against corporate capitalists.
    * 9/11 - very hard to tell; from what I can glean: in the early days he supported the Muslim terrorist meme, but of course the terrorism was (to some extent) justified as a reaction against US imperialism. He has always been against the 9/11 commission, mainly on the grounds that it was organized by Bush, saying that there are many unanswered questions, and so he is sometimes seen as a 'truther'. Later he says that it might have been an inside job insofar as Bush had prior knowledge. His latest stance as shown in the 2010 Deep Polics Conference on Vimeo is strange; in 55mins talking on conspiracy he spent 40secs on 9/11 starting with (@38min) 'IF we conclude that 9/11 is an inside job...'. His attitude in the Round Table Session where 9/11 is the main topic is even more strange - he sits back with arms folded looking around uncomfortably, hardly saying a word and is first to leave.
    * Israel/Zionism/Jewish issues - Apart from the safe position of criticing Israel on its treatment of the Palestinians the IZJ issues simply don't exist. He'll talk for hours on the US imperialist and capitalist reasons for the wars on Iraq but won't mention how it benefited Israel's expansionist policy - no discussion of 'A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties by Oded Yinon' or 'A Clean Break- A New Strategy for Securing the Realm' that I can find.