Monday, June 18, 2012

Israel to attack Egypt and the broader Middle East conflicts

You are thinking, no way !  It isn't going to happen. Israel attack Egypt !
But, they have a peace agreement!
When did something as insignificant as a  peace agreement ever get in the way of imperialism, land grabbing, resource grabbing and geo-strategic positioning?

Israel wants the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. This is pretty well known, generally speaking.
 If you wanted to be the most powerful nation in the Middle East, you too would want the Sinai Peninsula. It's a pretty strategic place. Using Wikipedia here

It is situated between the Mediterranean Sea to the north, and the Red Sea to the south, and is the only part of Egyptian territory located in Asia as opposed to Africa, effectively serving as a land bridge between two continents.

Yup, quite a strategic piece of property. As they say in real estate "location, location, location"
The Sinai peninsula has it all.

Israel covets the Sinai Peninsula. Strategically speaking it is one hot property.
Israel always forgets the "though shalt not covet thy neighbours goods" kind of stuff..  the one handed down by their God.
Egypt is in chaos.The election in Egypt is a mess. In my opinion, intentionally so.
Remember order out of chaos...
Muslim Brotherhood is going to take that election and Israel is going to be loving it.

(Oh my looks as if the Muslim Brotherhood are claiming victory in the election. No surprise there at all.)- Muslim Brotherhood declares victory in Egypt elections
 Could see that one coming a mile away......

The Muslim Brotherhood election "win" more credibly a theft, same as in Greece just the other day  and Canada  last year,  will give Israel the pretext they need to launch an attack.
The Egyptian military is wholly owned by the US, so expect them to be easily defeated.
Many unsuspecting  Egyptians will die fighting
Sorry, getting ahead of myself here

Getting back to the news items keep that keep appearing to me as the clues to war.
The news of attacks emanating from the Sinai Peninsula on Israel. Today, another one. 

"Militants (Whoever they are? Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists ? Not mentioned) who crossed into Israel from Egypt's Sinai desert fired on Israelis building a barrier on the border on Monday, killing one worker, before soldiers shot dead two of the attackers, Israel's military said"
 These attacks play right into Israel's hand. They are all the bait needed to reel in the big one.
These attacks will serve as pretexts for Israel to launch an attack?

Remember order out of chaos......

The IDF is moving tanks closer to the Egyptian border 

The IDF has deployed Armored forces near the Israel -Egypt border, moving tanks closer to the fence, Ynet has learned. The unusual move followed Monday's attack on defense contractor crews building the new security fence. 

 Ynet was able to document the presence of Israeli tanks in close proximity to the border – maneuvers which are barred by Jerusalem's peace treaty with Cairo. 

That's right! The movement of tanks to the border is barred by the peace treaty with Cairo!

We are supposed to believe the tank movement was a response to the so called attack. Not likely.
Early in May, there was news that caused me to be a little suspicious that something was afoot with Egypt and Syria. Notice that date of this article? Large and in red. Israel prepares for Mideast war- May 04/2012
Today, Israel prepares for Mideast conflict; recently, six army battalions were called up to meet threats from Egyptian and Syrian borders The Times of Israel reported that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) gave emergency call up orders to six reserve battalions due to ongoing hostilities developing on the Egyptian and Syrian borders.
The Knesset gave the IDF permission to summon 16 additional reserve battalions when required, according to Israeli press on Wednesday, 2 May 2012. These actions demonstrate the severity of the tensions growing among Israel, Syria, and Egypt. Israel needs its army in place when it attacks Iran because Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas will immediately strike  Israel; therefore, the IDF must be ready
Notice the "when Israel attacks Iran" Israel the aggressor. Obviously

So, the tank movement being reported on today? Is it a response to the "attack" that took place at the border today, really?

Or, as is the more likely scenario, taking into consideration the news of war preparations being undertaken by Israel minimally six weeks ago, that Israel is preparing to take the Sinai territory as part of a larger middle east war.

It looks as if there will be a larger war "theatre" then just an attack on Syria.
As always, here is hoping I am wrong.

Flashback:  Posted May 15/2012  Saudi Arabia seeks union of Monarchies....

Saudi and Kuwaiti officials last year even leaked the idea that Egypt might become some kind of member of the group, though Egyptian diplomats quickly dismissed the idea.

I find the Egyptian angle really interesting. A tyrannical monarchy would put the people down once and for all. Keep an eye on this situation.

Flashback February 10/2011Mubarek stays in "power" and the Military supports the move

That the government is controlled externally. And, actually I have said it previously at my blog. I do not think the military is fully controlled by Egypt.
They have long been a part of NATO, though not officially.
So who controls the army?
You may be interested in this?"  Keep US aid flowing to Egypt's Military

"As the crisis in Egypt unfolds, the Egyptian military emerges as the most important factor in determining its immediate future. Critical too are U.S. links with the Egyptian military Washington's primary source of influence over what will happen."
"Continuing support for the Egyptian military will be crucial for U.S. influence and for an evolution in Egypt that can meet American interests."

"One reason Egypt's military responded to the demonstrations so positively has been its long-standing ties to the U.S. military, stretching back three decades"


  1. The incident underscored the growing lawlessness in the Sinai desert since longtime Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was toppled from power by a popular uprising last year. The ensuing political turmoil in Egypt, weak policing in the area and tough terrain have all encouraged Islamic militant activity in the region. The mountainous desert now harbours an array of militant groups, including Palestinian extremists and al-Qaeda-inspired jihadists, Egyptian and Israeli security officials say.

    Defence Minister Ehud Barak told Army Radio that there has been "a worrisome weakening of Egyptian control" in the Sinai. Barak said he expected the winner of this week's presidential elections in Egypt to honour the country's international obligations...."

    All that from a greasy CBC article today, apparently selling the war that you speak of Penny.

  2. "The mountainous desert now harbours an array of militant groups, including Palestinian extremists and al-Qaeda-inspired jihadists'

    Palestinian extremists & Al Qaeda inspired jihadists

    Sounds just like the NATO backed crew in Syria. Imagine my surprise?

    A couple of attacks??? Israel claims they killed the attackers?
    So what is the problem? Oh there isn't one, when you want a war..
    And Israel does.

  3. Excellent post. I have borrowed some of this!

    - Aangirfan

  4. No problem Aangirfan!
    The more readers the better

  5. Taking over the Sinai would also put them a step closer to the 'Nile-to-Euphrates' territorial expansion, which orthodox Jews, and Christian Zionists as well, would view as a realization of their biblically promised destiny. You're quite right. If war breaks out, the "theatre of operations" is likely to spread beyond just Syria.

    1. Richard, hey! Thanks for sort of shedding light on the religious angle of this situation. One that would not have occurred to me.

      "If war breaks out, the "theatre of operations" is likely to spread beyond just Syria."

      At first, I didn't hold that opinion, but as of late...

      It is starting to appear as if it is going to be a full out war in the entire area
      As if the West is looking to 'go big or die trying'
      Lately I have been feeling quite apprehensive about this entire situation.

      Especially when you think about how dire the financial situation is globally speaking.

  6. I guess Israel wouldn't mind taking control of the Suez Canal also.

    Britain stops Russian ship carrying attack helicopters for Syria
    But the deployment also signalled that Russia was hedging its bets, according to the source.

    "The purpose is threefold," he said. "First, they want to send a signal to the West about military intervention. Second, they want to demonstrate support for Assad.

    "But they are also preparing for the worst and realise that the worsening situation may leave them no choice but to evacuate their nationals as a last resort. If that happens, it is game over for the Russians.

    "They project strength, but know their position in Syria is actually a weak one. It may be this is a last throw of the dice."

    Is this a case of the poker-playing west calling the chess-player's bluff? It seems strange that Russia didn't provide an escort for this ship. Could it be a decoy, or is Russia deliberately being half-hearted in its support of Syria?

    World War III on Syria Makes a Vague Future - Mr Aleppo A good (IMHO) interview from Morris.
    He includes this link- Iran, Russia, China, Syria to launch biggest joint war game in Mideast

    1. I think Israel would love to control the Suez

      my thoughts on the ship??
      I have some serious doubts the ship is as we are told

  7. Just had to post this absurd shaggy dog story which has naturally been taken up by the BBC as its lead item...
    The long way round....

    1. Felix!
      I was thinking about you just yesterday, I missed your perp alerts.

      Yes, the long way around. Which seems odd.

      Wouldn't there have been a much shorter route to take?

  8. Voltaire Network’s Thierry Meyssan headlined “NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign,” saying CIA-created videos will air on television. They’ll blame Assad for recent massacres. They’ll falsify anti-regime demonstrations. They’ll claim ministers and army generals are resigning, “Assad fleeing, the rebels gathering in the big city centers, and a new government installing itself in the presidential palace.” i guess @felixJune 19, 2012 7:08 AM falls in Thierry category?

    1. Hey Unknown:

      The ship story is eating away at me. Just doesn't sit right.

    2. From "might be" carrying attack helicopters (which have been in the media for a week or two as a standard Syria scare story)it has now morphed to actually carrying them. (BBC news).

    3. Felix:

      from "might be" to "actually" to oops we were wrong?

  9. History may have a way of repeating itself:

    "Here in Moscow I recently received a dark-blue folder dated 1975. It contains one of the most well-buried secrets of Middle Eastern and of US diplomacy. The secret file, written by the Soviet Ambassador in Cairo, Vladimir M. Vinogradov, apparently a draft for a memorandum addressed to the Soviet politbureau, describes the 1973 October War as a collusive enterprise between US, Egyptian and Israeli leaders, orchestrated by Henry Kissinger. If you are an Egyptian reader this revelation is likely to upset you. I, an Israeli who fought the Egyptians in the 1973 war, was equally upset and distressed, – yet still excited by the discovery. For an American it is likely to come as a shock.

    According to the Vinogradov memo (to be published by us in full in the Russian weekly Expert next Monday), Anwar al-Sadat, holder of the titles of President, Prime Minister, ASU Chairman, Chief Commander, Supreme Military Ruler, entered into conspiracy with the Israelis, betrayed his ally Syria, condemned the Syrian army to destruction and Damascus to bombardment, allowed General Sharon’s tanks to cross without hindrance to the western bank of the Suez Canal, and actually planned a defeat of the Egyptian troops in the October War. Egyptian soldiers and officers bravely and successfully fought the Israeli enemy – too successfully for Sadat’s liking as he began the war in order to allow for the US comeback to the Middle East."

    1. "1973 October War as a collusive enterprise between US, Egyptian and Israeli leaders, orchestrated by Henry Kissinger. "

      I was aware of that. History always repeats itself because the vast majority of people do not know real history only the lies fabricated by the ptb's.

      And WWM! how are you? Well, I hope?

    2. Doing well and glad to see you still covering Syria. Took a little break from Syrian news for my sanity.

    3. Hey WWM

      Glad to hear you are well

      As for still covering Syria?

      As long as it is crucial, I will cover it.

      I understand the needing of a break.
      The constant exposure to such evil wears on the heart and soul

    4. Hey WWM

      Glad to hear you are well

      As for still covering Syria?

      As long as it is crucial, I will cover it.

      I understand the needing of a break.
      The constant exposure to such evil wears on the heart and soul