Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kofi Annan to "float new plan" for Syria

This news has just come out the past hour or so-

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Mr. Annan will float his proposal during a special session of the 15-nation council on Syria on Thursday, diplomats said on condition of anonymity. The former UN secretary-general hopes his new idea can prevent a total collapse of his earlier plan for a truce and negotiated political solution, they said.
The core of the proposal, diplomats said, would be the establishment of a contact group that would bring together Russia, China, the United States, Britain, France and key regional players with influence on Syria’s government or the opposition, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Iran.

By creating such a contact group, envoys said, Mr. Annan would also be trying to break the deadlock among the five permanent council members that has pitted veto powers Russia and China against the United States, Britain and France and prevented any meaningful UN action on the Syrian conflict, envoys said.
It would attempt to map out a “political transition” for Syria that would lead to Mr. al-Assad stepping aside and the holding of free elections, envoys said. One envoy said the idea was “vaguely similar” to a political transition deal for Yemen that led to the president’s ouster.

The main point of Mr. Annan’s proposal, they said, is to get Russia to commit to the idea of a Syrian political transition.

 In what could be the first step toward the creation of Mr. Annan’s contact group, Russia’s Mr. Lavrov on Wednesday floated the idea of an international meeting on the Syrian crisis that would bring together the prime candidates for Mr. Annan’s proposed contact group, including Iran.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, however, reacted coolly to the idea of including Iran.

It is unclear whether such a grouping would be able to agree on a plan for Syria, envoys said. In addition to the United States, the Saudis would have trouble working with the Iranians.

“We are very far from being ready to create a workable contact group along these lines,” another senior diplomat said. “But let’s see how Annan words it in his proposal tomorrow.”

Assad names new Prime Minister

Is that usual or unusual?


  1. Hillery Clinton cool to the idea of including Iran?
    Understatement of the century!
    I'm picturing her releasing the flying monkeys, breaking the furniture and stomping on bunnies while she gets the news about including Iran.

    It seems to me as if the real game is playing out on the ground right now in Syria with thousands of hard core mercenaries trained by CIA & friends running wild. This diplomacy side show will give cover (in western media circles) to the nasty shit going down in the streets.

    1. flying monkeys!
      Now that made me laugh
      I wonder if there is an image on line of Hilary as the wicked witch??

      Must check later.

  2. saw this comment in Daily Mirror:
    from a citizen journalist:
    'I am a British citizen in Syria for two monthson my 4th visit to the country. I am here as a citizen journalist. I can tell you from first hand experience that the vast majority of people here support Assad. Its just the truth: plain and simple. It may not be something the West want's to hear, but it IS the truth. Why do they support him? Well, because the West's reporting of Assad is nothing like the man that governs Syria. He is not viewed as an evil dicator here. He is viewed as a strong leader who has kept the peace in a nation spilt by religious factions. Now the US and UK has stuck their nose into Syrian business, by arming one side, the Syrian view of Assad has been proved right. For it is the support by the West that has allowed the increase in bloody violence. If you want to find out more about my visits to Syria - check out my website.
    - Gari Sullivan, Latakia, Syria, 30/5/2012 19:15

    citizen journalist Gari Sullivan reports on syria Houla massacre and the BBC photo

  3. syrians hold Russia in high can be sure they hold US and saudis in low regard:
    It is evident to all visitors to the city that there is a strong and trusting relationship between its inhabitants and members of the security forces. Greetings are constantly exchanged between them, and everyone abides the stopping and being searched at checkpoints. The quiet city’s walls, on the other hand, are adorned with slogans that salute the army and President Bashar al-Assad. The flags of Syria, Hezbollah, Russia and China flutter in great numbers throughout the squares. Banners in Arabic and Russian thank Russia.
    The inhabitants of Tartous hold “sister” Russia, as they call her, with great regard. It has stood by them better than the Arabs have, and its foreign minister,Sergei Lavrov, is affectionately called “comrade Sergei.” Affection for the Russian bear can be best seen through a local joke that claims that President Vladimir Putin is of Syrian descent. How can that be? There is no doubt about it, according to them.

  4. Replies
    1. But is it real?

      From Syriaonline facebook page:
      "An official source in Hama : The news circulated by some media outlets , partners in shedding the Syrian blood , as per what happened in AlQubeir farm in Hama is completely baseless.

      The excellent The Truth Serum first reported this last night with a sceptical look at the initial BBC report, so there has been enough time for the details to be clear and corroborated by the Syrian authorities and bloggers but this hasn't happened. Is this latest 'massacre' a fiction?

    2. From PressTV: Syria rejects report alleging security forces killed 100 in Hama

      “What a few media have reported on what happened in al-Qubeir, in the Hama region, is completely false,” the Syrian government said in a televised statement during the early hours of Thursday.

      The statement was issued after the opposition Syrian National Council claimed that forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad “massacred” about 100 people, including 20 women and 20 children, in the village of al-Qubeir on Wednesday.

      “A terrorist group committed a heinous crime in the Hama region which claimed nine victims. The reports by the media are contributing to spilling the blood of Syrians,” the government statement added.

    3. Well it seems there has been a massacre after all, but seemingly (so far) not as many victims as the 100 or so initially reported.

      An early report from RT: Syrian security forces kill up to 100 people near Hama – opposition
      International affairs analyst Lajos Szaszdi believes the massacre is just another attempt by rebels to trigger an international action.

      “It appears that the victims may have belonged to a group that settled some decades ago to cultivate the land, with the support of the government,” Szaszdi told RT. “They were a protected minority. They may have been killed by rebels to blame it on the government and try to trigger an international intervention, which is something that the rebels want.”

      He noted the timing of the most recent killings and compared it to that of the Houla massacre.

      “The Houla massacre happened just before Kofi Annan’s visit to Syria, and now Kofi Annan is going to give an address about the situation, and then this massacre happens,” he remarked. “There are members of the armed opposition inside Syria who are very unscrupulous. They don’t want to go back to a situation in which they might have to entertain the possibility of negotiating with the government in Damascus. They just want to remove the government by force.”

      A later report: Those behind Hama ‘barbaric violence’ must be severely punished - Moscow
      There are certain forces which do not hesitate in organizing the most cruel and villainous provocations to disrupt Kofi Annan’s peace plan for the country, said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Aleksandr Lukashevich.

      PressTV: New Syria massacre plot to undermine Annan peace plan: Russia
      "There is no question that certain forces, not for the first time, are using the most brutal and vile provocations to undermine the plan of Kofi Annan," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich, told reporters on Thursday, AFP reported.
      The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has put the civilian death toll at about 55, down from the foreign-based Syrian National Council’s claims of 100 dead.

      The Syrian government also condemned the “heinous crime in Hama,” but stated that only nine people have been killed in the violence, criticizing media reports for “contributing to spilling the blood of Syrians.”

      Syria is finally losing patience and issues a 24hr ultimatum:
      Syria to militants: Lay down arms or face military offensive


    4. The UN observers arrive -
      PressTV: UN observers arrive at massacre site in al-Qubeir village: Media
      SANA: UN Observers Continue Tours in Syrian Cities and Countryside

      So PressTV and SANA don't mention anything controversial here - but meanwhile Ban Ki Moon has been squeaking: Assad lost all legitimacy, UN monitors shot trying to reach Syria massacre scene,
      UN monitors shot at trying to reach site of 'massacre'
      Major General Robert Mood had earlier said observers from the mission were told by residents in the area that they would be at risk if they entered Mazraat al-Qubair in central Hama province.

      So the general was told by residents (not Syrian military) that they would be at risk gets updated to Ban ki Moon says that the observers were shot at 'by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad' (not explicitly the Syrian Military!). Were these 'forces' actually the insurgents?

      The Grauniad has gone into live-update bullshit tsunami mode: Annan at UN amid reports of new Syria massacre – live updates Good comments from Henryettapig.

      Kofi Annan addresses the UN and drops any pretence at impartiality: Annan's remarks before UN General Assembly
      Clearly, all parties must cease violence. But equally clearly, the first responsibility lies with the Government.
      shelling of cities has intensified. Government-backed militia seem to have free rein with appalling consequences.

    5. Annan definitely dropped the pretence of impartiality with that statement.

      But then, pretence was all it was.

      Wasn't it pretty much a given that Annan is part of the imperialist NATO one world agenda?

    6. Of course he is.

      More details of the latest 'massacre' from Syrian TV. They claim 9 killed. Also lots of other incidents mentioned on the western MSM.

  5. Brian & Freethinker, I am out of time
    for now, so I shall check your links out later
    spent to much time in that magnotta post

  6. BBC propaganda and Houla

  7. A phone call between two NATO terrorist mercenaries preparing for a massacre against citizens of al-Haffah area.
    With English and Italian subtitles...