Sunday, June 24, 2012

Missing Turkish Pilots? Or not. Syrian "defector" pilot still missing?

Two plane narratives in one week, both convenient propaganda  for NATO aspirations regarding Syria.
One looks as if it may have run it’s course. Another appears as if it still has legs. Let's catch up with that before it runs away!

The Turkish plane shot down by Syria.

I don’t want to rehash to much. You can get some background here:  Turkey's President Abdullah Gul acknowledges Turkish jet in Syrian airspace: Updated!
It is clear the plane was in Syrian airspace and Syria did what had to be done.
I have questions. Which should not come as a surprise.  Questions that beg asking. So, I am asking.

 Where are the pilots? The Syrian pilot and the two Turkish pilots? Why is the media still reporting the Turkish pilots as missing?
Why has no one found the "defected" Syrian pilot? The media sure hasn't found him.

The Turkish Pilots.

It seems odd when just two short days ago PM Erdogan was quoted , directly quoted, saying

"At this moment the air force and navy are conducting search and rescue operations in the western Mediterranean and luckily our pilots are alive, we have just lost a plane,'' he told journalists while travelling back from Brazil.

Quote from Bangkok Post You can also find the identical quote available at the Jamaican Observer

I find it unbelievable that Erdogan would make such a statement to the world media, unless he had been made fully aware of the situation. It is simply not credible to think otherwise. He knew the pilots were alive he said so, very clearly, very explicitly. “Luckily our pilots are alive”

This extremely important admission has all but disappeared from the main stream media created narratives, especially western propaganda type outfits. The narratives today are leaning towards retribution, of course

Hillary Clinton and Britain display respective blood lusts

"We will maintain close contact with Turkish officials as they continue to investigate the incident and determine Turkey's response, including in the Security Council," she said. "We will work with Turkey and other partners to hold the Assad regime accountable."

NATO has said it will discuss Turkey's accusations, while Britain, another member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, has offered support for "robust" international action.
Can't wait for the killing of innocents.

I spent some time perusing the media releases today and noticed the Turkish Pilots continue to go unidentified. Two days later. Odd. Considering the emotional appeal these faces would have at this time?

Worth taking the time to read

LVB @ LVB Research has gathered some interesting information and put it together in a post:

Was Turkish F-4 Shot Down By Syria Actually an Unmanned Drone?

Whether the pilots did indeed survive as Erdogan originally stated or if there were no pilots at all as LVB suggests, and makes a god case for, it won’t matter to NATO. The narrative is being created.

The Syrian "defector" pilot

Speaking of the emotional appeal of human faces..... where is the Syrian pilot?
Three days ago the main stream media outlets ballyhooed little else. What a coup this was! What a blow to the Syrian regime! I was expecting non stop heart tugging stories from this “defector” who at the speed of light was given political asylum in Jordan. All I got was silence.
Yesterday I mentioned the lack of pictures in the media. Where is the defector?
Today, my question was answered. A picture appears. Sort of.

Would you like to see the picture the NATO media is presenting for public consumption?
Colonel Hamada

A military certificate belonging to Colonel Hamada, the Syrian air force pilot that defected to Jordan, is seen at his home near Idlib. (Photo: Reuters)

Anyone find that a little strange? Ok, how about a lot strange?
Did you notice this picture was taken at his home. That's what is stated below the picture "seen at his home"
Of course being so close up there is no way to ascertain this picture was taken in anyone's home. Let alone the "defectors" home

I expressed my suspicions about this so called defection in a lengthy post when the news first broke. There were a great many inconsistencies. Did the Syrian pilot willingly defect or did he have "incentive" to do so?

Odd  that the “defection” was initially reported by Jordan as an emergency forced landing.
An emergency forced landingHow about an emergency forced landing, which was not voluntary and in fact may have resulted in the death of the pilot?

The propaganda value of such a “defection” was huge and yet still today there is only silence. The defector does not speak, there are no pictures of him “ripping of his medals and kissing the tarmac”. Though these pictures would have been great to bolster the claim of a willing defection they are sorely lacking.
 A NYT’s article . Some of the language chosen for the narrative is unusual.

“It appeared to be a propaganda victory for the Syrian rebel movement”

A propaganda victory?  Not a real victory?

There was also a claim made by the opposition that the Syrian Forces burnt the defectors home.

Activists reached in the northern city of Idlib, the pilot’s home, said Syrian forces had set fire to his house. It was impossible to corroborate that assertion.

Not likely. The Syrian Forces are otherwise occupied. The NYT’s doesn’t seem to take that claim as fact either. Makes one wonder about the picture on the wall?

Despite rebel assertions that Mr. Assad is now using warplanes against the rebels, there has been no independent verification that he has escalated tactics to that extreme.

As mentioned in my previous post

“All stories of Syrian troops using helicopter gun ships etc., have originated with the opposition. I haven't been able to find anything to really bolster those claims. Nothing credible that is.”

Of course a lack of credibility or truth or fact never stops the mainstream media from promoting an expedient narrative


  1. Great article, Penny.

    And thank you so much for your kind words and including the link to my article.

    I love this classic mass media faux-pas (or was it a very deliberate hint):

    “It appeared to be a propaganda victory for the Syrian rebel movement”

    Yep, a propaganda victory, indeed - not a REAL victory.

    They so love doing this to "manufacture consent" with their readers, which they view with such obvious contempt as the "ignorant, unwashed masses".

    Fortunately, I think that a rapidly increasing number of us know exactly what they (the globalist mass media) are doing, and WHY.

    You have a great blog here, so keep up the good work!

    1. Hey LVB:

      Your piece was great :)

      As for the "propaganda victory" from the NYT's?

      My opinion on that language is this, the main steam media plays fast and loose with words so they can clarify or deny down the road as necessary.

      By including those words in the article they definitely manufacture mass consent, unsuspecting readers will see that as a victory, a win of some sorts, an accomplishment.

      Thanks for the compliments wrt the blog

  2. One interesting thing to note is that you can see a reflection in that photo of the certificate. It looks like a dark-haired man in an aqua/green t-shirt taking the picture? I wonder if there is a way to isolate the reflection for closer study?

    How soon before the house was burned was this photo taken? We've seen other examples where the media team worked alongside the arsonists/terrorists.

    1. I didn't notice that WWM

      "How soon before the house was burned was this photo taken?"

      Likely right before the rebels killed the pilots family?
      Of course I don't know, but, I think the rebels burned the house down. I think they stole whatever was of use in it.
      I do think they killed the pilots family. After the pilot was coerced into the flight. When the pilot landed the plane. Or whatever, it is possible the pilot was killed in Jordan.
      I don't think he was a willing defector and was not going to weave the narratives needed by the destabilizing NATO war creators.

    2. It's hard to get the image of the Libyan fighter pilot that was "forced" to the ground last year. Wasn't he on his way to landing when NATO shot him out of the sky anyway?

      Not very sporting.

  3. Turkey deliberately violates Iraqi airspace: to bomb terrorists that attack turkey..does that mean Syria can bomb terrorists in Turkey?Will Turkey be sanctioned?

  4. Saw that Felix, but, glad you brought it up
    Wonder if there is more then just a few helicopters on board?

  5. Von Braun

    Turkish claim that their military jet was shot down in international air space after leaving Syrian territory is false.
    - The aircraft was hit by air defense artillery, not by surface-to-air missile systems, and this weapon’s maximum range is just 1.2 kilometers.
    - The wreckage was found in Syrian territorial waters, what also totally contradicts Turkish (read NATO) allegations.

    There is strong evidence that the aircraft was a QF-4 Phantom, a << US DRONE MODEL >> variant.

    Read all about it here:

    So the reason they can’t find the pilots is because there was no pilots...

    The QF-4 is a remotely controlled target. The QF-4 full-scale drone can be flown by remote control or with a safety pilot to monitor its performance. It is flown unmanned when missiles are fired at it, and only in specific over-water airspace authorized for unmanned flight.

    The QF-4 is equipped to carry electronic and infrared countermeasures to fully evaluate fighters and weapons flown and fired against it.

    Full-scale drone aircraft can be flown totally by computer using the Gulf Range Drone Control System, or controlled manually during takeoff and landing using a mobile control station located at the drone runway. As a safety precaution, a chase plane trails the drone during critical periods of flight.

    So as I said before, there is strong evidence that this was an operation to evaluate Syrian air defence systems, and if downed it would be also useful as a false flag incident to push for airstrikes against Syria.

    Source: RT NEWS and U.S. Airforce public websites

    1. I think it was more likely to evaluate the Iranian base close to that area. The Israeli's would need to take the radar out prior to attempting a strike on Iran.

    2. Hey Hans

      now that is an interesting angle to all this.
      I knew Iran was heavily involved in Latakia..
      I left a few links in the previous post.
      I had a video up at one time pertaining to the Syrian/Iranian agreement
      Maybe I should hunt that up!

    3. Thanks Brian

      LVB brought that up and it is mentioned in my post
      but that info is great for reinforcement!

  6. looks like "someone" saw and "borrowed" from my article already, huh?? I do hope they noticed the copyright notice at the bottom. :)

    I saw yesterday that the Alex Jones infowars bunch grabbed what I said and ran with it very quickly, without giving any attribution or credit, of course. Sad, but predictable, I suppose.

    Oh well, I guess being proven correct is its own reward, eh?? :)

    1. What that's saying about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery?

      You did a good job LVB!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thanks, Penny - and you're right, it is a very nice compliment. I do very much appreciate some level of basic courtesy and attribution, though, especially with groups like RT and Infowars - who are clearly doing what they do for the purpose of making $$$. Doing that without giving proper attribution and credit is just not cool, in my opinion - or legal, for that matter.

    The most important thing to me, though, is that this information gets out to as many people as possible - and, of course, that people find the ability to begin thinking and recognizing these patterns (of mass media deception/psychological warfare/propaganda/PR) for themselves and not just continue mimicking and regurgitating other people's ideas as if they are their own (a classic Bernays methodology, as I'm sure you know) - especially when those "ideas" come from the globalist mass media. Social Engineering 101.

    BTW, I'm already getting a ton of hits on my blog for this article, including several coming directly from your blog - so thank you again for the honor of linking my blog here. :)

    I'm also seeing quite a few hits from really interesting places and organizations such as the US State Dept, the European Commission (EU) in Belgium, and Langley, VA - if you know what that town is famous (or is it infamous?) for being the home of.

    This isn't the first time I've seen this sort of thing, but it is definitely the most rapid and intense flurry of activity I've ever seen from one of my articles before. I would expect to soon see lots more activity from Brussels, you know, from that group at the heart of this entire situation - hint, its acronym starts with an "N" and ends with "ATO". LoL

    What do you suppose all this could possibly mean? :)

    1. Yep. Good job LVB. I feel like there have been a number of times I have found information here or at Moon of Alabama or that I haven't found anywhere else.

      I get the sense the perps are also reading these boards and there were a couple of times where the journalist perps, like Conroy, put out disinformation specifically to rebut the work done at these few blogs.

      I also get the sense that these upcoming wars are really important because the perps in the progressive blogoshpere are using a VERY HEAVY HAND.

      For instance, check out the typical lefty blogroll. You won't find hardly anything about the war against Syria. Check out Glenn Greenwald for instance, and the bloggers even to the left of him or those that site him or he links to . . . you will see almost nothing on Syria.

      Even and related blogs/new media are also running interference.

    2. Here's an example of a leftist website blogroll I have used in the past.

      Surprisingly, it is hard to find any of those blogs discussing Syria.

      They discussed Libya a bit . . . but it was far too little too late and largely avoided issues like the use and control over the media. They have not asked enough questions about whether the Arab Spring is really a secret U.S. war.

    3. Hey WWM: some of those sites are what I would call "gate keepers" or "limited hang-outs"

      There not bad. Just that they will only take the info so far along, a little further then msm, but not to far
      You know what I mean?

    4. You are SO right, Walter.

      It is a case of either heavy handed attack dogs in the one "approved" direction, or "the silence is deafening" on the other side of the story.

      Once more, exactly the same way it was done in Yugoslavia...atrocites only mattered on one side, no matter what else happened to thousands of innocent civilians on the Serbian side.

      Watching history repeat right in front of your own eyes is a pretty scary thing to witness.

    5. Don't draw too much conclusions from the Commission hits. It was probably me when I read your entry from work. It was from Luxembourg, but our proxys are in Brussels so the hit looks like as originating from Belgium.

    6. Hey gallier2
      long time no see here, I let your other comment out of spam
      delete as you wish!

    7. had a lot of work recently and while I still follow your articles and comments in my rss feeder, I had not much to add to the conversation.
      As for the atmosphere here, from the inside of the "beast", it has the uncanny feel of nothing special happening here around.
      Ha, and I discovered this week end that I have now even a real spook in my accointances. He doesn't know that I know and I will not give more details, but it was quite fascinating. He told me some interesting stuff about facebook, in short avoid like the plague.

    8. Gallier!
      Good to know your still reading :)

      I gotta say the spam whatever is eating your comments up.
      I let another one out.

      It seems to go in spurts, not a clue why?

  8. LVB, the hit from the Commission was probably me, and no it has no intelligence activity for it. It's from Luxembourg but as our proxys are in Brussels, the hit looks like coming from Belgium.

    1. Hey gallier2,

      Thanks for the info, I'm sure you're right about that part.

      There really has been a huge response to this article, though, and a lot of traffic coming from various govt agencies in Brussels, DC, London, Ottawa, Langley and, of course, Istanbul. Also an especially big spike from France, but I think that's from a link someone gave on what is apparently a VERY popular site there.

      It's very odd, to say the least, because typically the traffic on my blog is 90+% USA, followed by UK, Canada, Aussieland and smaller percentages from many other nations. To see it turn completely upside down, literally overnight, is very interesting to say the least.

      Now it's USA in second or third place behind all the places that have a vested interest in protecting "The Empire" and pursuing the goals of the Globalist Ruling Elite and their US/UN/NATO Hessian mercenary forces.

      Good luck to you there in "the belly of the beast" - it sounds interesting. I was once in such a position myself, working in the aerospace/defense electronics industry, many moons ago.

      It's amazing to me that despite how much technology has advanced since I had a direct part in all of it, the basic ideas and purposes for those weapon systems are still so similar...although much more evil now, as far as I'm concerned anyway.

      In the words of the Zeppelin classic - "The Song Remains the Same", doesn't it?

      Or, as my former boss when I worked in aerospace was fond of saying, "Same circus, different clowns". :)

    2. I gave your link in the comment section of Egalité&Réconciliation the site of Alain Soral (Penny knows him, he was interviewed on RT this year, she linked to it), because they had an article about the F4 and I thought your drone theory was quite appropriate.

      My grandma had a similar saying "same trough, different pigs".
      As for the inside part of the EU, it is much less interesting (I mean in the sense of a truth scoop) than it looks like. I'm a technician in a secondary DG, I never interact with the political level. The nearest I ever got to a political figure, was to see Sefcovic (#2 in the Commission) drinking a coffee at the cafeteria here in Lux. Except for the job interview, I even never set foot in Brussels.

    3. Gallier2,

      Thank you very much for posting the link over there on Egalité&Réconciliation - that is, indeed, where the majority of the French bombardment is coming from! I'm very glad to have their readers visiting my blog and I hope they will enjoy it and maybe even learn something in the process.

      I like your Grandma's saying - that's very funny. Same meaning as the "clowns" expression, but even better, and much more appropriate as it pertains to politicians and their ilk, don't you think?

      So, when you say you work in a "secondary DG", do you mean something like a server room or data center? I do some IT engineering work here from time to time, but "DG" is not a term that I've heard used here, so I'm just curious.

      Thanks again for spreading the link to my article, I do appreciate it.

    4. DG means Direction Générale (all the internal jargon is french owing to the origins) and is the name of the subdivisions in the Commission (can be compared to a ministery in a government). There are 2 kinds of DG, the political DG (those that define the policies) and the support DG (logistics, catering, translation, IT etc). The political ones are all in Brussels, the logistics one are in Brussels and in Luxembourg (which represents around 10% of staff).

      As for the saying of my grandma, she reportedly said it '33 at the election of Hitler.

    5. LVB and Gallier

      I have another version of that saying, kind of crude, but very effective

      Ready for it?

      Same shit, different toilet

      I know it 's disgusting, lol

    6. I love that, Penny - it's disgustingly hilarious!! :)

    7. It truly is disgustingly hilarious!

  9. Penny,

    Your hotlink to LVB's article about the Turkish plane being a drone does not work. The drone theory is brilliant - thank you for addressing it.

    Here is a workable link to the LVB article:

    1. It's working well for me?
      But another link over there won't hurt one bit

  10. Syria shot down Turkey's plane


    Think Gulf of Tonken – years later McNamara admitted the whole thing was 100% a media hoax (read “lie”) to get the war with Viet Nam started.

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    To hell with zionist controlled main stream media!

    The Syrians DID NOT shoot down any Turkish plane – why would they give USrael/NATO a cart blanche reason to invade them?

    Main stream media 100% BEX (bovine excrement).

    This is a zionist MEDIA PSY-OP to have a reason to invade Syria.

    “Wars begin for less.” Stephen Lendman

    Turkey’s a NATO member. It could invoke NATO Charter Articles 4 or 5.

    Article 4 calls for members to “consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence, or security of any” is threatened.

    Article 5 considers an armed attack (real or otherwise) against one or more members, an attack against all, and calls for collective self-defense.

    Whether the incident was accidental or provocative remains to be determined.


    USrael/NATO want a war with Syria and Iran. Using drones in Syrian airspace in the hope of being shot down as a pretext to commence bombing is certainly within their Synagogue of Satan playbook from zionist international bankers like Rothschild.

    NWO? You betcha!

    Russia and China stepping in soon – probable.

    Thermonuclear war – possible.

    Hug your children and tell them how much you love them.

    Let’s combine the Anon's and LVB’s theories together (Tonken-like media hoax respective unmanned drones).

    USrael/NATO want desperately to incite a war with Syria as backdoor to involve Iran.

    Rothschild idiotheads send two old plane drones into Syrian airspace with explosives in one of the drones which is detonated causing the drone to fall into the sea.

    USrael/NATO uses their zionist controlled media to do a Tonken false media blitz that Syria has shot down a Turkey (NATO member) plane.

    Here’s where the world chess game gets interesting. Putin and Assad see through the zionist Tonken lies and so create their own counter story: Indeed has Syria shot down an enemy plane which was violating Syrian airspace. The story of a joint effort to find the pilots is icing on the cake because there were no pilots in the auto-exploding drone.

    A Mad magazine type of ‘Spy vs. Spy’ scenerio. Rothschild’s USrael/NATO get stale-mated on this one.

    1. This is actually what I think most likely--the use of a drone and the use of a psychological operation combined. Although it may be possible Syria really shot it down.

      Turkey admits the plane was behaving in a weaselly way. However, Turkey claims it was ferreting out its own defense systems to test them, and not Syria's, and that it "strayed" into Syria.

      So, it's fair to assume this plane was mimicking the behavior of a real attack. In this case why wouldn't Syria shoot the plane down? Maybe you're right and Syria is being super cautious because they are weaker and are being picked on. But I imagine they have to have a line where they shoot. If they let Turkey come in their airspace and lock on to air defense systems and play games they are making themselves weaker for when the real attack occurs. I can see Syria ignoring the flyboy blyby, but this seems like a more egregious breach (and would be interested to hear a military analysis of this--would the U.S. allow enemy planes to do this?).

      But it's the weak PR response by Syria that makes me suspect the media has been hijacked. Syria sort of said "sorry, we would not have shot if we knew it was Turkish, and we'll help work Turkey and will seek forgiveness." This does not seem like natural behavior towards a country that is sponsoring terrorist attacks against you.

      We now have two situations recently where major news stories involving Syria and Iran have been out of character:

      1. The Fars News story about Syria, Iran, China, and Russia conducting war games on the Med with 90,000 stoops. The story was quickly debunked and it is very *odd* Fars or Iran is putting out this weak "propaganda." Most likely this is Western propaganda and the question is how did it get into Fars?

      2. SANA and "Syrian television" may also have been hijacked. I noticed the "Ministry of Defense" statement reported by SANA, as well as Syrian television, was not like previous statements. It seemed out of character to call the pilot a "traitor" and the tone was unusually harsh for a country that has obviously tried hard to put out a reasoned and calm tone throughout this crisis. Likewise, the statement about being "sorry" about shooting down the Turkish pilot after realizing he was Turkish seemed out of character.

      It's highly suspicious that we are getting the official Syrian and Iranian positions through third and fourth hand information. Notice the MSM doesn't even try to get an official statement. They simply mock the Iranians and Syrians and won't even give them the dignity of having a voice.

    2. WWM

      check out the newest post, lots of info on the shootdown
      Syria is saying they shot it down, It is an automatic response and the type of weaponry etc is mentioned

    3. Mouser,

      You've got some good thoughts here, and I would add (or rather emphasize) that if you read carefully in my article, specifically, the part from the official USAF site about the QF-4 Target Drone:

      "When flown unmanned, an explosive device is placed in the QF-4 to destroy the aircraft if it inadvertently becomes uncontrollable."

      Under normal circumstances, this is obviously done to prevent burning chunks of metal and debris falling on populated areas when missile tests are done.

      And as I was telling Marie the other day, many such remote piloted drone aircraft (and even the US Space Shuttles) always had explosive charges onboard so that they could be self-destructed, if necessary, to avoid disasters over populated areas.

      It's quite obvious that this would ALSO give the remote operators (Turkey/NATO) the capability to just blow up their drone aircraft anytime (and anywhere) they want to - and then they can blame it on whoever they choose as the "hostile aggressors that shot down their NATO plane and its poor heroic pilots". It's really so simple that it's sickening to think about.

      This is much more than just "food for thought" - this is exactly how many such "crises" around the world have been orchestrated in the past (such as the Gulf of Tonkin incident you mentioned), as well as many of the "galvanizing incidents" that were perpetrated, exagerrated and fabricated by the UN/NATO/CIA/NWO powers in Yugoslavia (such as the Racak "massacre", the three Markale marketplace "massacres", the never proven "rape camps", ad nauseum).

      All of these were used to build a combined and cumulative psychological effect to provoke world opinion so as to justify the illegal fullscale NATO bombing of Serbia and Kosovo.

      The same was also true with the false story of the "incubator babies murdered by evil Iraqi soldiers" in Kuwait - with no proof at all, this lie was taken as a "proven fact" based solely on the testimony of only ONE girl named Nayirah - who just happened to be a member of the Kuwaiti Royal family, and whose false story before Congress (otherwise known as perjury, a federal crime) was entirely scripted and coached by the very expensive PR firm, Hill & Knowlton - very good friends with the Bush family, btw, which I'm sure had NOTHING to do with it at all, right??

      When the truth eventually came out (after the war, of course), Amnesty International and others tried to contact "Nayirah" to get confirmation of her story - but no one could ever find her, and she has never been heard from again. She performed her role, exactly as scripted, and that was that.

      Anyway, from what I've seen so far, you and everyone else commenting on this blog are asking all the right questions and thinking for yourselves, rather than just being programmed by mass media.

      I cannot tell you how refreshing and encouraging this is to me, given the current condition of our world and the ongoing "dumbing down" processes that are being used against all of us on a daily basis, and in very aggressive ways.

  11. Three more to chase down....

    1. I saw these reports today.
      Real? Or fabricated to bolster the story of the "defector" who is strangely silent? Or silenced?

      No names. No pictures with the article

    2. Anonymous 10:36

      Look another defector, one with no fanfare, who is bolstering the NATO narrative about the Houla Massacre

      How timely.

      Not credible

    3. Good observation, as always, Penny.

      Unless there is something to hide (like the entire story being a lie, for example *wink*), they will almost always use the psychological warfare tactic of publishing the FACE of the person involved - whether it is a kidnapping victim, downed fighter pilot or, in this case, a "heroic defector".

      This works very well, usually, and it is obviously done to "put a face to the story", and therefore provoke a sympathetic emotional response from the public who are absorbing the mass media propaganda.

      Make it "real" - give them someone to CARE about, even if that someone doesn't exist, or the story itself does not even vaguely resemble the truth.

      Know what I'm saying?? I'm sure you do. :)

  12. Add the Canadian Department of National Defense to the list of my new "fans" lol.

    There are always good people in every organization, and I even know a few there at DND who are not at all happy about their govt's gung ho attitude toward UN "peacekeeping" or being tools of NATO's illegal aggression. So, it could be a "friendly" looking at it and enjoying the fact that someone is forcefully challenging the complete BS story that is being sold by Turkey, NATO and the globalist mass media, in general.

    However, given the current state of the official Canadian govt's posture, as well as that of the current and very corrupt US administration, I would have to assume that the Canadian DND is probably not thrilled to see some lowly peasant like me making a pretty solid case exposing what looks very much like a false flag incident being attempted by the UN/NATO and their Globalist Ruling Elite masters.

  13. Hey anaughty mouser

    Yes, the drone theory is very plausible.

    I am aware that Turkey is a NATO nation, very aware of that.

    If one is provoked continuously.... it is almost inevitable there will be a response. That is simply human nature.

    This is something law enforcement well understand when they "keep the peace" at protests.

    - Given the fact that Syria has been under attack it is realistic to consider the possibility that someone made a decision under a great deal of duress.

    The fact Syria was somewhat conciliatory would certainly indicate responsibility

    That said- A suicide plane fits the MO of the NATO backed fighters, doesn't it?


  14. LVB: I am sure you will get a lot of interesting hits on that story.

    1. Hi Penny,

      How about this one - the National Security Agency (NSA) - disguised as the "Maryland Procurement Office".

      See below:

      There is a very small amount of information that is publicly available regarding the Maryland Procurement Office. The Office is known to control the IP ranges:

      MD Procurement Office QWST-63-239-64 (NET-63-239-64-0-1) -

      MD Procurement Office QWEST-208-47-125 (NET-208-47-125-0-1) -

      All non-military domains and subdomains associated with the National Security Agency (NSA) are registered to the Maryland Procurement Office, with the notable exception of, which is registered to AT&T Wordnet Services.

      This registration information dates from between 1999 and 2001 in many cases and lists the address of the Maryland Procurement Office as:

      OrgName: MD Procurement Office
      OrgID: MPO-1
      Address: Bldg. 9840, O'Brian Road
      City: Ft. Meade
      StateProv: MD
      PostalCode: 20755
      Country: US

      I'm sure we've all heard of Ft. Meade, Maryland, and what goes on there, right? Spookville, USA - just like Langley, VA - if not much bigger (and worse).

      So, now when/if you see "MD Procurement Office" hits on your blog, you will know that it is really the NSA looking at you.

      Wouldn't a reasonable person think that the NSA should have much more important things to do with their time (and all of our tax $$$) than spying on US Citizens who are simply exercising our God-given rights to freedom of speech and expression?

      But, sadly, as we already know in the age of Obama, it is US, the honest and alert U.S. Citizens that they consider to be their biggest enemies.

      I've done an addendum to the article now showing the screenshot of their visits, plus a few others that I find interesting - so check it out and let me know what you think about all this! :)

    2. Penny, how right you were about "getting a lot of interesting hits" related to this article...

      And now, the CIA...(see updated article for screen shot, but here's the info):

      Visitor Analysis & System Spec

      Referring URL: (No referring link)

      Host Name: Browser: Firefox 10.0

      IP Address:

      Operating System: WinXP

      Location: Reston, Virginia, United States

      Resolution: 1024x768

      Returning Visits: 0

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      26 Jun 11:12:05


      Kind of feels to me like this article "hit a nerve" somewhere up on high. And if my guess about the QF-4 Target Drone is totally incorrect, then why are the both NSA and CIA looking at it within a 24 hour period?

      Weird, to say the least. If my guesswork is this accurate, maybe they should think about hiring me, yaknow??? LOL

      Who knows, it could just be a secretary or janitor (at both NSA and CIA) "surfing the web during their lunch break", right? ;)