Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The MV Alead : A high seas drama

The MV Alead. The ship supposedly  filled with “attack helicopters”.

This ship originated in Kaliningrad, Russia was purported to have been reportedly stopped dead in it’s tracks, unable to provide Syria with helicopters because the ships insurance was cancelled and the ship is heading home to Russia.

Do you notice the words “purported” “reportedly” and “allegedly”?
Nothing concrete. Why?

Here is my take on this story.
The whole sorry tale has been promoted to bolster Hilary’s claim of “Russia sending attack helicopters”
She made the claim last week , I covered that here.
The State department admitted she had ‘put a spin’ on the story.

“She put a little spin on it to put the Russians in a difficult position”
And the boat from Kaliningrad bolstered the narrative for the  main stream media audience.

The Guardian makes clear that this narrative bolstered the bogus claims that spewed forth from Hilary Clinton’s vile mouth.

“British officials were aghast last week when Clinton first revealed news of the delivery.. But failed to mention they were refurbished.”

Refurbished? Or non-existent?
Look at the language in the stories! Even from William Hague and I quote.

"I am pleased that the ship that was reported to be carrying arms to Syria has turned back apparently towards Russia," British Foreign Secretary William Hague told the House of Commons

Reported and apparently? Come on. With all the surveillance ongoing? Not credible.
William Hague should know this with certainty. He doesn’t. Because the story is bogus.

Here is what Russia said about the ship-
The warship was taking part in the Kiel Week festival in Germany and was not heading to the Mediterranean sea, the Russian Defense Ministry said, adding that the vessel would return to its base after the German voyage, with no plan to visit Tartous.

Reports on the alleged visit were full of loopholes, and the only correct element in the reports is that "the Kaliningrad really belongs to the Baltic Fleet," a ministry spokesman said.

On June 15/12 Russia made clear there were no helicopters being returned to Syria at that time 
"As regards helicopters, planned repairs of (helicopters) delivered to Syria many years ago were conducted earlier"

I would take this to mean, repairs were done previously and helicopters returned as was likely contracted at the time.   

The sole benefactor of the drama on the high seas was the NATO war machine in their demonization campaign of Syria and Russia.


  1. Seems like the media war is picking up.

    We also have reports about Iran, Russia, China, and Syria conducting war games. It was quickly denied by Russia and Syria, but I saw over 3,000 related stories on Google News and I bet most people reading the news remember the first version.

    1. "Seems like the media war is picking up"


      Most people will remember the first version. That is why the most outrageous fabrications, stories, claims always hit the media, get a ton of coverage and then the corrections, retractions etc. get no coverage. Everyone will remember the first mass mind control episode.

    2. Blatant lies get big bold coverage lasting for days, while the truth issued in the form of a retraction or correction gets about 2% of the time and space given to the big lie.
      By design.

  2. "thought to have sailed from Kaliningrad" Well, it either did or didn't.
    Ian Black - key perp.

    1. Given the ships are all tracked, what is there to "think" about?

  3. Salaam my fair sister,how are yoU?sorry i been busy with my business,and i am not abl to keep up like i used to,at elast not now my busy season..anyway see this sister..maybe you can do abetter piece.. http://thenakedfacts.blogspot.com/2012/06/zionistsneocons-at-american-enterprise.html

    take care...Ali

    1. NYS! No apologies necessary. I have been so busy as of late I can barely get out from under the blog before I have to get busy in the real world

      Speaking of AEI I saw John McCain was blathering on at an event sponsored by them (I guess?)

      That is one man that should go away. How does he continue to win elections? He is an embarrassment.

  4. I apologise for quoting the source (as evident in its name title of the thread) , but there is someone emsav who is trying to establish the truth: this page and the next.
    But it all makes no sense even to emsav who probably wants Assad gone.

  5. Also doing the rounds is a very recent twitpic photo of one of the Tripoli brigade, ,Abdelhakim Al-Meshri , now training in Syria apparently, along with a June 14 uploaded YouTube video of him bringing in the harvest.
    It was in late December that Le Figaro brought us news that three Tripoli Brigade members from Libya, Adem Kikli from Manchester UK,a confidant of Belhaj, the Irishman Mehdi Al-Harati and the taciturn "Fouad" were in Syria, brought to us courtesy of ....special envoy Edith Bouvier, she of the variously shattered/broken femur. A very special envoy.

    1. "But it all makes no sense even to emsav who probably wants Assad gone"

      I come away from that forum with the same impression, ,wanting Assad gone"

      When you figure that emsav et al is biased towards removing Assad and would love all this stuff to be true and yet still can't see how the story makes sense, what does that say?

  6. Hi, on the BFBS radio news they reported today (20/06) that Putin 'said' he sees that the way forward for Syria is... 'regime change'... this is ominous news!!

    aka Marty

  7. Update: SKY is now saying that the interpreter made a mistake, Putin has NOT changed his stance, and Cameron 'misunderstood'!

    Funny how this always seems to come out of the UK press!

    1. Cameron "misunderstood"

      What a joke.

      Thanks for the updates!

  8. When I checked the Standard Club website I see that several of the board members of the company are from either Turkey or Saudi Arabia or UAE. All the players who are busy trying to help Hillary Clinton destabilize Syria and they just happen to be board members of this London based company. Cute huh?
    R Menendez
    Ultrapetrol SA
    N Aksoy
    Turkish Cargo Lines

    1. Yes, I went and looked at that.

      Ultrapetrol looks to be in the business of shipping fuel? Oil? Whatever.

      I see that this is a cooperative mutual insurer

      "a mutual insurance association, owned by its shipowner members and controlled by a board of directors drawn from the membership"
      Thought I think the SA may be for South America?


    2. Ultrapetrol SA is an Argentine company. SA being Sociedad Anónima = plc in the UK.

  9. Did you check out their news section?


    : US exempts India, South Korea, Turkey and four other countries from Iran oil sanctions - initially for a 180 day period.

    On 11 June 2012 it was announced by the US Department of State that India, Malaysia, South Korea, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Taiwan have been exempted for a period of 180 days from the provisions of section 1245(d)(1) of the National Defence Authorization Act of 2012 (“NDAA”). The 180 day exemption is renewable upon review.

    Interesting list of countries that will be "allowed by the US" to purchase oil from Iran.

    As if the US is the world dictator. Does it get more obvious then that?

    1. From Russia Today, RT,June 20: ‘US helicopter con puts Russia-brokered Syria solution on ice’:
      Washington manipulated information about a Russian cargo vessel stopped near Scotland, misleading the media in order to pressure Russia, “probably to establish some kind of no-fly zone” over Syria, analyst Vasily Kashin told RT.

      ­The move threatens to stall negotiations between Russia and Western powers over a solution to the Syrian conflict.