Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Syria: Geopolitics galore, auctioning death. PR for a new "rebel" coalition and more.

Getting back to Syria. And there is much to get back to, so, we may as well get started.
Warning: lengthy update.

China-Russia on the same page regarding Syria-
"Both sides oppose external intervention in Syria and oppose regime change by force," Liu said.

"We believe ultimately the Syrian issue should be properly addressed through consultation among different parties in Syria. This is in the fundamental interests of the Syrian people. China and Russia have been playing, in their own way, a positive role on the Syrian issue."
Lebanon being destabilized by Saudi Arabia- Used to launch attack on Syria.

"Saud al-Faisal is taking part in plans to transform (north Lebanon) into a buffer zone, to expel the Lebanese army, to stage attacks and kill Syrians," Al-Watan added.

Prince Saud: “ What's going on in Tripoli is by no doubt an extension of the events in Syria. We have noticed since a while ago that the regime is turning the conflict into a sectarian conflict," he added.
Clever Prince Saud. Not.
Obviously, what is going on in Lebanon is an extension of what is going on in Syria.
Destabilization. Brought to the area by the GCC/NATO friends.
What regime is turning the conflict in sectarian conflict? The Saudi regime.

Interesting video left here. A suicide bomber auction. Bought and paid for by rich Saudi's

Who is aiding in the destabilization of Syria and Lebanon?
Who is paying for terror?

Syrian rebels form new military coalition.
Second story on same topic- here 
 This product launch is over the top. Make no mistake this is a product launch.

The group, the Syrian Rebels Front, declared its formation in a news conference in Turkey that had the hallmarks of a public relations event, including a banner, video presentations and a simultaneous translation service.

A public relations event, including a banner, video presentations and simultaneous translation services?

Translations. In what languages?
 The Syrian rebel statement said the launching of the new front could serve "as the melting pot that brings together all armed rebel factions”

All armed rebel factions? Aren’t we supposed to believe it is Syrians fighting for freedom? Why would a “melting pot” be needed?

The announcement of the new rebel front was accompanied by a video presentation claiming the front has 100 "battalions or fighting formations," and it featured clips of masked fighters declaring their allegiance to the new entity.

Sounds like an infomercial with testimonials, doesn't it? What public relations firm put together this advertising campaign?

Hilary Clinton speaking from Georgia.....not in the US!
What rather odd news emanated from Georgia last week. Georgia’s Parliament moves from Tiblisi to Kutaisi

“Transition "has to be the main focus of our diplomacy."for Syria.
That means regime change and that has been on the agenda all along.
After visiting Georgia, Ms Clinton will go on to Turkey. Yes, the same Turkey that launched their new product line  “Syrian Rebels Front” Will we see t-shirts on rebels with a logo emblazoned on them?
Especially useful for the western audience. Helpful in identifying  the purported “good guys”.

A sliver of truth from Ban ki moon- To little to late. This is face saving at it’s most blatant.
“United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in a letter to the Security Council that the situation was "extremely serious" and asked that member states not arm either side in the conflict”

Closing the barn door after the horses are all gone?

Last, but not least, for the Canadian crowd. Not just the Canadians because there is a lot covered in the linked article that is being quoted from ever so slightly-

Canada poised to provide combat power

It is not for nothing Canada has kept a frigate on call in the Mediterranean this year. Syria only has about 150 kilometres of coastline. To ensure no military aid reaches Syria by sea, NATO warships would have to blockade the coast.

Aside from perhaps a few special forces operatives we will probably never hear about, it is most unlikely Canadian com-bat troops would be involved in any action against Syria.
If Syria is as big or bigger a mess than it is today, there could be a need for a substantial Canadian follow-on ground force to keep the peace.

Sacrifice your kids, Canada.

Who else might take part, it will more or less be the same crew of countries that bombed Libya last year. That is, the U.S., Britain, France, a handful of small European and perhaps a couple of Middle Eastern sheikdoms. The sole newcomer could be Turkey, which could play a pivotal role.

NATO would be heavily involved in such an intervention, but the campaign may be directed by an American general based in Turkey

As in Libya, the US will run the whole show.

Israel is anxious about what is going on next door and even warier about what might happen there in the future. Israel would not be a formal partner, but may be asked for help with intelligence and possibly logistics.
Since Israel has been involved all along, their role will be the same as it has been for more then a year now.
Intelligence, logistics, covert ops. Israel is going to come out a big winner if Syria falls.


  1. Brian has left this link

    hopefully there will be an enlish translation shortly

    An FYI for those that are interested I have updated the Magnotta/Newman post, including
    Montreal police backpedalling
    bankruptcy in 2007
    and more

  2. Lizzie Phelan
    about an hour ago
    via Basel Mohaisen

    "BREAKING: The Syrian Foreign Ministry: The ambassadors of U.S., France, U.K., Italy, Spain, Turkey and Switzerland are no longer welcome in Syria. "

    So long suckers, take your spies and their bases home.

  3. Lebanese security agencies have strong evidence that al-Qaeda has been planning to target high level political and religious figures – including the speaker of parliament – with the aim of provoking sectarian strife

  4. Excellent work on the Syria Updates Penny
    Thanks for all the effort and hard work you put in.
    Cheers and regards A13

  5. Bassma Kodmani, the head of foreign affairs for the Turkey-based Syrian National Council

    She looks a sad little puppet. I’d have thought she’d look happier, having had the hawks of Bilderberg cluck around her for the weekend, planning her new country. It’s no wonder they’ve taken Bassma under their wing. After all, she spent seven years at the Ford Foundation. She’s “one of them”.

    The Bilderberg gang jumped to the conclusion that the recent massacres in Syria were done by the Syrian government but it has been leaking out into the European press that the lady above is the dominatrix who is encouraging her followers to massacre people and then blame the government. This isn’t going all that well, the US has demanded this week that Syria surrender to this Ford Foundation CIA tool and they refuse to do this to our Bilderberg gang’s great rage.

    1. Thanks Hans
      Bassma spent 7 years at the Ford Foundation?
      That is good to know
      She is definitely one of them (NATO)

  6. Sarah Areij Abbas 6 June 04:10
    This is a very important letter written by an English lady who is married to a Syrian man. She lived in Syria for more than 40 years very peacefully. She narrates how things became after the assassination of late Lebanese minister " Rafiq Al Hariri ". She describes that it was US & Israel who murdered him in order to start a dirty war against Syria.

    ي فيها عن حقيقة الأوضاع في سوريا قبل الأزمة منذ حادثة اغتيال رفيق الحريري والتي أكدت فيها أن أميركا وإسرائيل هما من نفذ جريمة الاغتيال وكيف أصبحت الأمور الآن ...

    يرجى نشر هذه الرسالة الهامة على جميع الصفحات ليتم إيصالها إلى الجميع .. شكرا جزيلا

    Dear Sirs,
    I have lived in Syria for more than 40 years, a Christian in a Muslim family, but have never felt so threatened before. There have been many times when trouble here, or war, or differences between the Syrian and British governments have arisen, but I cannot recall any time when the actions of the country I still call home have been so embarrassingly prejudiced.
    Syria is not a very well-governed country, and most people complain of the various secret police forces and their power, but for almost everyone almost all the time, life has been secure. I have walked through a city of 5 million people late at night with no thought that it would be unsafe, and the different Muslim and Christian sects have worshipped in their own ways and places with little control. Even the synagogue, now deserted, is protected from damage, and the land abandoned by Jewish emigrants waits for them to reclaim it sometime.

  7. Penny..here is a transcription of the Nun interview in english:


  8. https://www.facebook.com/notes/brian-souter/interview-with-anna-journalist-marat-musin-on-syria/373084526073484

  9. RealSyria SYRIA / Catholic Patriarch: Christians used as human shields by the rebels


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