Saturday, June 23, 2012

Turkey's President Abdullah Gul acknowledges Turkish jet in Syrian airspace: Updated!

Well not exactly. He says' it "may" have gone into Syrian airspace.

UPDATED, check it out!

He knows it did definitely enter Syrian airspace. He knows that was, as INTENDED.
It was not a mistake. It does not happen due to the high speeds that the jets fly.
It does not happen as "routine"
All that is spin. All that is lies
Fighter pilots KNOW when and how not to enter another nation's airspace.
That is what they are trained for!

That fact that he is acknowledging the fighter plane entered Syrian airspace is enough to be sure that Turkey did in fact, blatantly enter Syrian airspace.

Report: Downed Turkish jet may have strayed into Syrian airspace

"Turkey's President Abdullah Gul acknowledged Saturday that a Turkish military jet shot down by Syrian artillery may have entered Syria's airspace, according to the semi-official Anatolia news agency.

"When you take in to account the speeds at which jet planes travel over the sea, it is routine for planes to go in and out of borders," he is quoted as saying by the news agency.

"It is something that happens without bad intentions and that happens due to the high speeds."

Recalling a similar story that happens often enough in northern Canada:

The government of Canada, the Conservatives specifically, used to leak these reports regularly for perception management reasons. Demonize Russia.

Routine air patrols by the Russians pilots who despite flying at high speeds never enter Canadian/North American airspace.
Russian flights are routine and the Conservatives are playing domestic politics at the expense of international diplomacy. 
"How are we going to work with a country we have just chastised for not even coming into our airspace?"
Or: "Canada intercepted a pair of nuclear-capable (but they carry no nukes) Russian bombers Wednesday as they approached the North American nation's airspace"

The Russian jets and pilots do not enter Canadian/North American airspace. Despite their high speeds.

Getting back to the Turkish Presidents claims- They are lies. They are spin. The flight into Syrian territory was intentional. Turkey wanted to see what the reaction would be. They tested the waters at a very dangerous time. They put their own pilots at jeopardy for provocation purposes. Turkey undertook an act of war. One among so many they have been involved in.


Turkey is backing away. For the time being. It was not insignificant that the President let this admission out.

BBC is reporting : Turkish warplane downed by Syria 'may have crossed border'

The National: Turkey: our jet may have violated Syria airspace

The claims that this was done in error are simply not credible.
When a military pilot is delivering his "pay load" he knows exactly where he is. That is his job.
Or alternatively, is Turkey  implying their air force is inept,  which is very unflattering to both the air force and how Turkey conducts the training of their pilots.

 Marie/Marty mentioned a possibility of linking this to Russia? It's possible but  if this spins in any direction it will be towards demonizing Iran. The plane went down very near Latakia.  Syria and Iran have a security agreement with regards to the Latakia facility. I have covered this somewhere on the blog previously.

Some additional reading: 

Iran agrees to fund Syrian military base

*Report: Iran to bankroll military base in Syria

* Iran to build new base in Syria

 This reconstruction was to be completed by the end of 2012

`"Under the terms of this new deal, Iran is to assist with the development of a new military compound which is to be completed by the end of the year at Latakia airport. Their objective is to open a new supply route that will enable Iran to directly transfer military equipment to Syria."


  1. Hmmm, your post makes no sense. I have been getting my truth from honest trusted oh so Canadian CBC this morning.

    From that I learn....

    1 Turkey has not admitted that its fighter jet was in Syria, and is considering retaliation.

    2 Syria has ADMITTED to shooting down a Turkish jet, as if they did something wrong.

    3 Canada is openly considering military options in Syria, this few days old story is back up on the CBC.

    The comments on those CBC stories (many by their private censorship management company, ICUC Moderation Services) make it sound like most Canadians support this crap. Vile propaganda and sheep herding.
    Look for NDP and Liberals to QUIETLY lament the suffering caused by war while they LOUDLY denounce Assad the monster.

    1. Hi anonymous:

      CBC... last time I was there every single comment I left was censored.

      I kept putting them through and none made it


      I will bet not.

      I had a post up, some time ago about Canada "considering" boots on the ground
      Certainly Canada is doing more then "considering"

    2. Anonymous: Went to CBC
      The story Turkey vows action got one comment through and it was down in about 5 minutes flat, removed.

      I got a couple of responses through also, but then started sending comments through and suddenly there were no new comments at all for over half an hour


      CBC is scummy beyond belief

  2. Hi, I must tell you about what is fact regarding Turkey and its aerial provocations as seen regularly here in the Med.

    It is very common, and indeed expected, that Turkey sends 2 to 3 fighter jets to violate Cypriot and Greek airspace, on a regular basis. It's always a sort of 'look at us' show of strength. It is done intentionally. They know very well where they are flying! They've been doing it for 30 years!!

    I don't have the reports but they are easily available online. Turkey does this, sends in the fighter jets, over the Greek islands. Greece retaliates by sending in a couple of it's fighter jets...the pilots do a sort of 'Top Gun' show againsts each other (fact) and then there is a statement from the ministry, followed by no action at all except for some finger wagging!

    God forbid that Greece would actually shoot down a fighter - and vice versa - everyone knows that would mean War - plain and simple.

    Of course, for Cyprus there is no option of doing anything other than shouting expletives in Greek and a couple of Politicians calling the Turks bad names. We have no airforce so everyone knows that Turkey has the real power over us here.

    I have noticed - I doubt anyone here has noticed yet - the map of the area and incident over Syria - which news sources such as BBC and Sky are using - is quite interesting.

    If you look at the map you can clearly see marked (on Cyprus, in white and red boxes) the British/American 'secret' air base to the North East and the 'secret' listening post on the South East, plus the two British/American bases...

    I am wondering who gave the media this particular map, clearly showing that the Turkish fighters originated from Turkish held Northern Cyprus. A disputed area, not recognised by the world. Plus the not-so-secret bases!

    It should be noted that Turkey's illegal flyovers originate from disputed territories of Cyprus, and therefore deserve to be complained about to the UN itself. Yet no one says anything about this blatant act of provocation. If war does start then this will no doubt carry on and should also be brought to the attention of the EU as well!

    aka Marty

    1. Very good points! Thank you for sharing.

      Of course these jerks will not waste any opportunities and will seek maximum benefit throughout the region. Thanks for giving us the Cyprus angle. It seems very important!

      They just push and push and push and dare anyone to stop them.

    2. Hey Marie/Marty

      So Turkey is a regular provoker, not a surprise.

      The map you mentioned I did see it yesterday.
      And thought that odd that it showed the jets leaving from Cyprus. I am going to see if I can find it and add it to the post

  3. What may be more important in the aftermath of this shoot-down is not what the intentions of the Turkish government were, but whether or not the pilots survived. The Turkish public will demand retaliation if the pilots were killed, and the Turkish government will stand by claims that the event was an accident and that Syria should have made an effort to contact or otherwise warn the pilots before opening fire.

    1. GBucello:

      Syria may have made an effort to contact or otherwise warn
      We should not assume they didn't.

      Also: considering Syria has been under continual assaults from Turkey, for one, why would they not react quickly ? (hair trigger: responding to the slightest provocation) all things considered.

      Addressing the pilots dying or not?

      Whipping the Turkish people up? It will be done.
      People can always be manipulated into supporting war.
      Simply by creating a "culture of fear"

      "Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."

  4. I think there is a strong possibility that the Russian, U.S., and Canadian jets do enter each others air space to play games with each other. My assumption is that the countries usually gloss over these (mostly harmless) games and don't tell their people the full extent of them. And I get the sense they are largely done for mutual benefit of keeping forces on edge. I've read first hand accounts of pilots that make it seem somewhat common, although I get the sense there are unwritten rules of sportsmanship.

    But this incident in Syria seems like a different situation. This was a plane specifically designed to ferret out air defense systems, from what I saw at Moon of Alabama, and it seems like the cat and mouse game the Turkish plane played was much more serious than the typical Maverick flyby (think Tom Cruise flying by a pissy Admiral yelling "helllllsss yaaaa" while he's blasting some Bon Jovi).

    But isn't this what an invasion will look like to Syria? The Wild Weasels coming in to take out air defenses?

    1. Hey WWM

      War games is something else entirely, if they are agreed to and planned for
      This is ordinary Russian patrols used for propaganda purposes
      They pilots didn't enter Canadian airspace...
      Obviously they are better pilots then the Turks?
      Facetious: The Turks were on a mission

    2. Hey, great comment, Walter.

      I'm surprised to see someone who actually knows what a Wild Weasel is!!

      I have now seen claims, however, that the aircraft that was shot down was, in fact, an RF-4E model, which is a photo-reconnaissance only variant,
      and not the F-4G Wild Weasel.

      Either way, I guess they found out rather quickly that they weren't able to jam the Russian tracking and shoot-down radars of that particular missile system, huh??

      But, I wonder if they (Turkey/NATO) really even did want to jam the missile shoot-down radar, or just let it get shot down for propaganda purposes??

      And the biggest question and observation I have is whether this aircraft that was shot down was, in fact, an actual piloted RF-4E at all??

      I'm thinking it may very well have been something else altogether - the QF-4 UNMANNED Target Drone.

      Please check out my new article, which was inspired by my friend Marie's recommendation to read this excellent blog, and by all of your comments here about this very suspicious "incident".

  5. Okay, I just caught the state news here (CYBC) talking with their correspondent in Constantinople (Istanbul) She said that there will be a televised announcement by the Turkish Foreign minister tomorrow morning (10.30am local time)

    The journalist also reported that locals are talking about a strong response from Turkey being the only way i.e. some kind of strike. She also reported that some people saw it as an act of war as the pilots have not been found. She also said she heard a 'rumor' (keep in mind this is Cyprus state broadcaster now saying this, not me) that the fighter jet was shot down from a Russian base within Syria i.e. the Russians....

    Does anyone know if there is Russian base in Syria? This is a 'rumor' that was reported on live tv don't flame for saying it.

    Things look bad I have to say.

    P.S. Currently Cyprus is engaged in military exercises around the south of the island and they usually expect some show of power from the Turkish planes over Cypriot airspace.

    aka Marty

    1. The plane was shot down just outside of Lattakia

      I don't know about any bases in that area?

      But Tartus is for all intents and purposes a Russian base.

      As for Lattakia?
      I believe Iran is more connected to that place.

      Don't quote me 100 percent on that, but, I think I had read something previously to that effect.

  6. Marie/Marty

    any chance of you finding that map? I looked?
    no luck

    and btw check out the updates everyone stopping by!

    1. Hey Penny,

      Is this the map you're looking for? Not sure if it's the same one Marie mentioned, but I think it might be.

      You have a great blog, by the way. I just discovered it the other day, thanks to a certain person over there in Cyprus! ;)

    2. Hi LVB,

      Good post. That's very interesting background on the RF-4E.

      It's very possible the plane was unmanned.

  7. Just thinking we can hope that one day all the news propaganda outfits can be tried and found guilty for crimes against humanity

    Now that is justice!

  8. Disinformation against Syria, Qatar & KSA Fund Israeli Teams

    June 23, 2012

    The Palestinian Al-Manar daily revealed Saturday that staffs funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, with more than thirty experts of different American, European and Israeli nationalities, are carrying out media planning operations inside special studios in order to exaggerate the events in Syria and mislead international public opinion.

    The daily said that an American expert in photography and media tricks arrived last week in New York after three months he spent traveling in Middle East countries between labs and studios of disinformation, which the paper described as the "media arm that works side by side with the intelligence and terrorist conspiracy apparatus against the Syrian people ".

    The paper quoted the American expert as saying that “illustrations are produced using replicas and miniatures of certain neighborhoods in the capital Damascus, which were built with the help of photographs taken by very special advanced spy satellites using computerized programs of high level of accuracy and efficiency.”

    “Seven strategic locations were built in Damascus, and more than 214 scenes on targeting those sites and taking control over them by armed opposition were filmed,” the newspaper added.

    Al-Manar daily also quoted the expert as adding that “there are 32 experts working in those studios and labs in the countries surrounding Syria, including Lebanon and Turkey.”

    “Intelligence teams determined the broadcasting hours,” he said.

    It is worthy to mention that the disinformation Syria faces by the Arab and foreign satellite channels, have already been practiced with the Libyan regime before, when official websites published photos which coincided with some Arab satellite channels publishing photographs about the fall of Tripoli. The pictures showed fabrication of demonstrations scenes coming out in the Green City, and unfolded the manipulation during images’ installation.

    1. Wow, great comment, Brian!!

      This is following exactly the same patterns of the very recent past - various nations hiring expensive PR firms to conduct their psychological warfare operations for them before, during and after military conflicts.

      For example, Hill & Knowlton representing the Kuwaiti Royal family in Desert Storm 1, Ruder-Finn representing both the Bosnian Muslim and Croatian armies in Yugoslavia, and Hill & Knowlton (again) representing the Kosovo Liberation Army terrorists.

      These are very expensive American PR firms that are very good at what they get paid to do - lie, spin, lie and lie some more. In the case of Hill & Knowlton, the head guy, Craig Fuller, was a very good friend of the current US President George H. W. Bush, at the time of the war!! So hey, no conflict of interest or blatant violations of the "Foreign Agents Registration Act"
      prohibiting paid foreign propaganda influences in the US government, eh??

      Here's a great article about the Hill & Knowlton PR (propaganda) campaign for the Kuwaiti Royal family:

      I also go into this in great detail as it relates to Yugoslavia in my article "The Biggest Lies of Our Time: Serbia vs. The New World Order", if you want to check it out.

      Thanks for the great comment, it's very encouraging to see people like you who are so completely aware of the PR tactics, disinformation and blatant psychological warfare that are running rampant in the global mass media.

  9. And there's this, from the Debkafile website:

    Although Debkafile is an Israeli site, I've watched it for several years now, and it is downright scary how often their information is dead on accurate - they have some amazingly well informed sources most of the time.

    It's a good one to keep an eye on if you want to know things that you will NEVER hear in mass media, that's for sure. Well, you might hear them six months after you read them on debka lol.

  10. Regarding Iran funding a military base on the Syrian coast - according to Telegraph & Haaretz "The agreement will open a supply a route that will allow Iran to transfer military hardware to Syria." Well all the more reason for Israel to seize the canal then! That's on top of the fact that them 'crazy moozlems' have gained the Egyptian presidency.

    1. Hey Freethinker!

      Yes, all the more reason for Israel to seize the canal

      BTW the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is claiming they are going to have closer ties with Iran...
      Building the boogie man up

      Here is me rolling my eyes to that hooey!

  11. Re the military assistance from Iran to Syria.

    The two countries have a signed Mutual Defense Agreement since 2006 so it is not surprising Iran is helping to build this facility.

    If we had a functioning press it would inquire as to what extent Iran plans on assisting Syria. Has Iran even commented on it? Previously the two countries did not say what the exact terms are but wouldn't they tell us whether the Iranian military will go to war if Syria is attacked?

    Furthermore, Iran has more of a legal right to arm the Syrian government than NATO countries and Israel have a right to arm the opposition. In fact, arming the opposition is probably illegal while Iran is legally allowed to arm Syria.

    Also notice the media isn't even bothering to cover the wars from within anymore. Didn't they used to send CNN into Baghdad or Tripoli to get the "regime's" side of the story? Or pretend to at least?

    Why is the official Syrian position being given through SANA or 3rd hand information? Like a supposed Ministry of Defense statement is then supposedly read on Syrian television and then reported in Western media stationed in London or Damascus. Why can't we hear this all from the horse's mouth?

  12. The last article linked in Penny's update has reports further meddling by Turkey:

    "Turkey has been instrumental in setting back the Iranian support.

    Ahmet Davutoglu, the Turkish foreign minister, confirmed last week that Turkey had seized a truck full of weapons traveling from Iran to Syria. The seizure, made on April 30 by Turkish officials on the border city of Kilis, was only made public this month after details were published in a German newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung.

    Turkey also managed to seize an Iranian cargo bound for Syria in March which was loaded with weapons, such as assault rifles, machine guns and mortars. The cargo, according to Turkish officials, was labeled as 'auto spare parts.' The plane carrying the cargo was allowed to pass over Turkish airspace providing they made a technical stop at Diyarbakir airport in south-east Turkey.

    According to the UN Security Council, Iran has breached their sanctions which was imposed on Iran due to Tehran’s controversial nuclear program. The sanctions expressly forbids arms exports."

    On a first analysis Turkey appears to be in the wrong here. Even assuming the Security Council Resolution is valid an not an usurpation of power, Turkey has no right to unilaterally enforce it. In other words, even if Iran is violating the sanctions and shipping weapons to Syria in violation of these sanctions, Turkey cannot seize Iranian goods going to Syria. Only the Security Council can enforce the sanctions and it has not given Turkey permission to be judge, jury, and executioner. As far as I know. .

    Plus, Turkey has no business being NATOs attack dog trying to bring Syria down. Iran and Syria have a valid legal case to go to war against Turkey.

    Iran also has every right to seize all Turkish goods going through Iran in retaliation.

    1. Turkey is the Sunni challenger to the Iran/Shiite block
      It is sectarian divide amplified regionally

      In a nutshell