Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two interviews with Eustace Mullins- relinked at Gnostic Media

Thanks go to Jan, at Gnostic Media, for relinking these two interesting interviews!!

If you missed these the first time- Don't miss them this time! 

Part 1: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:26:55 — 49.7MB)
Part 2: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:22:25 — 47.2MB)

Eustace Mullins died at noon on February 2, 2010 at the home of his manager, Jesse Lee, in Texas. This was Eustace’s last interview, (Part 2) and most extensive interview that he gave in the last year of his more than 60-year career.
How deep does the rabbit hole go, and how many rabbit holes are there?
Forgotten history rediscovered.


  1. hanks Penny, I look forward to listening to this.

  2. Hey Freethinker
    I got these downloaded so I can listen again and again

  3. It was sad to hear Eustace so obviously well past his best, but still interesting, and his friend did a good job of filling-in. I find with Mullins, though, is that he can be inclined to drop a 'bomb' without providing any substantiation. For example in one talk he says that the term NA-ZI came about as the result of a union between the Nat.Socs. and the World Zionist Party in 1923, which would be an earth shaking revelation if it were backed-up, but as far as I can determine it isn't.

    I've a Mullins audio archive (from Internet Archive??) to listen to; if its any good I'll let you know.

    I think you might find this interesting: The Green Virgin - Pachamama In case you're not familiar with it Communitarianism is the latest 'ism' for our rule - basically a blend of communism, corporate fascism, technocracy and uber-environmentalism. Nice.

    Of course while the left-hand is doing that we have to contend with the right-hand waging global war! Gotta love that old one-two.

    1. As to the idea that the term NAZI is indicative of the merging of Hitlerite and Zionist endeavors: Barbara Aho on the "Watch Unto Prayer" website stated on an audio segment that the first 2 leaders of the modern state of Israel were called, "Nasi of Israel"---Never heard that, haven't got around to trying to research it.

  4. Hey Freethinker:

    It was sort of sad, but still he held his own.

    I noticed that about dropping these bombs out of nowhere. He likely loses his train of thought.

    whoa that green virgin piece is lengthy.

    I glanced over but it is a piece that requires more attention, so I will read it>
    Or maybe print it?