Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zombie Memes: Revisiting Li/McLean & Magnotta/ Lin

What the hell is going on? Why the meme creation? Is a narrative  being created for some kind of biological warfare? Of course, I don't know. The continuous news such as this, Bangor Maine drills for Zombie Apocalypse has got my suspicions aroused. Or should I say "my spidey senses are tingling" ?

Meme creation and narrative set ups are not uncommon these days, so why not include the creation of a concept of zombie apocalypse? We witness narrative creation everyday via the main stream media. Every single war narrative has started somewhere and been built upon through so called news reports until finally the peak is hit, conditions are right, troops and weapons in place, then the shock & awe begins.

All this zombie stuff has called to mind this sad, scary and sordid news.  A few years back, 2008 to be precise, an incident took place, in Canada on a Greyhound bus.  The  attacker was allowed by law enforcement to stay at the scene and commit brutalities unrestrained on his victim, in full view of other passengers, who law enforcement had conveniently moved to just the right viewing position.

In 2008, there was no media meme on zombies. Only your typical "mad man" and such.
Now, everything is zombies and zombie attacks. Why?

I recall at the time of that attack being completely shocked by it all.
August 01/08 Greyhound bus incident-updated with RCMP Press Release

This news story is beyond bizarre, emotionless killer, silent, wearing sunglasses through the entire slaughter. Random victim, 20 yrs old, stabbed 50-60 times, beheaded, gutted and acts of cannibalism on a grey-hound bus?

An ordinary means of travel for ordinary peopl

As I followed along with the reports, discrepancies appeared. Inconsistencies became apparent

Problems with the time line. Problems with the police response. Or lack of response. The way the remaining passengers were moved to the best seats in the house. The leaking of a specific audio clip. I doubt it is available any longer. The clip was police talking of the cannibalism that was taking place on the bus as they stood and watched.  So much of what happened appeared as if done to maximize the trauma.

I won't relink every post. Just, a few of the most relevant

Tim Mcleans mom wants to know why???

 "Why didn't they do something in that three hours, rather than having my son locked in with this maniac who, there was no question, had done this? And (they) allowed him to defile my son's body in the way that he did? What was their game plan? Why did they wait for him to throw himself out a window or fall out of it?"

To: Tim Mcleans Mom and Family regarding some tough questions- This is a lengthy post. Where the time line discrepancies are picked apart.

Was increased bus security already in the planning?- Transport Canada and Homeland Security  working together on "security"

Truck Driver at the Greyhound scene said cops should have shot attacker! 

 First: Christopher Alguire told the police repeatedly to shoot the attacker, instead they stood around for 4 to 4 1/2 hours.

Secondly: He criticizes the RCMP for moving the passengers to the windshield of the bus, enabling them to witness the atrocities being committed to the young victims body, after he" shepherded" the passengers to the back of the bus
Why would the RCMP do that, unless they had intended to further traumatize the other bus riders? They had the highway closed in both directions, so there was no traffic danger.
There is no reasonable answer for this action.

Just to make this whole sordid tale more bizarre, after the McLean/Li incident, law enforcement put two other individuals onto buses with tragic results. One in BC. One in Ontario.

Three tragedies on buses, in one short span of time. Nothing since. Bus travel has been uneventful save for crashes etc. Recently it has been in the news that Vincent Li is being allowed day passes.

You know what else is odd?

Vincent Li, the perp is of Chinese descent, born in China.  Tim Mclean, victim,  young male 20is.
The perp in the latest cannibal/zombie incident is Newman/Magnotta  20ish, Canadian born.
 His victim Jun Lin is 30ish, Chinese descent, born in China.
It is as if these two incidents are the  photographic "negatives" of one another

" A negative image is a total inversion of a positive image"

Vince Li

Tim McLean

There has been comparisons made of Magnotta & Li Magnotta similar to Li?
There is a post from last month on the Magnotta crime, which also involved cannibalism.

Luka Magnotta: Starting with a US Lawyer and ending.....


Jun Lin


Strange times.


  1. Damn! Good memory Pen. I think this case occurred the same time I started hanging around here. The thing about that story was that none of it made any sense. It makes a lot more sense now though don't it?

    1. In some ways it does.
      And in other ways it is still so bizarre.
      the RCMP clearly lied about the time line and their claim of not taking out Li because they have a preservation of life policy was as hilarious then as it is now.

      There was always discrepancies surrounding exactly how or why Li was on the bus. It didn't seem clear just why he was on the bus. Where he was going?

      At the same time we have law enforcement putting other individuals on buses?
      One sees the person put on the bus, die
      The other results in another attack

      I am willing to speculate that law enforcement had put Li on the bus also.

      Once the murder started they left Li on the bus for maximum brutality, and to allow their experiment to come to it's end
      ie: Until Li was finished.
      Moving the passengers to fully view the gore fest
      maximum trauma

      The Magnotta/Newman/Lin case in another one full of oddities
      Especially the military plane bringing him back???
      The high profile Conservative affiliated lawyer from Ontario coming to Magnotta defence?

      Then the similarities between the crime including the fact that McLean was mutilated, beheaded, disemboweled etc
      So was Lin.

      And better then traumatizing a few able to view on the 'big screen' bus window
      The video in the second case, thanks to the proliferation of social media and the dumbing down and desensitization of society was available for all to see, I am sure still able to cause some trauma to some people and up the brain tolerance for brutality in others.

      IN other words if I had any doubts this was some kind of experiment with Li, the doubts are gone.

  2. hi Pen. just wanted to say that i agree it is all experimentation. the military trying out their technologies, the social engineers seeing how people respond, the fear and meme generation established and tweaked. just as with the miami cannibal, the pictures of Poppo with his face ripped off were somehow leaked, and supposedly no one knows who did that. but he seemed to be in the midst of medical care at the time so surely, it wouldn't be too hard to narrow down who would have access to be leaning over his face with a camera while he was being tended to by medical personnel. ? does that seem like such a hard thing to determine? it can't be that long a list of people who might have snapped the closeup of his maimed face. and now the pics are out there for anyone to look up easy as pie, and no accountability to the leaker. it is all part of the experiment to desensitize people and program them with this zombie meme, and as you point out, this is not the first installment. this is an ongoing thing with the predictive programming in movies, and then the "real life" scenarios tossed in there, always with breaks in between to let the stuff crockpot in the herd attention space. they merge the memes onto the information highway and next exit a new one comes on, and so forth.

    1. With a obvious camera? Well, I guess you didn't see the new meme! It's cool to have hidden cameras.

      A new eyeglass camera was demonstrated by Apple today, they parachuted it in, etc. I think they are trying to tell us its okay to spy on one another . . . and just last night, I hate to admit I was forced to watch pregnant in heels, and the rich lady picking a baby nurse out watch filming prospective nannies surreptitiously during the interview and testing their honesty. She didn't tell them and her and the announcer lady thought it was perfectly natural.

      Or, TMZ or someone paid a hospital aide to sneak a pic . . . kind of like a football player x-ray was made public.

    2. AP thanks for stopping by and your great comment

      I was unaware the pictures of that mans face had been leaked?

      Of course that had to have been intentional
      Same as in the Li case when the brief audio clip made it's way on line

      From the cops who are supposed to be on secure channels
      Which tells us the leak came from law enforcement and they wanted that specific audio leaked out

      It's all so diabolical

    3. Hey WWM:

      something else I was unaware of- Apple's eye glass camera
      That isn't a new thing though, there is someone else already doing that will less fanfare.

      Glasses and a pen, I believe