Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Absence of Manaf Tlass raises questions- Turkey & the F4

It has been almost a week. Still nothing. Lot's of speculation. Nothing concrete.
Still using the promotional rhetoric of brand Tlass. "Commander of".... Not!
"Elite Republican Guard".....Not!
Reality of course being completely opposite of NYT's spin
Italicizing spin below

Nearly one week after the commander of one of Syria's elite Republican Guard units defected, he has not been seen in public or tried to contact the opposition, raising questions about his motives and intentions, senior officials and opposition members said.

The mystery surrounding the whereabouts of the commander, Gen. Manaf Tlass, has dampened some of the enthusiasm that first greeted news of his decision to abandon President Assad (Even though the NYT's cannot support the claim of the defection, hence the article, they still spin the claim)The United States and other governments critical of Mr. Assad pointed to the general’s departure (unsupported claim)as a promising sign that the Syrian government was cracking under the pressure of an unrelenting uprising. 

It should have been an alleged departure all along. Since it was never substantiated.

At the time, the French Foreign Ministry described his defection as a “hard blow” to the Syrian government.
On Wednesday the Foreign Ministry had to concede it did not know his whereabouts.

Senior Turkish officials said they, too, were unaware of his location, or even if he was in Turkey.

There was no sign of the general on Tuesday at the imposing, gated mansion in Paris where his sister Nahed Ojjeh, the widow of a Saudi billionaire, has her offices.
Adding to the intrigue surrounding the general’s departure from Syria, Press TV, the Iranian television network, reported that Mustafa Tlass, who now lives in France, had denounced his son’s defection in an interview on Sunday with the French broadcaster France 2. 

But a spokeswoman for France 2 on Wednesday disputed that account and said that Mustafa Tlass had not appeared on any of its shows on Sunday.

Interesting- Press TV reports Mustafa Tlass denounced his son's defection in an interview with French broadcaster France 2. Spokeswoman for France 2 disputes the account and claims Mustafa Tlass "had not appeared on any of its shows on Sunday"

Did he, Mustafa, have to appear on a show to have the claim televised or reported on? Did he have to make a personal appearance which seems to be inferred when the claim is made that Mustafa had not appeared on any  France2 shows on Sunday.  That claim, rather then clarify, seems to muddy the waters.
It could have been a reported upon statement? It could have been recorded previously? It could have been a reporter ambush of the senior Tlass?

But members of the Syrian National Council, the opposition in exile, indicated that may be a premature assessment.
“I don’t know if he will join the revolution or the opposition or the private sphere,” Bassma Kodmani, a member of the council’s executive committee, said in an interview. “I hope if he joins the opposition in a decisive way, having taken the risk of defecting from the regime, that he will stand firmly on the right side against it.”
Some analysts said the circumstances surrounding the general’s departure remained unclear and questioned whether news of his defection had been exaggerated. 
Exaggeration. That would be an understatement. Much Syrian news has been exaggeration, spin, lies, fabrications etc., Not much in the way of truth. 

Sharmine Narwani, a Middle East analyst and senior associate at St. Antony’s College at Oxford University, said the attempt to describe General Tlass’s escape as a defection was “pure propaganda.”

“The regime didn’t try and keep him in Syria, so what does that tell you?” Ms. Narwani asked. “He may have left Syria, but that doesn’t mean he has gone over to the other side.” 

General Tlass may be all too happy to eschew the fractious infighting of the Syrian opposition for the rarefied world of mansions, chess games and wine-fueled diplomacy inhabited by his aristocratic Paris-based family.

 How about the daring pilot defection to Jordan. What a story. What drama.
The pilot failed to surface, anywhere. No one finds that odd?

Turkey says no traces of explosives found on downed F-4

If I'm not mistaken...this bolsters Syria's claim

Turkey said it has found no traces of explosives on the wreckage of a fighter jet
"No traces of explosives or flammable products were found on the debris recovered from the sea,"

This next part is really, really interesting. As in what the hell!?

For the first time, the army also declined to use the term "shot down by Syria" instead referring to "our plane that Syria claimed to have destroyed".

"Our plane that Syria claimed to have destroyed"?

But wait, it gets better!

"Syria thinks they opened fire and shot down the plane, Turkey thinks the plane was shot down. But now we have the third option that the plane might have just crashed trying to dodge fire," the Haberturk daily quoted security analyst Nihat Ali Ozcan as saying.


Why is Turkey singing a different tune?


  1. • Syria defection: Syria's ambassador to Iraq defected on Wednesday in protest over President Bashar Assad's violent suppression of a 16-month uprising as the UN Security Council remained deadlocked over the next steps in the crisis. "Every Syrian man has to join the revolution to remove this nightmare and this gang which has reeked corruption across Syria and destroyed the state and society over the last 40 years, and to guarantee a bright future for the coming generations." Fares, a Sunni Muslim and who had held senior positions under the late president Hafez al-Assad, is from Deir al-Zor, the eastern city on the road to Iraq which has been the scene of a ferocious military onslaught by Assad's forces.

    Haaaretz reporting...

    This may be your answer...another defection. Too many questions...maybe he joined the pilot

    1. I wonder if this speech is genuine or if he was forced to give it.

      For instance, pretend you are defecting and really believe in the cause and want to deliver this line:

      "Every Syrian man has to join the revolution to remove this nightmare and this gang which has reeked corruption across Syria and destroyed the state and society over the last 40 years, and to guarantee a bright future for the coming generations." This is a call for civil war.

      Would you have delivered it the way the ambassador delivered it? It seemed like he was simply reading this statement in a monotone voice with minimal emotion. Now granted, the other rebels often go to the opposite extreme--where they yell at the camera as they denounce the regime. But wouldn't you expect a little bit more emotion from the speech?

      Also, the timing is suspicious. Why now? If he had these views why wait? Also, the fact they had this all prepared for him is suspicious. These are obviously foreign governments running PR operations for the terrorists. This is a concerted psychological plan. Indeed, isn't this in the fricking book on how to wage war against a country?

    2. Thanks anonymous and WWM

      Being short on time, my comment wrt the speech of the Ambassador

      NaTO's spin doctors could not have written a better piece for the ambassador to recite

  2. And this...

    "Although Ambassador Fares is not a member of Assad's inner circle, he's a respected Sunni figure and such a courageous act could help sway other Sunni elites to follow in his footsteps."

  3. No apparently Turkey doesn;t know as much as the US. This as Erdogan heads to Russia next week...

    Questions continue to pile up on the downed Turkish jet, with the PM saying his government does not know all details about the incident in contrast to the US
    Russia’s destroyer-class warship Smetlivy, which patrolled waters off the coast of Syria in April and May, passes through the Bosphorus and sails to the Aegean Sea, but the Russian Navy declines to confirm its destination. A fleet of 15 Russian planes that has violated Turkish airspace three months ago over the Black Sea, says PM Erdoğan. REUTERS Photo

    Russia’s destroyer-class warship Smetlivy, which patrolled waters off the coast of Syria in April and May, passes through the Bosphorus and sails to the Aegean Sea, but the Russian Navy declines to confirm its destination. A fleet of 15 Russian planes that has violated Turkish airspace three months ago over the Black Sea, says PM Erdoğan. REUTERS Photo
    There are growing numbers of question marks surrounding last month’s downed Turkish plane as the prime minister admitted yesterday that all details from the incident were not yet known as Washington said it knew everything about the downing but was refusing to share the information with the media.

    The sense of confusion was enhanced by an Air Force general who said the plane, which was downed June 22, might have been hit by a personally operated missile from a Syrian ship rather than a surface-to-air missile. At the same time, the military also altered the way it is has been describing the event, referring to the plane as the jet that “Syria claimed to have shot down” rather than the jet that “Syria shot down.”

    “Once the wreckage of the jet is removed from the sea, [experts] will be able to determine if the aircraft was hit by a missile or an anti-aircraft weapon,” Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said during a meeting yesterday.


    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan leaves for Russia next Wednesday to discuss the developments in Syria with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his office announced Thursday. "Significant regional and international developments led by Syria are on the table to be discussed thoroughly," during Erdoğan's visit, the written statement said. The talks are a new link in the chain of effective dialogue at the highest level between Turkey and Russia, the statement added.

    And Moscow rejects UN draft

    Moscow objects to a draft resolution on Syria submitted to the UN Security Council by a number of Western nations, since it may lead to the use of force against Damascus, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said on Thursday. “We have stated repeatedly that Chapter 7 of the UN Charter is unacceptable to us,” he said, referring to a clause enabling the UN to take “urgent military measures” to enforce its decisions.

    1. "the PM saying his government does not know all details about the incident in contrast to the US"


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  5. #Syria #RealSyria #Russia - MOSCOW, (SANA) – Co-Chairman of the Russian Committee for Solidarity with the Syrian People Oleg Fomin reiterated Russia's firm stance in rejection of implementing chapter VII of the UN Charter regarding the crisis in Syria, adding that such thing will repeat the Libyan scenario and military intervention in the affairs of a sovereign country.

    In an interview with Russia Today TV Channel, Fomin said that the solution to the crisis in Syria is based on the strength and the steadfastness of the real Syrians who seek to preserve Syria as an independent and sovereign state and it depends on the opposition which should understand that only political solution and dialogue can solve the crisis which the Russian diplomacy insisted on as well as President Bashar al-Assad who has the same stance and support the mission of the UN Special Envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan.

    He indicated that the whole world admitted Russia's key role in solving the crisis in Syria as it holds meetings with the Syrian government and opposition to reach a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

    Fomin expressed support to Annan's statement in which he said that everybody talks about Russia's capabilities and role so where are the other countries which speak about solving the crisis in Syria meanwhile they spare no effort to foil reaching peaceful settlement to the crisis.

    He added that all opposition factions should take rational stances and without such stances there is no way to halt violence in Syria.

    Fomin said that President al-Assad has the support of the majority of the Syrian people who reject foreign military intervention in their affairs and aim at strengthening the sovereignty of their state.

    Fomin stressed that Iran and Syria don’t want the region to enter the state of chaos which the US tries to create serving its interests, underlining Iran's role in the region and its rejection of foreign interference in Syria's affairs that is why Iran should take part in negotiations to solve the crisis in Syria.

  6. A rather confusing but intriguing story here Tlass and the NATO, who deceived who .. Secrets of the US escalation, and the Syrian-Iranian manoeuvres..?
    Did Tlass feign a false defection to confound the 'Friends of Syria' or did he really want to defect but realise he had been set up to be a fall guy and is now stateless and in hiding? If the former why haven't the Syrians taken credit for their clever deception?

    Yes Penny, the non-appearance for the 'defecting' pilot smells very fishy.

    1. Have to read it tomorrow
      Sorry :(

  7. The complicated web weaved...

    Here is a link to something bit off topic but worth considering in the context of the US buildup around Iran, the Israeli moves on Gaza and the recent calls for an inquiry into the Arafat alleged poisoning? Whats is driving what? Is the escalation notably by the US and France a coincidence? Both are knee deep in Syria (the defection..?)and now Arafat issues (wife lived in Paris), not to mention the Libya loose ends (Sarkozy campaign funding inquiry aligns with Gaddafi allegations).

    If you go back and read what for controversial Israeli Intel operative Ostrovsky claims about the Mossad internal resistance to the peace process and then cycle back to the recent allegations about Arafat (and the US and French resistance to an inquiry)....

    What then to make of the Russian poisoning which was quickly pinned on Putin/Russia. [Link:]

    Litvinenko is linked to Berezovsky, who incidentally is rumored to be a funder of the the anti Putin opposition post fallout. Russia just repo'd some of his assets in France and the media battle continues. (here:

    Note in the Wiki leak the theories about the Lit kill, namely one theory linked to embarrassing Putin (apartment block theories notwithstanding). Fast forward to the anti putin alliance being backed by US Ambassador to Russia for which Land Destroyer blog has been all over. Here: . Also the twitter brewhaha here:

    Here is Berezovsky talking about Putin a few months ago
    “I focused my efforts on helping the West to get an answer to the question "Who is Mister Putin". In 2,000, when I gave my first lectures in London, public opinion at the auditorium was uniform: ‘You are a thief, an oligarch. Putin is a wonderful democrat ridding the country of corrupt persons like you," he said. “This is not the first autocratic regime in the history of mankind, and dictators have always met their end in the same way,” he predicted. “Either they end up like Augusto Pinochet, or they are hanged. I am certain that this will happen in the case of Putin’s regime, because it is already clear that he has chosen to violently hold on to power. He had raped the people by ignoring the constitution, and thus the people have the right to respond violently." Berezovsky says he thinks Putin is "lost." "He has lost all contact with reality," he says. "Why is he supporting Assad’s regime in Syria, for example? It think that watching Gadhafi’s end on television scared him. I believe that it occupies his dreams."


    1. Thanks anon
      I will have to read all of that later

      Re: Litvenenko

      I didn't hold the opinion that Russia had killed him.

  8. cont'd

    Incidentally, here is an interesting bit on the Russia, Berezovsky, US, Africom nexus.

    Russia's Foreign Ministry warned Nigeria on Thursday of potential damage to bilateral relations and urged action against a court decision that stripped the world's largest aluminium producer, Russia's Rusal, of its core African asset. Nigeria's supreme court ordered last week that Rusal, which owns 85 percent of the formerly state-run Aluminium Smelter Company of Nigeria (ALSCON), should cede its ownership, because the assets should have gone to another bidder, U.S. based BFI Group, when ALSCON was privatised five years ago.

    Other links:

    Controversial report on Israel declaring settlements legal

    Gaza escalation

    Israel deploying Iron Dome to Egypt border

    Arafat wife wants body examined

    1. That last link is interesting.

      Further confirmation of Penny's concern that Israel may use the fog of war to take the Sinai?

      Haven't there been strict rules about either side bringing weapons into these zones so close to the border? Isn't Israel breaking its agreements by deploying these weapons?

      Notice the article doesn't mention any treaty obligations Israel has but is concerned about Egypt. Uh, isn't this a violation?

    2. Not the last link . . . . meant the haaretz link on Israel deploying Iron Dome to Egypt border.

    3. And freethinker's link nicely sums up the possible broader agenda and how these events are related:

      "With the Al Jazeera-enabled “Arab Spring” already having provided the alleged jihadist threat as a justification, Tel Aviv has been loudly preparing public opinion for “preemptive” military action across its borders with Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. An uprising in the Occupied Territories is all that’s required to provide the pretext to resolve its internal “demographic threat” once and for all. Notwithstanding its much-touted “fears” of global jihadism on its doorstep, the seemingly besieged Jewish state may be closer to realizing its dreams of a Greater Israel than ever."

      Makes sense to me. Seems to be happening before our eyes. Events are getting bigger and bigger, borders are being crossed, treaties are being ignored, war is being threatened, etc. etc.

  9. WWM: yes there are rules governing what weapons can be brought to the Israeli/Egyptian border

    So I must read anon's link!

    freethinker: Re Arafat? Why now???

    1. And Israel has now crossed into Lebanon according to PressTV.

    2. Why now?
      Because Israel wants to get the ME war rolling and that requires Iran being attacked before winter. An intifada would facilitate that, especially if coupled with a false-flag spectacular.

      Many say that there won't be a war before the US elections as it would affect Obama's chances of a second term, but I doubt that Israel cares about the elections. If Obama won't do their bidding he'll be sacrificed, one way or another. Romney has been anointed by the Bilderburgers; Obama is replaceable, like a disposable glove (puppet).

  10. ...
    A conclusive finding that Arafat was poisoned with polonium would not, of course, explain who killed him. It is a difficult element to produce, though – it requires a nuclear reactor – and the signature of the polonium in Arafat’s bones could provide some insight about its origin.

    the signature of the polonium in Arafat’s bones could provide some insight about its origin.


    Jpost places Iran and Russia at the scene. also says may have been planted

    n an interview with Yaakov Lappin published in The Jerusalem Post on July 5, 2012, I asserted that considering polonium 210’s 138-day halflife, the abnormally high levels of polonium discovered by specialists at the Institut de Radiophysique in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Yasser Arafat’s belongings eight years after his death could mean the polonium was planted much later.

    Politically, the Al Jazeera investigation, on the background of the uprisings in the Arab world, which have not yet seriously impacted on the PA, seems to be an attempt to accuse and delegitimize not only Israel, but perhaps much more so Mahmoud Abbas and the PA leadership. They have found in Suha Arafat a willing partner in this endeavor as she is accused, among many others by Palestinian journalist Khalid Amaryeh, of “inheriting” hundreds of millions of dollars “registered under her deceased husband’s name in several European banks,” money which belonged to the Palestine Liberation Organization.

    In view of this Abbas calling out, another Al Jazeera article from back in 2012 on US-Hamas

    Back in Jul 2011 US opened chennle to Egypt Brotherhood...

  12. Good calculation here in comments about those disputing the amounts and trace short possible

  13. I like this blog. ***** :-)

    Couple of links on the latest atrocity

  14. Syria massacre dead mostly rebels(aka terrorists), activists say
    July 13, 2012

    Most of the people killed in the Treimsa violence in central Syria were rebel fighters, an activist said on Friday, adding the bloodbath followed a Free Syrian Army attack on an army convoy.

    "At this stage, though we do not yet have the final count, the number of civilians killed by shelling is not more than seven," Jaafar, an activist at the anti-regime Sham News Network, told AFP. "The rest were members of the [rebel] Free Syrian Army."

    "An army convoy was on its way to the region of Hama when it was attacked by the FSA," he said. "The army staged a counter-attack with the support of [pro-regime] reinforcements from [nearby] Alawite villages. The FSA resisted for an hour before it was defeated."

    Separately, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that "dozens of rebel fighters" were among those killed.

    "Several dozen rebel fighters were among those killed," said the Observatory, adding that only around 40 of the more than 150 dead had been identified.

    Thirty corpses were burned and 18 were "summarily executed," said the Britain-based group.

  15. Cluster bombs now alleged...
    Syria using cluster bobs alleged: Human Right Watch on Thursday said Syrian regime forces appear to be using Soviet-made cluster bombs against rebel hideouts in a mountainous region of Hama province.

    And Saudi al arabya press saying the "defector" now in talks with opposition...must be reading this blog
    Syria “defection”: Syrian general Manaf Tlas, a former friend and ally of President Bashar al-Assad who fled Damascus last week, is in contact with Syrian opposition rebels, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Thursday. A general in the elite Republican Guard charged with protecting the regime (actually he had long since fallen out with the regime and wasn’t commanding anything), he is the son of former defense minister Mustafa Tlas, a close friend of Assad’s late father and predecessor, Hafez.

    and just for good measure...
    Egyptian journalist Adel al-Gogary, Editor-in-Chief of al-Anwar newspaper and chairman of the Arab Center for Printing and Publishing, died on Wednesday on air while being hosted by the Iraqi al-Hadath TV, according to the UAE’s al-Bayan daily. Gogary was defending the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad within a program entitled Neqat Sakhena (Hot Spots). During his argument with another anti-Assad studio guest, he was exposed to a stroke

    1. cluster bombs...the same meme was used against Gadaffi...when the bombs turned out to be american

    2. Ahh yes, those nasty cluster bombs with their very high "dud rates", leaving multiple bomblets (which look a little bit like toys) laying around for little children to pick up and blow their little hands and feet off.

      They are forbidden for use anywhere near civilian areas, due to the fact that they are not designed to be accurate and simply spread hundreds of the little mini-bomblets over a wide area - including land mines that burrow underneath the soil.

      NATO dropped several hundred of these cluster bomb cannisters, like the CBU-87, all over Serbia and Kosovo, without any regard for whether civilian areas were nearby. And the globalist mass media and its many idiot celebrity cheerleaders like their official prostiture, Angelina Jolie, have not ever spoken one word of concern about these atrocities. Not even one. Imagine that, from a "UN Goodwill Ambassador", who "Cares SO MUCH about human rights". Yeah, sure.

      And this is not to mention the much more hideous, devstating and invisible long-term effects of NATO's massive use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions all around the countryside of the former Yuogoslavia - in the soil, air and the magnificent Danuv (Danube) River, which btw is the source of water for many countries in the entire Balkan region - even NATO countries like Hungary, etc. Oh well, too bad for them, right??

      My article "The Biggest Lies of Our Time: Serbia vs. The New World Order" covers all this in great detail, if you are interested in some further knowledge, and serious brain damage. :)

      And I'm very sorry to say that with the number of tanks, artillery pieces and armoured vehicles that Syria has, we can expect an equally large number of depleted uranium (DU) munitions to be used there if (and more likely WHEN) NATO attacks come - being that armoured vehicles are the primary targets for DU munitions - in that the uranium tips of the weapons (the penetrator) becomes so hot on impact that it melts through any armour, bounces around inside and incinerates everything inside the tank at unimaginable temperatures.

      Nothing can survive that. And, of course, outside in the surrounding area, there is now plenty of airborne radioactive dust and debris spewed forth, so that it contaminates anyone in proximity, breathing or coming into contact with it for quite some time.

      Thanks for all this, NATO - I'm quite sure all the innocent civilians who have to live there for their rest of their (perhaps short) lives really appreciate all of this "merciful liberation" and spreading toxic waste that you're so kindly doing to "save them".

  16. Bit off topic but a few ambbassador resignation in key states - Kenya and Poland (two new US axis)

    The U.S. Ambassador to Poland, Lee Feinstein, has announced that he will be ending his service. In a sudden announcement on Thursday, the American Embassy in Warsaw said Feinstein would be retiring from his position and that Steven D. Mull, who already served in that role from 1993 to 1997 and was part of the negotiations team for adding Poland to NATO, will replace him. The White House and Secretary of State in Washington did not send any formal explanation as to the reason behind the sudden change, but in diplomatic circles in Warsaw rumors have developed that a falling out between Feinstein and Poland's Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski could be to blame. According to unofficial sources, the two had a falling out after the American ambassador became too involved in compensating heirs of Jewish assets following the Holocaust.

    Also here is the link on the Air force vet leaving Kenya for undisclosed difference

    The U.S. ambassador to Kenya, J. Scott Gration, a close adviser and friend of President Obama, announced his resignation Friday, weeks before the scheduled release of a U.S. government audit highly critical of his leadership at the embassy.Gration did not provide specific reasons for moving on from what he described as “his dream job.” But in an e-mailed statement, he said that “differences with Washington regarding my leadership style and certain priorities lead me to believe that it’s now time to leave.”

    All part of the growing repositioning...

    Kenya beginning deepwater drilling article earlier this week...

  17. One more tangential NATO link....Remeber that article about Mladic last wek on the defection (source notwithstanding). Cleanup?

    Serbia, Mladic: Ratko Mladic's genocide trial was halted on Friday for the second day running because the former Bosnian Serb military commander was still undergoing medical tests. Lukic's concerns raise the specter of the trial of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, which had to be aborted without a verdict when he died in his cell of a heart attack in 2006.

  18. the signature of the polonium in Arafat’s bones could provide some insight about its origin.

    No brainier this, let's blame it on Iran.

  19. These videos eg. are evidence of nothing.

    Much remains unclear about Thursday’s killings in Tremsa, a farming village some 15 kilometers (9 miles) northwest of the central city of Hama. Another group, the Local Coordination Committees, said Friday the dead numbered more than 200. It gave no information on how it arrived at that number. (Al Arabiya, July 13
    BBC's radio propaganda channel coverage as expected, uncritical, forum for "activists" and very clear in whom to blame, as expected. (Tremseh , Treimsa Tremsa) BBC Psy-op coverage here note the line by Bridget Kendall (ex Moscow, Diplomatic correspondent...mmmm) - "Syria might be moving its chemical weapons..." [US Intelligence report], just in case the unverified massacre wasn't enough to influence the UN.

    1. William Hague ""sounded credible" !! Oh, and about that "high level defection....": Nothing.

      Re Manaf Tlass, notice that Syria expert from San Antonio, David W Lesch, in his piece The Golden Runaway (July 12 , Foreign Policy) still uses the term apparent defection and adds "..though his current location remains a mystery.." Even to the well connected expert! Says it all really.

    2. Yes Felix, "apparent" defection. That's a damning word he used.

      He's slipping that in to cover for himself when the truth is later revealed. Hardly anyone is going to notice it now and focus on the rest of his article, but he will point to that in a year or whenever to prove he had doubts.

      Then he drops the "apparent defection" part and assumes it was a real defection and then provides personal anecdotes to buttress the propaganda. And he uses his claimed acquaintance with Tlass to buttress his credibility.


    A Turkish military investigation showed that Syria did not shoot down a Turkish jet by anti- aircraft weapon, said a statement released by the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces on Friday. The statement, which added further confusion to the jet crash controversy, refuted the claims of Syrian officials, saying the investigation revealed that the jet was not downed by anti- aircraft fire, and the cause of the incident will be unveiled once all the debris from the jet are collected from the seabed.

  21. Hamas leader: Egypt will protect Gaza from Israeli attack
    Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh says he is confident that Egypt's new president, Mohamed Mursi, will fully open Egypt's borders with Gaza.

  22. Hi Penny,
    Thanks for the heads up re Manufactured Realities,

    Came across this today. Gives bio on the Syria "Opposition" media speakers, interesting background info fills in a few gaps about the what and why, for me anyway,

    and something to brighten your day



    PS I do read more than ICH, lol. K

  23. syria: the true story:

    'What are the forces at play in the world today? A question that remains unanswered by those entrusted to communicate to us, the truth.

    Yet we ourselves fall short from attaining it, not for lack of access, but because of an unbroken fear that has obscured our vision.

    This documentary is the true story behind Syria.'

  24. Now the BBC is backtracking on its initial incendiary reporting. It now says:

    Up to 200 people are reported to have died in an army attack on the village, which would make it the bloodiest single event in the Syrian conflict.

    However, reports suggest that a large number of the casualties were rebel fighters.

    The Syrian army admitted killing a "big number of terrorists" but no civilians.

    Posted by: FB Ali | Jul 13, 2012 8:57:06 PM | 51


    SYRIA-WHAT HAPPENED IN TREMSEH?…As Alex MARQUARDT reports from the Syrian border, the morning hasn’t offered much more clarity on what happened yesterday in Tremseh. We know that many people (maybe not 200) were killed. Graphic pictures have surfaced showing young men killed – nothing matching the scale described by opposition activists, who say more than 200 were killed. Some opposition groups say the victims are villagers; another opposition website says they are extremist gunmen who were fighting against the military. And Nasser ATTA reports a local doctor claiming the dead were extremist fighters – “Al Qaeda types.”

  26. Hi Penny
    Here is a piece that helps explain the WHY of the Syria issue good analysis complete with maps. The Piece is called:
    Russia Hints at Intervention in Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict - July, 2012.

    and its location



  27. notice the Guardian (vomit) headline : Syria used helicopters and tanks in Tremseh 'massacre', confirms UN

    It is actually a lie, because the sub-heading is UN Monitors confirm use of heavy weaponry.(unqualified). The only qualified comment regarding helicopters comes from an alleged "activist", i.e perp.."A big number of the young men were killed in the field when they were trying to escape the army attack," he said. "Helicopters targeted them by heavy machine guns while they were driving their motorcycles – while they were fleeing the village.
    So what did Mood see? Probably nothing.

    Oh, bang on cue, A senior British intelligence questioned about claims in the US that several streams of signal intelligence detailing the transfer of a chemcial agent said he believed the account to be a "pretty accurate description" of what the UK believes is going on. i.e. an "activist" is entirely credible to to the UK Govt.

    And the spooky Guardian reports further that The Israelis fear that al-Qaida [aka the CIA] or other extremist groups could get hold of chemical weapons; - ludicrous.

    The new buzz word to describe disinfomation and psy-ops is CREDIBLE. Incredible (lies).

  28. NOTE the following google translation,i guess, shows us a jihadi who admits he had been lied to about events in syria:
    'hen we went to Syria to Pena call of jihad and we believe that the Syrian army rapes women and kills children, but what we have seen is quite different from the news that we received, and the Islamic religion prohibits us from killing Muslims,'

    A terrorist goes back home to Libya........... I entered Syria two months ago for jihad against the regime of Bashar al-Assad to the brothers in Djij Walker, through Turkey and when I arrived discernible my passport officer Turkish Log me some honest people into Syria (infiltration) and I met many of the groups that are fighting all faith in victory, and worked within the sectors bombing and training and equipping of improvised explosive devices that were planted to kill al-Assad. " The firm "was our headquarters city of Homs, having intensified the fighting there and I moved some groups to the city of Hama, to work alongside a battalion Ammar Ibn Yasser, and was surprised by what I saw there where the battalion was of all congeners of Arab, African, and created the largest victories, but what made me leave the battlefield is a way of thinking that began working with sparkling there, when falling carcass in our ranks, burn or sold also its members by nationality, if the fighters Africans who burned the body of Alaftysh , and when asked why he told me Abu Hamza, a military commander of the city of Hama, the reserve so as not to take advantage of the system and there are different nationalities and say we are fighting fighters is Syrian. " completed "the beginning it did not comment because I know that Alaftaas buried in Paradise, but when Afts us Aba Mohammed, a Kuwaiti citizen they did not burn his body, but they put in place an enhanced contact after his or her relatives and ask for the amount of money and say to his family that forces the system caught body of their son and demanding ransom money, and that's what made me objected very strongly to this approach and style, and when he was Aafts one of the Mujahideen Alsorran are buried without burning, the piece left Syrian territory to Turkey and from there I received my passport from the Division of Relations of the Mujahideen of Syria, I and some brothers from Libya and nationalities of the other Arab, and I call on all the Mujahideen in Libya and the Arab states, not to enter into Syria, because what is going on is not a spree popularity when we went to Syria to Pena call of jihad and we believe that the Syrian army rapes women and kills children, but what we have seen is quite different from the news that we received, and the Islamic religion prohibits us from killing Muslims, and runs boom armed they are, in my view just gangs have asked me several times bombing hospital civil, and I refused to do so after prayed istikhaarah God Almighty and we discovered later that she was with children and people living with the cancer is hospital care in patients with cancer of the children, I thank God for the blessing of returning to the territory of Libya and invite him to return Syria to the security and safety and return of majority and religion and the mind to these groups. " "The image of the Libyan fighters in Syria"

  29. felix,

    I like your comments and you are on the right track, but perhaps not taking "them" quite literally enough - you see, when they say it is "credible to believe that extremist groups could get ahold of chemical weapons", this could likely be absolutely TRUE.

    The key is in understanding WHERE these "extremist groups" (who are trained, financed and armed by the CIA, MI-6, Mossad and others) would be getting these chemical and nerve agent weapons FROM - and I think you already know the answer, right? :)

    It is, indeed, VERY credible...just in the opposite way that they are implying - for it is THEY who would be providing them and giving the orders on when, where and how to deploy them.

    Simple folks could make a very deadly "chemical weapon" with a few jugs of windex and laundry bleach, but the binary chemical weapons and nerve agents that CIA and others would be supplying to these terrorists (aka "useful pawns") are much more serious than that. Probably something like VX and Tabun, which were made quite easily in large quantities in several ME nations, and it would therefore "appear credible" to blame it on whoever they choose - be it al-Qaeda, or the villian of the week, the Syrian "regime". Notice they always use "regime" to add a very nasty and negative connotation, versus just saying "government".

    Is the current Obama admin, with its constant and blatant violations of the US Consitution and multiple laws, not the very definition of a lawless and unaccountable "Regime", hell bent on becoming a third-world dictatorship as soon as possible?? But I digress...

    The weapons and the horrific deaths of innocents that they cause will be quite real, but the TRUTH will only be found in knowing where and from WHOM the useful pawns got them from in the first place - along with the officially blessed and sanctioned orders to use them. That is always the hardest part - being that "they" are experts at the art of deception, multiple layers of cover stories, patsies and "plausible deniability".

    The mass media is a huge help to them in this regard, being that anyone (like us) who meanders anywhere near the truth can quickly be shut down or painted as a lunatic "conspiracy theorist" - regardless of how much research and incriminating evidence exists to the contrary.

    In fact, you're much safer if you are just some "crazy conspiracy theorist" making wild claims, because if you DO find yourself in the position of having actual evidence...I don't think I need to tell you how much danger you and your loved ones would be in.

    It's a terrible state of affairs we live in, this tyranny over our ability to speak (or even think) freely, without some very justifiable concerns about what it could mean if any of us get too close to "the truth".

    Anyway, this is a really long way of saying that I appreciate your comments and support your efforts. Keep up the good work. :)

  30. here is original arabic:

  31. how to overthrow a 'regime'
    1. Identify some minority and/or opposition group and "help" it (in the name of democracy and human right, of course) by providing it with money and visibility
    2. Try to foment some civil unrest and/or violent incidents
    3. Encourage and assist the minority and/or opposition group to denounce any governmental reaction to the unrests/incidents
    4. Spread rumors about all sorts of atrocities already committed or soon to be committed
    5. Back up these rumors by making sure that atrocities are actually committed against the minority/opposition, against the regime and against civilians, bystanders and random people
    6. Initiate phase one of a strategic psyop campaign in the corporate media which will present a simple narrative explaining that the minority/opposition are "innocent victims who only want freedom, democracy and human rights" while the "hated regime" in power is "bloody" and "dictatorial"
    7. Begin sending special agents tasked with unifying the various minority/opposition groups and take control, via typically via exiles, of the top echelons of the opposition
    8. Initiate phase two of the strategic pysop campaign in the corporate media which will present the unified opposition as the "sole legitimate representative" of "the people"
    9. Demand negotiations between the "sole legitimate representative" of "the people" and the regime and create some "troika", "quartet" or "action group" composed of vassal states to participate in the "negotiations"
    10. Declare that the regime has lost all "credibility or "confidence" and therefore reject any and all offers of negotiations or cease-fires proposed by the regime as "not credible"
    11. Create one or more false flag atrocities against the minority/opposition
    12. Initiate phase three of the strategic psyop campaign in the corporate media and flood the public with outraged statements about "crimes against humanity" and even "genocide"
    13. Demand an arms embargo on all the parties to the conflict and immediately initiate a large scale deliveries of weapons and "foreign fighters"
    14. Seize the assets of the regime and its officials and use it to covertly finance the insurgency
    15. Respond to any military success by the regime by demanding the "protection" of civilians, preferably under Chapter VII of the UN Charter
    16a.If a Chapter VII UNSC Resolution is adopted, make sure that NATO countries provide the bulk of the military forces engaged
    16b.If a Chapter VII UNSC Resolution is not adopted, vehemently denounce the UNSC members which vetoed it, and create a "coalition of the willing" justified under the "Duty to Intervene" (“le devoir d'ingérence" in French) theory
    17. Send special operation forces, including forward air controllers, to coordinate the insurgency and the upcoming air campaign
    18. Apply the Combined Joint Task Force doctrine to send enough troops (and mercenaries) to secure key facilities and objectives in the country
    19. Hunt down ex-regime officials and send them to the Hague
    20. Declare victory, built a few military bases and let the corporations take over the resources of the country

  32. That's a pretty nice summary and recipe for global tyranny you have laid out for us here, Brian - good job.

    I think you forgot, or at least could have elaborated more on number 9 - by listing the process of putting together all of these half-baked "blue ribbon panels of experts" (who are of course always selected by and for The Empire), for these always mandatory "ACCORDS" - which are nothing more than ULTIMATUMS from the Empire, that are required to be run by at least one or more has-been ex-US sec's of state (or whatever office, those that are conveniently UNELECTED by the people btw), who are no longer the least bit relevant - and who were complete idiots the entire time that they actually held any official title anyway.

    A few prime examples being the "Dayton Accords", and worse yet the completely insane "Ramboulliet Accords", which NATO actually dared to call "agreements" with a straight face...a hideously ugly face, that is, being that it was Madeleine Albright. (gag!)

    Hey, sure NATO, you can just have UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to ALL of Yugoslavia at any time, anywhere and do ANYTHING you want and we can't do anything about it - but that's not SURRENDERING THE SOVERIGNTY OF OUR NATION TO A FOREIGN POWER OF OCCUPATION, or anything like that - is it??? Ok then, sure let's sign it!!!

    These people are nothing more than F-ing sociopathic monsters in really nice, expensive suits (paid for by US, of course) - have I mentioned that before??? LOL

    These are Globalist Organized Crime Gangs - the most ruthless and vicious criminals on the face of the entire planet, and since they run the joke that is "the Hague", I doubt we'll ever see any of them, like Soros, on trial for their crimes against humanity.

    Great comment you made, though, it truly is. This "coalition of the willing" is also the ultimate in Orwellian doublespeak, in that it takes only a tiny bit of research (and common sense) to know that this is never what it claims to be - and most often it is much more of a "coalition of the brutally coerced, bribed, blackmailed and scared shitless".

    And...s'il vous plaît pardonnez mon français :)

  33. @LVB Thanks. My reference point was the similar scare about Chemical weapons in Libya.
    Feb 28 2011 (note the date) CHannel 4: Libya: could Gaddafi use chemical weapons?. Ditto the Telegraph the next day.

    Sept 28 2011 Libyan rebels discover Gaddafi's chemical weapons -allegedly.(when all is lost bar Sirte) Not used, of course and 700km south of Tripoli. Allegedly.

    The Tremseh massacre is under the spotlight here:

  34. Peenny go to thenakedfacts..super urgent!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Raytheon testing 2 foot long laser guided mini-bombs for use with small "Shadow" drones -

  36. Hey all!!!

    Look at all the reading for me to do!!!
    And I will. I will. Just busy with company at this time.
    Life? Whadda ya gonna do?!

    LVB: Well I never! Hm!
    KamNam: I actually have that blog bookmarked!
    Felix: do you get the impression the spin is working in another direction with this latest massacre? Just the bit of reading I did? The UN is saying it is rebels, therefore, of course Assad did it.
    As if the other massacre which was done by the rebels.. despite the best spin, didn't work out, so the spin has to go the other way.

    This area of Syria was where the first "protest" broke out. And it wasn't peaceful.

    What is really interesting about that are is Jordan has been sending back the Palestinians that have crossed the border into Jordan.

    FYI: Syria has taken in many Palestinian refugees and they have been fleeing.
    If they are fleeing, they would be fleeing from the armed rebels, there has been no reason for them to flee from Syria previously

    Jordan has had lots of "help" from Americans etc, in that area

    What if some of the mercs and others took out some of the rebels?

    It's just a thought
    Or someone killed some Palestinians?
    However this massacre is being spun, we know for sure, it is not true.

  37. NYS: i stopped by and saw the video.
    Don't know what to make of it??

  38. Oh and is it me?
    Or do you all notice everytime there is either a UN meeting or a "friends" meeting
    There is a "massacre" or a "defection"
    Every time!

  39. 45 officers of Tlass family defect from regime – Businessman Firas Tlass 14/07/2012 By Mohamed Nassar in Dubai. (arabic version 13 July) Asharq Al-Awsat is based in London.

    Speaking exclusively to Asharq Al-Awsat during a telephone interview from Paris, Syrian business tycoon Firas Tlass strongly denied reports that the al-Farouq Brigade commander [Abdul Razzaq Tlass] had been killed. He also revealed that he is personally providing humanitarian relief and assistance to the brigade, but stressed that he is not arming the FSA. The Syrian businessman also refused to discuss his younger brother’s defection from the al-Assad regime, saying that he is waiting for the dust to settle following this shocking news....“I have been in contact with Abdul Razzaq over the past 6 weeks” adding “I love him, for he is my cousin.”
    He nominated his cousin Abdul Razzaq Tlass of the FSA as a figure who can represent the Syrian revolution. [aged 25]

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