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The Alleged Defection of Manaf Tlas(s)


I see a comment from Lysander  in the previous post
Any info on the supposed defection of Manaf Tlas?

Lysander, "Strawberry fields, where nothing is real"

Quoting from the BBC

Brig Gen Manaf Tlas fled Syria via Turkey.
His father, former Defence Minister Mustafa Tlas, is reportedly living in France. Paris, France to be exact
If Manaf Tlas' permanent departure from Syria is confirmed....

In March of 2012 there were reports of a major defection, speculative of course.
The defector was Brigadier General Mustafa Manaf Tlas. The opposition confirmed he was in France but denied his defection
Brigadier General Mustafa Manaf Tlass

A source close to the Syrian community in exile told AFP: "Tlass and his son Firas arrived in Paris yesterday (Sunday). I don't think this is a defection. He will be here awhile, but it is with the regime's authorisation."

A profile here which includes the picture of the alleged defector claims-

"He was reportedly under a form of home arrest since May 2011, following his meeting with the opposition to try"

"Reportedly". Who is reporting that?

                             Alleged undated file photo

 According to this article from the Economist dated May 2011 -The killing goes on, as presidential emissaries put out feelers for dialogue
" Others close to the president, such as Manaf Tlass, a son of Hafez Assad’s long-serving defence minister, Mustafa Tlass, had previously held talks with the opposition—to no avail"

 So he did hold talks, with the opposition of behalf of the President, that went nowhere.

When Manafs' father went to France, he went with his wife and one son Firas.
At that time his other son, the alleged defector, Manaf was still in Damascus.

"Tlass arrived in France from Syria with his wife and his businessman son Firas, the Paris-based opponents said. His other son Manaf, an officer in the Syrian regime's military, is believed still to be in Damascus.

 Manaf a high ranking officer in the Syrian Army

 Bashar al-Assad , now president, arriving with Manaf Tlass in Kuwait City. 1999

One of the first things that came to mind, when the father left for Paris, France with his wife and son Firas was that the elderly man was ill. He had gone for some kind of treatment. Some kind of "last ditch effort",  that only a person who had money and means could afford. Which is why the opposition played it coy.
Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't a defection but eventually verified it was not.

Finally after an hour and a half of searching, I found my nugget of truth. Like a single grain of sand on the beach.  A needle in the haystack. I know, dramatics!
Here it is-

"Manaf Tlass joins his father, who left Syria several months ago for France ostensibly to seek medical treatment, and his brother, Firas, a businessman, who also left Syria and reportedly travels between the United Arab Emirates and France"

Having read multiple articles, I notice, Manaf is keeping a very low profile but many others are talking up a storm.

"Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius of France told the meeting that a “senior official” and commander of the Republican Guard had “defected and is on his way to Paris.” Ministry officials confirmed that Mr. Fabius was referring to General Tlass but did not say whether the Syrian general would join the talks."

Let's look at a couple of different possibilities, shall we?

Both scenarios presuppose the imminent death of the father of Manaf Tlass, Mustafa Tlass.

Manaf Tlass, went to Paris to visit with his dying father and the NATO media is making hay of it.
Manaf Tlass, was presented with a choice. If you wish to go to Paris, this is the price you pay.

Oh and one last item before we conclude this post.

The media is pointing out that Manaf Tlass is on his way to Paris and suggestively connecting the "Friends of Syria" meeting as the reason for the travel- BUT- there is no confirmation the Manaf Tlass will be attending the "Friends of Syria" meeting.  It would make sense that if Manaf was going to be in attendance at the FoS meeting, this would be reported on, everywhere!! There is suggestion, but no confirmation.

Did I say "one more thing" already? I lied. One last item, for sure, promise. Josh Landis,  has produced an email! Yes, he has! I think most of the readers here are totally aware of who Josh Landis is.
As reported by  the Guardian.  And we know how reliable that place is? Who can forget all the Assad emails released by the Guardian and claimed as "authentic" ?? So, it is with a role of my eyes, I read the news of another carefully timed and crafted email in Arabic and English- Good thing for the English. I would expect Arabic & perhaps French as the second most common language of Syria. Given the colonial history and all. But I am digressing, so let's get back to the Josh Landis email!

"Landis goes on to reproduce an email statement circulated in Arabic and English in the name of Manaf Tlass, which calls for mass defections. The Guardian received the same email but, although it appears authentic, we have not as yet been able to verify it."

Josh Landis and the Guardian both received the email? Should that say something to us?

 Lysander, does this clarify? Or make matters worse?

Hilary at the "Friends" meeting?
What the heck is this? Quite shrill, really. Is this a threat? Antagonizing?  Desperation?
NATO vs Russia and China? Interesting language she is using.

"'I don't think Russia and China believe they are paying any price at all … for standing up on behalf of the Assad regime.

''The only way that will change is if every nation represented here directly and urgently makes it clear that Russia and China will pay a price. Because they are holding up progress, blockading it.''

Also:  "Mr Annan, the UN envoy to Syria who conspicuously stayed at his Geneva headquarters and sent two deputies to Paris"


  1. Penny, Thanks a lot. I didn't mean to put you through so much work to answer a question :-) But very well done.

    1. Hey Lysander

      It took a bit of digging, understating, of course,
      But, what do you think, clearer or more murky?

    2. Well it puts things in perspective for sure. We will know in the next few days whether or not he defected for real. If he makes no public statement in the next few days it would be suspicious. After one or two days, one can assume he is being debriefed by intelligence services.

      The problem is, if he isn't actually defecting, what would stop France from arresting him for "war crimes?" And if they play up his defection on all the MSM, while next week he is back in Damascus, it would be too embarrassing for them. That is why I'm withholding judgment for now.

      Certainly, the MSM narrative about Tlass is more murky and less clear cut than before.

      P.S. Has the Syrian government issued a statement?

    3. Lysander: P.S. Has the Syrian government issued a statement?

      I have been checking SANA and haven't seen any news regarding this defection

  2. P.S. Whether he defected or not, I'm beginning to think that Syria will survive. Russia and China know a lot more about what is happening inside Syria than the west does. If they thought the situation was hopeless, they would have cut their losses. Instead, we see the spectacle of a Hillary temper tantrum at a meeting that neither Russia nor China bothered attending.

    At the same time Erdogan's story wasn't even good enough to pass the smell test in NATO HQ. The Syrian crisis has turned him from leader to court jester, and even his patrons aren't amused anymore.

    1. "P.S. Whether he defected or not, I'm beginning to think that Syria will survive"

      I am still not sure at this point if he did or didn't defect and like yourself I am waiting to see what is coming over the next few days. So far, as I mentioned celebrity defector is pretty quiet. I checked the latest news on the "Friends" meeting and they didn't drag him around like a showpiece, so that is interesting.

      I did read that news that the Pentagon cast doubt on the Turkish version.

      I won't discount Turkey yet.... there is an agenda. I believe Turkey has aspirations.

    2. Please keep in mind that we have seen the spectacle of a Hillary tantrum over Republican war crimes, over Republican use of torture, over concern for the environment, over women's rights, over open government.......all entirely fake, right?

      Russia signed onto the plan to transition Syria to a new government last week at the Geneva summit. The Russian government talks tough and plays to its own people. Talk is one thing, action another, they signed onto a UN document that says Assad will go.

      Here is a link to PressTV with a Russian official claiming the west is full of crap over their interpretation of the June 30 Geneva agreement.

      Here is the official UN release which Russia signed onto.

      Russia is saying one thing, doing another, just like the USA and NATO. At the end of the day, they are all NWO pigs and Syria will be shared amongst them.
      Wish I shared your optimism about Russia helping Syria to survive.....

      In other news, CBC celebrates the first election in Libya since the 'dictator' was assassinated. Story closed to comments.
      Ignorance is strength, remember the war of 1812, and may God keep our glorious mining companies safe from the terrors of indigenous Bolivians who just hate progress.

    3. "Wish I shared your optimism about Russia helping Syria to survive....."

      This has nothing to do with "optimism"

      It is about- Pragmatism-- "a practical approach to problems and affairs"

      That's it.

    4. Pragmatism involves looking at the facts, the facts of what Russia signed onto. They signed onto the end of Assad.
      That is the document. All their other talk is about as real as the shit we hear from our own leaders.
      Let me rephrase. Wish I shared your delusional thinking about Russia helping Syria to survive........

    5. Anonymous 6:10 am

      I have made it very clear for Russia as with NATO it is about interests. Not "helping"
      You have read nothing I have taken the time to type here. Clearly.

      "Wish I shared your delusional thinking"

      Wow. Now what does that tell me and all the other commenters here about the level of discourse you are capable of???
      That you stoop to personal attacks!!??
      Don't bother yourself about reading here. No one forces that upon you.

  3. Just curious why ignore the Haaretz report or is that redundant?

    1. I didn't willfully ignore it. In fact, I never even saw it.
      Leave a link if you like.

    2. Now, I see it!
      Are you the anon that left that yesterday?

      I did not get through all the comments yesterday.
      Playing catch up right now

    3. Yes.

      Have you looked into the names of the pilots who were allegedly recovered?

    4. Weird. When I type in that url it goes to a story called "A Mother's Kisses" and not the "defection" story.

      What does Haaretz allege that is different?

    5. It alleges that he fled after being found out that he was working for the opposition> i linked it in the previous post

  4. off topic but FYI
    US vs THEM: latest US outrage/mass murder:
    'The video, taken from the cockpit of an AH64 Apache helicopter in the 101st airborne division, shows an air raid on an Afghan roadway. As the pilots close in on the target, they release a hellfire missile. The targets can be seen as little white spots in the middle of the road. They turn to run, and the moment before they are engulfed in flame, one of the pilots comes over the com with his rendition of the most famous line of the American classic.
    "While on patrol in the Wardack province our Apache Pilots aka "Mexican" encountered innocent farmers planting poppy seeds in the middle of the road. Working in concert with ground forces they eliminated the threat with ONE Kilo Hellfire," the caption by on the video reads.
    "At the 01:39 mark you can hear the pilot singing "Bye Bye Ms. American Pie" right before impact then BOOM….the rest is history. Enjoy and have a Happy Fourth of July."
    Whether or not the targets in question were in fact farmers planting poppy seeds cannot be independently confirmed.
    As the survivors of the strike run for cover in the surrounding structures, the pilots continue their attack with lighter fire, to which one of the pilots coolly remarks "you missed". As one of the targets hides in the neighboring building one of the pilots, possibly the same Don McLean fan, asks “I have eyes on the building. You want me to shoot the building?” to which he receives a negative response.

    lets make this go viral..send the US monsters a message

    1. You know Brian, it is all just a "video game" to these pilots?!


  5. This video show Mohdy Elharaty a Libyan terrorist on Jazeera & a recent video of him in ‪#Idleb‬ ‪#Syria‬ fighting with FSA

    A video of an explosion was used by ZDF tv & ARD tv one claiming it's in #Homs, the 2nd saying it's in Kabul.

  6. Terrorists launched 2mortars on a Tishreen hospital in Barza Elbalad, both missed hitting homes instead, damaging property. ‪#Syria‬ ‪#Damascus‬

    Terrorists attacked the Industrial Institute in #DeirEzzor & stole all of the equipment & furnishings... #Syria

    21 terrorists killed in an attack on an army checkpoint in #DeirEzzor close to Mokhaim Eltalaa. #Syria

  7. This seems to be the twitter stream to follow re Tlas(s):
    ♕ The 47th ♕ ‏@THE_47th

    One of the Generals I have been saying they are gonna defect since last year finally came out of the country.
    12:56 AM - 4 Jul 12 via web · Details

    Note the time - early hours of the 4th.

    See also this Guardian-friendly blog:

    ....saving his bacon. Apparently, not ideological.
    Landis blog post on Tlass here

    BTW is this Danny from about 1.22 in this hilarious recent video, Free Syrian Army "No Akaieda in Syria"

    1. Broken link felix - fixed?- hilarious recent video

      Yup, that sure looks like our old pal Danny.

    2. Oh the Danny video is a real hoot!
      All the rebels are on message.
      What do you think? Cue cards held up by Danny?
      BTW: has that outed dolt have no shame?
      Or do those who pay him have none?

    3. Oh and the Moses Brown stuff, curious?

    4. So you remeber this story in the early days of the conflict. It was rumored several french commandoes were captured and Sarkozy was keeping it under wraps in the election runup.

      Nothing ever came of this story...released? agitprop?

      Also here is link to the Turkish soldiers story

      Capt. Gökhan Ertan
      Maj. Lt. Hasan Hüseyin Aksoy

    5. Good links anonymous.

      So now Turkey and the U.S. are claiming the jet wreckage is almost 9 miles out when I thought they pretty much agreed it was at the 1 mile mark earlier. Plus, didn't Syria have possession of part of the plane earlier or allege they saw bullet holes in it? Where is that part? Did Syria take pictures or document it?

  8. Your suspicions could very well be correct Penny.

    I wonder if SANA has been hijacked (again) or if Syria is being muzzled more generally. I don't see anything on SANA about this story. Maybe the Syria government is screaming their heads off that he didn't defect and we simply haven't heard. Maybe he's been kidnapped in France. Or drugged. Or sequestered so he's not aware of the hubbub.

    And nice catch that Josh Landis backstops some of the story. These three amigos, Josh Landis, Juan Cole and Angry Arab, are on a propaganda tear. All three similarly cite (usually anonymous) man-on-the-street e-mails or phone calls, etc. as proof for their claims. They all seem to be following the same script.

    And how funny that I was calling Josh Landis out for this exact thing a few days ago . . . I don't know if it was here . . . but like right on cue (or to flount it in my face) he comes out backstopping a story!

    1. Hey WWM
      I have been entertaining all these scenarios in my head why the Syrian government has not said anything. As of yet anyway.

      As you mention, there are so many scenarios.
      He was kidnapped

      If he is such a golden boy he will be used for maximum PR.
      But, then thinking about the big defecting pilot story...
      we never heard a peep from him.

  9. Very interesting "defection".

    And forgive me for going a little off topic, but this is pretty solid proof of how mass media propaganda and manipulation works, check this out...

    The fact that ANYONE is currently on trial for TREASON should be major news no matter what, shouldn't it??? Yet, this story is very well buried, and even has the assistance of Google Inc. apparently, because if you search "treason trial", you get nothing but old references - it is only when you search this person's name, Bradley Manning in connection with treason trial that you find any stories about it - and NONE of them that I've seen are in the American media at all, only "renegade bloggers" who have taken it from this link to the Canadian Free Press.

    The fact that this US Army soldier who is on trial for TREASON has apparent links to the Wikileaks guy, tells us there's some seriously weird suppression of the news going on here. Not all that surprising, but always very interesting to focus on what we are NOT being told, don't you think??

    Add to that the fact that this soldier is apparently "gay transgender" and this trial for treason is happening while the Pentagon celebreates "Gay Pride", and this just keeps getting weirder by the second. Whistleblower? Indeed.

    If I told you 5 years ago that something like this would be happening and it wouldn't even make the news, you all might have said I was crazy, and I probably would have agreed.

    Imagine a world where this is possible, and then open your eyes - because we're living in it - RIGHT NOW.

    1. Hey LVB

      I am vaguely familiar with the Bradley Manning saga and his alleged links to wikileaks and Mr Assange.

      Since Assange is obviously a spook/shill of some sort, how Manning fits into all of this has never been clear?

      Do you have any thoughts on that specific situation?

    2. I've actually speculated about this before; I suspect both Manning and Assange are perps. I think I made some comments at The Crow's Eye blog or Naked Capitalism on the subject.

      I first suspected that Manning might be a perp after hearing about Kurt Haskell, the attorney in Detroit who was a witness to the Christmas underwear bombing. He thinks the attack was staged, or allowed to happen, and the prosecutors and even the defense team refused to use his statements. He made this statement to the judge.

      Anyway, realizing the underwear bomber legal case may be fake and that that there may be other fake or controlled legal cases (as I suspect with Hedges' case against the NDAA) it made me wonder about Manning. As I wrote at Crow's Eye:

      "How could it have taken years for Manning to get a preliminary hearing? The speedy trial provision is one of the few rights the courts still respect (sure, they have whittled this right down, but it's still pretty strong). If Manning was being tortured (which is more probable than my 'conspiracy theory'), via drugs and solitary confinement and other methods (like stripping, etc.), then why didn't his lawyers push to have a trial ASAP? Yeah, I've heard the excuses and I'm not convinced.

      Also, his defense at the preliminary hearing seemed sketchy to me. He appears to have a good defense based on the fact there is very little evidence against him and some of the evidence looks like it was doctored (the chat logs--the best evidence against him). Normally, at a preliminary hearing the defense will pick at this evidence rather than making sweeping arguments like Manning's lawyers apparently did. [This is the time where you can attack the evidence without worry and there is little benefit to making sweeping last-ditch arguments.] I don't know, maybe this was a good strategy or I'm misreading what happened--but it just seemed slightly odd to me.

      It also seems odd that it's been so hard to visit Manning. I know it seems crazy that Manning would be complicit and not even be held in prison (or have some awesome suite where he hangs out and plays video games), but this is exactly why it can be an effective strategy! I now firmly believe our government is doing Big Lies like this in other areas (as I believe happened with 9/11, and happened in Libya, and now Syria and Iran).

      Like I say, it's probably more likely that Manning did it and he's being used as an example or to go after Assange. Or maybe he's a patsy, the spooks saw he was gay and hanging with some "hackers" so they took the opportunity to leak the Wikileaks documents and pin in on Manning.
      Maybe my conspiracy theory is the third most likely, but again, this theory is rising imho."

    3. The really crazy story that didn't make the news is the Susan Lindauer prosecution under the Patriot Act. She was the only non-Arab to be tried under the act and she was a whistle blower who claims 9/11 was an inside job and that she was the diplomatic go between for Iraq and the U.S. and that Iraq was willing to concede every point the U.S. demanded before war but the U.S. went to war anyway.

      She claims they tried to forcibly drug her and disappear her. (the video is 1 1/2 hours) She also claims the new Patriot Act is intended to fix the problems they had making her disappear.

    4. correction: Lindauer was the second non Arab to be charged under the Patriot Act . . . after Jose Padilla. Not that not this is an appropriate distinction anyway . . . Arabs are entitled to the same protections as non Arabs. I guess it just shows the extent the government is willing to go.

    5. Also to clarify . . . I don't think Manning was officially charged with treason even though you see the press characterizing it as such. Here's a video that describes his
      "surprise" defense at the preliminary hearing and mentions the word treason. But this video more accurately describes the charges and treason hasn't been alleged.

      Also note that the segment on Manning's defense at the preliminary hearing mentions the defense brought up the gender identification issues! Why in the hell would the defense bring this up here? Why not spring it at the trial as a last ditch effort? Why not make the case to the press (like the Advocate or something) rather than in a preliminary hearing?

      And did the defense lawyers ask why the chat logs have TWO DIFFERENT HANDLES for Manning? This seems to imply the chat logs were doctored. This was obviously the most important line of inquiry for the defense lawyers but I didn't see anything about that at the preliminary hearing. Maybe it wasn't reported.

    6. I'm pretty convinced that Assange is a perp too, Walt. It's just some huge disinformation campaign imho. Manning must ergo be part of it too. An unfashionable opinion, but I don't mind swimming against the tide. Is anything as it seems? It's 7/7 7 years on today in London: disinformaton by the barrel-load and the press don't want to forage ever among the nonsense of the official narrative.

    7. As far as Wiki is it is worthwhile going back to the runup to the Libya operations and the Wiki leaks about Berlusconi and his closeness to Russia. The FT in the heat of the fight ran an editorial showing Berlusoni running to Russia to celebrate Putin Bday. Berlusconi was also one of the few leaders to attend Putin inauguration (with German Schroeder!). The bunga bunga girl was from.....Morocco which doesn't mean much but with all that is happening in Mali and the the deep US presence there worth considering. The next Syria Friends meeting is in morocco.

      Here is the Wiki from 2010 highlighting the Berlusoni and Putin special relationship (dig into the ENI, South Stream etc. relationships)

      "Mr Berlusconi has been friends with former KGB agent Mr Putin, for more than five years and the two have held numerous bilateral meetings as well as entertained each other on holiday. Of concern to Washington was said to be the deal between Italian energy firm ENI and Russian gas giant Gazprom, over the South Stream pipeline as well as the "very cordial relationship between Mr Putin and Mr Berlusconi". "

    8. con't

      In vies of the Wiki striking timing on Italy (even the Syria release named Italian companies just as Berlusconi says he may be coming back) the Assange bid to Ecuador probably warrants a second look

      It is quite worth remembering that Assange interviewed Correa a few weeks before he took up an asylum bid in Ecuador. He did so on RT and Corea articulated not so much an anti Americanism as an Anti American policy(ism). He was educated in the US midwestern states. Critical to remember that Ecuador repudiated its IMF debt and Correa led the effort. Some suspect it was this same policy alternative that led to the DSK takedown (DSK in favor of Irish haircuts for which the US treasury felt compelled to respond to leaked allegations)...

      Puts the Ecuador bid in a totally different light given everything that is happening as far as US policy in S/A

      That brings you to the recent coup in Paraguay and the various interest. Para and Venezuela have been trading insults since the event. Mercosur took the step of suspending Para after the vote and the remaining countries then approved Venezuelan move into the organization. you will recall the trade group created a dust up with the UK over banning flagged vessels from the Falklands late last year.

      The left is under pressure in S/A with what looks like a rollback strategy being played out - riots in Bolivia (police), mine strikes in Ecuador, Argentina dollar squeeze and of course the Chavez pincer (will his cancer outlast the elections?). With oil down many are calling for recession and funding issues (though surely China would fill the gap, or even Russia given the defense reciprocal deals).

      The opposition in Venezuela looks like he was manufactured in a spring factory. [consider that the PRI candidate in MX has made his Presidency a fait accompli by declaring himself in waiting despite the recount and widespread vote rigging allegations].

      Recall that the head of US naval operations in LAtam just requested more drones?

      I will leave you with this from yesterday Romney speaech discussing opening new trade deals with South American countries (as a path to employment in the US?). Anyway, Venezuela remains the focal point of US efforts given its reserves. Brazil remains a resource center but remember that it is Finmin Guido who coined the term currency war and first called out the United States. Brazil has been at the forefront of protectionism and just passed some more pro domestic measures.

    9. Manning is reminiscent of Bales

    10. WWM:

      Manning could be a perp along with Assange? Anonymous points out that Manning is reminiscent of Bales...
      Had to refresh the brain on that one
      He of the "lone gunman" in Afghanistan narrative.
      Who went into 'custody' and was going to have a trial at some point in time......
      Meanwhile house is empty and family gone

  10. Replies
    1. What are you a mind reader? ;)
      I had just finished reading that piece when I saw you had left the link

    2. Strange coincidence on 7/7 - your link Freethinker (thanks) led me to a translation into Arabic of a Telegraph (i.e. spooky) article Syria releases the 7/7 'mastermind’ by Jason Lewis, Feb 4 2012 [check that fuzzy photo!]
      Abu Musab al-Suri had been held in Syria for six years after being captured by the CIA in 2005 and transported to the country of his birth under its controversial extraordinary rendition programme.

      But he is now said to have been released as a warning to the US and Britain about the consequences of turning their backs on President al-Assad’s regime as it tries to contain the uprising in the country. Al-Suri, also known as Mustafa Setmariam Nasar (or Mustafa Sitt Mariam Nasar / Abu Mus’ab al-Suri), was al-Qaeda’s ** operations chief in Europe and has been accused of planning the London bombings...Quoting local sources, Syrian opposition website revealed al-Suri’s release last week.
      [from his "secret prison"]
      ** alarm bells.
      But if al-Suri is now a free man, it will be a blow to the attempts to dismantle al-Qaeda’s leadership and undermine its ability to launch terrorist attacks following the death of Osama Bin Laden last May and the death of Anwar al-Awlaki in a US drone attack in Yemen last September.

      Before al-Suri’s capture, he was seen as a possible successor to Bin Laden, though the pair had been bitter rivals.

      His wife Helena, who converted to Islam and lives in Qatar with al-Suri’s four children, said: “I have not heard anything official or unofficial since my husband disappeared in 2004.”
      And then he....vanishes. What a load of perpy crap.

    3. I just clicked on that website and the last post is still the post freethinker link's too, but I saw in the twitter feed on the page that Gen. Manaf Tlass DID NOT defect and that it was a propaganda trap. I tried clicking through to the twitter link but then it all disappeared. Weird.

    4. Syria-24 Breaking news
      Breaking News from Syria – Hillary Clinton Lies on Defections
      "Anti-government activists Bassam Ju’ara confirmed that the defection of Manaf Tlas is false and it is only a trap that was made by the media , he added that he claimed information from Turkey that Tlas did not enter the Turkish borders, where Al-Arabia news Channel claimed that they have information about the defection of Gen. Manaf Tlas"

      Well if an anti-government activist says so it must be true :scratches-head:

    5. Hey Felix, that Telegraph story on Al-Suri is epic, I think you're on to some major narative fabrication there. More false-flag rail-bombs on the way? The TG's efforts are reinforced by the WSJ: The New Mastermind of Jihad
      What a tsunami of bullshit! They even manage to link-in "Mohamed Merah, the 23-year-old Islamist gunman who hunted down three Jewish children and a rabbi" and later even the Fort Hood massacre is pulled-in. Wow, what a bravura article!

      I don't have time atm to pull these together but here's some stuff to ponder:
      Abu Musab al Suri released from Syrian custody: report - courtesy of SITE; hmmm.

      Weinstein was kidnapped in Aug-2011 but its only recently (may-2012) that a video showing Weinstein has been released Al Qaeda releases video of American (Warren Weinstein) captured in Pakistan There was a much earlier ransom video from Zawahiri via SITE (ding,ding,ding) that amongst other things and people demanded the release of al-Suri.

      the Boondocks, some interesting stuff on al-Suri in the comments.

      Whither al Suri?, an interesting piece
      "...I am not sure whether Syrian authorities would have much to gain by releasing him. He is no friend of the Syrian regime to say the least, and he consistently denounced the Syrian regime both politically and religiously,..."

      The orthodox inteligentsia portray al-Suri as a big player in 'Jihadism' (oh gawd not another fucking -ism), for example see how much of this 9/11 Wars book review is spent promoting al-Suri A decade of conflict, 9/11 Wars. Also I've lost count of the number of times his 1600 page magnum-opus is related to Mein Kampf. Hmmmm.

    6. The opposition initially made the claim of the defection, then they denied it???

      The only confirmation of the said defection has been originally from the new boss/old boss in France- Laurent

      Regurgitated repeatedly by the msm and weakly supported by the unverified email that the Guardian wouldn't even publish... Which didn't matter because the let everyone know Josh Landis did.

      I checked the news today and still nothing

      One thing though, how come no one was at the airport to interview Mr Tlas(s)???

      No one
      Hilary wasn't there to greet him?
      No pics of him meeting his family?
      That is weird

      Literally the news of the defection was made up on rumour, innuendo and much speculation

      I am still waiting for the golden boy to say something
      hold a press conference?

      The email reads like a NATO spin/media release
      Much like those hilarious videos Felix linked to

    7. Freethinker: more links!?

    8. Hey Freethinker - trying to get back on topic but failing miserably - thanks for the "Whither Al-Suri" piece by Rafaello Pantucci.
      Great line in there...
      Intrigued by the story, I reached out to Dr. Brynjar Lia of FFI in Norway, the world’s foremost expert of al-Suri, having written the excellent biography “Architect of Global Jihad: The Life of Al Qaeda Strategist Abu Musab al Suri,” to see what he thought of the story and its potential consequences

      I laugh my head off. The fake war....I guess it keeps Brynjar [great name] in work though.

      Strange thing was that the story surfaced on December 23 2011 - wonder why the spooky Telegraph took nearly 6 weeks to get it out?

    9. Doing a date ordered search of al_suri on goggle shows quite a lot of recent interest in him - like he's been kept on simmer for a while and is now being brought to the boil. A fabricated anti-hero, a 'Hitler' in the making, I suspect.

  11. Attention Gallier!

    So, if your around????
    What's in the news locally regarding this situation?

  12. No defection, move on nothing to see here. It is called 'SYOA' or spend 20 years basking in a very festive resort of Palmayra as stated in was the "patriot act" that was just passed. Look up Espionage Act or the Sedition Act. "Shouting fire in a crowded theater" is not protected by the First Amendment.

    1. So, was there? Or was there not a defection?
      I don't know

  13. Sorry, I don't follow the news at thr moment. I had visit from brother in law from Gabon, I was occupied to play the nanny.

    1. Better to play nanny and enjoy your family anyway

      Should you catch anything of interest, let me know?

  14. The media is not mislead, the media is misleading instead.
    In old days media reported news, today media creates and make their own.
    But because of the internet, media is finding it harder and harder to sell their stories. To offset that, media corporations are now in the business of acquiring internet media websites to do what they failed to do on tv. networks and in the press,and that's manipulating stories the way they wanted them sold and told to public.

  15. Somewhat off-topic but worth a gander, courtesy of the excellent nsnbc -
    Israel's Final Solution to The Palestinian Problem

    and these should be worth a look (haven't actually watched them myself yet) -
    Terrorism, The Means to Birthing New World Order, 1 of 2
    Terrorism, The Means to Birthing New World Order, 2 of 2

    1. both very good
      someone from nsnbc stopped here and left a link to an article, which was good, and had some interesting info on the mavi marmara.

      collusion between Turkey and Israel
      Some months back that was the conclusion I came to
      Not at first, but, eventually...

    2. Very recently there was some analysis (which I failed to bookmark) which speculated that Erdogan used the fake Mavi Marmara op to bump off a few problems of his own, aided by a near neighbour.

    3. Felix, was this what you were looking for?

    4. Actually, I think this is the original link:

  16. few other things very relevant here. Don't know if you have been following the elections in Serbia, but since Bosnia is oft mentioned in the same breadth of Syria - a t least by the FSA/Clinton duo, it might behoove looking at the recent charge thrown out against Mladic and his link to the Scorpions.

    And Press TV with this linking the scorpions to NATO per a defecting French !! soldier

    Also this

    He was on loose for 13 years with KFOR next door.

    "Karadzic was arrested in 2008, 13 years after he was first indicted on charges of masterminding Serb atrocities. His trial started in 2009 and prosecutors rested their case in May. The trial will continue later this year."

    to top it all off the new Serbian president has denied genocide several times already

  17. off topic slightly, but related on account of Bosnia-Syria connection

    Bosnia seems to be mentioned often in the same conversation with Syria so this all is worth considering…

    Repost of the Serbia connection since Bosnia seems to be getting a lot of press lately. The new president of Sebia has now denied multiple time the genocide in Srebencia

    Back in May the Mladic trial was thrown into turmoil as it was revealed the dfefense didn’t hand over thousands of documents.

    Then a few days ago a genocide charge was thrown out re Karadzic

    Critically, Press TV (always a ?) is reporting that the Scorpions who allegedly carried out the Srebencia raid tied back to NATO. And who is the source….A French defector with the documents!

    One of the most brutal incidents in recent history is the massacre at Srebrenica in 1995 by a paramilitary group known as "the Scorpions." We now have a top level witness and reams of official documents that categorically prove that it was NATO ordered, not only the Dutch "stand down" that led to the killings, but recruited, paid and controlled the Scorpions as well. The International Criminal Court at The Hague suffered a fatal blow when it was discovered in May 2012, during the trial of Ratco Mladic that something was very wrong. On May 16, 2012, the trial of Mladic, accused of heading a group called "the Scorpions," and murdering of up to 6000 Bosnian Muslims suddenly ended. Judges said it was because of "prosecutorial misconduct" in "withholding vital evidence that would have favored the defense. Documents were discovered that categorically proved the most fear mass murderers of recent years were not only not under Mladic's control, they never heard of him. They were part of NATO.


    1. Now, this article is VERY interesting, about the French DRM intel officer's claims of CIA/MI6 involvement in war crimes (which I knew and have been writing about for several years), and now he is said to be in Belarus with heaps of documents proving his claims of French DRM involvement - which I did not know about.

      Mladic was an army commander, not an angel, but if you dig deeper into the events of his command during the war, you find a man who often DID show mercy and allowed (and even encouraged) holding off attacks so that civilians could escape combat areas.

      Some hurried to call this ethnic cleansing, but in many cases, Mladic was actively trying to get Muslim civilians to leave the areas before they would be killed by "THEIR OWN" Bosnian Muslim forces to be used for anti-Serb propaganda purposes, as was done many times during this war.

      The real ethnic cleansing and war crimes during the wars were in the Krajina and Medak Pocket when Croatian army forces brutally slaughtered and ethnically cleansed entire villages full of Serbian civilians - more than 200,000 people - not giving them any chance to escape, but rather simply murdering, mutilating and burning everyone and everything in sight to deliver a harsh message of fear and death to everyone in the area that the Croatian army istelf, not renegade milita forces, were doing these things and acting under direct orders of the Croatian military leadership.

      And, of course, the ethnic cleansing and cruelty has continued against Serbian civilians in Kosovo ever since the wars ended, without even a whisper from the UN, NATO or their good friends in the globalist mass media.

      Ironic to think that there has been more ethnic cleansing, murder, church burnings and other crimes against humanity committed AFTER the war in Kosovo BY the Kosovar Albanian Muslims than was ever committed against them by the Serb military forces DURING the wars.

      We truly are living in a time where everything is upside-down: good is evil, evil is good, the truth is a lie and lies are sold as "truth".

    2. Very interesting, and it could be true, but its a great pity it comes from Gordon Duff. He is poison (IMHO).

    3. LVB: if you want to do some digging??????

    4. Freethinker: I know what you mean about Gordon Duff
      I am not as comfortable with his stuff as I would like to be, so I stay away from it.

      It's just easier, for me to pick away at the msm

    5. anonymous:

      the little I know about the whole situation Bosnia
      It was never, every what we had been told through the media
      Which is no surprise

  18. "Turkish officers trained us on using weapons in the Turkish Camps" Terrorist Mustafa Sharouf admits. #Syria #Turkey

    Linda Juniper @LindaJuniper
    Breaking: Terrorists threw a bomb close to a car wash in ElSaliheen #Aleppo, the explosion killed 1 & injured 19. #Syria
    Linda Juniper @LindaJuniper
    Re bombing in ElSaliheen, other reports claim the source of the explosion was a booby-trapped bus. #Aleppo
    Linda Juniper @LindaJuniper
    The terrorist group that was working on bombing the railway between Ory & Edawan was killed. #Idleb #Syria

    Terrorists in a pickup truck & 2 motorcycles shot at a security checkpoint at ElSakhour roundabout, 1 terrorist was injured. #Aleppo #

    10 traffic policeman, who work on #Idleb - #Latakia road, were kidnapped.
    The authorities faced a terrorist group in Sheikh Maskin, arrested & killed many of them, & confiscated their weapons. #Daraa
    Among the arrested in Sheik Maskin is notorious terrorist "Fadhil Aoudh ElHusain" who had killed & kidnapped many innocents. #Daraa

    The Security arrested the terrorists responsible for the explosion close to the Military Security Dep. this evening in Idleb

    Barza, Qabon, Bebela, Juber, Yabrod, ElKaswa were forced to close shops by #FSA.
    Distributed leaflets ordered 3days strike. Damascus

    Security foiled a booby-trapped car bombing by shooting the driver before arriving to his target on ElSina'ah roundabout. #DeirEzzor

    Eight terrorists killed in Mo'arat ElNoman, three of them are Libyans. #Idleb

    Eight terrorists killed when the explosive device they were planting close to Cinema ElZahra'a exploded. #DeirEzzo

    Authorities pursued a terrorist group in Kafer Nubel, killed a foreign terrorist & arrested 2, one of them is Ahmad Zatour. #Idleb

    The authorities faced a terrorist group in Ezaz, destroyed 6 cars with heavey & light weapons on & killed many of them

  19. Penny - here's a good one, a female Canadian engineer from Toronto joins the FSA. Video - Thwaiba Kanafani joins Free Syrian Army
    I came from Canada to answer the call of my home land...
    One comes out, Tlas, one come in Kanafani. Hilarious.

    Rastan2012 has also been busy uploading defections today. They really need to get somewhere a bit more comfortable looking.

    Syrian revolution_Syria_Thwaiba Kanafani_Alasad fooled the world_part-1 Here she is - ثويبه كنفاني with her specs on speaking back in February delivering a Syrian history lesson.
    (2 parts)

    1. Felix an alleged Canadian engineer...
      I spent some time looking around
      Her bio seemed to originate from Linked In
      You know that place all the so called professionals post their wares

      Do you recall not to long ago linkedin was hacked?

      6.5 million user passwords hacked

      How many professional ID's were created?

      Cause if you can steal'em, you can make them!!

    2. You're dead right, Penny - she doesn't have many Canadian fb friends, but over a thousand in Syria, mainly. Just propaganda.

  20. Off topic - but some interesting exchanges about Paul Conroy (and even with him) on this recent facebook page of Camille Alexandre Otrakji from Montreal.
    I don't think Conroy appreciated it...

    Paul Conroy ‏@reflextv
    More MI5 stuff, worth a laugh if not a little tedious. Give him some counter facts svp.
    6:54 PM - 27 Jun 12 via Facebook

    1. He is in the hospital most of the time, but, sometimes he gets out??? Conroy said that?

    2. Asking me to log into the second link but the first link is interesting.

      Thanks! Good to see some people pushing back.

  21. As mentioned above I saw the following twitter feed on

    Anti-government activists Bassam Ju’ara confirmed that the defection of Manaf Tlas is false and it is only a trap... about 5 hours ago

    #Syria #RealSyria - Ju’ara: Manaf Tlas did NOT defect and what happened was a media trap only Breaking News about 5 hours ago

    When I try to click through nothing happens and the twitter feed disappears. I searched google news for news and didn't see anything. And nothing on SANA.

    1. WWM:

      I saw you had mentioned that. I am still waiting for something I would consider solid evidence of his defection...
      Still waiting..
      Still waiting....

    2. A story in arabic here from General Mustafa Tlas:

      Denies talking to France 2 channel.

      The article link today 11:59 PM Ju’ara: Manaf Tlas did not defect and what happened was a media trap only
      leads to an error.

      A report at Ba'ath Media,7/7 quotes an interview with France 2 TV station, saying that defections won't affect the Syrian army.

      What to believe?

    3. As it is said, "The first casualty of war is the truth".

      But these days, even in "peacetime" the globalist mass media is constantly using psychological warfare against the people of the world, so I think it's safe to say that we've definitely arrived at the constant (artificially created) state of war that was so prophetically described in "1984".

      Actually, it was not all that prophetic, in the sense that Orwell was one of the ruling elite, and was not predicting the future - but simply revealing "the plan" (as a form of predictive programming) to set the tone for things to come, and to begin the process of desensitizing the masses to these dystopian ideas about the future. Have you ever noticed that the future is ALWAYS shown as dystopian in all mass media "entertainment"?? Never a happy place without wars or soldiers and police in riot gear, is it?

      This is all so convenient and necessary for them to keep the population confused, in distress and easier to control via all of the falsely justified police state measures and civil/human rights violations that come as a result of "emergency wartime rules".

      i think we should only expect more of the same, and worse to come in the future...unless a whole lot more of us wake up and rise up somehow. The odds of that happening don't seem good, though, to be honest.