Monday, July 9, 2012

Israel killed Iranian scientists.

So claim the authors of a new book

A new book claims Israel's spy agency dispatched assassins into Iran, as part of a campaign to sabotage the country's disputed nuclear program.
Israeli operatives have killed at least four Iranian nuclear scientists, including targeting them with operatives on motorcycles, an assassination technique used by the Israeli spy service, the Mossad, say authors Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman in their book to be published today, Spies Against Armageddon: Inside Israel's Secret Wars.
The Mossad agents "excel at accurate shooting at any speed and staying steady to shoot and to place exquisitely shaped sticky bombs" and consider it their hall-mark, Raviv said.

Iran has long blamed the scientists' killings on Israel, which has remained silent on the matter, but media reports speculated Israel had contracted killers to do the job.
"They don't farm out a mission that is that sensitive," so sensitive that Israel's prime minister has to sign off on it personally, Raviv said.

"They might use dissidents for assistance or logistics but not the hit itself. The methodology and training and use of motorcycles is all out of the Mossad playbook. They wouldn't trust anybody else to do it."
The Mossad operatives enter and exit Iran through a "multitude" of routes, using a series of safe houses once inside the country that pre-date the 1979 Islamic revolution, the authors said.

Co-author Melman said Israel believes the campaign successfully disrupted Iran's nuclear program not only by taking out key scientists but also dissuading other up-and-coming scholars from joining the program.
Raviv is a CBS News correspondent, and Melman is a well-known Israeli reporter and commentator.

Israel has told the Obama administration that it expects American military power to "obliterate" Iran's nuclear program, the authors said.
If the U.S. does not act, Israel has threatened to attack Iran's nuclear sites on its own.

Re: Stuxnet

Melman said the cyber campaign was an Israeli innovation, not an American one as recently reported.

Well, there you have it! Israel has told the US it expects American military power to "obliterate" Iran.
That sure is a lot of boasting for one little nation.


  1. syria in weird context

  2. One little powerful, well-connected and -funded psychopath-run nation.

  3. a no brainer...

    notice the most murderous/treacherous types are peoples of the Book

    1. Hey brian

      It was a given it was Israel that killed the scientists...
      but, the bragging.

      Most other nations keep that on the qt
      maybe years later it will come out in a book
      but this soon
      this loudly
      this proudly
      it's a bit brazen

  4. We are in transition from Pax Americana to Pax Judaica as Imran Hosein says.

    Penny, if you think I'm taking too much of a liberty here and what follows is too (or 'to' if you insist :p ) off-topic then feel free to delete - but in a way it is related.

    Brian, you took umbrage at me earlier for gently suggesting that Webster Tarpley was blind with regard to Israeli/Zionist/Jewish (IZJ) influence in current events and in the US in general. I said I'd draw your attention the next time he demonstrated that blindness - well here it is: WCT ROUNDTABLE 3. This a long but interesting and quite animated discussion of 9/11 featuring the main players of the Vancouver Hearings on 9/11: Webster Tarpley, Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, Greg Felton & Joshua Blakeney. I've got my doubts about Fetzer, but lets no go there just now; Greg Felton was new to me and I'm much impressed by him. In the discussion from ~25 mins onward the IZJ issue comes up, mainly in regard to 9/11 but also going wider. There is a very clear divide between Tarpley's position and the others which to me amply demonstrates my earlier mild comment about him. Tarpley actually said, at one stage, that it was the Nazis in Wall St pulling the strings!

    In a blog report of The Vancouver Hearings Free form 9/11: diverse voices make Vancouver Hearings messy but intriguing Greg Felton comments on Tarpley:
    "...Tarpley’s “Israel could not have done it” isn’t a defence; it’s a cognitive denial. Since he was not in the room when I gave my presentation on Israeli involvement, his claim for a lack of evidence cannot be taken seriously. As I told him, I was willing to listen to any criticism of the evidence I presented, but he either could not or would not address it. I started to think that Tarpley might have a personal or professional reason for rubbishing evidence of Israeli involvement..."


    1. It's fine freethinker
      Just no personal attacking
      No words in other peoples mouth
      No irrational assumptions
      And that is not directed towards you btw
      It's a general sort of rant on my part

      Why Tarpley is blind on this issue is beyond me?
      He has been good on Syria so far.
      The little I have heard him talk, that is.

      I think of 9/11 as being conducted under the NATO model of covert attack and operation gladio. Strategy of Tension.
      If the fact that Israel is not an official member of NATO gives Webster some sort of deniability, when it comes to 9/11 and Israel then that is definitely lame.
      Israel and the US had to most to gain from 9/11
      And it always comes down to who benefits

    2. Had you heard of the Vancouver Hearings Penny? They had quite escaped my attention.

    3. Yes, I had.
      But, will admit to not having the time to pay attention to them

  5. Thanks for the link to the Greg Felton comments Freethinker. This is the part I liked:

    We had speaker Christopher Holmes who presented the September Clues, video fakery, angle. The majority of truthers reject this position, but I had no problem with hearing it presented. Everyone was and is free to believe or not believe anything that was presented. No one from the New York Times rushed in and said, “Aha, we knew you guys were all loony!”

    One thing that Holmes addressed (that I enjoyed) was the on-air TV interview that Theresa Renaud (wife of CBS producer Jack Renaud) did with Bryant Gumbel on the morning of 9/11. She was describing having seen an explosion in the first tower and added, “I don’t know what caused it, or if there was an impact.” Suddenly, she exclaims, “Oh there’s another one, another plane just hit! Oh my God, another plane has just hit another building! It flew right into the middle of it! Explosion!”

    I wrote about this in 2010 and my opinion hasn’t changed; she was scripted.

    This to me is the area gatekeepers will steer people away from. The previous conference where I watched some presentations on thermite were hostile to the media fakery theories.

    1. Here's a youtube video describing the documentary Richard Clark appeared in last year: I haven't seen that the documentary has been approved yet by the CIA (and btw, I saw an interesting documentary by these same directors, I think, about a huge LSD bust in the U.S. and these guys that did research on how different drugs effect people--seemed like an MK-UlTRA type operation to me).

      Anyway, the Richard Clark excerpts show him alleging that the CIA basically was working with other governments, I think he alleges Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and might hint at Israel, and conducting operations re the hijackers in the U.S. This makes sense as a cover story because traditionally the CIA hasn't been allowed to operate in the U.s. and used foreign governments, like Israel, to do it's work.

      I agree with the youtube author that one must be wary of Richard Clark's "whistle blowing." Most likely he's laying down a cover and I surmise Israel might be one convenient scapegoat.

  6. Regarding Israel and 9/11 . . . I have a unique take some may be interested in.

    I too would normally steer clear of those who make excuses for Israel . . . and I make no excuses for Israel . . . but I wonder if Israel/Mossad is being used by the 9/11 perps as a decoy (and many of the 9/11 perps are probably Israeli/Mossad if you can keep these seemingly inconsistent things in your head at once).

    Here's my recent interpretation of the "Israeli evidence" of 9/11 here's what I wrote recently:

    I am open to the Israelis being involved, but this is a bit too cute for me.

    Why would an expert demolition team (e.g. one of the alleged perps was an Israeli military detonation expert and overstayed a student art visa) bungle the mission this way? It’s so cartoonish. They spend months in the U.S. clandestinely “wiring” the buildings* and then park vans in a public place and celebrate by lighting a lighter and slapping high fives, etc.? That’s crazy unprofessional. Aren’t these guys supposed to be the best of the best?

    The Israeli evidence was quickly buried too . . . which normally I would interpret as making them more culpable but in this case I think it’s exculpatory because it seems consistent with laying a deep cover story to be uncovered later. All the Israeli incidents have the same pattern: one or two news items on the incident at the time and then nothing in the MSM and then the diplomats send all Israeli perps back to Israel. Then a few alternative media stories (Democracy Now, Alternet). Then some innuendo by people like Richard Clark (whose comments in a documentary about this subject evidently were under review by the CIA so the movie hadn’t been released last I saw–but you could see the comments on youtube–ha).

    Anyway. As much as I think the Israelis could be perps I’m seeing some red flags and think Israel may be used as a cover story. Hell, it’s probably some other group that runs both the U.S. and Israel so it’s no big surprise they would be willing to use either state as a patsy.

    *Btw, the best evidence indicates the buildings were constructed with this false flag mission in mind. Since the buildings were largely empty of tenants it would have been easy to “wire” the building, if they weren’t constructed this way. See the Let’s Roll Forums on this issue and as far as I’m aware this website is mostly responsible for uncovering this stuff (via FOIA requests).

    1. The only problem that comes to my mind WWM is that Israel had so much to gain from the 9/11 attacks

      9/11 was the excuse to justify remaking the ME in a way that is beneficial to the US/Britain and Israel.

    2. One more thing.
      The high fivin' Israelis doesn't seem that farfetched. Israel and its supporters have a real penchant for "blowing the horn"

      Aren’t these guys supposed to be the best of the best?

      Supposed to be. But fantasy and reality are often two very different things

      Look at the hit in Dubai. Sloppy or intentionally so.
      Did Israel want someone to know they had done the hit?
      Israel doesn't mince a word when it comes to Iran.

      This is where the bravado comes from. An arrogance.

    3. No doubt Israel gained. Just look at the security/intelligence firms there and how they have benefited. The U.S. and Israel (and Britain) were the real winners and I suspect all 3--or people from those countries or that run those countries--are the main perps.

      I guess my point is a more subtle one . . . . I think this dancing Israelis story is a diversion of some kind . . . and like many good diversions it has a ring of truth to it. There really was a controlled demolition and Israelis were probably really involved. But . . .

      maybe they are a cover story to hide the fact the buildings were not wired that day or even over the weeks and months before hand but were "wired" when they were built.

      maybe they help the cover story that Silverstein is a part of (another one of my unique 9/11 theories)--that he and the Fire Chief decided to "pull it" after they knew the buildings were too dangerous so maybe Silverstein called in his team of Israeli demolition experts to save the day. There is secret testimony from the insurance case involving 9/11 and I wouldn't bet if they admit to wiring and demolishing the buildings that day and I wouldn't be surprised if the Israelis are worked into the story. Barry Jenninrgs and the white lawyer also establish that Building 7 was undergoing explosions right after it was evacuated and I wouldn't be surprised if they too are meant to backstop a cover story.

    4. I think there is plenty of evidence of Israeli involvement and foreknowledge, but I'm not buying into or promoting the idea that it was only Israelis who did the dirty deed - there must have been plenty of US traitors involved also. Tarpley makes a good point regarding the 46 drills that mysteriously went live.

    5. Thanks for pointing me to the roundtable talk. I just got to the intro part where Tarpley talks about the 46 incidents that were precursors to 9/11 and the concept of drills going live . . . . good stuff.

      Which makes me wonder if he looked into SilkAir and EgyptAir airplane crashes shortly before 9/11.

      Is there a list for his 46 curious incidents?

      I think new data has been recently publicly released dealing with some of these drills (although I've heard vague references to these for years now we are starting to hear code names, etc.--it all seems so planned to me how we get to finally know this information).

      I've long pondered the possibility of people getting paid to play fake terrorists that day, only to later find out later they were unwittingly playing "real" terrorists--but not really--or were they? [another wrinkle is the Pennsylvania "plane" incident may have been done to give military people a cover story, or truth layer. Maybe people in the military were told there was a secret military mission to shoot down a passenger jet and a bunch of people in the military are keeping quiet about a whole host of curious incidents in the military that day because they think they are covering up the justified but unpleasant tasks needed to protect us--like downing a passenger jet.]

      Oh, I do also like Tarpley's argument that people haven't focused enough on the politics . . . I tried to get into that a bit above by referencing Richard Clarke's comments on the geopolitical actors. I don't know if I agree that 9/11 was the actual coup, or it was simply yet another operation by the same finks that have been running the secret government for a while now. But it was certainly a spectacular operation that achieved many of their goals. It's quite amazing how much these perps have accomplished by doing 9/11.

    6. The 46 drills? Google is your friend - Tarpley ain't shy, especially if it helps flog some more books.

      "people getting paid to play fake terrorists that day", you mean like the 4 stooges used for London 7/7? Very likely.

    7. Indeed freethinker, a quick google search revealed this: Nice to have it in a document.

      I find it pretty damning the U.S. government was holding so many drills--obviously the perps had to at least be aware of them.

      Also we're getting more information about foreknowledge, that should come as a surprise to anyone: This largely substantiates Susan Lindauer's accusations.

      As I mention above I think there may even be connections going farther back that show governments were being used to plan 9/11. Those two plane incidents, SilkAir and EgyptAir, could have been dry runs or somehow related. Similarly, the first WTC attack and the Oklahoma City bombings could have bee precursors as well.

      And then we throw in similar incidents like London 7/7 and it doesn't seem probable that a terrorist organization was able to plan all this. This has to be planned by people that can control governments.

    8. Oops, here's the link about foreknowledge:

      And no one should be surprised about these revelations.

    9. Fine, but that is a limited hangout position - foreknowledge but not participation. I believe that both Israeli elements and traitorous US elements were actively involved and therefore also had foreknowledge. If you want to pursue foreknowledge as a topic you might like to apply the Odigo litmus test.

  7. israel doesnt have to hide. the west has always protected the little weasel.

  8. It seems that the Vancouver Hearings were a damp squib and there is very little coverage of them. The only video I could find was this-
    Joshua Blakeney: "The Likudnik Origins of the Global War on Terror"
    The presentation is rather poor but the content is interesting.