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Israeli/Turkish "Kiss off" results in Syrian attack with Olympic spirit?

There have been reports of fighting near Syria’s business centre and 2nd largest city, Aleppo.

Location, location, location

We are speaking of Northern Syria today. Turkey is making lots of noise about threats from Northern Syria involving the Kurds. The Kurds have been mentioned countless times here, don’t worry no flashbacks coming. Just the latest.
Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday Turkey could act against a “terrorist” organisation in northern Syria if it sees it as a threat, in a warning to Kurdish militants believed to be active in the region.

 Erdogan believes Kurdish militants are in the area? If they are???? Then they have to be with the Turkish backed FSA!!! So the alleged Kurdish threat that Mr Erdogan “believes” is kind of, no, it is incredibly lame. When it comes down to reality vs some “claim” keep it mind that incredibly lame and highly questionable claims can be woven into a credible narrative that can be used to justify the intervention Turkey has been working towards for a very long time now.
Additional propaganda promoting a war making agenda comes from the Telegraph, promoted by Michael Weiss. Who this man is and his affiliations, have been covered previously, I won’t bore you all yet again “An interview with an insider” You gotta love that kind of spin!

Concluding the Turkish angle: We have to act against the Kurdish terrorists in Syria

Now let us take this from the Israeli angle-

Israel has been “fretting” over alleged WMD’s. The very threat of these WMD’s may give Israel the justification to intervene. Today we are supposed to believe Israel is still really, really, really worried.

Israeli officials are more worried about the possibility that the weapons could fall into the hands of Islamic militants from Lebanon's Hezbollah or other groups should the regime fall.

"For us, that's a casus belli, or red line," Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Wednesday. He told Israel Radio that the government would act immediately to prevent that from happening as tensions rise along Israel's northern border.”
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak disclosed over the weekend that he had asked the military to prepare for a possible attack on targets in Syria”

If Israel is tracking these weapons as claimed then why the 'fretting'?

Spy satellites, advanced reconnaissance aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles are just some of the systems that Israel is using to track events in Syria and specifically to keep an eye on the country’s chemical weapons arsenal.

WMD’s aside, what this is really about for Israel is the Golan Heights
“The Golan holds tremendous strategic importance for Israel, both as a territorial buffer that protects northern Israel, including the Sea of Galilee, and as a key water source.”

 If Israel is “forced to intervene” they will just have to clear the Golan Heights issue up once and for all.

If Israel attacks from the South and Turkey attacks from the North....

Mavi Marmara

But wait just one minute. Israel and Turkey would never work together. Why, they are very angry with one another!!!! You know the Mavi Marmara incident?

Well what if Israel apologized?

I had speculated previously that if Israel issues some sort of an apology to Turkey over the Mavi Marmara stage show this would be a signal that an attack on Syria is imminent  

So this is interesting- US-Pakistan apology may yield Israel-Turkey detente
Gov't official: Israel ready for rapprochement after US apology to Pakistan over accidental killing of soldiers sets precedent.
On Monday, Netanyahu met in his office an eight-member team of senior Turkish journalists in a high-profile attempt to break the ice between Israel and Turkey.

Israel today is in a mood to compromise. The recent inclusion of Kadima Party in the ruling coalition marginalizes "hardliners" like Lieberman.(Wasn't it convenient that the Israeli government had it's brief meltdown? Splitting the Kadima Party and giving Likud a tiny majority) Netanyahu himself was never in two minds that rapprochement with Turkey was in Israel's interests.( Only four Kadima members were necessary to accomplish this feat.)
Digression and clarification- Netanyahu managed to initially win over only four Kadima Party lawmakers, leaving him with a relatively fragile majority at first, from my reading presently,  it looks as if that has gotten up to seven Kadima Party lawmakers on board. Goodbye Lieberman. Your influence is done.

The second factor is of course the upheaval in Syria. The alienation from Turkey hurts Israel and accentuates its regional isolation and limits its options on the ground to be proactive despite Israel's unquestionable military superiority over Syria.

 The short point is that closest possible cooperation with Turkey at the level of the military and intelligence is needed to optimally handle the fallouts.

The Israeli statement following Netanyahu's meeting with the Turkish media personalities quoted him as saying:

    "Turkey and Israel are two important, strong and stable countries in this region, which is very turbulent and unstable. The Turkish people and the Jewish people have had a long relationship. Turkey and Israel have had a long relationship. We have to keep looking for ways to restart the relationship we had because I think it is important for which of our countries, and it is particularly important now for the stability of this region at this time."
Netanyahu told the Turkish journalists: "Since I believe in a common interest, both Israel and Turkey should do as much as they can to restore their relationship. We would like to restore our relations again and both countries are looking for opportunities to do so."

I will reiterate. When Israel apologizes to Turkey. They will jointly attack Syria sometime afterwards
This is theatre for the masses. It will play via the media as a really big deal. A huge rift sealed
Israel and Turkey kiss and make up. Wowee!

As phoney as a wooden nickel. Israel and Turkey have been colluding against Syria for a very long time now.  The apology will be the catalyst to kick off the attack. Don’t be surprised if it is all done in the spirit of “global brotherhood” with the Olympics as the background.

As Pope Benedict said  

“I pray that, in the spirit of the Olympic Truce, the goodwill generated by this international sporting event may bear fruit, promoting peace and reconciliation throughout the world”

Wouldn’t peace and reconciliation between Turkey and Israel be so swell for the global community? The dynamic duo (Keeping on with the batman theme)  could then take on the dastardly Syrian government. Besides “war is peace”, right? Humanitarian intervention and all.


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    I don't know of one video that can summarize all that has gone one with Syria.
    If anyone else does???
    Leave a link

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  2. Left links at youe previous post sistr..then more at nakedfacts as well todays

  3. Dear Penny,
    Thanks alot for your concern.
    I was too late Due to the acceleration episodes in Syria, also to the power outages for several hours per day!! So I'm sorry for that.
    I'll tell you what's happening here inside the cities of Syria, especially in Damascus and now in Aleppo:
    As you know that the demonstrations were in some areas and outskirts of each city. Now:
    1- The FSA battalions making themselves the heroes who will come to these areas to liberalization it, and to protect the people from the Shabiha and the security forces. Then to liberalization the city!!
    2- They usually start making all kinds of vandalism to scare the residents (who will be inside their homes, closing all the shutters, and can't know what's going outside. While the others will migrate to other areas) by using bombs, sound bombs, shooting intensely.. etc. Just to let them believe that the other side who's making that.
    3- Starting clashes with the security forces, and attacking security centers. Then Setting up their barriers, and declaring that the area is now under their control. Which gives the green light to the Syrian Army to move against them.
    4- The result: the FSA will loose hundreds of his members, and EACH TIME announces his tactical withdrawal from the area to save people's life!!! O_o.
    That's what happend in Al-Maidan, Rukn Al-Din, Al-Mazzeh, Barzeh, Al-Qabon, Al-Qadam and in some other areas of Damascus. And ONLY in 2 areas of Aleppo until now (Scary and dangerous situation here at this moment in some areas .. nothing has been resolved yet, it's a real war).
    The question here: while all of us here in Syria know that the Syrian Army have the green light to Bomb the FSA centers, and the goverment warns the residents to evacuate the building before a week of entering the Syrian Army, or to report on the whereabouts of militants by calling the number 130 to save their buildings from bombing. So why do the rebels always makes their centers inside the civilian buildings, why to hide inside it? fighting between the people, putting their lives under risk. Hundreds of refugees, hundreds have lost their lives, their homes, stores & factories... etc.
    Even if it was a kind of guerrilla warfare, but it's really dirty way to do that.
    In another word: where's FSA there's a destroy.
    Can you believe that the rebels said: "we know that no area can be under our control for a long time because the weapons of the Syrian Army is better than ours!!!"
    For that reason, some of the residents in Aleppo are helping the Syrian Army & the security forces by guiding them to the whereabouts of those rebels, or even in fighting them.
    In my area there's nothing until now (Thanks For GOD), we're waiting here to know what will happen in the few coming days, especially after the great support from the US to the rebels to get Aleppo to their side, which is the most important card of this game.
    * Notice: The FSA which came to Aleppo is the UNITED OF ALL THE BATTALIONS of Aleppo's rural. In addition to other battalions from other areas, Arab members.. etc. Under the name "Liwa' Al-Tawhid" (Unification Brigade), which is the greatest number of the FSA until now.
    That means they're not from the city, they're Salafists. In this video you can see their flag, which is different than the revolutionary one.
    Really, nobody here want this kind of people. We want to see them killed, even after the fall of the regime. We don't want them.

    GOD Protect Syria.

    1. so basically FSA is lying...that should be easy to expose....esp with their support by Turkey saudi USrael

  4. Thanks so much for all that information Tozz
    It seems you do think the Syrian government will fall?
    It is that bad there then?
    It leaves me feeling heavy hearted to read that so many people are suffering.

    " Hundreds of refugees, hundreds have lost their lives, their homes, stores & factories... etc."

    This is why I despise war as much as I do. It accomplishes nothing except for a few powerful individuals and makes arms dealers rich.

    " So why do the rebels always makes their centers inside the civilian buildings, why to hide inside it?"

    The rebels have used this tactic from the beginning.
    I recall that making that point repeatedly when Marie Colvin was killed by IED, which means the terrorist crowd killed her.

    I watched the video and yes, I see what you mean about the flag
    So these are the salafists? This can't be good.
    From what I understand the Salafists go between Jordan and Israel, I recall they were involved in killing a young Italian aid worker who had gone to Gaza to help the Palestinians
    The salafists undertook the dirty work on behalf of Israel
    I can understand why you and the other Syrians would not want these types of people in Syria, It does not seem they can be trusted at all

    I hope for your safety Tozz. And the safety of your family.
    For you and all the peace loving Syrians, I hope God does protect Syria.

    Stay safe. If you can safely let us all know what is ongoing please do :)

    1. Sure Penny I'll bring you the updates of the news if it not false. I'm checking up the News Networks of each area in Aleppo, but until this moment nobody can know what's happening exactly. Only I can hear the Bombardment sounds right now.
      About those people in the video, yes they're a kind of Salafists & Sufis and other kinds of the bad Religious doctrines.
      I don't know, but I feel that the regime will fall. Also Because US talked about the Syrian chemical weapons, so I think that the rebels will use a chemical weapons which they've got from Libya in a new crime. Then as usual say: the regime who was behind it, to take of an important step against him in the next period. Who knows.. Maybe.
      Big Thanks for your kindness.

    2. Women in Aleppo are yelling from their windows to the Syrian Military to show them where the FSA/rebels/terrorists are hiding.
      the syrian army has he support of the syrian people

    3. Hello Tozz:
      Sorry I haven't been able to get back to you sooner

      Also Because US talked about the Syrian chemical weapons, so I think that the rebels will use a chemical weapons which they've got from Libya in a new crime.

      From where I am sitting so very far away from all this madness and mayhem, it would seem the rebels/fsa will attempt to use chemical weapons to blame Assad.

      Yes, there is news on chemical weapons that had come out of Libya...No doubt along with so many of the FSA fighters that were brought in from Libya, Pakistan Tunisia etc.,

      If you come back you can check here

      There is a good write up on the potential for this to happen.

      The western media has been howling about a "massacre" for the past couple of days.

      It seems the best that can be done is make sure the military is aware of the where abouts of the FSA and hopefully then can prevent any chemical weapons from being used.

      This could, hopefully, prevent a great loss of life, particularly of innocent persons?!

      I hope.

      Stay safe Tozz.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. "This could, hopefully, prevent a great loss of life, particularly of innocent persons?!"
      Really That's what we hope.
      Thank you for the link, I'll read the article now

  5. COMMANDER OF AFGHANISTAN ADMITS US ,ZIONIST TURKEY,QATAR,SAUDIS ARMED REBELS... UK ‘may be drawn into Syria action’ also see links I ledt in your post not todays...ur prior post..

  6. President Obama, a leader who lies continually, more of a Hollywood actor, spin doctoring ideals but his actions are opposing that very logic – actions speaks louder than words. He belittles his own citizens without remorse and is not an ideal symbol for global peace and democracy as planned by those who placed him in power; in fact he is the most dubious and sly figure in politics today, but that is just my observation based on fact. One can just see the current election race, is a comical, childish and two party money game. It is embracing, far from democratic or responsible.

    When US President Obama uttered scripted words, the "depths of depravity" regarding Syrian security operations in Aleppo, he, Clinton and the script writers did this with the true belief that Americans primarily , are ignorant, ill informed and disinterested in the realities or the truth, and will gladly allow the forced Western foreign policy to once again prey on their emotions and good intentions selling yet another destructive, self-serving military intervention as they pre-planned and orchestrated with the citizens tax money, i.e. already spent funding that will need justified.

    The world knows US foreign policy is twofold, military might and threat, and buy-in, in shot take our pay off or we will use force – A MO Mafioso mentality Chicago style, aptly the city of discontent and civil disorder with the rule of the gun and epic crime. All one can see form the Bush administration in way of change is extrajudicial imprisonment (Cuba, Kosovo, etc) to keeping that going and adding extrajudicial Killing, the little black book and drone strikes; not a great step forward to gaining trust, respect or mitigating threat to the citizen of the world - Terror besets terror, a very human response!

    Yet again when the US is tarnished with murder and a clear act of domestic terrorism, and it’s dealing is hypocritical to the hilt; the case of James Holmes, mass shooting of women children, house rigged explosive devices and postal package attacks is not reported as an act of terrorism, rather ‘Shooting’ or ‘tragedy’. I guess white, middle class, educated and eyes-on (Global) must be a factor, or the US is unable to accept and the Country is in full denial. To be fair, the Mayor of Colorado did state this was an act of terrorism, and since his remark, he has been silenced.
    It may control the world with force, and buy-in its needs, but this does not make a Country great, or is a path to symbolize democracy, it is a route to self destruction…

    1. I appreciate your sentiments - I really do. You sound like a sound, intelligent person in terms of your world view.

      But to say that MOST (primarily) Americans can discern this bullshit . . . is incorrect. Look at the supposedly intelligent Americans - mainstream ones, ones that you actually KNOW, I am not talking of ones given to us by the media - and you will see people buying lies hook, line and sinker all over the place. They all believe the right/left paradigm, the democracy and checks and balances to some degree . . . it's all a string of lies that they MOSTLY believe.

      Protect yourself, prepare yourself. Keep your friends informed, and frankly . . . don't preach to to the ones who won't listen. Seriously. Sounds bad, but . . . I have learned over time it's a waste of effort.

    2. "It may control the world with force, and buy-in its needs, but this does not make a Country great, or is a path to symbolize democracy, it is a route to self destruction…"

      that is worth reiterating

    3. Slozo-hey! I hope you saw the post on the RCMP's new tanks to crush the people?

      Also way back there was an interview with Clint Richardson
      You had some questions, well, he stopped by and answered them. Left some links. I will dig them up and post them in the latest post, in the comment section.
      I was surprised?!

  7. USA all the Way! We are freeing the world from oppression, removing all the bad with God and liberty.

    1. If your not being facetious? Which I am not sure.
      Then the opinion expressed is very indicative of a mind with well managed corporate media perception.
      And that is a problem for us all

  8. Out in the no more need to "prove" the opposition is being aided.
    • Syria, Turkey: Turkey has set up a secret base with allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar to direct vital military and communications aid to Syria's rebels from a city near the border, Gulf sources have told Reuters. News of the clandestine Middle East-run "nerve centre" working to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad underlines the extent to which Western powers - who played a key role in unseating Muammar Gadhafi in Libya - have avoided militaryinvolvement so far in Syria. "The Americans are very hands-off on this. U.S. intel(ligence) are working through middlemen. Middlemen arecontrolling access to weapons and routes." It si in Adana, which also hosues Incirlik, a large Turkish/U.S. air forcebase which Washington has used in the past for reconnaissance and military logistics operations. It was not clear from the sources whether the anti-Syrian "nerve centre" was located inside Incirlik base or in the city of Adana.

    When the FS is about to get pounded:
    Syria Pounds Rebel-Held Areas as U.S. Warns of ‘Massacre.’ Syrian troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad clashed with rebels in Aleppo today as the U.S. warned of an impending “massacre” in Syria’s largest city. Reports have it that Assad forces trapped them in city center.

    All comports with the "aggressive" new Saudi intel Chief Bandar

    1. Thanks anonymous-
      Yes it does all tie in with the new Saudi intel Chief/Thief? Bandar Bush

      The CIA's man in Saudi Arabia

      Sheesh! It gets uglier and uglier

  9. While Russia seeks a naval base next to Gitmo
    Russia Seeks Naval Supply Bases in Cold War Allies Cuba, Vietnam. Russia is in talks to set up naval bases in former Cold War allies Cuba and Vietnam as President Vladimir Putin undertakes the country’s biggest military overhaul since the Soviet era. Vietnam will allow Russia to set up a ship maintenance base at its port of Cam Ranh, Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang said on Friday.

  10. Hi Penny

    Hope all is well with you, oh and don't breath so loud :-)

    I came across this today, first person account from inside Syria,

    Diary form Damascus John Wreford on Juan Cole's informed comments

    May I also say thank you Tozz for your information. Please stay safe. Your life and welbeing of yourself and your family is far more important. Always remember that.



    1. Well that is what happens when you running as fast as you can, you get all winded! ;)

      I started to read that but will get back to it

    2. Big Thanks for your feelings Anonymous. Really I don't know what to say. You are great people.
      God Bless All Of You.

  11. Penny, you have some knowledgeable and intelligent commenters, I'd like to ask both your and their opinions on this from comments at my place -
    mt, remember I said to you there is the possibility the bilderberserkers could dump Israel in favour of the MosBro hoods?
    Inciting violence shi'ite v. sunni in Pak.
    Sunni AQ causing deaths daily in Iraq.
    CIA asset Jibril in Libya setting up a sunni islamic coalition.
    Possibility of Saudi getting nukes.
    Your ideas my friend?

    The whole plot was definitely control of the M.E. and its resources/money.
    This has now seriously deteriorated because of the many factions involved.
    Originally they didn't think about the Sunni/Shia problem but when they invited the Gulf states to finance and support the Libyan fake "rebellion", they didn't know the Salafists were chomping at the bit to liquidate M.G.'s moderate brand of Islam which was a very big thorn in their asses.
    They also thought the Egyptian military could handle the "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood. This will not last very long and we already see the terrorist acts against the pipelines.
    The Pakistani Sunni/Shia problem was also created by one of the "friends" of the US, Zia.
    Since Colonel Ralph Peters started writing about the new map, representing reality on the ground in the oil rich countries, the Pentagon and Oil companies started plotting against that reality.
    Now we have following contradictions:
    The Gulf countries support extremist Sunni Islam and by doing so they risk destabilizing the whole M.E. and N.A. This will have an added element that those extremist new leaders will go after Israël.

    Those destabilized Gulf countries will be easy pickings for the Shia factions in their countries, much bigger than advertised.
    This aggravates the situation and will oblige the West to interfere everywhere in the Gulf.
    Iraq will come out as Shia champion with Iran, one more nightmare for the West.
    Iran plus Iraq can create a massive problem for the West.
    Russia and China will support Iran and Iraq and will help control the oil prices which have to shoot to the sky. I guess China will have preferential treatment from Iran and Iraq, they already have a huge discount from Iran.
    Egypt will turn extreme islamist and will create a serious problem for Israël.
    N.A. will turn extreme Islamist and will create a new terrorist Islamic block.
    Syria looks like an unending battle because if the West and the Gulf countries stop their lunacy the Shia world will feel vindicated and will become more agressive, which they never were before.

    All in all the Shia populations are better educated and more civilized than the Sunni populations. They nearly always are the elite of the Islamic countries in which they live.
    If they turn agressive and terrorist the problem will be magnified.

    My Conclusion:
    - The US and Europe have no clue what they are doing
    - Bilderbeserkers have opened Pandora's box but cannot control it anymore.
    - Oil prices to the sky and ruining more Western economies
    - Israël drowning in beards and facing also a Shia front
    - Total unexpected chaos from Morocco to the Indian/Pakistani border, feeding ground for terrorism included and magnified.
    - Major war and nuclear confrontation expected in the M.E. and N.A.
    - Turkey torn apart between Kurds, Alaouites and Sunni extremists.
    I hope the Turkish military eliminate their extremists and calm the area, if not Turkey will be drawn into the chaos and they lose Kurdistan.
    - Result for the West: total bankruptcy and bloodbath amongst the banksters, real blood, not symbolic.
    - Euro and Europe demolished and cancelled.

    1. Clothcap: check the latest post out, I am moving you inquiry to the latest, hoping you will get some additional input

  12. oh, oh some good comments!
    I will be back later today.
    Sorry for my late responses and all.
    Life, what are you going to do?
    Clothcap: much to think about with that one.
    I am going to move it up to the newest post so others see it too

  13. Alex Thomson is in Syria for the British Channel 4. He put up a Q&A at his blog. Some excerpts:

    What will happen in Aleppo?
    Probably what happened in Damascus – the rebels will lose.
    But the rebels look to be doing well on TV?

    That’s because they are winning the propaganda war better than the real war.
    But why is the Syrian army shelling its own people?

    You could just as easily ask why are the rebels using the Syrian people as human shields? It’s a dirty civil war and the rebels sometimes choose to fight in residential areas.
    So what do Syrians want?

    Hard to tell. But for sure this is not Egypt – there are no Tahrir Squares or vast protests against the regime.

    There is no discernible sign in any of the big cities – Homs, Aleppo and Damascus for example,that the people even wish to rise up against the regime.

  14. Hi Tozz

    It is August 01 today.
    Maybe it is already August 2 in Syria?
    I saw some ugly news today out of Aleppo, the rebels executing ordinary people. All men.

    There was a woman who attended University in Aleppo who had done a brief interview with the Russian press-
    She described conditions in Aleppo also
    Much like you have.
    I should have saved the link.
    Anyway.... I am hoping you and your loved ones are safe?
    And if you can update us all here. I am quite certain I am not the only one wondering if you are well.

    I know your comments have gone over to another bloggers place- Clothcaps, he cut and paste them over there..

    Anyway,, we here are thinking about you and hoping you are as well as can be

    1. Hello Penny
      I was too late this time because there was no telecommunications in Aleppo last days for security reasons.

      I'll put my comment in your article "The "impending massacre" meme precedes yet another UN Security Council meeting".
      Thank you so much. I'm safe :)