Tuesday, July 31, 2012

James Holmes: Dr Jimmy or Mr Jim ?

The man and the contradictions.
The brilliant student. Recipient of NIH grant given to outstanding neuroscientists
Or tormented psychiatric patient?
Or, something else entirely? Thanks Marie! Don't miss the priceless little audio clip there.

 Dr. Jimmy or Mr Jim?


  1. What I don't get is the inability or defiance of the US to call this an act of terror, or domestic terrorism. The guy shot men, women, children, rigged a house bomb(s), well 30 devices, send post packages (Still undisclosed, but possibly poison).

    Is it because he was white, middle class, educated, democrat, christian? Or is it because that does not belong in the US, terrorists are only outside?

    OK, I will back track, on man did say this was an act of terror, the Mayor of Colorado, "An act of Terror" on prime time, the next day Obama was there making his speech. In a nut shell, it's about the victims, granted they need the solidarity, but it is about the 'Shooter' (Although he is also a bomber) and why he did this, or was this more than one? After this event the Mayor fell silent, the words 'Terror' was removed from his vocabulary - Yes, he was silenced and for stating the truth.

    Is something wrong with the culture, the same day 30 gun deaths occurred, 12 of which were attributed to Holmes, but is this race/creed and gang violence V 'What just happened, this is 'irregular'. In other words the 30+ a day shootings are permitted, accepted, part of issues in many cities, Chicago being one of the most evident. However this event is far different, out of the norm.

    The kicker is that agencies knew he was plotting, but more than likely looking for linkage, assessing his possible targets, more than sure based on something more high profile.

    So is this an aided act of terror, not by endorsing but by investigating links.

    go to any US blog, with US participants, if you mention he was a terrorist, no one will engage, if you highlight some facts that show variation in the act, no one will engage. If you mention he was mentally unstable, everyone will engage, so to promote that fact, others for closure, other to vent. Not one is willing to accept any other ground, more so the one of and act of terror...

  2. This seems the most likely reason

    "Or is it because that does not belong in the US, terrorists are only outside?"

    It pretty obvious the shooter(s) terrorized the people in the theatre.

    And yes,it seems there were more then 1 and Mr Holmes is the fall guy.

    The mentally unstable narrative is coming at us via the msm, so it is no surprise that is what people are gravitating towards

    But was he?
    The fact that he was capable of garnering such a prestigious grant???
    That indicates otherwise.

  3. Operation Gladio - Strategy of Tension - similar to shootings in Belgium supermarket.

    - Aangirfan

  4. VIDEO-THE SYRIA CONSPIRACY THE FINAL NAILS IN THE CONSPIRATORS COFFINS http://thenakedfacts.blogspot.co m/2012/07/video-syria-conspiracy-final-nails-in.html?m=1

  5. I knew this post would not gain attention, Like I said, it is a no-go area, under the carpet, sweet it away! go on any site/group/Blog/Chat, be it FB/Twitter/LinkedIn, mention US and this or economics,a Bully Nation and it fall's silent.