Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Manaf Tlass "speaks". Maybe?

This reminds me of the email that Josh Landis put up on his blog. The one the Guardian wouldn't publish.
You know the email alleged to be from Manaf Tlass?
Now we have a "statement" That's right. A statement. It is alleged that Manaf Tlass sent a statement to AP?

"I sincerely hope that the blood stops flowing and that the country emerges from the crisis through a phase of constructive transition that guarantees Syria its unity, stability and security, as well as the aspirations of its people," he said in the statement.
"I am ready like any other Syrian, with no other ambition, to fulfill my civic duty to contribute to a better future for my country, as much as I can, and like all those... who have already made many sacrifices," he said.
Did he actually write or express any of the words/thoughts above? In the statement sent to AP.
That could have come from anyone. Anywhere.

"I cannot but express my anger and pain at seeing the army pushed to carry out a fight that is against its principles, a fight directed by6 security forces and in which the people, including the soldiers, are the victims," he said.
"When I took a position and refused to take part in the security action, I was isolated, accused and even labeled a traitor," he said.
"But my conscience, my deep conviction, pushed me to challenge this destructive action and to distance myself."
He is believed to be in Paris. Believed. By who?
You may recall the NYT's was questioning the absence of the golden boy
Absence of Manaf Tlass raises questions
 "On Wednesday the Foreign Ministry had to concede it did not know his whereabouts."

You may recall the much ballyhooed defection on July 5/2012?

The Alleged Defection of Manaf Tlas(s)

  "Strawberry fields, where nothing is real"


"living is easy with eyes closed

misunderstanding all you see"


  1. Manaf Tlass?
    I don't know.
    At least we can enjoy an appropriate tune, as we make our way through the media version of strawberry fields.

  2. u saw fsa rebels video with saudi flag on my blog sister?

    1. I did NYS.
      Saw you have been super busy.
      And am glad you left the links too.
      Hope others check out your stuff?

  3. More priming for the Sinai campaign

    Chief of Israeli military intelligence Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi said Tuesday that the Israeli army has recently foiled more than 10 militant attacks planned to be launched from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

    The disclosure came during a briefing for the parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. Kochavi did not detail the groups who plotted to carry out the attacks or their nature.


  4. Speaking of Strawberry Fields . . .

    Have we been prepped for something big at the Olympics?

    Were prepped with the Munich and Atlanta attacks during previous Olympics? Were these low level psy ops meant to prepare us like the first World Trade Center attack? And now the Libyan Olympic Chief is abducted (by Israel?).

    Oh, and some people speculate that "iamaphoney", the person who supposedly made this interesting video on youtube, is actually Paul McCartney. In any case he predicts a big revelation re the Beatles in 2012.

    1. You forgot the Russian invasion of Georgia during the Beijing Olympics. And recall it was Israeli specops and drones that the Georgian mil was using as in the run-up.

  5. If the statement serves the purposes of the Empire, then you can know that their highly skilled and paid PR conspirators are the source of the statement.

    Just as it was in Yugoslavia, with the very evil spin doctors of the Hill & Knowlton and Ruder-Finn PR (propaganda psychological warfare) operatives and their numerous lies and manipulations via the globalist mass media.

    As the saying goes, "The song remains the same."

  6. 700 Jordanian Figures Condemn Premier's Statements on Foreign Intervention in Syria

    AMMAN, (SANA)- Hundreds of Jordanian figures condemned the statements made by Jordan's Prime Minister Fayez al-Tarawneh on international intervention in Syria, stressing support to the Syrian people and their national leadership in the face of the conspiracy hatched against Syria.

    Some 700 figures representing various Jordanian unionist, popular, parliamentary and national spectrums signed a statement proclaiming their stance in support of Syria in defending its people's unity and territorial integrity.

    The statement warned that the Jordanian premier's statement that dialogue in Syria will no longer avail in resolving the crisis in it means that Jordan has officially shifted to the rank of the powers conspiring against Syria.

    The statement reiterated the Jordanians' support to internal national dialogue in Syria as a means for achieving the economic, political and social reforms as this will safeguard Syria and its stance of resisting the Zionist-U.S. and Arab reactionist project.

    It affirmed that Jordan's higher national and pan-Arab interests regarding what is going on in Syria demand that the Jordanians call for a solution in Syria that is through a Syrian internal national dialogue.

    "We strongly reject an talk on foreign intervention in Syria under Chapter VII of the UN Charter," the statement added.


  7. Syrian security forces in full control of Damascus

    Syrian security forces are in full control of the capital, Damascus, following attempts by armed rebels to disrupt the security of the city, Press TV reports.

    Syrian government officials said late Tuesday that the situation in Damascus was under total control, rejecting claims by some media outlets that armed terrorists had captured parts of the capital.

    The Syrian forces have also clashed with terrorists in several other cities, including Idlib and Aleppo in the northwest of the country, causing heavy losses to the rebels.

    On Tuesday, two explosions rocked Damascus but no casualties were reported.

    Syria has been experiencing unrest ever since March 2011. Many people, including large numbers of security forces, have been killed in the turmoil.

    The Syrian government says ‘outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorists’ are behind the unrest while the opposition accuses the security forces of killing protesters.

  8. This is how Syrian army officers defect to the Turkey sponsored FSA terrorists group

  9. FYI this has been posted on Facebook: about getting Syrian army to desert:
    'The aim of this site is to wedge a campaign over the Internet for helping active service members of the Syrian Armed Forces today defect their active duty - with their heavy armed vehicles - tanks and a like, to any neighbouring country
    Contributions made into this initiative will help "Not My War!" delivering its simple message to members of the Syrian Armed Forces today: defect with your heavy weaponry to any neighbouring country whenever possible'
    the poster is HALA AL

    Hala Al
    Such an amazing heart touching link. What do you think? Are there people out there who can truly help out through this campaign? Please like and share the facebook group Not My War. And if you can find the time to read this it would be greatly appreciated: http://not-my-war.com/
    it was posted here:
    ive told HALA AL what i think...

  10. Pictures of Shahed a girl who was killed in clashes in ‪#Yemen‬ r being posted with claims that she was killed in ‪#Syria‬ pic.twitter.com/Ga9wbpji
    That's the original article that MasrawY an Egyptian page has taken the photos of the murdered child Shahed from http://www.alhadath-yemen.com/news13018.html ‪#Yemen‬

  11. those waging war on syria are called Salafists.,..they above all are what we mean by 'islamic terrorism', the basis of the US War On Terror, and now servants of USrael in their war on LIbya and Syria...here is a good over view of these sinster figures: in their quest for a pure Islam they turn to terrorism and murder

  12. ي ‏@An0naym0us
    Defense minsiter has been martyred, ‪#Syria‬-n TV has just confirmed it via @syriancommando