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Syria: Tremseh not what it seems. Jordan & refugee camps. Thwaiba Kanafani?

Interesting: Times of India

Some of the emerging details suggested that, rather than the outright bombing of civilians that the opposition has depicted, the violence in Tremseh may have been a lopsided fight between the army pursuing the opposition and activists and locals trying to defend the village. Nearly all of the dead are men, including dozens of armed rebels. (How many dozens?) The U.N. observers said the assault appeared to target specific homes of army defectors or opposition figures.
No outright bombing.Targeting specific homes. 

So why would the military target specific homes? Rebel homes? Homes that rebels have taken from residents who have been fleeing into Jordan this past week and longer?

The team also found evidence of artillery shells and mortars, which only government troops have, (?) as well as assault rifles, the staple of Syria's rebels.
The rebels have more then assault rifles. That is nonsense.

Early July it had been reported that "Refugees have flooded Jordan" with more "refugee camps" having been set up.

It makes sense , that like the so called "refugee camps " in Turkey these newly expanded refugee camps are fulfilling the same function. Fighters heading into Syria.

On Monday night nearly 1,000 Syrians sneaked across Jordan’s northern border with assistance from the "Free Syrian Army"

Were these really Syrians sneaking across the border? What had these people along with the FSA been doing in Syria.

Felix, remember the so called Canadian woman who joined the FSA.?

" she was spirited briefly across the border into Syria to record a call-to-arms video that has become a centrepiece of opposition propaganda. In it, she announces proudly that she has “come from Canada to answer the call of my homeland."

Or was she simply in Turkey?

By midday Thursday, Ms. Kanafani was expelled from the council because of suspicion over her motives. “I left them,” she said. “I am not working with them any more because they say I am an Israeli spy.”
The whole story is baloney! No mother, no real mother would leave her children behind for this kind of stuff.
The whole story is concoction. 

She was expelled. But, then she wasn't
Like I said in the comments previously, her whole profile seemed to begin with Linkedin. Which was recently hacked. It is most likely her profile was added at that time.

Red Cross ruling raises questions of Syrian war crimes

The Red Cross now views fighting in Syria as an internal armed conflict - a civil war in layman's terms - crossing a threshold experts say can help lay the ground for future prosecutions for war crimes.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is the guardian of the Geneva Conventions setting down the rules of war, and as such is considered a reference in qualifying when violence has evolved into an armed conflict.

The independent humanitarian agency had previously classed the violence in Syria as localized civil wars between government forces and armed opposition groups in three flashpoints - Homs, Hama and Idlib.
But hostilities have spread to other areas, leading the Swiss-based agency to conclude the fighting meets its threshold for an internal armed conflict and to inform the warring parties of its analysis and their obligations under law.

 Just in time for this latest "massacre"


  1. Busy times, but, I will be back
    Hope this is some stuff you all haven't seen?

  2. Thanks for the Kanafani update, Penny. It's a scream - reported in the National Post 12 July: An engineer by trade, she had been running her own consulting company, which helps construct solar energy systems, while also being a full-time mother to her six-year-old son, Omar, and three-year-old daughter, Gazal, she says.....Ms. Kanafani announced her decision via social media — surprising her husband, friends and most family members. “I just decided. I didn’t seek any permission from anybody,” she said. (good job her alleged husband checks Facebook....) What a load of nonsense.
    Followed by a similar story the next day to your Globe & Mail link: Toronto woman denies expulsion from Free Syrian Army. Whom does she work for?

  3. Linda Juniper ‏@LindaJuniper
    Ahmad ElShahat climbed 23floors to replace Israeli flag with the Egyptian, with little editing he became a Syrian rebel

    here is what really happened back in 2011

  4. NYT admits Syrian govt tells truth on Tremseh 'massacre'

    New details emerging Saturday about what local Syrian activists called a massacre of civilians near the central city of Hama indicated that it was more likely an uneven clash between the heavily armed Syrian military and local fighters bearing light weapons.
    A combination of videos, televised confessions of numerous captured fighters and reports from activists outside the area all indicated that a battle on Thursday between the military and local fighters in Tremseh, a village of 11,000 people about 22 miles northwest of the central city of Hama, resulted in a slaughter of rebel forces.
    Although what actually happened in Tremseh remains murky, the evidence available suggested that events on Thursday more closely followed the Syrian government account. But Syrian officials colored that account with their usual terminology of blaming “foreign terrorist gangs” for all violence. The government said the Syrian Army had inflicted “heavy losses” on the “terrorists.”

    NYT true to form writes this: 'But Syrian officials colored that account with their usual terminology of blaming “foreign terrorist gangs” for all violence. The government said the Syrian Army had inflicted “heavy losses” on the “terrorists.”'....'colored'? there are foreign terrorist gangs...theyve been reported, interviewed and admit they go to syria to fight Assad!...its the NYT doing the coloration...using white paint

    1. Brian,

      "Colored", in Empirical code book just simply means "strayed away from the official storyline"; i.e., "told the truth" - and we can't have that in these times of keeping the masses "informed" of only the very few select things that we want them to know, now can we?

      Trust them, they know what is best for us. ;)

  5. Thwaiba Kanafani is rejected by the "revolutionaries" she has supported and joined;

    The cleric says: "We are not responsible for any news you find anywhere but on our official page. As for that woman, we have no women in our phalanges, and we don't need women, we still have enough men. (...) We do not condone the way Thwaiba Kanafani was dressed. we do not object to women participating in our revolution, we welcome every effort, but these efforts must comply with Allah's Shariia."

    spoken like a true fundamentalist..what do the FUKUSA NATO UN Amnesty etc say about this!

  6. latest from AVAAZ fraud:
    Avaaz shared a link.
    Details of another massacre in Syria have flooded the news today with reports that well over 200 innocent people have been killed in a village just north of the city of Hama. We cannot just stand by and let this happen. India and the US can cut off the arms supply to Syria's brutal regime by threatening to boycott Syria’s main weapons supplier, Russian arms company Rosoboronexport. This financial pressure could end the massacres. Sign the petition below now and share this with everyone

  7. Very interesting, Brian.

    The petition sounds good, but I'm sorry I don't do Facebook or Twitter at all, being the CIA / NSA tools that they are designed to be.

    Blogger and Google are bad enough, but it only takes a tiny bit of common sense to figure out what the true purposes of FB and Twitter actually are. And I don't say this to be judgmental of anyone using them - just fair warning...that's all.

    Best of luck to you, though, and keep up the good work! :)

  8. See twitter feed from Dutch journalist Sander van Hoorn
    Sander van Hoorn ‏@svhoorn

    Impossible now to say how many civilians got killed in ‪#Tremseh‬ but at first sight (!!) it does not appear to be another Houla. ‪#Syria‬
    4:52 PM - 14 Jul 12 via Twitter for Mac ·

    8:54 AM - 14 Jul 12 via web ·

    Sander van Hoorn ‏@svhoorn
    @Alexblx Sure. I do read that too. I just tweet what I observed and what people told me.
    5:02 PM - 14 Jul 12 via Twitter for Mac

    Sander van Hoorn Sander van Hoorn ‏@svhoorn

    @evaBS That is what I observed. Shelling? Yes? People killed? Certainly. A massacre a la Houla? I did not see anything suggesting that

    >>So: Yes, there was fighting here. ‪#Tremseh‬ got shelled and a lot of people died. But I did not see clear signs of a massacre ‪#Syria‬ >>

    >>There are rumors about ambulances removing bodies. Nobody said anything to me about that, even when my questioning was leading >>

    I was taken to a graveyard. I counted 30 graves. A man told me some 40 ppl were buried here. I did not see a mass grave. >>

    However, I was shown a lot of AK74 shells, only proving shots were fired from within the town. Not clear by whom since both sides use them>>

    >>Some people told me about gangs from neighboring Alawite villages. Others just talked about the Syrian Army. No signs of FSA-presence>>

    >> Where blood could be seen, I also saw impact holes of artillery. People talked about execution stile killings. Saw no traces. >>

    >> Damage on clusters of houses by shelling from multiple sides. School, used as refugee shelter, also hit. Remarkable lack of blood >>

    Some observations after my afternoon visit to ‪#Tremseh‬, ‪#Syria‬. Clear marks of intensive shelling. People died here. No signs of massacre >>

    Entering ‪#tremseh‬, ‪#syria‬ ‪#syrie‬

    Compare with this crap from the Guardian:
    Martin Chulov ‏@martinchulov

    ‪#Tremseh‬ witnesses said many bodies burned & others taking away by attackers. ‪#Syria‬
    8:54 AM - 14 Jul 12

    Martin Chulov ‏@martinchulov

    Spoke to 2 ‪#Tremseh‬ residents present during massacre. They said some attacking soldiers tried to defect & were executed ‪#Syria‬

    Cosmo Shield ‏@CosmoShield

    @martinchulov hi Martin, cld u email me if u can do a BBC radio interview about Tremseh?

    10:18 AM - 14 Jul 12 via web

    I doubt the BBC will want an interview with van Hoorn. Stand by for personal attacks on him.

  9. Hiba Kelanee
    This excellent report on the Syrian TV al Dounia doesn't only prove that the opposition has made falsefied claims about a "massacre committed against civilians in Tremseh" by the Syrian army and the "Shabiha", but also proves that alJazeera Arabic TV channel tried to CONCEAL the fact that there were "FSA" militants in the area and the fact that the dead bodies paraded by the opposition belong to young fighters whose bearded faces were sdisguised by alJazeera!!.

  10. On and Off Topic -

    The 'ante' is officially up! The CYBC reported several things yesterday, all quite telling stuff...

    -Apparently a Syrian bound tanker 'disappeared from radar screens' off the east coast of Cyprus on Friday,

    - Four F-16 Turkish fighters flew over then landed on the north sides illegal airbase, in their usual provocation, due to the upcoming 'celebrations of the Turkish invasion',

    -A 24 year old Lebanese Hezbollah member, holding a Swedish passport, was arrested after being 'tailed' for a week as he followed Jewish tourists around the island in preparations for a terrorist attack on Cypriot soil - which sent major alarm bells ringing everywhere! Police apparently tipped-off by Mossad and the US state dept.

    -The hapless President yesterday was quoted as complaining about the UK and the US involvement in Cypriot politics

    -The Troika are upset at him for accepting a loan 'rescue plan' from the Russians and China instead of waiting for an EU decision.

    -Today we hear conflicting reports yet again about what exactly happened in Tremseh, and just now another huge bomb blast in Damascus, just as our dear friend Hilary makes her way over to Israel after her meeting with the Muslim Bortherhood in Egypt.

    What a busy weekend huh?


  11. The story keeps changing about the so called massacar in Tremseh.
    The latest is coming from Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdesi who said that only 36 people were killed in the village. He criticised Annan's biased report to UN.
    Makdesi said reports about sending 150 Syrian army tanks to Tremseh is crazy. The town is only one Kilometer,

  12. All of the big western media war pigs are singing the same song today.

    The Red Cross says Syria is in a civil war.
    New rules apply.
    War crimes charges to anyone who kills civilians.
    All western media war pigs say Assad kills civilians.

    The noose tightens as corrupt western NGO's sing in perfect harmony with their media cousins.

  13. Protesters threw tomatoes and shoes at US secretary of state Hillary Clinton's motorcade on Sunday during her first visit to Egypt since the election of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

    A tomato struck an Egyptian official in the face, and shoes and a water bottle landed near the armoured cars carrying Clinton's delegation in the port city of Alexandria.

    A senior state department official said that neither Clinton nor her vehicle, which were around the corner from the incident, were struck by any of the projectiles.

    And from Libya ..
    The Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, was paid up to 15 million pounds by Colonel Gaddafi's regime to 'buy his silence' for not revealing the name of the culprit who blew up a passenger jet over the Scottish town. According to The Daily Express, outgoing Libyan leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil revealed this Gaddafi regime truth. He said Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi was paid 150,000 euros a month, which comes to 14.6 million pounds from his arrest in 1999 to his release in 2009. Jalil denied saying that Gaddafi had personally ordered the bombing, adding: "All I said is that the regime was involved." Jalil also suggested Gaddafi blew up a Libyan passenger jet in 1992, killing 157 people, including one Briton, to frame the West.

    Now that Berlusconi is talking about making a return how long before another Wiki dump or the headlines start to scream bunga bunga....3 2 1

    Russia/Saudi split opening/emerging...

    Saudi Arabia on Saturday condemned comments by Russia’s human rights envoy on the situation in the kingdom as “hostile” and an unjustified interference in the kingdom’s internal affairs, the Saudi state news agency (SPA) reported. The agency said the government of Saudi Arabia condemned such comments as “hostile”. “The kingdom hopes that this strange comment was not intended to divert attention from the savage and ugly massacres that the Syrian regime is practising against its own people with support and backing from known parties that are obstructing any honest effort to end the bloodshed of the Syrian people.”

    1. Ahhhh, so now tomatoes, shoes and water bottles are "projectiles"?? Now THAT is Pulitzer prize winning reporting there, isn't it??? LOL

      I suppose of the tomatoes were grown in soil that was contaminated with DDT and pesticides, they could then be considered "weapons of mass destruction", eh???

      I might consider paying a decent bounty to someone who nails Hillary or Soros with a big juicy "projectile", but then again, that could be "conspiracy to incite a global food fight" or scratch that. :)

      I never liked tomatoes much anyway, but I could learn to love them if I start seeing globalist criminals getting blasted with them on a regular basis!! LOL.

  14. Bays of Al-Jazeera gets defector Nawaf Fares into the studio - trying to make a lot of it. Nawaf Fares: 'The Syrian regime is dead' What a load of nonsense. 24 minutes of it. (don't plough through it) Who's ever heard of him? Well, at least he exists, unlike Manaf Tlas.

    1. Oh, he defected in Doha, Qatar...he can serve all his people from the Gulf area....perhaps he can drop by and say hi to Moussa Koussa. Perp James Bays doesn't seem interested in the no-show of Tlass. On second thoughts, perhaps watch it through.

  15. Must read: Mother Agnes report on syria: includes some local testimonies and tells of popular committees to combat the insurgents

    1. Thanks Brian!

      This is really an amazing piece of work, and it is so great that this person has made the time and effort to write such an accurate, fair and thorough report of what she is seeing - because she is THERE.

      We can only hope that a great many people will make the time to read this excellent piece she has written - because, as I'm sure you know, people these days are rather deficient in both the attention span and intelligence to actually READ and understand what she is saying in such an articulate and compelling way.

      This is exactly the kind of thing that we should be getting from "journalists", if there were any real ones left, that is. Well, in fairness, I do know of ONE such person - and that is Scott Taylor up in the Great White North, eh. I think I will send him a copy of this, as I think he will find it very interesting and informative.

    2. Brian, a commenter on my blog wrote in response to your link -
      "The source of this misinformation campaign can be traced back almost exclusively to the controversial figure of Mother Agnes Mary of the Cross, head of the Catholic Media Center in Damascus. Mother Agnes maintains close ties to the Assad and Makhlouf families who use the Catholic Media Center to organize press events and trips to Syria for a handpicked group of European journalists from the “Reseau Voltaire” media group. Several independent media sources in Syria have accused Mother Agnes of feeding her guest reporters distorted facts and fake testimonies for the sole purpose of tarnishing the opposition's image.
      Her credibility is further put in question by her statements at a press conference organized in November 2011, published on the website of the French newspaper “Le Monde.” Mother Agnes confessed that her information came from Syrian intelligence officers who escorted her and her foreign guest reporters during their travels inside Syria."

      I hadn't heard of Mother Agnes Mary before today. Do you think she can be taken as a reliable witness?

    3. clothcap:

      apologies for you comments sitting in the spam folder??
      That is a google thing, not mine.
      Sorry anyway.

      As for Mother Agnes and her claims of Christians being ethnically cleansed???

      They have been. I have covered that myself. There have been main stream reports on it.

      And the syrianwoman assumes the destabilization is legitimate.......

      espousing a non-existent unity amongst religious groups and ethnicities, when there is none.
      The christians are terrified, the alawites scared, the Kurds, don't trust the muslim brotherhood and why would they?

      The syrianwoman is not credible

    4. Clothcap:

      not sure how to sign in over at your place?

      Ok regarding ethnically cleansed christians

      You gotta love the Israeli media spin on that one!

      topic covered again here

      We are going to look at that once again: Syrian Islamist opposition casts out Christians

      The Christian minority in Syria is facing a growing threat and thousands are being forced to flee their homes as they face harassment and discrimination from radial Islamist factions of the opposition.

      At least 9,000 Christians from the western Syrian city of Qusayr were forced to seek refuge after an ultimatum from a local military chief of the armed opposition, Abdel Salam Harba, Fides news agency reports.

      In the latest outburst of violence a Christian man was shot dead by a sniper in Qusayr, which neighbors the restive city of Homs.

      There have been reports last week that some mosques in the city have announced from the minarets: "Christians must leave Qusayr within six days, which expires this Friday."

      As for the Kurds?
      The most recent one....

      It is a mistake to think that Syrian Kurds are eschewing the SNC because of uncertainty about the future. On the contrary, like Christian and Alawite groups, most are clearly aware of their political prospects under a Muslim Brotherhood-SNC influenced, post-Assad government.

      Repercussions of regime change on minority groups in the Middle East and the particular fallout from the revolts in Egypt and Tunisia have confirmed these fears. Sectarian conflict in Iraq is another clear reminder for Syrian minority groups of what is likely to emerge in a post-Assad state.

      Therefore there is no unity amongst Syrians about the Muslim brotherhood destabilization backed by Turkey/NATO and the GCC lackies

      The religious minorities will be abused, killed whatever under these thugs

      See Libya for that.

      So the claims made by Syrian woman if she really is?
      are nonsense. There has been, what I would call, a concerted effort to silence individuals and groups pointing out the ethnic cleansing that has been on going for obvious reasons

    5. clothcap....whos your commentator? i ignore anonymopus peope..... id trust Mother Agnes(a known person_) over that person any day of the week. And reports of ousting of christians who flee TO the govt areas is now common.

      Mother Agnes has been commenting on events in syria for ages:
      i first heard her here:
      here you can learn about her:

      your commentator...doesnt interest me..clearly a FSA(Fanatic Salafist Army) supporter

    6. Based on what I've seen so far, loads of life experience and a pretty fair amount of common sense, I think I'd have to agree with Brian on this one.

      I don't inherently trust ANYONE, but if you compare the two sources in this case, the answer seems fairly obvious.

      The FSA and their supporters are no friends of any Christian, or anyone other than extremely fanatical jihadist Muslims - which I actually think is a huge insult to Muslims, being that they are really nothing more than murderous savages and lunatics, who are being propped up by the CIA and other intel agencies, who all have their own sinister, ulterior motives regarding the destabilization and violence they are causing in Syria.

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    1. hey clothcap, I deleted your identical comment
      Hope the above links help?

    2. Hi Penny, I got service unavailable when I tried to send it first time. I retried 10 mins later hence the duplicate.

      Thanks for the response, I'll go through it and put something.

      MyT, if you have a disqus login you can use that otherwise you have to register and confirm by email.

      As a blog site it is quite restrictive. Considering the paper is owned by Barclays Bros they've been fairly tolerant of my witterings that are frequently anti bankster, anti establishment oriented. However they removed the ability to copy comments to facebook etc and the comments are hidden from search engines.

      You have some good commenters here, Brian I know of from the Libyan conflict and Leonora's blog.

      Power to your elbow, keep up the good work :)

    3. Clothcap: again to the spam? I don't know!
      Likely the links are setting off the spam filter?
      I also shut the captcha off because I found it so dam annoying.

      I will try to be more on top of checking the spam file...
      Just been so swamped as of late
      I did check out your place and you have some good stuff going on over there.

      I saw your questioner... typical trollish behaviour

      Yes there are very good commenters here. I am glad they grace the blog with their presence. They really help to fill in the blanks and cover stuff I simply cannot

      "Power to your elbow, keep up the good work :)"

      right back atcha!!

  17. A Syrian army defector said that the rebels controlled 60 per cent of the country and that all they needed was limited military intervention from NATO to help them topple President Bashar Assad, a pan-Arab daily newspaper reported on Monday. "All we need from NATO are two air attacks on the presidential palace to topple the regime and we will be able to control all the Syrian cities," Major General Adnan Salo, who is a former head of the chemical weapons unit in the Syrian army, told Asharq al-Awsat. (haartez)

    Russia today accused Western powers of using "blackmail" to get its backing for possible UN Security Council sanctions against Syria over the regime's crackdown on an armed opposition. "To our great regret, we are witnessing elements of blackmail," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told a news conference over moves to end 16 months of violence that the opposition says has claimed more than 17,000 lives. "We are being told to either agree to the approval of a resolution that includes Chapter 7 (that provides for possible sanctions), or we refuse to extend the mandate of the observer mission. "We view this as a completely counterproductive and dangerous approach," Lavrov said ahead of talks later Monday with UN-Arab League crisis envoy Kofi Annan. Lavrov also stressed that it was "unrealistic" for Western powers to expect Russia to convince Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down simply because Moscow is a long-standing ally of the Damascus regime. "We hear comments like the 'key to a Syrian solution is to be found in Moscow'. Then it is explained to us, when we ask about this, that it means that we (Russia) have to convince Assad to step down of his own accord." But he said: "It is simply unrealistic. And it is not a question of our inclinations, our sympathies or our antipathies. "He (Assad) will not leave power. And this is not because we are protecting him but because there is a very significant part of the Syrian population behind him," Lavrov told reporters. (Hurriyet)

    And hopes dashed...
    Egypt's new president holds the key to blockaded Gaza, but he is signaling that he won't rush to help the territory's Hamas rulers by striking a border deal with them, even though they are fellow members of the region's Muslim Brotherhood.

  18. One more for clothcap!!!

  19. OH and thanks to everyone for all the great comments :)
    should be back to the usual tomorrow

  20. must read: response to Tariq Ali inteview with RT months ago...