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The "impending massacre" meme precedes yet another UN Security Council meeting

I had a very different post planned for today. However, Tozz had left a comment here that seemed to be needing of some following up or clarification. Or whatever I can dig up?

Here is a part of the comment

Tozz: Yesterday Al-Arabiya tv (which is an anti-regime channel as you know) CONFIRMED that the regime will use the Chemical weapons SPECIFICALLY in Aleppo, also CONFIRMED that there will be a massacre TODAY or TOMORROW!!!

What's can you say about that.??

The main area at this moment is Saladin, most of its population migrated to other areas. There's great number of the rebels in it now, and the violent clashes started from 5 hours ago.

Ok, let's talk a chemical weapons attack. Since the rebels have invaded portions of Aleppo with the help of Turkey, no doubt. Turkey was instrumental in bringing down Libya. Turkey was instrumental in filling Syria full of Libyan terrorists.  Turkey has most likely aided or assisted in accessing chemical weapons from Libya, and guiding them into the hands of the NATO backed Al Quaeda terrorists.

The western main stream media has been spinning chemical weapons for a good while now.
On Friday (July 27/12) we had the UN chief urging Syria not to use chemical weapons under any circumstances

I had left this link for Tozz,  Syrians: NATO-backed Militants Seen Donning Gas Masks
Just in case anyone else had missed it?

I had covered the presence of Libyan fighters and weapons coming into Syria way back November 2011
That's when we first meet the AVAAZ "hero" Wissam Tariff Libya to Syria : Guns for Human rights


 "The Telegraph has also learned that preliminary discussions about arms supplies took place when members of the Turkish-based Syrian National Council [SNC] — the country's main opposition movement — visited Libya earlier this month.

"The Libyans are offering money, training and weapons to the Syrian National Council," added Wissam Tariff, a human rights campaigner with links to the SNC.

Turkey has dirty hands in this matter. They have been aiding the rebels to commit any and every atrocity imaginable against the Syrian people. Keeping that in mind. It is not a stretch to suspect Turkey will aid the NATO terrorists in bringing a chemical attack to bear on the Syrians

The Saladin neighbourhood Tozz mentioned appears to be a real hotspot- Filled with rebels, empty of fleeing residents- Bahrain news

"According to London-based Syrian Human Rights Observatory helicopters partook in clashes at the gateway of Saladin neighborhood and bombarded the neighborhood, pointing out that violent assaults are going on between regime forces and opposition forces at the entrance of Al-Sakhoor neighborhood.

From my reading through this area is a crucial highway to Damascus- If mistaken, feel free to correct?

Aleppo itself is crucial to the NATO rebels- If it falls to the terrorist crowd? ????
There is a Citadel located in Aleppo. Built upon a hill. If the terrorists take the Citadel they can rain misery down on the Syrians

Aleppo Citadel:

You can see the Citadel, sitting high over the city in the picture below


 As noted, on so many occasions, everytime the NATO nations hold a "get together. That could be  a "friends" meeting or another UN Security council meeting we get via the main stream media, a defection, a massacre or both.

France is going to take this all back to the UN. The first I had seen of this news was earlier this am.

France to call UN Security Council meet on Syria

France, which is taking over the UN Security Council's rotating presidency in August, will call an emergency ministerial meeting on Syria, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius said on Monday. 

Fabius told French radio station RTL he would chair the meeting himself and that it had to be held urgently to stop President Bashar Al-Assad's regime carrying out further massacres in Syria.  

Fabius also expressed fears of a massacre in Syria's most populous city Aleppo.

The massacre narrative has been well played through out the media. Like a virus, the meme "massacre impending in Aleppo", has been spread and is infecting brains the world over.

As always ask yourself, who will benefit from such an attack? 

It won't be the Syrian people, the Syrian Army or the Syrian government. Any massacre that occurs now will play into the hands of NATO and Syria's western destabilizers.

Update: Syria is declaring victory after capturing key Aleppo district 

Syrian troops said they had recaptured a district of Syria's largest city Aleppo
Rebel fighters, patrolling opposition districts in flat-bed trucks flying green-white-and-black "independence" flags, said they were holding off Assad's forces in Salaheddine. However, the government said it had pushed them out.

"Complete control of Salaheddine has been (won back) from those mercenary gunmen," an unidentified military officer told Syrian state television late on Sunday. "In a few days safety and security will return to the city of Aleppo."

I am unsure if this is the same area Tozz was referencing?


  1. Here is another interesting tidbit given all the action in Turkey, Syria and partners.

    Greece’s army chief of staff has unexpectedly resigned hours before a top government meeting on military policy, citing reasons of "ethics and dignity." An Army statement says Lieutenant General Constantinos Ziazias stepped down at 2 a.m. local time Wednesday. It says his resignation was for "reasons that touch on ethics and dignity, both his own and of the army." The statement did not elaborate, and government officials had no immediate comment. The resignation came just before Wednesday’s planned meeting of Greece’s council on foreign policy and defense, under Prime Minister Antonis Samaras

    Ethical concerns? Dignity?

    Something to do with Russia,Cyprus?

    NATO? Basing?

    1. Unexpectedly resigns at 2:00 am local time??

      " It says his resignation was for "reasons that touch on ethics and dignity, both his own and of the army."

      ethics and dignity?


  2. I am not sure what is going on, but there is a lot of talk around the news sites where I am seeing 'Cyprus' in the paragraphs - this is unheard of as we have been pretty invisible for a long time to most news services. The Hezbollah terrorists are still on the loose apparently. If i hear any more talk about the Syrian refugees (;-) ) I will let you know for sure.

    I have been to the citadel in Aleppo - it is an amzing place, and although quite high up, there is not a considerable distance between it and the actual city buildings - although I am talking on foot, so I guess some shoulder launched or ground to air missiles would do very nicely from that vantage point! hint hint

    Really, I am so sad about all of this you know....the old part of the city feels like something from the 'old world', some places straight out of the Arabian fables, and to think that all that history - which has stood for centuries, might be reduced to rubble is a tradgedy...of course so is the loss of life...

    What a sick world we live in!


    1. Marie: I saw some stuff on Cyprus today.. something about getting the country under control, NATO control.

      Thinking it is bookmarked for me to use in a post
      As for the Citadel- you have been there? Oh it looks just gorgeous!! To have something like that, here in the "new world" would be amazing

      It is sad to think of that being lost or damaged after all this time

      The loss of life.. to think about it. Simply heartbreaking.

  3. Stop by blog make sure to se whole first page.including videos all the way at bottom

    1. NYS!

      I checked it out

      This one

      Goes very nicely with this one

      How many of these photo shopped pics have we seen already
      I can't even count them all anymore!!

  4. Replies
    1. Hey Egoigwe!!
      So good to see you here :)

      That was going to be in my original post today...
      But the reports of massacres coupled with the chemical weapons report, on top of the impending UN meeting, it seemed the false flag potential needed to be addressed

      Thanks so much!

    2. Good to be here Penny. Health struggles are keeping me beneath the radar but every time l pop up for air I'd be sure to hit my fav link. Good work, Penny, all round.

  5. Note to Clothcap!

    I honestly can't bring myself to make an account for over there, I do read, but.... sorry :(

    Anyway- in my sidebar are links to two very informative pieces
    Under Sorting fact from fiction

    The little videos is especially good. Solid, basic factual info

    You seem to have a troll that engages in nothing but logical fallacies and ad hominems

    Entertaining, sure.
    But disgraceful also.
    Thought you may want to share them with some open minded individuals over there
    Best to be on the alert for purveyors of falsities
    Goodness knows we all get enough of that from the lying corporate media

    1. Methinks you have enough on your plate already.

      troll issue, he is the alarm, when something significant gets a comment, he goes into overdrive to push it onto the 2nd page.
      Claims to be from NZ, maybe a scientist I upset when I spent years debunking the CO2 myth and the scams derived from it.

      I'll check out those links, I've a fair bit to do first though.

      The timing, insurgents getting whacked, infighting, influx of al Q assoc. groups from Iraq, Assad giving Kurds autonomy of a region bordering Turkey, influx of aggressive Iraqi Kurds to there, of banksters' Moon calling for a ceasefire and negotiations, a white flag or another false flag? We'll find out once Aleppo is cleared and the army turns to the East where the alQ gangs are staking a claim.

  6. I see a Syrian visitor via my hitcounter.
    Fingers crossed....

  7. this appeared in my email inbox: latest from AIs(or is that CIAs) roving propagandist Donatella Rovera: whats missing?:

    Dear ......
    I recently returned from a months-long fact-finding mission to Syria where I witnessed first-hand the extent of the atrocities being committed by government forces and militias working alongside the military. [COMMENT:AKA the Shabiha! funny cause aside from Donatella and the FSA these militias dont exist! or the syrian people dont report them]

    In Aleppo, Syria's largest city, I saw people -- including a 16-year-old schoolboy -- being shot dead and injured by security forces and militias during peaceful demonstrations.[COMMENT: Did you know? But how can anyone be sure you did? Besides taking your word for it Donatella]

    Elsewhere in every town and village I saw homes burned down to the ground and spoke to families of young men who had been dragged from their homes and murdered by soldiers. The abuses were systematic and massive in scale. More recently opposition fighters have also been committing abuses and the situation is likely to deteriorate further the longer this conflict goes on.
    [COMMENT: Donatella says TRUST ME...these emails posted gratis to millions of recipients make blatant acccusations, proof zero! Now if these actions were widespread and massive, we'd expect the syrian people not to support their govt and army...yet they do! so something is not quite right...]

    People who care -- like you -- must speak out against this senseless violence. Your donation today will help support Amnesty International's actions to uncover the truth, demand accountability, and prevent human rights abuses in the future.
    [COMMENT: after reading the above evidence libelous free bilge, they want me to pay for it! Nice!]

    As you read this, intense fighting between government forces and opposition fighters is taking place in Syria, where residential neighborhoods have been turned into battlefields and civilians are more at risk than ever. Tens of thousands have fled their homes just in recent days, joining the hundreds of thousands who have been displaced in the past year.
    [COMMENT: 'opposition fighters' mention of their nationality, of the atrocities they have committed...Donatalla apparently didnt see them do one thing wrong...]

    Despite the escalating violence, the international community has tragically failed to take effective action -- essentially standing by as children, women and men are slaughtered.

    That is why it is imperative that Amnesty International continues its efforts speaking out on behalf of Syrian civilians and taking critical steps to hold accountable those responsible for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

    Your donation will help us:
    Send other researchers like myself into the field to document atrocities and share them with influencers and leaders around the world.
    Put pressure on the United Nations Security Council to take concrete action to protect the civilian population and to hold the perpetrators of these terrible crimes accountable.
    When atrocities like what I've seen in Syria are committed, we must not turn our heads or despair that there is nothing we can do. We must keep global attention on Syria. Your donation can make a difference.


    Donatella Rovera
    Senior Crisis Response Adviser
    Amnesty International
    My donation would only help serial liars like Donatella continue their wretched work to destroy syria....
    Sorry Donatella..,..i would pay to help put an end to Amnesty International, its lies and its support for terrorism

  8. A pro-Syrian Arab diplomatic source confirmed that Turkey has received, during the past couple of hours, a strict Iranian letter warning it of "changing the game rules" in Syria.

    In an interview with Syrian daily al-Watan, the Arab source said that this warning comes as a clear response to the latest threats posed by Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyeb Erdogan, claiming that his country will target Kurdish combatants inside the Syrian territories.
    Also, the Ankara-based Arab diplomat, whose country's government supports the Syrian al-Assad regime, said that Ankara had been preparing, in agreement with Washington, for a military interference in the Syrian crisis; under the pretext of Kurdish population.

    However, Iran drew a line for the Turkish dreams, and informed it that any attack on the Syrian territories will witness a harsh attack; as Iran might put into force the mutual defense agreement signed with Syria, the source iterated.
    Furthermore, the Arab diplomat went on to say that Turkey agreed with the US that a limited military interference in North Syria, especially in Aleppo, might introduce a buffer zone to be protected by the gangs funded and armed by Turkey, in cooperation with Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    The said scenario however would be implemented only if the Syrian refugees in that area were evacuated, especially as they have become a burden on Erdogan's government; although they were supposed to be exploited to lead a UN resolution, imposing international sanctions on Syria.

  9. State Department asks U.S. citizens to leave Syria, via Twitter:

    Twitter is being promoted as the sole source for official "news" like this so that the ruling elite can better control the news. This way they can put words in the mouths of their enemies, as they probably did in the case of Syria's spokesman, who said he didn't use Twitter for official reasons, yet the press kept quoting Twitter.

    Then we also have anonymous leaks to people like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and U.S. based "academics", like Josh Landis and Angry Arab who are claiming to receive exclusive information.

    Also notice there is almost no Western press in the country. There was in Iraq before the invasion. Same with Libya even. But notice they aren't bothering to do that with Syria.

    Instead of having a captured press corps the West has moved on to social media and perp blogger academics to spread disinformation.

    Be wary of those trying to help us transition to this new propaganda!

    And I'm not saying one should *ignore* Facebook or Twitter or Youtube. . . unfortunately even if it is controlled it may be the only way for the *good* people to get news out and sometimes it's helpful to see what disinformation is being spread. But one must always remember the danger of the perps controlling the medium.

    For instance, check out this story about someone claiming the security state erased pictures from Facebook:

    Also, we've seen other evidence the Syrian media was hijacked.

    Also, I'm sure everyone has seen the admission Obama authorized clandestine activities in Syria. Hardly any mention in our media about it.

  10. It's an important article Penny, and thank you for the article in the link which you've left in a previous comment. I've read it.
    "Salaheddine" is the same area which I told you about it "Saladin".

    About the news here:
    Until now there's so many contradictions in all of the news about what's going in Aleppo, and you can't depend 100% on any source or to believe it -- lies .. lies .. lies. Especially from the FSA side. Such as when they said that they're dominating 70% of the areas of Aleppo!! -- But by searching, detecting and comparing the news and the videos of the both sides, you can say that the countrysides is going more and more to the rebels, while the they're loosing large number of their members inside the city, even in the areas which they're dominating some parts of it, that's also according to the words of some of my friends who are living in the hot areas. But as you know in the media; you'll see those who were killed are only innocent civilians.

    In this video which I've recorded, you can see what happened in this building "of poor residents" by the rebels just to kill some of the Shabiha who hid inside it after chasing them (only 7 as they said). But I think there's also a kind of drama to show you the devastation which caused by the Syrian Army, and that's by using another camera from another place, as you know. You can analyze, detect lies and decide.

    Related and important notice: the rebels usually plant mines before their tactical withdrawal from an area. Either as a trap for the Syrian Army, or as the above reason "to show you the devastation which caused by them". Maybe it's the answer of why do the Syrian army always delayed in entering an area, or why to use the warplanes and cannons. Also we can't forget that the rebels have been well trained for guerrilla warfare.

    Yesterday we saw the warplanes (Sukhoi & Mig) bombing missiles on the buildings of Aleppo's TV & Radio, and some other buildings in the near 3 areas, after it was dominated for few hours by the FSA. So it's the tactical withdrawal number 32 (if I'm not wrong) for the FSA from the areas in Syria. Bombing is still going on until this moment in some areas.

    Many people here are still helping the goverment against those rebels. Barri's Clan killed more than 100 of the rebels as I heared.

    The number of the refugees from the hot areas here is over than 250000. Some of them sought refuge into another areas, while the others have already left Aleppo.

    More and more battalions are joining the FSA (or the Unification Brigade) in Aleppo. They're now very large numbers.

  11. * The number of the refugees is over than "2000000" not "250000"
    If there's anything wrong or any true news I'll notice you

  12. I must tell you Tozz, I breathe a sigh of relief when you have been able to leave a comment here.

    I watched the video. Thank You for making it.

    "Many people here are still helping the goverment against those rebels."

    They are taking such a risk in doing so and yet if they don't it could be worse. The rebels/mercenaries are very, very brutal.
    Via the media reports I have accessed, there has not been such brutal crimes committed by the Syrian Army. I am sure there have been people caught up in the fighting etc., But some of the stuff from the FSA is horrific and they seem quite proud of it.
    This speaks of a sick mind.

    Barri's Clan killed more than 100 of the rebels as I heared.

    This was the outcome suspected by many because of what the rebels had done.

    I am going to use your video and commentary in a post, as soon as possible.
    But, it worries me a bit to do so, always.

    I had read the internet access was unavailable in Aleppo, I did not know if this was all or some of it?

    From what I had read the Syrian government had to block internet access to deny the rebels their means of communicating.

    Thanks for your informative comment. Most likely tomorrow, I will do the new post.

    As always Tozz, stay safe.

  13. Hi Tozz

    This is the last place you left a comment, so I hope it is the first place you look if you can get back on line.

    It is August 13/12.
    You may have no electricity I don't know?
    There has of course been terrible stuff going on in Syria, north of Aleppo, in Aleppo, in Damascus. Sigh.
    KamNam says Hello in one of the newer posts

    When and if you can let us know how you are, please do. Stay safe. Keep your family safe.

    As for "god blessing me"? You are way too kind Tozz. :)

    All the blessings must go to you and yours and the other Syrians who are facing such difficult circumstances.

  14. August 17/2012- evening in Canada

    Tozz: it's been a week. Not only have you not returned there have been no other hits from Syria. There were other visits, but, you were the lone commenter.

    Still hopeful you and the others with you are safe??
    Still hopeful you can make it back here

  15. Hi Tozz
    It is now September and I haven't given up on you.
    It has been three weeks since you left a comment
    I still hope you are safe.
    Of course I would love to know, I am not the only one, the other readers and my family enjoyed your comments so much
    Stay well Tozz, keep your family close.
    Blessings :)