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Who will start the fire in the ME? How badly will it burn?

 This is going long.

Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Syria Turkey, NATO and more.  All the countries mentioned, everything going on within and outside of their borders is connected.  The control of energy. The pipeline politics. War is profitable. Money can be made from misery. And there is much of it ongoing and yet to happen.
The Olympics are soon to start. A show of global unity and a time for global discord.
It's looking ugly.....

The area in discussion

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Marie mentioned some media/news reports about a week back. Lets expand on this one-

"-A 24 year old Lebanese Hezbollah member, holding a Swedish passport, was arrested after being 'tailed' for a week as he followed Jewish tourists around the island in preparations for a terrorist attack on Cypriot soil - which sent major alarm bells ringing everywhere! Police apparently tipped-off by Mossad and the US state dept" 

An alleged Hezbollah member with a Swedish passport arrested after being tipped off by Mossad and the US State Dept.

Same scenario in Thailand, same in India. False flag, fake passports and tip offs from the US and Israel.
If you are unaware of what is being referenced check back through the blog.

Lets take a gander at DEBKA, and their mention of a real curtain raiser scenario-

Saturday, the Cypriot police captured (an alleged) Hizballah terrorist before he could blow up an Israeli El Al flight and tourist buses in Limassol.

Tehran is feared to be focusing on the Mediterranean island (Cyprus) as part of a plot to set Israel’s Mediterranean gas field Tamar on fire. The field is 80 kilometers west of Haifa.

It would be a spectacular curtain-raiser for the closure of the Strait of Hormuz and for strikes against Gulf oil installations.

Navy Commander, Maj. Gen. Ram Rothberg called last week for an extra five warships and submarines to safeguard Israel’s burgeoning gas fields at the cost of a billion dollars.

These oilfields are not entirely Israels, not like that would make a difference
 I have covered that issue in previous posts- One here.  And an in depth read here.

If Israel already has ships present in the area and are bringing in five extras along with submarines, would Israel set alight the hotly disputed oilfields themselves??? This would enable them to claim full control of the fields and justify the attack on Lebanon they so badly want to undertake.

Speaking of oil wells in the Mediterranean. Again not far from Cyprus, this time in Egypt's territorial waters-
Israel takes over 2 offshore Egyptian gas wells, geologist says

Odeh said in Cairo on Monday that the wells are located in the Mediterranean Sea between Egypt and Cyprus, IRNA reported.

He added that Israel took advantage of Egyptian officials’ inaction and started drilling operations in the area in April 2012.

Odeh also stated that the wells are over gas fields containing about $100 billion worth of gas reserves.

One of the wells is 19 kilometers north of the Egyptian city of Damietta and 235 kilometers west of Haifa in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the other well is 114 kilometers north of Damietta and 237 kilometers from the shores of Palestine. 

Order out of chaos 

You can see the oil fields in this map (click to enlarge)

"Will Israel do it?"

Which should be- "Will Israel do it, blame someone else and the US will come to its rescue?"

Israel and its backers have been hinting at possible military intervention in Syria on the pretext of preventing the transfer of its chemical weapons stockpiles to the Lebanese resistance. Such a step would set the region ablaze. 


It would seem that we face a very high risk of a major explosion in the coming weeks. By explosion, we are talking about a confrontation that could erupt with Israel.

Reports, mostly based on intelligence sources, have indicated that a frantic effort is being made (including on-the-ground activities attributed to Turkish, British and perhaps US special forces) to identify the locations of the Syrian army’s non-conventional arms – meaning not only its long-range missile arsenal, but also what the West says is the biggest stockpile of chemical weapons in the region.

On the ground activities attributed to NATO nations and their special forces. Frantic effort to locate?
Exactly, for what purpose? Let us not pretend the only possible reason is "securing" any possible non-conventional weapons

Foreign Policy magazine that the US State Department had sent diplomatic notes to Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia warning them of possible attempts to move Syrian weapons of mass destruction into their territory.

Just who would be attempting to move such arms out of Syria? Doubtful it would be the Syrians? Is it the FSA with their NATO assistants in the form of the aforementioned special operatives?
All this news caused Israel to have a hissy fit and issue multiple threats against Lebanon.

The Israelis did not stop at this. They also unleashed a sudden torrent of threats against Lebanon and Hezbollah, with numerous officials warning that utter devastation would be inflicted on the country in the event of a fresh confrontation with Hezbollah.

Recall the oilfields disputed by Lebanon a war would give Israel the control they want if they can win it.

Faced with this, it seems that the US and the West have reverted to seeking a role for the neighborhood bully, for whom the dirty work is left when all else fails.

 Israel is thus perceived as preparing itself for a possible military blitz against Syria, under the pretext of getting rid of its WMD

Recall the Egyptian oilwells already  taken over by Israel? One of the anonymous commenters left the link below. Thanks! Israel to deploy Iron Dome anti-missile system on Egypt border

Boy, oh boy, there is much at play here. It's like the whole place is being set up to burn. Keeping on the DEBKA theme of fire.

Of course the big oil players love instability. It's good for profits

"Brent oil gains on Syria, Iran tension"

It was heading for its highest close since May 29. Brent crude was up 40 cents to $104.40 a barrel by 1340 GMT, after settling 63 cents higher on Tuesday. U.S. oil rose 18 cents to $89.40 a barrel after ending up 79 cents.

The United States will hold Tehran directly responsible for any attempt to disrupt shipping in the Gulf region and will be able to defeat any Iranian attempt to shut down seaborne commerce.

Yet, Iran is willing to insure all ships

Iran said it would insure any foreign ships that enter its waters, in an effort to skirt a European Union ban on insuring ships carrying Iranian crude that has hampered the country's oil exports. 

I don't think Iran is going to start a confrontation... no siree.

Syrian minister killed today-

Syrian state television said President Bashar Al Assad's brother-in-law senior military official Assef Shawkat was killed in a bomb attack in Damascus on Wednesday. Defence minister also killed. Intelligence chief hurt.

Britain says Syria bombing shows need for UN resolution

London: British Foreign Secretary William Hague said a suicide bombing that killed two top Syrian security officials on Wednesday showed the need for a UN resolution to end the crisis.  
"We are aware of reports that the Syrian defence and deputy defence ministers have been killed and a number of others injured by an apparent suicide bombing in Damascus," Hague said in a statement.
"This incident, which we condemn, confirms the urgent need for a Chapter VII resolution of the UN Security Council on Syria."

Britain. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Shameless. Hague must have been jumping for joy. The crisis would end if you stopped fomenting the destabilization Mr Hague.

Defence minister and Al Assad brother-in-law killed
Syrian state media said the suicide attack in Damascus killed defence minister General Daoud Rajha and President Bashar Al Assad's brother-in-law Assef Shawkat.

NYSC over at thenakedfacts has been busy as always

Including a link to video footage of rebels shelling Syrian neighbourhoods.

Well, that is it. At least for now. Oil fields on fire. Explosions. Unconventional Weapons. Suicide bombers.
Destabilization. War. Killings.

Why do humans tolerate these conditions? Why do the vast majority of humans allow a tiny minority to cause so much harm? Why don't humans think? Question? Ponder?


  1. Remember Tunisia and the Swedish Passports...

    1. I was not aware that the Swedish Passports had appeared in Tunisia!

      Same MO over and over

  2. Many thanks for this update on events in Cyprus etc.

    - Aangirfan

    1. You are welcome aangirfan
      It is sordid, all of it.

  3. So doesn't Israel breach its treaty obligations by militarizing the Sinai? Surely it's not just Egypt that demilitarizes, right?

    Of course the two Israeli news sources I'm going off of (they originate from Reuters and AP but just searching the Golden Dome story on Google News I only see 21 hits and no major ones and no American ones!!)

    Of course they will use the precedent of Egpytian troops being sent into Sinai as an excuse. Makes the whole Arab Spring even more suspicious.

    1. Of course Israel does breach it's obligations
      But pay no mind to that.

    2. I could have written these comments better . . .

      To clarify, the 21 hits from the Google News search I reference above is from putting the Haaretz headline in quotes, "Israel to deploy Iron Dome anti-missile system on Egypt border". The 41 hits I reference below comes from a broader search, "Israel Iron Dome." But this Iron Dome in the Sinai story appears to be mostly absent from American media. In fact, the Chicago Tribune is the only one I see that covered the story in the U.S.

  4. Ugh. Got cut off . . .

    Of course the two Israeli sources obscure the peace treaty terms and make it seem like Egypt has to demilitarize but Israel is free to militarize.

    The two sources I'm referring to are: "Israel allows Egypt troops in Sinai for first time since 1979 peace treaty" from Haaretz Jan. 31, 2011; and the "Israel to deploy Iron Dome anti-missile system on Egypt border" from Haaretz July 12, 2012.

    It's quite amazing doing a google news search to see how little play the Iron Dome being deployed on the Sinai story got and how much play Iron Dome shooting down a Palestinian rocket got in June 2012. Searching more broadly for "Israel Iron Dome" I get 41 news articles on deploying in the Sinai while I get 3,024 articles on Iron Dome shooting down the Palestinian rocket.

    1. "It's quite amazing doing a google news search to see how little play the Iron Dome being deployed on the Sinai story got and how much play Iron Dome shooting down a Palestinian rocket got in June 2012."


  5. FYI everyone

    I added to additional maps to the post
    Maps are good


  7. Here are the critical portions of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty:

    Article I

    1. The state of war between the Parties will be terminated and peace will be established between them upon the exchange of instruments of ratification of this Treaty.

    2. Israel will withdraw all its armed forces and civilians from the Sinai behind the international boundary between Egypt and mandated Palestine, as provided in the annexed protocol (Annex I ), and Egypt will resume the exercise of its full sovereignty over the Sinai.

    3. Upon completion of the interim withdrawal provided for in Annex I, the parties will establish normal and friendly relations, in accordance with Article III (3). . . .

    And then in the Annex I:

    Article I

    1. Israel will complete withdrawal of all its armed forces and civilians from the Sinai not later than three years from the date of exchange of instruments of ratification of this Treaty.

    . . . .

    Article II--Determination of Final Lines and Zones

    1. In order to provide maximum security for both Parties after the final withdrawal, the lines and the Zones delineated on Map 1 are to be established and organized as follows:

    . . .

    d. Zone D (the only zone Israeli military is allowed)

    1. Zone D is bounded by line D (blue line) on the east and the international boundary on the west, as shown on Map 1.

    2. In this Zone there will be an Israeli limited force of four infantry battalions, their military installations, and field fortifications, and United Nations observers.

    3. The Israeli forces in Zone D will not include tanks, artillery and anti-aircraft missiles except individual surface-to-air missiles.

    4. The main elements of the four Israeli infantry battalions will consist of up to 180 armored personnel vehicles of all types and up to a total of four thousand personnel.

    . . . .

    3. Only those field fortifications, military installations, forces, and weapons specifically permitted by this Annex shall be in the Zones.

    . . . .

    Article V
    Early Warning Systems

    Egypt and Israel may establish and operate early warning systems only in Zones A and D respectively.

    So it was reported Israel is setting up the system in their territory, in Eilat, but I can't tell if that is in Zone D, or just to the East of Zone D. I don't think Israel is allowed to deploy Iron Dome in Zone D, if I read the prohibited weapons correctly, because I don't think this is a "individual surface to air missile."

  8. Souriabaladna Assadqaedna : The perpetrator was arrested, it wasn't the bodyguard, he was employed in the National Security Building as a secretary.

    This is the video in which the terrorists claim to have recorded the operation in Damascus yesterday

  9. Hi Penny.
    Hope you are well.
    Came across this while reading today

    Interesting isn't it, then again 1 sided fiction is so much better reading than the bare facts. NOT



  10. First the former go between US intel and Israeli intel from Egy6opt dies in US?

    Egypt’s former vice president Omar Suleiman, long-time spy chief to deposed president Hosni Mubarak, died on Thursday in the United States, the official MENA news agency reported. “Former vice president General Omar Suleiman died in the early hours of Thursday in a hospital in the United States,” the agency said. Suleiman, 75, died in the United States where he was undergoing medical tests, Suleiman’s assistant told Reuters on Thursday. “He was fine. It came suddenly while he was having medical tests in Cleveland,” said the aide, Hussein Kamal, without giving a reason for Suleiman’s death.

    Is Israel walking back from the Hex allegations? Is this a Dubai situation with video footage?

    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Thursday he believes that Hezbollah or Hamas militants could be behind the terrorist attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. “This is an obvious terrorist attack, which was possibly carried out by Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad or any other terrorist group from Iran or radical Islamic forces. We [Israel] are constantly fighting them,” Barak said. 9Novosti)

    Turkey anbandoned an attrack on Syria While Jordanian King says need to secure WMD...rinse wash repeat

    Turkey abandoned the idea of bombing Syria's anti-aircraft weapons and missile systems on the countries’ border at the last minute in the wake of last month’s downing of a Turkish jet, daily Sabah reported today. F-16 warplanes were reportedly prepared to fly to Syria to conduct the bombings when the bodies of the downed jet’s pilots were found in the sea. There were also three other factors preventing Turkey from conducting the sortie, according to reports. (hurriyet)

    Al-Qaeda could get Syria’s chemical weapons, Jordan King warns


  12. By the way, when Crown Price Nayef died the BBC reported he did so in Geneva while the Wapo reported he died in the US...

    What interesting is the US WaPo page is no longer..

    Editorial error...?


      "According to the Palestinian intelligence analyst it is very likely that Omar Suleiman was assassinated because of his knowledge about the details of that comprehensive solution pertaining to Egypt as well as Palestine, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood. His position as Chief of Egypt´s Military Intelligence makes it very unlikely that Suleiman did not have detailed knowledge about US considerations an plans to destabilize Egypt with the purpose to weaken the influence of Egypt´s military on Egyptian foreign policy with respect to the planned re-structuring of the Middle East. His death comes, one must say, very conveniently for many."

      Sounds plausible...

    2. Was Nayef in the US or Geneva?

  13. Was Cyprus table setting?

    The suspected suicide bomber who blew up a bus of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria was identified by local media as an Islamic militant from Sweden who served two years at Guantanamo Bay.

    The reports named the long-haired suspect as Mehdi Ghezali, a Swedish citizen, with Algerian and Finnish origins, the Times of Israel reported, quoting Bulgarian reports.

    Read more:

    1. This propaganda will help convince the West that anyone in Guantanamo should never be released--even if there is no evidence of past crimes.

    2. The whole story sounds fishy, and the 24 hours and press? 1. Wearing a watch on his left hand, no mention of the body (finger prints), if he was a detainee, travel would be hard. The US Driving lic? The logic of this is fuzzy, as he would use a EU lic, and was it his or a passenger? The video looks suspect. He walks in, hands in pockets, stops looks at the info board, not even fast enough to read, turns, checks out the guy with the clipboard (On a mobile phone) longer than the info board, walks out, as he does takes left hand out of pocket. The part that is most fuzzy, if it was him? Since he is suing for his detention, why this target, it is not related to his background, or the 161 page translation of his detention. The other fact is this guy is on the watch list; Or the paid list?

  15. I'm thinking the Cyprus Hezbollah guy was some kind of decoy, while they all looked east, the bombing happened in Bulgaria, in the eact senario that was suggested here, maybe?


  16. Bulgarian media - US lic, Looks like a JF Martin and not a 35 yrs old supposed perp the media is stating?

    1. Anyone find it odd or just coincidence - Dark Night shooting in Denver? The guy is identified as white and 24 years old born in 1987, like the ID age found at the Bulgarian bomb site???

    2. Both are murderous lunatics, but beyond that it is probably just coincidence.

      But one of these murderers was no doubt trained, armed and financed by the CIA and/or Mossad - guess which one??

      It's very sad, the things that people are capable of doing to one another - and for no reason, other than cruelty and pure evil.

    3. Wonder what drove the Denver shootings, I guess we will see the speculations? Seen a ABC report that his mother it was him and wants to speak to the Police. Also some links to Fast and furious gun connection, that is more than likely just media hype.

      The coincidence, same age and linked to the US is the link, but other than that just death in place where many convene by young, white perpetrators.

      The Bulgaria case went cold, media has go covert, I wonder why?

    4. Reuters write a really tangent piece: its clutching at straws but keeping the Israeli claim alive, though it comes across as absurd, even moronic journalism.

  17. I'm fairly certain that we really shouldn't believe anything that the mass media tells us about either one - especially not as far as the motives are concerned. They will paint them in whatever ways they think will best serve their own agenda.

    The mass murders in the US will no doubt be used to promote anti-gun hysteria and propaganda, just like they always do.

    We certainly wouldn't want anyone in that theater to be armed and able to immediately stop such a lunatic murderer in self-defense, saving innocent lives in the process - now would we?

    Or, to be able to defend ourselves against an oppressive and out of control government, as America's founders intended. No, that would just be totally "extreme" and unacceptable, wouldn't it?

    1. Yup, that has already started, the tea party is to blame:

      Looking at the spat of attacks recently, the Euro shooter, the bus bomber and this, the trend is political but also desperate, lost people, one could say a state of total loss but all in good countries, in good I mean opportunity, safe etc. US shootings are everyday, Chicago alone (More deaths than Afghanistan NATO combatants and that (Chicago) is only a frigging city), schools, the going postal people. I agree its not the gun, it's the one pulling the trigger, it seems that some trigger is overriding logic.

      Society is changing, and it is at a pace that is rapid and radical, social norms are changing in years, where before it was generations.