Monday, August 13, 2012

Close an MEK terror camp & worry Washington: Syria/Iran

You may recall the mention of MEK terrorists being present in Syria?
It was reported a day or so ago that Syria had arrested the MEK (brand name) terrorists in Syria.
You can read all about it here
But first, read this!
Iraq’s threat to close MeK camp worries White House
Iraq’s threat to close a camp for terrorists worries the White House? Sorry, "dissidents" You can't make this stuff up!

The Obama administration is worried about a threat from the Iraqi government to forcibly shut down a camp for Iranian dissidents(dissidents?) north of Baghdad.
Saddam Hussein allowed the dissidents to establish their paramilitary base in Iraq;( of course he did, they were attacking Iran and so was Iraq as a US proxy) however, the group has fallen out of favor with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government, which is close to Iran. (Additional reasoning may be they (MEK) are continuing to launch terror attacks on Iran and Syria and likely in Iraq)
Falih al-Fayadh, Iraq’s national security adviser, on Tuesday said the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MeK) must move out of Camp Ashraf immediately or be forced to leave.

The State Department urged the Iraqi government to remain “patient and flexible” and seek a voluntary arrangement for relocating the former rebels, who were disarmed by U.S. troops after the overthrow of Saddam in 2003. (We need our MEK brand terrorists to ruin Syria, you can’t ask them to leave your own country)
The United States is concerned by the government of Iraq’s reference on July 31 to the possible closure of Camp Ashraf by involuntary relocation of its residents,” Patrick Ventrell, the State Department’s acting deputy spokesman, said in a statement on Wednesday.
The MeK, also known as the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), was designated by the State Department as a foreign terrorist organization in 1997 when former President Bill Clinton was trying to open talks with the Iranian government.   
A U.S. federal court in June ordered Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to decide within four months on removing the MeK from the U.S. terrorist list or they will do it.  (The judges will remove the MEK from the terror list. Clinton, that is Hillary in this case, will simply wait for the judges to remove the terrorists then she will appear to have clean hands)

And of course, there is a connection to France-

The Camp Ashraf leadership is not to blame for the situation, said Shahin Gobadi, a Paris-based spokesman for the National Council of Resistance of Iran, a political coalition that includes the MEK.

Considering the fact that in order to sell a war in Syria the NATO/Israel/GCC nations had to employ every brand of mercenary necessary from generic “rebel” to FSA why not  MEK. All terrorists. All terrorizing the Syrian people. And speaking of terrorizing the people of Syria.......

felix left these links to attrocities being committed by one or more of the mercenaries brands brought to you by the War sales department via some PR firm. Watch if you wish.

Syria, the grotesque face of FSA/rebels/death squads. Murdering the prisoner No faking there...
;Throwing the dead bodies of slain Syrian policemen from the roof of Al-Bab post office

Recall these are the "freedom fighters"?

One last piece-The Irish Times - Monday, August 13, 2012
Media coverage of Syrian violence partial and untrue, says nun
A NUN who has been superior at a Syrian monastery for the past 18 years has warned that media coverage of ongoing violence in that country has been “partial and untrue”. It is “a fake”, Mother Agnes Mariam said, which “hides atrocities committed in the name of liberty and democracy”.

Superior of the Melkite Greek Catholic monastery of St James the Mutilated in Qara, in Syria’s diocese of Homs, which is in full communion with Rome, she left Ireland yesterday after a three-day visit during which she met representatives of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Maynooth.

She told The Irish Times she was in Ireland “not to advocate for the (Assad) regime but for the facts”. Most news reports from Syria were “forged, with only one side emphasised”, she said. This also applied to the UN, whose reports were “one-sided and not worthy of that organisation”. 
UN observers in Syria had been “moderate with the rebels and covered for them in taking back positions after the withdrawal of heavy equipment, as seen so tragically in Homs”, she said.
The reason the media was being denied easy access to Syria currently was because in the Libyan conflict journalists placed electronic devices for Nato in rooms used at press conferences in that country, she said. “So Syria didn’t want journalists,” she said.

Read the rest at the link above Journalists as spies. Marie Colvin?Paul Conroy? Nothing new under the sun.


  1. Breaking news right now - Syrian jet crashes - news outlets saying the official Syrian Gov. statement is it was due to a malfunction, while FSA claim they shot it down!

  2. More NATO exercises in Sept, this time Czech

    "NATO would hold an extensive air force exercise in the Czech Republic in September, with seventeen countries have confirmed participation, Czech Defense Ministry spokeswoman Jana Zechmeisterova said on Saturday.

    Zechmeisterova said the exercise will be controlled by the NATO command in Ramstein, Germany, while the main goal of the exercise is "to bring in harmony the activities of pilots of the tactical air force and the activities of forward air controllers in support of ground operations."

    The participating forces will focus on improving mutual cooperation and standardization of procedure in the use of direct air support. The planes will be taking off mainly from the 22nd air base in Sedlec, Czech Republic."

    1. Will it be the week of the 16th?

    2. Czech Republic eh?
      Curious place for that isn't it?
      I need to grab a map for some visuals....


      Ramstein Air Base (archive) NATO Air Base Employee Arrested on Spy Charges?


    4. NATO civilian worker arrested last week on suspicion of espionage in western Germany has been linked to Russian intelligence, The Times reported on Monday.

    5. Hey anonymous

      I see there are now a bunch of stories surrounding that incident

  3. I'd like to thank Tozz for Aleppo updates and ask a question.
    There are conflicting reports about who was thrown from the roof of the post office and by who. Do you know what is true?

  4. Hey clothcap: Tozz hasn't been around for a few days and I am a bit concerned. Last time he had been able to stop by they had just got their electricity back, the nato terrorists had done something to ensure they were in the dark

    I saw there were conflicting reports about who was thrown off the post office
    IMO it doesn't matter who they were, the action makes clear the terrorists are exactly what I an others have been naming them all along
    cold blooded killers
    This isn' the first time those murdering brutes have done anything like that. Tozz has a video at his myspace that shows them throwing another man out of the window of this apartment building about three stories up.

    They aren't freedom fighters, there mercs, paid killers

  5. Communications have been downed in Aleppo again. Once they are back I expect Tozz will pop in, hopefully.

  6. Thanks for the Irish Times link, Penny. It is interesting to read this in juxtaposition with the constant FSA- (and previously NTC) cheerleading from Mary Fitzgerald of the same organ, who slips effortlessly between Turkey and Northern Syria, waving on Irish-Libyans like Al-Harati and Najjar from the Tripoli Brigade who are now fighting in Syria.
    Fitzgerald is the kind of journalist who would fit nicely in your last para.
    Most recently, Fitzgerald was in Antakya,(Antioch, the place where the followers of Jesus Christ were called Christians for the first time) in Hatay Province,Turkey, with the FSA's YouTube uploaders...

    1. I noticed that this piece about Mother Agnes Mariam in the Irish Times got more attention than almost any other piece like it. Most reports challenging the official propaganda get spiked.

      So maybe they gave her a bit more attention than usual to assuage the most important critic? With her official ties to the Church maybe the perps can't afford to totally disrespect her.

    2. Your welcome Felix
      sorry I didn't respond yesterday...
      Fitzgerald another "christian" who is supporting the ethnic cleansing of christians along with the terrorizing and murder of many followers of Islam, not fanatical ones that is

      She must be a real "sweetheart" (sarcastic)

    3. I guess you're right, Walt.
      I notice Aangirfan has just written about the Oirish 2 from Dublin. A waggish commenter there (anonymously) calls Al-Harati O'Hara-ti. To be sure, to be sure.

  7. Hi Pen,
    what if things aren't exactly going swimmingly for the US in Syria and what if they need every psychopath with a gun they can find and decide that the MeK are just the ticket for their purposes.

    But if that was the case (you know, just surmising here) the US would have a couple of problems. One, the Mek is on their terrorist list and, two, the US can't be seen to be able to order them around to whichever country they like. And it just might be that the MeK is quite happy and comfy attacking their familiar targets in Iran and Iraq anyway, given that they are driven by ideology and not money.

    But what if (by some chance) the Iraqi govt was yet another puppet organisation of the US. Then the US could get them to be seen to be evicting the Mek from Iraq and, blow me down, if yet another unforeseen and unfortunate consequence flows on and the Mek end up in Syria fighting alongside their terrorist brothers.

    Long shot, I know, because there's a lot of 'ifs' in there and I am also assuming that the Iraqi and US governments are stocked with compulsive liars (and that's just a wild guess on my part).

    1. Hey James!!
      Long time now see here. Hope all is well??

      "what if things aren't exactly going swimmingly for the US in Syria and what if they need every psychopath with a gun they can find and decide that the MeK are just the ticket for their purposes."

      I am of the mind that the results so far in Syria are not the ones hoped for.
      The military is loyal to defending the nation, which is what a military is properly useful for.
      Defending the people within their own nation. Since those people are all their extended families.

      The government has more loyal members then had been anticipated.
      The people are completely on the ball after having seen the ruin of Libya, Tunisia etc and want no part of the MB/Israel/US/GCC fanatics.

      So yup the US would find the MeK terrrorists very useful, oh sorry dissidents ;)

      I am sure the MeK is quite happy attacking Iran, but, they have been shipped elsewhere to cause terror. It was some MeK 'dissidents' LOL, that played a role in the so called terror attack in India.

      The attack that saw the Israeli 'targeted'
      The same one that just happened to have Israeli doctors on hand who quickly spirited alleged victim to Israel

      Why I suspect Iraq may want them moved out of the area?

      It is definitely possible Iran/Iran may be forging ties
      Iraq has been pretty supportive of Syria

      Mek are likely behind some of the many deadly attacks that have been hitting Iraq.
      Along with the fact they have been targeting Iran and are indeed confirmed present on the ground and terrorizing in Syria

  8. Tim Anderson
    Australian media finally starting to wake up -

  9. #Russia - Bogdanov: The Audio Recording Aired by the Saudi al-Watan Website Is Fake

    #Russia - Bogdanov: The Audio Recording Aired by the Saudi al-Watan Website Is Fake

    and so it goes...lies fraud deceit deception propaganda...the FSA and their supporters seem to need use every dishonest method to buttress their cause

  10. ..the FSA get to feel what its like to be abducted!

  11. sex scandal rocks the FSA...couldnt happen to a nicer lot!
    pity Youtube removed the video

  12. syrian journalists freed by syrian army
    has english CC button on youtube video

  13. Amid all the tension, however, someone still seems to have a sense of humour.

    According to Twitter reports, several taxis have been turning up at the Ecuadorean embassy with the name "Julian Assange" in the window.

    Sophy Ridge@SophyRidgeSky
    According to @skymarkwhite a taxi has pulled up at the Ecadorian embassy with a sign saying Assange in the window... !#ifonlyitwerethateasy
    16 Aug 12 ReplyRetweetFavorite
    Devil's Advocate@peter_tonoli
    Another taxi for Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy to go to Heathrow - poor drivers... #assange #ecuador

  14. guess who is tweeting on syria:
    Maher Arar @ArarMaher
    How many more innocent lives have 2 perish in #Syria B4 the madman perishes himself: 50K, 100K, 1M? WARNING: this isn't a Hollywood movie.
    madman? where does Arar get his info?