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Hillary in Turkey for talks-US Elections-Saudi Arabia/Bandar

Finally. Clinton going to Turkey Quick comment then the highlights

It would seem things are not going as swimmingly in the destabilization of Syria as the US/NATO/GCC had hoped. Could it be that the Syrian people are totally on the ball and are preventing the ruin of their country?

As Tozz tells us: "the Syrian Army hand by hand with the United Of Aleppo's Clans are doing good job in the areas near the Citadel. Thanks God there's no damages and they don't want to make destroy especially there."

The Syrians don't want their home and country destroyed and the soldiers are their respective and collective families. The soldiers are their brothers, their cousins, their uncles, their nephews and their grandchildren. 
Why would they assist in getting them killed?
 Another factor is the US election. as you will read.

“The Obama administration is unlikely to broaden military engagement in Syria at least until after the U.S. presidential election, despite rebel military gains, pleas for help from the rebels and criticism at home.

“Officials agree that the gradual expansion of U.S. support for the Syrian rebels will stop well short of any armed intervention or aerial protection zone for now

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to discuss other options Saturday, during emergency meetings in Istanbul with Turkish government leaders and opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Clinton is looking for a “clear picture of the effectiveness of what we are currently providing and how it can be made more effective, and then whether or not there are additional things we can do,” the official said.

John O. Brennan, the White House’s top counterterrorism official, said Wednesday that President Obama has not ruled out any options for helping the Syrian rebels, although he noted that they (the rebels)  already are “awash in weaponry.”

Armed with some tanks and heavy weapons supplied by Persian Gulf states or captured from the Assad army, the rebels have made significant gains, although not enough to shift the military balance of the 17-month conflict”

The generic brand “rebels” are likely not meeting the expectations of the US, despite the obvious fact they are “awash in weaponry”.

A Free Syrian Army fighter fired an antiaircraft gun during an airstrike in the village of Tel Rafat, north of Aleppo, on Thursday.
Brief digression from the NYT"s

We're supposed to believe the rebels are undertaking the action reported on to "avoid" snipers
Quoting a "rebel" (generic brand)
“We’re moving from inside buildings, making holes in the walls of houses so we can run from the snipers,” he said. 
Hello!? If the rebels are inside buildings, first question that comes to mind is,were they invited?
Terrorist Brand "FSA" in Homs July 16/2012

Who did they displace or kill to move inside these houses? Then, if they are making holes in the walls of houses, how is it they are running from snipers?  If they are making holes in the walls of houses, they are likely shooting at people, they in fact could be sniping civilians or soldier


RE: the upcoming US election-

The upcoming U.S. presidential election in November casts the national security decision-making on Syria in a political light.

 They are neither postponing nor hastening any policy change because of the election, but officials agree that unless Assad falls quickly, the United States is highly unlikely to significantly alter its current course before then.

“I just don’t see it coming that fast, with or without the election,” one senior U.S. official said earlier this week. The official, like others, agreed that the election does complicate the already difficult effort to understand the changing situation in Syria and react to it.

“American public opinion has solidly favored winding down the Afghan war and the war in Iraq before it, and the public mostly sides against any new military intervention in Syria.”
 The citizens of the US don’t want another war. Not an overt, in your face war. That said, one would have to be resident on the moon, or in a deep state of denial,  to not realize the US is deeply involved in the destruction of a stable nation state.

Another UN ringleader is on the way

“The United States and several allies are likely to shortly endorse a replacement for Annan”


“ Significant expansion of the U.S. role is unlikely in the short term, and there is little appetite in Turkey for a strong military response, despite worry over the consequences of a prolonged civil war at its doorstep.”

Would this  explain why Iran called the hasty meeting yesterday? Is there going to be an attempt at this time to take advantage of the generic brand “rebel” failures. Might this also be why Saudi Arabia offered to meet with Iran? 

What to make of this, left by anonymous? Is Saudi Arabia on the edge? One the edge of what, exactly?

“By appointing Prince Bandar bin Sultan as its new intelligence chief, Saudi Arabia has installed what looks like a war cabinet at a time of rising tensions with Iran and growing internal dissent from its Shiite minority.

The Saudis have also heightened their alert level in other ways to prepare for possible regional conflict.

Much about Bandar's dirty dealings including this-

Bandar would be a useful intermediary, for example, if Saudi Arabia sought nuclear weapons or ballistic missile technology from China to defend against such threats from Iran.”

Wait a minute there? Aren’t we supposed to believe that Iran needs to be taken down because of nuclear weapons?

Re: the Shiite uprisings in SA- note the language

The Saudis haven’t been able to stop the insurgency  (insurgency? How come in Syria it is a push for freedom?) in Al-Qatif; indeed, it appears to be worsening. The protesters may hope to provoke the Saudis into a bloody crackdown,(provoke the Saudis?) which would leave scores dead and encourage much wider demonstrations and international outcry.
Saudi reformers argue that the best way to quell Shiite protests is to give them the full economic and political rights of citizenship.
Video here A second anonymous commenter suggests Webster Tarpley may be reading the blog.
Who knows? Uprising against Saudi monarchy to ruin NATO’s Syria plans: Tarpley

As always lots to mull .

For Canadians, hang your heads in shame- John Baird is "concerned", oh sorry "tremendously concerned" about Syrian crisis

Puhleez! . Go to the link for the usual Baird posturing. Baird bad posturing?


  1. the suicide bombing that appeared earlier...

    It turns out that the guy purposely suicided to take the terrorists with him. He was a kidnapped soldier. Please watch this and spread it to honour his memory.
    of interest, this comment: 'The video was idiotically uploaded by the FSA donkeys saying they were hit with an artillery strike.'

    1. Thanks brian;

      I read through some of the comments at the video also
      People not getting why FSA would make the claim that they did
      "hit with artillery fire"

      But, this is what they do. Lie.
      Except for how many they kill. They always seem brutally honest about that.

      What this does remind me of is the funeral at Zamalka and Tozz helped us out with that.

      The rebels were ambushed by Syrians who want nothing to do with them and they claim it as a car bomb or mortar attack whatever lie they can use to puff themselves up with. Make themselves appear "braver".
      How is it that the killers who hide in peoples houses and schools, they have laid seige, think themselves brave?
      When they are killers of women and children. I don't know?

      If you get back to youtube, and want to share this link, please do.

  2. more propaganda...this time british cinema does a Hollwood propaganda piece: a variation on 'Not Without my Daughter'
    Fares Dabbaghieh
    A British thriller of a kidnapped daughter in Syria, a country ruled by FEAR (according to the trailer), and her father's journey to retrieve her from Assad's brutal Syria. Another B movie propaganda, not surprised really.

    However, this should raise a big red flag, remember when rumors of duplicates of major Syrian locations being built by Qatar and Hollywood were circulating and everyone thought it was ridiculous, including regime supporters? Well, could they have filmed this movie without the existence of such duplicates?

    1. OMG! Brian.

      I see it is coming out in Toronto around film festival time, guaranteeing much coverage
      How timely!
      More demonization.

      When is Hollywood going to make movies about how spied upon the West it.

      Online Tracking
      Online spying
      Internet blocked in Australia, for one
      Can't help but notice here that SANA is more then difficult to get on! Why is that?
      Cameras on every street corner

      "However, this should raise a big red flag, remember when rumors of duplicates of major Syrian locations being built by Qatar and Hollywood were circulating and everyone thought it was ridiculous, including regime supporters? Well, could they have filmed this movie without the existence of such duplicates?

      Indeed. God, always knew Hollywood was the in cahoots with the DOD, so it makes sense that the same goes for the UK

      Sick, sick,sick

    2. "Can't help but notice here that SANA is more then difficult to get on! Why is that?"
      Because the Domain Name Servers are being nobbled. SANA is still reachable through its IP address directly, however. I gave it in a comment a few days ago -

      SANA =

    3. freethinker what is "nobbled"?

      And I saw your link the other day and tried it.
      Still couldn't get it

      Suspect I am being blocked domestically

    4. will try it shortly
      thanks again
      Still my point of our western democracies so called turning into tyrannies is legit, I think you would agree?
      I was thinking of even more ways the tyranny shows itself
      smart meters
      bans on gardens
      no collecting rain water
      no raw milk
      blocked herbal remedies
      stolen elections

    5. 'nobbled'
      Perhaps more than your DNS is being nobbled ;)

      Agree on tyranny - I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that catching rain-water is illegal in the US (in some states only ?). Is that also the case in Canada? You are welcome to some of mine - its been pouring nearly all summer in Scotia.

    6. I see "nobbled" is a Brit thing.
      Like "piss of"?
      That one I know, nobbled, I did not.
      I am,however, always learning.

      The water thing hasn't struck here yet
      The garden issue has and it is odd because there is a grass roots movement back to having urban gardens and some places are even allowing chickens in the backyard
      We have oodles of blocked herbal remedies here
      We cannot have colloidol silver
      We cannot have certain mushroom extracts that have really good anti cancer properties such as Reishi
      The gov of this so called "free" nation is always moving to save us from some form of herb or another.
      LOL, it all about big pharma
      There are all kinds of other stupid regulations they have created, always for the same reason

    7. Ooops sorry that is "piss off"
      forgot my one f

      That said I am not telling you to piss off freethinker

    8. OH yeah and raw milk. There is a farmer here and in Western Canada who have been victims of a witch hunt, IMO
      In this "democracy" I roll my eyes

  3. BTW Brian did you know there is a new movie coming out, not sure when, on the Iranian Hostage crisis

    During the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, the governments of the United States and Canada partnered to rescue six U.S. foreign service members
    Imagine the sets built around that one?

    Canada and US can relive that together. How very "bonding" for the two nations and their people

    A member of my family told me this was shown before the Batman movie. Asked me what I thought? I responded "Propaganda" to justify an attack.

  4. Just want to say Hi Tozz.
    Hope your safe?

  5. The rebels knock holes in a building's interior walls and in exterior walls of adjacent buildings so they can move around buildings and neighborhoods without going out on the street. It's safer.

    1. I came to realize that was what this terrorist was referencing? Generic brand "rebel".
      But, didn't change what I said because the questions are still the same

      Were you invited into the homes you are destroying?
      Did you force them out?
      Where are the inhabitants?
      The media never asks those questions. EVER.
      The rebels also make holes in the homes and schools to shoot out of, as we have all seen countless times in msm pictures

    2. No, they weren't invited. Criminals move into a populated area and take over buildings in order to attract government forces and the destruction that comes from a military attack, so that the media can have a basis for its onslaught and massacre stories. The ensuing reports are intended to support the standing of the foreign supporters of the criminals and their foreign policy objectives, which in this case -- clearly stated by them -- is to overthrow the Syria government.

      So of course the MSM isn't going to question anything. Dan Rather, an iconic US journalist: "Look I'm an American. I never tried to kid anybody that I'm some internationalist or something. And when my country is at war, I want my country to win, whatever the definition of 'win' might be. Now, I can't and don't argue that that is coverage without prejudice. About that I am prejudiced." So Dan brought us through the criminal war against Vietnam and the Nixon presidency. -- from Norman Solomon's "War Made Easy" -- How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death.

      Once in a while the MSM slips up and mistakenly reports the truth. From a recent Telegraph article on Aleppo talking about some criminals whose actions I described above, who came to Aleppo (uninvited) to draw government attacks--
      **The people of Aleppo stood by as Homs was pulverised, he said. Why should it only be other cities that were caught in the eye of the storm? "Why destroy one part of Syria and not another part of Syria?" he said. "If all of Syria is destroyed, that is only fair." **

      The article by Richard Spencer is (snarkily?) entitled:
      **Aleppo 'is becoming Syria's Stalingrad'**

    3. This is also how the criminals avoid the terrorism charge. The UN is against terrorism, the US too, but this isn't terrorism when despotic government forces are using overwhelming force to massacre peaceful civilians in their cities as described by the mass media.

      (Of course when Turkey, right across the border, uses jet planes and helicopter gunships to destroy villages it's completely different. That's anti-terrorism.)

      It's called "strategic communications" -- "focused United States Government efforts to understand and engage key audiences to create, strengthen, or preserve conditions favorable for the advancement of United States Government interests, policies, and objectives through the use of coordinated programs, plans, themes, messages, and products synchronized with the actions of all instruments of national power."

      The MSM gets it. And they also get (via politicians) the billions of dollars from corporations who profit from US military imperialism. *strategic communications*

    4. And this is the MSM "news" . . .

      It is unclear what caused the cut in communications since early Sunday. But despite this, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it had reports that the army was continuing to shell rebel-held districts in the country's largest city. There also were reports of violence elsewhere in the country. -- The Voice of America

      . . .from a terrorist media outlet in London that somehow managed to bypass the cut in communications and send propaganda direct to the VOA who says it's from "Syrian Activists."

    5. Hey Don your preaching to the choir here
      Or to the preacher.
      I have been covering Syria since the first terror attack in Daara

      check this out

      I have over two hundred posts on the illegitimate attack on Syria
      I was saying the "refugee camps" were cover for the terrorists when readers likely thought my off my rocker
      Though it seemed pretty dam obvious

      But that quote from Dan Rather, spoken like a true fascist encouraging mass fascism

      " And when my country is at war, I want my country to win, whatever the definition of 'win' might be.

      blah,blah, blah

      His country was only at war during the civil war, the rest of the time his country was merely a tyranny imposing its will on other nations

      what a maroon!!


  7. Thanks so much for keeping on top of this situation, Penny.

    It's gotten to the point that whenever I hear that concern troll Hill is visiting an area, I hold my breath awaiting the Big One.

    Again, our thanks!


    1. Suzan
      your welcome
      "concern troll" Oh you are too kind. Too Kind

    2. I usually call her "war whore"
      It's ugly, but, accurate

  8. Freethinker et al

    please check out one of the previous posts

    1. Cool, you have your very own Hasbara troll now, you must be making some impact. You have to laugh at him using Jonathan Kay (I'm a metallurgist and there's nothing remarkable about 3 steel framed buildings falling down due to smoky hydrocarbon fires - or words to that effect) as an appeal to authority and then following-up with the classic moral-relativistic bunk of 'providing balance'. Such chutzpah!

      There is no point in engaging with them - they have limitless funded time and you don't.

    2. Hey Freethinker

      How special my very own troll! :) I have arrived!!!

      What brought the troll out was the mention of the benefit to Israel of the destruction of Syria

      Which was why I kept right on mentioning it

      As for my lack of time and the trolls abundance of it
      That is clear. I told it I would be deleting the comments from now on.
      It has to be done

  9. Oh and LVB if you miss I thanked you back there for your wonderful defense


    1. Hey Penny (I posted this over at my place, too),

      You are quite welcome. It was definitely warranted under the circumstances, and was just simply the right thing to do.

      No one who behaves like a complete arsehole, as that person clearly did (always hiding behind these "anon" names), should expect to do so without some serious retalition. ;)

      I admire and appreciate all the hard work you do with your blog - and I am just like you - I do it for FREE and you will never, ever see a stupid "Donate" button there. ;)

    2. And still the anonymous persists
      It's fear that controls it

    3. You're doing just fine, Penny.

      Just keep doing what you're doing, and know that many of us enjoy what you do and consider it valuable. ;)

  10. Morsi, the new Egyptian President retired military Gen.Tantawi and many other high ranking officers today and sent them home.
    I wonder if this will be good or bad for Syria.!!!
    This comes after Egyptian border killings, and after Leon Panetta's recent visit to Egypt.
    The Arab League's conference which was planned for today in Saudi Arabia over Syria's crises was also postponed indefinitely.
    This is all happening at a time when Hillary Clinton visiting Turkey.
    Strange that so many major things are all happening in one time..

    1. Thank You
      I saw that news out of Egypt
      Not sure what to make of it
      Still think this is setting up for an invasion by Israel of the Sinai

  11. Replies
    1. Heard about this video and the bogus Syrian observatory for human rights "distanced" themselves from it
      Yeah, right.

      I am going to use the links in the newest post, but, won't embed the video
      That is way to atrocious, not surprising, but horrid

  12. Hi Penny
    I would like to leave this text and links to English News Chine where I got it from.

    ISTANBUL, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced here on Saturday that the United States will provide an additional 5.5 million U.S. dollars humanitarian aid to the Syrian people.

    She said at a press conference that the money will bring the total U.S. aid to 82 million dollars since the crisis began 17 months ago.

    Hillary Clinton arrived in Turkey on Saturday and held talks with Turkish foreign minister in Istanbul and Syrian opposition members after wrapping up her nine-nation African tour.


    My Text : yes, ok. BUT, To Whom Is the Money Going To. I wonder Guess the rebels (they don't deserve the Capital R) generic BRAND (I liked that idea of yours) encompassing all of the groups)

    2nd is just a link as its a bit longer article Titled

    Syrians eye clashes in Aleppo as decisive in drawing next stage's features. Its the second article


    is a collection of articles which I haven't seen in other press . Most have a similar them that the Syrian Civilians are also fighting back against the clinton (again she doesn't deserve the Capital C)cabal and the destruction she brings to Syria.


    My fear is that a 2 front attack will open up one from Turkey the other from Jordan. This will probably bring in Iran to help Syria and be the excuse to attack Iran. I wonder what China and Russia will do then..
    Maybe I am too much of a pessimist..

    Anyway, Thank you for keeping us informed. I appreciate all your work in collating and comments.
    A special thank you to Toss as well please.


    1. Hi Kam Nam

      I wondered where you had gone? Glad your back :)

      As for Tozz? I hope he reads your thanks for himself.
      He hasn't been around since the last comment.
      Mentioned prior to that they had no electricity for days thanks to the rebels
      It gets me concerned for his safety.

  13. Hi Penny (again)

    I have just re-read this:from Noam Chomsky first appeared in April last year represented in TomsDiapatch

    Is the World Too Big to Fail?
    The Contours of Global Order
    By Noam Chomsky

    link here :

    Sit down with some time and a cup of tea before you start. However it is well worth the read.


    1. My suggestion to save the (financial) world from collapse, charge copyright on every banknote işssued since the gold standard was dropped.

    2. Hey clothcap
      I think hardcase or hard whatever from your place is trolling around here

      Seems to have taken exception to my daring to mention Israels role as big beneficiary in the ruin of Syria
      Just stating the obvious

    3. Penny, he isn't on a leash. Unfortunately. If the commenter in question is a complete a-hole all the time then it isn't he. hc performs to the crowd and seeks attention however suffers from momentary reasonableness.

    4. LOL :)
      He isn't on a leash or house trained either
      Just poopin all over the place ;)

      From my hit counter I got a New Zealand origin
      I thought he came from over there because he was really hung up on "beverages" When I read over at your place I saw he (hardcase/head)was on a thing about "beverages", drunks and taking shots at other bloggers.
      He fits the disinfo bill to a tee
      And is IMO a drunk or a dry drunk, hence the obsession with beverages being alcoholic as opposed to the fact that a beverage is a generic term for a drink
      Whatever its issue, it takes exception to the mention of Israels involvement in and benefit from the destruction of Syria

      But then Netanyahu also made it very clear that Israel won the bonus round on 9/11 and Iraq

      ""We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,"

      "The Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv on Wednesday reported that Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience at Bar Ilan university that the September 11, 2001 terror attacks had been beneficial for Israel. "

      We are aware that Israel was up to it in Iraq
      of course, since they had so much to gain

      As for 9/11?
      cui bono?
      Look to the biggest beneficiaries and your looking at the perpetrators
      Netanyahu makes no bones about the benefits

  14. Hi Penny

    This from War in Context, These are the last paragraphs from this article Titled
    How an Irish-Libyan pro-Palestinian activist came to lead a brigade of 6,000 Syrian rebels

    by News Sources on August 11, 2012

    its the 16th article from the top.

    ... Harati says Liwa al-Ummah draws on a network of private donors in Syria and across the Middle East and North Africa for financing. Its Facebook page features several expressions of gratitude to named benefactors in Kuwait. "These are individual people who feel very strongly about the slaughter happening in Syria," says Harati. On one point, he is especially adamant: "We receive no money from any governments."

    Last month, rumors claiming Harati had been killed fighting in Idlib swept media in Syria and Libya. The men of Liwa al-Ummah blame the Assad regime for circulating the bogus story. Harati shrugs it off. "We expect this kind of thing from the regime. It's another form of warfare."

    The Libyans in the brigade often debate with their Syrian counterparts the differences between the Syrian uprising and the revolution in their own country. "In Libya our revolution was unified under the banner of the National Transitional Council and its head, Mustafa Abdel Jalil," says Harati. "Here there is no face that represents all the branches of the Syrian revolt." Najjair, his brother-in-law, agrees. "There are so many different factions, objectives, and ideologies." Harati nods before sighing: "The complexity of the situation here makes me feel like we were just playing games in Libya last year."

    The Last sentence By Heck just a game !!!!!

    How depressing, Killing people is just a game. ( in lybia ot syria or anywhere for that matter.


  15. Just like they did in Iraq, they are trying to get the brains trust outside of Syria. “Documents confirm Syria's armed opposition has a hit list with scientists, engineers, doctors and civil servants on it,” Ammar Safi, a plastic surgeon from Damascus, told RT.


  16. #Syria #RealSyria

    The Iranian strategic expert "Muhammad Sadek Al Hussaini", revealed that the information, documents and papers accumulated by the Iranians,conveyed and discussed by the first man in the Iranian National Security in Tehran "Saeed Jalili" with the Syrians in details, stating that there is a US-NATO decision to turn Northern Syria into an "Al Qaeda" block in the face of the Russian and Chinese influence, similar to the days of fight against the Soviet influence in Afghanistan.. Along with the attempt to open another front against the growing Iranian influence on the base of what Iran calls "the Islamic awakening", and the West call "The Arab Spring" after the failure of all the attempts of a foreign intervention against Syria.

    Al Husseini confirmed that Jalili discussed with the Syrian command, the prospects of a Western dash toward igniting an open regional war prepared by the West and committed by Turkey to be as a"Trap" to Erdogan's government.

    The strategic expert revealed that Jalili confirmed to president Assad Iran's willingness to stand firmly and without any hesitation toward any plot to manipulate the Syrian national security, and the plan to overthrow Syria is considered by Iran as a direct threat to her national security, not just losing a resistant strategic ally..

    Al hussaini stressed that Jalili confirmed to the Syrian command that the aggression will return to the enemy in the same level.

    The Iranian expert quoted president Assad notifying the Iranian command that the potentials of the Syrian Arab army capable of defending Syria with the possibility of changing the rules of engagements in any moments basis the alliance coordination.

    Al Husseini said: "In case of any danger against the regional national security of the resistance, we will come to the enemy by Land, Sea and Air, and will fight an open battle so that not one soldier of the enemy will live to tell the world the results of this battle... "

    Article on Breaking News | شبكة عاجل الإخبارية
    Translation: News About Syria - English

  17. Penny, I feel partly to blame if you should have crazy trolls - everywhere I go online I tell them about this blog - so who knows who's been here trying to disrupt things with personal attacks LOL!

    But LVB, you make a VERY GOOD DEFENDER - I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you! ;-)

    1. Hi marie

      No, don't worry about it. A troll chooses to be a troll all on its own.

      and LVB was terrific!

  18. I found this pretty interesting, and can't wait to hear Marie's comments, being a real Greek Cypriot -

    Nothing against those who are peaceful Muslims, of course, but can anything good come from am Egyptian tv network that is devoted to pushing Islamic propaganda - what with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood now firmly in control, thanks to the Empire's violent interference in the affairs of yet another previously sovereign nation??

    I think not.

    1. Hope Marie check it out!
      Could the US be funding that channel, same as the other channel mentioned?
      Just wondering