Thursday, August 9, 2012

Syria: Aleppo and north of. Iran conference and a Saudi/Iranian Truce?

Perplexing update at the bottom: a Saudi Iranian Truce?

One of the Anonymous commenters caught this news. Which was my post for today.I note the ending quotation   from Ahmadinejad with interest- Conference taking place in Iran, today.

Iran wants to co-ordinate efforts among countries that don’t accept the Western and Saudi approach to Syria,” said Mohammad Marandi of Tehran University. “It’s a counter-force to the so-called Friends of Syria gathering.”

Digression: Interestingly or curiously I had just heard an interview with Mohammad Marandi the other day

Progressive Radio News Hour – Mohammad Marandi – 08/02/12

 Give it a listen.

Ending with: Ahmadinejad quoted as saying on Wednesday.

“I am certain they have plans for changes in Saudi Arabia as well they do not want Muslim countries to have power and in opposition we must stand together more than before,” he added.

Astute observation

27 World Countries Attending Tehran Conference on Syria



 Countries in attendance

Representatives of different world states, including Russia, China, Belarus, Mauritania, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Benin, Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Oman, Venezuela, Tajikistan, India, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Nicaragua, Cuba, Sudan, Jordan, Tunisia and Palestine at the level of three foreign ministers, two acting deputy ministers, 7 deputy ministers, 15 ambassadors and also the UN envoy to Tehran are attending the meeting.
News out of Syria still has the batte ongoing for Aleppo. Or not.

Syrian troops outside of the Citadel

Rebels forced out of strategic Aleppo suburb

Syrian rebel commanders say they have lost control of a strategic district in the northern city of Aleppo after a ferocious government offensive.

Salaheddine, a southern gateway to Aleppo, has been the focus of fighting between the army and the rebels for days.
Rebels say they have now been forced to fall back from some frontline positions.

However WSJ is reporting the rebels have a swathe of land north of Aleppo to Turkey. This is not good.

The Syrian border town of Azzaz, to Aleppo's north, fell to rebel fighters on July 21, rebels say, and much of the rest of the countryside north of Aleppo fell within days. About a week ago, rebel fighters-turned-bureaucrats took up posts at a pair of border crossings with Turkey, one near Azzaz and the other west of Aleppo. Crisply dressed rebels check passports of new arrivals, enter names into computers and extend a welcome hand to "Free Syria."
I will assume this is why Syrian military is flying and striking north of Aleppo

From the ABC article:

Government attack jets have reportedly been in action outside Aleppo, repeatedly striking a village on the road between city and the Turkish border.  
Is it enough to create the no fly zone? The one that NATO needs to have in Syria to present this as a made in Syria war.

Perplexing update begins- Saudi-Iranian truce on Syria is welcome
 This meeting is set to take place next week?

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz’s invitation to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to attend an emergency Islamic summit in Makkah later this month caught many observers by surprise. The invitation was extended at a time when relations between the two key Gulf powers have reached a new low over the very issue the summit is designed to deal with — Syria.
More surprising was Tehran’s response. Ahmadinejad is said to have accepted the invitation and is preparing to lead his country’s delegation to the summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which will be held on August 15-16. 

Iran holds a meeting today, on short notice and now Saudi Arabia is going to have one next week?

Top Iranian officials have on various occasions warned that they will not allow the Syrian regime to collapse. Given the polarisation between the Saudis and the Iranians, a few in fact would expect that the visit by Ahmadinejad to Makkah would produce any political solution to the Syrian crisis.
Grand competition
What the visit might do instead is to give the two sides a short respite to evaluate their strategies and prepare for the next round in their grand competition for supremacy in the region. It might also help mitigate the sectarian tension which reached a dangerous level in recent months.
Right now Saudi Arabia and Iran are locked in a fierce conflict to reshape the balance of power in the Gulf and the Middle East. Neither side is likely to back off before achieving this objective in what appears to be a zero-sum game.
Give it a read and tell me what you all think!! I find this development a bit startling and haven't had time to really digest it.



    Talking up the no fly zone.

  2. thanks AP

    love the way this is written

    The United States is considering establishing a no fly zone over Syria to protect civilians from air strikes.

    As if the US is just now, presently, considering a no fly zone???

    In a forum hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations Wednesday, White House Counterterrorism Advisor John Brennan said the Obama administration is trying to evaluate the possible effects of a no fly zone over Syria.

    More spin. They already know what the "possible effects" of a no fly zone will be

  3. Re: The Saudi invitation to Iran?

    Is this a stall tactic?
    Or while the Iranian leader is in SA, the west will launch the attack on Syria & Iran simultaneously? 16 being the new moon?
    Saudi Arabia has claimed that if Israel launches an attack on Iran they will intercept missiles? Is this just for appeasement? For the domestic audience?

    Aug 15/16

    1. Wapo Article Saudi on brink

      Note what is not mentioned in the article.

    2. If S/A comments on intercepting are taken seriously, leaves Israel strike routes through Jordan/Iraq (note July deadliest month in Iraq + Kurd oil deals by majors with Turkey declaring the Kurds prevailing over Baghdad), around the red seas, or through Syria, Turkey. Another reason for a no fly zone in Syria.

      Why the Turkish denials the plane was shot down. And the Army denying it misinformed the government?

      The Turkish Armed Forces has denied any allegations regarding a recent daily Taraf report accusing the forces of misinforming the government over the circumstances surrounding the downing of a Turkish jet off Syria on June 22.

      No proof Syria downed Turkish jet, report says



      Tarpley must be reading your blog talking about factions in the Saudi family...

  4. central Iraqi government in Baghdad has lost its energy struggle against the rapidly developing Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), which controls the autonomous north, according to Mehmet Sepil, the chief executive of Genel Energy, one of the most influential companies operating there.

  5. I do not think there is any appeasement between Saudi and Iran. Iran was the first Islamic country to call for support of the Rohingya people. Saudi under the auspices of the OIC has called an extra ordinary meeting of all OIC members. This is a battle for the control of the Islamic religion, according to my interpretation of the Mayan Ninth Wave. Nothing can stop it now. Let us wait until after Ramadan we will see what will happen in Saudi (protests), GCC (protests), USA (weather and hurricane), Europe (financial), Africa( Hunger), Asia (weather). All will come to the head before winter solstice.

    1. Hans

      If you could explain what do you mean by the Mayan Ninth Wave?
      Even a link?

      btw: this was in the spam folder, don't know why

    2. Penny, just search google "Mayan Ninth wave venus transit", most returns are American doomsday nonsense. I have from the early beginning put the crisis of Syria on religious control (Desert religions, called because Islam, Christianity and Judaism were all formed in the desert!), that is now happening. To look at the Syrian scenario start from March 9 2011, next milestone Oct 11-28 2011, June 6 2012 and the final battle ends on 21 Dec 2012. The defeat of American imperialism will be done by the weather, the price of Silver (> $32). America will be unable to protect it's people!