Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Israeli attack in Iran will include, missiles, assassinations

I have to preempt my Syria post for today, for lack of time, with this news

From Ynet Excerpt- 

This is Shock and Awe, Israel-style. It is Bibi’s effort to persuade high-level Israeli officials that Israel can prosecute a pure technology war that involves relatively few human beings (Israeli, that is) who may be put in harm’s way, and will certainly cost few lives of IDF personnel," the blogger wrote. 

"Bibi’s sleight of hand here involves no mention whatsoever of an Iranian counter-attack against Israel. The presumption must be that the bells and whistles of all those marvelous new weapons systems will decapitate Iran’s war-making ability and render it paralyzed. The likelihood of this actually happening is nearly nil."

According to Silverstein, an Israeli strike on Iran will include a "barrage of tens of ballistic missiles" launched from Israeli territory towards Iran, as well as a barrage of "hundreds of cruise missiles" which will "pound command and control systems, research and development facilities, and the residences of senior personnel in the nuclear and missile development apparatus.
"Intelligence gathered over years will be utilized to completely decapitate Iran’s professional and command ranks in these fields," according to the blogger.
Silverstein says the attack will open with an unprecedented cyber-attack which will take the internet, telephones, radio and television, communications satellites, and fiber optic cables leading to and from critical installations—including underground missile bases at Khorramabad and Isfahan - out of action.
"The electrical grid throughout Iran will be paralyzed and transformer stations will absorb severe damage from carbon fiber munitions which are finer than a human hair, causing electrical short circuits whose repair requires their complete removal. This would be a Sisyphean task in light of cluster munitions which would be dropped, some time-delayed and some remote-activated through the use of a satellite signal," the blogger claims.

According to the document, the missiles will strike their targets—some exploding above ground like those striking the nuclear reactor at Arak–which is intended to produce plutonium and tritium—and the nearby heavy water production facility; the nuclear fuel production facilities at Isfahan and facilities for enriching uranium-hexaflouride. Others would explode under-ground, as at the Fordo facility.

Following the first wave of attacks, Silverstein says, an Israeli radar satellite will pass over Iran and transfer information directly to war planes making their way covertly toward Iran.
"These IAF planes will be armed with electronic warfare gear previously unknown to the wider public, not even revealed to our US ally. This equipment will render Israeli aircraft invisible. Those Israeli war planes which participate in the attack will damage a short-list of targets which require further assault," the blogger writes.

According to Silverstein, among the targets approved for attack are Shahab 3 and Sejil ballistic missile silos, storage tanks for chemical components of rocket fuel, industrial facilities for producing missile control systems, centrifuge production plants and more.

Silverstein mentions that Iran is divided into 31 districts, each with its own independent command and control facilities and mechanisms. "So Israel wouldn’t be able to knock out a single facility and paralyze the IRG. They’d need to knock out 31 separate sets of facilities–a much harder task," he writes.  

Quite a plan. Doable? I don't know.
Makes me wonder about all the cyber attacks already launched against Iran? Were the preparing?
Any thoughts?



    1. will check it out NYS, time is limited as of late

  2. Hi Penny
    You just Got-to Love this one: From the BBC

    Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait urge Lebanon exodus

    Four Arab states have urged their citizens to leave Lebanon amid signs that the conflict in Syria is spilling over into its western neighbour.

    Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Kuwait urged immediate action after a string of kidnappings of Sunni Muslims by a powerful Shia clan.

    They were retaliating for the abduction of a clan member by rebels in Damascus.

    Meanwhile, a summit of Islamic countries meeting in Mecca has suspended Syria's membership.

    This Bit HAA HHHAAAAAAA HHHHAAAAAAAAAAA (That is hysterical laughter you hear)

    The Organisation of Islamic Co-operation's secretary-general, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, said "the body had no room for a regime that kills its own people."

    Article Link:



    1. ""the body had no room for a regime that kills its own people"

      then what are Saudi Arabia and Bahrain doing in that organization?

      As for Lebanon, Israel is likely going to attack Lebanon,not likely Iran (at least not alone)

    2. Hey, the good ol' - or is it now the Bad New USA is killing people daily with Hellfire missiles via drone strikes authorized directly BY Pres Barack Hussein himself - including US Citizens - without the benefit of due process or any kind of trial, whatsoever.

      That entire statement about "a regime that kills its own people" is just such obvious black level (lies) propaganda and doublespeak intended to deceive the mindless public. Don't even get me started on the nations of the middle east (like Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, ad nauseum) trying to set themselves apart and somehow morally "better" than Syria - or Iran, for that matter, in terms of basic human rights. Give me a break with that BS, please!

      Here's a simple challenge - name me any country that you think are really "good guys", and I'll bet I can give you examples of them "killing their own people".

      Except maybe Switzerland...or Antarctica!! LMAO

    3. "Here's a simple challenge - name me any country that you think are really "good guys", and I'll bet I can give you examples of them "killing their own people".

      Not even Canada. years ago I was blind, but now I see

      I can see clearly
      I see the light
      And it is ugly and garishly bright, hanging from a shredded looking wire from a discoloured ceiling



  4. Hey Penny,

    This may actually belong on your article on the Aurora murders, but I hope you'll forgive me for just putting it here.

    "My president," Mustaine began, before pausing to pantomime gagging, "is trying to pass a gun ban, so he's staging all of these murders, like the Fast and Furious thing down at the border, you know, Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there. And now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple."

    Don't you just love how later in this same NBC "news" article, it states the following, regarding 'Fast and Furious':

    "The government lost track of some weapons, which were later found at crime scenes in Mexico."

    Talk about propaganda and LIES OF OMISSION!!!

    There is NO mention whatsoever of the known and proven FACT that US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered with one of those combat weapons that were given directly to Mexican drug cartels BY Obama's Dept. of INJustice as part of 'Operation Fast and Furious'. NOT ONE WORD.

    In this same article, NBC "news" (i.e., General Electric Corp.), which donated huge $$$ to get Obama elected and as a direct result pays ZERO income taxes in the United States) cleverly avoids mentioning that the hundreds of weapons "later found at crime scenes in Mexico" were ALSO used in the murders of hundreds of Mexican citizens, including assassinations of Mexican public officials by the drug cartels.

    So, whether there is any truth to what Dave Mustaine believes or not - this is a classic example of mass media propaganda 101 for all of you who, like me, are students of their methods and madness. Lies of omission are your homework assignment for...the rest of your lives!!

    I find that most often, if you simply look very closely at what they are NOT saying, this is the fastest way to get to the actual truth.

    And then, of course, you can see what they ARE saying and observe the obvious bias and spin - but that becomes far too easy with a little practice - and quickly becomes a waste of time, because it is SO predictable as to cause severe drowsiness, and nausea. ;)

    1. Hey LVB

      sorry for being so long to respond
      busy times, busy days at home.

      "the government lost track of the weapons"

      LOL, do you know how many times I have read that claim via the msm
      Who believes it?
      Likely the same people who believe the CIA is being selective with the guns they are handing out at the Turkish border, so they don't go to Al queda

      What bullshit!

    2. Well it was ONLY a thousand (or two?) fully automatic combat rifles and grenade launchers - oh, and also an "unknown number" of .50 caliber sniper rifles, which can penetrate engine blocks and easily kill with great accuracy from more than a mile away.

      So, at least it wasn't anything major to worry about, eh??

      And, not that either side is "good", but as far as mass media bias and double standards are involved, I think it's worth noting that if ANY conservative or Republican of any rank had given paintball guns to drug cartels, there would be impeachment hearings and criminal charges within a week.

      Food for thought. ;)

  5. Hi Penny
    Remember the quick easy war Iraq was supposed to be with Shock and Awe.
    Methinks its the same script writers with a few new lines thrown in . Um secret planes even the UIS doesn't know about ??? HHHMMMMMMM.

    There was a war game a few years ago (cant remember where I read it probably Danger room.
    An US Admiral was playing the part of Iran once THE "WAR " started he switched off all electronic communications. All communications were dispatched the old fashioned way via rider and word of mouth, semaphore etc. The upshot was, HE WON. His bosses were pissed off and said he should play by the rules. I'll go looking for the article see if I can find it.



    1. Hi KamAm

      I recall that? I may even have a post here on that war gaming?
      If not dammit,then I read it somewhere....
      But, if you can find the article, leave a link here