Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Operational Mechanism" talks on Syria begin today in Turkey....

and more
Now updated with UN accusations against Iran

First, because it sets up the post lets start with the "Operational Mechanism" talks, taking place today in Ankara, Turkey

The " Operational Mechanism" Turkey and the US have decided to set up during US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's recent visit to Turkey is going to hold its first meeting in Ankara tomorrow.



The meeting will start in the morning at the Foreign Ministry. Owing to the nature of the meeting which will center on technical matters, it will be closed to the press. The operational mechanism decided upon by Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutog(lu and his American counterpart Hillary Clinton when Clinton paid a visit to Turkey on August 11 comprises diplomats, military officials and intelligence agents.

The American delegation to soon arrive in Turkey for the meeting will be headed by Ambassador Elizabeth Jones, a high level official at the US State Department and a high level official from the Turkish Foreign Ministry. 

More here and here 

Not much in the way of details, clearly, NO PRESS allowed.
Just diplomats, military officials and intelligence agents. That should tell us something?

Just for the heck of it. Cause I love words and their meanings/uses. I am including the words defined, to shed some light on just what this "Operational Mechanism" could be suggesting?

Operational: adjective 
1. of or relating to an operation or operations
2. in working order and ready for use
3. (Military) Military capable of, needed in, or actually involved in operations

Mechanism: noun    

1. A system of parts working together in a machine; a piece of machinery.
2. A natural or established process by which something takes place or is brought about.

So, could this  preplanned, previously agreed to meeting have something to do with preparations/coordinations (militarily) of all the players, like a well oiled machine, to bring about regime change in Syria? 

 Is this why Turkey is floating their “safe zones” concept, yet again,  because they (allegedly) cannot handle the refugees?

Is this why Saudi Arabia and Turkey are  suddenly at this time jointly planning “refugee camps”?
Is there going to be an influx of boots on the ground??? Such as the influx that was suggested by Obama, just the other day?  When Obama suggested "U.S. forces could move against him" (Assad) In language that was very suggestive of placing boots on the ground?

Ahmet Davutog(lu, Turkey’s foreign minister, speaks at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in Washington DC, February 10 (CSIS)

Turkey's leaders can shed all the crocodile tears they wish, does anyone believe their concern is legitimate?
The refugee problem is a made in Turkey problem. It is a crisis they brought on to themselves and could have stopped at any time. But chose not to.

Not to be left out of the fray Egypt and the Sinai, what's new?
What is going on? The war dance?
I have previously covered the movement by Israel of tanks and troops to the Sinai.
Egypt responded in kind. Israel is complaining

 Egyptian tanks arriving in Sinai city of Rafah

Egyptian tanks arriving in the Sinai city of Rafah (JP photo)

Egypt is suggesting that every move they made was with the OK of Israel and the US

An Egyptian military source said Wednesday that the recent deployment of troops in the Sinai peninsula was fully coordinated with Israel, refuting media reports that the move violated the Israel-Egypt peace treaty.

In light of Israeli qualms over Egyptian troops in Sinai, he said, the Egyptian leadership has been conducting direct talks with Israel on the subject in order to secure Egyptian control over the Sinai Peninsula

The U.S. State Department said it supports Egypt's military deployments in Sinai, but insists such actions be coordinated with Israel while observing the 1979 peace treaty.

"The Egyptians work hard now to defeat terror and turn back other security threats in the Sinai, we've been supportive of those efforts," said U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland in Washington.

So the US is aware that Egypt is deploying to the Sinai.

Which would indicate to me that Israel is well aware of the movement of all those US supplied weapons (many of them programmed with the right codes to make them useless against Israeli weapons) 
Why the complaining Israel?
Also, why is Victoria Nuland giving me a real April Glaspie vibe?  “the United States took no position on the border dispute between Iraq and Kuwait”  Of course the US took a position.

I still think Israel wants the Sinai, still think Israel with the help of the US and the new poodles in Egypt are going to give it to them. Hope I am wrong.

Related reading: Israel should retake Philadelphi

Thought this was interesting. 

A firm that tracks the pathways of the Internet says a Chinese company is keeping war-torn Syria connected to the Internet as other telecommunications companies withdraw.

Hong Kong-based PCCW Ltd. is now carrying most of the Internet traffic to and from Syria, according to Renesys Corp., a Manchester, New Hampshire, company that studies the structure of the Internet. (Studies the structure of the Internet?)

PCCW has shouldered the load as Turk Telecom, the main phone company in neighbouring Turkey, dropped away Aug. 12. It's not clear what killed its connections to Syria, but Turkey has protested the Syria regime's actions.(which would indicate to me Syria cut the connections to Turkey for what should be obvious reasons) China is one of Syria's few international allies.

Renesys said Tuesday that Telecom Italia of Italy and Deutsche Telekom of Germany also carry some Syrian Internet traffic, but the Italian company's share is declining for unknown reasons.(?)

Syria is connected via undersea cables to Cyprus, Lebanon and Egypt, and PCCW is a part-owner
It was the "studies the structure of the internet" bit that caught my attention-

Renesys Corp- The Internet Intelligence Authority
Commercial and government customers turn to Renesys to address strategic, tactical and operational challenges.
They have an interesting blog. I saved the link. Found it all so amazing. The tracking of the internet traffic.
Around the time of the Iran elections? Syria. Jordan. Cyprus.  And more. Fascinating stuff, in my opinion.
You? I don't know.

UPDATE:  UN (conveniently) points fingers at Iran over what APPEARS to be arms shipments to Syria 

Iran appears to be supplying Syria with weapons, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

The U.N. accusation backs (bolsters) charges (Charges? Not facts. Not intelligence. Not knowledge. Just charges) by Western officials that Iran is providing funds, weapons and intelligence support to Assad in his bid to crush the opposition.  

How timely with the US and Israel wanting any justification to take out Iran 


  1. Hi Penny

    Yeah, I see the possibility of interfering with the internet and for something to start happening quite soon. (I know, I've said this before!)

    Here there is a little uproar about the National Geographic sailing their Nautilus explorer ship off the Cypriot coast without much of the public knowing anything about it, and sending down robot subs to supposedly look for who-knows-what geological things.

    Anyway, its raised suspicions here with the government ministers, about what they are REALLY doing down there, and who gave them permission, even with a live stream camera, which is not always on!

    We know that the undersea internet cables that form part of he network out of Egypt were 'damaged' in the past temporarily by 'passing ships', so I won't be surprised to hear something along similar lines.

    On another point, the Ministry here is trying to get some stranded Cypriots out of Syria without much luck so far. They have already issued a couple of travel warnings, and interestingly the Famagusta Gazette reports today that the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs is about to issue more travel warnings for 'other mid. east countries'...antenna are buzzing now!!

    Who knew a ships anchor could do so much damage! ;-)


    1. Hi Marie

      That pdf on Cyprus was really interesting, thanks for leaving it. Read it last night.

      AP used it at Twelfth Bough (linked in sidebar)

      "Yeah, I see the possibility of interfering with the internet and for something to start happening quite soon. (I know, I've said this before!)"

      Yah, well there has always been something happening, the whole situation has only escalated over the past year and a half.

      I wondered if the reason for noting that china had been providing the internet service and mention of cable location was to be able to shut syria down completely


  2. National Geographic = CIA, reportedly.

    - Aangirfan

  3. Doesn't Syria have the 'right to defend itself?'

    Check this article out... This falls under the 'Like Duh' category:

    Alleged hate crime in Israel part of troubling trend

    An alleged hate crime against Palestinians in West Jerusalem this week, which left one young man unconscious and in the hospital, underscores a troubling reality: that Israeli teens are more militantly anti-Arab than their parents and increasingly more prone to rejecting democratic values.

    In recent years, the trend has become apparent in survey after survey, including those conducted by think tanks and commercial pollsters. It’s also borne out anecdotally in both Israel and the West Bank, where attacks by Israeli youngsters against Palestinians appear to be on the rise.

    In the latest incident, at least five teens are suspected of punching and kicking a Palestinian nearly to death over the weekend at a crowded public square in Jerusalem, as dozens of other youngsters looked on. The Palestinian, 17-year-old Jamal Julani, collapsed and stopped breathing at one point, but was resuscitated and is now in stable condition.
    A police spokesman said the five suspects—three boys and two girls, ages 13 to 19—were in custody and being questioned. “For my part, he can die,” one of the suspects, a 15-year-old, told reporters outside of the courtroom, in reference to Julani. “He’s an Arab."

    The attack was unusual in its brazenness. According to the police spokesman, the teens allegedly roved Jerusalem’s downtown area chanting anti-Arab slogans and looking for victims before setting on Julani and several of his friends. Other violence against Palestinians in recent years has been more clandestine, including mosque burnings and roadside ambushes.
    While Israelis across the political spectrum have criticized the attacks, analysts pointed to a rising intolerance of Arabs among youths that appears to have kindled anti-Arab violence.

    “It’s definitely a trend,” says Roby Nathanson, an Israeli economist who studies political attitudes among young Israelis.
    The institute Nathanson runs, the Macro Center for Political Economics, has conducted three comprehensive surveys since 1998 that show a steady hardening of views.

    In the latest study, published last year, 28 percent of Jewish Israelis ages 15 to 18 said the word “hatred” best expressed their feelings toward Arabs. Seventy-two percent said they definitely would not want Arab citizens of Israel living in their neighborhood, and 77 percent said they would be unwilling to invite an Arab to their homes.

    Seventy percent opposed the idea of a Palestinian state if it entailed significant Israeli concessions....

  4. Hi Greg

    the answer to your question?
    No, only the US and Israel can "defend" themselves
    You know what I mean

    1. My dream as a proud and conservative American, is that my country would abandon all this criminal globalist imperial "rule the world" bullshit, and return to being a nation that is healthy and prosperous, for itself, first and foremost.

      No standing armies on foreign soil ANYWHERE - shutting down most or all of the 700+ US military bases in over 100 countries worldwide - starting with Camp Bondsteel in "Kosovo", which is the second biggest US military foreign base - now WTF could that even be about?? You really need a base that massive for "peacekeeping"?? Uhmmm, the answer is obviously NO.

      Next, we withdraw from the NATO, IMF, World Bank and United Nations, or at a minimum, have the UN evicted and moved to Brussels or Paris, where it belongs.

      The USA will defend its own nation, jealously and with all of its awesome power - but will no longer continue all of this CIA covert meddling (a nice word for murders, assassinations of foreign leaders and "regime change" / "nation building") in every part of the world.

      We will immediately begin a "war on oil" right here at home, being that we have enough oil to last for many centuries right here in Montana, Wyoming, California (offshore) and the ANWR site in Alaska. This fight is for our OWN oil - to find our own, and get out of the entanglements and insanity of the middle east and Israel's state of "perpetual war", which is designed to and does nothing but cause us endless problems, loss of life and US treasure and drains the very soul of what America should be.

      We will do as George Washington wisely suggested, and become honest trading partners with all nations, and friends wherever possible, but NOT become entangled in foreign wars, because we have now seen more than enough evidence that this cycle is nothing less evil and predictable than the cycle of crack addiction - and far more deadly and expensive.

      We secure our OWN borders, we drill our OWN oil, and bring ourselves up to a self-sufficient level in time, probably buying some oil from Mexico and Canada, as well, if they are willing and interested.

      Then, many of our "terrorist nightmares" will fade away into the dustbin of history, and we can spend our time keeping alert for the other menace to our way of life - bearded, drunken Canucks with wicked slap-shots, funny accents and questionable taste in music!!! LMAO

      (However, anything by Max Webster/Kim Mitchell and Nickelback is pretty awesome...and a few others, but an important part of our new Treaty will be clause 1) Canada agrees to take back Justin Bieber, and he is NEVER to set foot on US soil again, ever. But just to be fair, you can sell his crappy music here. LOL)

      I am LVB and I approved this message.

    2. Justin Bieber: Now that is an embarrassment.
      LVB- You are silly ;)

      But, then America did give the world Lady GaGa(Lady Gag me)
      and they (JB and Lady Gag me) are both such good psyop warriors
      Lady GaGa with her whole "bullying" mantra and having the ear of Obama..... It's all perception management all the time
      Anyway- Max Webster. Now that is good rockin' band. Or was a good rockin' band. Kim Mitchel dj's out of Toronto these days, you can likely listen on line. Does alot of reminiscing between songs
      Digressing there but what you describe, Fair trade and prioritizing of ones nation and people in it.

      Heard something that the US does have oil for itself, just so busy supplying Israel. Ditto for Canada.
      If we had a sovereign wealth fund like Libya and Norway did, we would all be living tax free with great benefits here in the GWN.
      Instead, it is getting worse here by the day.
      LVB, we can change the reality of this situation.
      Push back I call it.
      Non violent, non compliance on a mass scale will bring down the already teetering house of cards

    3. Yeah Penny,

      You can also take Avril Lavigne back, too - same deal she is not allowed on sovereign US soil, but you may continue to sell her crappy music here, for now.


    4. LVB, I am ashamed
      Having previously thought Celine Dion was the worst cross border trade made, then your remind me of sk8ter girl
      Aargh!!! Double Aargh!!

    5. Hey there Penny,

      Thanks for tolerating my blatant off-topic diversions for the sake of humor. We have to find a way to keep laughing or we will truly lose our humanity, right??

      I couldn't agree more about Celine Dion, omg she is so awful.

      However, in Canada's defense, I should say that I only wish the worst things my country had to be ashamed of were really bad entertainers.

      Unfortunately, what the US govt has been exporting for decades now is much more evil and tragic than just Lady Gaga and mindless "reality" shows.

      Oh well, cheers and have a good weekend, eh! ;)

    6. Thats OK LVB :)
      It's a nice diversion from the heavy tone of the blog and you are right, if we don't laugh every now and then we will lose our humanity and we will also sink into despair

      I prefer my humanity intact
      I get the impression you do also :)

  5. hi Pen,
    i'm pretty sure Renesys made their mark on the web when all those undersea cables got cut way back when... by multiple anchor dragging accidents of course (wink).

    the Aug 11 date stands out.

    "Internet and mobile lines were cut by rebels near Homs, so a land circuit to Damascus offers the only phone communication with the capital. In Iraq and Afghanistan, insurgents would pay to keep the mobile system operating as they needed the phones. But here, it seems they have enough “command and control” systems – courtesy of Washington and London if we are to believe our masters – to ignore Syria’s domestic lines. The “Free Syrian Army” can’t surround Aleppo – but they can isolate it. A miserable Eid holiday, with richer residents camping in hotels to avoid gunfire in the suburbs, no newspapers and the local news agency so bereft of lines, it has 11 days of pictures waiting for transmission to Damascus."

    seems to be a bit of a blackout imposed around that time to keep the facts about Syria out of the media as much as possible. because the rebels are losing. so some decisions were made for some "operational mechanism" to pull this from the jaws of defeat.

    the China angle is very interesting. more info here:

    other good articles there also.

    1. Thanks for the links, went and read an article on each one

      Any thoughts on the "operational mechanism" meetings?

  6. I think They are planning their next move which will require intense coordination seeing as it has to be based on lies and manipulation. Something will have to happen to trigger it, an incident contrived. Hopefully they will slip on a banana peel.

  7. The rebels and their western backers are desperately trying to take a major city (a la Aleppo), because it will immediately become the "rebel stronghold", like Benghazi was in Libya. Then, of course, they will have to defend it from government efforts to retake it, which might offer NATO an opportunity to step in on humanitarian grounds, although God knows they've tried enough times to exploit that angle already. But the best they've been able to do so far is Azaz, a town of about 30,000. Not big enough.

    Anyway, I'm encouraged that they will not try anything overt, because it's one thing to invade without a UNSC resolution, but it's quite another to invade after a UNSC resolution has been sought and vetoed.

    1. Hi Marknesop

      This is a new name!! Thanks for coming by :)

      "The rebels and their western backers are desperately trying to take a major city (a la Aleppo), because it will immediately become the "rebel stronghold", like Benghazi was in Libya."

      Yup. And Aleppo is ideal.

      " I'm encouraged that they will not try anything overt, because it's one thing to invade without a UNSC resolution, but it's quite another to invade after a UNSC resolution has been sought and vetoed."

      Are you forgetting Iraq? A UN resolution was sought and vetoed and still the "coalition of the willing" went in.

      They NATO haven't done anything overt thus far, though all their actions are obvious and blatant anyway
      What I see as more likely is a false flag op being pulled and then a move "having" to be made.

    2. i think it's important to consider the financial implosion that they need to make happen is really driving this, and thus the timing of everything is being driven by these banksters. i don't think they will care about the details of paperwork and resolutions. they will just do whatever they need to do to trigger the conflict because once that happens, all hell will break loose and they will have the "fog of war" necessary to collapse the existing monetary system, which is what they want. here is an excellent summary of it imo:

      near the end, he is talking about the chaos of closing Hormuz, and the follow on effects:

      "China, on the other hand, will likely respond with full scale financial retaliation, up to and including a dump of U.S. Treasury Bonds (a move which they have been preparing for since 2005 anyway). With oil prices skyrocketing due to increased Middle Eastern distress, multiple countries including the BRIC trading bloc nations and most of the ASEAN trading bloc will have the perfect excuse to dump the dollar, allowing for the introduction of the IMF’s newly revamped SDR (Special Drawing Rights) global currency mechanism to take hold.

      Syria is the key to what I believe will be an attempt on the part of globalists within our government to actually coax a volatile conflict into being, a conflict that will create ample cover for the final push towards global currency, and eventually, global governance.

      5) Economic Implosion Will Become “Secondary”…To The Banksters’ Benefit

      In the minds of the general public, the economic distress that we will soon face regardless of whether or not there is ever a war with Iran and Syria will be an afterthought, at least for a time, if the threat of global combat becomes reality. The fog of war is a fantastic cover for all kind of crime, most especially the economic kind. Sizable wars naturally inhibit markets and cause erratic flux in capital flows. Anything, and I mean anything, can be blamed on a war, even the destruction of the U.S. economy and the dollar. Of course, the real culprits (international and central banks) which have been corrupting and dismantling the American fiscal structure for decades will benefit most from the distraction."

    3. i should add that it's very hard to read the tea leaves and know when, exactly, the banksters want to make this happen, but it appears to be close, and i would guess before the election.

    4. Geez Ap, that is great stuff and I covered the SDR some time ago

      When I read that I was yah, I remember that!!

    5. BTW: the talk today is of more stimulus if the economy doesn't drastically improve

      LOL, the "stimulus" was never designed to improve the economy

      How can the msm report on this stuff with a straight face?!
      Oh, never mind

    6. Yah. Kind of sad that they still can. Well the pitchforks may come out yet when all this goes down.

      Anyway, anyplace hillary shows up is coated in pure deceit. She is truly the new condi. And i keep seeing her hideous mask in the news photos as she tries like hell to get this thing done. Pretty disgusting.

    7. "Are you forgetting Iraq? A UN resolution was sought and vetoed and still the "coalition of the willing" went in."

      Although it's a technicality, that's not exactly what happened. The draft resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq was withdrawn without ever coming to a vote, because its backers knew they could count on only 4 of 9 necessary votes - the USA, UK, Spain and Bulgaria. It was withdrawn specifically because its drafters knew it could not pass and that it would be more difficult to suggest the coming war had UN backing if it came to a vote and failed.

      This time, however, resolutions which would advance to war by mission creep have been vetoed not once, but twice. And the Secretary General of the UN made it clear after the invasion of Iraq that, from a UN Charter standpoint, the invasion was illegal. I don't think they'd do it twice, and if they do it will suggest that NATO has no further use for the moral high ground, because it will not be able to reclaim it for a generation. Once, you can pretend you didn't know. After it has been spelled out in so many words, not as easy.

      Good post.

    8. Marknesop:

      Thanks for clarifying that situation with Iraq.
      I recall the dramatics. Colin Powell with his vial...

      "This time, however, resolutions which would advance to war by mission creep have been vetoed not once, but twice."

      Actually, there have been three vetos at the UN.

      "Russia and China have opposed military intervention in Syria throughout 17 months of bloodshed and have vetoed three UN Security Council resolutions backed by Western and Arab states that would have raised pressure on Damascus to end violence."

      3 vetoes in 17 months is pretty unprecedented

      "Good post"

      Thanks and thanks for setting me straight on the UN Iraq episode

    9. Hilary the "new condi"

      I think of McGowan calling Obama "black bush"
      So is Hillary "white condi"?


  8. 'Operational Mechanism' - its not too hard to guess what this is about; NATO's tactics may be changing but the strategy and aims have been clear at the outset, and Penny you have been doing a sterling (now, there's a tarnished word) job in exposing them.

    There is a little more detail, but nothing surprising, in this report Sky Aus: Turkey and US officials meet on Syria. Much mention of the narratives of the day: red-lines, bio-WMDs and refugees.

    The 'bio-weapon red-line' narrative-
    There is a subtle usage of words in some of the reports:
    Indy- Cameron and Obama warn Syria over chemical weapons
    David Cameron and US president Barack Obama have agreed that the use of chemical weapons in Syria or even a threat to deploy them would be “completely unacceptable”.
    Well yes it would be, but Syria has made no such threat.

    And the message changes slightly in CNN- What you need to know about Syria today
    In a telephone call between the two leaders late Wednesday, "both leaders agreed that the use -- or threat -- of chemical weapons was completely unacceptable and would force them to revisit their approach so far," according to a statement released by the prime minister's office.
    So now we have the creation of a new myth - that Syria has threatened the use of bio-WMDs

    The Chinese see through this- Obama's "red line" warnings merely aimed to seek new pretext for Syria intervention

    The 'refugee' narrative-
    Are there really as many refugees as the western MSM make out?
    Why are these people fleeing Syria - is it of their own initiative, or are they being 'persuaded' by NATO's agents in order to further the humanitarian narrative, and of course for the building of more and larger 'refugee camps' (aka barracks) close to Syria's borders?

    Communications and the 'Operational Mechanism'-
    Western countries discuss further support for Syrian rebels
    Western countries and some of its Arab allies have agreed in early July at a "Friends of Syria" meeting to "greatly increase assistance to the opposition" by giving them tools to communicate more securely with each other and the outside world.
    So I think we can expect to see Syria's communication infrastructure, and their links to the outside world, targeted as a first step in the new plan of aggression. This ball seems to be rolling already.

    Keep up the good work Penny.

    1. Freethinker!!!
      Did you just know I was in need of moral support at this time? Hence the "pat on the back" LOL!
      After reading varying resources around, I was sort of like, am I the only one seeing Obama's "red line" and now this planning in Turkey as an attempt at escalation?
      Don't people understand that words are used to create perceptions, to plant seeds. To prepare.
      For Obama to use that type of language, even while having an "election" to concern himself with.....
      Indicates he isn't concerned about winning the election
      With Romney and Ryan that is a foregone conclusion. Obama is in.

      All the media has to do is spin the narrative to present Obama as a "war time" president, peace prize winner who is just bringing truth, justice and the American way to the world and by god.... That's it!!!!. His ratings will jump. The dummies will approve because the media will hard sell and no worries at all.

      As for the refugees? Recall Tozz explaining that everyday people moved back and forth between Turkey and Syria for work and family visits etc?
      The Turkish gov was stamping their papers as refugees.
      This was way before the NATO mercenary terrorists laid siege to Aleppo. Since the invasion by the rebels, likely some have fled, but what are the numbers? Did they actually go across the border? I had a link to a news story that reported Turkey was shutting down the border to refugees, so what is really going on. What is really true?

      I would think if Western nations are going to increase communication devices assistance, then something is being planned. The Syrian government has likely taken pretty firm control of the communications infrastructure blocking the NATO terrorist mercs out and this would have to be circumvented.

      The CNN article you linked is really interesting.. for the way the narrative of "chemical weapons" is presented.

      "The warning follows last month's revelation by Syria that it has chemical and biological weapons, confirming long-held suspicions that al-Assad's government is in possession of such weapons.

      The Syrian Foreign Ministry said the country has the weapons, but would use them only against foreign attackers.

      The admission followed a warning by Obama that al-Assad's government risks crossing "a red line" that would provoke a military response if it uses or moves the weapons."

      To have presented the information more accurately CNN should have wrote-

      "The warning follows last month's (thought that was longer then a month ago. I looked back through my posts and have it about 6 weeks) revelation by Syria that it has chemical and biological weapons, confirming long-held suspicions that al-Assad's government is in possession of such weapons. At that time, Syrian Foreign Ministry said the country has the weapons, but would use them only against foreign attackers.

      If CNN had reported factually their next paragraph (see above) would appear nonsensical...

      The admission followed a warning by Obama that al-Assad's government risks crossing "a red line" that would provoke a military response if it uses or moves the weapons.

      There was no "red line" warning following that admission.
      The way CNN reports that skews the time line.


    2. Actually, that's just the way international diplomacy works. Everybody in diplomatic circles sees the pretext for what it is, and a willingness to pretend they do not implies compliance. We saw the same thing in Libya, when the original report would say, "If the rebels could take whatever city, it would be a major strategic gain on their drive to Tripoli", and subsequent reports would suggest the rebels were about to take that city or had already done so.

      Since China has stepped up to the plate and said for all the ignorant to hear, "We see it", it is a suggestion that if the pretext formally seeks legitimacy China will not allow it to pass. Even the possibility that China might intervene should be enough to give even the boldest pause, because China is a long, long way from what it was even 10 years ago.

      The west and the USA made a mistake not watching China earlier. Their muscle now has been the work of years, all in plain sight, while warnings were blithely ignored.

    3. Therefore Cameron and Hollande are on board. Russia and China not so much.

      Interesting to note that China rather boldly announced there displeasure actually using pretext in their language
      I have seen Russia use pretty strong language, but, China has been more subtle through this all
      Until now.
      We shall see

    4. Cameron can be counted on to support the "special relationship" with lockstep concurrence in whatever the United States wants to do, although - curiously - he and the British political class made it very clear during Mitt Romney's recent visit that they do not care for him.

      Hollande is a little more squishy. Although his position on Russia during his election campaign was stridently opposed, he has adhered pretty closely to the socialist policies he promised. This has got him in Dutch with the major NATO powers, and his press has turned sour in the major go-to business publications the west favours.

      Even more interesting, Mr. Hollande cannot seem to discuss the politics of alliances without using the term "Franco-German". And Angela Merkel is on about as friendly terms with Vladimir Putin as you are going to find in the NATO environment. Unsurprisingly, all the bad press Hollande is getting ignores that so far, his policies seem to be working and he looks like actually having a chance to turn the French economy around. That's because instead of giving the richest citizens obscene tax breaks, he is increasing their taxes. I mean that's the reason for the bad press; it'll take more than that to reverse years of stupid fiscal policies.

      Anyway, that's a roundabout way of suggesting Hollande might not be the reliable bobblehead NATO expects if they keep slagging him for socialist policies that appear for the moment to be working far better than the European average at digging France out of debt.

  9. marknesop,

    will be back with a response later,sorry
    didn't want you to think I was ignoring your comments :)

  10. Hi Pen, "Operational Mechanism" suggests to me the means of putting into action the coming panned offensive. It's about the logistics, in other words.I agree.

    So this means they have a new plan to achieve the destruction of Syria. Which means their old plan didn't work. So this is ad hoc strategy on the fly and made necessary by their defeats in the field. Syria should have fallen by now just like Libya before it.

    So nato and israel need to up the ante which means nato or US troops and Air Force. These pricks can only win with their air power and then they only win with it because of their massive superiority in numbers and technology in relation to these little countries. So that's what's coming in my never humble opinion.

    But if Russia puts boots on the ground in retaliation, they will obliterate the NATO forces just like they did in Georgia in 2008. NATO and Israel are completely incompetent and made so through their arrogance and madness. Witness what happened to Israel when they took on Hezbollah in 2006

    1. JAMES!!!

      "These pricks can only win with their air power and then they only win with it because of their massive superiority in numbers and technology in relation to these little countries. So that's what's coming in my never humble opinion."

      I am afraid this is why France is pushing the no fly zone along with Turkey... They want to get in the air and obliterate Syria and James I tell you that just scares the crap out of me.

      The casualties will be massive!
      How psychotic are these so called leaders and why does the west accept them as such
      It is appalling.
      Boots on the ground?
      I would think that would only happen after a massive bombing campaign!

      Good to see ya James, even if it is only in cyberspace

    2. You too, Pen. I agree with all your observations, too.
      "How psychotic are these so called leaders and why does the west accept them as such"

      It needs people to say "the emperor has no clothes"; to state the obvious. And you are one of those people and doing a magnificent job of it! Take care, Pen, and 'all strength to your arm' as we say here :)

    3. "The Emperor has no clothes"

      And " The Empire has no humanity"

  11. My arm needs all the strength it can get!