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Syria: No Security Council Vote- Expect NATO 'intervention' for humanitarian aid, of course.

We are going long today. Apologies. I wanted to get some news posted yesterday, now there is more today.
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Even worse, I have added another link you will see it as Breaking news.

The straw that will break the proverbial camel’s back.
The precipice of world war. Perilous times indeed.
At least, that is the way I see it.
First, news from yesterday, still extremely relevant or I wouldn't use it.

About that transitional government that France appeared willing to hastily recognize.....
It appears the NATO warmongers have been working on an alternative or partner to the SNC.
Unsurprisingly. It would be foolish to assume NATO didn’t have a plan b, c or d.

Britain and US plan a Syrian revolution from an innocuous office block in Istanbul

“An underground network of Syrian opposition activists is receiving training and supplies of vital equipment from a combined American and British effort to forge an effective alternative to the Damascus regime. 

Dozens of dissidents have been ferried out of Syria to be vetted for foreign backing

The training takes place in an Istanbul district

"We are not 'king-making' in Syria. ( lie) The UK and the US are moving cautiously to help what has been developing within Syria to improve the capabilities of the opposition," said a British consultant overseeing the programme. "What's going to come next? Who is going to control territory across Syria. We want to give civilians the skills to assert leadership." “

The UK and the US are king making. They are hand picking stooges to form a government, on the ground in Syria. This was an issue with the SNC, since they had no support within Syria itself. Plan B has NATO  creating a transitional government on the ground, in Syria. The call by France to the opposition forces on the ground  to unite was therefore a well timed call. The US and UK must believe they have enough control to make their next move.

Read the article entirely. Sort the spin from the facts.

Egypt’s President shows his true “stooge” colours for all to see. Puppet boy. From three days ago!
NATO’s boy Morsi/Mursi .Egypt's president says time up for Syria's Assad /August 27, 2012

"Now is the time to stop this bloodshed and for the Syrian people to regain their full rights and for this regime that kills its people to disappear from the scene," Mohamed Mursi said in his first interview with an international news organization.”

Geez, he sounds exactly like Obama, Cameron, Hollande and the rest of that sordid company!
No surprise there.
Brief, but not a  new prognostication-This man, along with his "compatriots" in Israel, are setting up a war in the Sinai. Yes, Mursi/Morsi is servile to the US/UK/Israel axis of warmongers.

Lavrov: Intervention in Syria is a catastrophe August 28/2012

After a meeting in Geneva between representatives of the five member countries of the UN (United Nations) and others bordering Syria, a spokesman for the U.S. State Department, Patrick Ventrell, said the absence of a resolution does not impede the actions of the United States.”

Patrick Ventrell US State Dept, spells it out loud and clear-

"We have to continue working under the aegis of the United Nations, but we also have a broader strategy that should be respected.  We do not intend to stop doing our job just because there is no resolution," added Ventrell.”

In other words NATO world army cares not for the international community. NATO world army has an agenda and everyone else can 'suck wind'

Continuing on-

"The United States has expressed its intention to intervene, ignoring the UN Security Council," countered the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, during an interview with Sky News.
"I believe that the statements from Washington and other capitals that the declaration of Geneva is a dead letter are completely irresponsible.

It looks as if the next UN meeting upcoming will see Russia and China hold their position on Syria and it isn’t going to matter at all. The US/NATO world army has set it’s course.

As for the next UN meeting the latest news- NO Security Council vote!
“Deadlocked U.N. Security Council ministers to discuss Syria aid”
Diplomats said that aside from possible announcements of aid initiatives by individual countries on Thursday, there would be no further action on Syria from the Security Council.

No further action from the Security Council.
France is spinning we wanted a “humanitarian” blah, blah, blah and but “we faced a double refusal”

 "The United States and Britain believe we have reached the end of what can be achieved at the Security Council, and Moscow and Beijing said that such a resolution would have been biased."
Therefore expect the NATO world army to attack without a UN resolution. Under the guise of a humanitarian no fly/ buffer zone. France decided to continue on and hold the UN meeting anyway, so they could spin the narrative via the NATO media.

I see today Freethinker has left a video, very timely, very relevant video- Thank You!


It makes sense out of nonsense from the NATO media

The special forces would indeed,  be on the ground attempting to disable the anti-aircraft missiles in preparation for the no fly/buffer zone.  Special forces have been slithering into Syria for sometime now.

Brian has left a link bolstering the fact that Mursi, is a stooge. Thanks brian! Singing the NATO tune in Iran.

That was clear when he made his statement days prior to the Iran meeting. 2nd link from the top.
Wished I would have had the time to get that up sooner. Sigh...

BREAKING: Israeli media gloats- Egypt has chosen who to identify with – and it's not Iran

Those who expected that Morsi's presence at the conference would bring Egypt and Iran closer together, would have to wait for another opportunity.

Morsi, who will be hosted at the White House in three weeks, does not intend to change Egypt’s foreign policy toward Iran

LOL, who expected Morsi to bring Egypt and Iran closer? The gullible?

If you have the time and can read through the spin, this  Aug 29th. NYT’s piece is interesting in that it lays out how the US is funneling money for arms through to the rebels, despite their bullshit and lies to the contrary. Oh wait a minute. Bullshit. Lies. Same/same. I leave it for emphasis.
Just a bit to whet the whistle-
-"From a one-room office in an unfinished glass tower three blocks from the White House, an amorphous network of activists is doing what the Obama administration will not: attempting to arm the rebels. The Syrian Support Group.”came together late last year”
- “The group became more organized last spring when it formally incorporated, started its Web site and, in May, hired a former NATO political officer, Brian Sayers, as its director of government relations in Washington."
-"That same month, it applied for a license from the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control to raise money for the rebels.-The group cannot ship weapons, it can send money that the rebels can use to buy them."
-"The group has not disclosed its fund-raising efforts so far, though its license requires it to report each month to the State Department how much it raises and sends."
What?!! Are your alarm bells ringing? Are your spidey senses tingling? Mine were when I read that two page article


  1. "Egypt’s President shows his true “stooge” colours for all to see. Puppet boy. From three days ago!"
    That seems clear enough to us, so I was gob-smacked to see the very clever Kevin Barrett waxing lyrical on Morsi on PressTV:
    Zionists seek to break up ME countries: Analyst (Barrett)
    "Barrett: Yes, I think that it is wonderful that President Morsi is speaking out and he is shaping up to be an honest leader which is a new thing for Egypt and it is great that he is standing up against foreign military intervention."
    WTF? Doesn't he see the dialectical game being played out so that Israel can 'legitimately' retake Sinai from an antagonistic Egypt?

    A Sinai narrative comes to light:
    Sinai: Shift in Egypt’s strategic doctrine?
    "And, what about the Israelis? Will they accept a prosperous Sinai, with a growing population? Israelis might consider occupying Sinai again however unlikely many might think that is. Or they may think of turning it into an alternative homeland for the Palestinians by pushing the people of Gaza there. But most importantly, they would never let Egyptians go on building a prosperous and strong country. Its national security again."

    I wonder what brought about this declaration from Hamas:
    Hamas leader: Palestinians not interested in settling in Sinai
    Head of the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip Ismail Haniyeh said on Sunday that Palestinians do not intend to leave their country nor intend to settle in Sinai.

    During his Eid sermon, Haniyeh said that the Palestinians will hold on to Gaza. “We will not settle in Sinai or anywhere East or West,” he said. “Gaza is an integral part of Palestine. No to an alternative homeland, migration or resettlement.”

    1. Freethinker: from your first link

      Barrett: I think it is great that Egypt has a President who’s not playing that game anymore.

      Giving him the benefit of the doubt that he is naive, but, that is kind of hard to accept.

      As mentioned while I am aware of who he is, I generally don't follow him, or really anyone for that matter.

      Like AP, "I run my own think tank" and prefer it that way, which is why I source largely, but, not entirely news articles.

      The Sinai narrative; As you know I feel the narrative started being directed/created almost immediately after the "election" of Morsi/Mursi.
      With opening of the Gaza border crossing, paving the way for the timely "terror" attack....
      Tanks moved to the borders etc.

      "Why has development in Sinai become so important for Egyptians after 30 years of neglect?"

      Yes, why after 30 years of neglect?

      Then the nugget

      "According to Egyptian researcher Ahmad Ebrahim Mahmoud, a section of top Egyptian military leaders were not in favor of huge investment in Sinai because they thought it would be lost if and when Israel launches a war against Egypt."

      Egypt's military (which still really runs the country) were not in favour of the huge investment because they thought it would be lost if and when Israel launched a war against Egypt???

      Of course it would be lost, what with the Egyptian military armed with lots of US weapons that would be useless against Israel. This has got to be either the poorest army on the planet or their allegiance is not to Egypt. But, then considering the piper...

      "Prime Minister Dr Hesham Qandil has approved the budget for some projects in Sinai"

      "it’s a hasty response rather than a long-term plan"

      A hasty response to what?

      Doesn't it seem preposterous that Egypt is and has been having this type of long term hesitancy, to develop and have persons reside in an area rich in resources strategically located.
      Doesn't that seem preposterous?
      Almost like the area has been saved for some other people all this time..

      You know, this just sparked a memory of something I have posted way back about the Sinai and Israelis buying up property there????

      I am going to see if I can find it

    2. speaking of Hamas, we used to hear a lot about Hamas a couple of years ago. back circa 2008 Hamas was responsible for every evil, especially due to all the rockets they launched into Israel which allowed for a lot of "Self Defense..." and Jimmy Carter got in trouble for making a visit to Syria to meet Assad and then to also meet with Hamas, also back in 2008. we hardly ever hear about Hamas anymore, though they are still there. some info here about Hamas and Morsi being tight, which explains why we don't hear about Hamas anymore, them being on the payroll now and getting rich controlling the smuggling tunnels. and possibly set to play a role in the Sinai troubles to come.

      Now, however, Hamas is facing a huge crisis as the Egyptian authorities plan to regain control over Sinai in the aftermath of the recent killing of 16 Egyptian border guards by unidentified terrorists.

      The Egyptian army appears to be determined to destroy the underground tunnels out of fear that they are being used to smuggle not only goods and fuel, but also Islamist terrorists who pose a threat to Egypt's national security.

      At this stage, however, it is not clear whether Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood President, Mohamed Morsi, would allow his army to cut off one of Hamas's main sources of income. Morsi's policy thus far has been to embrace and strengthen Hamas at the expense of the Western-backed Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

      If the Egyptian army succeeds in its anti-terror security crackdown in Sinai, including the demolition of all the underground tunnels that keep Hamas running, it could mark the beginning of the end of the Islamist movement's rule over the Gaza Strip. But if Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood tie the hands of their generals and prevent them from completing the mission, Hamas will become even stronger and wealthier.

      Hamas is a creation of Mossad:

    3. Ap, dam girl! Gonna write you a decent response tomorrow.

    4. Hi again, also i just saw this which explains the role of ambulances in the false flag planned over chemical weapons to justify the invasion. Hard to say which way they will go, they always keep their options open.


      Ambulances as humanitarian cover. We have seen the incredibly despicable use of ambulances before as cover when covering events related to organ trafficking. Moshe saba helicopter crash and the private ambulance services of chabad in new york, etc. very creepy. Along the way noting the symbol on the side of ambulances and how that was changed. This is an aside of course but relevant to the mindset of the people who take despicable to new depths, who hide their depravity in the places of trust. Sickening.

    5. Good point.

      Ambulances have obviously also been used for many years in the middle east for suicide / homicide bombings in and around Irael - allegedly by the Palestinians, but no doubt some or most of these are also done by the Mossad in order to blame bombings on them. Typical shock tactics for them, actually.

      Most people in the west cannot even imagine the horror of a bombing or other crisis, much less then having ambulances or emergency vehicles show up to help - only to explode and kill even more people.

      Sadly, no level of evil should be too surprising when we're talking about Israeli and NATO tactics. It is truly nauseating to those of us who still have our souls, as you said, but for these sociopaths, there simply is no evil if it helps them achieve their goals.

    6. AP: need to ask you. Can you recall anything about Israel buying up land in the Sinai? I know there was a post here touching on that topic, way back and I will be damned if I can find it!

      If I am not mistaken Hamas and MB are just two brands of the same outfit. Thanks for the link, if anyone was unaware that Israel had created Hamas, hopefully they will read that one.

      I saw a video about ambulances being used, perhaps brian left it?
      Dunno? Someone did?
      In a previous post, I think?
      Can you tell some days I read and look at to much information

    7. LVB "Most people in the west cannot even imagine the horror of a bombing or other crisis, much less then having ambulances or emergency vehicles show up to help - only to explode and kill even more people."

      These are vehicles associated with aid not destruction. Imagine the shock of that to the psyche?

    8. Pen i will look over my stuff for info on sinai, will have to get back to you...

    9. Thanks AP

      oddly enough I recall us talking about this one?
      I spent a ton of time looking through the blog and I can't find it.
      To many posts I am afraid,

    10. Freethinker- how the hell did you find it!?
      I am so glad you did.
      I used to forget to label the posts more often then I do now, and that one, had none.
      Anyway.....THANKS!!!!! :)

    11. Glad to help. Wasn't so hard, this did the trick

    12. I will keep that little trick in mind

  2. It seems the only reason the Egytian lackey and the UN toadie boy went to the meeting in Iran was so they could leak and grandstand for the media to spin and continue on with their perception management.

    Morsi/Mursi is getting lots of negative press to promote the attack Syria agenda

    BanKi is getting lots of coverage for condemning Iran and it's nuclear stance.

    Now we all know why these two servants of the NATO world army/Israel went to the meeting

  3. Kevin Barret: I have never followed him and now I see why!!
    I'll be back with more

  4. "Therefore expect the NATO world army to attack without a UN resolution."
    I doubt that NATO can or will do anything in Syria. All indications are that military involvement, including a so-called no-fly zone, are not being seriously considered. Like the boy that cried wolf, Clinton has been threatening for months now and it's all just boring talk. I think Obama has left her out on a limb -- she's leaving government and why let her (Obama's political rival) leave without a black eye.

    But in any case Syria represents yet another indication among many* that the West is impotent in affecting outcomes not only in the Middle East but elsewhere as well. This is obviously a reason not to do Syria. Turkey is essential to the West doing anything in Syria, and Turkey is unreliable.

    *Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, for starters.

    1. Don Bacon:


      "all indication are that military involvement are not being considered?"

      gosh, what are those armed NATO mercs doing in Syria?
      Why has NATO gone to the trouble of creating an alternative "government"?
      Turkey is unreliable?
      They have been pretty reliable thus far!

      Sorry, I just can't see what you are basing any of these statements on- every action, all the armed mercs, all the attacks, everything points in the direction of an attempt at regime change/ balkanization in/of Syria

    2. AND the ''British'' Government putting 200 or so Special Forces around Syria to 'get information on the New WMD, I mean Chemical Weapons ...

      Read assisting Terrorist who hang children and mass murder Families...

    3. Well ya know, there just trying to save lives ;)

      Can't you feel the love!

      (I am being completely sarcastic and facetious)

    4. AND the 'British' Government putting 200 or so Special Forces around Syria to 'get information on the New WMD, I mean Chemical Weapons ...

      Remember the mythical Golani Brigade from Israel, the brigade which would make the Arab world tremble at the mere sight of them. What happened to them? Well it took Hezbollah third line of defence to rout them, now we never hear anything about them. Same with these special forces I think between the Syrian and Iranian forces they will also face a rout. This kind of headlines are racists in character, more of a feel good factor for the Brits.

    5. General Dempsey agrees with me.
      Aug 31, 2012
      America's most senior general warns against rash action
      on Syria
      The General stressed that frequent comparison of the Syrian situation with that in Libya, where a "no-fly zone" was imposed following a United Nations resolution was, at best, a source of "amusement". . .possible refugee zones have so far been considered inside Turkey and Jordan but "none that I am aware of inside Syria .if Nato did decide to go ahead with establishing a "no-fly" or "no-drive" zone it must allocate adequate resources for it to function.

    6. Interesting, although you can't really trust him. I suspect they're just giving some justification for why they are stalling for time until after the election and replacement of the Nobel Peace Prize winning remote control drone murderer - so brave.

      Just one question though - WTF is a "no-drive zone"??
      Have we just witnessed a new term being injected into the world via mass media?? What's next, a "no-walk zone"?

      Why not just go all the way and declare all of Syria and Iran a "No-Breathing Zone" - you know, maybe use the threat of all that evil carbon dioxide and climate change BS as a legitimate basis for another CIA war??

      I probably shouldn't give them any ideas...

      Seriously though, WTF is it that people don't even question the logic or legality of telling people in a sovereign nation that they cannot fly, drive, boat or whatever WITHIN THEIR OWN BORDERS???

      Imagine Russia and China suddenly enforcing a no-fly zone in Turkey for their mass murders of thousands of innocent Kurds. Yeah, the US govt would surely respect that whole "world community" thing and just accept it, right?

      As always, Hypocrisy rules the Empire.

    7. Yeah, so as I suspected, General Dempsey is completely full of shit. lol

      Observe (first his comments, then mine):

      "Although diplomatic and political solutions were by far the preferred options to end the conflict, General Dempsey said, the regime and its allies had shown little willingness to follow this path. President Assad had shown "a degree of arrogance which does not convince one that he actually wants to resolve this through the political process".

      Neither was he convinced by the initiative by Iran, a key ally of Assad, to broker a peace deal. "They are saying all the right things, but then you have to look at their actions. We know they are involved inside Syria, they are involved in pro-regime militias. So we have to examine their real motives."

      Ok, my turn, General. Lies right off the bat - no, you cannot say that political and diplomatic solutions were the Empire's preferred solution, not when you are simultaneously organizing and arming FOREIGN al-Qaeada terrorists to attack Syria, a sovereign nation. Nice try, though.

      And - did I mention hypocrisy yet?? Ok, so he goes on this rant about Iran "saying all the right things" but we "have to examine their real motives". Right??

      Ok, let's talk about MOTIVES, sir. What are the motives of the US, UK and Turkey in their insistence that the leader of a sovereign nation must step down from his position, just because they say so?

      It's just impossible and ridiculous to believe that the motives of the US and fellow Empire client states could be anything good or humanitarian - when we know that they are deliberately arming and training known terrorists to destabilize Syria - and not only by attacking the govt troops, but also by commiting daily atrocities and mass murder of innocent civilians in order to create such fear and panic that the Syrian people will no longer trust their govt to protect them.

      If you are hiring, training, arming and deploying known terrorists, you ARE ONE. It's really pretty simple, General Dempsey.

    8. Don Bacon

      "The head of the American military has stated that the worst possible outcome of the Syrian civil war would be an "unstable state with all the risks that involves".

      Don, that is exactly what is wanted. That is exactly the hoped for outcome. Order out of chaos. Is Libya stable today? No. And that is intentional. While the Libyans are fighting amongst themselves, their country is being sold to the highest bidder, sold right out from under their feet.

      An unstable Syria would justify Israel having to completely take the Golan Heights, just one beneficiary of the instability in Syria.

      "The US military is facing a trillion dollars worth of cuts and this will pose obvious challenges said General Dempsey."


      Plus he says the US minimally participated in Libya, utter nonsense

      a quick search brings up ample articles on this, there is likely info posted here on that

      "The U.S. military has spent about $1 billion so far and played a far larger role in Libya than it has acknowledged, quietly implementing an emerging "covert intervention" strategy that the Obama administration hopes will let America fight small wars with a barely detectable footprint. "

      It seems General Dempsey is on message completely. Downplaying the role of the US in what is already going on in Syria. Keeping the footprint of US involvement "barely detectable" though it is obvious the US is heavily involved in every aspect of the destabilization of Syria.

      There has been a steady ramping up of activities by the NATO nations for the past 18 months, with the obvious agenda, all along being regime change and the creation of instability by fomenting sectarian violence.

      Thanks for leaving the article, we will have to agree to disagree

    9. LVB: this general is playing the "good cop"
      He says all the right stuff. reality? Something else entirely

  5. Well, this morning on NPR it was announced that moves to create a "humanitarian zone' appear to be dead in the water.

    Is that a smokescreen to help Obama who doesn't want a war just before the election? Or just a way to say the US isn't involved when it really is? Dolls within dolls.

    1. Would you have a handy link?

      Though the use of "appear" in your recount says alot

  6. NATO best hope is to triangulate Russia hive it off a china axis and use the wedge to press on. That may be hard with putin. Google putin aircraft. voice of America running a story on oputin and his tsarist tendencies picked uop by all the UK papers. The caucuses have been going hot even an incursion into Georgia yesterday. Clinton is swooping through Asia pounding the pivot. Wait until china devalues. Romney will love that. No hint the us is going to back off Asia china south china sea which leaves room for bargaining with Russia on missile defense, eurasia and possibly arctic. All that said putin isn't showing much interest. Iran sending troops over (wsj yestd) is perhaps an indication of the bush doctrine of fight them there. Today wsj follows with piece on Iran reinstating the head of nuke program. It is worth going to voice of America and reading interview on Israel lebanon way preparations and how the last one was really Israel being held back by Anglos. Russia and china moment of truth. Maybe why all the china bank issues at the fore in westerb fin media

    1. Wow, it is really heating up

      I mentioned Georgia, I believe in response to you?
      (You may be anonymous, but eventually I think I recognize consistencies in posting, at least it think I do. HOwever it would be great if you would sign off for me to know for sure, even a number or letter will do)

      I went to look up the Georgian news

      Timing? Obvious

      The muslim rebels in that area are all NATO affilliated
      Dagestan, Chechnya
      There have been posts here on that
      But Georgia's spin on it, makes it obvious.

      Georgia blames Russian militants for clash near border

      They may have Russian identification papers, but, what does that mean? Nothing.

      Even this "when special forces confronted an armed gang which crossed over from Russia's North Caucasus region of Dagestan"

      Georgian special forces "confronted" an armed gang?

      Or Georgian special forces claim they did
      Or Georgian forces killed a few they were working with and brought the bodies back for narrative creation

      First it was 14 bodies,then it was 11
      "Georgia says 14 killed in clashes near border"

      "Georgia says armed raid was in “enemy's” interests"

      No this is not in Russia's interest

      Brief synposis- someone is looking to poke the bear.

    2. Penny you mentioned you have the book
      The Thirteenth Tribe
      By Arthur Koestler

      I suggest you start to read it to understand where this is all leading. The Khazar empire was the strongest during the Neptune-Uranus-Pluto axis which is what we are currently in. The other thing you should look at is the diplomacy tours that the Zionist have been taking and the alliances they have been trying to form (Georgia, Hungary, Greece, Caucasus for starters) and compare the alliances the Khazar empire had during their fight against the Byzantine, Rus, Aramaic (Syria), Persian government. You will understand better. The current crop of Zionist love mythology!

    3. Hi Hans

      I will start on it when I finish up my meme book

      For anyone else interested this book is available for download from the Internet Archive

  7. Interview on Israel lebanon in voice of Russia


    2. Anonymous 5:13 am

      the third link is a gem!
      so many red flags

      "U.S. interest in the Gorge was spurred by evidence that terrorists there might have been linked to Al Qaeda"

      . Frustrated by continued separatist fighting in its Chechnya region, Russia in 2002 stepped up these demands,
      arguing that Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge area near
      Chechnya’s border provided a major sanctuary and
      source of support for the rebels.
      As fighting in Chechnya intensified in late 1999, up to 6,000 Chechens fled south of the Russian-Georgian border about 25 miles into Georgia’s eleven-mile long Pankisi
      Gorge area.

      " reportedly during the 9/11 attacks, a phone call was made from a bin Laden operative in Afghanistan to Georgia"

      "Georgia announced in mid-August 2002 that police
      and security forces soon would be deployed to the Gorge and that military exercises would commence near the Gorge."

      and not surprising, thanks to that "announcement" by the Georgian government the terrorists fled

      " many or most Chechen rebels and terrorists
      left the Gorge either after the announcement of the GTEP or just after the announcement
      of Georgia’s deployments"

      I see this was during the reign of President Shevardnadze, who must not have been doing a good enough job, being ousted in the CIA fomented "Rose revolution"
      and of course being replaced by the man still in power now

      Very interesting

    3. Pen i came across pankisi gorge in some research in march 2010.
      From 2002-2007 over 200 US special forces trained georgian troops in pansiki, but regrettably they could not end the wahabbi Attacks on russia.

      Sourced in is post at the bottom

    4. Ap
      The link takes me to a dead page

      Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

      I even changed your caps to lower case?

    5. AP:
      searched your place ,without a warrant ;)

      this link should work

    6. OH and AP, that was some good stuff there, I see my comments....
      I have a commenter from Georgia named Kaspi, he follows and it would be nice if he could shed some light on this area

      Will leave him a note where I last commented with him

  8. More on the chemical weapons narrative-
    Syrian Rebels Claim to Take Over Chemical Weapons
    A statement published by the Syrian rebels says that they have taken over a military base and found missiles with non-conventional warheads.

    Supposedly the 'rebels' released this statement on Tuesday so apologies if this is old news - I must have missed it. Or has it been kept on simmer until the rest of the dish is cooked?

    1. The link just bounces me back to the blog?
      Anyone else?

  9. A new video from Lizzie Phelan:
    Manufacturing Dissent

    1. Very interesting - so I was just now in the middle of watching this video and it was quite good, and then suddenly the video quality started gltiching out, so I thought hmm ok I'll refresh the page - and as soon as I did, the video is now BLOCKED with a message "THIS VIDEO IS PRIVATE, SORRY".

      WTF is going on with that?? Looks like maybe someone didn't like the incriminating footage of Anderson Cooper (Vanderbilt family elite) collaborating to push the lies of the Empire's terrorist murderers, eh??

    2. I got a message stating the video was removed by the user.

      Is this this 45 minute documentary the video you're referring to?

    3. I watched it and it is well worth taking the time to watch.
      I should say at Lizzie Phelans blog which is the link WWM left

  10. Penny,

    Keep up the good work. I've been checking in periodically and this is the best stop for updated news re Syria.

    I also agree with your recent interpretation of events and where they are leading.

    I was especially happy to see this quote from a previous post:

    Top Iranian officials had previously said the country isn't involved in the conflict.

    But, "two Iranian newspapers quoted Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi as saying. Syria hadn't asked for assistance yet, he added.

    "Syria is managing this situation very well on its own," he said. "But if the government can't resolve the crisis on its own, then based on their request we will fulfill our mutual defense-security pact."

    I've been harping on the fact there is a defense treaty signed between these countries but the Western media has largely ignored it.

    As you know I've been writing Russia off for a while now and the facts are staring to unequivacably show Russia won't lift a finger to help defend Syria. The latest fromDebka claims Russia is abandoning Syria. Of course I don't trust Debka and they have been pushing the opposite line for a while. But I think the truth just happens to suit their purpose right now so they are printing the truth (even if the underlying facts about the ships, etc., aren't true--the message of Russia abandoning them is true).

    1. Hey Walter,

      I agree completely. I've read debka for years, and it is easy to see that it is Mossad-connected (I think they even admit having Israeli intel "sources", or they used to years ago) - so buyer beware, as always, which should really be our rule no matter where we are getting information from.

      However, as you said, they do tell the truth at times, just like a stopped clock, so there can be useful info to be's just hard to tell when, which is their entire goal - confusion and doubt, as a slightly different means of persuasion. You won't know what to believe, is the goal.

      But, with a decent foundation of awareness, it becomes fairly obvious over time when you just ask yourself, as Penny often says, "Who benefits?" - who would want this or that story being told, and why??

      And, as I often say, use these things to give you a reference of what is NOT being said - whatever they are so anxious to tell you, think the opposite and realize what is not being discussed - 9 times out of 10, there's your answer, or at least much closer to the truth of any situation, including Syria.

      The Empire and their mass media lapdogs are always quite hypocritical about these things, so that is a good indicator, as well. The mutual defense treaty between Syria and Iran, as you mentioned - the media would NEVER attack or criticize NATO for keeping its word and defending the other nations that it promised to, in fact they attack people who DO, even when they blatantly violated international law, as with the deliberate bombing of civilians in Serbia and all the other "interventions" in Libya, Iraq, etc.

      You know the Empire - prevent dissenting views by not allowing them in the media, spin or crush them with ridicule or intimidation if they do occur - and, if all else fails, you just simply ignore them and do whatever you want to, regardless.

      "Who's gonna stop us?" is the mentality - quite similar to a childhood bully, or more accurately,
      the Organized Crime mindset - "We do what we want to and make our own rules, and if you get in our way, you will die".

      There's really no difference in principle, only the billion$ in advanced technology weapons and having a full-time global propaganda network to sing your praises 24/7.

    2. Hey WWM
      was just thinking about you the other day!
      And you appear.
      Glad your still popping in for updates
      and yah, it is not looking as if the situation will improve in Syria for the Syrians any time soon
      Take it easy WWM! :)

    3. LVB: excellent comment. I can't add a darn thing to it

    Lizzie Phelan;

    Please watch and share this documentary on Syria produced by me and Mostafa Afzalzadeh called "Manufacturing Dissent" about the psychological-warfare by the media and political establishment of the west and their allies aimed at facilitatin
    g the US, European and Israeli agenda of getting rid of the current Syrian government. It demonstrates how the media has directly contributed to the bloodshed in Syria.

    The documentary de-constructs the main allegations those actors have presented, namely that the Syrian government was systematically repressing peaceful protests and that it has lost legitimacy. It shows how such claims are supported by scant evidence and are therefore little more than propaganda to serve the foreign policy interests of their countries.

    Manufacturing Dissent includes evidence of fake reports broadcast/published by the likes of CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and others and interviews with a cross section of the Syrian population including an actor, a craftsman, a journalist, a resident from Homs and an activist who have all been affected by the crisis.

    **If the link via the website is not working yet (it will be shortly) please ciick on the link below and share this website and video!

    1. Thank you for this Brian



  12. Proud Syrian ‏@ProAlAssad
    and again fake images...after checking & searching we found that this image was taken in IRaq in 2003 not in #Syria !
    Retweeted by عربي سوري

    1. Hey Brian
      which images is this tweet referencing?

  13. President Assad's interview with the Addounia T.V. station from August 29.

    1. Thanks WWM
      I still have not had a chance to watch it entirely, but intend to.

  14. Hi Penny
    this is a piece about Lakhdar Brahimi I thought at the time hhhmm he did not have a good record, however this tells more than I knew about him. there is more to the article this is just the reason he was picked I think.
    To comprehend what is currently underway requires a closer look at the "the talents and experience" of Mr. Brahimi. Son of a collaborator during the WWII occupation of France and not of a hero of the Algerian Independence with the same name as he would have people believe, Lahkdar Brahimi is one of the leading sycophant acolytes of the doctrine "humanitarian intervention", the new scarcely-veiled substitute for neocolonialism. His name is still attached to the report of the Commission for U.N. Peacekeeping Operations, which he had chaired. He never questioned the legal aberration that allowed the U.N. to create so-called peacekeeping forces in order to impose political solutions against the will of the warring parties rather than overseeing the implementation of peace accords concluded equitably by them. Instead, he has been an active advocate for further consolidating the world governance role of the United Nations on the basis of a doctrine of intervention and the creation of a supranational intelligence service. [9] This was the origin of the "decision support service." Not long after, and without informing the Security Council, Ban Ki-moon signed on September 23, 2008 a protocol with his NATO counterpart linking this newly-created service to the Atlantic Alliance. [10] So much for Brahimi’s "talents".

    As for Mr. Brahimi’s "experience", in the late 1980’s he masterminded the Lebanese Confessional System (the Taif Accord ) and, following the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, the Bonn Agreement with put in place the present-day Afghan narco-regime. He also participated in the machinations to "remodel" after the Western invasion of 2003 which sought to partition the country into three districts, one of which a Sunni section where the Hashemite monarchy would be restored. Mixing business with pleasure, he married off his daughter Rym, a CNN journalist, to Prince Ali. Had Ali become king, she would have become the nominal queen of Iraq.

    And this is not all. His official biographies neglect to mention that Lakhdar Brahimi, as a "paragon of democracy", was one of the ten members of the High Security Council who perpetrated the coup d’etat in Algiers in January 11, 1992, nullifying the legislative election results, forcing President Chadli Bendjedid to resign and installing the putchist generals [11] in power. [12] What followed was a civil war—precisely along the model that Washington now hopes to engender in Syria—where both sides are simultaneously manipulated by the U.S. In Algeria, the Islamist leader, Abbassi Madani, now a refugee in Qatar, took as his political advisor the pseudo-secularist Burhan Ghalioun, none other than the future president of the Syrian National Council. The armed Islamist faction, the GSPC [13], renamed in 2007 Al Qaeda in the Islamic Mahghreb (AQIM), was engaged in arms training with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, rebranded in 1997 as Al Qaeda in Libya. The majority of the combatants in the two groups have now integrated into the Free Syrian Army.
    end snip



    1. KamNam, thanks and yes, many alarm bells ring when I read through just the bit you left