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Syria: "Rebels" eyes bigger then stomaches & Iranian soldiers??

So be sure to jump in with some thoughts on this article-
Odd to see such honesty, mixed in with the usual spin, on just how bad the rebels have been faring.
 Not sure what to make of it?

Syria's rebels: More than they can chew

A MONTH after rebel forces launched a blazing attempt to capture Aleppo, Syria's second city, they are starting to wilt. The regime claims to have routed them from their main stronghold in the Salaheddin district. Clashes continue in the southwest of the city and around the airport, but the best that rebel commanders can now hope to achieve is to draw the regime into a quagmire.

This is hardly the outcome the rebels were looking for, but it is not surprising either. Commanders have long acknowledged that they find it difficult to hold cities.  

Many Syrians--as well as outside observers--conclude that the rebels overreached by taking the fight to Aleppo. 

Part of the problem is that the rebels are failing to win hearts and minds among the urban middle class in Aleppo. The same was true of the failed attempt to take the capital, Damascus, in July. Most Aleppans cannot stomach the regime, whose brutality has left some 20,000 dead. But they find the rebels' tactics off-putting too, including summary executions such as that of Zaino Berri, head of a pro-regime militia. Some rebel groups have sent captives in booby-trapped cars to blow up checkpoints.

Imagine my surprise that Syrians would find that off  putting . NOT. I am being facetious. These NATO backed terrorists would have anyone normal questioning just what type of freedom a bunch of hired killers is delivering?  

Meanwhile, the political opposition is as divided as ever. Much to its dismay, America's secretary of state, Hillary Clinton snubbed the Syrian National Council, a group of exiles, during her recent visit to Turkey. The group is "on the verge of irrelevance", says a Western diplomat.

 Hence the call by France for any murderer or thief to form a transitional government and the French in their infinite wisdom will recognize it ? Come on!

Foreign powers are trying to strengthen civilian institutions inside the country.

Some (spin see below) help from Western governments, including intelligence, is still reaching the rebels. 

Without a no-fly zone or plenty of surface-to-air missiles to bring down regime jets many rebels think they will struggle. (Well, we know the NATO merc/killers have those)

Competition for resources and personal feuds have already led some groups to fall out. The two main rebel forces in the Homs area, the Khaled Ibn Walid Brigade and Farouq, both work out of the rebellious town of Rastan, but their leaders are at loggerheads. Some groups like Tawhid claim to work under the Free Syrian Army, whose secular figureheads are based in Turkey. (Secular figureheads?)But this (Tawhid) is more of a brand than an organisation. (Aren't they all brands?)  Others choose to distance themselves. One of Idleb's largest groups, Saquor al-Sham, churns out mini-documentaries, each starting with its logo morphing into a falcon as thunder crackles in the background. These films are used to attract funding, which comes mainly from wealthy Syrians abroad and Gulf traders. Because the West will not arm and defend the opposition, weapons must often be bought with cash. So far at least there is no sign of its running out. But that may change if the rebels cannot prove they can hold big cities.

 The branding of  rebels,  a point I have made repeatedly here , but, interesting to see it used in the msm
And a spin outfit complete with a morphing falcon logo?
To much. Way to much.

Also interesting. Yet, again not sure what to make of it? Seems alot of hype and not much substance.
Tell me what you think?
Iran Said to Send Troops to Bolster Syria
Are they? It's really not clear

"Today we are involved in fighting every aspect of a war, a military one in Syria and a cultural one as well," Gen. Salar Abnoush, commander of IRGC's Saheb al-Amr unit, told volunteer trainees in a speech Monday. The comments, reported by the Daneshjoo news agency, which is run by regime-aligned students, couldn't be independently verified.

Top Iranian officials had previously said the country isn't involved in the conflict.

But, "two Iranian newspapers quoted Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi as saying. Syria hadn't asked for assistance yet, he added.
"Syria is managing this situation very well on its own," he said. "But if the government can't resolve the crisis on its own, then based on their request we will fulfill our mutual defense-security pact."

Israeli media is spinning as if Iran is involved, not a surprise, nor necessarily true.


  1. hey :) actually you're saying it all.

    nothing to add, only: well done, very fine thoughts! Especially I liked the probable reason you saw behind Monsieur le President Hollande's latest stunt.

    Greetzls from Ghana

    1. Hello Greetzls from Ghana!

      Boy that is a long way from me....geographically speaking
      Thanks for your kind words

      "Especially I liked the probable reason you saw behind Monsieur le President Hollande's latest stunt."

      I wonder also if there is a bit of distraction at play for Hollande? Perhaps some domestic issues?
      I don't know, but, it is a thought

  2. Stalemate at the moment. The action appears to be turkey pkk, Lebanese provocation (as Israel angles for a fight that is well telegraphed) and intra Iraqi rivalry stroke inflamation. Curious story yesterday about a syrian bomb landing in Jordan. The aircradt going down sparked images of the footage of the ighter allegedly going down in libya. Question is what was all the Iran Saudi windowdressing at the summit all about. What if just what of Saudi has turned tables. Curious story today about us arms sales hitting record with something like 80 percent of the market. A third of that was to Saudi, who just got hit with a flame like virus? Saudi is under severe budget strain and the always ominious warning about spending from the IMF is bookmarkable. No immediate provocation in Syria that is salable and most have been tried. September is always an ominous month with the major western economies especially Europe on the cusp.between the German court ruling and the various central bank meetings in the first weeks of September the news might be more financial than regional.talk of an spr release - go back and look at when NATO called for one during Libya - may signal impatience. Already the Asian powers are saying they are going to ramp back up Iranian oil imports beginning in September. This as netanyahu coalition is fractious. Watch the economy for cover?

    1. Here is the NYT on Syrian Rebel arming

      Here is the NYT on US diplomatic attack in MX – as an aside in view of VZ elections, article makes mention of incoming president Enrique Peña-Nieto ambivalence, though no follow up on the widespread graft and vote buying that marred the election

      “The office of Enrique Peña-Nieto, who won Mexico’s presidential election in July and has promised to maintain close ties with American law enforcement agencies, declined to comment.”

      Footnote: Major US/Russia wargames coming in mid September as is the Muslim summit

      Calendar looks something like this
      • Bernanke Speech - Aug 31
      • ECB meeting Sept 6
      • FOMC meeting Sept 12/13
      • Netherlands election Sept 12 (anti ECB bailout coalition?)
      • GCC social media summit Sept 14/15 (Dubai) - http://www.socialmedia4gov.com/
      • US ( Czech air (NATO) exercises & Persian Gulf/minesweeping)/Russia (Southern core) war games Sept 15/6/17+
      • Venezuelan elections Oct 7** (note: refinery explosion – from FT blog: PdVSA’s communications manager, which hints at sabotage: “All of the PdVSA family in solidarity and ready to help our brothers in Amuey. Knee to the ground. Alert for whatever comes from Amuey”. Recall US national allegedly arrested crossing in from Columbia last week)
      • FOMC meeting Oct 23/24
      • Japan possible election (Noda) and fiscal cliff (if no financing bill passed) Oct ?
      • US election Nov 6 (full calendar here)


      "This may not be the case with for this September’s Caucasus-2012 [ru], which Russia is planning to hold with forces from the breakaway Georgian provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Caucasus-2012 will take place in North Caucasus region and will involve [ru] 8,000 troops, as well as heavy machinery, artillery, navy, and air force. This makes it Russia’s largest exercise this year."

      Link: http://isnblog.ethz.ch/international-relations/russias-war-games-make-georgia-nervous

      NATO countries have confirmed participation in an extensive air force exercise to be held in the Czech Republic in September

      Link: http://www.acus.org/natosource/czech-republic-hosting-exercise-nato-air-forces-september

      P.S. post on Caucasus (Russia) agitation here in view of the exercises slated to use live ICMBs/SLBMs


    2. NYT Syria: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/29/world/middleeast/syrian-rebels-get-arms-from-a-diverse-network-of-sources.html?ref=world

      NYT MX: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/29/world/americas/americans-shot-in-mexico-were-cia-operatives.html?ref=world

    3. Anonymous 6:05 and 6:47

      Not sure if your the same persons? Your comments seem connected anyway-

      6:05 Lebanese Provocation? Any ideas on how this could play out?

      "a syrian bomb landing in Jordan" ?? I missed this one.
      Went to quickly look and don't see anything on it.
      Do you have a handy link?

      " Question is what was all the Iran Saudi windowdressing at the summit all about. What if just what of Saudi has turned tables."

      Yah. What to make of that? The fox in the hen house? I don't know. Keeping in mind anything is possible and the winds of change can blow.. I haven't seen anything that would cause me to suspect SA of turning tables. Not yet, anyway.

      "Watch the economy for cover? "

      Agreed, haven't been able to cover that angle enough
      There was a link in a previous post. It is a factor. The state of the economy is definitely a factor.

      Calendar looks something like this
      • Bernanke Speech - Aug 31
      • ECB meeting Sept 6
      • FOMC meeting Sept 12/13
      • Netherlands election Sept 12 (anti ECB bailout coalition?)
      • GCC social media summit Sept 14/15 (Dubai) - http://www.socialmedia4gov.com/
      • US ( Czech air (NATO) exercises & Persian Gulf/minesweeping)/Russia (Southern core) war games Sept 15/6/17+
      • Venezuelan elections Oct 7** (note: refinery explosion – from FT blog: PdVSA’s communications manager, which hints at sabotage: “All of the PdVSA family in solidarity and ready to help our brothers in Amuey. Knee to the ground. Alert for whatever comes from Amuey”. Recall US national allegedly arrested crossing in from Columbia last week)
      • FOMC meeting Oct 23/24
      • Japan possible election (Noda) and fiscal cliff (if no financing bill passed) Oct ?
      • US election Nov 6 (full calendar here)

      There is much going on. Saw the "fiscal cliff" stuff today.

      Will go through all the other links, thanks

    4. There are also some Georgian Parliamentary elections set to take place

      Georgia is central to the whole Khazar history, heavily involved with Mossad,much fun and games have been taking place there


      Kaspi mentioned (in a comment) a new airlines to be used possibly to run guns....

    5. http://al-shorfa.com/en_GB/articles/meii/newsbriefs/2012/08/20/newsbrief-03

    6. Dethronign of Berlusconi and the govt after the forin min claled for halt to libya. LAst SPR came close by.

      Now the French are subsidizing fuel prices...

      Xinhua: French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici on Tuesday said fuel prices in France will be temporarily cut to ease the cost of living, fulfilling a campaign promise by President Francois Hollande. Prices at the pump would drop by 6 euro cents (about 0.075 dollars) for three months, according to Moscovici. "Prices at the pump will be down by 6 cents: 3 cents for petroleum firms, 3 cents for the government. It is a very substantial amount," Moscovici said.

      Jun (6)-11-11 Italy calls for halt to Libya op

      Jun (6)-23-11 SPR release

      Nov 2011: Berlusconi Resigns

    7. IS saudi aramco getting hit with a flame like virus just collateral coincidence? Why the very public photo op with KSA King and Iran president? Then Iran troops to Syria reported by WSJ? Still no mention of Bandar - another few years of out of sight?

    8. anony 728 am

      sorry for not getting back here
      still no mention of Banda
      As for the saudi virus?
      I saw a story that Qatar had been struck to
      cyberwarfare or spillover from inter connectivity to other entities?
      I don't know?

  3. Hi Penny
    Here is a couple of nuggets for you.
    You cant make this up each day i am more surprised at the stupidity, brazen disrespect for rule of law by the US

    AIRO, Aug. 27 (UPI) -- Egypt's Navy refused a U.S. request to fire on an Iranian weapons ship heading for violence-torn Syria through the Suez Canal, al-Arabiya reported.

    "The Suez Canal is a narrow waterway and it is impossible for military action to take place there," Mohab Mamish, recently appointed chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and former Egyptian Navy commander told al-Arabiya.

    The U.S. request was made recently, the report said.

    The Egypt Independent had a similar report, saying it was told by Mamish the Navy refused a United States request to "strike" the Iranian ship.

    Mamish said the authority is notified 24 hours in advance of which ships will pass through the canal and the cargo they are carrying. The information is verified before the ships are permitted to pass, he said.

    "My main goal since I was appointed chairman of the Suez Canal Authority [Aug. 12] is to secure all ships passing through the waterway," he said.

    The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea.

    In February of 2011, two Iranian navy vessels were permitted to sail through the canal and were later spotted at the Syrian port of Latakia, Haaretz reported at the time.

    Thousands of people have been killed in the continuing conflict in Syria.

    Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2012/08/27/Reports-Egypt-wouldnt-fire-on-Iran-ship/UPI-61221346066601/#ixzz24uDbZYzT

    Blizzard Bans Iranians From World of Warcraft, Citing Sanctions
    Sanctions Also Mean No Refunds, Blizzard Confirms
    by Jason Ditz, August 28, 2012
    Print This | Share This
    The World of Warcraft’s players are gearing up for a new expansion pack to be released next week, but they’ll have to do it without Iranian players, as Blizzard, the game’s maker and operator, has confirmed they are banning all Iranians from accessing the game because of US sanctions.
    Though like many other companies Blizzard was not directly doing business in Iran, the realities of a global network allowed Iranian players to acquire the software and play on European servers. Blizzard insists the move was meant to “ensure compliance” with US law.
    It is entirely unclear how US sanctions even theoretically prohibit online roleplaying with Iranians, but Blizzard’s confirmation will end ongoing speculation that the ban was somehow imposed by the Iranian government due to “objectionable” content within the game.
    Apparently the US sanctions are also anti-refund, as Blizzard’s confirmation of the banning of all Iranians included saying that the law “prevents us from providing any refunds” to their Iranian customers. Again, it isn’t clear what part of US law actually forbids providing refunds to Iranians for services not provided.
    (Ive removed the photo of obama
    link here http://news.antiwar.com/2012/08/28/blizzard-bans-iranians-from-world-of-warcraft-citing-sanctions/

    this despite how pathetic it is has to bring a wry grin to ones face after the initial shock.



    1. Hi KamNam
      Wondering if the story on the refusal of egypt to obey re Suez ship movement is a bit of spin to create the perception of an "independent" or a rebellious Egypt?

      This perception would need to start being created when the shit hits the fan between Israel and Egypt
      The set up for this is taking place right now, so the timing of this news make me go hmmmmmm.....

      Video gaming "sanctioned"! It is pathetic

  4. The IRGC commander’s comment indicates that there is a larger battle than for resources and raw power taking place in the Middle East, a battle even larger than a religious war. This is what I have been saying since March 2011. This war is about the control of the desert religions, Zionist mythology, Khazar Empire and most of all
    ”Rock of Israel”: a metaphorical expression that is sufficiently imprecise to allow religious people to understand “God” when agnostics understand “the Jewish people.”

    1. "Rock of Israel" Something else for me to look into
      TY Hans
      And if anyone is familiar with this....
      Religion is not my strong suit

  5. Apparently the salafist killers have plans for the journalist of Aldonia TV who reported on the massacre at Daraya:
    Criminal mercenary terrorists disseminate information on the Addounia journalist who made a report to Darryia Sunday interviewing residents of the suburb of Damascus or a massacre was committed by the terrorist mercenaries to the boot of NATO. To avenge this report, Wahhabi terrorist mercenaries threaten to kill her by disclosing these coordinates.

  6. Hi Penny
    This is well worth a read,
    Turkish and American turmoil in light of the failure in Syria

    The Islamic Republic in Iran registered further progress in enhancing its influential position throughout the world and in the region, based on its active role in its Asian and Eastern surroundings and the elements of strength and autonomy it accumulated, thus rendering it stronger than all the pressures and blockades and allowing it to acquire a massive deterrence power in the face of the hostile adventures and threats.
    - Firstly, in cooperation with Russia, China, Syria and the remaining BRICS states, Iran was able to contribute to the emergence of an international bloc including thirty countries and adopting a common vision towards the events in Syria in the face of the global war led by the United States and through which it is seeking to destroy the Syrian state and allow Israel to impose its hegemony over the region.

    - Secondly, the Non-Alignment Summit in Tehran constituted a new international forum to enhance even further the Iranian capital’s efficient and influential role at the level of the balances in the region and around the world. In the meantime, some figures and parties which stressed their wish to participate in the summit were subjected to wide American-Israeli campaigns, the most prominent of which was the attack launched against United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

    - Thirdly, it is extremely unlikely that Ban Ki-Moon decided to come to Tehran without getting prior American approval, while his participation in the non-alignment summit confirms the reality of the devious and hypocritical positions adopted by Obama and his administration towards Iran. Indeed, while the American president asked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to wait until after the presidential elections to carry out a qualitative leap at the level of bilateral negotiations with the Islamic Republic and the American handling of the Iranian nuclear file, it seems that Washington is maintaining indirect contact channels in parallel to the escalation of the pressures and conspiracies against the Islamic Republic. Hence, the American wager is on some sort of a breakthrough at the level of the war on Syria in order to besiege Iran or strip it from its most important regional ally. ....

    - Fourthly, the outcome of the ongoing Syrian events will determine the nature of the power equations in the region and around the world. Therefore, they are perceived by Iran, Russia, China and all the independent states in all the continents as being a passageway towards freeing international relations from the hegemony and tyranny of the American colonialist that is subjecting the entire world to its will with great arrogance. ...

    There is a lot more


    scroll down to "partners" first article under «Orient Tendencies» left hand side



    1. Thanks KamNam
      I wouldn't think BanKi went without permission from the US, he is completely subservient

  7. a useful blog on syria:

    1. Good link. He (Ziad Fadel) was recently interviewed by Morris108: Syrian Military is Winning - Ziad Fadel - Syrian Commentator

    2. Somehow I have stumbled across that blog in my travels?

      Freethinker thanks for the link, I watched the brief interview

  8. Syria 24 English
    7 hours ago
    #ISTANBUL, (SANA) – The International Affairs Committee at the Turkish Popular Front affirmed that what is happening in Syria isn't an internal political struggle; rather it's an external aggression in which imperialism uses its pawns to impose control.

    In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Front affirmed its full support for Syria which has become a role model in confronting imperialism, stressing that what is happening in Syria is a clear imperialistic attack planned by masters and executed by pawns, while "bourgeois" media depicts what is happening as a struggle between the people and the government.

    The statement said that imperialism uses all its tools, including biased media which falsifies facts about Syria, promoting lies and rumors to control the world similarly to what happened in Iraq and Libya which were occupied to seize their petroleum, with the Front affirming that the Syrian people's steadfastness foiled the imperialistic media's efforts to justify an aggression against Syria.

    The Front said that the imperialistic practices against Syria are illegal and immoral, with imperialistic forces admitting to carrying out espionage, surveillance and recruiting and training of terrorists of Turkey, in addition to hiring foreign mercenaries and distorting facts in the media to pass their own version of reality as real.

    The statement decried Turkey's role against Syria, denouncing the use of its lands as camps for the opposition, providing logistic aid, and allowing intelligence agencies to train militants and send them to Syria.

    The Front said that the shift in Turkey's position regarding Syria is due to the links between Turkey and the NATO and Syria's rejection of US hegemony, noting that contrary to Turkey, Syria doesn't have army bases of imperialistic forces, adding that Syria is debt-free, that its health and education sectors serve the people, and that its petroleum belongs to its people, not to companies.

    The statement also noted that Syria is a state in which all members of society coexist, and that it has popular unions and organizations that decide their own activities and work.

    The Front stressed that imperialistic forces, primarily the US, which killed over 250 million people around the world, have no right to impose themselves defenders of human rights.

    The statement said that Syrians seek peace and stability, with the Syrian leadership's agreement to the plan of former UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan and the presence of international observers proving the Syrians' struggle to achieve said peace and stability. However, armed groups rejected Annan's plan and escalated operations and bombings in full sight of international observers who avoided addressing this, providing UN cover to the aggression against Syria.

    The Front said that despite the opposition's claims that its movement and peaceful democratic, the media uncovered many facts that proved otherwise, showing the opposition's brutal crimes of beheadings, dismemberment, disemboweling and other sorts of murders.

    The statement called on western media to accentuate facts and abandon the evasiveness and lies they employed with Iraq before, covering up the murder of 1.8 million Iraqis.

    The Front said that the Syrian people struggle for the sake of the whole world, because Syria won't be the last country to be targeted, concluding the statement by saying that "Syria's struggle is the struggle of all of us… we will be unified with all our strength beside it."

  9. More from Ziad Fadel (SyrPer or Syrian Perspective):
    WESTERN COMMANDOS' TASK TO DISABLE SYRIA'S ANTI-AIRCRAFT MISSILE DEFENSES in preparation of No Fly Zone, and not to locate WMDs as leaked by UK press.

    And another interview from Morris on that article
    Western Commando's Tasked to Disable Syria's Anti Aircraft Missiles - Ziad Fadel

  10. Syria's foreign minister accuses the Egyptian president of using his speech at Tehran's Non-Aligned summit of provoking more bloodshed in the strife-torn Arab country

    so much for Morsi at NAM...he must be a trojan horse

  11. Thanks anonymous, for the links you left. I did read them yesterday

    Freethinker and brian:
    It looks as if things are going to get much worse
    Just put up a huge new post.
    I am not a happy camper today :(

  12. when criminal/stupid arabs are aiding USaudisraelis....