Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Canada/Iran "diplomacy" & Updates to Libyan Consulate attack

Tying up some lose ends here-

Canada closing the Iranian Embassy and suspending all diplomatic ties with Iran-
Covered in this post Worrisome scenarios....
The topic was narrative creation and who was truly being troublesome
Stumbled across this after putting that post up- Why did Canada suddenly suspend relations with Iran

“Suggestions in some foreign media that Canada bailed out of Tehran because Iranian security suspected our mission there had been collecting intelligence for the U.S., Britain and perhaps Israel — and that we were on the verge of expulsion, or even worse.”

Now there is an interesting line of thinking! One that has to be seriously considered along with this news, immediately following the Canadian action. The IAEA receives ‘significant intelligence”

“ The UN atomic agency has received new and significant intelligence”
“The diplomats say the information comes from Israel, the United States and at least two other Western countries “

Could this intelligence have come from Canada?  Was Canada in cahoots with the US, Israel and likely Britain? Was Iran getting wise to Canada’s interference?

Keep in mind after the suspension of diplomatic ties Stephen Harper was rewarded for servitude, er “statesmenship” concerning Israeli interests..

The Ambassador killed in Libya
Three posts on that. Here,  here and here
Recently......US, Libya differ on accounts of Benghazi attackThe narrative changes-
US authorities initially leaned more toward the premeditated, well-planned assault angle
Not anymore-

The US ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice: “"People gathered outside the embassy (consulate) and then it grew very violent and those with extremist ties joined the fray and came with heavy weapons, which unfortunately are quite common in post-revolutionary Libya and that then spun out of control,"

"But we don't see at this point signs this was a coordinated plan, premeditated attack.”

The Libyans still see it as premeditated- "The way these perpetrators acted, and moved... leaves us with no doubt that this was pre-planned, determined, predetermined," Mohammed al-Megaryef, president of the Libyan National Congress, told CBS News.

"It was planned, definitely, it was planned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago. And they were planning this criminal act since their arrival," he added.

Planned by foreigners who had previously entered the country? That could be just about anyone?

Why is the US changing the story? It appeared to me from all early reports we were looking at two attacks. The first one the distraction to cover for the second hit. Is the US really going to continue on with the absurd movie protest angle? Why? Is it easier then addressing the killing of the Ambassador as a hit that they or their allies may have been connected to?

And what to make of this news brought to my attention by Ali at thenakedfacts


Just 5 days after the attack on the consulate in Libay

 South Sudan army on Saturday said that 10 of its soldiers were killed and 50 others were still missing when a unit of the army mistakenly bombed a small boat which was carrying southern Sudanese soldiers at Upper Nile area.

"The Sudan people's Liberation Army hired a small boat to transport the soldiers at Upper Nile area. The boat sailed at night and was obstructed by an army unit which tried to stop it. When the boat did not stop, fire was opened on it," Philip Aguer, spokesman for South Sudan's army, told Xinhua correspondent in Khartoum by phone.

"Due to the intensive shooting, the boat drowned. Bodies of the 10 soldiers have been lifted and another 50 soldiers are still missing. Rescue teams are still looking for survivors," he added.

As Ali mentions in his commentary and has been mentioned here previously CIA/Mossad are all over Sudan- playing a direct role in the balkanization of that country.

It would not be that difficult, for well trained, carefully prepared group of soldiers to flee Benghazi and head back to Sudan via the Nile

Benghazi is located roughly below the eastern tip of Crete

Just a thought. Could these have been the “foreigners” that arrived previously in Libya waiting for the Ambassador’s return and the cover of movie protests?



  2. On the cause for Benghazi, the Big Thinkers in Washington had some choices but the correct choice is obvious when the choices are correctly described.

    1. It was the result of years of misguided US policy in the Muslim world, especially in Libya. NO.

    2. It was planned by al-Qaeda in spite of the fact that AQ, thanks to brave Americans and a decision-making president, is without a leader. No.

    3. It was planned and carried out by the same radical forces that Ambassador Stevens had previously used to combat Gaddafi, and Stevens should have known that they were unreliable. No.

    4. It was a film protest that spun out of control, nobody's fault, really. Yes, obviously.

    Now let's forget about the whole thing, shall we? and move on to the election.

    1. Very good comment, Don.

      It's becoming clear now (as if we didn't already know) that "Ambassador" Stevens was a CIA agent, and what he and his "security detail" of three (in one of the most hostile places in the ME) were actually doing is trying to locate and recover weapons that the CIA gave to the "rebels" during the NATO/Empire's coup to overthrow Gaddafi.

      Specifically, I believe it is shoulder fired anti-airfraft weapons that are involved. Weapons that would be quite embarrasing if they turned up being involved in shooting down a civilian jet one of these days.

      I think Stevens and his CIA crew were looking for and probably found some of these weapons, and whatever happened then resulted in their deaths.

      Obviously the "protests" were not spontaneous, but most importantly, they are now known to have occurred AFTER Stevens and his crew had already been killed.

      Nice diversion.

    2. Hey LVB:

      I saw it reported that the Ambassador and crew were rounding up weapons, but, wondered if they were doing that so they could be transported via Turkey into Syria?

      Clearly the protests were a diversion, without a doubt.
      I see things are heating up with France releasing some cartoons, then there will be the staged protests
      It is looking ugly, really ugly

    3. Don:
      still think the election is a factor?
      still think there will be an election?
      I dunno????

    4. If anyone is interested this blog links to a video that is alleged to be that of the Ambassador being removed from the consulate. Underneath is claimed the Ambassador was still alive. This jibes with the taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation from the original news stories, that have now gone away



  3. post on the Japan situation

    1. ty will read it

      giza death star?? This is that writer?? What is his name????
      Dam. Heard him interviewed a couple of times????

      Yup, that's him.
      Joseph Farrell, interesting fellow!
      off to read it now

  4. 'They hate us for our freedoms!'
    Facebook has blocked Press TV’s advertisements on the social networking website, saying that the Iranian news network is located in a region which is “not eligible to use this feature.”
    Facebook’s risk management department informed Press TV in an email that the social networking website’s security systems had shut down the payments functionality on Press TV’s account.

    Press TV has more than 140,000 Facebook fans and its alternative channel has had one of the fastest-growing Facebook accounts in recent years, which is the result of the rapid rise in the number of Press TV viewers.

    The Iranian channel argues that Facebook’s decision to block Press TV’s advertisements contradicts the social networking site's claims that it provides a platform for free speech.

    Facebook disabled the account of Iran’s Press TV in July due to what they called technical problems. The account was reactivated after three days.


  5. the BBC(British state media) posted back in july a photo of a pro-Assad rally and made it out to be anti=Assad:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4230624516814&set=o.325039527571295&type=1&theater

    1. Hi Brian
      regarding the BBC, no surprise at all

  6. over in France:
    10:38 GMT: France announced it would close embassies and schools in around 20 countries, fearing backlash triggered by the cartoon that satirize the Prophet Mohammed.
    Earlier the French PM Jean-Marc Ayrault spoke out in support of the publication of the caricatures, saying that France “is a country where freedom of expression is guaranteed.”
    “If people really feel that their sensibilities have been offended and think there is enough evidence, they can refer the matter to the courts,” said Ayrault, adding that France is a “secular state.”
    07:31 GMT: Protests against the film Innocence of Muslims will be forbidden in the center of Paris. French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced on Wednesday that “We received an official request to hold a demonstration and it was denied. There is no reason to allow conflicts to occur in our country that have no relationship to France.” The announcement coincides with the publication of the latest edition of the French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”, which has promised to run caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in its Wednesday release. Any representation of Mohammed is forbidden under Islamic law and considered offensive. Security has been increased at the magazine’s offices.
    In France, the Gayssot Act, voted for on July 13, 1990, makes it illegal to question the existence of crimes that fall in the category of crimes against humanity as defined in the London Charter of 1945, on the basis of which Nazi leaders were convicted by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg in 1945-46. When the act was challenged by Robert Faurisson, the Human Rights Committee upheld it as a necessary means to counter possible antisemitism.[23]

    So France allows freedom of speech except in regard to israel. And prevents protests against the very racists images that incite against a people.
    Meanwhile, German law has this:
    § 130 Public incitement
    In Germany, Volksverhetzung ("incitement of the people") is a concept in German criminal law that bans the incitement of hatred against a segment of the population. It often applies in (although is not limited to) trials relating to Holocaust denial in Germany. In addition, Strafgesetzbuch § 86a outlaws various symbols of "unconstitutional organisations", such as the Swastika and the SS runes.