Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Israel launches largest ever "surprise" or "snap" live fire drill.....

The timing of this  live fire “snap” drill should indicate this is no ‘snap’ drill.  Nor is it a "surprise" drill, despite the silly headlines used by the media. When considering the timing and location of Israel's live fire drill and how very provocative the undertaking of this drill by Israel is, consider this- 25 Nations Practice War Against Iran

Israeli defence officials say the military is conducting its largest snap drill in years. The exercise comes against the backdrop of tensions with Iran and the civil war in Syria.

A military spokesman says Wednesday's drill under way in northern and central Israel is a planned, routine event.

But other officials say the exercise is unique in terms of number of soldiers and senior officers involved. Part of the exercise is in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights next to Syria.

A little more

Wednesday's drill comes only a week after the IDF held an even larger, multi-day maneuver, in the adjoining Galilee region facing the Lebanese border.

Regarding live fire being used

IDF launches surprise live-fire drill in Golan Heights- The drill, to include Northern Command, Central Command, and Air Force troops, is meant to test the IDF’s readiness for an ‘emergency situation.’
An emergency situation or something else?  IDF launches surprise live-fire drill in Golan

You may recall the mention of the Golan Heights as the perfect place to launch a false flag of sorts...


  1. US in the gulf, Russia in the caucuses, NATO in CZECH, Israel in the Golan
    "Al Arabiya reporting an Assad defection
    Bushra al-Assad, the sister of the embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has fled Syria with her children, weeks after her husband and 'guaranteed' protector Assef Shawqat, who was the deputy chief of staff of the Syrian Armed Forces, was killed by the opposition forces in July 18, 2012, an informed source told Al Arabiya English on Tuesday. Opposition website reported on Sunday that Bushra had left Syria to Dubai, where she enrolled her children at school. The website, which is owned by opposition figure Ayman Abdulnoor, reported that Bushra had previously lived in the UAE during a brief rift with her brother, Bashar."

    India test fires a nuke capable missile

    Yesterday Pakistan tested one

    Meanwhile the mysterious Pak scientist Khan says Pak gov't behind proliferation. Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan says he sold nuclear technology to other countries at the order of Pakistan's government.

    1. Hey anonymous:

      there is really much going on. Scary times.
      Saw the news on Pakistan firing the nuke capable missile
      Didn't realize India had done that also

    2. Turkey back to saying Syrian missile shot the plane down:

      "Authorities in charge of investigating the circumstances of the June 22 crash of a military plane in the Mediterranean said on Wednesday that the jet was attacked by Syrian forces while it was flying in international airspace.

      Releasing the findings of an investigation, the General Staff's Military Prosecutor's Office blamed the plane's crash on a missile attack by the Syrian forces, although it revealed that the aircraft did not crash as a result of being directly hit by a missile. According to the findings, the plane crashed into the water after a missile fired by Syrian forces exploded at the left side of the back of the plane, creating a “blast effect.”"

    3. Hm, interesting.
      Why is Turkey changing the story, yet again?
      At this time?

      "the aircraft did not crash as a result of being directly hit by a missile. According to the findings, the plane crashed into the water after a missile fired by Syrian forces exploded at the left side of the back of the plane, creating a “blast effect.”"

      what is the point?

    4. Yes. The Japan-China dust-up is way too timely in the context of everything else occurring worldwide (Spring, US Asia Pivot, Dollar Crisis, South China Sea confrontations, Pakistan/US schism, Africom vs. China, etc). The Bo scandal, then defecting blind dissident, the alleged arrest of a China ministry official spying for the US all into the power transition speak to something deeper occurring. The Japan island seizure is being used to drum up jingoist nationalism in japan in front of an election which favors the incumbents over the defecting faction favoring an Asian tilt vs. the legacy US. Same formula (to reiterate) as 2012 when Kan slid into place. It has been clear for a while that there is a fight inside Japan (just like Saudi) between a legacy US obedience and those espousing a new path). The dollar is in the middle which makes the recent killing of the Japan Foreign Ministry (and new China Ambassador) all the mroe suspect. Note the US reached an agreement in past few days for more radar to Japan. Today Japan says they will allow the Osprey for Okinawa , despite the gov't promises to move the bases. The China protests are spreading. LA Times reported that a youtube caught a number of protesters surrounding the US Ambassador car in beijing and chanting ant imperialist slogans along with give back the money apparently referencing the China ownership of US debt. Youtube immediately conjures up the green room work alleged in Libya and the LRA campaign before US deployments in Uganda. Syria too. One wonders how the protestors know the intricacies of US debt ownership in China. Last week the pentagon released as study about how China owning debt is not a threat to the US. Adorning the protests are pictures of Mao. BO Xilai was the face of the revivalists. His police commissioner yesterday admitted that he tried to defect to the US. Heywood, the Brit who was close to Bo wife, was connected to a Hakluyt. Bo son was in Oxford/Harvard. Bo's wife allegedly connected to French architect in Cambodia. Lots of connections. It makes this latest youtube all the more interesting in the context of all the reported Mao posters. Massive factional fight in china - like Japan and Saudi - that is driving developments. Question is how is US/Anglo backing of factions inside China playing out and what do the recent tensions have to do with it?

    5. Israel fastest corridor to attack is via Turkey

    6. Yes, skirting the Turkey Syrian border
      Covered that in this post

      "• We conclude that a military strike by Israel against Iranian Nuclear Facilities is possible and the optimum route would be along the Syrian-Turkish border then over a small portion of Iraq then into Iran, and back the same route."


      Also more purges inside Turkey "deep State"

    8. anonymous 10:54 am
      sorry I missed ya

      ' The Japan-China dust-up is way too timely in the context of everything else occurring worldwide'

      I know, it is like everyone is jockeying for position

      Note the US reached an agreement in past few days for more radar to Japan.
      Today Japan says they will allow the Osprey for Okinawa , despite the gov't promises to move the bases.

      "The Osprey will provide a critical capability that strengthens the United States' ability to defend Japan, perform humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, and fulfill other alliance roles," Little said in a statement. "With twice the speed, three times the range and four times the payload, the Osprey will make a major contribution in upgrading the capabilities of the (U.S.-Japan) alliance."

      "the strategic need for the Osprey, calling it indispensable for security in the region"

    9. Another interesting development. US deploying over 200 armored vehicles and more marines to Yemen

      reported yest that US footprint on cyber virus in middle east

      Today oil flushed down...largely on rumor of Saudi pumping

      Recall a few weeks ago Saudi Aramco production systems were attacked by a virus as were Qatar's natgas company...
      Rumors laid the attack at the feet of the Russians? and Iranians.

      According to the analysis that's been done on Shamoon by Kaspersky Labs, it appears to be related to the Wiper virus that struck Iran's oil ministry last April.

      Fed announced more easing for '''fill in your own reason here. Consequence food and commodity inflation in the hunt for basics.US needs lower oil prices into the election and to keep plugging the leaking dike that is the US dollar (recall it was Japan foreign Ministry official and China Ambassador that was just killed; he was key in Japan bilateral currency deals).

      Speculating here: Might it be that the schism inside (see earlier comments in previous threads about Bandar, Abdullah son and Nayef son). Might Saudi factions have needed some coaxing? (We still have not seen Bandar or an article about his whereabouts).

      In the past month the US has been floating the release of strategic oil reserves.

      It did nothing to help lower prices. Saudi Aramco was hit
      with the virus on the 15th. Assuming the Fordo stories are correct that explosion would have occurred around the same time (?)

      If the above article is correct in the similarities between the Iran and Saudi virus, could the attack on KSA have originated form the same source. Remember some of the rumors floating around about Bander having defected away from the US centric model? Maybe the Aramco virus was a warning to stay on sides. Presto, the Saudis come out yesterday and say they want Brent at 100 and will pump. Peakoiler Mathew Simmons would probably say twilight in the desert already happened; he died in a hot tub and cause of death unknown.

      Chart of oil price

      The movement of the Yemen troops into the Sanaa on the Red Sea chokepoint across from Djibouti doesn't seem to make a lot of sense unless the US might be pre positioning for something else?

    10. On the Saudi factionalism (see comments)

    11. anyone see Alex Jone's interview with Dr Steve Pieczenik on Sun night? Explosive live intv talked about Israeli Mossad and Netanyahu's deep involvement in 911. Jones has since banned the guy from his show. now the itv is disappearing from the internet. Dr Steve is no small fry- worked at very highest levels with Def officials from Carter to Clinton and has had many books written about and by him.
      after this? jones in my book is finished as a "TRUTHER", if he ever was one. comments on his site calling him out over his censorship are also being removed by his staff. jones should be indicted, tarred and feathered like the benedict arnold he is.

    12. Yeah Jones has always been suspect in my view, ever since he effortlessly penetrated what would obviously be intense security for world "leaders" (criminals) at Bohemian Grove. Trust me, no one would breach that level of security without it being allowed to happen, total BS and disinfo.

      And he has always been mysteriously quiet about the major influence of the Israeli govt and their lobby, AIPAC. I mean you don't need to be an idiot and say "the Jews are to blame for everything", but at least call the Israeli govt for their crimes that we do know about for a fact in their apartheid nation.

      Do you have a link for this interview, because all I can find is one from May 2011?? I suppose it will disappear if the guy dared to say anything about the Mossad...that is verboten, don't you know.

    13. Its still on the Alex Jones channel Insider: U.S. Ambassador Killing an Inside Job!
      Interesting interview, and on the face of it sensational, but personally I trust Pieczenik even less than I do AJ. A CFR member blowing the whistle? Yeah right. I think the cancellation of the longer Tuesday interview was just a ruse apparently to give Pieczenik more credibility - he got his message out, no need for a follow up.

      There are lots of strange messages coming out recently, for example some plausible and some highly dubious stuff from Gordon Duff at VT and also (worryingly) PressTV. Also many reports from several parties indicating a distancing of one or more faction of TPTB from Israel; eg that dodgy 'Essential-Intelligence' outfit, or that report from British intel which is highly suspect (the British establishment is owned by the Jewish elite).

      There is a game afoot.

    14. It appears that the Pieczenik interview has had a title change, so that would explain why some think the interview was deleted.
      Before : Shocking 9/11 Mossad Connection Revealed!
      After : Insider: U.S. Ambassador Killing an Inside Job!

      Pieczenik's new blog for the curious.

    15. A recent opinion poll in Turkey found that only 18 percent of Turks back their government's support for the Syrian opposition. The poll was the latest in the last few months showing a collapse in public support and putting pressure on the government to address its Syria policy. Voice of America

    16. Yeah I found the interview after all, and while it was interesting, I found it suspicious that AJ did nothing but praise the guy and how credible he is - mostly by citing all of his establishment credentials and involvement with evil people in power for all these years. Big "WTF??" and red flags there.

      Not exactly what I would call a reason to believe what he is saying. It's more like "hey look here we have a Jew criticizing Israel so it MUST be true". That is a classic disinfo tactic, and one that the ADL uses often to infiltrate, discredit and mislead people or groups they fear and dislike.

      I generally still think the Ambassador was clearly CIA, as most "foreign diplomats" are, and so were his security staff - which are always given other titles such as "State dept personnel". They were trying to(and probably did) find a cache of surface-to-air missiles that CIA gave to all of those "heroic Libyan rebels" (al-Qaeda) who lynched and sodomized Gaddafi -which was, not coincidentally, the same thing that was apparently done to the Ambassador and his guards.

      That would be incriminating to those in power who are pretending that the US govt is all about "democracy" instead of the true mission - which is constantly stirring up trouble and unrest, organizing coups, etc.

      Food for thought.

    17. Maybe this is the game that's in play?
      Dempsey's 'Shitty Little Country' Ploy
      The Gullibility of the Dissident Movement
      "How naïve do you have to be to believe for a moment that President Obama would risk upsetting the lobby in an election year?! He's more likely to get pregnant.

      No, what we are dealing with is an elaborate scam to fool the world into believing that the United States won't be part of an Israeli attack on Iran. While in the past I always discounted the likelihood of such an attack, I am now less convinced. The fact that Obama is risking upsetting Satan's little helpers so close to the presidential elections is a strong indication that he's planned an attack before the ballot. Once the war is in full motion, all the Jewish voters and media who previously got fooled by his 'fall-out' with Netanyahu over the Iran war issue, will be reassured that no-one beats him at putting 'Israel first.'"

      Hmm, a recycling of the fake Turkey-Israel fallout?

      The drums of war are getting deafening, but still the masses are oblivious.

    18. This is exactly right. Does anyone really believe that ANY US Pres would take on the AIPAC syndicate 60 days before an election he is very shaky on winning? Incredible how the sheeple fall for all of it, no matter how often they repeat the scam. Led by Alex Jones of the world.

    19. LVBSeptember 20, 2012 6:53 AM,

      "Food for thought?" Junk food maybe. The guy Jones had on for over a decade has always given highly accurate reports in past- but now since he exposed Iz's role in 911 he becomes a disinfo agent? The bimbos of the world are always saying "how come no high level insider never comes forth to leak stuff" if 911 was an inside job? Now here is a much-sought high level insider and the dunces use his insider status as grounds to discredit the truth of his report.
      If you cant shut em up with 'antisemite smear' the holocaust then he becomes a disinfo out to frame the jews. ANYTHING- EVERYTHING except for the fact that he may be telling the truth- which is that the jews are guilty. Ridiculous.

    20. Anonymous 11:04

      ' The bimbos of the world are always saying "how come no high level insider never comes forth to leak stuff" if 911 was an inside job? Now here is a much-sought high level insider and the dunces use his insider status as grounds to discredit the truth of his report.

      While you haven't personally attacked LVB... people are free to agree and disagree as they see fit here.

      If you disagree with an opinion expressed here, just say "I disagree"

      PS: I really hate acting as a mediator. sigh...

      FYI: I haven't yet listened to the interview
      Short of time today, but I will.

    21. Anonymous September 20, 2012 10:57 AM

      This is exactly right. (regarding what Freethinkers comment) Does anyone really believe that ANY US Pres would take on the AIPAC syndicate 60 days before an election he is very shaky on winning?

      Sadly there are people who do believe that. Just like they believed the theatre of Turkey and Israel's "fall out"

    22. freethinker September 20, 2012 8:38 AM

      "No, what we are dealing with is an elaborate scam to fool the world into believing that the United States won't be part of an Israeli attack on Iran. While in the past I always discounted the likelihood of such an attack, I am now less convinced."

      Hmm, a recycling of the fake Turkey-Israel fallout?

      The drums of war are getting deafening, but still the masses are oblivious.

      Haven't read the links yet, but, based on your comment
      an elaborate scam is what I have been thinking all along
      Good Cop/Bad Cop
      Netanyahu as bad cop
      Obombing everything in sight acting as bad cop
      In fact was saying to hubby this so smells like the Turkey Israel psyop. I wasn't buying it
      Obomba has already kissed the many rings of AIPAC etc
      No reason to think at all there was any change

      As for the war drums, they are deafening

    23. Anon (whichever anon it is)

      Wow, if ever there was an example of "Thou does protest too much" LOL.

      If you read carefully, you'd see that what I said was I found AJ suspicious and always have...and for good reason. In this case, it is very suspicious that the grounds he offered for believing what the guy says were not any sort of proof, but just his credentials as an "insider", and that he has co-written some Tom Clancy books.

      So, there, was nothing insulting intended in what I said there at all, toward you or anyone else.

      I said that having a Jew criticize or attack Israel or "the Jewish conspiracy to rule the world" is and has always been a common tactic of the ADL for a long time - which is a fact, not an opinion.

      I also said that I found what the guy was saying to be interesting - and by that I meant interesting in a good way. But, I think we still have to be very careful about jumping headfirst into actually believing it just because it supports our views - that is also a common disinfo and con-man tactic, btw.

      I've written a lot about that before regarding psychological warfare in mass media and advertising - they lower your defenses by giving you a friendly, sympathetic message, in order to achieve the real mission (or deliver the real intended message) once they've gained your confidence; i.e., smiling and shaking your hand as they steal your wallet.

      So, especially when what you're being fed is coming from a member of the CFR - I mean, seriously? We know who they are and why people are chosen to be members of that cult in the first place. So yeah, we should all be a little suspicious, to say the least.

      As far as "dunces" and "bimbos" - well, that's just a thinly veiled personal attack, but you're free to have your opinions. I've been called much worse, so I'm not too worried about it. ;)

      Just keep in mind that Penny has every right to not allow childish BS on her blog, so it's best to avoid it and just try to make your arguments without the petty insults and namecalling.

      Wise move btw, Penny - protect your place and don't let it even begin going in that direction, or it will be out of control before you know it - like most of the other blogs / comment forums on the planet.

      It's been said that if someone cannot make their point without namecalling or swearing, then they are insecure about their point because it is flawed and weak to begin with, and need to overcompensate.

      Mostly, I just think your comment was an unnecessary retaliation, because it's a misunderstanding of thinking that I was saying anything other than "there is reason to be at least a little bit suspicious" - which there is, and that's just all there is to it. Nothing more.

      I agree that we're not going to get inside info or knowledge from people that have never been on the "inside" of whatever the subject is, so it's always worth hearing what they have to say and then deciding for ourselves what it's worth and if it makes sense, or if it may be a diversion, etc.

      A lot of times, the purpose of disinfo is to cause tension and infighting within resistance groups, too. Divide and conquer, on the micro level - so, that's some more free food for thought. You can either eat it and consider its value, or just vomit. It really doesn't matter to me, but it IS the truth and it stands on its own - regardless of who believes it or doesn't.

      We're all supposed to be on the same side here, after all - hunting for the truth in this world of ruling elite psychopaths that work very hard to keep us from ever finding it. We won't get any closer to the truth by letting them divide and conquer us as they do in their sick geopolitical games.

    24. Hi LVB:very well said.

      To all-

      Briefly I used to spend time on news forums and political type forums and it was never ending with name calling, labeling, left/right indoctrination and varying "pissing contests" to be crude but effective.

      It is a useless waste of time.
      Which is why I frown on it here and I will delete comments that go overboard
      Though I do not like to and shouldn't have to.
      But, I will. because petty sniping and attacking will turn this place into an unpleasant blog to participate in and read at. That is definitely not what I am striving for.

      LVB: "we are all supposed to be on the same side"
      Your right about that. 100 percent.

      Preaching almost over
      When in doubt, ask for clarification.
      I am quite sure anyone here will happily clarify what it is they are saying.

  2. m/2012/09/russia-kicks-out-cia-front-usaid-russia.html?m=0 m/2012/09/exposed-cia-backed-fsa-to-euronews.html?m=0 m/2012/09/lets-talk-turkish-here.html?m=0

    1. Hey Ali

      Saw that USAID had pulled out of Russia, but, wonder if they really have, or if they are just going to hide out better?

  3. Another unit of the armed forces eliminated all members of an armed terrorist group led by terrorist Abdul-Rahman Raslan, nicknamed as al-Natef, at al-Marjeh roundabout in Aleppo.

    The eliminated terrorists were destroying citizens' houses with a bulldozer and filming the scene to send the footage to some satellite channels to broadcast them and accuse the Syrian army of committing this act.

    1. That WREAKS of mista aravim- IDF dressed up as Arabs. Bulldozing homes was first used by zionists (with other machines) in Russia and is their most notorious method of leveling recalcitrant Palestinians inthe territories. This has got to be IDF dudevan or matkal. Even the rebels wouldnt do that I doubt.

    2. Yah the bulldozing reeks of Israeli tactics
      And no doubt the NATO mercs have lots of Israeli terror training

  4. Iran has not invaded any country for over 300 years. If you tell them that you are going to give them democracy with at the minimum, use of micro nuclear BOMBS I.E. DEPLETED URANIUM devices and to date 6000000 IRAQI, Afghani, Pakistani, Libyan, Somalian, Myanmar and Iranian civilian deaths and thereafter steal there property and install JP Morgan executives in government because they are not BUYABLE with those greenbacks then they will say your attempting to do so will destroy you, that is a very calm and civilised response. WHO is ranting. Who stands to gain financially with BOMBS for democracy. WHO by way of nature loves to wage war if business does not go to plan.i.e government officials do not sell their souls? Who has a history of false flag operations? Whose economy and morals are on the higher ground? Whatever happened to the belief of an eye for an eye? Why not take German TAXES as an ongoing tax to payback NAZI warcrimes if the German land itself is not deemed good enough to annex? William Shakespear came to fame as he so eloquently explained in the Merchant of Venice i.e. Shylock demanding a pound of flesh in return for money lent on interest for those who could not pay back on time. But IRAN can pay and buy products and give jobs to its youth because it is blessed with real money so how long will our mask stay on? INVADE INVADE lets get some real money before everyone realises our paper musical chase is the asset coffers of PRIVATE BANKS run by a family of SHYLOCKS. When the borders of ISRAEL reaches those stated in the revised,revised,revvised.........versions of the Bible then that is the supposed signal to the jews of the 12 tribes of ISRAEL that God has given them their land back after having been banished for 2000yrs for the way they treated Jesus Son of Mary (as). That is why the white/european/zionist jew who is not a jew but an imposter jew as he is not linked to the 12 tribes of Israel which actually live in peace in Iran,iraq,syria, lebonon etc.. is HYSTERICAL about attaining those borders so that the 12 tribes are fooled into coming back to ISRAEL. The stage would then be set for their MESSIAH the chief of all the imposters= ANTICHRIST to come. THE ANTICHRIST is choreographing the stage from behind the scenes in another spacial/time dimension on Earth until he is released in the physical form in our spacial and time dimension. That is when we expect the real Christ JESUS SON OF MARY to return to settle the case. It is time to WAKE up from the illusion overdose and search for the truth. Does not meen you cannot pay your mortgage or whatever FIX you are into therefore go and do an armed robery to finance yourself. Does it?Who has used a nuclear weapon on humans and is trigger happy to have a monoply to continue doing so? People and nations of the world just want honest money thats all no funny money. Nathan Rothschild famously said he did not care who rule the country as long as you give him the money supply. Jesus son of Mary famously kicked out those evil Shylocks moneychangers from the temple as famously quoted in the Bible.

  5. Israel wants to be the ruling state in the world and thereby allow the Antichrist to finally come out from behind the scenes. The 12 tribes of Israel are being duped and they dont really appreciate jews who are not really jews. But those imposter jews are being choreographed by the greatest Imposter of all time,ANTICHRIST. What is good he will make look bad and what is bad he will make look good. David Copperfield is a new born baby in comparison to the master of all imposters with a PHD in deception. Inorder to do so they have to fool USA to attack Iran by whatever means i.e. by hook or crook. When they do so OIL price will go through the roof as the US dollar collapses. Israel will then eventually SAVE an imploding USA by helping them like the US helped Britain in the second world war,
    by intervening militarily at the right time and place with the appropriate means. Thereafter taking over the batton as the new ruling state of the world. The world will have to bow down an lick the member of choice of the Antichrist inorder to receive oil or else collapse and allow eager hyenas with mouths watering to invade and plunder. Welcome to to an attempt at forming a new World order! This explains why the IMF will impose sanctions and stop any loans of printing press money and ability to trade globally on any third world countries who attempt to set up effective alternative energy and gold and silver as real money. The world of the moneychangers is real, the anger of Jesus son of Mary was real and will be real real when he returns. Either you are with him or against him the choice is always YOURS. Time to wake up and give the Pied Piper a growl. Putin on the other hand represents the CHRISTIAN orthodox church and they too are waiting for Jesus Son of Mary to eventually come on the scene. The Russians are part of an alliance axis opposing NATO the military wing of the imposter state of Israel. As long as the spiritual aspect of your heart is still alive there is hope. We appeal to you to wake up and save yourselves and your families from the impending fire of destruction.

  6. This explains the take over of Libya by NATO. Now they can easily attack Egypt from Libya to the west and from Israel in the East to secure those Biblical borders. Also explained is the AXIS interference in SYRIA. Syria has a treaty whereby if Syria is attacked by foreigners IRAN has to come to the rescue. THE STAGE IS SET. Got your popcorn?
    What happens when after possibly reaching their milestones an internal spring cleaning takes place and YOU are asked to justify your continued existence as you are now classified as a useless eater as Henry Kissinger famously quoted, one who would be asked to voluntarily take the PILL? What the Iranians are saying and many NAM countries and countless more people around the world are coming to the realization is that if Israel does not attack Iran now the smoke screen illusion of darkness which has been built up over decades and possibly centuries will quickly disperse and Israel will cease to exist rather like the Sun rays piecing through darkness at the crack of dawn causes darkness to simply disappear. The advent of Jesus Son of Mary will definitely bring a sunny day for mankind for an appointed time. We sincerely hope that the 12 tribes of Israel are not led further astray than they already have been by rejecting and opposing most of their divinely sent prophets including Jesus Son of Mary and the final link in the brotherhood of the chain of divine revelation Mohammad who delivered the final testament, The Quran peace and the mercy of Allah be upon all of them. Study of Islamic Eschatology will reveal all sides of the gameplan for you to choose who you are with and who you are against. The doors of the mercy and forgiveness of ALLAH are still open for the whole of mankind NO MATTER who you are or what sin you have commited so we humbly request you all as your well-wisher to delay no further recognize and surrender ourselves to the will of our creator who has a name which is a proper noun as Jesus humbly got on his hands and knees and those with sense, faith and understanding also do. Allah says to call on him by whichever beautifull name you chose because he has all the beautiful names. It does not matter which of them you chose. Allah says they plan but Allah also plans and Allah is the best of planners.

    1. anonymous

      "This explains the take over of Libya by NATO. Now they can easily attack Egypt from Libya to the west and from Israel in the East to secure those Biblical borders. Also explained is the AXIS interference in SYRIA. Syria has a treaty whereby if Syria is attacked by foreigners IRAN has to come to the rescue. THE STAGE IS SET. Got your popcorn?"

      I don't want any popcorn. I understand your being rhetorical with that comment. This is not my idea of theatre and war is no game. It scares me. Very greatly.

    2. It is all in the book the "Thirteenth Tribe", read it Penny and you will be enlightened further.

  7. To know who your master is just work out who you are not allowed to criticise. - VOLTAIRE

    Looks like William Shakespeare displayed literary excellence the way he handled it in "The Merchant of Venice". Jesus was so angry
    and kicked out those evil money lenders from the Bible. Think about the hidden hand behind the scenes. Put the clues together and save yourselves and the rest of humanity from evil deeds. The deeds are evil. People are good.

    Check the link out to get the REAL BIG PICTURE

  8. the end of the world is not so far away.

  9. thats it folks now is the time for real war with russia,china,iran,syria on one side and the US and its master israel on the other. The ppl of the west are gonna have to give up their Mcdonalds for a rifle and some boots hope it was worth watching israel control your destiny.

  10. Announced today Austrian and BMI airlines will stop flying to Tehran in the first week of October.Do they know something? I have always maintained that the period leading to the Winter Solstice is very critical. Lets wait next week for the 67 Session of the UNGA and see what the Zionist have up their sleeves.

    1. The ppl of the West are going to give up mcdonalds??

      Hey that is an unfair stereotype. McDonald's is detestable food, not all westerners subject themselves to trash eating

      Hi Hans
      I see the UN is set to have yet another meeting..

  11. speaking of the ambassador, left this in an old post
    don't know if anyone checked it out

    f anyone is interested this blog links to a video that is alleged to be that of the Ambassador being removed from the consulate. Underneath it is claimed the Ambassador was still alive. (As posted on Youtube) This jibes with the taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation from the original news stories, that have now gone away

    I don't know?
    be back later
    Hi LVB, freethinker and anonymous commenter