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Panetta Rallies the team against Syria & Iran. Targetting China

Two older news stories. Yes, they have been hanging around for a bit, but, if I thought them irrelevant they wouldn’t get posted. You might have seen them, if not, be sure to read'em
 First "Arab Springs" & proxy armies, attacking Syria onto Iran

Pentagon Chief Rallies Arab, Israeli Allies Against Syria & Iran
 July 30th/2012
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has begun (done) a five-day, four-nation tour of North Africa and the Middle East to consolidate military ties with traditional allies against the backdrop of mounting Western pressure aimed at the governments of Syria and Iran.
His first two stops (were) are to Tunisia and Egypt, long-standing American military client states and members of NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue partnership program. The next two are to Israel and Jordan, also Mediterranean Dialogue members.

The two North African countries were the bellwethers (trendsetters) of the so-called Arab Spring.

Four months ago Washington released $1.3 billion in military assistance to the Egyptian junta, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waiving congressional conditions introduced last year and State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland stating, "These decisions reflect America's over-arching goal: to maintain our strategic partnership with an Egypt made stronger and more stable by a successful transition to democracy."

The strategic partnership is one that began with the Carter-Brzezinski administration buying off President Anwar Sadat in 1978 and in so doing switching the largest and militarily most powerful Arab nation from non-alignment (Egypt under President Gamal Abdel Nasser was a founder of the Non-Aligned Movement) and close state-to-state relations with the Soviet Union to the U.S.'s major military client state in Africa and the Arab world. It was also initiated to break the back of Arab unity in relation to Israel and Palestine.

Because of its unique value to the Pentagon, Egypt is the only African nation not to be assigned to the Pentagon's Africa Command (AFRICOM), instead remaining in Central Command.  Since the Camp David Accords of 1978, Egypt has been one of the two largest recipients of annual American aid (almost all of it military) and a dependable Pentagon ally bordering Israel and the Gaza Strip to the east, Libya to the west and Sudan to the south as well as controlling the Suez Canal connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

As though alleged humanitarian intervention was not casus belli enough, Panetta also invoked the Iraq war-style menace of "chemical and biological warfare sites in Syria that U.S. planners say need to be secured."  About those exaggerated threats, he said, “We’ve been in close coordination with countries in the region to ensure that this is happening.”
He also pledged to strengthen the "very close partnership" with Israel, particularly in respect to Iran. According to the Pentagon, "Iran and its pursuit of nuclear weapons technology will be a discussion point at all stops."

The defense chief added:

"My view is that when I sit down with my counterpart in Israel, we are unified in our view with regards to Iran. We’re unified in the position that they should not obtain a nuclear weapon, (and) we’re unified in our position that we have to bring every bit of pressure on them to change their ways.”

“The more we are working together, the more unified we are in the effort against Iran, the better off we will be in convincing Iran that there is no room here for them to do anything other than to back away from the nuclear program they are engaged in.”

An attack on Iran off the table? Not on your life, my life or the life of your children or grandchildren.

Bigger fish to fry in China-

A regular commenter has made mention of the US intent to target China- U.S. model for a future war fans tensions with China and inside Pentagon Excerpts below- read full article at link

-When President Obama called on the U.S. military to shift its focus to Asia earlier this year, Andrew Marshall, a 91-year-old futurist, had a vision of what to do.

-Marshall’s small office in the Pentagon has spent the past two decades planning for a war against an angry, aggressive and heavily armed China.( Isn't anger a normal response when targeted for attack?)

No one had any idea how the war would start. But the American response, laid out in a concept that one of Marshall’s longtime proteges dubbed “Air-Sea Battle,” was clear.

Stealthy American bombers and submarines would knock out China’s long-range surveillance radar and precision missile systems located deep inside the country. The initial “blinding campaign” would be followed by a larger air and naval assault.

The concept, the details of which are classified, has angered the Chinese military and has been pilloried by some Army and Marine Corps officers as excessively expensive. Some Asia analysts worry that conventional strikes aimed at China could spark a nuclear war.

China tensions

Even as it has embraced Air-Sea Battle, the Pentagon has struggled to explain it without inflaming already tense relations with China. The result has been an information vacuum that has sown confusion and controversy.

Senior Chinese military officials warn that the Pentagon’s new effort could spark an arms race.

“If the U.S. military develops Air-Sea Battle to deal with the [People’s Liberation Army], the PLA will be forced to develop anti-Air-Sea Battle,” one officer, Col. Gaoyue Fan, said last year in a debate sponsored by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a defense think tank.

Pentagon officials counter that the concept is focused solely on defeating precision missile systems.

“It’s not about a specific actor,” a senior defense official told reporters last year. “It is not about a specific regime.”

Privately, senior Pentagon officials concede that Air-Sea Battle’s goal is to help U.S. forces weather an initial Chinese assault and counterattack to destroy sophisticated radar and missile systems built to keep U.S. ships away from China’s coastline.

Their concern is fueled by the steady growth in China’s defense spending, which has increased to as much as $180 billion a year, or about one-third of the Pentagon’s budget, and China’s increasingly aggressive behavior in the South China Sea. (So the US is concerned about China's military budget, which is still only ONE-THIRD of the Pentagon budget)

“We want to put enough uncertainty in the minds of Chinese military planners that they would not want to take us on,” said a senior Navy official overseeing the service’s modernization efforts. “Air-Sea Battle is all about convincing the Chinese that we will win this competition.”

Like others quoted in this article, the official spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.

A military tech ‘revolution’

Air-Sea Battle grew out of Marshall’s fervent belief, dating to the 1980s, that technological advancements were on the verge of ushering in a new epoch of war.

New information technology allowed militaries to fire within seconds of finding the enemy. Better precision bombs guaranteed that the Americans could hit their targets almost every time. Together these advances could give conventional bombs almost the same power as small nuclear weapons, Marshall surmised.

Etc., etc., read entirely.


  1. China may spend one third on defense, BUT they probably get more for their money. Also, China has stolen or been gifted untold secrets over the years due to espionage. So it is very hard to quantify the actual military advantage Pples to apples. Further, there is some faction in China hooked into the banksters presumably with some promiseof ruling the world in the near future. China is getting pinched, no question, but to some extent it is still the big chessboard and China plays along.

  2. Correct, AP. China surely gets much more for their money than the US, because they don't have 40% of their defense budget going into black projects with no accountability, which NO ONE is allowed to audit.

    China had long range ICBMs capable of hitting the US long ago, but they had constant failures and guidance problems - as in being able to hit something more precise than a huge city sized target.

    That was until the 90s, when the Clinton admin committed treason on a number of levels, including rewriting and bypassing existing laws to permit GIVING China the secrets to advanced guidance systems - allegedly for commercial satellite launch telemetry, and coincidentally is exactly the SAME technology needed for the precise targeting of nuclear warhead re-entry vehicles.

    This was done through a treasonous company called Loral Aerospace Corp, which you can look up, but I'm sure they have since merged with other corps or disappeared one way or another, without any of their executives going to prison, of course.

    Clinton admin Commerce Secretary Ron Brown turned up dead soon after this secret deal (treason) was done and became public. He allegedly died in a plane crash, but curiously, his autopsy revealed a hole in his skull the exact diameter of a .45 csliber bullet. Surely just another coincidence, along with so many others in the massive pile of corpses surrounding the Clinton admin during those years.

    You may be thinking Commerce Dept, WTF?? That's because the way the Clinton criminals pulled it off was by "technology transfers" to China for "commercial non-military space launch data", rather than the closely guarded nuclear weapons defense data, which is what it was, and thus highly classified. So, espionage against the United States, committed BY the top officials of the US govt in the Clinton admin.

    Bottom line - China has all of the capabilities now to deliver long range missiles with highly accurate nuclear warheads, say within 500 feet or so of any target on the planet - just like the US and Russia.

    China just tested one last week as I recall, and reported it was a complete success, with "stunning accuracy".

    Nice going, Clinton, betraying all US citizens at the same time you were abusing your authority banging young vulnerable interns and murdering thousands of innocent Serbian civilians.

    Now that's a globalist sociopath degenerate of the worst kind. The really scary part is that he doesn't seem so bad compared to the absolute narcissist monster that is in the White House now.

    Talk about cognitive dissonance!!

  3. AP and LVB: They (china) spend only 1/3 of the (US)Pentagon budget.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but, is there not more to the military spending in the US then just the Pentagon budget? LVB mentions black budgets . Wouldn't there be the cia budget and other assorted military budgets?
    let me know?


    'China is getting pinched, no question, but to some extent it is still the big chessboard and China plays along. '

    Definitely. Yet, given the targeting it seems they don't play along quite well enough?

    LVB: "You may be thinking Commerce Dept, WTF??"

    Wasn't this the way certain chemical and biological weapons made there way to Iraq?
    Via the commerce dept?

    1. I am guessing there are divisions and factions battling it out in china just like everywhere else.

      Commerce dept, yes. Thanks for the rundown LVB. Also see dept of energy.

      I think we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief if china and russia do the right thing, but i will believe it when i see it. Not that i mean to be overly cynical...

    2. AP: sent you a must check out email
      and from the links left by anonymous, it sure appears we have factions competing!

  4. Why didn't CNN's international arm air its own documentary on Bahrain's Arab Spring repression?
    A former CNN correspondent defies threats from her former employer to speak out about self-censorship at the networ

  5. New Syria · 1,169 like this
    Yesterday at 8:10am ·
    The 'Activist/s' calling on Syrians to protest to call for Stop the Violence in certain hot places in Syria had their cover blown by a mistake done by the admin of their group, they're not in Syria, they're in Istanbul, Turkey, and most likely they won't be Syrians even.. as usual.

    The call for stopping the violence from all parties and implementing the law sounds good but has a hidden agenda calling on people to protest illegally in places facing security issues which would definitely cause casualties and their goal is achieved: inciting civil war.

  6. muslims never sank so low as this brazen lie:
    Syrian Commando ✩ ‏@syriancommando
    Criminal "opposition" kill this poor child twice by blaming #Assad for her murder when it was their terrorists #Jarmana pic.twitter.com/syfTST7q
    Retweeted by Petri Krohn
    the girl is Shantal Awad

  7. good and growing resource on Daraya massacre:

  8. As far as US in China, pay close measure to Pakistan, Myanmar energy and Japan (emphasis added on later). In the fallout of the Bo scandal the factions are competing. As far as Bo scandel the police chief is being charged with treason/defection (went to US embassy). Recall that this story broke in the wake of story about US penetration of China agencies).

    SCMP running stories past weeks on the competing factions inside China each angling to stuff the transition. Yest'd here is the headline

    Former party leader Jiang Zemin's influence may eclipse that of current general secretary Hu Jintao in the next decade as the new mainland leadership line-up begins to take shape. (SCMP).

    Another link (older) about Zemin passing from 2011? “Jiang is the leader of the Shanghai Clique, one of the most powerful factions within the Party, and has supported Xi Jinping (习近平) to succeed Hu Jintao as China's next president.”

    An article on Jiang faction on brink of collapse.

    And here is Hu doing his own stuffing
    China's outgoing President Hu Jintao is angling to promote one of his closest allies to the military's decision-making body, sources said, in a move that would allow him to maintain an influence over Beijing's most potent instrument of power. Though Xi is acceptable to both the Hu camp and the rival Shanghai Gang faction, the incoming premier, Li, is much closer politically to the outgoing president and belongs to Hu's own faction of the party, the Communist Youth League.

    Yesterday an article on Pak handing over control of Gwadar to China. it is in Baloch. Recall the US Congress just hosted a forum on Baluch. Also the US is pressing the TAPI but Pakistan has remained committed to the IP (India...) build out.

    The Gwadar project and port plus possible pipelines make hiving off the restive region all the more immediate.

    Of course the insurgency in western China is core to the encirclement. Interesting how the insurgents are being trained in Pakistan given US focus on Wazir/Haqqani/frontier areas...fracture point


    1. The US is moving aggressively in what was once Burma. The Chinese are too. The insurgency (sectarianism again) is flaring along the coast which happens to host the on shoring of the Chinese planned pipelines through the restive Shan state. China deployed patrol boats to the Mekong for joint patrols late last year after Chinese sailors killed. Offshore energy conference coming this month sponsored by Shell (who just struck deal in Turkey)

      Japan is the most critical of all. Japan has always been core to the US encirclement and pacific policy. The recent deploying of Osprey to Okinawa has re flared tensions after the massive protests that led to the last election and PM ouster for the Noda faction (vs. the Ozawa).

      Note the timeline of the elections and the sinking of NK boat, the regional land conflicts heading into elections (nationalism) and the PM takedown after he backtracked on Okinawa base moves.
      3.11.11 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukushima_Daiichi_nuclear_disaster

      Ozawa, who as part of his platform called for more independent foreign policy, was recently cleared of scandal that sidelined him in previous election positioning.

      And Noda under pressure to call snap elections November

      Noda has caved on the US led trade initiatives in spite of major internal opposition

      In a contentious move that could make or break his government, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said Friday that Japan would join talks toward an ambitious pan-Pacific free trade pact. The accord would potentially open up new markets for Japanese exporters but enrage the nation’s powerful farmers, who say their livelihoods would be wiped out.

      Note the Agricultural markets....

      Japan remains the anchor US stone (vs. China's pearls)in the region

      The quiet drift of Japan was picked up by none other than CSIS recently.

      The China bilateral FX swaps is a telltale...

    2. And the Russia front remains quite active...with another caucus attack on Russian troops today.

      Meanwhile NATO chief is in Armenia to smooth over a possible Azeri breach.

      Recently, controversial US Caspian ambassador just joined Jamestown think tank

      Russia recently renewed a major basing agreement with Armenia

      And the radar disputes (and pipeline) with Azeri are ongoing

      The Azeri role in the Iran, Israel, US triangle is well worn territory

    3. One more thing, the Iranians have announced their own air defense exercises later this month and stretching into October

      An Iranian military official said Monday that the country has planned to carry out a major air defense exercise during the second half of October, the semi- official ISNA news agency reported.


      Incidentally, The Iran plans bracket the US led Persian Gulf exercises and the Russia South exercises.

    4. Anonymous: THANKS SO MUCH!!!
      seriously, you are like a dot connector extraordinaire
      I have saved all links, cut and paste some of the articles
      Read three or four of them

    5. i second that emotion! thank you anonymous. i have the first half dozen open and will make my way through.

      i noticed China in Gwadar recently in the news and thought that very pertinent. meantime things heat up at the top of the wedge (ie: tajikistan), the wedge running from the coast of balochistan through afghanistan and ending at Manas AFB, where all the opium travels out to the world including russia, for destabilization purposes. that particular corridor and those plans were covered in the News Central Asia series, in case you ever saw it. Peter Chamberlin had it over his place.


      from part IV:

      Gawadar and Pasni Ports

      Both Simon and Oleg pointed out that one must not underestimate the importance of Gawadar and Pasni ports, both of them in the expected area of the international strategic corridor. The ports, and the infrastructure, transportation and communication network connected to them, could of immense value to the USA.

      parts I, II, III at the bottom of the above link. note the timetables predicted did not come to pass, but presumably there are still those who would like to execute the plans come hell or high water.

      so China taking control over that port is a problem unless the Chinese in charge are on the same page as the americans, who are taking all orders from banksters,,,? my initial thoughts anyway, before reading.

    6. Also watching the IMF and Egypt developments. Morsi was widely opposed to the IMF deal when he was running. The latest is that the US is now looking at a $1B debt forgiveness program...

      Plus the IMF loan would help bolster foreign reserves after the Saudi and Qatar deposit injections.

      Lest we forget it was non other than the IMF pushing the Washington Consensus devaluation earleir this month, whcih Morsi rejected

      Rumor had Morsi retiring dozens of generals. The purge continues

      And he is playing the Palestineans off his explicit backing of Syria


      Deeper down the coast, Bloom finally picked up on the energy moves in Kenya.

      Who is going to buy $25B of infrastructure bonds? IMF has been chaperoning Kenya. LAtest disbursment was late last year. Sectarianism is starting to flare ahead of elections. This week a Muslim cleric was gunned down in Mombasa.

      As French headline puts it: Kenya’s mysteriously killed, disappeared Islamic clerics

      And the ISraeli connection

      Remember the resort bombings and alleged missile attack

      on those attacks and the mossad

      go back further to 2009 and the alleged Israeli targeting in Sudan

      Comes full circle to the current US backed South Sudan pipeline intiative to forclose on China who operates the fields in Sudan. Couple this with Total and CNOOC jointly working to unlock Uganda reserves and recipe for conflict in the region.

      Is that what the Chinese arms depot going up in smoke was all about months ago?


      The US moves on Congo (spec Ops and info op with the "viral" video based on youtube "hits"), South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are transpoarent. As is the move to rope off the offshore gas finds mozambique


      Cirling back to the IMF and Egypt is it a shock that South Sudan had a central bank a few days after it declared independence? And it just qualified for loans.

      The China and US warm war in Africa is ongoing. It does make one revisit the Saudi depletion and defection thesis as the US forecloses on the East Coast of Africa. All this while the Nigeria insurgency worsens. AQ lookalike of course.

    7. Few more ISrael/East Africa links

      Strike in Port Sudan

      And the most recent drone strike in Sinai

      As Mossad enters

    8. "IMF has been chaperoning Kenya. LAtest disbursment was late last year. Sectarianism is starting to flare ahead of elections."

      Perhaps Barry Oblamer should assume the Presidency there in Kenya, since he would obviously meet the requirements of being born there. ;)

      We, the taxpayers, would gladly pay for his one-way final trip on Air Force One.

  9. An Iranian military official said Monday that the country has planned to carry out a major air defense exercise during the second half of October, the semi- official ISNA news agency reported.

    Yes it is a critical time, the Mayan Ninth Wave makes this period (Winter Solstice) a very important time frame.

    1. Hi hans
      I am still working on the meme book, but have the other book ready for the ereader next!

  10. World War III is right around the corner. Nobody will win a nuclear war. The next world war will include nukes. You can count on that.

    1. Hi Frank in PA

      that is what scares me

  11. what CNNi refused to show and mentioned in Glenn Greenwalds Guardian article:

    the Greenwald article:

    CCN has also responded...damage control mode! http://cnnpressroom.blogs.cnn.com/2012/09/05/cnn-internationals-response-to-the-guardian/
    (barf bags advised for that!)