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Syria Crisis: West staked on Extremists

A bit short on time today. Interesting interview. Including commentary on the Ambassador's death in Libya- 

Gennady Yevstafyev, retired Lieutenant General of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, believes there is no blanket support for the Western cries about democracy and modernization in the broader Middle East. One can't ignore the fact that people who killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens are active in Syrian affairs and this is the kind of people which America and the West support.  In Syria, they are the driving force for the opposition to the secular regime..

 What exactly does Russia know? No doubt they have been watching the ME/Africa all along. Recall at the time of the Ambassador's death Russian media ran news comparing the killing of the Ambassador with the killing of Gadaffi. Thinking of how staged the movie protests are and how the US is changing the narrative surrounding the incident in Libya...

Sir, I’m very happy to greet you here. What is your impression because it looks like the situation is really ambiguous? On the one hand the Western community is saying that those actors who have gathered in Cairo are unable to resolve the Syrian issue but on the other hand the Arab street seems to be exasperated with the Western involvement. So, how do you see the situation? Perhaps Turkey, Iran, Egypt and perhaps Saudi Arabia might really do something.
The feeling you are getting from recent publications and speeches and statements is such that the situation is nearing the climax and this climax is not very much in favour of the Western community which has opened factually an open war against the Syrian regime and is very detrimental to the far reaching interests of many countries of Europe in this part of the world. On the other hand Turkey which was very enthusiastic in supporting many of the Western things done against Syria is now burden with its own problems which are unraveling in the southeast area of Turkey and the activity of Kurdish opposition and military Kurdish opposition is growing. So, very soon Turkey is going to forget about the whole thing.
In the sense the group of 4, which includes Iran, could play an important role in searching the positive result as far as compromise is concerned, of course if it will be allowed to do this because the Western friends are going to really sabotage the positive activity of the group. On the other hand there is a very interesting situation after Libya, after the death of the American Ambassador, this tragic death, many people look at the whole situation through different spectacles. There  is no blanket support for the Western cries about democracy and new generation, and modernization, and democratization of the broader Middle East.
No, you now have information which is growing that those guys who killed Christopher Stevens are really active in Syrian affairs and this is the kind of people which America supports and the Western-European countries support, in Syria they are the driving force for the opposition to the secular regime. It is becoming more and more strange to look when the so called democratic countries are really supporting the most extreme terrorist forces against whom they promised to fight, and even George Bush promised to wage a war against terrorism. All this kind of forces are fighting over there and in many groups and numbers because the strength of purely Syrian opposition is getting weaker and weaker and I think it is going to disappear very soon.
It is not by accident that the Human Rights Watch and other organizations are now speaking not only about the atrocities of Damascus’s regime, but they now admit that if there are atrocities there, they are committed by both sides. Of course there could be no participation of extreme terrorist forces on the part of opposition without atrocities and that’s what we were saying all the time openly but the terrible domination of the Western propaganda in mass media was really eliminating every reasonable word that was saying that there are people who are committing atrocities on the side of opposition and on the side of the forces which are waging a war against the lawful regime which was elected and which was trying to suggest certain things to try to find a compromise.
It is not to say that I’m very optimistic because despite the tragic results of American support of the Arab Spring in the countries of the Middle East, there is evidence that Americans are continuing. You know, they have a tremendous force there initially, and especially in the election period they cannot abandon their line of supporting those destructive forces, they would try to continue. And this is the diplomatic inexperience of the Secretary of State Hilary Clinton who has clearly indicated in her reactions to what is happening now in the Middle East even after the death of their own Ambassador who was in the first place one of the initiators of the Arab Spring.
So, what we have now is a very fluid situation, very tragic situation which is going to last quite a long and that’s why I’m not very much sure that Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi, who is an extremely capable and extremely influential negotiator, and he is an Arab himself, would be able to find a compromise any time soon. I hope that the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry recently, yesterday or the day before yesterday, that we will not allow to pass any resolution through the Security Council which would deal with the use of force in Syria, it is a really serious signal to those who are still playing with the idea of no-fly zone over Syria and so on. This no-fly zone is not supported by anybody around Syria because everybody has seen the real effect of the no-fly zone and the result of it in Libya.
And I think the sooner, but I don’t think it is going to happen soon, but maybe after elections in the US if Obama retains his cabinet in the White House, there could be some rethinking of American policy in the Middle East.
Sir, you are saying that the US has developed huge inertia. But on the other hand we know that Turkey which is one of the closest allies of the US in that region seems to be somehow shifting its position on Syria when the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said that there was a need for, like he put it – regional ownership of the issues of our region.
That’s what I was talking about. That Turkey is burden with its own problems and the Turkish people who are Islamists by nature, those who are ruling now – the Turkish Government – I think are afraid of an uncontrolled chaos which could find its place into the areas of this part of the Middle East which contains very explosive areas of Kurdish dissidents, religious dissidents and so on. And I think that Turkey is thinking twice before continuing what was initially the very aggressive line against Syria because they thought this Syrian regime would be overthrown in a matter of weeks but now we have already 18 months and it is clearly a sign that the population in Syria, most of it, is in support of its Government and only a minority is trying to wage a war against the regime.
The interesting thing about this meeting in Cairo was its format in which the four parties, like you said – Iran, Egypt, allegedly Saudi Arabia and Turkey were sitting…
No, it is no wonder because this is a committee which was constructed and established on the proposal of Mr. Morsi – the new Egyptian President – who is supposed to Islamist by nature. But he is an Islamist with I would say a rather wise outlook on the matters of the Middle East.
In fact I was thinking whether Iran could really contribute, whether it could play some considerable role in the situation around Syria because there is an illogical position of the Western countries – on the one hand they are saying that Iran is pretty much involved in that situation; on the other hand they are denying Tehran a role in negotiations.
No, this is a continuation of the Western policy towards Iran – it is a policy of a comprehensive isolation of Iran from any possible political context. But this is an extremely wise action on the part of Morsi who has suggested that Iran should participate and it was very clear that these people admit that without Iran’s participation there could be no solution for the situation around Syria. And Iran is playing I would say in certain respects a crucial role and of course there are rumors and information that the Iranian military people are participating in actions in support of Assad’s regime. This could be exaggerated but the fact is that Iran is breaking through the isolation around it and is playing an active diplomatic role in the search of solution over Syria. It is very important.
So, do you think that potentially Iran can make a difference?
No, I don’t think it would be allowed to make a difference but the point of view of the Syrian Government is very much represented by Iran. And Iran is not going to allow for any kind of military actions against Syria. And anyway, I think Iran can influence the approach of Mr. Morsi. It is not going to influence the approach of Saudi Arabia but it could affect the approaches of Egypt and to a certain extent of Turkey.
Interestingly enough, Saudi Arabia was absent from the meeting. They sent no one.
That is a clear indication of where this country stands.
Sir, thank you so much.


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    Btw speaking of turkey, see this.. Asap pls

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  4. Hollande may declare there is freedom of speech in France andnot ban the US video..BUT Here's what happened to Siné after he caricatured a Jew in Charlie Hebdo mag..... He got fired.

    1. If there really was freedom of speech in France then Joe Lecorbeau and Dieudonné wouldn't need to a lawyer.
      Joe Lecorbeau has excellent pastiches of "those who cannot be named".

    2. Thanks gallier

      there is no freedom of speech, anywhere.
      There is just the freedom to hate the people the warmakers want you to hate
      that's it

    3. Ah funny, L'express (weekly journal a little like Time) just illustrated how the freedom of speech works in France.
      They published by error an older Joe Le Corbeau "Charlie Hebdo" pastiche and try now to correct their error.

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  8. in US noone has yet been arrested for inciting violence over the recent unrest, and FRrance new dictator claims freedom of speech over that video...meanwhile in OZ inciting violence is a crime:
    you can be sure he was not a copt of israeli jew

  9. Who's behind the 'innocence' video?
    Lots of good research here:
    The Flower Throwers
    I especially liked the organizational chart here:
    The Links Between The anti-”Ground Zero” Mosque Movement & Innocence of Muslims
    Usual suspects.

    1. I heard and read a bunch of stuff regarding the movers and shakers behind the psyop movie
      Pamela Geller and her ilk.
      Which should say much to us about which nation entity is behind the movie

      To answer your thought below at the same time-

      The timing of the psyop movie and the break out of staged protests,immediately prior to the killing of the Ambassador IMO rules out the green movement in Libya

      Just my opinion. I am not claiming all the answers

      The movie and protests ,timing wise, appeared to be used as cover for the killing of Ambassador and co. along with theft of certain documents and subsequent expansion of the africom agenda.

      It is soooo beneficial to the expansionist war agenda and not at all beneficial to the green movement.

      I just don't see why the NATO nations would even bother to cover for the green movement, via the control of the media they wouldn't even need to worry about the bad publicity or the truth coming out

  10. Perhaps it wasn't Mossad or the Salafis after all:
    Benghazi Attack. Libya’s Green Resistance Did It… And NATO Powers Are Covering Up
    Hmmm, maybe.

    Could this be why we recently had the spooky (IMHO) CFR member Pieczenik breaking the 'Mossad Done It' story to Alex Jones, and why the US were so quick to send in the destroyers and marines?? I'm not quite convinced, but it's an interesting theory.

  11. Mossad CIA Mi6 and French Intelligence Operating in Syria Helping AlQaeda
    A Turkish television broadcast a tape recording for telephone calls
    of Mossad agents who were in the Syrian territories near the Turkish

    Israeli daily, Maariv cited Ulusal TV which broadcast the calls in Hebrew.
    The channel said that the tape was recorded through communication apparatus
    which was existed in a mosque in one of the Turkish towns on the border
    with Syria.

    According to the tape the language of the speakers was Hebrew, but it was not clear.
    One of the speakers said: “I feel high pressure from the maritime line,
    anchorage 1. I want to free it in the direction 1,74K, over,” according to the recording.

    Another replied with a series of numbers and then said: “You know? I will free it and at that time the forces would advance.”

    The Turkish channel said that the speakers were Mossad agents who are working in the Syrian side on the border with Turkey. It added that Mossad is the only agency which is active in Syria, but there are agents who are working in favor of the American Central Intelligence Agency, CIA.

    There are 50 senior agents in Turkey, ex-spy says

    Source: Hurriyet

    There are nearly 50 high-ranking intelligence agents on Turkey’s Syria border, including agents from the United States, France, Germany, Britain and “perhaps Greece,” former CIA agent Philip Giraldi told Tolga Tanış of daily Hürriyet in an interview. The former agent said there would be numerous spies working under the high-ranking spies and “many” informants working under them.Giraldi said he thought there were 15-20 high-ranking CIA agents in Turkey working on the Syrian conflict alone.

    “They would be paramilitary agents,” Giraldi said. “They would be based at the consulate in Adana or the İncirlik Air Base, but could operate in the field as well,” Giraldi said, adding that the agents would not cross into Syria but would direct intelligence operations from within Turkey in collaboration with Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MİT).“The CIA probably has only 10 agents who are fluent in Arabic and maybe five who can speak Turkish fluently. For this reason, they need to rely on MİT agents when dealing with Syrian rebels,” Giraldi said.The CIA lacks personnel who are fluent in Middle Eastern languages because their tours of duty only last two or three years before they are transferred elsewhere. “The agents do no have enough time to specialize in that language or culture,” he said, but added that the Russians were much better trained language-wise. “A Russian agent receives language courses for two years before arriving in Turkey, and
    once here, they can stay on duty for up to 10 years.”Turkish and American intelligence agencies were working “very closely” on the Syrian issue, Giraldi said, adding that the U.S. provided Turkeywith photographs including satellite pictures and sensitive technical information it normally would not share with anyone. A Turkish intelligence officer “always” accompaniesCIA agents in their dealings with officials from the Free Syrian Army, according to Giraldi. “This is not a rule, but that is how things work.”Giraldi guessed there would be high-ranking agents from France, Germany,Britain and “possibly Greece” near the Turkish-Syrian border, and would operate from the İncirlik Air Base, since it was a NATO base. Saudi Arabia and Qatar, meanwhile, worked in cooperation with the Turkish Foreign Ministry, he added.

  12. revealing comments by americans:
    '“Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s a good opportunity to do things you thought you could not do.” Rahm Emanuel
    “If we don’t shell out billions in tax payer money to build a new privatized healthcare system in Libya since Chris Stevens helped destroy the world class single-payer one they had, the terrorists win!” paraphrase Dr. Thomas Burke, Chief of the Division of Global Health and Human Rights in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)'

    destroy Libya using US taxmoney, then use taxmoney to build a privatised health system so someone can become as rich as a jew...thats the american way, aided by useful jihadi patsies

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  15. Shukumaku l A special sources told Shukumaku that more than 12 terrorists were killed in the city of Jobar affiliated to Damascus the capital , after information had been leaked as per the movements of their colleagues , which consequently led to the killing of more than 64 insurgents who tried to attack the checkpoints of the Army.They exchanged accusation of betrayals ; clashed with each other , and a bomb was thrown which led to the the death of all of them.

    Whereas , authorities have arrested today a terrorist who was hiding in a house of a belly dancer in Damascus countryside . The dancer reported his stay at her house by force ,which helped the security forces to deal with the terrorist very carefully and without any clashes.

  16. Syrian Truth l RT l Exported Swiss arms mysteriously reach Syria
    Sept 22, 2012

    Hand grenades exported by Switzerland to the United Arab Emirates several years ago, are now in Syria, according to the Swiss government. The finding comes after a newspaper photograph showed a Syrian rebel with a Swiss-made grenade.
    The picture prompted Switzerland to set up a joint commission with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in July, according to AP.
    Switzerland temporarily halted arms shipments to the UAE after the photo was printed, but lifted a block on licenses for such deliveries once the commission was established.
    The investigation found that the UAE gave part of a shipment of Swiss hand grenades to Jordan in 2004, to support its fight against terrorism.
    "From there the hand grenades evidently made their way to Syria," a Swiss government statement said.
    The statement did not give details of how the weapons made their way from Jordan to Syria. It did, however, note that the case pre-dated Switzerland’s 2006 introduction of rules which prohibit countries to re-export arms.
    Additionally, countries are now explicitly prohibited from transferring weapons in the form of gifts or loans.
    Berne has stated that application procedures for arms can now be resumed, but that new safeguards will be implemented.
    Applications to export weapons to the UAE must include a declaration that they won’t be re-exported. The document will also grant Switzerland the right to conduct an on-site inspection of the weapons after they’re shipped.
    Switzerland says it will conduct a review of past exports to “various countries” over the coming months, although it did not identify which nations would be involved.

    more lies....switzerland is arming terrorists and will continue to do so