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Ambassador Stevens & Gadaffi- Did they meet the same fate? Psyop film & Egypt!

 Let’s talk Libya & Egypt

Very doubtful the US Ambassador’s killing in Libya had anything to do with the highly questionable “film” made by an Israeli that  allegedly sparked protest in Egypt. (The protests could have been staged just as easily as so many protests have been)

 Version # 1- According to the msm Ambassador Stevens was killed by an RPG. 

Ali at thenaked facts brought this to my attention.
Version # 2- Information suggesting that Ambassador Stevens may have met the same fate as Ghadaffi, he survived the ambush on the heavily guarded embassy, but was taken, tortured, killed and body paraded about-

There is some interesting language being bandied about that seems to indicate that version #2 is the more truthful version-

From the Telegraph and the Guardian

T- 10pm Libyan time on Tuesday - The consulate's main compound begins taking fire from unidentified assailants. Around 30 people - both Libyans and Americans - were in the consulate at the time.
G-Officials said the consulate began taking fire at about 10pm Libya time. Fifteen minutes later, the attackers got past "robust security"- American and Libyan - and into the building, setting it on fire.

It seems with only 3 people actually inside the building there was indeed a robust security contingent outside. Approximately the 27 remaining people.

According to the Guardian & Telegraph the Ambassador was taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation sometime after the attack-

G- the ambassador either escaped the consulate or was helped out and was taken to hospital by Libyans. It is not clear if he was alive at that point.

T- At some point between becoming separated from his security detail he is taken to a Benghazi hospital, which chimes with accounts from a doctor who said he treated Stevens for smoke inhalation. It's not clear how he got to the hospital but the Americans did not take him there.

10.15pm - The security officer makes it outside and but rushes back into the building with reinforcements to try to rescue the two others. They find Smith's body but are unable to locate the ambassador and are forced to retreat. His whereabouts remain unknown for the next several hours.

11.20pm - US and Libyan security forces make another attempt to regain the main building and this time succeed. As the shooting continues, they move all remaining staff into the annex building.

Midnight - The annex comes under heavy fire which continues for two hours. Two more Americans are killed in the fighting. They remain unidentified but are State Department officials.

0.45pm - US security personnel launch a counter-attack from the consulate's smaller annex and try to regain the main building, which is still aflame. They come under heavy gunfire and have to retreat.

2am Wednesday - Libyan forces regain control of the compound. It's not clear whether the attackers are killed, retreat, or flee.

Early morning - Stevens's body is returned to US officials at Benghazi airport. 
US officials did not discover what happened to Stevens until his body was returned to them at Benghazi airport at about dawn.

Therefore Ambassador Stevens initially alive and treated for smoke inhalation was returned to Benghazi airport at approximately 6 am. That is 8 hours unaccounted for.
As of 5:pm est the Guardian is reporting
 49m ago Senior US officials: No confirmation on how Stevens died

No confirmation on how Stevens died.
So what happened? One thing seems clear Ambassador Stevens was not killed by RPG fire. The US has not confirmed how he died. It appears the US does not want the details to come out. Did Ambassador Steven meet the same fate as Ghaddafi?

From the NYT’s

 A prime-time news report (out of Russia)  pointedly juxtaposed images of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’s death with Colonel Qaddafi’s, pointing at their similarities.
And why would the Russian media do this? Unless these were similar deaths?

In Italy, the Web site of the newspaper Corriere della Sera showed images of what it said was the American Consulate in Benghazi ablaze with men carrying automatic rifles and waving V-for-victory signs, silhouetted against the burning buildings. One photograph showed a man closely resembling Mr. Stevens apparently unconscious, his face seeming to be smudged with smoke and his eyes closed.

Cellphones in hand. How often do we see that? Very often. In fact when Ghaddafi was killed, we saw those very same types of images.

Want to point out this fact- The cellphones used to take these pictures were provided to the mercs in Libya by the US.  The internet connectivity and cellphone connectivity was all provided for the Libyan mercs by the US. Same as all the weapons. Provided by the US and it's NATO allies
Is that ironic? Or is is karmic? I don't know.
These individuals have all the accoutrements of death that the US and NATO provided to them to destroy Libya. As you sow, so shall you reap? I don't know?
What I do know is the US shipped these killers via Turkey to torment the people of Syria

From the woman who has made this statement regarding the Ambassadors death
This “Attack... should shock the consciences of people of all faiths'

I am going to remind readers of Hilary Clinton’s reaction upon the death of Gadaffi

“We came. We saw. He died” hahaha

Evil woman. Evil.

Regarding the film that allegedly caused a stir in Egypt.... this is an utter psyop!
An Israeli psyop.
Attempting to cast Egyptians in a bad light, so that Israel's government can cry wolf-
 Oh, poor us. We must do something about the dangerous Islamists in Egypt. Like invade the Sinai.
From the Guardian
References to Islam in film were overdubbed: report

About that "film," "Innocence of Muslims": its every detail seems to disintegrate under the first light of examination.

On the Media now reports that every reference in the film to Islam appears to be overdubbed. The film apparently isn't, or wasn't, about Islam at all:

    If you watch closely, you can see that when the actors are reading parts of the script that do not contain Islam-specific language, the audio from the sound stage is used (the audio that was recorded as the actors were simultaneously being filmed). But anytime the actors are referring to something specific to the religion (the Prophet Muhammed, the Quran, etc.) the audio recorded during filming is replaced with a poorly executed post-production dub. And if you look EVEN closer, you can see that the actors’ mouths are saying something other than what the dub is saying.

CNN quotes from a statement the news organization says was "released on the behalf of the 80 cast and crew members of "Innocence of Muslims" – although who released the statement and how CNN is sure of its authenticity is unclear.

The statement condemns the film and claims the actors were duped:

    "The entire cast and crew are extremely upset and feel taken advantage of by the producer. We are 100% not behind this film and were grossly misled about its intent and purpose," the statement says. "We are shocked by the drastic re-writes of the script and lies that were told to all involved. We are deeply saddened by the tragedies that have occurred."

U.S. media said the film was produced by an Israeli-American property developer

Israel claims he is not an Israeli citizen. But, wouldn’t Israel have been the most expedient place for this man to flee to?
Israel, however, sought to distance itself from Bacile.

“It’s obvious we’ll have to be vigilant. Anything he did or said has nothing to do whatsoever with Israel. He may claim what he wants. This was not done with, or for, or through Israel,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said on Wednesday.

The two-hour movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” cost $5 million to make and was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors, said Bacile, who wrote and directed it.


UPDATE BEGINS- Ambassador Chris Stevens' final hours a mystery 

"At some point in all of this,(From 10 pm to 6am) and frankly we do not know when, we believe that Ambassador Stevens got out of the building and was taken to a hospital in Benghazi. We do not have any information what his condition was at that time.(It would seem he was alive, read above)

"His body was later returned to US personnel at the Benghazi airport."

The FBI has now opened an inquiry into the attack and the circumstances of the deaths of the three who were killed.


  1. I had to work on this one quickly, Ali just really caught my eye with his news
    Thanks to Ali for bringing this to my attention
    and sorry for the hasty post,w ill be back tomorrow

  2. Sister u have to see this..first nations no iran team up


  4. This cat,Ambassador Stevens intrigued me Penny.
    Turns out he attended Piedmont High notable alumni are Clint Eastwood and Robert McNamara. Who da thunk?
    Check out the racial diversity at Piedmont High ..not too big.

    1. Yes, I noticed the racial diversity...
      Almost all lily white.
      I saw some articles linked below about how people were moving to Piedmont for the schools

    2. Discussions on race at this point only serve the purpose of the hidden agendas of people making these movements behind the veils of our Sovereign Countries. Get past it... There are much bigger fish to fry and the color of your skin doesn't matter much if you are deep fried.

    3. Anonymous 12:45

      "get past it"?!

      If you think "race" is not a factor in what is going on geo politically speaking..... as much as I hate to acknowledge it. It is.

      While I personally agree skin colour is a non issue. There are others who do not see it that way.
      I wish it wasn't that way, but, it appears to be

      Besides race there seems to be a religious aspect to the whole geopolitical destabilization agenda
      I find religion irrational but that is just me

      As for bigger fish to fry, what do you think I spend my spare time doing here?
      It isn't online shopping. I can tell you that!

  5. The Pope is now proposing a dialogue between religions in response to the Libyan Salafis’ attack on the US Ambassador. Where has he been hiding all this time eh. Israel miscalculated and now panic is setting in.

    Sept 23-28, whole of October are very important dates in the Mayan Ninth Wave. Silver is holding at >$32 should see the USA economy now shattering.

    1. The Pope, eh?
      Israel miscalculated?
      What do you mean by that Hans?

  6. czechs thanked
    Syrian Truth l SANA l Commemorative Plate Presented to Czech Ambassador in Damascus in Appreciation of Czech Stances towards Syria

    Sep 12, 2012

    Damascus Youth Voluntary Team handed a commemorative plate to Czech Ambassador in Damascus, Eva Filipi, in appreciation of her country's stances towards Syria and the conspiracy hatched against it.

    The participants gathered in front of the Czech Embassy waving the Syrian and Czech flags and chanting slogans in gratitude of the Czech Republic's stances towards events in Syria.

    The participants saluted the Syrian army for its role in preserving security and stability in the country.

    Deputy Chairman of the team Mirzat Abboud said that the plate features Damascus Gate which includes paintings for all Syrian provinces and expresses the national unity in Syria.

    She hailed the awareness of the Syrian youth who realized the dangers of the conspiracy and launched "My Hand in Yours" campaign calling upon those who got involved in the events but their hands are clean of the Syrian blood to surrender their weapons and contribute to building the renewed Syria.

    Abboud stressed the Syrian youths' rejection of foreign intervention in their internal affairs, voicing their support to the reform process led by President Bashar al-Assad.


    1. ty brian Aangirfan did a bang up job,as usual!

    2. Hmmm, on the face of it 'Neocon False Flag in North Africa – Part of Election Strategy' makes quite a lot of sense but I'm troubled by its source (when you follow through the links)-
      then if you look at the other articles there, for example the linked 9/11 Truth and the False Paradigm you will quickly see that this is a disinfo site. Putin's FSB did 9-11!? Yeah right. Israeli disinfo bullshit!

      So why is this dodgy Israeli site promoting a seemly plausible scenario - after all we know the 'neo-cons' are very closely linked with the Israelis and it is crystal clear that Romney is Israel's candidate, so what is the game?

      Angirfan, if you are lurking, please stop using Google links and then link to source not an intermediary.

    3. Good day freethinker!

      Yah, I see what your saying about that place

      "So why is this dodgy Israeli site promoting a seemly plausible scenario - after all we know the 'neo-cons' are very closely linked with the Israelis and it is crystal clear that Romney is Israel's candidate, so what is the game?"

      That I can't answer

    4. Essential Intelligence- your new here, and perhaps you missed my very plain and simple rules for participating
      Just two. Keep it relevant and no personal attacks

      That means no attacks aimed at anyone here.

      Therefore I will give you the choice, delete your comment and rewrite it without the personal attacks or I will be forced to delete the comment.

      It's up to you really, do you want to say your piece without insult. Or is what you are saying not worth it anyway?

      I will check back in.
      I would appreciate your cooperation

    5. Penny, the one who calls himself "free thinker" attacked us personally with several insults. If he's allowed to do that I see no reason why we should not be allowed to reply and set the record straight. If anyone wants to discuss matters with us he can do so without slandering us as "disinfo bullshit".

    6. Calling a site "dodgy" or "disinfo bullshit" is not the same as attacking an individual.

      Freethinker is an individual. Essential Intelligence is a collective news/opinion site

      Freethinker calling the site "dodgy" is no different then noting the msm = perception management or mind control

      You have attacked an individual commenter

      These kind of personal attacks have become problematic here, I have to maintain some semblance of sanity.
      Surely, you can understand that running your own blog?

      Rather then challenge authority ,rewrite the comment to make it less antagonistic and explain the goals/aim/agenda of your essential intelligence blog.

    7. Our goals and track record have been summarized here:

      Regards and have a nice weekend.

    8. Essential Intelligence:
      The attacking comment is gone.

      Take the time to write a more appropriate response, you are welcome to do so.

    9. Thank You

      "Further more, we never subject ourselves to state sponsored propaganda channels funded by foreign dictators like the Kremlin's 'Russia Today' or the Mullahs' 'PressTV'. This bizzare phenomenon means that while the MSM is susceptible to perception management by Anglo-American globalists, the 'alternative' perception is managed by the Kremlin and Tehran. We don't see the big difference here and thus reject both of these attitudes"

      So the msm perception management is acceptable?

      I see perception management as a problem in all media, from wherever it emanates

      You fail to address the influence of Israel/Israeli commentators on the Anglo-American media.
      That certainly causes a bias or a slant in media coverage.
      Don't you think so?

      'In November we first identified the dialectic Russo-American partnership in the neo-colonial overtake of Syria'

      Russo-American? How about NATO? Again, what about the Israeli partnership in the neo colonial overtake of Syria?
      Given Israel's involvement in NATO.

      I first identified signs of destabilization in Syria March 2011.

      Anyway... everyone has to find their own niche
      You have your and I have mine

    10. Wow, these guys are really on the ball Penny. I don't mind if you let the comments stand; such an aggressively defensive stance speaks for itself.

    11. Hey Freethinker
      well you missed the deletion by about 6 minutes
      I didn't think you minded the comment. it wasn't that.
      It's just trying to keep the place a decent place to read and comment, for everyone.

      We can discuss away to our hearts content, we can even point out the shortcomings of so called leftists ideologues, but we have to do it all without the name calling those that are being challenging.

      Simple stuff. It's all I ask
      And yes, they were on top of it. Maybe they don't want anyone to challenge their authority?
      I don't know?

    12. essential intelligence is not so essential! here is there take on 9-11:
      'The particulars behind the physics of 9/11 have already been debated and analyzed elsewhere to a large extent, and are beyond the scope of this article. However, peculiar distractions seem to have found their way to the debate, most notably the notion that some "inexplicable and mysterious physical force" was responsible for the collapse of the towers and for some related side effects. There is no mystery here, since a couple of nuclear suitcases in the basements of the towers should easily provide the physical explanation for most related phenomena during that fateful day, rendering obstructionist nonsense like "super lasers", "nano thermite" and "holograms" utterly irrelevant. Back in April we speculated those nukes originated in 1990s Russia, at the time under the hospices of Putin's FSB which probably sold them to the rogue globalist network in the U.S which later on used them during 9/11, and we are yet to encounter a better explanation. Until such an explanation comes around, "alternative" fanboys of the Russian autocrat can be safely discarded as useful idiots.' indeed they claim that Putin did 9-11...given they ridicule the idea the zionists were involved (for which there is evidence) we can take it the EI is jewish and ready to lie to suit its agenda

    13. Their take on USS Liberty also shows undoubtly their true colour. They really try to legitimate Israels attack on the boat as a case of mis-indetification and that it was a honest mistake. If ever there was an obvious Israeli disinfo site this one is it.

    14. Hey Brian and Gallier

      I cannot disagree. The site has a very definite bias, very definite. Misdirection is what comes to my mind.

      The Russian suitcase nukes as the best explanation for collapse is simply not plausible, bordering on absurd.

      There has been nothing to my knowledge to substantiate that claim that I have ever seen. I have head the mini nukes theory, but, it is not one I give much credence to.

      The way they discern media is also curious.

      Creating a false dichotomy.
      Never mentioning the Israeli influence, through the media, think tanks, humanitarian organizations etc., etc.,

    15. good to know. i notice also in Aan's comment thread that some anonymous people are rather snippy over the whole thing, as you also noted here i guess with some comments?, betraying some emotional attachments.


  8. The mainstream media seems to want us to think that this was not a psy-op or false flag by some faction within the elite.

    - Aangirfan

    1. Which incident?
      The Libyan
      The Egyptian
      Or both

  9. A recent visitor

    Springfield, Virginia, United States
    IP Address:
    Department Of Homeland Security ( [Label IP Address]
    Referring URL:,r:13,s:45,i:324
    Entry Page:
    Exit Page:

    Using a referring URL of one of the images

  10. Israel miscalculated? What do you mean by that Hans?

    This episode was not meant to lead to the death of the USA Ambassador. The best outcome was for the Israeli's to instigate mass riots and perhaps limited violence. This would have suited Mitt as he could talk tough. Now the USAians will rally around their President will start to look more closely at Syria and see parallels. So if the Zionist wanted Mitt to benefit then the opposite is true. Nobody can control these feral animals. The Pope has been brought in to show that he "cares", when I visit my mum her prayer group are asking questions about what is the Vatican doing about Syria and the destruction of the churches. Now these people are very simple believers and if they are starting to ask questions you can be sure it is more wide spread then we think.

    1. Hi hans

      "This episode was not meant to lead to the death of the USA Ambassador."

      It would appear that way, with the Libyans taking the Ambassador to the hospital.

      But something happened after the hospital visit.
      I see the msm is spinning the Ambassador died at hospital, which doesn't really make sense.
      If he did, why was his body delivered to the airport by Libyans?

      I suspect- he survived the initial attack
      He was taken to the hospital for treatment.
      The Libyans who were transporting the Ambassador to safety, may have been ambushed by others?
      Hard to say. But something happened between the hospital visit and the delivery of the body.
      But what?
      I do not believe he died in hospital or officials could have simply picked up the body at the hospital

      The best outcome was for the Israeli's to instigate mass riots and perhaps limited violence. This would have suited Mitt as he could talk tough.

      And turned the electorate against Obama?

      I do think the questioning on Syria is more widespread
      Certainly more so then on Libya

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. are we sure he actually died? i agree it does not make sense. the photo of him above, he doesn't look dead to me. looks like he is wiping his eyes or nose with his left hand. maybe they are taking him to the hospital there? wouldn't he be safe at the hospital?? too many changes in the story about his death. the photos could be shopped.

      i am seeing the whole thing from a slightly different angle, just posted on it Pen. i don't know about the essential intelligence site, never saw it before today and i confess i didn't look around too much. but i do think, from my understanding of politics in the US which i used to watch painfully closely, that there's still a long way to go till election. each election we are treated to the same cliffhanger, the country divided, the whole thing really coming down to the populations of 8 states due to the electoral college. so it is all very easily managed and manipulated to flip either way. i do not think it is a done deal for Obama. if the deep state is in battle, as i would expect because the evil have gotten to the point of eating their own, then any faction could pull a surprise that would shift momentum, via their spooks on the payroll. and after seeing the moron bush get elected, twice, i don't think any moronic statements by candidate romney could be that debilitating.

      not to be contrarian mind you! ;) just thinking out loud...

    4. AP:

      I can only view US politics through the outsider lens and how it effects Canada.
      There are timelines troubles, yes and the pictures don't indicate when they are taken.
      What they do indicate is things got way out of control.
      For the Ambassador to be in this type of situation, is unimaginable to me- given their usual security entourages

      I can't say for sure he died, but, I suspect that he did.

      "not to be contrarian mind you! ;) just thinking out loud..."

      That's pretty much what everyone is doing here anyway :)

    5. understood. i can just tell you, from growing up in a hyper political family, that in my lifetime it has always, always been that the dems owned the economy as an issue, and the reps owned defense. now this time around romney has been honing in on the economy but i think obama is being set up to fail on national security, before the election. national security will trump economy in a crisis. if it can be shown that obama missed something important, that will turn the tables. just a hunch and it would take a false flag even closer to home i think.

    6. AP, hey! I am sorta confused on your factional breakdown. From my vantage point(cheap seats), I see no significant challenge to the Anglo American Eastern establishment which has cemented it's vice grip hold on everything. With the demise of the middle class, nothing prevents the rich from power. Only two classes now AP, the rich and the poor. Both parties are the parties of the rich. Their goal now is culling the herd. The Muslim world is hip to this. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. The Arab spring is real. There you'll see factions including the "west's". From reading Hezbollah's Al Manar though, these western al cia da'a will get their heads handed to them in due time even with all the west money (oil money). This Libyan debacle maybe the cigar that really is just a cigar. This Steven's cat looks like the real deal. He exudes wealth and privilege. Usually the rich take better care of their own. But again just guesssing. who really knows?

    7. hey Peter, well i'm guessing too and certainly i could be completely off. i guess it all comes down to whether there are factions in the elite or not, and i think that there must be because there is only so much room at the top. when we say the "anglo american eastern establishment," are we talking pilgrim society types? as opposed to banker types?

    8. Excllent question AP.
      Pilgrim society types, I think, are really old Puritan Calvinist. Those Mayflower roundheads fled England cuz of Cavalier Monarchists. My guess is these banker types are those Cavalier Monachists. Again, I guess, the old Puritan/Pilgrims are no longer a significant threat to the banker monarchists.
      Rothschild's are the Spocks to te Cavalier banker's Capt. Kirk :p (**give me control of the currency and care not who runs the government**. I paraphrase Rothschild)

    9. ooops,
      to answer your question AP, the Cavalier Monarchist bankers are, IMHO, the Anglo American "Eastern" establishment.

  11. ok. and would you say also that the military brass, containing a lot of jesuit types, are a distinct interest group? that's what i see, for the record. they work together (banksters and military), but the military brass have some autonomy because they are the muscle, and they are not necessarily going to go along with every instruction from the banksters. so there could be differences in opinion within the elite on execution, timing, etc., of how this complicated changeover (to new currency, under fog of war) should be handled.

    so in other words, i think they all basically agree on the destination, but they may be fighting over the route; and that's where the rogue deep state can come into play and start messing with the decision tree.

    do i make any sense?? ;) i could have gone crazy by now. i don't think i would even know haha. watching these clowns is truly a mind-bending exercise because they are INSANE, and when we try to make sense of insane people for long periods of time, we start to twitch.

  12. looool
    ***twitch twitch*** who's twitchin'? not me ***twitch twitch***
    jesuit types yesss, knights of malta, knigts of columbus, all have ancient old world monarchial affiliation. crowned bloddsuckers?
    i mean they are all in agreement vis a vis culling the herd of peasantry.
    kisssinger said the military are pretty stupid
    the military follows orders
    different factions within the military? THAT very probable then you get into organized crime elements that control the streeet gay mafia vs irish catholoc mafia vs jewish mafia
    that gets real interesting

  13. Oh AP, I am soo glad we got into this discusssion, i knew there was a reason for my obsession with the freee HULU movie now available title "Gangs of New York" by the gay Italian film maker Martin Scorcese.
    In it one sees the street armies of the then organized crime of New York City. It's all there!!!
    The beginnings of a huge change over in mafias. From the older mafia of the Calvinist with their Lincoln stove top hats to the new wave of Irish Catholic mafias.
    Never seeen but in the background are the Anglo American establishment who direct from the shadows. the older mafias wanted more power instead of granting them more power they had whatever power they had taken away and given to the new mafia who worked for less and consequently was a win win for the shadow puppeteers.

    1. right. the early model for corporate downsizing -- cheaper thugs.

      so Pen, i suggest those interested can take this portion of the discussion over to TB in case it is distracting for those not interested. it's sort of arcane stuff... ?

    2. yes apologies to Penny
      we'll saunter over to TB

  14. Peter, "Those Mayflower roundheads fled England cuz of Cavalier Monarchists. My guess is these banker types are those Cavalier Monachists" I don't think so, as it was the Jewish Dutch Merchant Bankers who funded Cromwell and his Roundheads.
    How The Jews Took Great Britain
    Puritans were more Jewish than Protestants

    1. i have to admit i am awful at history but hopefully James will chime in because he knows this stuff cold.

    2. I cannot say one way or the other/
      ***the jewish dutch merchant bankers***
      my info on them is limited. here in the new york hudson river valley there are many many old Dutch Reformed Chuches, are they really jewish?
      I have trouble wrapping my head around that.
      Does Queen Beatrix really take her marching orders from the Rothschilds? Again, something about this just troubles me.
      I'll listen to what you say correct me if I am wrong.

    3. Who said anything about Dutch Reformed Churches?
      What has Queen Beatrix got to do with anything?

    4. Your preposterous link, "Puritans more jewish then Protestants", besides not making any sense, is so bias in favour of the Cavalier High Anglican point of view, as to be laughable if it wasn;t so offensive. Are you a Puritan? of course not!
      If you knew anything of real Protestant Puritan history you would know better . Really dude look up the Histories of the Waldensians and Albigenses.
      Better yet don't ignore my links to the Martin Scorcese film Gangs of New York(go watch it on HULU for free) where the Puritans(the guys in the Lincoln stove pipe hats) who had nothing to do with the Jews were truly fucked by the London bankers who were ENGLISH HIGH ANGLICAN CAVALIERS.These same HGH ANLICCAN bankers brought the IRish Catholics to AMerika to do the work the Puritans refused.
      This insane linking of Puritans with jews has got to stop it is an outrageous lie!!


  16. There is nothing so deceptive as a photograph: Franz Kafka

  17. To Ms Clinton: evil incarnate:
    They came They saw He died

    only thing is: why did he have to die?

  18. so now they show their sensitivity:

    'Almost immediately Twitter followers began to attack the HuffPo blogger for her callousness. But Narwani was unapologetic. At one point she asked a detractor why he questioned her "logic" just because it was different from his. "His life," she said of the ambassador, "does not hold any more weight than another."

    now know why twitter is called that!

    For, when it comes to being insensitive noone can hold a candle to Ms Clinton: with her classic: we came we saw he died

  19. FYI over at Willylomans

    willyloman, on September 14, 2012 at 9:52 am said:
    I think you are right on it. Stevens wasn’t even supposed to be in the country. He was on a tour to Germany and other places and was diverted to Benghazi at the last minute. I wonder if that happened in that 48 hour period when the state department knew of the pending unrest. and yes, it is not the official embassy, it’s the consulate I think.
    kenny, on September 14, 2012 at 10:32 am said:
    Unconfirmed reports are that Stevens went to the Benghazi consulate under attack, believing he had some leverage with the terrorists and would be able to secure the safety of the staff, making him a martyred hero. We’ll see it that story gains any traction.
    Also, breaking news is that the other two killed were former SEALS, adding to the story that SEALS are always heroes.

    and this is of the dead seals:
    kate, on September 14, 2012 at 11:38 am said:
    Just off the top -
    Sean Smith, 34, ex USAF, 10 years as ‘information management officer’, previously posted places such as Brussels, Baghdad, Pretoria. He apparently was the ‘well-known gamer’.
    Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods (last to have name released), both former Navy Seals.
    willyloman, on September 14, 2012 at 11:58 am said:
    smith’s gaming is an interesting story. He played Eve which is a massive multiplayer online role playing game. it’s huge. over 5,000 solar systems and 400,000 registered players. the server systems are massive. Basically what you have is an alternative universe and the players are trying to ammase wealth and power, literally any way they can. there are alliances, corporations, factions. Lots of people committing thousands hours playing this game.
    Smith apparently was a leading figure in one of the factions. They staged some kind of coup in which he was supposedly betrayed by someone in his faction and he and another teammate ended up going over to their competition. He supposedly stayed there in that faction for about a year, slowly building up invluence and access to the details of that faction’s “wealth” and systems.
    In the end, once he had enough access, he sabotaged the faction that had taken him in for a year and went back over to his original group leaving the rival faction in tatters.
    He was a legend after that for effectively pulling off a cognitive infiltration of the rival group and then betraying them. It took him a year of game play to pull it off.
    Gamers who don’t play the game and many who did at one time say the game is THE GAME for sociopaths. I don’t really know bout that since I haven’t played it, but I can tell you after looking at it briefly, it does take quite a bit of intelligence to play the game so I would imagine that it is popular among the banker and Wall Street looter element.

  20. Syria 24 English shared Syrian Air Force's status.
    55 minutes ago
    As surprising as it may seem, the terrorists all over Syria are bringing in Doshka-laden vehicles from Turkey that they constructed in Libya. These are the ideal target spottable by Syrian drones and destroyed in entire columns. The Syrian air force alone has scored more kills in this manner than the army has on the ground in Libya for the last month consistently.

    We welcome the entry of all Doshka-laden vehicles and will not charge any fees for the iron-bombs that sends the terrorists to their 72 virgins in "paradise