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The Ambassadors death advances AFRICOM goals and the global war agenda

Going long... Much is ongoing, much has gone on-
Let’s rehash to move forward
Libya: The attack on the consulate in Libya- which is not an Embassy.
Apparently there is a difference
Quickly: a Consulate has more to do with promoting trade and servicing expatriates
“The word consulate literally means office of the consul, who is a diplomat appointed to foster trade and take care of expatriates.” Consulates are generally located in busy cities

Embassies are much bigger deals.
The word embassy comes from the French ambassy, or office of the ambassador. Ambassadors are high-ranking diplomatic representatives who serve as spokespersons for their national governments. With that greater importance comes greater security.

Therefore it would seem Ambassador Stevens was being hung out to dry in a measly consulate. For what reason? Probably more then one.
One obvious reason is advancing  the war agenda- The other, may be connected to getting sensitive documents-  Let’s look at the sensitive documents first,  because it is the easiest to address Oil Contracts, Names of Collaborators missing from US Embassy in Lybia

“Chris Stevens had been back in the country only a short while and the details of his visit to Benghazi, where he and his staff died, were meant to be confidential. Sensitive documents have gone missing from the consulate in Benghazi and the supposedly secret location of the "safe house" in the city.
Some of the missing papers from the consulate are said to list names of Libyans who are working with Americans, putting them potentially at risk from extremist groups, while some of the other documents are said to relate to oil contracts.

What other papers might there be? Did Chris Stevens make deals with the wrong people?
The list of Libyan names rather then targets could also offer potential contacts for “interested parties” The oil contracts, would have lots of potential. So who took the papers?

The attack on the Consulate was carefully planned and came in two parts-
The first attack being linked to “protests” over that psyop film. The first protest was clearly the distraction. The second attack is most likely the one in which the Ambassador and all the others died and sensitive documents were stolen.

 Heavily armed militants used a protest of an anti-Islam film as a cover to launch a well planned and well executed attack-
Since it has been reported that the so called protests began in Libya, over the psyop film, this would suggest an interested party “fomented” the protests so they could be used as cover for the attack in Libya. The protests were then ‘encouraged’ to spread as cover for the attack in Libya and to achieve other political agendas.
Advancing the war agenda and Africom- 
Immediately after the operation at the consulate in Benghazi...

“The United States dispatched two destroyers to Libya and deployed a Marine time to bolster security in  Tripoli”

Two destroyers and Marines to Tripoli? Where no attack took place.Additionally the US has sent  Marine Team to Yemen and Sudan However,  no Marine Team has been sent to Egypt. Clearly not necessary with the useful idiots in charge!

Do the Marine units being deployed in Sudan, Yemen and Libya have more to do with (updated link)Oil Choke points and control of waterways? (list of chokepoints)   

Look at the map, it is important. Remember location, location, location!

 Today it is being reported there will possibly be military strikes on Libya. Why?

Allegedly the US “intercepted” communications that linked al-Qaida in Maghreb to Islamist brigade Ansar al-Sharia . Not sure what this has to do with anything.
 Ansar al-sharia didn’t take credit for the attack in Benghazi. In fact they denied it!

“Ansar al-Sharia, whose leader denounced Libya’s July elections as un-Islamic, has denied it was involved in the attack as a group”

Anonymous left this link to an interesting news story about special ops in a plane crash...

With an thought provoking comment

“if there is an aq link established what arte the odds that it is a camp in Mali? French are already calling for an incursion. AFRICOM looking to get involved.”
You must have been reading my mind Anonymous!

It looks as if the US is desperately trying to make an “alquaeda link” to the Libyan attack by claiming that Ansar al-Sharia, is “linked to AQ”  

Recall Ansar al Sharia  denied being connected to the consulate attack as I already mentioned...

That isn't stopping the US from making connections.  And speaking of connections?

Clinton says U.S. had nothing to do with film that sparked violence

I don't believe her. The US is connected to that psyop film
 (If there even is a film?  Or is it just a clip placed on Youtube? Which I am more inclined to believe)

We have seen this type of psyop played out previously and we even have one of  the same players connected to the psyop.

As mentioned in a comment to WWM- you can refresh that psyop memory here,   
here and here.
Also the level of internet connectivity in all "arab spring" nations 

The film is a psyop, perhaps one that is really for  western consumption only
 Attention has been drawn to this clip guaranteeing many of us in the west with internet connections will run off to YouTube, view the video and feel an air of "racial superiority"..... "Look at how irrational those people are" the brainwashed will smuggly claim. After all we (in the west) have given them. The  video will be used to promote a concept in the minds of the massively manipulated, gullible western audience that "intervention"  of the imperialist kind is  a must. Intervention that western powers are in the process of undertaking surreptitiously presently in preparation for overt intervention in the near future. Meanwhile the western brainwashed masses will feel very comfortable in their state of managed perception of the rightness and necessity of these actions.

Related: Armada of British naval power massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike 
Thanks Felix- glad to see you around!!

Related: Salafism+CIA: The winning formula to destabilize Russia, the Middle East
and Africa . Thanks KamNam!

Couldn't help but notice the Salafists playing their role in the protests-


  1. Thanks for all the most excellent comments in the previous posts
    Haven't read through them all yet
    Dam time constraints
    Had to get this one out
    War plans seem to be advancing
    Scary times
    Even more frightful, I will be back!! ;)

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    Pls go to my blog and see first 3 pages.asap

  3. Linda Juniper ‏@LindaJuniper
    Field report with the Syrian Army, mass grave discovered in #RifDimashq #Syria. #FSACrimes …

  4. yes salafist islam make the perfect killing machine..stupid, murderous, ready to kill/die for allah and go to paradise...USrael chose the perfect tool

    1. Yes, they do.
      And they appear to be all over the protests

  5. Ill be gone maybe 1 months, interview soon as I return..btw shoah been posting almost every post of mine..oh and shoah will be interviewing syrian minister of information soon, wants me to call in and ask him questions, engaging him thruout interview..btw pls god thru my blog last 3 pages importamt stuff like winep meets fsa ...turkish airline flies mujahid pakistan to hatay n so much sweetie

  6. Flaring in Japan? Chinese PM in waiting disappears and rumors flying...then the territorial dispute flares almost in a carbon copy of the 2010 scenario that helped Kan stay in power (Japan needs US as a China balancer etc.). His approval is in the gutter yet pushing through unpopular US trade (ag markets) agreement and austerity in form of higher taxes.

    Key point: Senaku is to Dagestan...(oh pipeline: and LNG plant

    2009 Ozawa resigned as DPJ president in May 2009 due to another scandal and was succeeded by Hatoyama -

    Apr-10 90,000 Protest U.S. Base on Okinawa (Per NYT article: “ Hatoyama a warning for appearing to waver on election promises to move the busy base off Okinawa altogether. The perception that Mr. Hatoyama has mishandled the relationship with the United States, Japan’s longtime protector, has contributed to his falling approval ratings, which have dropped below 30 percent.”

    Hmmm? Must be why the legacy one party system came untangled - then Again Ozawa is the LDP)

    Jun-10 Japan PM Hatoyama resigns in June 10

    June-10 Kan appointed PM

    Sep-7-10 2010 Senkaku boat collision incident (

    Sep-14-10 Kan survives a challenge to DPJ leadership from shadow shogun Ozawa (who then embroiled in a scandal that he was cleared of) L:,,_September_2010
    Ozawa beliefs: While Hosokawa served as Prime Minister, Ozawa was recognised as the major political force in the coalition. He capitalised on his reputation in 1993 by publishing a clear statement of his principles in the book Blueprint for a New Japan (日本改造計画 Nihon Kaizō Keikaku?). The book called for political, legal and military reform to transform Japan into what Ozawa called a "normal nation." Ozawa's insistence on a more assertive role for Japan in international affairs caused friction with members of theJapan Socialist Party in the coalition.
    Wiki quotes: In August 2007, Ozawa said that the War in Afghanistan was an American fight that "had nothing to do with theUnited Nations or the international community.

    Aug-12 Recent CSIS report on US-Japan drift

    Kan passes sales tax and promises elections in Nov -

    Does this rhyme with 2010? Once again Senaku (South China Sea) is to Dagestan...

  7. Over the weekend, new Japan Ambassador to China drops dead

    On the Japan death: “Nishimiya's appointment had just been approved by the government on Tuesday to replace current Japanese Ambassador to China Uichiro Niwa, at a time when the two countries are embroiled in a dispute over a group of islands in the East China Sea, local media reported. As deputy foreign minister in charge of economic affairs, Nishimiya had until recently been making arrangements with other countries in relation to the just-concluded summit of the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Vladivostok, Russia, said local media.

    1. Was this Japan Ambassador involved in negotiating all the bilateral currency swaps? The China-Japan swap? The India-Japan swap? He was foreign minister in charge of economic affairs...

    2. Hey Anonymous, thanks for all the links.
      Curious, but, do you have any thoughts on what is going on between japan and china at this time?

      It would seem this is part of the wests campaign of subduing China and they have always used and needed Japan for this purpose
      This is one reason I am quite certain that Japan has nuclear weapons...

      What do you think is going on?

    3. Japan elections approaching which means jingoism sells (and works into a broader US interests). China power transition occurring and the factional fighting ongoing there as well (see earlier links from prev posts)

      See timeline above of previous flaring of tensions (SK ship sinking, island disputes etc.) Japan has had 5 PMs since Elvis held the post alongside Bush II.

      Japan is key to US's China containment (just like
      Pakistan and Afghan). Ergo the announcement of more radar today and the Osprey deployments. Note Japan already hosts echelon

      The Bo scandal has many angles to it, but the disappearance of the incoming PM last few weeks (and canceled meetings) along with stories about the Zemin factions power plays would appear to highlight the reformers fighting the neo Moaist revival. That is where the Neil Heywood connection would appear to somehow enter the mix (best guess). How? Question is who stands behind those factions that are fighting?

      Remember the US just announced a major spy coup in China?,7340,L-4242815,00.html

      Over weekend US's Ginsberg says Pakistan relationship about extremism and opening their market. Pakistan tested a nuke this morning. The US is worried about China encroachment which jives with the insurgency in western China (and the stories floated the militants were/are being trained in Pak).

      The US planting in Afpak and alleged Taliban negotiation/deal is as much about TAPI and protecting the route for Eurasian gas as China already has pipeline running from Turk..

      Here is Pak confirming that Gwadar now run by the Chinese

      Ergo the Baloch focus and the US hearings earlier this year

      South China Sea territorial disputes are useful for enforcing US naval presence in the region. Pure balancing.

      It would appear there is a deep factional fight inside Japan between the "old guard (which is US backed) and a new guard (Asia centric?). Hard to say , but the Turkey Deep State investigations are probably a good analog for thinking about Japan part politics. [chief of staff Navy arrested over weekend as the purges ongoing; US Joint Chiefs in Turkey for talks]

      Japan Yen is also crucial [emphasis added] to USD clearing and global financing not just US debt but also carry based risk (Japan ZIRP forever). Now that all rates approaching Zero, Yen becomes less instrumental for western asset reflation which may means BOJ has to be watchful of being "cut loose". Japan approaching fiscal cliff in October and could "run out of money". Most surplus continues moving into deficit and that mean reserve allocation diminishing with trade which compounds problem as those excess savings find way into other baskets (gold, AUD, etc)

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. China sends commercial fishing armada of 1,000 boats to disputed islands.

    6. Oops, looks like Felix already left the link to the telegraph piece.

    7. anonymous: your comments went to spam, I deleted one and left the other one since they were identical

      ty I will look through everything you left

    8. Very pointed article here

      China risks another "historical tragedy" like the Cultural Revolution unless it enacts political reforms, the nation's outgoing prime minister, Wen Jiabao, has warned, in his strongest public call for change to date.

      But some suggested the remark was linked to his later swipe at the ambitious Chongqing party leader, Bo Xilai, whom critics accuse of adopting quasi-Maoist tactics reminiscent of that era. Bo was thought likely to rise to a top political position when a new generation of leaders takes over late this year, but has been hit by a scandal involving a key ally.

    9. Another good summary

  8. ah! the free press! at the front in resisting social change
    'In April 1868, Alabama newspaper editor Ryland Randolph praised the Klan for opposing what he called the "galling despotism" of the federal government over the southern states, which he "deemed a fungus growth of military tyranny" with the goal of "degrad[ing] the white man by the establishment of negro supremacy."

    Forrest G. Wood writes in Black Scare: The Racist Response to Emancipation and Reconstruction:
    Although white men certainly feared for their jobs and income, they were more alarmed by the threat to their physical safety that the "savage African" presented...Pointing to the absence of an advanced (by Western standards) African civilization, extremists described the Negroes as primitive, barbaric, and cruel...Freedom, the white supremacist now asserted, would stimulate the black man's worst passions, leading him to crimes of arson, murder, and rape.
    Newspapers often deliberately published grossly exaggerated or wholly fictitious stories of criminal acts and violence committed by blacks, stoking even more fear in the racist white population. For these white supremacists, rape was "the most frightful crime which negroes commit against white people" and the accusation of sexual assault (or even consensual interracial relationships) was a surefire way to spark a lynch mob.

  9. FYI protests in Paris

    Arabi Souri
    8 hours ago via Twitter
    Pro- #Syria pro #Assad rally today in Paris, France against #NATO intervention in Syria, over 2,000 protesters:

  10. syrians love their president:

  11. US backed Syrian rebels burn the american flag. See the three stared flag in the background of the opposition. This is where your tax payers money is going america, 100 million pledged by the state department.
    such rank ingratitude!

    1. Well the rebels have been annoyed that the US hasn't got that no fly zone going yet, so....

  12. I wonder if the 'opposition' burning the American flag isn't staged to help the West . . . just to be cantankerously cynical.

    It creates separation between the 'rebels' and the West. It makes it appear that these rebel forces are loose canons and mad with hate. It goes along nicely with the staged protests over that anti-Muslim youtube clip.

    Plus, I don't see much evidence for the title of the youtube that the flag burning was done by "US-backed Syrian Opposition." Looks like a crowd of civilians and then we see an Al CIAda flag supposedly being waved, that looks a bit unnatural to me, a piece of paper put up right in front of the camera with a message.

    But the 'rebel forces', if they really exist,* are Western proxy forces and the idea that they are rogue forces falsely absolves the West of responsibility.

    How many of these are rebels are ghost forces? As in fake? Like the 'Three Amigos', just a bunch of actors that look tough for the cameras. Maybe they have some front line Arab and Muslim "rebels" but maybe the more deadly forces are actual Western forces? Maybe they are just using these guys as canon fodder to cover up the real battle.

    1. I wonder if the 'opposition' burning the American flag isn't staged to help the West . . . just to be cantankerously cynical.

      All videos are done for consumption of the masses
      the ptb's will do what they do, regardless

    2. I'm convinced these protests have been staged all over the world. It's just so obvious but just try running this theory by a person steeped in conventional sources.

      For instance, the children in Australia holding signs calling for beheading:

      Also, reports are that many of these events around the world are organized via social media and text messages.

      Also, Egptian PM claims some protesters were paid:

    3. Of course suspected psy operative Salman Rushdie is being called into action again and stirring the pot of cultural warfare:

  13. Congrats on a very good and accurate analysis, Penny!!

    "Do the Marine units being deployed in Sudan, Yemen and Libya have more to do with Oil Choke points and control of waterways?"

    You nailed it, Penny. Keeping your eye on the ball, and paying attention to what is NOT being said.

    The only further point I would add is that as far as "making or finding some links between whatever and al-Qaeda" - I'd just ask everyone to avoid getting lost in this distraction, and remind themselves constantly that the US and CIA ARE AL-QAEDA - by means of financing, planning, training, logistics and deployment. There is no separate group, or groups, that are off on their own doing these acts - it is US doing it, only using the ALQ "terror" face as a cover story.

    Make no mistake - the CIA/MI-6/Mossad ARE al-Qaeda, absolutely, in all of its brutal and murderous atrocities.

    "We have found the enemy, and he is US."

    1. Thanks LVB-

      The marines being deployed to Sudan, Yemen and Libya seemed a bit contrived
      These countries all have law enforcement and military that can get the situations under control, if that is wanted, so the marine deployment has to be part of another agenda

      Mentioning the US wanting to make a connection to AQ is useful in that it demonstrates the intent of the mind control campaign, the US is going to wave the "scary" AQ for mind control purposes to justify it's military intervention.

      Indeed, we have found the enemy.

      And they know how to abuse their own populations as well as the pops of other nations

    2. Sudan has rejected US marines as a matter of course. Us has been working south Sudan for since Danforth. They now have central bank and IMF lifeline


      Sudan rejects:

    3. The Sudan Map:

    4. Interesting map anony.

      I would bet it's not a coincidence that the lines of internal division literally go right through the oil fields.

      The West seems to prefer countries stuck in internal conflict rather than trying to control the leaders (via coups, etc.), as was the preferred method in the past. Seems like their new preferred state is the Somali/Afghanistan option where there is real or imagined "chaos" in the country.

      Also, didn't "Osama Bin Laden" (the CIA) build the highway to Khartoum in the early 90s, according to Robert Fisk's 1993 article:

      Looking for more details on this road and the village of Almatig, Sudan, where Fisk allegedly met bin Laden . . .

    5. Anonymous and WWM

      you may both be interested in...

    6. Also..

      Sudan rejecting the marines

      "Sudan is able to protect the diplomatic missions in Khartoum and the state is committed to protecting its guests in the diplomatic corps.”

      what did I say above in response to LVB??

      "The marines being deployed to Sudan, Yemen and Libya seemed a bit contrived
      These countries all have law enforcement and military that can get the situations under control, if that is wanted, so the marine deployment has to be part of another agenda"

      It is that obvious

      Also interesting from anon's link

      "A U.S. official said the Marines, “were on their way, but turned back” when Sudan rejected the U.S. request."

      So the US wanted to send in the Marines, the US "requested" the deployment.

      Khartoum may have rejected them, but, can they keep them out?

      Also important Khartoum is in the new Northern Sudan which is predominantly Islamic vs the new Southern Sudan which is predominantly proselytized Christians.

    7. Interesting post Penny. I didn't know Sudan's ties to Egypt either. Nor Israel's involvement.

      Divide and conquer does appear to be the strategy.

      Although I am skeptical of this quote from the linked article in the post:

      A leaked cable in April 2009 quoted Egypt's intelligence chief Omar Suleiman as telling Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chiefs of staff, that "Egypt does not want a divided Sudan."

      In another cable Egyptian diplomats lobbied to delay the referendum for four to six years because they feared "fatal implication," including causing an influx of migrants to Egypt, hurting Suez Canal revenues and affecting Egypt's Nile water share.

      I'm assuming this is a Wikileaks leak being referenced. I distrust these leaks and assume they are Western disinformation and sure enough it fits in this case.

      The West's man Suleiman and the Egyptian leadership are portrayed as the good guys but I don't buy it.

    8. I don't have a problem with the claim of Egypt not wanting Sudan divided.

      Egypt likely suspected this was going to lead to trouble. Possibly destabilizing Egypt itself. War to spread across the border. Influx of refugees. Etc.,

      it seems plausible

    9. Here's a good post on "The Zionist Entity’s Water Wars: Sudan, Egypt and Libya:"



    2. Ali where is the Upper Nile? What area qualifies as the upper nile? I have been google mapping..
      Is it in Egypt?
      I see that it would be easy enough to flee benghazi via the water and scoot over to the nile, but where did this very curious shooting take place?

      Can you help to clarify?

  15. Are our masters planning for the U.S. to suffer a defeat in the Persian Gulf in order to justify the final annexation of the Middle East and Africa?

    Here's a great post via Penny's blogroll about the Chinese "Sunburn" missile which Iran has and has the capability of sinking the American Navy:

    Also, Iran claims to have developed its own cruise missile and even claims to be the best in the World and thus have an even deadlier missile than the Sunburn!

    1. After parsing the words the Iranians seem to be saying their missile might be the best in the region, not the World, although it would be interesting to see how the "Ghader" compares to the Sunburn. The Iranians are pointing out that they are self reliant in making and firing the missile, and imply that other Middle Eastern powers that buy missiles from China or Russia need help to operate them (or may be sabotaged or abandoned in a time of need, as we are seeing with Syria).

      And, unlike the 100s of Sunburn missiles the Iranians might have, they claim to have over 10,000 Ghaders?!

    2. NTS has some very interesting stuff up, will check that one out, though I am not up on weapons and the capabilities etc
      Usually James or the mia chuckyman would help out with that

      Either of you around?

    3. That Iranian Ghader missile is basically an advanced version of the US AGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missile.

      I have no way of knowing how sophisticated its guidance and targeting accuracy is, but it's probably safe to say that since the Harpoon has been around since the 1980s, it has most likely been improved by a factor of x3 at least.

      Iran also has thousands of older Chinese-made Silkworm and French-made Exocet anti-ship missiles, so they could definitely do some damage to anyone who tries to threaten them from the seas.

      US/NATO ships do have radar jamming and other defenses like the CIWS (Close in Weapon System - scary machine guns) to shoot down incoming cruise missiles, but I think if things really go to hell and Iranian missiles start flying by the thousands, it's going to be a real problem for the US and other Navy ships in the area.

      The Empire's usual style is to pick on weaker nations who can't defend themselves - but now it is allowing Israel to provoke them into a war with nations like Syria and Iran (and their allies Russian and China) that have large and powerful arsenals and can fight back in a very serious and deadly way.

      All out war is not something anyone should want, because with the potential for escalation to involve Russia and China, and nukes on both sides - it could very well be THE END...the big one.

    4. Thank You LVB!!!! :)

      Together we are like one big resource, helping on another to fill in blanks etc
      How great is that?
      I simply love it.

    5. You're welcome, Penny.

      I wish I knew less about all these military killing toys, but I did live in that world many years ago, so it tends to stick in your brain.

      You can always ask me anything you want to about weapon systems and I'll tell you what I can, just not anything classified - you'll have to go to Assange for that stuff lol.

  16. upper nile is in south sudan and all sudan really..north is sudan bottom is egypt..but even the reporting of them in upper nile could be misdirection..because it doesnt specify wether north sudan or south..i suspect south..eitehr wya,where were they ehaded?or coming back from?

    1. I went and read that and thought boy that is interesting because they could have been the better organized second hit on the consulate

  17. the niles river north is sudan,lower is egypt

  18. Look for Mali. The Marines are deployed to Mali. Al Qaeda in Maghreb has overrun the north of Mali where by coincidence? has a lot of OIL. Mali has the longest border IN THE NORTH with Algeria, which also has OIL. Algeria is the only remaining ARAB REPUBLIC which has not enjoyed the Arab Spring YET. You know in this spring, west pro theocratic arab monarchies vs nationalist secular republics. Arab Spring with the help of US-Nato,turned those secular republics into theocratic regimes starting with Iraq.

    1. Hello! and thanks for your comment.
      I can't translate your name, sorry :(
      Not sure how to address you

      You know in this spring, west pro theocratic arab monarchies vs nationalist secular republics. Arab Spring with the help of US-Nato,turned those secular republics into theocratic regimes starting with Iraq.

      Yah, sadly, some know. Most don't.

      Anyway.. Mali.
      The Marines are deployed to Mali. As in presently? This is the first I have read of this. Hm?
      Algeria has not yet had an Arab Spring.

      I went to look at the map in the post Algeria is west of Libya. Tunisia to the top right and Morocco on the left or
      east and west
      Libya had it's NATO induced spring. Tunisia also.
      Has Morocco yet? I can't recall? Or is Morocco already controlled?
      Just thinking out loud here...
      I will pay attention to Mali and thanks for the heads up!

  19. Penny
    My name is Ishtar after the Sumerian goddess of love and war. I am an Iraqi woman investigative journalist. You will find me here, it is in Arabic though.

    For Mali, please read this:
    Morocco is a monarchy which has a very good relation with Israel, has no oil, so it is allowed to survive.

  20. Al- Qaeda is not an organisation or a group etc. it is a name invented by CIA to describe foreign Islamic mercenaries who are financed, trained and unleashed in whatever area that USA wants to build a military base there. US military bases are usually built on lands rich with energy resources, and water gateways. US bases follow the pipelines. And believe it or not, the word Al qaeda in Arabic means: the base. How appropriate!!

    1. This is exactly correct. This concept of al-Qaeda was created by the CIA in the 1980s when it trained, financed and armed the Mujahideen fighters (mostly peasants who were Muslim religious psychopaths with a strong desire for jihad) in Afghanistan, to be used as cannon fodder to fight the Russians. And much to CIA's surprise, the Mujahideen were actually more ruthless and brutal than the maniacs CIA once hired for coups and mass murdering civilians in South America.

      It was then that they realized how convenient it would be to have a full-time mercenary army to use for their illegal wars and to blame for any and all bombings and terrorist atrocities that they wanted done all over the world. They used to be called "death squads" in South America, now they are called al-Qaeda, and were put to use in Bosnia, Iraq, Libya and now, Syria.

      The CIA invented al-Qaeda, the CIA runs al-Qaeda and the CIA most definitely IS al-Qaeda and uses "it" for whatever crimes against humanity that they want done, anywhere on earth, on the orders of the globalist ruling elite; i.e., "The Empire".

      You don't need to look any further than Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo - the largest foreign US "Base" outside of Germany. There is absolutely no need for a US military base there, especially not one that massive - except when you realize that it is located in a very special place - right where a massive new oil pipeline will be installed.

      This is the reality of US foreign policy, and that of the UN, EU, NATO and the globalist Empire.