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The CIA has pressed Israel on an apology to Turkey

For those that have been following along with the Israeli/Turkish theatre. The sideshow. The distraction.
Originating with the episode titled-  Mavi Marmara: Israel does Turkey's dirty work
Turkish/Israeli relations have been just peachy thank you very much. The IDF carried out hits for the Turks on the aid ship. Truly things have never been better. Israel and Turkey are busily killing Syrians, side by side, I must add. However the media has given us the psyop of discord with Turkey demanding an apology from Israel. Of course, Israel  is not wanting to apologize. In previous posts, I have made mention of the "apology" as a sign, a bellwether, an omen of things to come.
 Refresh yourself  on the Israeli/Turkish kiss off. July26/2012
 Excerpt below pic:

"But wait just one minute. Israel and Turkey would never work together. Why, they are very angry with one another!!!! You know the Mavi Marmara incident?
Well what if Israel apologized?

I had speculated previously that if Israel issues some sort of an apology to Turkey over the Mavi Marmara stage show this would be a signal that an attack on Syria is imminent  

So this is interesting- US-Pakistan apology may yield Israel-Turkey detente
Gov't official: Israel ready for rapprochement after US apology to Pakistan over accidental killing of soldiers sets precedent.

What to my wondering eyes should appear? Not a miniature sleigh or 8 tiny reindeer...

The CIA director has pressed, Israel will apologize

The low-profile visit of the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) David Petraeus to Turkey was extensively debated in the corridors of power. It was the Syrian scenarios that found their way into the papers.

But the real aim of the visit was different. It was Fehmi Koru who wrote the only notable article on the subject yesterday by assembling the pieces together under his alias, Taha Kıvanç:

“Why has nobody noticed that Petraeus was in our region for a two-legged visit? In fact, Petraeus diverted his plane to Tel Aviv for the second leg of his tour after his talks in Istanbul. He will convey the mood he found here to the people he will meet in Israel. I don’t like to enunciate but let me write an expectation of mine: Petraeus might feel the need to stop in Turkey again after Israel… This is because the reason for his visit to our region nowadays might be to end the deadlock in the Israel-Turkey relationship that is bothering almost every quarter in the United States…”

Petraeus came to Turkey to repair the relations between the two countries. For this reason, he swiftly continued onto Israel.

Well, what did he say?

He explained to Turkey how crucial the normalization of Turkey-Israel relations was for both countries and for the U.S. while major upheavals are occurring in the region. He gave the message that Israel should officially apologize for the nine Turkish citizens it killed so that this problem comes to an end.

Because Turkish officials have been insisting, from the beginning, that “an official apology is a sine qua non for the restart of relations,” Ankara welcomed Petraeus’ proposal.

Meanwhile, there is another detail that fell off the map. Namely, that Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman accompanied the CIA director on this visit.

Senators McCain and Lieberman are not ordinary senators. McCain was the presidential candidate of the Republicans in the last elections. And Lieberman was his deputy. Both of them are very close to the Israeli government.

Apparently, U.S. President Barack Obama wants the Turkey-Israel relationship to recover as soon as possible in this critical period. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent along two senators, his rivals in the presidential elections, to accompany Petraeus.

Up to this point, it was corridors and analysis.

However, now, let’s see the second leg of the trip and whether the aim is met or not.

Sit tight; after all the zigzagging, and probably with this visit, Turkey will receive the official apology it is expecting from Israel.

And from whom?

From Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who has been opposing the apology the most.

Because, the same message conveyed to Turkey was also delivered to Israel the other day in a very clear fashion. The message is this:

“The Middle East is boiling. There is too much uncertainty. The Mavi Marmara flotilla crisis is not for the advantage of both countries. Apologize to Turkey just as we did when we accidentally killed 24 civilians in Pakistan and finish this matter.”

The message was taken. How do I know about it?

From daily Yedioth, which best feels the pulse of the Foreign Ministry in Israel:

“Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said he was ready to issue a similar apology statement like the one the U.S. did after it killed civilians in Pakistan.”

It is Lieberman personally who gave the above statement after Petraeus’ visit. In other words, the person who caused the flotilla crisis to escalate to its present stage.

What do you think? Has the aim been reached?

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has not received a written official apology from Lieberman. But it is imminent…

Bolstering the claim made in the Turkish press:
Reuters reports-  Israel looks to U.S. example in trying to end rift with Turkey

Israel has signalled a willingness to adopt diplomatic language used to smooth U.S.-Pakistani relations in order to end its more than two-year-old rift with Turkey.
 Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth said on Wednesday the United States was trying to mediate an end to the dispute, for which Turkey has set several demands including that Israel apologise for the deaths. Denying wrongdoing, Israel has offered statements of regret, rather than contrition.
Israeli and Turkish officials had no comment on the report. But Israel's hawkish foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, said on Tuesday he was open to taking a page from U.S. diplomacy in crafting a statement to try to end an impasse with Ankara.
Lieberman noted that, after the United States mistakenly killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in an air strike last November on the Afghan border, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said her country was "sorry for the losses suffered by the Pakistani military" and that Washington was "committed to working closely with Pakistan and Afghanistan to prevent this from every happening again".
Lieberman said Clinton's statement could not be called an apology, "but an expression of regret on the killing of innocents".
"I say to you if this is the wording - if the Turks accept the American wording - I will certainly go with it. This is what I am willing to accept," he told his party in a speech whose transcript was provided to Reuters.
 The signal from Lieberman, a powerful partner in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's conservative coalition government, was significant because he had been among the Israeli leaders most vocally opposed to accommodating the Turks' rapprochement demands.
Can you figure out why I used green to highlight? 

The apology/sideshow/psyop is fodder for the masses.
There was never any argument between the two nations.
This apology will be played up by the media. Historic. Peacemaking. Signalling some new era. Blah, blah, blah.The gullible will eat it up.
People who read here will know that this means, starting with Syria, the whole war scenario is about to get much worse. 

Thanks AP @ Twelfthbough!



  1. good catch Pen. sickening stuff. this also serves the purpose of allowing nutjob netanyahu and a. lieberman to climb down from the tree they are stuck in, after all that hot air talking about attacking iran. they need some help to get out of their boy-who-cried-wolf-one-too-many-times problem. and this will allow everyone to change the subject.

    there's a good article with short interview with W. Engdahl here:

    where he talks about France being the cat's paw for the US until after elections, and talking about France supplying weaponry to the rebels.

    I think France is playing this hitman role and the idea of giving heavy artillery to these so called buffer zones is the most cynical thing imaginable. It is going to create civil war; it is going to create bloodshed – anything, but peace. So, this is just one of the most dangerous moves of the whole Syria engagement by NATO in the last 18 months. ...Historically France's elite, going back to the Napoleonic era if you want, has always tended geopolitically to punch above their weight. And I think since Sarkozy and the French military backed Sarkozy the way to get France back in the NATO game as a player that they have tended every single time on major international decisions to punch above their weight with catastrophic consequences for France. With the syrian adventure Hollande- Fabius [French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius] and the government is engaged in, is going to back fire in the face of France and certainly of the world if it comes to World War III by miscalculation. This is the most dangerous thing I have seen in 37 years of analyzing geopolitical developments.

    for him to say this is the most dangerous development he's seen in 37 years is saying something.

    1. Hey AP: I watched the video and wow!

      This is the most dangerous thing I have seen in 37 years of analyzing geopolitical developments.

      Here I thought it was just me freakin' out!
      It is obvious the whole ME situation is on the edge.
      Scares the crap out of me, seriously.

      If I can find the video to embed, I am putting that in the post, thanks so much AP

  2. Good post Penny.

    And we are seeing a similar phenomenon with regards to Egypt. I believe the leaders of Egypt are working with Israel and the West as well.

    Here's a good analysis of the alleged 'terror' incident in the Sinai.

    I thought I read elsewhere the attack occurred on Egyptian soil but now they are saying Israeli, I guess.

    Also notice Israel is setting it up so it appears Egypt isn't stopping the cross-border attacks--it claims to have warned the Egyptian military but Egypt didn't stop the attack.

    Also, Israel is threatening to close its border with Egypt:

    And then we see stories in the New York Times about Israel having doubts about Egypt's new government,, and Israel claims Egypt is illegally sending tanks into the Sinai because it didn't discuss it with Israel, Egypt said it discussed the matter and indeed I think Israel had previously agreed to allow Egypt to send tanks in re "terrorism" threats.

    1. HeyWWM

      "And we are seeing a similar phenomenon with regards to Egypt. I believe the leaders of Egypt are working with Israel and the West as well."

      I concur, completely.

      if you missed this one

      "o the US is aware that Egypt is deploying to the Sinai.
      Which would indicate to me that Israel is well aware of the movement of all those US supplied weapons (many of them programmed with the right codes to make them useless against Israeli weapons)
      Why the complaining Israel?
      Also, why is Victoria Nuland giving me a real April Glaspie vibe? “the United States took no position on the border dispute between Iraq and Kuwait” Of course the US took a position.

      I still think Israel wants the Sinai, still think Israel with the help of the US and the new poodles in Egypt are going to give it to them. Hope I am wrong."

      That is not the first time I have made mention of a set up going on in that area.

  3. asap!!!!!!!

    1. Ali, glad your back!
      will check out your stuff asap
      BUT let me know when you do your next interview
      that will be a must listen!

  4. Another benefit to this scripted morality play is the normalization of assassination tactics. Israel and the U.S. have been the two big proponents of 'defensive' assassination, or targeted killing, or whatever they call it.

    By apologizing, sort of, Israel will be admitting to using assassination tactics but won't be apologizing for that, I bet. Their apology will claim the right to use these tactics, I bet.

    So these two countries (Israel and U.S.) have previously avoided explicitly claiming responsibility for these types of actions because it causes legal liability. Now if they apologize they are setting a new precedent that they don't care about legal rules anymore. They are announcing a new legal regime where they (Israel and U.S.) can sniper assassinate anyone they want.

    I guess Obama did this during the 2008 campaign when he confounded McCain by "admitting" that the U.S. was conducting drone strikes in Pakistan.

    Very similar to Israel never publicly admitting it had nuclear weapons all these years too.

    1. Yes, very well said, Walt.

      The murder of the Iraqi scientist and his family in France yesterday was obviously another assassination, although not by mechanical drone - but programmed human killing machines, which may as well be drones.

      My first and most obvious guess would be Mossad and/or CIA - they guy knew something that was too valuable to risk keeping him alive, so it had to be dealt with NOW, and of course it sends a powerful message to all other scientists and people who get involved in that "big game" of the world's elitist scum.

      Always the same Organized Crime tactics...bribe and compromise, then threaten and intimidate - and if all else fails, kill them - but ALSO send a message to others who might be considering going "rogue".

    2. Oh, and Israel does not have nuclear weapons - which is why they won't ever talk about it or allow any of the IAEA inspectors into their facilities, like they demand of the "rogue states", like Iran.

      Nothing to see here folks, move along now...or else we will have to kill you, k?? Thanks for your cooperation, and Shalom. ;)

    3. Yes indeed LVB. Haven't there been a lot of assassinations of clerics in North Africa recently as well?

      Imho, normalizing assassination and death squads was one of the main purposes of the Obama presidency. Remember one of his first actions was sniper assassinating (summarily executing) those Somalia teenagers who were accused of being pirates. It doesn't seem like such a big deal to summarily execute pirates compared to the other things the U.S. is doing but it was significant because it was the start of whittling away the legal rules prohibiting the U.S. (and Israel) from total lawlessness.

      Then Obama expanded this legal position by expanding and sending death squads all over the world.

      And of course we have the claimed bin Laden summary execution which further provides justification for U.S./Israeli assassinations. It was totally illegal but both political parties in the U.S. are fighting over which party is the better executioner--not whether it is right or not to summarily execute people.

    4. Oh, and Obama was first U.S. president to openly use a drone to summarily execute a U.S. citizen.

      Imagine how the Democrats would be howling if it was Bush setting these precedents.

    5. "Imagine how the Democrats would be howling if it was Bush setting these precedents."

      An excellent observation. But this is really what the 2 party dialectical system of democracy is all about - the fake progressive/conservative dichotomy. A useful tactic for contentious issues: use the left party to push a right-wing agenda and vice versa; keeps dissent to a minimum (due to tribal loyalty) and muddies the picture?

    6. Yep freethinker,

      It's all fake. I'm also starting to wonder about the blogs and people that claim to be above the two party system.

      Just got banned at Moon of Alabama, I think, for posting "trollish" comments about the lefty blogosphere.

      Here's the last comment that I tried to make [or will ever make over there probably], which b is not allowing me to post:


      I'm taking your discussion to the logical next step which is not intended to disrupt; it's intended to add to your discussion. Don't progressive bloggers also bear responsibility for creating these myths? Why is it okay to discuss Ignatius' gnashing of teeth but not lefty bloggers gnashing of teeth? They all create this myth

      You wrote:

      The only plausible way to avoid that danger [chaos, extremism, and blow-back] is to stop all support for the insurgency and instead support the Syrian government in its fight. But instead of that Ignatius only wants the U.S. to be "careful" in supporting those religious extremists. It should look for "sensible elements" within those fighters.

      Why doesn't your statement apply to the lefty bloggers I name above?

      When lefty bloggers accept 'Al Qaeda' as a real entity that must be pursued doesn't this justify more war? When they assume that Iran is pursuing nuclear bombs and Libya and Syria are evil regimes that deserve to be toppled doesn't this justify more war?

      Why is this discussion off limits and "trollish"?

      I think discussing the points I raise are crucial and the fact I've hit a nerve is very revealing. "

    7. I see b also erased or didn't let me post my comment in this thread about the New York Times war reporting where I brought up Chris Hedges's responsibility as Bureau Chief for the Middle East. In the post he deleted I pointed out that Hedges is being promoted like crazy at the conspiracy subreddit at reddit (where he seems to make the front page every day and has few comments but they all say how much they love him).

      b may not have liked the fact I also pointed out that he appears to have gotten his link to the 1993 bin Laden article from reddit conspiracy, which was posted before b's link to it was posted. So b reads that subreddit too . . .

      Also interesting to watch the link the other commentator left of Chris Hedges on 9/11--Hedges claims to know al Qaeda well from his time at the New York Times! Ha. Of course Hedges supports the New York Times, the standard story of 9/11, Israel, 'humanitarian' war like in Kosova, and so much more.

      Anyway, I appear to have been banned for questioning Chris Hedges and the lefty bloggers I name in the other post.

    8. I am not so sure Israel will admit to the killings as targeted assassinations, though, they were.

      Soldiers knew the targets, and the names had been provided to the IDF via a certain Turkish NGO a "humanitarian" agency
      I have covered this all in previous posts
      If you have the time to read, I will dig up the post and leave a link for you wwm

    9. LVB: "The murder of the Iraqi scientist and his family in France yesterday was obviously another assassination"

      Ok I saw this news but hadn't followed up on it?
      But, wasn't the brother of the man being blamed???
      Not sure, but???

    10. banned from MoA?
      I looked through the thread...
      I didn't see you personally attacking any of the commenters, which is my peeve
      Don't read reddit
      Don't have the time. Didn't even know what it was until you left the link
      WWM just look at it as MoA's loss

    11. Interesting to see Chris Hedges actually physically back away when asked the question
      He does not want to go there
      Oh and for what its worth WWM I am not a Chris Hedges fan
      He is a gatekeeper in my book

    12. I'm assuming I'm banned because I'm not allowed to make comments anymore. b hasn't had the courage to explain anything to me or make an announcement about why he is preventing me from commenting. Here's the thread for anyone that is interested.

      b's last comment called me a "troll" and told others to ignore me--thus falsely implying to others that I haven't been banned.

      Probably because I did nothing wrong and even his excuse about why I'm a "troll" is bullshit--I'm not distracting from the "discussion" he started in the post--I'm adding to his discussion but taking it to a place he doesn't want to go because I gore some sacred cows, I guess. But my comment was on point and I was not violating any rules of decorum other than raising strong suspicions about the lefty blogoshpere.

      Reddit is one of the top 10 news sites on the internet and thus is heavily watched. There are over 80,000 subscribers to the 'conspiracy' sub which I have previously found to be a better source of 'news' than any other news site. I have talked about how I get good information there and in fact I would bet b has read my comments about reddit. He appears to have taken my advice to read it based on his getting source information from there (but not identifying his sources--maybe because he doesn't want to be connected to me or others like me).

      Unfortunately, reddit has been completely infested with stooges recently and now the subreddit is almost worthless because of the games the perps are playing (a bunch of new commentators that aren't skeptical thinkers have invaded and are constantly trying to stop research and pester the critical thinkers). Yet another corner of the internet the fascists have ruined for me. Another limited hangout, I guess. But there are still good finds there like the 1993 story on bin Laden.

    13. Hey Walt,

      I think you've just witnessed (and become) a pretty good example of a small pond microcosm of how global mass media controls thought by narrowing the spectrum of what is "acceptable" thought and discussion.

      You've been a bad boy and colored outside the lines of thought that they so kindly provided for you. ;)

  5. A good catch indeed, Pen. I wonder what price Israel will extort for this 'apology'?

    JPost Breaking News: Barak hints the US would join Israel in Iran strike

    From the spooky Wired - Danger Room: U.S. Attack on Iran Would Take Hundreds of Planes, Ships, and Missiles. This article links to a very interesting CSIS paper Analyzing the Impact of Preventive Strikes Against Iran’s Nuclear Facilities. On the face of it that paper seems to be a dampener for any unilateral action from Israel, but worryingly, to me it looks like they downplay the repercussions of the scenario in which Israel uses 'Low Yield Earth Penetrating Nuclear Weapons' (missiles). The phrase (or something similar) "Some believe that nuclear weapons are the only weapons that can destroy targets deep underground or in tunnels" is used multiple times.

    "Senators McCain and Lieberman are not ordinary senators. ... Both of them are very close to the Israeli government."
    ROFL now there is an understatement!

    1. Hey Freethinker
      I thought after I left the comment yesterday in the previous post you may have been scared off- Like what the hell is she saying?!
      Or what a flake ;)

      Was there ever any doubt the US would join in to strike on Iran?
      Not in my mind

    2. Any thoughts on the nuke scenario?

    3. Freethinker
      wow, that is an eye opener!
      Any thoughts on the nuke scenario?
      It's possible.
      Literally anything is possible with these psychos

  6. It's is essential for US to see Turkey and Israel work together on a plan to topple the Syrian regime.
    Tayeb Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister felt he was humiliated by Bibi Netanyahu plus many Turks got killed in Israel's attack on Mavi Marmara.
    Erdogan is looking for a fig leaf in the eyes of his own people to show that he got something in hand in return from Israel
    All his screaming and crying over Israel's attack on the Turkish flotilla didn't give him anything.
    Neither NATO, nor US raised a finger at Israel.
    Had the Kurds did that, Erdogan would have not waited long to send his airforce planes to attack them.
    For US, the apology now is important and it's a symbolic show for Erdogan that he won something and he now can shed his humiliation.
    Erdogan said lately that he's dreaming about praying in the Ommayad Mosque in Damascus, and visit The Great Saladin grave after Bashar Al-Assad is toppled...
    No word from Erdogan about praying in Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem which is under Israeli occupation, after Jerusalem is liberated.

    1. anonymous 10:22 am

      Tayeb Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister felt he was humiliated by Bibi Netanyahu plus many Turks got killed in Israel's attack on Mavi Marmara.

      I can't agree with that line of thought. Erdogan set the Turks on the boat up to be killed. They were likely not cooperative with some underhanded plans Turkey and Israel had cooked up

      Erdogan is looking for a fig leaf in the eyes of his own people to show that he got something in hand in return from Israel

      A fig leaf? He is definitely looking to make a show, to fool the Turkish people into believing he got something from Israel.

      All his screaming and crying over Israel's attack on the Turkish flotilla didn't give him anything.
      Neither NATO, nor US raised a finger at Israel.

      But, it was all for show, nothing more. Please don't be offended that I am saying this, or writing this to you.
      No one raised a finger because Erdogan and gang wanted these individuals taken out

      Had the Kurds did that, Erdogan would have not waited long to send his airforce planes to attack them.

      That alone should tell you a great deal about what is really going on

  7. A message from the head of the Evangelical church in Syria to Obama about the terrorist gangs the US supports destroying my Alma Mater, Aleppo College.

  8. letter to Cassandra Clifford claiming syrian security forces under President Assad rape syrian children
    Hello Ms Clifford
    Ive read an article you wrote on child marriage in which you quote UN rep Navi Pillai on Syria
    where we are told:
    'In March of this year, the United Nations human rights chief, Navi Pillay, stated in an interview that security forces in Syria are systematically detaining and torturing children with the approval or complicity of President Bashar Assad. “They’ve gone for the children, for whatever purpose, in large numbers, hundreds detained and tortured,” she said. “It’s just horrendous, children shot in the knees, held together with adults, in really inhumane conditions, denied medical treatment for their injuries'

    Your source is the BBC
    ....which is british state media, and Navi Pillai is hardly the most honest soul: what with the UNSC being used to wage war on Libya under a dodgy UNSC resolution 1973. I studied that resolution and found it based on lies. It seems to be the same here.

    Let me say that ive seen no evidence what so ever for this outrageous claim.Pillai provides none.,.NADA. Even Wikileaks hasnt shown any. This sort of big lie is needed to undermine President Assads legitimacy and credibility...instead it undermines the BBC and UNs.
    Id be interested in seeing what the evidence you may have for this claim by Pillai ...cause if it were true we'd not seen the syrian people support president Assad as theyve been doing these past two years:
    in Allepo
    in Damascus: and all over the country.
    with crowds like that you could hear them on Mars!

    here is what some random syrian locals think of the BBC:

    syria is currently under attack by Insurgents, who murder rape torture syrians, and most of whom are foreign and backed by the US saudis qatar UK France(whos new president has threatened to invade yet another country) .The insurgents are sunni salafists, whose ideology is the same as saudi wahabism, and who are being condemned in Germany for their violent ideology: and yet germany is ready to aid thesesame terrorists in syria...,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=2fec7a1f50583e74&biw=948&bih=446

    here is the handy work of the salafist FSA: the Daraya massacre(info section has english translation)

    and here is what syrians woman teachers and girl students in Homs think of their security forces:
    so we have here potential rape victims thanking those Pillai accuse of rape....yes i think thats strange too.
    The chant at the beginning sung, with great gusto, is 'God Protect out Army'...would they say that if the army were raping girls? Lets get real!

    I dont object to your concern for children who are victims of adults. I am concerned you are propagating a falsehood based in british and american propaganda outsourced to the UN


  9. and while im here:

    an eg of the brazeness of the supporters of the FSA: see how they interpret Daraya massacre!
    barf bags at the ready!

  10. Hey Pen, well written article. I very much agree on all points, especially on your guessing of the distraction/sideshow being a forebearer of imminent war . . . especially when it ends in a handshake.

    And Canada closed its embassy in Iran and all diplomats/gov't workers got out of the country today . . . certainly not a great sign.

    Very dark clouds ahead.

    1. Slozo!

      how are ya?
      How about the family?
      Yeah, I saw the whole embassy thing. Slozo, I have some serious, serious concerns about what is being set up around this scenario.
      Some of the language being uses is really strange
      If something happens here in Canada, it won't have been Iran.
      Me thinks Israel and Canada are cooking something up
      A 9/11 act two, 11 years later?
      Think about it Slozo
      quebec is fixing to "separate"
      The NAU is creeping up on us all
      That stinkin border agreement, drones flying between the US and Canada
      A terror attack, timed so strategically to justify war, bring in the security agreement/border agreement and hell bring down martial law shortly there after
      When the economic house of cards falls, as it will anyway, the "war of terror" will have progressed to it's intended next level
      Very dark clouds ahead

  11. FSA mercenary Terrorist kill Syrian family in Homs daughter tells the tragic story

  12. The FSA terrorists are getting decimated by the Syrian Air force pilot aces. That is why, to make up for this, they are fabricating more lies on Facebook.

    This is a photo from an air show tragedy in 1993. They claim it was from Syria. That which keeps them is a positive development, the less alert they are the better, as the jets pound them to dust.

  13. says supporting either side is illegal..well we have 'australians' fighting with the FSA, like the late sheik

  14. During the Khazar Empire the Khazar's had strategic alliances with the Caliphate and Mosul Kurds,in fact lot's of the mercenaries fighting the Byzantine empire were Muslims, same as what is happening today. The Uranus-Pluto square was the same as is now. Time to read the Thirteenth Tribe Penny.

    1. putting the book on the ereader today hans

  15. Here is the latest stunt by Erdogan comparing what's happening in Syria to what happened in Karabla/Iraq almost 14
    centuries ago.
    The comparison is not there, but using Karbala in the midst of the Sunnis Turkish,Saudi,Qatari drive to oust Bashar Al-Assad is really strange.
    The only thing can be read here is that he's trying to create a wedge between Syria and Iran. Because Shi'ites beloved Imam Hussein was killed by troops sent by ruler Yazid the Sunni leader in Damsacus then 14 centuries ago.

    1. I saw some discussion on that topic elsewhere, thanks for making mention of it.

      This is totally uncharted territory for me


    1. Hey NYS

      the Canadian government is such an embarrassment
      I have some stuff bookmarked, but.

  17. When terrorists in #Tadamun tried to down a helicopter, the helicopter returned fire & destroyed their base. #Damascus #Syria

  18. Authorities killed an Arab terrorist who carried 4 Jordanian passports. #Tadamun #Damascus #Syr
    one for each of his personalities!

  19. even the MSM admits most of the jihadis are foreigners

    In an interview with Reuters in his central Paris apartment on Saturday, the 71-year-old said that contrary to his previous visits to Homs and Idlib earlier this year about 60 percent of those he had treated this time had been rebel fighters and that at least half of them had been non-Syrian.

    "It's really something strange to see. They are directly saying that they aren't interested in Bashar al-Assad's fall, but are thinking about how to take power afterwards and set up an Islamic state with sharia law to become part of the world Emirate," the doctor said.

    the issuing of fatwas that give permission to kill cause a person doesnt pay a bribe money shows sharia law at its most diabolical...All the FSA does is insure salafism is seen as a monstrous abberation to be expunged

    1. thanks brian
      keep leaving them and everyone here will keep reading them

  21. A water mains in Aleppo has been bombed shutting-off water supplies to the city.

    Of course the 'western' press blame it on the 'Assad regime'. Main Water Supplies to Aleppo Cut Off
    The main water supply to the northern city of Aleppo, Syria's commercial hub, has been cut off by government troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

    The Democratic-Syria blog has a different story and also links to a curious 9-11 story involving CNN:
    Al Arabiya News Channel Controls Information

    1. I saw the news last night at NYS's place
      It is just awful
      You know Toz has not been here for a month now.
      What has come of him and his family, who knows?
      I leave messages in the last place he posted.
      Is he live? Is he dead? Did he leave?
      It does bother me..

      Ali has this video linked
      Watching all that clean water just wash into the streets, you know these people(NATO mercs) were never fighting for the Syrians, never for freedom, they were always fighting against the Syrians, to destroy them.
      That anyone could believe the msm lies?! It is all to much to think about

  22. Sounds like the typical CIA/NATO genocidal tactics they use against civilian populations, when they are losing the war in military terms.

    They did the same in Belgrade and Novi Sad, among other highly populated Serbian cities. Punish the innocents and blame them at the same time. "If only Assad would just leave (his own sovereign nation), everything would be fine", right??

    Cutting off water, power and food to innocent civilians is a war crime, but don't expect the UN to say a word, if it is done by the Empire - just like in Serbia, they refused to even hear any war crime charges against NATO, because you see, the US and NATO "opted out" of that little clause. So, in other words, they reserve the right to commit genocide - even when they claim to be "intervening" to prevent genocide. Orwell, anyone?

    "Hypocrisy and Genocide" is the motto of the Empire.

    1. "Cutting off water, power and food to innocent civilians is a war crime, but don't expect the UN to say a word, if it is done by the Empire"

      The UN
      Useless Nations
      the only thing they are useful for is global fascism

  23. vive le difference!