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The Middle East and Africa on edge- Resumed and Concluded

This has now turned into that  long rambling post I warned you about earlier. There is simply so much going on, all over the place, it is overwhelming and begs coverage. So here it all is!

Still reading up on Libya.

The brigade the CIA is pointing fingers at for the attack on the consulate is a US proxy fighting group, as far as I can tell. This group fought to overthrow and murder Gadaffi on behalf of US/NATO. The group I am speaking of is Ansar al-Sharia and it's leader has been making the mainstream media rounds in the West, oddly enough?

Then we allegedly have Libyan citizens storming Ansar Al Sharia's base and demanding "Libya" "Libya" and "No more Alquaeda"
 "Rally participants paid tribute to US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the other Americans killed in the assault on the US consulate in Benghazi. Ansar al-Sharia has been accused of involvement in the September 11th attack.
“Libya lost a friend,” read one banner carried by protestors. “We want justice for Stevens,” said another."

This story of the storming of Ansar Al Sharia's base, I don't know, did it really take place?
The whole story sounds so contrived.

According to this article Libyans believe the US is behind Alqueda
"“People here don’t believe that Al Qaeda is this huge scary thing that is moving everywhere and behind everything in the whole world. They think that is American propaganda.”

In amongst all the confusing and contradictory information, that is difficult to sort through, I am left wondering if the agenda here is simply "muddying the waters" in order to put people onto the wrong path or misdirect them?

 Egypt, while the tool Mursi is away: “Shadowy Militants” “Peace agreements needing to be addressed”
Much meme planting. Warming up for that military intervention that has been previously mentioned here, on several occasions.

Egyptian official threatens Israel over Sinai

“The unnamed official warned Israel against trying to provoke Egypt adding that the country's military command is handling the issue "with wisdom and calmness." He noted that Egyptian military is following the recent developments on the border including "Israeli threats" to initiate a military operation in Sinai.”

“The unnamed official”.  Suspicious? Oh yah.  Is Israel creating a narrative of a threat from Egypt that will necessitate pre-emptive action? Same as the one being created and reinforced regarding Iran?
It's a possibility

Israel tells Egypt to keep troops out of Sinai

Another one that reeks of narrative creation. Another one quoting some unnamed official

“ an adviser to Mohammed Morsi, the Egyptian president, said it was "a matter of time" before the pact is changed to bolster Egypt's control over the Sinai peninsula, which borders Israel.”

What adviser? What did he say, exactly? The words “a matter of time” indicate nothing to the reader of how these words were being used, or in what context. Only Israeli media spin is providing the context.

This is worrying- Israeli defense chief proposes West Bank pullout if peace talks remain stalled

Israel pulling settlers out of the West Bank, would only make sense in the context of plans to attack the area

Particularly important if the 1979 peace treaty goes the way of the wind.

That so called “Peace” accord looks as if it could be headed to the curb. Israel will be the biggest beneficiary of that action. No Palestinian state and taking back the Sinai. Win/win.

Continuing on...
Turkey - Growing Public Discontent sees Erdogan fall in opinion polls

Public approval of the Turkish government’s foreign policy has reached its lowest point – a mere 18 percent – in the past decade.

Might this explain the news link left by anonymous?

Erdogen purging his security ? What is he worried about? 
 Is Erdogan concerned about assassination or overthrow? Or both.

Five chiefs of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s security detail have been removed from their posts in an effort to avoid any security weakness, daily Hürriyet reported today.
Four police commissioners were also appointed to different police departments as a part of the security operation.
Four bodyguard teams in Ankara and one in Istanbul will be completely replaced by new officers soon, reports said.
The training of newly appointed bodyguards is reportedly continuing.

 Turkey and Saudi Arabia (from the article noting Erdogans rock bottom approval rating-

Encouraged by the U.S.,(to meddle in Syria)  as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which have together invested massively in Turkey since the AKP came to power in 2002 and have pledged to invest more than 12 billion dollars more this year.

I wonder what kind of investments are being referenced? Perhaps these?
Saudi millions and special forces expertise train mercenaries to destroy Syria

The men, who use the code names Radwan and Mohammed, come from Scandinavia, but have requested that the country not be disclosed.

Though they refused to speak, saying only that they were “here to help”, recruits in the Free Syrian Army told this newspaper that the men were ex-special forces working as military advisers.

Yes, the Scandanavian's are "here to help". The question is who exactly are they helping?
Continuing on with the influx of foreign mercenaries ready to terrorize Syrians-
How much are these foreign fighters/mercs costing? "The foreign mercenary fighters joining the war against Bashar al-Assad"

It's the Guardian, so you gotta expect the NATO narrative to be promoted in the headline despite the content disconnect
"It was enough for Abu Omar al-Chechen. His ragtag band of foreign fighters, known as "muhajiroun brothers", was huddled in the doorway of a burned-out apartment building in the university district of Aleppo. One of the brothers – a Turk – lay dead in the road around the corner and a second brother lay next to him, badly wounded and unable to move. They had been unable to rescue him because of the sniper.

Abu Omar gave an order in Arabic, which was translated into a babble of different languages – Chechen, Tajik, Turkish, French, Saudi dialect, Urdu – and the men retreated in orderly single file, picking their way between piles of smouldering rubbish and twisted plastic bottles toward a house behind the front line where other fighters had gathered.
Hundreds of international fighters have flocked to Syria to join the war "
“Hundreds” you gotta love that spin. How many “hundreds”? 20 hundreds. 30 hundreds? 100 hundreds?
 Of course the NATO news, whether it is in the UK/US or Canada isn’t going to report that the actual  numbers of foreign fighters is easily in the 10's of thousands. Yes, that is right the tens of thousands.
There has been a steady stream of fighters flowing over the Syrian borders for many, many months now.
In fact for approximately a year and a half now, fighters have poured into Syria through Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon. They have been shipped in from just about every where you can imagine! Pakistan. Chechnya. Libya.  The US special ops and CIA agents. Turkish troops/Israeli/French/British/Jordanians special ops. This destabilization has cost untold multiple billions of dollars. Yet, the Guardian would have you believe there are only “hundreds” of foreign fighters. The Guardian would play you for a fool if you believe that rubbish.
Let's not kid ourselves, or be fooled by the NATO media  all of these fighters are Mercs, every last one of them. NATO mercs. As has been covered incessantly here.

The FSA and all the other batallions are foreign mercenaries. Bought and paid for by NATO, for the most part. One can imagine all the ways the money is acquired to pay these ruthless killers. If you can’t, let me suggest some possibilities.  Drugs. Humans. Organs. All trafficked through certain NATO protected/occupied nations. Just off the top of my head Afghanistan, Kosovo and Israel. If anyone else can think of any other nations involved in these highly profitable trades feel free to leave a comment. All money laundered through the big bankster operations as has been mentioned on two occasions at this blog

Two more bits of news left by an anonymous commenter Spy Rocks, seriously?!
One blown up in Iran. 
"A spy device camouflaged as a rock exploded when it came into contact with Iranian troops near an underground nuclear enrichment plant, The Sunday Times reported this week.

Last month, Revolutionary Guards at the Fordo nuclear facility, near the northern city of Qom, came across the rock and attempted to move it, according to sources who spoke to the newspaper.
The guards, who had been on patrol to check terminals connecting data and telephone links to the site, reportedly witnessed the disguised spy device exploding when they came into contact with it"
 In Russia: A lump of rock, a sophisticated spying device, and an embassy left red-faced
Devices like the "rock" have been used in intelligence gathering to send encrypted messages for several years, although it remains unclear why agents should have chosen a Moscow street for their alleged spying operation.
An FSB official told the programme that one of the diplomats identified by Russian authorities had been authorising payments to Russian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) including civil rights activists. The programme claimed to reveal a document which it suggested was an authorisation for the transfer of £23,000 to the Moscow Helsinki Group, a leading human rights organisation which has been a persistent critic of President Vladimir Putin's government.


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    Rafsanjani role in spotlight as children jailed

    Despite the pressures he is under, Mr Rafsanjani played a prominent role in last month's Non-Aligned Summit in Tehran. He walked into the summit alongside Ayatollah Khamenei, and took his seat next to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.


    What going on here? Elections coming in mid 20`13. The daughter was sentanced for 6 months which puts her back on the street in the heat of the election cycle.

    US out today suggesting the RG has ties to the Iran oil company as the economic vice is ratcheted tighter and tighter.

    Wind back to the October Surprise: Rafsanjani was one of Khomeini chief lieutenants and said to have been a player in the agreements. He was also chased out in his own financial scandals not to mention being the co-pilot to the Mousavi election run (7 Green movement).

    Rafsanjani revenge:
    Thirty-two people suspected of involvement in a multi-billion dollar banking fraud with alleged links to the government of Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have gone on trial in Tehran, the Iranian state news agency reported.

    1. thanks anonymous
      if your the same one as left the previous comments i used three of your links in the above extended post
      If it is you, thanks

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    3. Very interesting.

      Although I have no doubt there is always corruption (financial and otherwise) in any govt, I would tend to believe that anything said about the financial crimes and scandals of Iranian officials is bullshit propaganda, considering that the source of it is the globalist elite controlled mass media.

      These are the most corrupt and evil human beings on the planet, guilty of all of the absolute worst financial crimes against humanity - ranging from the IMF/World Bank, the "Federal Reserve", Soros, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, Goldman Sachs, Solyndra, Halliburton/KBR, etc.

      The list goes on and on...and on. Any financial crimes by Iranian criminals could never even come close to those we already know for a fact have been committed (and not prosecuted) by the American and Euro-trash globalists, who all generally believe they are royalty and gods. They are mistaken, and their justice will come one day - whether it is Ceausescu-style, angry mobs of "peasants", or in the more spiritual, eternal and permanent sense.

      No one escapes that, whether "peasants", Kings or the wealthy, cruel, self-appointed gods of this very sick planet that we temporarily share.

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    6. Asia tensions high:
      Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun said China "will absolutely not tolerate any unilateral action taken by the Japanese side that infringes on China's territorial sovereignty", according to a ministry statement. "The Japanese side must abandon any illusion, face up to its erroneous actions and correct them with credible steps", Mr Zhang said at the talks, attended by Japanese Vice-Foreign Minister Chikao Kawai. (Strait Times)

      Coastguard vessels from Japan and Taiwan duelled with water cannon on Tuesday after dozens of Taiwanese boats escorted by patrol ships sailed into waters around Tokyo-controlled islands. (SCMP)

      South Korea is refusing to allow a Japanese warship to dock at its port during a joint naval exercise, media said on Tuesday, as ties between the pair remain strained over disputed islands. Tokyo has lodged a protest with Seoul over the refusal during an exercise that also involves the United States (US) and Australia, reports said, with one diplomat calling it "extremely rude". (SCMP)

      China’s first aircraft carrier entered service on Tuesday, the defence ministry in Beijing said, as the country expands its blue-water fleet at a time of increasing (SCMP)

      China Daily notes potential for US troops in NZ

      (After US to use Subic Bay & deployments in Australia (Gillard just pulled out of UN due to illnes?)

    7. huge blast hit the Palestine Branch of the Syrian Intelligence in Damascus on Tuesday, leaving scores of people killed and injured, including high-ranking officers, Al Arabiya reported.

      The blast was claimed by both the Damascus Revolutionary Council and the so-called Prophet’s Grandchildren Brigades.

      “Dozens of officers and shabbiha [regime militias] were killed in the blast,” the Prophet’s Grandchildren Brigades told Al Arabiya.

      One of our men planted the explosives inside the fuel tank of the branch, it said, adding that a major general and two colonels were killed in the attack.

      Residents said smoke was billowing from the area in southeastern Damascus and an activist said ambulances were rushing to the scene.



    9. And Mursi has had a change of heart? Still says assad has to go but no intervention.

      gyptian President Mohammed Mursi said early Tuesday that he opposes any foreign military intervention in the Syria conflict but believes President Bashar al-Assad must go.

      In an interview with PBS television’s Charlie Rose ahead of the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York, Mursi said the diplomatic quartet of Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey could help end the 18-month-old conflict.

      “I am against foreign intervention by force in what happens in Syria,” Mursi said. “I do not condone this and I think that it is a big mistake if it happens,” he added through an interpreter. “Egypt does not agree to this.”

    10. Israel ready to let Egypt fly in Sinai? Inviting confrontation.

      According to the unconfirmed report, the patrol planes will be used to follow the activities of Sinai terror cells and pass on information to Egyptian ground forces operating in the peninsula.

      Earlier Monday it was reported that a tank convoy reached the northern edge of the Sinai Peninsula ahead of a broad military operation against terror operatives in the region.,7340,L-4285731,00.html

      Haaretz reported on the first Mossad ops in the region a few weeks back after Brotherhood pinned attacks on Mossad..

      Egypt's Brotherhood blames Israel’s Mossad for deadly Sinai attack

      Mossad agents entered Sinai to target jihadist militant

    11. Another one to watch:

      Yest'd Syrian opposition warned on Lebanon destabalization under the guise of "neighboring countries." it was also reported that Hez aligned Christian politico escaped an assassination attempt.

      Today Lebanon announces it will start drilling offshore.
      "Lebanon is technically ready to start drilling for offshore natural gas reserves, its energy minister said on Monday, after exploration in around half the country’s exclusive economic zone was completed. The area off the southern coast alone contains 12 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, which if extracted “could be enough to cover Lebanon's electricity production needs for 99 years,” the minister said.

      Recall that Lebanon is still enmeshed in a conflict with the UN and Israel mover maritime borders. The UN deferred on gettng involved. Hezbollah has said it will defend its interests while Israel has been ramping up its naval presence around its rigs - Horizontal drilling?)

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      in response to

      Rafsanjani role in spotlight as children jailed Despite the pressures he is under, Mr Rafsanjani played a prominent role in last month's Non-Aligned Summit in Tehran. He walked into the summit alongside Ayatollah Khamenei, and took his seat next to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. ????? What going on here? Elections coming in mid 20`13. The daughter was sentanced for 6 months which puts her back on the street in the heat of the election cycle. US out today suggesting the RG has ties to the Iran oil company as the economic vice is ratcheted tighter and tighter. Wind back to the October Surprise: Rafsanjani was one of Khomeini chief lieutenants and said to have been a player in the agreements. He was also chased out in his own financial scandals not to mention being the co-pilot to the Mousavi election run (7 Green .......

  3. Penny, I should've posted this comment here instead of the other page:

    Here's a great movie that is extremely relevant to all of what is now taking shape in the middle east - globalism using Mujahideen radical Islamist mercenaries, mass media's outright lies and propaganda, the US/CIA and NATO inciting coups and "civil wars" that are actually proxy wars of aggression to divide and destroy people who would otherwise coexist - and, of course, to steal all of the natural resources within their nations.

  4. Linda Juniper ‎@LindaJuniper
    2 terrorists groups clashed together over booty distribution close to Khrbet Marteen village #Idleb, 5 terrorists were killed at least.
    [MAD(Mutually Assured Destruction) Dogs!]

  5. Dylan.johnsons ‎@dylan_johnsons
    The info that the father gave helped the Syrian Army hit a terrorists base in ElKalaseh & kill 53 terrorists, & he was released. #Aleppo 3
    Dylan.johnsons ‎@dylan_johnsons
    After the father learned the truth he endangered his life to reach the authorities & tell them the whereabouts of the terrorists. #Aleppo 2
    Dylan.johnsons ‎@dylan_johnsons
    A #Syria-n "rebel" hosted some Qaeda at his home, where 2 took turns raping his son not more than 14yrs when the father was absent. #Aleppo
    the jihadi terrorists even abuse their supporters...and so lose their devout muslims rape boys?

  6. Linda Juniper ‎@LindaJuniper
    An Egyptian Salafist group used a photo of a man murdered in #Bahrain to raise money for the #Syria-n "revolution".

  7. Syd Walker ‎@SydWalker
    Australians: Pls watch this & DEMAND @BobJCarr explains why "we" support #Syria's terrorists! via @SusanDirgham #auspol

  8. Susan Dirgham ‎@SusanDirgham
    #Syrian stories: "My brother was killed by terrorists who put a photo of his body on Youtube and claimed army did it".

  9. #Syrian stories: "My brother,his wife and kids were killed in their home by a death squad recruited by US ambassador"
    Susan Dirgham ‎@SusanDirgham
    #Syrian stories: "My uncle was killed by militias because he was a govt worker who doesn't support their war."


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    2. thanks LVB:

      Bookmarked and will be taking advantage of that valuable info shortly.

      As for the troll, yes, from the statcounter I do have it's IP address.

      This troll first appeared way back. And the reference to "drunkenness" is so absurd.
      It has to do with posting a colourful pic of beverages and encouraging readers to sit a spell.

      I always feel as if the topics are so heavy every once in a while bit of lightness is needed.

      What really 'gets the "goat' of the troll is the mention of Israel and the benefits accruing to Israel by all the destabilization ongoing in the ME

      That is what the troll takes issue with. So it attacks from below the bridge and skulks off when done

  12. The man needed a kidney for his son & was told in a Turkish Hospital why go to #India, there are cheaper & of a better race organs #Syria-ns

    Linda Juniper ‎@LindaJuniper
    Syrian Dr. in #Germany was contacted by a person who bought a kidney for his child from the Syrian Refugee Camps in #Turkey. #Syria

    Linda Juniper ‎@LindaJuniper
    Syrian Refugees Camps transformed into spare parts shops by #FSA, while #Turkey keeps a blind eye to the ongoing organs harvesting. #Syria

    Linda Juniper ‎@LindaJuniper
    The authorities discovered the car, that was trapped with over 1000kg of explosives & foiled the terrorist attack. #Syria #Hama #Salamiah

    Linda Juniper ‎@LindaJuniper
    #FSA threatened Radwan that they would kill his kidnapped brothers if he doesn't drive a booby trapped car to Bary Sharqy #Salamiah #Hama.

    1. That's "disaster capitalism' Brian
      Not surprised at all to read of organ harvesting taking place in the Syrian "refugee' camps
      Same thing happened in Haiti and other countries
      Where scum comes to prey on human misery for profit


      You're right, Penny, and this is still happening to this day in Kosovo, with the direct involvement and knowledge of their "government" (KLA terrorists), as well as their parent-states, Albania and the United States of America - who of course blatantly violated international law to steal Kosovo from Serbia and make it an artificial "nation" in the first place.

      Although these are perhaps the most gruesome and heinous crimes of the now officially recognized (by the Empire) organ-ized crime state that is Kosovo - it is only in addition to running the world's largest human sex slave trafficking operation in the entire world (mostly females from Central and Eastern Europe who are abducted, drugged, enslaved and sold), as well as the majority of all heroin trafficking from Afghanistan into all of Europe.

      A great victory for the globalist evil Empire, eh? You can be sure that they love everything about this arrangement, except the fact that it is now being exposed to the public.

  13. FYI: journalist Mayer Nasser killed by a sniper in Damascus

  14. Naser has been killed by sniper fire of foreign-backed terrorists while reporting in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Wednesday, Press TV reports.

    An other report says that the bureau chief of Press TV and Al-Alam television networks, Hussein Murtada, has been injured in an attack by terrorists in Damascus. Murtada was injured on Wednesday as he was covering twin blasts in Damascus and the ensuing fighting in the capital.

    Naser posted a message in English and Arabic language on Twitter saying "Twin explosions hit the Syrian capital this morning, one in Omawyeen Square and the other in Abu Remanneh #Damascus," shortly before he was killed.

    "We hold Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who provide weapons and militants to kill civilians, military personnel and journalists, responsible for killing Maya", Press TV's News Room Director Hamid Reza Emadi said. "Press TV will pursue the matter of the murder of Maya and would not let those who killed the correspondent feel like they can kill the media people and get away with it."