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Worrisome scenarios? You got'em. Israel, Syria, Iran & Canada

Heads up!

Two worrying scenarios. Yes, two.
Canada's bizarre expulsion of Iranian diplomats and the subsequent language from PM Harper and Israel's Netanyahu leave me very concerned.

Worrying- Iran departure may leave Canada a target 

Canada may be the target of retaliation after its decision to sever diplomatic ties with Iran.
Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the head of Iran's parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy, said there could be an "immediate and decisive" response to Canada's action according to Fars news agency.
Canadian officials, however, have yet to respond to this threat. 
Narrative creation?   Iranian embassy 'fomenting unrest': Toews 

"We're very concerned about the role of Iran in fomenting unrest and inappropriate violent behaviour," Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said. "We don't approve of any foreign country recruiting Canadian nationals for the type of purposes described by some of the media."
Canada's last Iran ambassador-

"There is one possible scenario where an attack on our embassy and diplomats would be possible or even likely. If Israel were to launch a unilateral attack on Iran without American or international support and Canada was the only major Western country on the ground in Iran supporting Israel, then our embassy and diplomats would likely be at risk. Has the Canadian government decided to provide this type of support to Israel and seeing the danger to our diplomats, acted to pull them out in advance?"

There was no threat.  There is no indication that Iran was fomenting anything in Canada.
In fact Canada has undertaken provocative behaviour against Iranian/Canadians for no legitimate reason .
The reporting on the Iranian embassy is either sensationalist journalism at it's most blatant and bizarre or someone is prepping a narrative.

Second worrisome scenario- War games Persian Gulf Sept 16-27th
I detest the "war games" language. War is not a game.

The U.S. and over 25 other countries will hold the largest scale mine-sweeping exercise on Sept. 16-27 in the Persian Gulf, in a show of unity and a defensive step to prevent Iran from attempting to block oil exports through the Strait of Hormuz.
The U.S. is also racing to complete a new radar system in Qatar in the coming months that would combine with radars already in place in Israel and Turkey to form a broad arc of anti-missile coverage, the report said.
Washington is considering launching further cyber operation like the cyber attack code-named "Olympic Games" that infected Iran's nuclear centrifuges, in a bid to slow down the Iranian nuclear program.
Another proposal, advocated by some former top security officials, supports launching a "clandestine" military strike, just like the one launched by Israel against Syria's nuclear reactor in 2007, to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities.

Speaking of clandestine strikes on Iran, particularly via Israel.  
Freethinker left a link to the most interesting pdf.   
Thanks Freethinker!!! I strongly suggest you check it out. Much good reading to be had
One little part jumped out at me. Regarding an Israeli "go it alone" attack on Iran scenario......
Pg.82 of 98-

It is possible that Israel will carry out a strike against Iranian Nuclear Facilities, if the U.S. does not, with theobjective of either destroying the program or delaying it for some years. The success of the Strike Mission will be measured by how much of the Enrichment program has it destroyed, or the number of years it has delayed Iranian acquisition of enough Uranium or Plutonium from the Arak reactor to build a nuclear bomb.

• We conclude that a military strike by Israel against Iranian Nuclear Facilities is possible and the optimum route would be along the Syrian-Turkish border then over a small portion of Iraq then into Iran, and back the same route. However, the number of aircraft required, refueling along the way and getting to the targets without being detected or intercepted would be complex and high risk and would lack any assurances that the overall mission will have a high success rate.
Does this area, the optimum route for Israel to attack Iran, along the Syrian -Turkish border just so happen to, coincidentally, (and remember I am not a coincidence theorist) be the same area that NATO is working on making a "no fly/humanitarian zone. Just a thought.

This image, above,  is not great but give you an idea that the northern route is according to the CSIS pdf the optimum route for Israel to attack Iran.
For a much better, more detailed image go to Page 84 of the pdf.

I don't know how credible this report is, but, let's have a look at it anyway-

The US cuts Israel loose or buys insurance?

The United States has indirectly informed Iran, via two European nations, that it would not back an Israeli strike against the country's nuclear facilities, as long as Tehran refrains from attacking American interests in the Persian Gulf, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday.

According to the report, Washington used covert back-channels in Europe to clarify that the US does not intend to back Israel in a strike that may spark a regional conflict.

Which links back to Ynet

My thoughts- It's doubtful that the US would cut Israel loose.
But then I am quite certain the Israeli government is just about as concerned about the ordinary people resident in Israel as the American ,Canadian, French or British etc., etc.,  governments are concerned about the ordinary residents in their respective nations. Plainly speaking everyone is expendable.

One last bit of info before closing this post up

Interview- Francis Boyle/Steven Lendman. Approximately 30 minutes


  1. "There was no threat. There is no indication that Iran was fomenting anything in Canada."

    I guess you haven't heard about the Canada Fifth Column which has been abetted by multiculturalism and political correctness, which are weaknesses of Canadians.

    Christine Williams, Gatestone Institute, quoted:
    Iran is expanding a "fifth column" in Canada. This warning, articulated by David Harris, former head of operations for the Canadian Intelligence Service and now a strategic intelligence expert, highlights some disturbing facts: many expatriates have been warning of the threat of Iranian diplomats conspiring in Canada; of the stealth workings of the Hezbollah terrorist organization, and there is evidence of Iranian infiltration in the school system. . . .

    A tight, organized network of Iranian terrorists seems to be using elementary schools, universities and government institutions -- not to mention manipulating the multicultural system -- to promote its messages of propaganda and hate, apparently with the ultimate goal of conquering the "infidel." According to Shabnam Assadollahi, an Iranian-Canadian and anti-Iranian Regime activist, who helped translate the Mohammadi interview, "Multiculturalism is killing Canada. I am sick and tired of political correctness in this country."

  2. Iran will learn a lot by observing this anti-mine exercise, which won't include any activity in the Strait of Hormuz.

    * Iran has thousands of mines that it can quickly sow using various means. They are ten as powerful as those used in the Tanker War and would take forever to remove, especially since the US is weak on mine removal.
    * Mines are dangerous. Since 1950, naval mines have inflicted three times the number of ship causalities on the U.S. Fleet than all other threats combined.
    * The hard-to-detect "rocket mine" that's triggered by the distinctive magnetic or acoustic signature of a ship, such as a US aircraft carrier, and then launches a propelled 600-popund warhead at the target. Then there's the Russian MDM6, equally difficult to detect, that can tackle multiple targets. It lies on the seabed that fires a torpedo-like warhead when it senses a vessel. Both these mines can be laid by Iran's Kilo-class submarines.
    * Iran's threat to strangle oil tanker traffic through the Straits of Hormuz has the Navy scrambling to redress its decades-old neglect of mine warfare. Admirals from the Chief of Naval Operations on down have publicly admitted the service is not where it needs to be. When asked point-blank whether he was "comfortable" with the Navy's mine-clearing capabilities, the Chief of Naval Operations said bluntly, "No."

    1. Don: Are you advocating for war on Iran?
      Also are you aware the straits of hormuz are NOT international waters?

  3. Does this area, the optimum route for Israel to attack Iran, along the Syrian -Turkish border just so happen to, coincidentally, (and remember I am not a coincidence theorist) be the same area that NATO is working on making a "no fly/humanitarian zone. Just a thought.

    This document was done by a Anthony H. Cordesman, a man who believes that USA über alles. I think with the downing of the drone, the cracking of NATO secure communication (evidence are the slaughter of the rats by ambushes) by Iranian and Syriaian this will not happen. The attack rather will come from the strait of Hormuz if it will happen at all. This whole murderous mayhem should have finished in June, these bombings are the final act of desperation. The battle to come is in Turkey and Saudi.

    1. " The attack rather will come from the strait of Hormuz"

      Back up the train on that one hans
      from the strait of hormuz!


  4. Don Bacon

    surely you jest?

    The Gatestone Institute?

    Let's look at their columnists shall we?

    Ted Belman
    Expert on the Middle East, Based in Israel

    John R. Bolton

    Shoshana Bryen- formerly of JINSA

    Alan M. Dershowitz
    Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

    -Irwin Cotler LOL

    -Douglas J. Feith neo-con

    -Seth J. Frantzman

    -Ronnie Fraser

    -Lee Kaplan (now thats a blast from the past)!
    Undercover investigative journalist
    Director, Academic Friends of Israel

    William Katz
    Editor, Urgent Agenda

    Moshe Ya'alon
    Journalist and Author
    -Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
    Israel National News

    -Farid Ghadry
    Journalist LOL JINSA

    Not a surprise to see Pepe Escobar there, for he is a good gatekeeper limited hangout type of "journalist" anyway.....

    Finally the author of the piece you are referring to

    Shabnam Assadollahi

    "Israel has been especially active in this campaign, as I reported during my collaboration with Shamai Leibowitz. We exposed conversations among Israeli diplomats who were promoting a hostile view of Iran that would be conducive eventually to striking it militarily. American Jews and Jewish organizations were willing partners in this project.

    Now, Ben Doherty of Electronic Intifada and I have exposed yet another such strange project dreamed up by a PR firm run by a former IDF public affairs officer and funded by the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York. The latter is the political and lobbying arm of the powerful New York Jewish community.

    Together they created a "group" on behalf of the JCRC called Iran180.

    Now the "author" of the piece you are quoting
    Shabnam Assadollahi is a mouthpiece for the Iran180 group, therefore she is a tool of the Jewish Lobby.

    Iran180 is what’s known in political PR circle as an "astroturf" organization. It exists in name only and serves the interests of parties who can’t be seen publicly to be supporting an issue. In the case of this group, the JCRC and others like the Anti-Defamation League, groups like the American Jewish Committee and UJA Federation of New York, joined together as formal sponsors of the group

    Iran180, however, leads a double life. On the one hand it attempts to be a serious human rights organization. But it has a Jekyll/Hyde identity as a rough-and-tumble agitprop street theater group featuring giant puppets acting the part of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and various other Middle Eastern tyrants like Bashar Assad and Muammar Gadhafi.

    here is a video of her
    Iran 180

    The only fifth column in Canada is Israel

    1. I was thinking you were!
      But, I had to be sure.

    2. Speaking of shoshana whatshername, the kremlin stooge has a post up about her at

      Anyway, i have been thinking of the albert pike wwiii scenario which requires israel to be destroyed. Given that the first two wars went down as he predicted / instructed, i have been wondering if this is the outcome they are shooting for, and bibi is just the whackjob to do it. He is that freaking crazy.

    3. I thought the whole idea of an Iranian fifth column in Canada's elementary schools was obviously hilarious.

      But on another plane, it isn't. In the U.S. we've seen similar wrongful attitudes toward people who were designated enemies, people with Japan, Italy and German backgrounds, also China, and now Latin America. We expect Canada to be better than that, more multicultural. Better national anthem, too, one people can actually sing. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    4. This is for you Don, Penny, and Scott Taylor if he's reading this...

      I disagree that O Canada is a "better" anthem, but I will say that most of the idiotic pop stars who are allowed to sing ours at public events (possibly one of the most heinous side effects of our freedom) do nothing but butcher it into a complete mockery.

      As a young lad playing hockey against (obviously far superior) Canadian teams, I would join them in singing O Canada (or, Oh CanaDUH! for humor), which made them ask "Were you born in Canada?", and I replied, "Nah, I just like the song".

      I also really like the Soviet/Russian anthem, though I disagree with most aspects of Communism.

      Finally, I would say that the link below is one of the best "anthems" that I've ever heard. It was written by a very talented Canadian who I'm sure most of you have never even heard of. If you have, then you're probably old like me.

      If you guys were smart you'd petition to have this one replace O Canada. Enjoy. ;)

    5. Pop stars are hired to sing the Star-spangled Banner bc ordinary mortals can't.

      It is good for a joke though. Long ago and far away (Kansas) I car-pooled with a guy by the name of José Peña. One morning, in the winter, he came to pick me up and since it was still dark I turned on the outside light. And then I said: "José can you see by Don's early light?"

      Well it was funny then.

    6. Don: I find it so odd, and wonder how it is people do not catch on when an immigrant or immigrants to Canada (in this case) attacks the tolerance or multiculturalism of the society that they have placed themselves in.

      Would they be happier living in a xenophobic society, such as the one Shabnam Assadollahi along with the Israeli lobby are attempting to create

      One filled with fear and hatred?

    7. AP: not really up on that scenario (Albert Pike) heard of it , just not on any in depth level.

      If Israel goes it along, then they will have destroyed themselves
      If the US attacks and Israel gets taken out then Israel will have still done themselves in

      Remember there is always Patagonia

    8. LVB: Mahogany Rush?!
      I recall the name.
      That was an awesome anthem

      "It was written by a very talented Canadian who I'm sure most of you have never even heard of. If you have, then you're probably old like me."

      I suspect your a bit older then me ?
      But being Canadian, yeah, I have heard of them
      Don't think they got the recognition they deserved

    9. Glad you liked it, Penny.

      I was just a kid when I heard of them, so yeah old but not THAT old, I suppose. ;)

      I don't think many Canadians, or other artists, ever get the true recognition (as opposed to the lie that is "fame") they deserve, exactly because of the corp greed and #1 priority being $$$, not art.

      Prime examples are Bieber and Celine, as previously mentioned. LOL

    10. I don't think many Canadians, or other artists, ever get the true recognition (as opposed to the lie that is "fame") they deserve, exactly because of the corp greed and #1 priority being $$$, not art.


  5. Canada on Iran and Syria is such a disgrace.

    Harper is the focal point for the shame and disgust that Canadians feel about our new jingoistic war loving ways.

    But as usual, our Libs, NDP and Greens quietly support the business of war. They voted 100% in favor of the Libya crimes twice in House of Commons votes.

    On Iran those three fake parties are every bit as disgusting.

    Bob Rae on Iran....
    The Liberal Party has been at the forefront on the issue of Iran, calling the regime to account for its appalling human rights record, its support for terrorism, its genocidal rhetoric, as well as its nuclear program that clearly defies both international obligation and inspection.
    Iran’s regime is a threat to the security of the region and the world. Israel needs to know that it is not alone in its concerns..."

    Elizabeth May.....
    The Green Party of Canada unequivocally condemns the human rights situation in Iran. This includes torture, arbitrary arrests, gross miscarriages of Iranian justice and, most disturbing, the death of detainees while in custody.
    Call for full Iranian government cooperation with all IAEA inspections and requests concerning Iran’s nuclear program.

    Thomas Muclair is well known for his decidedly un-NDP like views on mid east issues.

    1. "But as usual, our Libs, NDP and Greens quietly support the business of war. They voted 100% in favor of the Libya crimes twice in House of Commons votes."

      Because the NATO agenda is what sets the standard
      It matters not who wears the dunce cap in Ottawa

    2. A Confederacy of Dunces!
      PS, good of you to put up the swine flu vaccine story.

    3. thanks anonymous
      I posted extensively on that subject

  6. Iran would track each and every one of those Israeli planes and then blow each one of them out of the air. Iran is not just another raqggedy-ass country, it is highly competent and well-armed, which is why the US military won't touch it.

    This whole concocted Iran crisis is simply to create a diversion for Israel's rape of Palestine, which has been driven from the public view.

    1. Don,

      You're right about that, unless they have a few hundred US and NATO planes in advance doing radar jamming and air defense suppression (bombing radar and missile sites).

      And, even if that happens, plenty of Israeli planes will still be shot down in the bombing roles by AAA guns, so they might as well just get out of the way and have the US do it all for them with B-2 stealth bombers and cruise missiles - which we know very well is what exactly what Israel wants in the first place - for the US to do all of their dirty work, which most Americans are totally opposed to, and they know it.

      This is why the propaganda and fear campaign is so active against Iran and Syria, and it will surely increase after the election.

      It's a lot like N Korea, strategically...yes, the Empire could knock them out, but not before N Korea launched from their thousands of artillery guns and turned Seoul and a million+ people into a burning heap of ashes.

      Under the cirumstances, I have to agree with Chomsky that Iran is crazy if they are NOT developing nuclear weapons as a deterrent. Ever notice that members of the "nuclear club" are the only ones that the Empire doesn't pick on? Like Pakistan or China, for example?

      Iran is well within their rights and allows inspectors from IAEA, unlike Israel - who is the only actual rogue nuclear state in the Middle East, and they want to keep it that way, not just merely "exist".

      If I behaved as brutally Israel does, I'd be worried about threats to my existence, too. But what is always missing in mass media discussions (if you can even call them "discussions" without laughing) is the fact that, for the most part, the Israeli govt's aggression and unrepentant brutality for decades is the CAUSE of all this hatred - they are in no way an innocent victim, no matter what may happen there, although many innocent Israeli people will die as a result of their govt's actions.

      This is not a news flash, the Israeli leadership all know this very well, and operate in the ways that they do by design - not out of self-defense, but out of complete hostility and aggression.

      This is what makes them a premier member of the Empire of Hypocrisy and Genocide - on a scale that Hitler could only have dreamed of. And, just like their Nazi nemesis of the past, Israel also refuses to make even the slightest apology for their many war crimes. On the contrary, they are fully convinced that everything they do is justified and must be done.

      Scary parallel there, huh?

    2. The Arab people and the Arab nations are most concerned about Israel, which has nukes, and not Iran, which doesn't. Naturally. But the MSM dutifully reports the US/Israel position that Iran is the monster.

      In the most recent recent (2011) and most comprehensive public opinion survey to date, which covered 12 Arab/Muslim countries and 16,731 face-to-face interviews, and which was conducted by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS), found that “by a 15-1 ratio, Israel and the US are seen as more threatening than Iran.”

      Jul 16, 2010
      Arab League calls on Israel to join NPT
      Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa has called on Israel, which believed to be the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

    3. LVB 'On the contrary, they are fully convinced that everything they do is justified and must be done.'

      because they are 'chosen'
      The question is by who?
      Not me

  7. Canada's announcement came on the same day that Canada designated Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism. A new Canadian law required the government to come up with a list of state terrorism sponsors by September 13, and many feared such a declaration could have sparked reprisals in Tehran if Canadian diplomats had stayed.

    Actually, there are no Iranians listed as terrorists on any U.S. list, and I assume that applies to Canada also. Also Iran does not fund terrorists in other countries, as the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia do, to name three.

    The US and its puppet allies (sorry, Canada) merely get their panties in a twist over Iran's support of Hezbollah. Hez is a party formed to resist the Israel invasion of Lebanon and is now a majority in the government of Lebanon.

    1. "The US and its puppet allies (sorry, Canada)"

      Don't apologize, it's true. The vast majority of Canadians need to get that through their hockey helmet heads
      If it isn't follow the US then it is follow England
      However some shallow egotistical Canadians are enjoying the perceived machismo of PM Harper and his "tough talk"

    2. Although I mostly agree with you, Canada has in fact demonised many people and organisations as terrorist who come from Iran. It was the excuse behind the thousands of Canadians who have been totally stonewalled by the banks, because they were deemed to have some connection with "terrorists", and therefore were themselves terrorists.

      In the New World Order, all you have to be is on the wrong list, and democracy doesn't exist for you. You are segregated, observed, wire-tapped unknowingly and illegally, have funds taken from you, and are utterly ostracised.

      These embassy attacks are a precursor to some kind of false flag event, then the major conflict begins.

    3. Hi again Slozo

      You might have missed this in the post?

      "There was no threat. There is no indication that Iran was fomenting anything in Canada.
      In fact Canada has undertaken provocative behaviour against Iranian/Canadians for no legitimate reason .
      The reporting on the Iranian embassy is either sensationalist journalism at it's most blatant and bizarre or someone is prepping a narrative."

      In there is a link to the closing of bank accounts

      "These embassy attacks are a precursor to some kind of false flag event, then the major conflict begins. "

      I will not disagree with that

  8. Hi Penny
    been away for a while and will be again, just a few thoughts about the current situation for discussion by the group.

    I don't think Iran would attack America in retaliation of an attack by Israel as that would defiantly bring in America as defending it's self rather than helping Israel in its "war" in the middle east.
    Iran's response would be against any Israel target it could get at including Israel it's self. A much safer bet as it keeps the war local.

    I feel it has too many ships in the Persian Gulf with another battle group just outside in the Gulf of Oman. Too much risk in too small an area. Iran would need to deploy a massive land and sea attack to overwhelm the defensive capabilities of the ships in the Persian Gulf however it would almost be like shooting apples in a barrel, very little manoeuvring space for a battle group nowadays with the size of the ships.

    America just now is well committed in its current wars in the Middle East, Africa and the east with deployments in Asia showing it can cause China some grief if needed.

    I really think Israel has way to much influence in Europe and America though I am hopeful cooler heads will come out and say hey wait a minute here.

    Straits of Hormuz Iran would threaten all civilian transport that it may mine the straight or place draconian measures as to passage for all civilian transport both in and out of the straight. This would give pause to all shipping companies about losing their ships, drive insurance premiums up which would have to be picked up by the US / Israel if they want the trade (oil) to pass through, the loss of 1 tanker would pretty well stop all traffic unless a convoy system was deployed to shepard the ships through. The only way to protect the straights effectively is to invade and secure all the coast line this would be costly in manpower and casualties. Iran would be defending its own land and with a population of 70 million have plenty of manpower to bring to the fight. recent history shows how much they defended their land against Iraq in the '80's.

    As an afterthought the only country with a similar population to Iran in the area is Turkey also with about 70 million, so to be effective Israel would need Turkey as an ally (possible,) no probable now with the latest comments re apology and paving the way for transit routes for aircraft to Iran.


    What have you poor people got as a prime minister, sap wood?? Iran is the biggest threat on the planet I sluffed that one off a couple of months ago as a bit of polly hype. Not now the guy is serious in his comment then withdrawing embassy staff, wow Canada Israel in a joint effort hmmmmmm not sure though it seems something is afoot. Mind you it may also be look here while something is going on over the otherside while attention is on this seemingly mad attention grabber. Be alert I guess is what I'm saying here.

    Finally 2 definitions of an expert

    1 Ex = unknown quantity pert = squirt under pressure

    2 Person who has done a lot of study in a given field and developed a very good knowledge base and built a good reputation in that field as being progressive and through. Then over time has begun to rely on that reputation , stopped learning and developed a closed mind usually more dangerous that 1.

    On that note ill say tara for now


    1. Kam Nam!
      Hello. Was wondering where you had gotten to?

      If Iran is attacked by Israel or the US either way Israel will feel the retaliation

      Then of course, as Francis Boyle pointed out there are the unknowns of Russia and China?

      As for the leadership in Canada?

      'What have you poor people got as a prime minister, sap wood??'


      PM Harper insured his 'majority' through election fraud
      just an fyi

      Canada is not a democracy any more then the US is
      It's a fascist dictatorship, where the people live with an illusion of freedom
      same as elsewhere

    2. in 'representative democracies', you vote for a party to represent you in practice what happpens is the party uses the elections to legitimise its rule, and pursues policies that benefit the party or the funders firstly...the voters only benefit secondarily or as needed to gain relection
      'democracy' as in rule by the people doesnt exist


  9. Hi Penny
    should have done all my reading first :-)
    Addendum to my last post re Canada just read this article
    Humiliation is indeed the operative word for Canada in particular. The past five years of Conservative rule in Canada under the fiercely pro-Israeli Prime Minister Stephen Harper have brought nothing but disgrace to Canada internationally, and this present move adds further humiliation.

    As if scripted, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately commended Canada’s decision. With good cause, as it looks suspiciously like a response to a direct Israeli request. Canadian foreign policy is now made in consultation with Israeli advisers under a public security cooperation “partnership” signed in 2008 by Canada and Israel to “protect their respective countries’ population, assets and interests from common threats”. Israel security agents now officially assist Canada’s security services, the RCMP and CSIS, in profiling Canadians citizens who are Muslims and monitoring individuals and/or organisations in Canada involved in supporting the rights of Palestinians and other such nefarious activities.
    ens snip
    Article here



    1. Humiliation is indeed the operative word for Canada in particular. The past five years of Conservative rule in Canada under the fiercely pro-Israeli Prime Minister Stephen Harper have brought nothing but disgrace to Canada internationally, and this present move adds further humiliation.


  10. Syrian Truth l Field report from Tadamon neighborhood in Damascus today with English subtitles
    By Arabi Souri

    A report by Safa Mohamad of ANB channel of Syrian Arab Army soldiers facing terrorist groups in Tadamon neighborhood, Damascus shows Saudi, Qatari, Lebanese, Iraqi.. passports, military uniforms, israeli weapons, field hospitals.. used by the Turkish FSA terrorists..

    this is a useful report as we can see the FSA consists of foreign invaders

  11. On the CSIS paper - I said when posting the link: On the face of it that paper seems to be a dampener for any unilateral action from Israel, but worryingly, to me it looks like they downplay the repercussions of the scenario in which Israel uses 'Low Yield Earth Penetrating Nuclear Weapons' (missiles). The phrase (or something similar) "Some believe that nuclear weapons are the only weapons that can destroy targets deep underground or in tunnels" is used multiple times.

    As someone well used to interpreting technical documents it strikes me that the paper is subtly promoting the Israeli nuclear strike option as the low-cost, low-risk, high-success option (relatively speaking). Also the statement against the nuke option is rather weak:
    "The U.S. would not allow any other country, even a strong ally such as Israel, to use them, unless another
    country had used nuclear weapons against the U.S. and its allies.

    Alexander Higgins has taken the same inference: Nuclear Strike On Iran Needed To Take Out Facilities: Report
    "I personally would not be surprised if a nuclear strike was carried out in secret while the US sells the lie to the rest of the world the strike was done with conventional weapons.

    How would they get caught from the radiation left at the site?

    Not at all. Since they are striking nuclear facilities the radiation could simply be blamed on the nuclear materials already at the site.

    1. ""The U.S. would not allow any other country, even a strong ally such as Israel, to use them, unless another
      country had used nuclear weapons against the U.S. and its allies."


      now I see what you are getting at

      If Israel attacks the nuclear facilities the US will spin that the radiation is from Iran and not from Israel using nuclear weapons

      Admittedly I did not pick it up from the pdf

  12. Hi again Penny
    This I came across just now re some rebel killing Syria soldiers possibly cant make out the uniforms properly maybe someone else can verify it.

    Link :



  13. a rare comment in the MSM:
    i recall when any association with alqaeda resulted in invasion murder incarceration

  14. Hi Penny

    came across this over at china news


    They have dubbed the hoped-for rally as "the one million national salvation rally," gaining so far around 4,000 people who have Okayed to take part.

    "We, opponents and proponents, call for an immediate cease fire by all parties ... we want to work together for this peaceful initiative," the organizers of the page stated.

    They stressed that neither the Syrian flag nor that of the rebels will be hoisted during the demonstration, adding that the only slogan will be that the Syrian people wants an enforcement of the law, reforms and immediate cease-fire.

    The new initiative will press for conducting urgent presidential elections under neutral international surveillance, the return of the Syrian army to its barracks, and the release of all prisoners of opinions.

    Despite the apparent enthusiasm and the youth's flow of adrenaline, the Syrian Interior Ministry met the youth's calls with warnings that any demonstration -- according to the law -- should not be held without obtaining a prior permission.

    The Ministry stressed on Monday that none has so far applied for permission.

    This public initiative coincided with another plan by the Syrian opposition at home to convene a "national conference to salvage Syria" in the capital Damascus on Sept. 23.

    The conference was initially slated for Sept. 12 but was later postponed until the opposition acquire guarantees from the Syrian government to allow some opposition figures abroad to huddle in Damascus to take part.

    Russia has reportedly mediated the guarantees issue.

    The conference is called for by over 20 Syrian political parties and is expected to focus on rescuing the country from dangers it encounters owing to the enforcement of the security solution. Some opposition figures abroad have, however, said they will not take part in the meeting and furthermore defected from Syrian-based opposition parties for this specific detail, in another indicator to the fractured nature of the Syrian opposition.

    Still, the two initiatives have come on the heels of the failure of several regional and international endeavors to end the 18-month-old crisis in the country, coupled with mounting popular resentment over the military escalation by both the government and the rebels that has claimed the lives of thousands of Syrians and displaced hundreds of thousands others.

    Over the past two days, the Syrian army's helicopters have dropped leaflets appealing on all gunmen in the Eastern Ghouta in the Damascus suburbs to capitalize on the "chance of salvation" and surrender their weapons "in order to live again in peace and security."

    The leadership of the Syrian Army previously distributed similar messages via cell phones.

    In one message, the army said: "To all those who hold up arms against the Syrian Arab army and the security personnel, remember how you used to live before you have got involved in holding up arms ... And remember how you used to live in peace and security with your family and your loved ones! Remember."

    The leaflets, and despite the moderate and soft tone, have also revealed the army's determination to smash armed insurgency " whatever the price might be."

    Those peaceful initiatives were also echoed by some cries from moderate opposition parties.

    The Opposition State Building Current said in a statement that the escalated political conflict in Syria has had "dangerous and tragic" repercussions on the national unity and the safety and livelihood of the Syrians.

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