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From France to Libya &Syria, with love? Or death and destruction?

         'Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive''

 I have used this quote frequently here. For many different reasons, regarding varying situations and  yet, all happenings having the one common thread running through them. That is, of course, deception.

I hope you have been following along? It will sure make it much easier. We are going to start with this story left by an anonymous commenter-

We are covering Gaddafis  assassination- the Ambassador's quiet funeral- Syria's connection via NATO eavesdropping to kill Gaddafi and finally Russian Peacekeepers in Syria??? Going long folks
Anonymous October 1, 2012 6:59 AM
"Gaddafi was killed by French secret serviceman on orders of Nicolas Sarkozy, sources claim"
Isn’t that interesting? And, thanks Anonymous! Just quoting some tidbits from the article....

“A French secret serviceman acting on the express orders of Nicolas Sarkozy is suspected of murdering Colonel Gaddafi, it was sensationally claimed today.”
Now Mahmoud Jibril, who served as interim Prime Minister following Gaddafi's overthrow, told Egyptian TV: 'It was a foreign agent who mixed with the revolutionary brigades to kill Gaddafi.”

Interesting timing, wouldn’t you say? If you don't find the timing interesting remember the last post?  About Gaddafi’s killer dying in the French hospital last week?

Man who "captured Gaddaffi" dies of injuries?? Kind of, sort of, maybe?

Recall in the previous post I had expressed doubts regarding the story of how/when and where this man had been injured  and why was he in hospital in France. Recollect, the suggestion by myself, that the deceased man was more likely tied to the take down at the consulate? I am still leaning in that direction. While suspecting, indeed, this may have been the man who actually killed Gaddafi.

  More from  the linked article

“In another sinister twist to the story, a 22-year-old who was among the group which attacked Gaddafi and who frequently brandished the gun said to have killed him, died in Paris last Monday.”

Ben Omran Shaaban was said to have been beaten up himself by Gaddafi loyalists in July, before being shot twice.He was flown to France for treatment, but died of his injuries in hospital.

Since you have been reading along, you will know that this was NOT the name of the individual provided to us, via the media after Gaddafi was assassinated.

 “Grinning Mohammed al Bibi, 20, was greeted by wild crowds in Sirte amid volley after volley of celebration gunfire. “

                    Mohammed al Bibi?                                            Omran Shaaban?

There is also an age discrepancy? The killer of Gaddafi would be 21 right about now, not 22.

So, we have a problem. We allegedly have two individuals killing Gaddafi, when only one would have taken the “kill shot” We have a leak, that is interesting and curiously timed. Sarkozy is out of office and the man that killed Gaddafi is dead. As is the Ambassador of Libya.
I am still thinking “cleaning house”  "Tying up loose ends" Or who knows... perhaps something else entirely. A situation that hasn't even crossed my mind!!! You?

Felix left a comment and link regarding the killing of Gaddafi  and the Ambassador's low key funeral
“I never believed the Gaddafi death story , and neither this one. Psy ops imho.
Musings on the strange low key funerals or lack of them here”
Before we get to Felix’s link and the news I could dig up on the  Ambassador’s funeral...

Let’s just say, I can’t disagree with the sentiment expressed by Felix. The “drain pipe” capture and the boy with the golden gun were narrative creation/perception management. Fodder for the masses. The drain pipe story was used to create a perception of a cowardly man, reduced by his “superiors” to hiding in a drain pipe. This narrative “how the mighty have fallen” played out previously with Saddam and the “spider hole” The boy with the golden gun, was used to demonstrate youthful enthusiasm bringing about “justice” with a bit of James Bond, for the Hollywood indoctrinated crowd.

Taking into consideration the news about the French secret service man being the killer of Gaddafi and the death of Omran Shaaban in hospital in France. It seems likely Omran Shaaban was the killer of Gaddafi and now that he is gone, well, why now? Why leak this news now?

Onto the link left by Felix regarding the Ambassador’s death- Ambassador Stevens and colleagues: Why "the sound of silence"? 
Worth reading and  thanks for that link Felix!

 You might be interested in this also?
Parents remember slain ambassador to Libya

The Ambassador was cremated. The family has created a “non-profit”
Some video here, interviewing the family

This article on Gaddafi and the French killer also makes an interesting connection to Syria, specifically to the tracking of communications undertaken by Assad.

"“Rami El Obeidi, the former head of foreign relations for the Libyan transitional council, said he knew that Gaddafi had been tracked through his satellite telecommunications system as he talked to Bashar Al-Assad, the Syrian dictator.”

Nato experts were able to trace the communications traffic between the two Arab leaders, and so pinpoint Gaddafi to the city of Sirte, where he was murdered on October 20 2011"
Is this legit?
In all likelihood, NATO had been eavesdropping for a heck of a long time on both Assad and Gaddafi, so there is not much of a reason to think this could not be true.

Speaking of Syria -Anonymous left another interesting link- From willyloman, a place I am almost completely unfamiliar with. That said, the piece is worth looking at!
Thanks to Scott for putting it together.

Russian Peacekeeping Forces “CAN” Deploy to Syria Under New UN Mandate

The Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper reported in June of this year that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his general staff to work out plans to deploy Russian military assets as peace keepers in Syria under the guidelines of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and a UN mandate which he has been working to secure. Seems like he may yet get his chance to set those plans in motion.
Early reports from Ria Novosti, Voltaire Network , Turkish Weekly and the Public Radio of Armenia detail a new deal signed by Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) chief Nikolai Bordyuzha and Herve Ladsous, the head of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, to allow the CSTO potentially to deploy as “blue hats” or UN Peacekeepers in trouble spots across the world including South Ossetia and Syria.
Apparently the deal was signed late Friday. This Memorandum of Understanding now allows for CSTO forces to be deployed as opposed to just NATO troops which have been deployed in the past.
Read entirely at link above

The “can” but will they? Worth keeping an eye on.
 A scenario that has been bandied around for some time now, including previous mentions here on the blog. If I am not mistaken there was talk in the Chinese media regarding Chinese peacekeepers being possible also.




  3. The Stevens family seems legit in the video so unless something concrete comes along I guess we can say he is actually dead.

    1. I'm not saying anything to the contrary as far as your impressions about the Stevens family. However, isn't it also true that good actors "seem" very sincere when we see them playing their roles in films?

      Just sayin'. It wouldn't be the first time we were all manipulated by the powers that be using emotional, sobbing people to justify their wars of aggression.

      Miss "Nayirah" and her "eyewitness account" of Iraqi soldiers tossing babies out of incubators to die - which we now know was a complete lie and fabrication, courtesy of Hill & Knowlton, a powerful American public relations firm hired by the Kuwaiti royal family - comes immediately to mind.

      So, if we already know they've lied to us many times on such a huge scale - lies propagated by mass media to provoke and justify WARS - and they never even once apologized or repented for lying to us - it might be wise for all of us to be just a little bit skeptical about these things they tell us through the tear-filled eyes of victims - whether they are real, or staged and false "Nayirah victims".

      I'll just reiterate that Ambassador Stevens was (like most of the US "diplomats"), without a doubt, a CIA operative - which makes no difference as far as whether or not he had a loving, and now grieving family - it just simply is what it is, and therefore something to consider.

      You can all draw your own conclusions from there - and I hope you do - rather than ever accepting those that are given to you by the globalist mass media.

    2. I'm with LVB. Watching a video presentation of the family is not proof.

      We saw a very similar pattern with fake 9/11 victims. Many of them had actor families (that were not always good actors) and they also developed charities for their fake dead loved ones.

      It's a great scam, if you think about it. Not only do you do a psy-op but you make some money off it. Let's Roll forums has some awesome coverage of this:

    3. And, just incidentally Walt, I feel the same vibe about the alleged "dead Turkish F-4 pilots" - I still believe it was a QF-4 target drone that Syria shot down over their own sovereign airspace.

      IF it had truly been a manned F-4 aircraft that was shot down by Syria "over international waters", that surely would've given the US and NATO the pretext they want so badly to do some massive "no fly zone / humanitarian bombing" of Syria, wouldn't you say?

      I mean, retrospect, the evil ones at the Pentagon and NATO bombed Serbia for months with no US Congessional approval (in fact a majority vote against it), and Serbia had never attacked or even threatened any NATO member country. Ever...despite Germany arming Croatia, and the US and Saudi arming the Bosnian Mujahideen and Albanian Jihadist KLA against them.

      Turkey, on the other hand, IS a member of NATO, and shooting down one of their planes "over international waters" and killing two pilots would be a crystal clear violation and justification to attack Syria, "legally", under the useless and hypocritical NATO charter.

      For being painted initially as such a provocative and terrible international incident - it just got so very quiet, very quickly, didn't it? Something VERY obvious is wrong with this entire picture.

      So, looking back a few months now in retrospect, it is VERY clear to me that the Turkish F-4 shootdown was a major Psy-Op - one that was a major FAIL.

      And I tend to think this was partly due to more of us paying attention, and not simply believing that everything (or anything) the US and mass media tells us even remotely resembles the truth.

      If ANY of what they claimed was true, Syria would already have a new Empire-approved govt - one just like the Muslim Bros in Egypt - or more likely, all out al-CIAda Mujahideen/Soros, Inc. type "democracy".

    4. Who knows what's going on. One thing they have achieved is confusion.

      The shooting down of the Turkish F-4 for sure could have included a psy op in that they faked a dead pilot and a grieving family. Wonder if there's a non-profit foundation in his name and if his father does a road show.

      There were some good threads here and elsewhere that exposed questionable details . . . you had some nice contributions and I agree with you that a drone makes sense. I would love to think they got busted and decided to back off, but I don't think so. The plan probably called for the ratcheting up of tension.

      The shooting also caused Turkey to convene NATO under Article 4 for only the second time in its history and talk of it invoking Article 5.

      I have been reading about the immigrants entering Greece from Turkey and Turkey sure seems to be a source of instability in the region with NATO backing it up. Wonder if there is highway of people to Turkey that end up getting sent into Syria to fight or Greece to fend for themselves . . . or the refugee camps.

    5. I hear what you are saying and don't dismiss it. We may never know.

    6. regarding the ambassador??
      I don't think we will ever know for certain what happened and if either of these individuals really died.
      Speaking for myself, and myself only, I am going with both of these people are dead. The Ambassador, the man in the French hospital, who IMO is the man that most likely killed Gaddafi.

      It does seem entirely possible the Ambassador outlived his usefulness and gotten rid of. Also that his death would serve to bring about another agenda....

      Which recalling afterwards we saw the US quickly deploy more marines then are already stationed covertly.

      WWM "one thing they achieved is confusion"

      Order out of chaos. Always good for the ptb's
      Hey LVB!

  4. The name EL OBEIDI is also the name of the woman who claimed to have been raped at the hotel the foreign press were using. It was one of the events 'acted out' to commit the west into taking action against Libya.


    1. Thanks aferrismoon. I recall that incident.

      " EL OBEIDI is also the name of the woman who claimed to have been raped"

      and isn't it interesting that the former head of foreign relations for the transitional government has the same name??

      “Rami El Obeidi, the former head of foreign relations for the Libyan transitional

      And what exactly is the position of head of foreign relations for the Libyan transitional government???

      Is this a family affair?

  5. Turkish foreign ministry gives a well deserved smack down to saudi dictators private media Al-Arabiya:
    Turkish Foreign Ministry source denies al-Arabiya reports on the two plane's pilots

    A prominent source at the Turkish Foreign Ministry denied al-Arabiya TV allegations that the Two Turkish pilots whose warplane was downed by the Syrian air defense were killed at the hands of Syrian intelligence.

    The source, which spoke on a condition of anonymity, described to the Turkish Hurriyet Newspaper the report as ultimately nonsense.

    A Turkish military expert, for his part, said that al-Arabiya TV report is not trustworthy.

  6. How do you like it? 95% of the 14,800 'rebels' in #Syria are not Syrians! by the BND (German Intelligence)..
    @3arabiSouri Yesterday 26 retweets | 3 replies
    Deutscher Geheimdienst: 95 % der Rebellen in Syrien sind Ausländer

    Berlin (IRIB) - Der BND gab zu, dass nur 5 % der bewaffneten Terroristen in Syrien wirklich Syrer sind, 95 % von ihnen kommen aus dem Ausland. Laut de &#8230;

    1. That page is now 404. Here's the current page in English:,-foreigners

      The German intelligence organization has revealed that 95% of insurgents in Syria are foreigners.
      According to IRIB World Service, citing a highly-circulated German paper, the German intelligence service maintains an official and precise report on the nationalities of insurgents in Syria. Based on this report, the majority of insurgents in Syria are from African countries.
      According to this report, there are 14,800 insurgents in Syria.

      They have deleted the paper's name, in earlier reports it was Die Welt, but I can't find a mention of this on Die Welt's web-site. Memory hole or false story?

  7. Syria/Libya story could be pep rally for sagging morale of the jihadis in Syria

    "The top United States diplomat for Africa has acknowledged that military action will be needed to break the control of northern Mali by Islamic extremists and re-unite the country, but says this needs to follow the restoration of democracy Johnnie Carson, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, told journalists in a telephonic briefing on Monday: "It is absolutely, critically important for there to be democratic progress in Mali, that there be a restoration of the civilian, democratic, constitutional government, and that needs to be done as soon as possible.""

  8. Tried posting this at Willylomans but the place doesn't seem to like me. Regarding blue-hatting the CSTO & sending them to Syria:

    The CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Force have just finished up a major exercise in Armenia & are likely still there, which is very close to Syria & has some similarities in culture & the ground. If they are blue-hatted & sent in, they could likely stabilise much of the country pretty quickly, as the Russian Airborne are serious professionals with plenty of experience in hotspots. They are also used to working in situations where they provide heavy security in friendly countries against insurgents across the former Soviet block - Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc. so they are not the shoot first with heavy firepower types - proportional response & working with the locals is the key.

    for some info about the exercises, & a look at the 98th here:
    Some more info on related Russian & CSTO exercises:

    One of the major benefits if these guys go in, is that the 'FSA' (or the 'Foreign Service Army' to give it it's proper designation) would likely lose their controllers pretty fast. The large scale satellite communications gear that the West has flooded over for the 'FSA' to communicate with their out of country 'commanders', & are looking to send much more of, would likely immediately go off the air, as they just couldn't risk the Russian's tracking it back & triangulating their signals.

    After the that, the 'FSA' would likely fall apart very quickly.

    1. I'm suspicious of Willyloman's place because of his treatment of some 9/11 researchers. I was able to comment once but got a cool reception from him which simply confirmed my suspicions about his place.

      Places like Moon of Alabama are censoring any voices that are too radical. They are intentionally disrupting other truth seekers as well.

      The perps don't know what to do with all the honey pots they created. I imagine they have attracted a good number of sincere truth seekers they can't control so they are having to use heavy-handed tactics to censor them.

      The internet seems to be getting less and less free everyday.

    2. Yes, Walt, but this can be a good thing for us, overall. We are learning, becoming wiser and getting better all the time at recognizing their tactics.

      So, let them...force them to show their true colors, and expose them for who and what they really are.

      It shows them that we are watching them, too. ;)

  9. Excellent point, Ken. Russians on the ground in Syria would mean instant exposure of the fact that it is the CIA and various other intel agencies that are commanding the "FSA" - as if the Russian FSB (former KGB) and others within their govt don't already know this for a fact. They certainly do.

    But it would be a lot more "formal" and I think it would quickly put a stop to the CIA-led Jihadist atrocities against innocent Syrian civilians. If the foreign al-CIAda Mujahideen truly want to fight it out with the REAL Syrian army, then let them go at it and we'll watch all 14,000 of them die - I'd say in less than a week's time.

    But, being that the Jihadis are cowards at heart, they have never been much for any kind of direct combat without being able to hide behind civilians as human shields, suicide bombings, etc.

    I applaud Russia for their stance in supporting Syria, and I hope their continue to do it, and become even stronger about it, so that the Syrian people might have a chance at some real, internal reforms that are not dictated to them by the psychpaths in Brussels and Washington DC.


  11. Posted this across at MoA, but thought it might be of interest here. A few things I've been following up on:

    Another interesting video:
    Lebanese Druze leader: I will arm the Druze if attacked... a secular Syria or no Syria at all

    "Lebanese Druze leader Wiam Wahhab, in an interview on Al Manar TV, states that if the Druze in Syria came under attack, he will arm them and fight with them. He also states that there won't be a Syria if it stopped being secular (if an extremist of fundamentalist regime took over)..."


    Another little piece of interesting news...

    If anyone has been following the rather odd story of a bunch of Russian seperatists/terrorists killed by Georgian special forces near the Russian border recently, a lot of things didn't make sense about the story - all the militants were killed without getting a shot off, the ground was obviously staged, etc.
    The most persuasive version was put forward by Khizri Aldamov, 'who was an emissary of Chechen militants in Georgia for 18 years' before accepting an Russian amnesty offer:

    However, recruiting a bunch of hardcore militants just to shoot them in a staged event still didn't make enough sense, & obviously there had been a falling out with their handlers somewhere...


  12. From above:

    Gulbaat Rtskhiladze, head of the Institute of Eurasia seemed to connect some of the dots:
    "Rtskhiladze admitted that he did not know which traces the Georgian authorities were trying to cover up: "I do not know this exactly. There were indications in the Georgian press that the authorities supposedly wanted to send these people to Syria, but then something changed, these people did not want to go there, and they were deceived, that is, fraudulently recruited, and when they saw it, they wanted to return home and were killed".

    Nana Devdariani, political analyst, the former head of the Central Election Commission of Georgia, confirmed that "a number of actions in Georgia is someone else’s mission and not the national interest. What was there in fact behind this operation?..."

    It makes a lot of sense that Georgia & new or wanna-be NATO members are involved with recruiting & training these militants, and not at all surprising that much of it is blowing up in their faces.

    Another related little item that I posted here earlier was about Bulgaria & Israel having a spat, with Bulgarian support of the FSA, plus the Isreali tourist bombing the background. It looked like the unspoken subtext was that an 'FSA' linked group had carried out the bombing which Israel tried to blame on Iran, while the Bulgarian's were seriously p*ssed about the whole affair...

  13. Also possibly connected is the story on the recent release of Azeri murderer Ramil Safarov, an Azeri Lieutenant who hacked to death a sleeping Armenian Lieutenant with an axe at a joint 'Partnership for Peace' NATO-sponsored program in Hungary.
    He was supposedly released by Hungary to serve his sentence at home in Azerbaijan, but was promptly pardoned & given a medal with great celebration ensuing...
    Just in time for NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen to pay a visit, make appropiate noises about how shocked he was, but how happy he was about the continued strengthening of NATO-Azeri ties...

    An obvious pay-off, but a pay-off for what?
    Most were linking Azeri airbases for use in a possible attack on Iran, but that seemed a step too far for the wily Aliyev, who while being seen firmly as in the Western camp due his heavy involvement with Western oil majors, likes to play off the West against Russia while maintaining his position, & does pretty good business with Iran.

    Support & staging areas for the 'FSA' is a much more likely deal for the pay-off...

    1. Israel paper were out yest'd suggesting Azeri cooperation on basing.

      Rasmussen just got an extension for a year.

      As far as the Georgia story, covered here eons ago regarding Pankisi gorge, Israeli role in Georgia/Russia war, and even an Israeli training accident (heli into a mountain side). Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov out this morning saying that the US reset will not last forever.

      Count it: Serbia now pro Russian; Georgia pro Russian and the Stans leaning Russian. Is that what the Kyrgz riots are all about? Kyrgz has said it will not renew the US lease and yest the paper of record was out saying that the Taliban negotiations are all but dead. Recall there was a leak a few weeks ago about the US maintaining 5 or so bases in deal. US needs the bases to protect the TAPI..

      Only a few weeks ago Russia suggested Kyrgz could host Russian bombers

      As for Azeri, two sides off the middle. Curiously the US linchpin official recently bowed out for a position at Jamestown think tank. also, recent story a few days ago about Russian And Azeri nearing a deal on radars.

      Russia selling both Armenian and Azeri S-300.

      What aside from the balancing, it has been rumored that the Israeli rush to do a joint defense deal (and pipelines projects) was about securing radar insights for the Syria/Iran etc. Russia must know that the cozy Azeri/Israeli relationship would lead to shared insights as well?

    2. thanks going to put these in my links file!!!!

  14. Must see!!!!

  15. Here is a curious story:

    Saudi Arabia has stayed away for a second time from a meeting of Egypt, Turkey and Iran to discuss the Syria crisis, the Egyptian foreign minister said on Wednesday, hampering Cairo's initiative to find a regional solution to the conflict. Saudi Arabia attended a preparatory session in Cairo on Sept. 10 of officials from the four states but Riyadh has missed two ministerial meetings since. It has not announced any reason but Riyadh and Tehran have long tussled for regional influence.

    Where is Bandar?

    1. Hm, that is interesting??
      Don't know what to make of that?

  16. SYRIA: Aleppo citizens oppose the FSA Terrorists

  17. Hey All

    thanks for the comments- I haven't had as much time as I would like to respond-glad to see Georgia being mentioned because that is where we are headed today.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. LOL, let's try that again

    RE: Willyloman blogs and concerns raised by commenters

    No doubt you are both (WWM and Ken M) raising legitimate concerns, but, I can't account for why others run their blogs the way they do.
    I am a bit disappointed to see MoA apply a heavy hand in banning commenters, but, it is b's choice. Know almost nothing of Mr Loman's blog. Can't speak to it at all. I generally stay off of other blogs until I have put up a new post, preferring to think my own thoughts...
    I go on the value of the information. If the info seems viable then I use it. If the info seems questionable then I don't
    Sometimes mulling over the info for a post for a couple of days.
    That's about as complex as it gets for me

    For my place, I have two simple rules, posted above the comment and that's about all I concern myself with regarding what comments are left

    Feel free to chat amongst yourselves :)

  20. Checked out Willyloman's blog a few times in the past & it had some interesting stuff there, but didn't find enough for me to make it a regular visit. First time I tried to post there as far as I know, so maybe he's just not accepting new comments?

    RE: MoA, 'Hu Bris' made such a habit of attacking other commentators that it ended up being the majority of his posts. Really got sick of it myself.

    RE. the azerbaijan-mulls-helping-israel-with-iran-attack story, think that's wishful thinking on Haaretz's part. Aliyev is not going to set himself up for the consequences of Azerbaijan being used as a staging ground for an attack on Iran.
    As for Rasmussen, he's probably most worried about NATO having to make a quick exit out of Afghanistan, & needs to keep the supply options open.

    The Kyrgz riots were about a dodgy Canadian conglomerate that operates the largest gold mine in Kyrgyzstan that the locals want nationalised:
    Is continueing the trend of protests about about dodgy deals with western interests, however, & the majority of Kyrgz people are very pro-russian, as are most people in the post-soviet space (with a few notable exceptions).

    This was an interesting link on some of the background for Pankisi Gorge - not sure who pointed me towards it, but thanks...

    1. Hi Ken M The congressional report is linked in my latest Georgian post and it was left here by one of the anonymous commenters

      It is one interesting link.

      Hope you checked out the Georgian post, I spent 3 hours on that one, only to have turkey start shelling syria
      "cheese and rice"!

      (instead of Jesus Christ, fyi)

  21. Hi Penny, thanks for the funeral clip - what a bizarre episode! A google search shows no UK and North America links to any funeral. No state funeral in DC - why not?? Why are our supine media not flagging up the weirdness? (don't answer....)
    Sorry, been v busy, but have digested the latest Syria news. Very depressing, but the unfolding story agreeing generally with the pre-written script. False flag for certain.

    1. Your welcome Felix

      Bizarre episode for sure.
      And I won't answer regarding the weirdness

      Regarding Syria... let's see how far this goes, but, it is worrisome