Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Georgia: Saakashvili’s election loss. Will he relinquish power?

You may think, well he lost, so surely he has to. No, he doesn't have to. He has more then another year to stay in power and even then, he has been so busy changing laws in Georgia, that it is Mr Saakashvili that has to name the next Prime Minister. Does that sound farfetched? It isn't. Sadly, for the Georgians, the majority of whom despise this despotic leader this is the reality.

Prior to the election reports there were reports that  the opposition supporters had flooded the 'capital' city of Tblisi
An estimated 100,000 opposition supporters rallied in Georgia's capital Saturday in a show of strength days before a parliamentary election .
Note to Bloomberg: Tblisi is not the capital. Mr Saakashvili moved that to Kutaisi, for all intents and purposes Georgia’s Parliament moves from Tiblisi to Kutaisi 

Please do read or refresh your memory with that post, because, it may turn out to be very relevant to this election result.

Also: Kaspi,  if you are around and want to leave a comment regarding the election, from a Georgian perspective, well, I hope you do!

The new parliament building in Kutaisi, Georgia

We have to take a look at this election, since Georgia is an extremely pivotal nation. Pivotal to the NATO agenda of destabilization and encirclement of Russia. So refresh and then we will move on.

 The recent election, which saw the West’s boy Saakashvili ousted. The Western media is making lemonades out of the lemons of this election loss and I find that curious. There are some news article attempting to spin this as something novel, going so far as to call it dignified. "Saakashvilis dignified example"

By losing the election, or rather, by allowing the election to be lost, he has secured his legacy. He took Georgia from a failed state to a place that holds proper elections. By conceding defeat, he has proved them wrong, and proved that Georgia is indeed the democracy we all hoped it would be"

 You get the drift? Dignified? Democratic?  Of course you do and not surprisingly I have difficulty with that  dignified democratic spin

Initially Saakashvili claimed victory-On Monday October 1st/2012- "Georgia’s president and opposition both claim victory in crucial parliamentary election" 

That changed on  Tuesday October 02/12 ....

"But then, in a terse but dignified video address on Tuesday, President Saakashvili conceded that his party had lost control of parliament"

Dignified? 24 hours later?  What do you suppose took place in the hours between the claim of winning to the conceding of a loss? What,would have brought about this change of heart? Could it be that this man is so widely despised in Georgia, the West dare not risk stealing the election so blatantly  from under the people's feet AT THIS TIME? Would it be so obvious the fix was in that all hell would break loose?

Or.........  did none of it really matter anyway?

There is now a real chance to entrench Georgian democracy permanently, and to end the bitterness and polarization that has afflicted the country. This is far from a sure bet: Saakashvili has more than a year left on his presidential term, and it is his responsibility to nominate the next Prime Minister”

 Yup, more then a year. Until October 2013.

Saakashvili will remain as the leader of Georgia until his second and last term ends in October 2013.

Is this why Ms. Clinton was so adamant about "free elections"

"the single best thing Georgia can do to advance your security, your prosperity, your democracy, your international reputation, is to hold free and fair elections that result in a fully democratic transition."

Much can happen in a year. Perhaps Ms Clinton was very happy with the facade of "democracy" at this time. 

One of my favourite Saakashvili videos

A bit of history- 

 Georgia is an extremely pivotal nation, geopolitically speaking.  Pivotal to the NATO agenda of destabilization and encirclement of Russia. Then there is the pipeline or energy angle and there appears to be an arms trafficking agenda at play also

Georgia has long been being used as a safe haven/launching point for NATO backed attacks using their usual methodology and mercs, the so called fundamentalist mercs.
Hired killers is all they are. The practice continues to this day

Linked article from 2002-

“Georgia has rejected Russia's calls for permission to send its own forces into the Pankisi Gorge to pursue militants seeking refuge there.
 Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze inaugurated a new phase in the US-funded anti-terrorist training programme.
Anti-terror training means training of terrorists. When Georgia swept the Pankisi Gorge/2002, rather then let Russia do it, they met with "no resistance" Which is not a surprise.

Hanging about in my bookmarks are a couple of news stories. They seem timely now.

Fear of Islamists fuelling Moscows support for Damascus

More on the topic

“"Chechnya is a classic example of what goes wrong when things go out of hand," said Mr Galeotti. "The West thought they would be politically supporting nationalists, reasonable figures and they wind up creating a situation in which Islamic fundamentalists, terrorists and suicide bombers found a haven."
(“Things got out of hand” The usual spin.. The fact is the US and it’s allies want terrorists and suicide bombers, they recruited them, trained them and sent them out to do the “softening up”)

Interesting report on Pankisi Gorge-

Georgia's Pankisi Gorge Russia's concerns and US Interests
left by anonymous some time ago, a real gem!
Read it..


  1. New video on Syria..go to my blog pls ;)


  3. It is interesting, as one needs to look at who was supporting who, the Republican Institute was supporting the Freedom Party, and the Democrats were supporting the status-quo with a policy of turning a blind eye and holding their noses. However, in the final analysis, the king makers and big money did not decide the election. It was Georgians who had enough with Saakashvili and his corrupted minions - especially after a tape was release of systematic torture in the Georgian prison system - killings and arrested people and locking them up to collect tax revenues, payments to the budget for plea agreements. You can only turn a blind eye to so much to endemic incompetence and greed. What is interesting now is what direction the country will take, balanced between Russian and the US (NATO), and whether or not the new found democracy will head straight back to dictatorship - as it always happens in this part of the world. I am now working on the other issues, and Georgia is still in the game with a conduit for weapons and drugs - as the old government is still in place and the new government does not understand all what has transpired.

    1. Hi Kaspi

      I saw the news about the prison tape.
      But what your mentioning is indicates the corruption was far worse then we are aware of in the West!

      "- killings and arrested people and locking them up to collect tax revenues, payments to the budget for plea agreements. "

      Kaspi, sounds as if the dictatorship problem is present in Georgia.

      It isn't just Georgia that has a dictatorship problem, believe me, here in the west we have the same problem, it is just dressed up a little bit better. Hidden.

      Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.
      Drop by and let us know how the political situation is progressing there.
      I suspect things may take a turn for the worse in Georgia


    Bit of background on the state-sponsored torture and the body count. Lots of things hidden from the West - and too many bodies to dig up - including the history of the murder of the Georgian PM, Zurab Zhvania and that sordid history - the US government and the FBI were very much involved in the murder and cover up, and I have first hand information on that ... we can save that for another day. Still people are locked up and all much subterfuge is floating to the top. Here is one story that I wrote, edited up, about a week ago that will fill in some gaps as to torture in prison.

    Just one of many horror stories - Georgian Penitentiary System
    “Sadistic wolves guarding the sheep” – it continues!!!

    As told by William Van Der Weide, Citizen of Netherlands

    This year, on July 7, Giorgi Keburia, 30, my business partner and friend, was arrested due to some previous business dealings. He is now in provisional custody (pre-trial detention). He is being held in Gldani prison number 8, and people have not been permitted to visit him. Neither have his lawyers been allowed to find out on which grounds he has been incarcerated. No trial has yet been held or scheduled. Not surprisingly, this being Georgia, neither his family members nor his attorneys have been able to talk about the case, out of fear.
    It is unclear to us why Giorgi was really arrested in the first place. Even the Ambassador of Netherlands, Shota Gvineria, who met with him before he was imprisoned, is refusing to talk about the case. He thinks the charge is fabricated, and it would be dangerous for him to get involved. Giorgi asked for a Bible, but his lawyer was not allowed to supply him one. He later writes to my contact that - you might have been confused regarding my position and functions, therefore let me clarify for you (a) I am a diplomat (b) I am NOT a prosecutor or judge and (c) I can NOT influence any legal or illegal procedures in Georgia.

    On October 4, at 5:30, I went to the prison building and presented my passport. I said I was a Jehovah’s Witness and asked them to let me see my partner Giorgi Keburia. I was allowed to go in without any complications. The meeting was, of course, very emotional. I noticed he had lost a lot of weight and he started telling me what he had had to endure from the moment he was first taken to the prison.

    Full story here

    Also about the death of the Georgian PM, cold case heating up

  5. Jeffrey,

    This video interviews (former) CNN journalist Amy Lyon, who was censored by CNN from telling the truth. The Republic of Georgia is one regime accused of paying CNN to promote state-sponsored propaganda.