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Israeli strike on Sudan a dry run for attacking Iran ???

Israel operates inside Sudan. Not as if this is anything new or startling
Israel has in fact operated as a destabilizer in Sudan for about 60 years.
Covered this aspect of Israel's African agenda previously here.
Timeline excerpt below.
We can say that Israel's support for the separatist movement in the south went through five stages which

Stage 1: throughout the 50's Israel concentrated on two things firstly giving (humanitarian aid to the
 Stage 2: In the 60's the following happened: Israeli weapon deals started flowing to South Sudan through Uganda. The first deal was in 1962 and most of it was light Russian weapon that Israel stole from Egypt after the 1956 war, in addition to the Israeli Uzi....

Stage 3: which extends from mid 60's till 70's, through it the flow of weapons continued through an Israeli mediator called "gabi shafeek". Also: Israel also established a school for ground soldiers in "wangi kabul??" to graduate cadets to lead the separatist groups.

Stage 4: The fourth stage extends from the late 70's and throughout the 80's and in it armed support started under the leadership of colonel Jon Qarnak, (Jon Qarnak is John Garang) starting from 83.
                           Fire rages at the state-owned Yarmouk military factory in southern Khartoum, Sudan

Since Israeli involvement in Sudan goes back to the ‘50's, please, look askance at mainstream media reports that claim  “for the first time” Israeli involvement in Sudan is confirmed. Israeli involvement in Sudan has long been confirmed. NPR (three minutes of audio interview included with the NPR piece)

An Israeli intelligence official for the first time confirmed (nonsense) that the Israeli military operates in Sudan, just days after the government in Khartoum accused Israel of bombing an arms factory outside the capital.

Israel officials never publicly confirm nor deny their country's involvement in overseas operations. But speaking anonymously to NPR, an Israeli intelligence officer says that Israel does -– most definitely –- operate in Sudan.

Like many Israeli officials, the intelligence officer refused to answer questions about international law and whether Israel routinely violates the sovereignty of a foreign state to carry out its military operations. ( you know they do)

But he said whatever the Israeli military may or may not do is shared with Israel's friends in the West.
Israel’s friends are aware. Confirmed here
The Times of Israel reports that the U.S. Embassy in Sudan was closed during the Wednesday explosion.

The US Embassy was closed when the explosion took place. Not a coincidence. I guess Israel does share with their ‘friends'. According to the main stream media this is supposed to be about militants and arms to Gaza.Or arms for Iran. Maybe? Or, perhaps something else? As suggested by the title a dry run for attacking Iran.
 South Sudanese soldier pic borrowed from here- quote to follow

"Four military planes attacked the Yarmouk plant," Information Minister Ahmed Belal Osman told reporters in Khartoum, adding that the planes had appeared to approach the site from the east, Reuters reports.

 Four planes from the east? Why four planes?
Would two be bombing and two supporting?

  DEBKA. A piece that starts out with the main stream spin but then ends on an entirely different narrative and that the info I find the most relevant
If Indeed Israel was responsible for the bombing raid, it is possible to postulate the following objectives:

1.  Its air force flew 1,800-1,900 kilometers to reach the Sudanese arms factory, a distance longer than the 1,600 kilometers to the Iranian underground enrichment site of Fordo. This operation may have been intended to show Tehran that distance presents no obstacles to an Israeli strike on its nuclear program.

2.  The IAF has an efficient in-flight refueling capability.
Was this a trial run for an attack on the Fordo site in Iran?

It does seem possible.
Israel has operated in Sudan for so long now, it would make sense that Israel has ample operatives, soldiers, useful idiots, whatever- on the ground, in Sudan. They would not need to undertake a risky fly by/fly over bombing.
The same applies to weapons into Gaza, operatives on the ground could prevent them from getting to Gaza.
Additionally anytime some nearly useless rockets is fired from Gaza, Israel is provided with the pretext to pummel the Gazans in general and carry out a slew of targeted strikes. One would wonder why Israel would bother to block weapons from getting into Gaza?
A dry run, or practice attack,  seems more plausible a reason for this airstrike then denying weapons to Iran or Gaza.


  1. Nice one Penny. A dry-run seems very likely.

    Rockets from Gaza or mortars from Syria - always at just the right time.

    I hope your wrist & hand are getting better.

    1. hey freethinker

      Getting better, the less typing the more progression
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  2. I wonder what flight paths the planes took to reach Sudan. Where is the outrage from the slimy Arab League. The hasbara news say the Yarmook factory was Iranian. Could this be part of the US-Israel war games. Surely they must have been Electronic Warfare escorts, tankers for refuelling and Airborne Early Warning or did Jordan and Egypt allow this to happen?

  3. Also,

    1. An on the ground reporter in Sudan says the telecom system went down for an hour before the attacks. Has the same scent of the jamming dating back to Syria

    2. Israel struck up a key joint partnership with Kenya in designating East Africa a key priority. "Kenya's enemies are our enemies. We have similar forces planning to bring us down." Netanyahu added that the alliance between the two countries was the first step in building an international "coalition against fundamentalism". [clip] Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said Netanyahu promised to help build “a coalition against fundamentalism,” bringing together the countries Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Tanzania. The African country also has said Israel’s president, Shimon Peres, has told him Israel is ready to make “everything available to Kenya” for internal security."

    3. Kenyan gold scandals: mp to: navigation, search

    The Goldenberg scandal was an alleged political scandal where the Kenyan government was found to have allegedly subsidised exports of gold far beyond standard arrangements during the 1990s, by paying the company Goldenberg International 35% more (in Kenyan shillings) than their foreign currency earnings. Although it notionally appears that the scheme was intended to earn hard currency for the country, it is estimated to have cost Kenya the equivalent of more than 10% of the country's annual Gross Domestic Product,[1] and it is possible that no or minimal amounts of gold were actually exported.

    4. Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya teaming up to circumvent the Sudan pipelines with the LAMU project (US drone base in Manda Bay). &

    5. China launches major refinery in Chad (and drilling in Niger)

    6. Niger, Cameroon pipeline link

    As far as why Sudan, many have pointed to the gold fields in Mali as one principal motivator for France but what about Sudan (oil notwithstanding)?

    "The country sits on what could be Africa's largest gold reserves, and the government has handed out exploration contracts to more than 600 mining firms to search for gold and other minerals. Khartoum hopes to make up to $3 billion from gold exports this year, double the amount from last year. It made $603 million by the start of April, according to the latest official data."

    1. Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir has opened the country's first gold refinery, which officials say is one of Africa's largest plants. Analysts say it is part of a strategy by the Khartoum government to deal with the loss of oil revenue following the session of South Sudan last year. The Sudan Gold Refinery will produce more than 328 tonnes of gold each year.

      Ancient Sudanese Gold Fields
      The natural southern border of Ancient Egypt was
      the region around Aswan with settlements on the Nile
      island of Elephantine. The desert region east of this location
      was more or less under Pharaonic control, at least
      during the Old Kingdom (2700–2160 BC) and Middle
      Kingdom (2119–1794 BC) but also during New Kingdom
      (1550–1070 BC) times, whereas during the different
      intermediate periods less Egyptian control of the Eastern
      Desert is documented. Large parts of this Eastern
      Desert belong geologically to the Precambrian basement
      of the Arabian–Nubian shield and host around 250 gold
      production sites, which were mined during different periods
      of ancient Egyptian history. Most of these sites
      were visited by the authors during four field campaigns
      between 1989 and 1993, and three additional campaigns
      during 1996–1999 in the Sudanese Nubian Desert (see
      Figs. 9 and 10, discussed later). The gold occurrences described in this study are located in the Precambrian basement of Egypt and Sudan, also called the Arabian–Nubian shield (ANS), which
      extends from the river Nile eastwards towards the
      Arabian Peninsula.

      And a French connection (also very active in Niger, Uranium)

      Naguib Sawiris is an interesting player in Egypt, a coptic

    2. Very interesting point of view, Anonymous, I have to ponder on.
      Also we have to consider, Qatar investments in Egypt esp. those in north and south of Sinai and in Hurghada which is not far from the Nubian region and Sudanese border. Hasan al Turabi the Sudanese Muslem Brotherhood leader has good relations with Qatar. He was there in September this year, after that started to talk publicly about regime change in Khartoum. Is there a connection between the visit of prince of Qatar to Gaza with the next day Israeli bombing of Sudan? (which by the way reminds one of Israel Bombing Iraqi nuclear plant in 1981 after just 5 days of Sadat- Begin meeting)Is it an Israeli help to the prince to expedite regime change?

    3. What is also curious is the move over the summer to round up Sudanese immigrants in India with a deport date of Oct 15...

      and this...

      "North Sudanese nationals have until October 15 to leave Israel or face deportation, Interior Minister Eli Yishai said on Wednesday. Anyone remaining after the deadline will be jailed in the detention centers for African migrants in the South, he added. Yishai said those who leave willingly will receive support from his ministry. He also vowed to “use all of his power to obtain legal approval to jail and deport Eritrean infiltrators from Israel,” the minister’s office said on Wednesday."

    4. Strike India insert Israel..apologies

    5. Also worth remembering that Sudan rejecting the US request to deploy Marrines in the wake of the coordinated Embassy raids.

      That Embassy raid in Yemen resulted in multiple deployments of armored vehicles and a report of 100 tanks...

    6. Are the deployments are the the US standing down in Libya?

      9-11 CIA agents told to 'stand down' during Benghazi attack



    8. Anonymous
      thanks for all the links, will take the time to look at them all

    9. عشتار العراقية

      Also we have to consider, Qatar investments in Egypt esp. those in north and south of Sinai and in Hurghada which is not far from the Nubian region and Sudanese border.

      Is there a connection between the visit of prince of Qatar to Gaza with the next day Israeli bombing of Sudan? (which by the way reminds one of Israel Bombing Iraqi nuclear plant in 1981 after just 5 days of Sadat- Begin meeting)Is it an Israeli help to the prince to expedite regime change?

      Can you expand on these thoughts?

  4. It is now inevitable that an avalanche of central banks, hedge funds, and wealthy investors worldwide will begin to emulate Venezuela and Germany and request physical delivery of their unallocated (rehypothecated) ‘gold’. Iran is also creating a parallel trading system based on GOLD. Remember Ghaddafi and his Gold Dinar? It is all falling into place. The trouble with Germany they know that their gold has disappeared and they have just paper. However they will fudge this as their gold is probably sitting in Haifa and it will made to be anti Semitic to ask for it to be returned.

    1. I will let you know how the storm turns out hans
      and read my latest let me know if the Uighers are connected to the Khazars

      It seems possible
      Given their shared Turkic background?

  5. Other:

    1. Story last week about Egypt approaching Algeria for ~$2B in loans? Algeria remains in the cross hairs of the NATO|GCC beachhead Morocco. Algeria also remains key transit route and gas interconnect into Europe.

    2. Egypt collected a few billion from Qatar/Saudi and got another billion from Turkey. US talking about $1B debt forgiveness. All of this against a backdrop of IMF loan negotiations for $5B. Fiscal Q1 deficit ~$8B much of which is subsidies. IMF wants a devaluation. Does the Algeria approach mean something? Recall Mursi coming out post Iran nonaligned summit and the rumors that Egypt may step in and buy Iranian oil, which were promptly denied.

    3. Sudan remains the key nexus between the NATO\GCC\Israeli encampment on the upstream headwaters and Egypt's Nile. CIA report on water wars circa 2000. Was the military putsch peremptory?

    4. Ethiopia still smarting for port access which may be their reward for the Somali incursion?

    5. Late last week article appeared suggesting Ethiopia and South Sudan had reached a deal to build a refinery and infrastructure which Kenya then came out and denied (vs. a cooperative effort out of LAMU project). Is this what the urgency for Kismayo all about?
    "The two sides said they would build a joint refinery and South Sudan would formally purchase hydroelectric power from Ethiopia."

    1. 6. "Wikileaks" re Sudan:
      "Wikileaks has leaked files allegedly from the Texas-based global intelligence company, Stratfor, which quote an anonymous "high-level Egyptian source," claiming the Egyptian ambassador to Lebanon said in 2010 his nation would do anything to prevent the secession of South Sudan because of the political implications it will have for Egypt's access to the Nile. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be Africa's largest hydroelectric facility and will be built 40km upstream from Sudan on the Blue Nile."

      7. Sudan and the importance of Nubia?

      8. Egress routes for Central Africa China mining ops being choked off. China very active in Niger and now Chad (US legacy operations in Chad during the 80s to thwart Gaddafi funded insurgency and coup for which Egypt was strongly opposed.) take South Sudan, carve off the south of Nigeria in a replay toss in Mali and the Somalia /Kenya.Ethiopia/Uganda operations plus legacy Congo copper belt activities (new investigation into Dag: and is this related where Chinese nationals killed in munitions explosion in Brazzaville: top up with north side Libya, Tunisia, Morocco (Mauritania/western Sahara boxed in)...

      US Report Annex A: "only Libya and Syria remain significant Arab adversaries of Egypt in the sense that they are effectively vetoing Egypt's reintegration into the Arab ranks..Relations with Syria are even worse than Libya. Syrian media have incessantly Egyptian leaders, and Damascus so far has remained implacably opposed to Egypt's policy of continuing and broadening the peace process. Syria has declared that Cairo must discard the shackles of its ties to the United States and Israel before it can be accepted back into the Arab ranks...Libya does not pose any direct threat to Egypt, but Egyptian leaders frequently have indicated concerns about Libyan subversive and military activities elsewhere in North Africa, particularly in Sudan (emphasis) and to a lesser extent, Chad. Mubarak has said he would not allow Libyan sponsored subversion to threaten the Nimieri's regime ("Egypt closest ally in the regime when Nimeiri broke with the Arab League over Gaddafi Chad incursion 1981). The coup plot that was exposed in February dimmed what little chance there was for improvement in Libyan-Egyptian relations..."

      9. Sudan said to quietly allow NATO use of its airspace for Libya op?,38393

      That makes Algeria the odd man out? So is the Egypt loan approach a hand of friendship or something more? Mursi has now effected an Erdogan like military cleansing promptly after a Sinai incident (?), watched idly as the NATO backed Ethiopia/Kenya/South Sudan carve out their own East Africa infrastructure development zone, bowed to Israeli pressure to clamp down on smuggling tunnels into Gaza and reversed himself on the the IMF loan (was against it now for it but still against a devaluation).

  6. Over in Saudi Arabia (and Yemen) is royal rhetoric signaling something coming? First returning to the idea that the Libya stand down (above) was somehow related to the various Embassy invasions, the head of security at the US Embassy in Yemen was gunned down after spending 20 years in the role (T+30 days). This comes after the Invasion (Sep/13) and the subsequent deployment of Marines (Sep/17). Then there is that report of 100 plus tanks making their way to Yemen. The story dovetails into Saudi Arabia where there has been an array of broad and sweeping statements warranting close examination. The question is which enemies is Saudi Arabia talking about? The stories about Shamoon would clearly suggest it is Iran, but the Saudi language is purposefully vague. In fact the only countries called out on the cyber side are the US and Israel?

    Saudi Arabia is surrounded: US deployments in Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain (5th), Qatar (CENTCOM) and Yemen. Across the Red Sea, Dijbouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan…

    Former Crown Prince Nayef on the Brotherhood? "He was known for his animosity towards the MB," said Sultan Sooud al-Qassemi, an analyst and commentator based in the UAE. “He said in 2002 that radicalisation ... that all of our problems, came from the Muslim Brotherhood. He was very, very much suspicious and skeptical of the Brotherhood."

    Recent developments in the Kingdom:
    Saudi Arabia allegedly warns it will intercept Israeli jets en route to Iran (Aug 9)

    Saudi Aramco hit with Cyber Shamoon (Aug-15)

    Yemen Embassy attacked (Sep-13)

    A platoon of U.S. Marines sent to Yemen is on a temporary deployment (Sep-17)

    Saudi Arabia denies there are gangs at its border. Security authorities in Saudi Arabia on Monday denied the existence of gangs of different nationalities at its borders, local media reported. (Oct 8)

    Yemen security chief at US Embassy killed in Sanaa??????? (month after Embassy invasion) Aqlani had been working for the U.S. Embassy for nearly 20 years. (Oct-11)

    About 106 tanks delivered to Yemen (Oct 14)

    Saudi warns against Israeli infiltration of government computer systems: report. The warning urged them to avoid dealing with foreign companies, especially German and American companies with strong ties with Israel. (Oct-12)

    US blaming Iran backed amateurs for the attack. (Oct -25)

    Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz on Friday warned against “seditions” that threaten the sovereignty of the nation, and called on the security forces to be prepared to safeguard the security of the Kingdom, home to Islam’s holiest sites and is the world’s largest oil producer. The king referred to “the enemies of the nation” as waiting to grab the opportunity to destabilize the kingdom. The king, who is supreme commander of all military forces, was addressing the commanders and officers of the security forces and scouts serving in this years’ Muslim pilgrimage of hajj. (Oct 26)

    1. Anonymous

      thanks again, so much :)
      I do appreciate the links and will take the time to read them
      I know others appreciate them also

  7. 'liberal' american director Ben Affleck endorses war on Iran and supports Israel...and his latest film, Argo, looks to be a means to push americans further in that direction: it shows americans as courageous victims..iranians as crazed.
    why this movie is more than just another historical film:
    1.Affleck also demonstrated a dizzying fealty to alarmist misinformation over the Iranian nuclear program. If the "Islamist regime," he warned, "got a bomb, I think everybody thinks that would be trouble." Affleck then proceeded to opine that "Israel is not entirely capable of whacking them to the extent in which they need to be whacked." Read that again

    2.It didn't take much for O'Reilly to draw out what his Fox News audience most wanted to hear. "I wouldn't oppose military action," Affleck obliged.
    Note: photo shows sign saying 'camel jockeys go home'(dumb americanis: as iranians arent arabs) 1979, iranians had had enough of US occupation an d wanted them to go home.