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Syria ceasefire failure & Uigher fighters? Turkey's American nukes & Libya's carnage

and more..... all of it ugly

Syria; The Eid cease fire failed.
 It ended with a massive car bombing in Damascus & the Syrian air force responding

A car bomb has ripped through the Al-Hajar Al-Aswad district of southern Damascus following heaviest military airstrikes since fighter jets were first deployed to crash the uprising. Lavrov said that there will never be a resolution of the Syrian crisis without a dialogue with the Syrian government.

Russia has blamed the rebels for the failure to contain the violence, with deputy foreign minister Gennady Gatilov charging that “the opposition foiled the ceasefire,” making clear its “intent to continue violence.”

There is a new peace bid coming in November... Two  reports
Brahimi is looking ahead to new efforts to tackle the crisis.
He is to go to the UN Security Council in November with new proposals aimed at pushing for political talks between President Bashar Al-Assad and the opposition, UN diplomats said, and will head this week for Russia and China to discuss the crisis.
It’s been mentioned here previously. On numerous occasions. Is the time coming for a contingent of peacekeepers from Russia and other interested nations? In my mind that move is over due.

Rehashing an article previously posted on peacekeepers

15 February 2012-Russia and China, the two countries that vetoed a UN Security Council resolution addressing ongoing violence in Syria, are now weighing an Arab League proposal to station peacekeepers there.
In June there was another article contemplating this scenario with a dash of scorn for good measure
If the CSTO has 20,000 well trained peacekeepers, 19,000 of them are Russian. The remaining CSTO member states -- Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan -- have shown only occasional enthusiasm for Russia's ambitious plans for the alliance, and it's hard, if not impossible, to imagine any of those countries sending their soldiers to Syria.

So, the chances of anything coming to pass with this proposal are zero. But it's an interesting idea for a group that is still working to develop a reason for existing.

Mr Brahimi is heading to Russia and China this week. November is just days away. The US election is just over a week away. We will just have to wait and see. Wait and see....

Shocked to see this report in the Montreal Gazette of all places? Well the truth does leak out of the main stream media, in dribs and drabs.

Beijing report says Turkic Chinese Muslim separatists fighting with radical groups in Syria

 Chinese Muslim separatists from the northwest region of Xinjiang are battling Syrian government forces alongside al-Qaida and other extremist groups, an official Chinese newspaper reported Monday.

Radicals among China's ethnic Turkic Uighur minority have been travelling to Syria since May to join the fighting on trips organized by groups opposed to Beijing's rule over Xinjiang, the Global Times reported Monday.

Citing unidentified Chinese anti-terrorism authorities, it said the groups were funding their activities through drug and gun trafficking, kidnapping and robbery, and providing training for "separatists, criminals and terrorists" who had fled Xinjiang.
Uighur boy: Image borrowed from here

Chinese Muslim separatists- ethnically Turkic (Am I having a 13th Tribe flashback?) Same ones that have been agitating in China for sometime now.... Fighting alongside NATO’s Al Qaida mercs in Syria
Activities funded through gun and drug trafficking?
Sounds like standard NATO operations. Likely some human organ trafficking mixed in for good measure.  Maybe some child brides for sale?

The Global Times report singled out two groups as funneling fighters to Syria; the East Turkistan Islamic Movement and the East Turkestan Education and Solidarity Association based in Turkey. East Turkistan was the name given to two short-lived independent Uighur republics in Xinjiang, a vast Central Asian region of mountains and deserts that has been flooded with ethnic Chinese settlers in recent decades.

Turkey, quite a busy terror state. Quite busy indeed.  Turkey, right up there with Saudi Arabia.

By the way. Turkey has American nukes parked in it’s territory. Which is not really new or even startling news... Rehashing

 For more than 40 years, Turkey has been a quiet custodian of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons

 Turkey has hosted U.S. nuclear weapons since 1961, and currently at the Incirlik air base the U.S. has an unknown, but small, number of tactical B-61 nuclear bombs and fighter-bomber jets that can drop them.

How do the Turkish people feel about that?

NATO’s brutality in Libya bodes badly for Syria-

How much blood do the populace in each of the NATO nations wish to swim in?
Keeping in mind that the governments of the so called “free world”  allegedly act on behalf of their populations.
Carnage in Libya Continues- The West is silent because they are complicit
Scott Taylor is a bit to apologetic, but, he gets paid for his opinion. I don't.
When the Libyan air force did not take to the skies as predicted, (lied about) NATO liberally interpreted its UN mandate to “protect Libyan civilians.”
For propaganda purposes, the various Libyan rebel factions were described as “armed civilians,” (sound familiar?) thus NATO could use their full aerial arsenal to “protect”(slaughter Libyans who did not wish to be destroyed by NATO’s arsenal) anti-Gadhafi forces. NATO’s targets included all Gadhafi loyalist forces, weapons and equipment.
Most of the bitter fighting took place at close quarters in urban centres and, despite NATO’s best efforts, innocent civilians were killed by errant bombings.( I take a great deal of exception to that entire sentence. Scott Taylor knows as well as anyone that terrorizing the populace is a standard war practice. Conventional and otherwise)

In a complete inversion of its original mandate, NATO was now killing Libyans with airstrikes in order to protect them from airstrikes. (Yes, NATO was and is presently killing Libyans to “save them”) 
Despite the overwhelming might of the allied air force, the provision of weapons, training and advisers to the “armed civilian” rebels and a restrictive arms embargo against 'Gadhafi loyalists',( spin, correct term is Libyan military) the conflict still bogged down into a bloody stalemate.
That means there is war in Libya. The people do not like the occupiers. Outside forces participated in the slaughter that has surely taken place at Bani Wallid

Canada's special role in the slaughter in Libya

This is when Canada once again took a lead role in the Libyan conflict. Sensing the rebel factions were losing their will to continue, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird flew into Benghazi on June 27, 2011, to bolster the rebels’ morale.

As a result of Baird’s bloodthirsty rhetoric and promises of a brighter future in a post-Gadhafi Libya, the “armed civilians” charged once more into the breach.
 Last week, Human Rights Watch released a detailed report on this incident, revealing that Gadhafi had likely died of hemorrhaging after being sodomized with a bayonet.

Gadhafi’s son, Mutassim, was also captured alive that day, along with an estimated 150 loyalist fighters. (Libyan Army) According to Human Rights Watch, all of them were tortured prior to being executed.

Our complicity in such brutal war crimes would clearly taint NATO’s victory in Libya. However, despite the staging of a glorious parade on Parliament Hill last November and the awarding of the Order of Canada to Bouchard, those wacky “armed civilians” keep demonstrating to the world that such victory celebrations were premature at best.

Almost unreported in the Western media is the fact that 'Gadhafi loyalists' (Libyan Army true to an unoccupied Libya) are still battling “armed civilian” militias in the city of Bani Walid. The current bloodshed and civilian casualties in that city are on a par with the current carnage in Syria, but Baird is no longer challenging the international community to protect Libyans.
Scott Taylor uses "our" to refer to all Canadians being complicit. Scott do not lump all Canadian's into this bloodbath. Many of us wanted no part of the act of destroying Libya and many of us in Canada and other nations the world over want no part in destroying Syria.


  1. I have told you Penny that the Empire will be beaten by the weather, Hurricane Sandy is the beginning, there is more disaster on it's way. Wait and watch. Carry on reading the Thirteenth Tribe for getting the first insight into the Zionist finale.

    1. I continue on reading to learn the Khazars were great slave dealer/traders

      Now the Rus have come

  2. Canadians complicit?

    Well given that the vote to go to war on the Libyan people in Parliament had 100% of Liberals, 100% of NDP, 100% of Bloc voting YES to war.......
    Then the very next day Harpo called a snap election over a trivial matter (compared to our immoral invasion of Libya) and the Libya war was not ONE TIME discussed during the entire election cycle by our so called leftist parties.
    So IMO anyone who voted for those sell out parties surely has some guilt, whether by ignorance or indifference.

    As for the second vote to extend the Libyan war (this time with full awareness of how many civilians were dying from NATO weapons)....Like the song says, second verse, same as the first!
    Again 100% of all MP's from all of those opposition parties voted to extend that immoral war.

    This goes far deeper than Harper and his KKKonservatives. Canada's allegedly liberal media and political parties are the real pros who keep our wars going. They have to keep the 75% of good peace loving Canadians dumbed down confused and unaware when it comes to our dirty wars. Canadians help out by being more apathetic and ignorant with each passing day.

    I don't know Scott Taylor from the man in the moon, but he sure seems to have it right on Libya and Canada.

    1. To Scott Taylor's credit, his perspective is substantially more truthful then anything presented via the lying "leftist" media. Or the lying 'right' media

      But then leftist/rightist and free media is all an illusion anyway.

      The media is here to sell wars to the public, anyway they can. Which is why they are often referred to here as NATO media. They target the audience however they can.

      I will agree wholeheartedly that the 'liberal/left' media bears more blame, only because they are, as we are lead to believe , supposed to be the parties of peace and the people. Think of it along the same lines as Obama winning the "peace prize"

      Just more illusion. Perception management and mind control

      Since I did not partake in the last election- at all and spoke out I do not accept "complicity" for the genocide perpetuated by NATO and Canada
      Why no voting?
      For the singular reason that there is NO ONE to vote for in Canada, as in any other so called western democratic nation
      There is the illusion of choice, but, no real choice.
      When two political parties got in touch asking for support
      both were informed they would not be receiving any for their warmongering ways
      One more then one occasion.

    2. Voting in Canada is probably as pointless as voting in America or most of the world. It's likely rigged.

      The PROMIS system may have been just one system where Canada's sovereignty has been jacked with:

      Of course now the whole world is probably tied into their total information awareness system, or whatever they are calling it. This is probably one of the more benign operations: (the Facebook crest via

      The politicians are all complicit anyway so the elections are rigged in a couple of senses.

    3. Hey WWM

      Yup, this past election featured robo calls telling people not to go out and vote and more

      That's how the Kons got their majority, which no poll was showing as a possibility prior to the election

      Vote rigging aside, in Canada, as in the US the parties are oppisames

      Your supposed to believe they are opposing, but they are the same

    4. Yeah, those robo calls sure were a godsend for NDP and Liberals who constantly use them to remind us all of how DIFFERENT evil Conservatives are from good kind Liberals and NDP. Classic wedge issue stuff.

      Meahwhile they all vote together on war, the real business that matters, and laugh at us as we scrap over gay marriage, abortion issues and the like.

      PS Looks like CBC has upped their game considerably today in selling the need for war in Syria.
      Journalist boots on the ground.....and bullshit on their keyboards.


    SBS Dateline · 3,759 like this
    2 hours ago ·
    Watch SBS INSIGHT get heated at 8.30 tonight when an audience member claims the majority of Syrians support the Assad government

    watch SBS try to square the circle

  4. I do object to the term "Gadhafi loyalist forces". It is supposed to be the Libyan national army defending the country not political leaders. Calling the troops: Gadhafi loyalists is a brainwash NATO rhetoric to justify targeting it. The same thing happened in Iraq, calling the Iraqi army, Saddam's troops, thugs, diehards etc, the same thing is now happening in Syria. You must know that in these national armies, military service is compulsory for every young man irrelevant of religion, ethnicity, sect, color etc. so these national armies are truly "national",whilst look at the replaced puppet "armies" in Iraq and Libya, they are merely sectarian militias got together whose doctrine is not to defend the homeland against foreign invaders, but to defend foreign invaders against their own citizens and to be the foreign legion in the army of the EMPIRE. Look how the media calls now the Syrian national army, Bashar loyalists,shabiha, while calling the mercenary militias The Free Syrian Army. Well why do not we call the US troops, Bush's thugs, or Obama loyalists?

    1. عشتار العراقية- "I do object to the term "Gadhafi loyalist forces". It is supposed to be the Libyan national army defending the country"

      Your right, it is brainwashing.
      Normally I catch it. This time I missed

      I always call FSA NATO mercs.
      But US troops or Obama's thugs would be good also

  5. Syria would be foolish to play footsie with the UN or to agree to any ceasefire. I doubt they have made this foolish decision based on the sketchy reporting about the ceasefire.

    Let's remember the Western media has totally muzzled Syrian government voices--they won't even show us official Syrian statements about ceasefires and instead quote propaganda like Facebook posts or perp organizations like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights or other NGOs or complicit media. Notice they aren't even bothering to send presstitutes to Damascus to get the official Syrian position as they did in Iraq or even Libya while those countries were under attack.

    It is likely time for full war. It's unavoidable. Syria is being slowly brought down like Iraq and Libya. If they are smart they will use the Syrian Army to defend the country now while it is still intact.

    Syria is being pushed into war like Germany was in both the world wars last century. Of course Syria isn't a world power like Germany was so they can't make the same bold moves that Hitler did with the same confidence. But I don't see that they have much of a choice other than to attack their oppressors like Turkey or Israel or Jordan or the Gulf states. They are faced with two bad options.

    Here's Hitler declaring the "Diktat of Versailles" void because it's signature was coerced by starving the German people and because it imposed unjust and unprecedented terms on the Germans:

    Here's Chamberlain declaring war on Germany Sept. 3, 1939:

    Here's Hitler in July 1940 bemoaning the international conspiracy to continue war and to thwart peace attempts, and remarking on the British war crimes of bombing civilians and infrastructure and promising a response (which would come a few months later with the attack on Britain): (notice the shout out to Canada for hiding the British elite in expectation of war coming to Britain after dishing it out to Germany, I guess).

    This war was started almost two years ago and the result is inevitable. The only question is how much of a fight Syria puts up against its oppressors before it is brought down. It's inevitable Assad will go down in our Western controlled history as another Hitler so what's the point of trying to play within a rigged system?


    1. Yes, Assad = Hitler
      and Gaddafi = Hitler
      and Hussein = Hitler

      etc, ad nasueum, ad infinitum
      but the reality is exactly the opposite
      Obama and Bush are the Hitler's
      Invading nation after nation, overtly and covertly, via false flags and lies
      Along with the EU and GCC and Canada
      Killing untold amounts of civilians
      Because black is white
      and white is black


    In it he mentions how Syria was linked to the Lockerbie case. Interesting background to see how the seeds for these current wars against Libya and Syria were being laid a few decades ago.

    Re the Western case against Syria as a repressive regime . . . it seems to boil down to these charges:

    1. Assad I's crushing of a rebellion from the Muslim Brotherhood (likely backed by the West) and the 1982 shelling of Hama. The government is alleged to have murdered 250 prisoners and to have imprisoned (and tortured?) Muslim Brotherhood members after the 1976 Syrian occupation of Lebanon through 1982. Just like now there are many assassinations and terror events and of course the most likely suspects are Israeli or Western perps and their accomplices--not the Syrian government. What motive does Syria have to conduct high profile assassinations?

    2. The 1983 "training" of 800 extremists (according to Wikipedia--ha) and support for the October 1983 attack on American troops in Lebanon killing 200. December 1983 Syria and the U.S. engage in fighting right after the PM of Israel visits--Syria shoots down and captures an American pilot.

    3. Alleged bombing attempt of an El-Al plane in London and Madrid in 1986.

    4. Support for 1991 Lockerbie bombing and general support for Hizbullah and Palestinian "terrorism."

    5. The 'torture' of Maher Arar in 2002.

    Of course many of these incidents, like the bombings in Damascus in 1985, the many assassinations over the years, and the current attacks, are blamed on the government. But that's foolish. Based on what I know about the current attacks, I must presume these previous attacks were similarly sponsored by Syria's enemies.

    1. will have a look at it
      ty WWM

    2. I've liked Adam Curtis' previous work, although I've always been skeptical. This is no different--he's covering interesting subjects and it's interesting material. He's got a lot of good source material on Gadaffi and "terrorism."

      But Curtis is obviously serving an agenda and not giving us the full story.

      For e.g., the story about Gadaffi's Nazi rocket scientists . . . Curtis doesn't mention the fact that Gadaffi did free Africa from Western control by launching an independent African satellite communication system but instead says Gadaffi is "coy" about his intentions. And Gadaffi does laugh a lot when these interviewers keep accusing him of things but I guess that may be a normal response under the circumstances.

    3. Lockerbie was 1988, not 1991.

      All the clips in the Curtis blog post are worth watching, but the main one focusing on Syria is the last one in Chapter 2, about the Rome and Vienna airport terrorist incidents in 1985 and then the Beirut disco bombings in 1986.

      The 'experts' the BBC interviews seem to indicate Libya was falsely blamed (and took responsibility via a coded message saying, to paraphrase: "we bombed the disco and escaped detection, Love, Libyan terrorists" and "congratulations on a successful terrorist mission, love, Gaddafi"). They say the real sponsor was probably Syria, which the announcer flatly states is a "terrorist haven."

    4. Ugh, make that Berlin, not Beirut.

      Evidently this 1998 German report alleges CIA connections to the 1986 bombing:

      But 4 Libyans were still convicted in early November 2001:

      Interesting timing.

    5. hi....that article was ;posted by Robert Black on his FB page....the title struck mev as objectionable...laeding to a back lash when i said so

      But the Gadafi nazi scientists? say what>=?

      the nazi scientists mostly went to the US!

      Maher Arer....who ironiclly supports the war on syria

      here is what he says:

      'ARAR: Whenever there's issues in Syria, troubles, they always blame foreign intervention. That's always been the case. I do not want to deny that the regime has core supporters. I do not think that it's a big percentage. In fact, in my opinion, most of the support comes from the Alawite community, which the president belongs to, as well as some other people who have interest. Now, the fact that there have been hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating in the streets for the regime should not tell us much, because when I was in school there, they would just actually force us to go into such demonstrations. But, again, I do not want to deny that the regime still has support, especially within Damascus and Aleppo, which have so far actually stayed quiet. But if the regime were to give people the total freedom to go out in the streets, I think we'll see millions of people demonstrating against the regime. It's just fear. People are afraid to go out and demonstrate freely. But what we're seeing right now is only a small percentage of those people who are opposed to the regime [incompr.] risking their lives to demonstrate on the streets.'

      thats a Maher arar ive not seen before! because the above statement could have been written by the US state dept of the FSA!

  7. Arar also calls Gadaffi a dictator:
    ARAR: Given that Iran and Hezbollah are big supporters and big allies of the Syrian regime, we should not totally discount his threats. But at the same time, I think he's exaggerating, knowing that a majority of Syrians oppose his regime, as well as now--we have to remember that Turkey has abandoned their regime. It was one of its closest allies just as of a year ago. So I think they could cause [incompr.] they could cause wars. But given that the Arab League even now is taking action and the whole world is against the regime--and in my opinion, even Russia and China will at some point abandon the regime. We've heard this, threats from dictatorships like Mubarak and Gadhafi, and I think it's just to scare the outside world about what they could potentially do.

    its bizarre...he seems to be singing from the US state playbook! ad is being treated as a credible source on syria

  8. canadas Maher Arar: seems he supports the FSA:

    Maher Arar
    To portray FSA as angels is counterproductive to the revolution as ppl will expect them to behave as such. #Syria

    1. Good catches Brian about Arar.

      Searching on google I see he has been paid a lot of money and won a lot of awards and accolades. Perfect setup for him to now support war.