Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Syria: Lies the media tells us to support the war agenda

Assorted media stories...

 The 3000 peacekeepers to Syria?

Noticed yesterday the story had gone down the memory hole. Which made me a bit suspicious.
As KenM points out in the comment section  this “news” appeared to be a ruse to cover an agenda of moving some additional fighters into Syria.

Quoting-  KenMOctober 16, 2012 12:55 AM

Well, it looks like the Peacekeeper plan was probably a piece of theatre proposed by the SNC in Qatar in order to try & get some more guns on the ground:

"..Qatar's prime minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani, told reporters that any such force must be "well-armed."

"Any mission that is not well-armed will not fulfill its aim. For this, it must have enough members and equipment to carry out its duty," he said.

Qatar's emir Sheikh Hamad called last month for Arab military intervention in Syria because of the failure of the U.N. Security Council and other international bodies to end the conflict..."

"..Reports on an alleged plan to deploy 3,000 peacekeeping troops to war-torn Syria are “false,” said Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN peace envoy to Syria, denying mass media speculations..." Here
Thanks Ken!

 Suspicions were aroused for me,  when Tunisia’s puppet leader said he was willing to send troops for the “Arab Peace Corp” Many Tunisians are presently in Syria, destabilizing the last secular Arab nation. While that story may have gone away, we should not assume the push to get more terrorists into Syria has.

The NATO war promoting media is also pushing the "unintended consequences" sales pitch. Woe to us all because inadvertently  “weapons are ending up in the hands of Islamic extremists”Nice spin, if anyone is gullible enough to buy into that.

This morning there were more then  1,000 stories on this topic. Clearly, a case of  media saturation to promote a justification for invasion agenda.

What is NOT MENTIONED in the media reports spinning unintended consequences?  

The first one is the blatantly obvious but not mentioned fact that ‘Islamic fundamentalists' (really NATO mercs)  armed to the teeth with western money validates/verifies, without a doubt that Syria is indeed, unquestionably, fighting terrorists. As has been claimed by Syria, Iran, Russia, China etc.,

The claim made by Syria of fighting terrorists which has been denied and/or ridiculed by the NATO nations is  therefore shown to be true, correct and factual. NATO nations including the US  are admitting  they provided the arms that have gone to terrorists, the NATO nations therefore acknowledged their involvement in funding, backing, nurturing and enabling their NATO merc terrorists to destroy Syria and terrorize ordinary Syrians.

To beat this dead horse, proverbially speaking....

Recall this news?
Certainly the main stream media will not refresh your memory. I ,however, will be happy to do so

CIA aiding in "steering" arms to "Syrian"/NATO backed rebels
As reported earlier this year in the NYT’s and here at the blog
Excerpts below-

CIA officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey, helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers. 

    The weapons, including automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons, are being funneled mostly across the Turkish border by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries including  Muslim Brotherhood  and paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the officials said.

    The C.I.A. officers have been in southern Turkey for several weeks,in part to help keep weapons out of the hands of fighters allied with Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups, one senior American official said.

Don't expect the war whore media to acknowledge the lies of their war master/ pimps...............

After all the CIA has been and likely is still stationed in Turkey distributing weapons to just the "right people". Therefore, it only makes sense that if weapons have gotten into the hands of “extremists fundamentalists” that is exactly the hands they were being delivered to in Turkey, Jordan and anywhere else the US/NATO nations have set up shop to provide weapons to arm their terrorists/mercs.

I will now put that poor horse to rest

Yesterday the EU upped sanctions against Syria:

EU agrees new Syria sanctions, makes no progress with Russia
Sanctions are, of course, financial warfare on ordinary Syrians

“The sanctions target people linked to violence against protesters, or firms accused of supplying equipment used by the regime to repress a protest movement now entering its 20th month”


“With tensions between Turkey and Syria raising fears of a spillover, the conflict in Syria and how to end it was at the centre of closed door talks in Luxembourg on Sunday between the 27 EU ministers and Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

But the discussion was tense and made little to no headway, said ministers and diplomats.

"We discussed Syria really in all its dimensions with Mr Lavrov last night," said British Foreign Secretary Willian Hague. "I can't say that we made any progress."

The article ends with the same spin. The same main stream media lies

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle:

“"It is important to convince those who continue to protect the Assad regime that the danger of a wider blaze is mounting, that the danger of a proxy war is on the rise.

"It is also important to clearly tell Russia it has no interest in a spillover that would inflame the entire region."”

Guido, if I may?  It is equally important to convince those that supply NATO mercs that the danger of a wider blaze is mounting. So why are you not working to convince the US the UK? France? You know the players, Guido! That NATO backed proxy war is ongoing. It is important that the NATO nations are aware that they have no interest in the spillover that would inflame the entire region.
Oh and Guido, one last thing. The citizens of the NATO nations have no interest in seeing this warfare fomented by NATO mercs. The citizens of the world have no interest and take no pleasure from the thought of a potential nuclear conflict, more destruction of the planet and more mass casualties involving multitudes of innocent civilians.

What do you say Guido? Are you man enough to work on peace and not war, killing and devestation?


  1. Hey all
    swamped lately, again
    There will be more, this post actually had more to it
    I will fix it up tomorrow
    You know typos and all

    Just refresh your memory on the lies we are told, leave a comment and of course any links you may have

    1. Don't just concentrate your efforts on lies in the MSM. What about the lies in the so called Alternative Media? The lies that have people like you believing that home grown opposition to Assad is as good as "non-existent". Any person with common sense would need neither media to form an opinion about the likelyhood of a large presence of Syrian opposition to the corrupt and nepotistic Regime of Assad. Show us some credible proof that 23 million Syrians are content to be ruled by Assad's minority Baath Party Regime.

    2. There's plenty of reports in the alternative media about opposition to Assad - in fact most of them supported the uprising.

      A few however have been careful to distinguish between the local groups which receive very little press & the heavily funded, Western/GCC funded exile groups such as the SNC, FSA, etc., as well as the masses of foreign jihadists that have flooded in, & the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

      The majority of the domestic opposition are against foreign involvement, but they are very divided on what they do want, & how much support they actually enjoy amongst the broad mass of Syrians is an open question.

      The National Coordination Body, a major umbrella group for domestic groups want Assad gone, but peacefully.
      Others just want greater participation, others a broad array of demands from communist to religeous to anti neo-liberal based agendas.

      As to how much support Assad has, rallies in support of him have been consistent & enormously well attended, and local committees springing up in support of the regime & against the FSA have been covered if you are prepared to look.

      The people on this site obviously do a lot more research you do into things.

    3. A slightly better than average report on Syria from the alternative media:

      Syria: Assad regime close to over amid rising violence
      Sunday, August 12, 2012

      Most will just copy & paste from whatever opposition line fits in most closely with their beliefs, & their is such a broad array of pre-fabricated 'story packages' to choose from...

      A report on the National Coordination Body:

    4. "The people on this site obviously do a lot more research you do into things."

      It is all a matter of quality rather than quantity. Anybody who comes to the conclusion that "Syrians fighting Assad are practically non existent is obviously somewhat biased and prone to believing what suits them. A typical failing of your average dumb human being.

    5. "AnonymousOctober 16, 2012 6:52 PM

      Don't just concentrate your efforts on lies in the MSM.


      thanks for acknowledging the fact of the msm lies!

      as for the rest of your comment, pure nonsense

      Example "Any person with common sense would need neither media to form an opinion about the likelyhood of a large presence of Syrian opposition..."

      Any person, anywhere in the world, other then Syria would be completely unaware of the situation in Syria, whatever that situation may be.

      It is the agenda promoted, through a multitude of lies reported via the msm, that provide the masses with their 'opinion' regarding situations anywhere in the world, other then their own backyard

      Therefore your assertion is nonsense.

      As KenM pointed out to you much of the alternative media is chock full of NATO support

      I am my own media. Neither alternative nor mainstream

      It must bother you troll that the lies of NATO are being exposed?

    6. KenM

      "A few however have been careful to distinguish between the local groups which receive very little press"

      If you have been here for any length of time you will know I was one of the few people who were very careful to distinguish between the local opposition and the NATO opposition

      The local opposition has never asked for their country to be blown to bits.

      The NATO opposition, which is mostly foreign, have asked repeatedly for massive death and destruction

    7. AnonymousOctober 17, 2012 1:36 AM

      "A typical failing of your average dumb human being"

      The typical dumb human being accepts every bit of carefully crafted war promoting propaganda that the lying media spoon feeds to their passive brain, making it easier for them not to think too much

      Persons such as yourself, as an example, Troll

    8. "It must bother you troll that the lies of NATO are being exposed?"

      Not at all, I don't like lies from anybody and that includes you, with your embarrassingly stupid lie that Syrian armed opposition to Assad is "practically non-existent". I'd say you are the one that is bothered, because you know you are wrong and lack the integrity to admit it.

    9. Well take the time to read over 300 posts on Syria that are here and you will see the claim that the opposition is foreign is a well documented factual claim.

      It is truth. Truth. Truth.

      To drive the point home, yet again of foreigners in Syria

      Just today it is being announced that a British citizen is being charged for kidnapping journalists in Syria

      UK man charged with kidnapping journalists


      I covered that news at the time it happened
      The kidnappers with their British accents???
      Born in the UK clearly, how did they get to Syria?

      Obviously a NATO merc, paid for the the Brits, flown into Turkey most likely.
      Over the border, you know the one where the CIA agents are waiting with arms?
      And into Syria to kill Syrians and kidnap journalists.

      Or how about that entire Libyan brigade you have already had pointed out to you?

      Shall I refresh your memory, yet again?

      ""This successful strike was carried out by the Liwa’ al-Ummah Brigade, which is in fact comprised of Libyan volunteers and is openly affiliated with al-Qaeda. The British media hailed this attack as another major blow against Assad. The unasked questions are: what is an entire Libyan brigade doing in Syria? How exactly did they manage to transport themselves and their weaponry into an area supposedly subject to an embargo?

      Well troll?

    10. "The vast majority of the Free Syrian Army is composed of ordinary Syrians and defectors from Assad's Army,"

      What's your evidence for this?

    11. I would like to see some credible evidence from Penny for her claim. Concentrating on what jihadists are doing in Syria and speculating on how they get there and who finances them is not evidence for them being the bulk of armed resistance to Assad. Commonsense alone tells anyone with a modicum of intellect that you don't need to be a foreign Islamic Terrorist to be prepared to take up arms against Assad and his minority Alawite Dictatorship with its corruption and nepotism. Furthermore, it is hardly likely that former staunch supporters of Assad would have defected and joined a bunch of foreign Jihadists, now is it? These people know more than anybody here about what is really going on in Syria.

    12. Anonymous troll

      The credible evidence has been presented here at this blog ad infinitum.

      (defined as in a 'repeating process' throughout a multitude of posts)

      You need to back up your claims. With something credible that is. Not the official fairy tale spun by the NATO media
      And thus far you have failed to do so.
      And I expect you will continue to do just that.
      Making non credible claims all unsubstantiated and spew ad hominems


      An Ad Hominem is a general category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of or the person presenting the claim or argument. Typically, this fallacy involves two steps. First, an attack against the character of person making the claim, her circumstances, or her actions is made (or the character, circumstances, or actions of the person reporting the claim). Second, this attack is taken to be evidence against the claim or argument the person in question is making (or presenting). This type of "argument" has the following form:

      Person A makes claim X.
      Person B makes an attack on person A.
      Therefore A's claim is false.

    13. Penny,

      Your response to troll is right on the money; very few people know the whole story about what is really going on in Syria and this blog is picking through that evidence better than pretty much any other public domain.

      One thing we have proved is media lying. We have seen the fake news. The people here have been able to use logic and the publicly available facts to prove most Western media are engaging in lies about Syria. We don't need to know the first-hand facts to make this determination. We can use logic on what is publicly available. For instance, what are the odds that *real* protesters would be go from holding protest signs to using sophisticated weapons where they are able to kill thousands of police and army? Do normal protesters have the training, arms, and skill to kill so many professionals? Seems very unlikely. Can you imagine Occupy Wall Street turning into a violent revolution like this, for instance?

      Plus, most "alternative" media is not really alternative anyway. Most of the alternative media is controlled--just like the mainstream media.

      I've been banned at Moon of Alabama, for instance, for being a loose canon. I am highly suspicious of the role of these "alternative" sources and suspect they may be controlled opposition.

      I have also noticed that most left-wing or "progressive" blogs are also complicit.

      In fact, I don't trust any place on the internet. I have hope that a couple are legit (like Penny), but I've been tricked so many times that it would be foolish to be anything other than skeptical of all 'alternative media.'

    14. WWM

      "nd this blog is picking through that evidence better than pretty much any other public domain"

      Thank you kindly

      "One thing we have proved is media lying. We have seen the fake news. The people here have been able to use logic and the publicly available facts to prove most Western media are engaging in lies about Syria. We don't need to know the first-hand facts to make this determination. We can use logic on what is publicly available"

      We did all pitch in a do some great sleuthing on the media lying didn't we?
      Felix, Freethinker, you, me
      We had Fitzhenry Mac help out
      And we can use logic and think through many of these situations.

      WWM have you done any work with the Trivium and Quadrivium?

      I am working through the Trivium methodology right now and it is so interesting.

      Start here


      Get yourself the books, Trivum and Quadrivium and start working through them
      I am.

      Very interesting stuff!

  2. Board of directors of Siemens back in 2010 reveals one Gerd von Brandenstein. He sits on the board of the Jerusalem foundation.



    1. Interesting, but can you expand a bit on how this is relevant?
      Are we talking military industrial complex type stuff?
      Or is this beneficial to Israeli expansionism?

  3. interesting take from Thierry Meyssan, hope it's true?
    "NATO packs it in; Turkey on the verge of a nervous breakdown"
    "...Even more surprising: on six successive occasions, the NATO Command at Incirlik gave jihadists instructions to regroup within specified zones to prepare for huge offensives. While the Syrian Arab Army, which was formed to confront the Israeli Army, may be ill-adapted for guerilla warfare, it is highly effective in conventional combat. In each of these engagements, it easily encircled and wiped out the assembled units of the Free Syrian Army. Though the initial defeats suffered by the jihadists could have been attributed to a tactical error or to an incompetent commander, after the sixth debacle another hypothesis must be considered: that NATO is willingly sending these combatants to their deaths."

  4. Concerning the voltairenet piece - It could easily be a mindfvck directed at the zealots, sowing the seeds of suspicion re. their NATO minders. Either way, it's a good read.

    1. Hi Sasha
      A new name!
      Thanks for stopping by, now I must definitely read the piece

    2. Thank you Penny, for providing this venue. When able to tear myself away from horrible harness racing addiction I love to visit here in lurker capacity. If I'm ever afflicted by a relevant original thought I'll utter it here. Best regards.

    3. Let us all hope you become 'afflicted' more often
      Then I can prattle on less

  5. Go to nakedfacts see first post..idf is in syria!!!!

  6. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1bc_1350384468 Leaked Footage of FSA Terrorist Leader with US Senator

    Also go to my blog for idf in syria post

  7. Organ trafficking by ffsa http://www.examiner.com/article/free-syrian-army-allegedly-trafficking-human-organs

  8. Geez NYS!!
    IDF in Syria, why I can't imagine it?!

    Yes, I can

    You know, I did read somewhere something about organ trafficking and the FSA

    Can't recall where though

    Will check out your stuff asap

  9. Actually regarded this site as one of the few, Penny. & thanks for the front page mention..

    Anyway, a number of reports from the more mainstream to the hard-right seem to be becoming much more nuanced & starting to get a broader promotion:

    From a little more encouragement of compromise as part of the US's foreign policy, that seems to be geared towards Iran:

    The Myth That Screwed Up 50 Years of U.S. Foreign Policy
    It's time to set the record straight about John F. Kennedy's handling of the Cuban missile crisis.

    To "8 crazy things Americans believe about foreign policy"
    Posted By Uri Friedman

    This guy's work is starting to get a mention at a few places around the place:
    Damien Spleeters / The Trigger

    He tries to follow some of the weaponry being moved around the place, & turning up in hot-spots in Syria. SA-7's have been starting turning up in Syria in numbers, & it looks like panicking quite a few people who were encouraging arming the rebels not so long ago...

    Looks like Ansar al-Sharia is going get the Benghazi attack pinned on them & are likely due to be 'predatored'. Could well of done it, but it could well of been a dozen other islamic groups or even the pro-gaddhafi groups. Other reports have had Ansar al-Sharia as on-call backup for consulate security - most of the current Libyan 'goverment forces' consist of various anti-gaddhafi militias.

    "Libya's Islamist militant group, Ansar al-Sharia, was at the site of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi during the attack that killed Amb. Chris Stevens and three other Americans, reports the WSJ's Margaret Coker"

    Moderately interesting background report from Samer Araabi, the Government Relations Manager at the Arab American Institute. He's one of the major voices in the mainstream US muslim culture - typically Anti-Assad but a lot more nuanced...

    The Attack-Syria Coalition: Then and Now


    And finally, THE BEST REPORT EVER about the US Presidential Debates from America's Finest News Source:

    Nation Tunes In To See Which Sociopath More Likable This Time

  10. KenM

    short on time here to respond

    "Looks like Ansar al-Sharia is going get the Benghazi attack pinned on them & are likely due to be 'predatored'. Could well of done it, but it could well of been a dozen other islamic groups or even the pro-gaddhafi groups. Other reports have had Ansar al-Sharia as on-call backup for consulate security - most of the current Libyan 'goverment forces' consist of various anti-gaddhafi militias. "

    It looked as if Ansar al Sharia was going to get the blame early on in the game..
    Though IMO they were on the NATO dole and likely still are
    I saw the western msm is finally covering the siege of Bani Wallid

    Which sociopath is more likeable?!
    You know it is true but so pathetic.

  11. Syrians fighting against Assad are non-existent( more less ). And a over a year later and Assad is still there. I wonder why? I guess his people know something Anonymous troll above didn't know...

    1. Yes, the Syrian people know that the scum ruining their homeland are bought and paid for by Saudi/Israel/NATO war mongers, who get their funding god knows how?
      but we can guess...