Friday, November 16, 2012

75,000 Troops to "secure" chemical weapons in Syria.....

That's according to the Pentagon!. Were going long so sit a spell
The Pentagon has told the Obama administration that any military effort to seize Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons would require upward of 75,000 troops

The estimated size of the potential effort, provided to the White House by the military’s Central Command and Joint Staff, called into question whether the United States would have the resources to act quickly  if it detected  the movement of chemical weapons

Check out the perception management!
“The discovery that Hezbollah has set up camps close to some of the (chemical weapon) depots”

Scary. Be scared. Be afraid. Fear, fear, fear.

Claim contradicted just a few sentences later in the same article...

So far, there is no evidence that Hezbollah, which is based in Lebanon but has become increasingly active in protecting the government of President Bashar al-Assad, is making any effort to gain control over the chemical weapons.

The venerable NYT’s? How about the propaganda tool of the state?
There is NO EVIDENCE that Hezbollah in Lebanon is making any effort to gain control over chemical weapons. Therefore the claim of close encampment is most probably false.
Perception management, always.

More spin and a hat tip to Freethinker who brought this up the other day remarking on the timing?
Breaking news today but this happened back in May - timing?
South Korean authorities inspected North Korean cargo bound for Syria in May and confiscated hundreds of cylinders that could be used to build the weapons, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported on Wednesday.
American intelligence and security officials, in interviews in recent days, said that the United States had picked up evidence ( in May, six months ago) that North Korea had resumed providing Syria with some missile technology, including assistance with Scud missiles.

The “evidence” came from the US occupied territory of South Korea and according to reports all was confiscated so if the claim was ever true, which is not likely, this whole scenario is a non issue.

Israeli tanks are seen close to the ceasefire line between Israel and Syria, near Alonei Habashan in the Golan Heights November 7, 2012.
Regarding talk of securing borders.
 I would think this is a difficult task during the best of times.Adding to the problem of securing Syrian borders in the Golan Heights area is the presence of UN “peacekeepers”.

The United Nations has protested to the Syrian government for claiming it had UN permission to attack rebel opponents in the Golan Heights demilitarized zone, according to a letter revealed Thursday and obtained by AFP.

"We regard it as a serious matter that Syrian authorities would claim that a United Nations senior official would approve activities in violation of Security Council resolutions," UN peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous said in a letter to Syria's UN ambassador.

Ladsous demanded that the Syrian army halt "incursions" into the demilitarized zone between Syria and Israel, which he said were a threat to the unarmed UN observers and civilians.

Syria's deputy foreign minister, Faisal Muqdad, told AFP on Wednesday that the commander of the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) had approved Syrian action to pursue rebels.
Certain extremist forces entered the demilitarized zone, occupied two or three villages and threatened to kill the inhabitants," Muqdad told AFP. "We consulted the UNDOF mission, who said: 'Yes, you can solve the problem.'"

Ladsous, however, said in the letter to Syria's ambassador Bashar Jaafari that the UNDOF commander "strongly denied" having given any approval.

Ladsous said the Syrian activities undermined the UNDOF mission and "exposed United Nations personnel to serious safety and security risks" and could jeopardize the ceasefire accord between Israel and Syria.

"On the contrary, the force commander informed the Syrian authorities that should the SAAF (Syrian Arab Armed Forces) proceed with the operations, UNDOF would protest officially," the peacekeeping chief added.

Israel has twice in the past week fired across the ceasefire line, established in 1974, in response to stray fire from Syrian troops fighting rebels inside the zone. 
 What letter has the UN sent to Israel? Israel has twice fired across the line. Is the UN silent on that activity. It could jeopardize civilians and threaten “peacekeepers”. If I may? Ah hell you know I will! Peacekeepers that appear to be asleep? Or turning a blind eye? One wonders how is it that NATO mercs are entering the demilitarized zone and laying siege to villages on the peacekeepers watch? Unless the peacekeepers are allowing this activity to take place?

Turkey evacuating villages and air force on standbye

Turkey has begun evacuating villages close to its border with Syria and scrambled its air force as the Assad regime bombarded rebel positions close to the frontier fence

Turkey has recognized the NATO “coalition” (Not a surprise)

Interesting piece from the Chicago Times
Truth exists.
This piece, likely unintentionally, sheds some light on how the NATO mercs are laying siege to villages and ensuring the deaths of countless innocent civilians. How the NATO mercs put themselves right into peoples homes thereby endangering the very people they claim to be fighting to free.....

"I don't want the rebels in my town," the 25-year-old Kurdish man laments. "Why would I want Assad's planes to come and bomb us? His is a familiar sentiment among refugees from Ras al-Ain, a mixed Arab and Kurdish town
Kurdish activists opposed to Assad (?) called for the rebels to pull out of Ras al-Ain, warning that their presence would make the town a target for government forces.
 Kurdish activists said those that had taken the townwere extremist Jihadist fighters"The rebels wait outside and when they hear the planes, they come into our houses and then the planes bomb our houses," saidYousuf, 36, an Arab refugee
Others said rebel fighters had stolen from them or pressured them to allow the use of their homes.

NATO’s mercs. Such fine, upstanding citizens...

Interesting piece from Asia Times..  Here’s to you WWM!!!

Walt you have often voiced concerns about the “angry arab” I have never read his writings and still haven’t, until this morning. That said, there is a quote from him in the linked piece that I find  interesting and disturbing. I must mention the  Angry Arab piece Asia Times is quoting from is apparently, now, unavailable.

Nonetheless here is some of the quote and the relevant bits highlighted

I spent last night reading the writings of ... Ahmad Ma'adh Al-Khatib: a clear follower of the Muslim Brotherhood and a disciple of Yusuf Al-Qaradawi [an important theological mentor to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood]. He has many views that his Western sponsors did not know about Take his treatise on masturbation here: he maintains that this "sinister habit" causes tuberculosis and tears down the flesh.
“He has many views that his Western sponsors did not know about”????
 Enjoy him, please, especially those in Western governments which approved him and promoted him without reading a word of his writings.

How does angry arab know this choice was made without western knowledge of Khatib's writings? Angry Arab cannot make this claim with any certainty? So why is he? If ‘angry arab’ can read Khatib’s writings, how is it even credible to suggest that his ‘western sponsors’ did not!  
Myself, I find that problematic. Is angry arab participating in narrative creation that will justify military action/occupation further down the road...???
I am sure that the US Zionists who approved the appointment of Mr Al-Khatib as head of the exile Syrian opposition did not know that he referred to Zionism as a "cancerous racist movement."

Au contraire, I am certain the US Zionists that approved the appointment of Mr Khatib knew exactly the language used by Mr Khatib. He will be a very useful “boogey man” for Israel’s perpetual victim gambit
To be clear on what I am suggesting by using the word gambit, see definition below
A device, action, or opening remark, typically one entailing a degree of risk, that is calculated to gain an advantage.


  1. I do apologize for my non commenting, just busy
    I am reading them so keep leaving them

  2. Look!!!

    1. Hey NYS an anonymous commenter left the US journalist blames georgia for arms supplies to Syria in a way back post
      I read it.
      And do not doubt that Georgia has been involved

  3. Do not despair Penny, the Pompey moment is coming to the evil Empire, there have been seven 6.0+ magnitude earthquake to rattle the planet in seven days. Syria and Iran will use this opportunity to destroy the Islamist fanatics especially as these same fanatics are being prepared to destabilise Iran. There are only a few weeks till 21 Dec 11:12 (UTC)

    1. Hans, I try not to despair
      But, when I see what that psycho Israeli nation is up to
      It's pretty tough
      As all the western governments cheer the killers on
      Obama " just don't kill to many civilians"
      the peacemaker?
      the black president?
      the muslim?
      You see, he cares about humanity
      lies, lies and more lies, lies all the time

    2. "We are asked to believe that Barack Obama, who for over 20 years has professed to be a devout Christian and spoken publicly of his "personal relationship with Jesus Christ," is in fact a covert Muslim who has lied his entire adult life about his true religious affiliation.

      No proof is offered — no sightings of Obama attending a mosque, no photos of him reading the Koran, praying to Mecca, or observing Islamic holidays with his family. There is no evidence that Barack Obama has ever evinced a belief in, or commitment to, any other religion than Christianity.

      The entire case, such as it is, rests on a confused and error-ridden recitation of Obama's upbringing and purported childhood influences. It also rests on — that is to say, exploits — some Americans' fear and deep mistrust of the Muslim faith."

  4. The 21st of December will pass with no major event, just like all your other predictions have proven false. The historical record shows that such crank predictions have never amounted to anything.

    1. You mean like Saddam having nuclear weapons?
      Total crank prediction

    2. How about the rapture?
      "God's chosen people" & The return of God
      All predictions and contentions made by cranks, these predictions have made a whole lot of misery for a whole bunch of people

      Since were talking about crank predictions

    3. Indeed, but let's not forget the mumbo jumbo the Muslims believe, that has them killing each other. Some 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, or 0.3 percent, died during the sixty years of fighting Israel, or just 1 out of every 315 Muslim fatalities. In contrast, over 90 percent of the 11 million who perished were killed by fellow Muslims. Looks like they excel at creating misery for themselves.

    4. Killing other people and other nations has nothing to do with religions. Do you know how much Christians killed by fellow Christians during WW1&2? over 60 millions.

    5. To say that religion has nothing to do with people killing each other in wars is stretching the truth somewhat. Good point about WW1 and WW2 though. Looks like the Arab world has some catching up to do and if the powder keg of the M.E. really explodes they will be well on the way. The point I was making is that the Muslims in the M.E seem to be their own worst enemy rather than the state of Israel.

    6. "The point I was making is that the Muslims in the M.E seem to be their own worst enemy rather than the state of Israel"

      (the little things you say... in your opinion)
      How very simplistic.
      Ignoring so many other important factors
      Such as Israel. A nation you felt the necessity to add to the conversation???

      Israel was placed in the middle east for exactly the role it plays, it is a sore thumb. A stick in the eye.
      And the Khazars that buy into the god given land nonsense, are their own worst enemies.

    7. عشتار العراقية

      "Killing other people and other nations has nothing to do with religions."

      Religion is merely the excuse. Often the manipulation.
      Behind all that is always power and control

  5. Syrian kurds who make up 10% of Syria's population, violently push the FSA back to Turkey

    some interesting points in this article:
    1. we learn yemen and saudis are involved in this battle
    2. the turks encourage syrians to flee to them...not out of kindness but:
    Kurdish fighter:

    'The Turks tell the people: run away from here, come to us, you will find protection with us. In truth, they deceive them. The money, which provided by the Red Crescent and the Red Cross – they put it into their own pockets.

    There are women and children, who have to live in tents. But now it’s already so cold that you cannot live in tents. Many come back again.

    The Turks are behaving like the mafia, they are arming scattered groups, and then they send them to us into the battle and make money out of the refugees.'

  6. 75000 troops to invade and control syria..means hundres of thousands of dead syrians...and some dead stupid american males

  7. for those who missed it:
    north americans view of south america

    american view of asia:

    americn view of europe>:

    american view of africa

  8. more evidence the 'syrian rebels' are foreign terrorists protected by the turks:

    Aldar Khamil, representative of the Supreme Council of the Kurds:

    We have agreed it with the Syrian army. They do not interfere in our affairs, the army is not on site, but even if the army would be here, we would have nothing against it – it is their land. The terrorists, who penetrate up to here, are not from here. The ones we saw were all foreigners. They are constantly under the protection of the Turkish army, and when they cross the border, they get plans and support by the Turks for this.'..............

  9. how many syrians are there in the 'free syrian army'?.........21 Kuwaiti terrorists were sent to to hell to mate with their 72 male virgins by the Syrian Arab Army in Syria, a newspaper reveals with the list of their names.

    Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA in Syria informed the terrorists families whom in turn held low profile mourning for each back in Kuwait. Another Kuwaiti terrorists Saeed Madi Gargah was killed recently and not included in the initial list making the known number of Jihadist terrorists sent to hell by the Syrian Army to 22, many others believed killed but had their bodies burnt by their fellows to hide the fact they were not Syrian thus the exact figure is unknown:

    Muhammad Assaf Mutairi
    Khaled Thodan Mutairi
    Jazzaa Masoud Darwish
    Mitab Musab Marikhi
    Munawar Barghash Al Jabli
    Ayed Manoukh Maimouni
    Turki Ajlan Al Hamli
    Muhammad Moweis Mutairi
    Nasser Dali Mutairi
    Abdul Karim Nashmi Aridi
    Ayed Rashid Marikhi
    Khalaf Kifayeh Sinjari
    Nasser Qaoud Al Aslami
    Harbi Khalaf Jashami
    Meshaal Humaidi Thafiri
    Faleh Hour Al Jasimi
    Thwuair Rikan Al Dhafiri
    Hani Sayed Birazi
    Turki Ghazai Al Anzi
    Mamdouh Ghasham Al Jabli
    Ayed Ghasham Al Jabli


    1. "how many syrians are there in the 'free syrian army'?........."

      An awful lot more than Assad's propaganda would have you believe. How's this for a "practically non-existent" bunch of Syrians keen to tip Assad off his throne.
      Thousands of Syria Army Defectors Form "Vanguard Martyrs Brigade" to Free Nation 11-Nov-12

    2. More bullshit
      We already know through multiple mainstream reports that the FSA is chock full of foreigners
      As is the SNC

      If there had been as many defectors as you continually suggest, there would have been no need to important thousands of foreign mercs

    3. thats why this person is anon..its easier to lie when you wear a mask

      as for 'free nation'...take a squiz:
      A joint statement made by various militant groups based in Aleppo; these groups include Liwa al Tawhid (FSA), Jabhat al Nusra, Ahrar al Sham.. in their statement, they say they do not recognise the Doha Coalition and call for an Islamic state in Syria!!

      This is “secular FSA” for you!! Such joint statement reveals the level of co-ordination between the “FSA” and the foreign terrorist groups who are fighting alongside them- one example is Jabhat al Nusra who took responsibility for the suicide bombings that killed hundreds of Syrian (including many civilians)!!!

      yes their idea of freedom is a salafist islamic dictatorship
      where they can brutalise the disabled to their hearts content:

      a new low for the FSA terrorists: torturing the disabled , wonder the syrians despise them

    4. Syrian Truth l Sham FAM l
      Sham FM correspondent to Homs : Armed forces targeted gatherings of insurgents in Bab Trukman , resulted in killing 8 Saudis , 5 Lebanese , 5 Jordanians , 2 Tunisians , 2 Egyptians , and a number of Syrians including Qasem Saad Al -Din
      not many syrians in the FSA

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  10. There are many articles referring to this, sorry I can't post any links now, but, referring to "Israel approves up to 75,000 troops for ground invasion of Gaza", if it progresses to that.
    I have been wondering at the timing of the Gazan offence/offense, and what it means, is going to mean, for the entire area, and if it isn't some kind of sleight of hand thing...

    1. I saw some articles about Israel calling up 75,000 troops and I thought
      How odd?
      Very odd
      That Israel and the US are tossing around the exact same numbers

  11. Unless Iran is just making mischief this sheds a very different light over the causes and timeline of Operation Column of Clouds:
    Locations of Hamas Leaders Identified during Qatari Emir's Recent (24 oct) Visit to Gaza
    Transponders in pens and watches sounds a bit 'James Bond' but I'm sure it would be well within Mossad's capability.

    US Ally Qatar Goes Rogue, ‘Hugging Hamas’ And Pledging Aid Perhaps there was an ulterior motive for 'going rogue'.
    Israel kills three Hamas militants after Qatari emir leaves Gaza
    "Israeli leaders had vowed retaliation for the morning bombing on Gaza’s boundary fence, but Israeli television said military actions were put on hold until Qatar’s Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani had left."
    Hamas leader Jabari killed amid talks on long-term truce Well a truce is the last thing that Netanyahu wants.

    1. thanks freethinker
      I will check them out

  12. beware 1.24...RT reports on lattakia..quoting 'opposition claims govt troops killed almost 40 civilians while human rights groups report,..' the first part of video shows clear pics of troops being welcomed by the people, ...the lattakia part show long distance fuzzy or shaky cam work, and no evidence is presented! whats up with RT?!

    Syrian army welcomed by locals to rout gangs

    1. thanks Brian, for keeping me in the know :)

  13. This happened a couple hours ago now, maybe earlier.
    "Israel shells Syria after fire hit military vehicle on Golan"

    1. Israel has also killed 3 syrian soldiers
      allegedly in response to fire that harmed no one and Israel does not know who fired at Israel
      nato mercs or syrian soldiers
      smart money is on the nato mercs, in collusion with Israel, of course

  14. Yes Penny. Angry Arab is too clever by half. He asks us to trust his inside sources or translations and superior knowledge yet he's often involved in creating these stories that subtly benefit the West--meme creation. They've been playing up these stories about the rebels being out of control zealots for a while now.

    Angry Arab must have sensed the criticism because he went into angry mode today and went off on Israel. His post was even promoted to the top #2 position of the conspiracy subreddit: He's the real G 'y'all.

    I don't trust anyone anymore--there are many other academic and media 'experts' like Angry Arab that are creating false narratives.

    1. Hey WWM
      that was the first time I had actually read anything by AA
      and I didn't like what I read
      As far as first impressions go that was a bad one

  15. What a misleading story in the New York Times about 75,000 troops to secure WMD! What a joke.

    Aren't the troops needed to attack Syria and defeat them rather than simply secure the WMD?

    And here's more delusional/misleading thinking from Retired General Amos Yadlin, a former head of Israeli military intelligence (via Ali's links above):

    "Moreover, a military intervention need not involve a ground invasion or even peacekeeping forces – which, in any case, would have little influence on Assad. The recommended model, built on the lessons of Iraq, is a Western aerial campaign that paves the way for regime change, as it did in Kosovo and in Libya. There are no "boots on the ground", at least initially (and should that become necessary, Turkish forces should be assigned to this mission)."

    Uh, isn't the Syrian Army fairly large and don't they possess a good number of weapons? Why wouldn't they fight back and unload as many missiles as fast as possible? Or send their tanks and air force into Jordan or Turkey and take out their leadership and hit strategic targets? Why not blow their wad before they go down and take a pound of flesh from their attackers?

    1. Why wouldn't they fight back and unload as many missiles as fast as possible? [...] Or send their tanks and air force into Jordan or Turkey and take out their leadership and hit strategic targets?

      Because that would be the dumbest thing they could do! It would bring on a golden plate the casus belli, the west is so longing for. All the underhanded provocations done to Syria until now have been to goad them in acting brashly to create an excuse for massive intervention (no-fly zone).
      Look at what Japan in WW2, they are painted as the aggressors because of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but the incredibly debilitating sanctions and embargoes they had to endure before that, are completely forgotten in the public narrative.

    2. The sanctions and embargoes were in response to Japan's aggression towards Manchuria and China. Let's not forget that.

    3. "
      Aren't the troops needed to attack Syria and defeat them rather than simply secure the WMD?"

      that is exactly what the troops would be used for

    4. Gallier:

      Not being up on war strategy etc. thanks for answering wwm
      Saw your comment regarding protests
      btw I see Hollande's popularity is dropping like the proverbial stone
      France, just like the rest of the western democracies, lol, no one to vote for
      idiot 1 or idiot 2
      both idiots,
      both owned

    5. Yes, anonymous let's remember that because it was 'so very important'

      because the US/UK cared about China


      Sanctions are done to harm the populace and cripple the state and not for airy fairy reasons, that make the gullible feel good

    6. Gallier,

      Ah yes, Syria should sit back and not do anything as Israel and the West slowly pick it apart. That sounds like good military advice . . . allow NATO warplanes to attack and enforce a no fly zone and I'm sure the international community will all of a sudden become sympathetic to Assad and Syria . . . just like this strategy worked in Libya and Iraq! Syria should mimic Libya and Iraq and allow itself to be brought down without fighting back against Israel. Brilliant strategy (for Israel that is . . . and the Arab fools that believe their armies have no power to fight back).

      No, Syria's enemies want it immobilized and sitting on its haunches as it is slowly picked apart. People telling Syria to keep taking these attacks are not their friends. War is being waged against Syria and they must respond in kind.

      If you are Syrian wouldn't you want to at least rain down hell on your Israeli attackers? Or your Turkish attackers? Why shouldn't Syria defend itself? It's going to be attacked anyway, so might as well take down some bastards before good Syrians go down.

      Do you really think there is a diplomatic solution after NATO has enforced a no fly zone? That's crazy. It's crazy to think there is a peaceful way out right now. There is no scenario where Russia, for instance, convinces NATO and the West to back off. None. Or it's gotta be less than a 5% chance. Whereas it seems pretty clear that Turkish or Israeli or NATO forces will be on Syrian soil soon! And here you are advocating that Syria allow foreign armies to control their skies and bomb them at will! While they meekly do nothing! Maybe they can complain to Russia and Russia will send a delegation to hear their muffled complaints. A lot of good that will do.

      Is there any Arab army that fights back or do they all cower in the corner while Israel and the U.S. easily pick them off?

      And forget playing PR games. Syria stands no chance of winning PR game. Does the media even listen to Syrian claims now? Why hold back from defending themselves if the media will never acknowledge the truth anyway?

      Japan and Germany likely had no other option than attacking. And at least they almost succeeded and at least took a pound of flesh from their tormenters! Is all the death and misery going to fall on Syrians and Palestinians or is the Arab army going to attack these Israeli/Turkish/Jordan terrorists?

    7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. A joint statement made by various militant groups based in Aleppo; these groups include Liwa al Tawhid (FSA), Jabhat al Nusra, Ahrar al Sham.. in their statement, they say they do not recognise the Doha Coalition and call for an Islamic state in Syria!!

    This is “secular FSA” for you!! Such joint statement reveals the level of co-ordination between the “FSA” and the foreign terrorist groups who are fighting alongside them- one example is Jabhat al Nusra who took responsibility for the suicide bombings that killed hundreds of Syrian (including many civilians)!!!

    yes their idea of freedom is a salafist islamic dictatorship
    where they can brutalise the disabled to their hearts content:

    a new low for the FSA terrorists: torturing the disabled , wonder the syrians despise them