Monday, November 19, 2012

Israeli aircraft strike crowded Gaza areas, civilian death toll climbs

A Palestinian man kisses the hand of a dead relative in the morgue of Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012.

Thought I had better get this one up before the headline changes? Or the entire story changes? 
Or it simply disappears. The article has an adequate amount of factual reporting, despite the western media perception management.
Israeli aircraft struck crowded areas in the Gaza Strip on Monday, driving up the civilian death toll and in one case devastating several homes belonging to one "clan" western media perception management that is one FAMILY - the fallout from a new tactic in Israel's six-day-old offensive
There is no new Israeli tactic. This is the same tactic as always. Terrorize civilians on a massive scale
Escalating its bombing campaign, Israel on Sunday began attacking homes of activists (more spin. CIVILIANS) in Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza. These attacks have led to a sharp spike in civilian casualties, killing 24 civilians in less than 24 hours
The rising civilian toll was likely to intensify pressure on Israel to end the fighting
In Monday's violence, a missile struck a three-story home in the Gaza City's Zeitoun area, flattening the building and badly damaging several nearby homes. Shell-shocked residents searching for belongings climbed over debris of twisted metal and cement blocks in the street.

The strike killed two children and two adults, and injured 42 people, said Gaza heath official Ashraf al-Kidra.

Residents said Israel first sent a warning strike at around 2 a.m. Monday, prompting many residents in the area to flee their homes. A few minutes later, heavy bombardment followed
 Ahed Kitati, 38, had rushed out after the warning missile (Firing missiles to warn the civilians that they will be fired upon with more missiles) to try to hustle people to safety. But he was fatally struck by a falling cinderblock, leaving behind a pregnant wife, five young daughters and a son, the residents said.
Sitting in mourning with her mother and siblings just hours after her father's death, 11-year-old Aya Kitati clutched a black jacket, saying she was freezing, even though the weather was mild. "We were sleeping, and then we heard the sound of the bombs," she said, then broke down sobbing.

 Ahed's brother, Jawad Kitati, said he plucked the lifeless body of a 2-year-old relative from the street and carried him to an ambulance. Blood stains smeared his jacket sleeve.

Another “clan” FAMILY member, Haitham Abu Zour, 24, woke up to the sound of the warning strike and hid in a stairwell. He emerged to find his wife dead and his two infant children buried under the debris, but safe.

“Clan” FAMILY elder Mohammed Azzam, 61, denied that anyone in his family had any connections to Hamas.

"The Jews are liars," he said. "No matter how much they pressure our people, we will not withdraw our support for Hamas."

Late Sunday, an Israeli missile killed a father and his eight-year-old son on the roof of their Gaza City home. The father, a Hamas policeman, (Western media spin. A Gaza policeman would or should be the correct wording) was on the roof to repair a leaking water tank, his relatives said.

 In another area of Gaza City, the patriarch of the Daloo family, Jamal, sat in mourning for 11 members of his family killed in a missile strike on his home Sunday. Among the dead were his wife, his son, daughter-in-law, his sister and four grandchildren. His face swollen from crying, he embraced relatives and neighbors paying their condolences.
In the paragraph above we notice that CTV propaganda department has stopped using clan and is using the correct term, family. Knowing that the vast majority of gullible readers will not read this far along, the perception management is not necessary.

The mourners sat in plastic chairs just meters away from bulldozers clearing the ruins of Daloo's home. His 16-year-old daughter Yara was still missing and believed under the rubble, family members said.

Daloo, who is left with two sons, tried to take comfort in the belief that the loss of his family was God's will and that the dead are now in paradise. He vehemently disputed Israel's initial claim that a senior operative of Islamic Jihad, a smaller sister group of Hamas, was hiding in his house. He said his son Mohammed, one of those killed, was a policeman in the Gaza police, but not an activist.
Five farmers were killed in two separate strikes, al-Kidra said, including three who he said had been mistakenly identified earlier by Hamas security officials as Islamic Jihad fighters.
In addition to 91 Palestinians killed over the past six days, some 720 were wounded, al-Kidra said.

The civilian death toll climbs in Gaza, as was the intent.
On the Israeli side, three civilians have died from Palestinian rocket fire and dozens have been wounded

In all, 1,350 targets (homes, media outlets, government buildings etc.) in the Gaza Strip have been struck since the Israeli operation began.

"If we see a further escalation of the situation in Gaza, the likelihood of us getting back on any kind of peace track that leads to a two-state solution is going to be pushed off way into the future," Obama said.

Obamba, “peace” president. A two state solution, pushed way into the future??

Well, well, well..... isn’t that the intent of this attack? 
To push the two state solution completely out of the picture? 
Yes, that is the intent!
And, who exactly does that benefit? 
Israel, of course!


  1. Be back with some Syrian updates later
    Meanwhile feel free to leave relevant links.
    I can't find them all

  2. Remember the story few months ago by Haaretz about the Manpad launch in Sinai. Now Palestinians claim down Apache. Crickets> And warship hit?

    A Strela (SA-7) anti-aircraft missile was fired at an Israeli helicopter over the Gaza Strip for the first time last week, the Israel Defense Forces...

  3. And this:

    August 12: Egypt's Brotherhood blames Sinai raid on Israel's Mossad

    Sep-12: Mossad agents entered Sinai to target jihadist militant

  4. Put the Mossad in Sinai together with the reports of rebles in the bffer zones and compute:

    Israel says Syrian rebels have control of villages near Golan Heights

    Read more:

  5. Israeli soldiers fired artillery into Syria in response to gunfire aimed at its troops in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, but caused no casualties, a military spokeswoman said yesterday, in the latest spillover of violence across the ceasefire line. “Shots were fired at Israeli army the central Golan Heights,” an army spokeswoman told Agence France-Presse, adding that the Syrian fire hit “a vehicle.” “Soldiers responded with artillery fire towards the source of the shooting... a direct hit was identified,” she said.

    1. I don't believe this report. If it's true, then Israel has committed acts of war and Syria must respond with an act of war. Why allow Israel to slowly pick you apart? Syria should have more of a legal right to operate on the Golan Heights than Israel does yet terrorists are taking over the border towns and Israel is attacking the Syrian army????

      If Israel is destroying Syrian military assets what are they doing in response? Retreating? Cowering in fear?

      Syria either stands up and fights back now or they end up like Libya or Iraq . . . a paper tiger that folds at the first hint of conflict.

      Even though I think this is fake news and Israel didn't shoot Syrian troops or positions, Syria *should* respond as if it's true. If Israel is using this propaganda now it is inevitable that it will become a reality at some point.

      Why shouldn't the Syrian military make the first move to gain advantage? Why not attack Turkey and Jordan and leave a small number of resistance to attack any Israeli incursions into Syria/Lebanon? Why not march 100,000 troops into Turkey and destroy all damns and bridges and gas lines in the country? Why not decapitate the leadership of Turkey and Jordan? Why not bomb their family homes just like Israel, Turky, and NATO fighters will be doing shortly to Syrian homes? Fight fire with fire? Why not use white phosphorous or other chemicals on Israeli targets? Why not bomb Israeli suspected nuclear sites?

      Why not unload all missiles on Israel, Turkey, and Jordan?????????

      Do Arabs ever fight back or are they easily ruled by simply buying off corrupt leaders? It's time for Assad to show he's the real deal and not another puppet.

    2. Syria is hardly going to attack Turkey, which has military might that could easily triumph over its neighbours. Assad has problems enough with his own people rebelling against his minority Regime without inviting a certain thrashing from Turkey. Get real!

    3. Just a strong hunch but don't think the Syrian version of Samson is in their interest.

    4. I bet Syria could fight Turkey to a bloody draw, and maybe even win a short term victory, especially if Syria took the initiative. Sending all tanks and warplanes into Turkey would have a huge effect. As would sending 100,000 of their troops. Do you know what damage blowing up their dams on the Tigris and Euphrates would do? Blowing up their major bridges, ports, and oil lines? How about sending guided missiles to the top 50 political leaders of Turkey? How about all jet warplanes attack Turkey on non stop sorties until all planes are lost? How about arming the immigrants being sent in to Greece from Turkey and giving them a return ticket and a gun and some money to wage a guerrilla war against Turkey?

      This way Turkey will be just as beat up as Syria is going to be. Surely you admit a bleak future awaits Syria, right? Why not have this war on Turkish soil? If NATO is going to destroy Syrian tanks and warplanes anyway might as well do it over Turkish skies and make Turkey pay for its aggression and subservient role to Israel--being Israel's attack dog.

      But fine, let's take your advice . . . let's say Turkey is too big a bite for Syria to swallow right now, how about they attack Jordan? Devote all resources on Jordan and cut the Arab traitor snake's head off at the top. Kill Ali Baba and his 40 thieves and send the foreign troops packing! Can you imagine an Arab government inviting American special forces on their territory while they support Israel as Israel attacks Gaza and Syria at the same time? Why would Arabs allow these finks to rule them? How many Syrians will sign up to fight these Jordanian snakes? At least that's a fight Syria can win and then they can blow the rest of their wad on Israel after they easily defeat Jordan!

      I think Syria should invade both Jordan and Turkey though. Liberate as much territory from these traitors as possible and draft people to go fight Israel in the Lebanon/Syria border. Prepare the Syrian army and occupied territory for a guerrilla war against Israel and her proxies like the "FSA" and Jordanian leadership. The Syrian military only has a little time to attack as much territory as it can, to blow its missile wad in a way that does maximum damage, and then prepare to go into a guerrilla war in multiple countries and engage in war against Israel and all the other rat fink traitor proxies like the "FSA."

    5. AnonymousNovember 19, 2012 12:57 PM

      Troll alert

    6. WWM:

      Turkey has NATO and Israel standing right behind it
      Syria couldn't and shouldn't

    7. You seem to be forgetting that Turkey is a member of NATO. Any attack on Turkey would immediately involve NATO. Just get used to the idea that Assad's much hated by the Arabs Regime is dying a long slow death.

    8. Anonymous 2:18


      It is NATO that hates Assad and secular states.
      NATO loves Islamic puppet states as does Israel
      That's why NATO brought in the mercs, because the Syrians did not make a move to overthrow anyone

    9. Yes Penny, both NATO and Israel are the true aggressors standing behind attack dogs Turkey and Jordan. But just because an aggressor is stronger doesn't mean you should walk away! Sometimes there is no where to run so the most effective solution is to stay and fight! Not to mention this is more honorable and it will at least give Syria some justice by taking a pound of flesh from some of their aggressors.

      So Syria might as well admit the truth and deal with it instead of pretending everything is going to be okay. They have a bleak future because these terrorist entities and their lackeys have decided to attack. The attackers will not let up until they bring Syria down. This means war to the death. But Syria allegedly has a very big army with many weapons and they should use these weapons against their aggressors before it's too late (see e.g., Libya and Iraq), right?

      Why is this so hard for people to accept? Shouldn't they unload their wad at some point or does a weaker force never unload his wad against a stronger foe? Syria should just give up without a fight?

      Isn't fighting back normal behavior for a top 20 army in the world? I'm glad I'm not faced with this choice but I think I would vote fighting rather than lying down to die just like my Israeli masters ordered me to do. I would try to strike out and at least kill a few of these bastards before they did what they were always going to do to me anyway--kill me.

      How is this not in Syria's interest? Syria has no choice. Is letting themselves be taken down like Libya was taken down honorable or desirable? Did it save the people of Libya or make them more safe? No! Syria is better off in the short term and long term taking the fight outward! Crawling back in their corner to die like a beaten dog is a terrible decision. Maybe they really are this weak and they have no other options . . . in which case I'm surprised that the Arab world would be such zeroes when it comes to defending themselves militarily.

      The top Arab army in the region is getting fricking shelled by Israel and the response is to turn tail and run away!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder Israel is having her way in Gaza right now! Arabs are worse than useless when it comes to self defense! They have a huge army but even when that army is being attacked by Israelis they still find excuses to retreat and give up.

      Pathetic. I really doubt Assad's bone fides now and wonder if he too was an Israeli stooge all along. He's basically neutered what was once thought of as a strong army.

      Assad is going to be taken down and his people crushed by terrorist CIA stooges while not a shot will be fired against Israel, Turkey, and Jordan! Too funny if it weren't sad. These Arab countries are exceedingly easy to control. The West and Israel is playing Assad like a fiddle if they are able to pull this feat off! Attacking him and taking Syria as a prize while they don't have to suffer at all!

    10. Hey WWM

      Believe me I understand exactly where you are coming from.

      "Yes Penny, both NATO and Israel are the true aggressors standing behind attack dogs Turkey and Jordan. But just because an aggressor is stronger doesn't mean you should walk away! Sometimes there is no where to run so the most effective solution is to stay and fight!"

      I get a sense of frustration also

      To attack Turkey in the way you are suggesting would result in massive, massive deaths in Syria
      The onslaught would be horrific.
      It would not be unrealistic to think that NATO would kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian people via an air campaign, so horrific I don't even want to think about it.
      Syria is a small, geographically, heavily populated area
      The death toll would be... I shudder to think
      But far worse then now, I am certain of that

    11. Yes. Syria's future is bleak. I make my observations not because I see a rosy future but because I see hundreds of thousands dying in almost all situations in Syria!! And let's not forget that Obama and Israel and others have planned this and are the ones responsible for all the resulting death!

      The NATO gang is pretty much going to kill 100,000 Syrians anyway. Even the 'Libyan solution', which is what the gang is openly predicting/wishing for Syria now, where Syria does not strike back outside its borders and is defeated from air power and proxies alone, still involves tens of thousands dying. We may have already gone over that mark (who knows the real numbers though). Who knows where we will be after the no fly zone when the new Syrian government takes over in Aleppo and the new Central bank is up and running, probably over 100,000 dead, easy.

      I do acknowledge that the military invasion of Turkey and Jordan (and rearguard fighting with Israel) would result in many more deaths in the immediate future. I could see maybe 300,000 Syrians dying because of the invasion and resulting counterattacks (100,000 troops and 200,000 civilians say) and another 100,000 Turks, Jordanians and Israelis . . . just to throw out some probably conservative numbers.

      But maybe this leaves the resistance on much stronger grounds for the next 5 or 10 years than it will be under the Libyan option. Maybe fewer Syrians die in years 2 to 10.

      If you are an Arab nationalist maybe you want to de-legitimatize Arab puppet governments so maybe taking one down in Jordan for a few months/year is a big achievement. Maybe invading Jordan and Turkey allows Syrian soldiers to go underground to wage a guerrilla war better. Maybe it means less damage to Syria because those tanks and mobile missile launchers and warplanes, etc. are in Jordan and Turkey when they are being attacked. NATO would be forced to bomb its allies. Maybe there is something to being the first Arab army being able to take a pound of flesh from Israel and her attack dogs before they go down. There are many good reasons for an attack.

      Here are questions for those that propose Syria not respond to the many provocations and acts of war and instead only fight the proxy dogs directly attacking them inside their country:

      What point do you use the missile wad if you're a Syrian General? When Israel has 5,000 tanks and 50,000 troops racing across Syria? Then should Syria unload its missiles on Israel? What about Turkey and Jordan? Should Syria start attacking the countries that enforce a no fly zone or shoot at their territory? Should Syria simply engage in a guerrilla war within its own country and never strike outside its borders? Should it retreat from conflict with all neighbors (like Turkey) or stronger actors (like Israel or the U.S)? So Israel can just start doing bombing runs of Syrian tanks and Syria should respond by hunkering down in Damascus and hoping the Russians reach a diplomatic solution? At what point does Syria attack outside forces, even if they are bigger? Never?


  7. Here is a new article:

    "Syria opposition bloc makes Cairo its HQ
    Announcement comes as new video emerges purporting to show opposition fighters announcing their rejection of coalition."
    Basma Atassi Last Modified: 19 Nov 2012 14:56

    And a couple of relevant recent tweets from landdestroyer:

    Land Destroyer ‏@LandDestroyer 18 Nov
    keep a close eye on #Syria ... #Israel #Gaza conflict is perfect cover for geopolitical "sleight of hand" #SAS #CIA #FSA #AQ #Turkey #Aleppo

    Land Destroyer ‏@LandDestroyer 17 Nov
    #Egypt #Turkey working in lockstep w/ US #Israel & #KSA against #Syria, now suddenly "concerned" over #Gaza? Not likely. Charade. #Palestine

    1. "sleight of hand"
      Yeah, that's what I thought also.

    2. So the mostly muslim brotherhood, beside the name change, embraced a new location
      In Egypt. Not a surprise

  8. In a sign that the U.S.-backed kingdom of Jordan may yet be vulnerable to the "Arab Spring" upheaval, angry demonstrators Friday denounced King Abdullah II and his ruling circle as "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" and demanded swift reform or an end to the monarchy.

  9. Protestors in Israel call for wiping Gaza off the map and killing 2000 instead of 15:

    This is the agenda that Jordan and Turkey and the U.S. support. Obama staying silent except to say Israel has the right to defend itself. Jordan and Turkey are supporting terrorists to go inside Syria while they pretend to oppose terrorism!

    1. Yes, WWM that is the agenda that the US, Turkey, Jordan, SA, Qatar, Israel and Egypt support

      I am waiting for the "ceasefire" and am quite sure Morsi/Mursi and the other stooge Erdogan will sell the Palestinians down the river

      Because this is the outcome that is being created

      "If we see a further escalation of the situation in Gaza, the likelihood of us getting back on any kind of peace track that leads to a two-state solution is going to be pushed off way into the future," Obama said.

      Obama made that abundantly clear. Good bye Palestinian statehood

  10. If we see a further escalation of the situation in Gaza
    Events happen synchronously perhaps its enough to point to the coming full moon as, notably the 27/28 of November. I am still predicting violent earthquakes all sudden. If there was to be a ground invasion it would be after 21/22. The 23 is a day to watch.

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  12. will NATO or the saudis or any jihadis give the palestinians antiaircraft weapons?
    anyone hear of a call for a NO FLY Zone over gaza?