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Tanks in Golan? Turkey's 'right way' to intervene & requests for patriot missiles

The US Election is set to take place tomorrow, November 6/2012. Whichever oppi-same candidate wins, a negative outcome is a given. The people will lose.
Nowhere, will this be more obvious then in Syria, where it looks as if a NATO attack is being readied.
Lots of news to cover, so let's get straight to it.
It looks to me as if the final moves are taking place. Israel is positioning itself to aid in the intervention, should it become necessary, in Syria. The claim by the Israeli military that Syrian tanks entered Golan seems to be completely false.
However, this claim will give Israel the pretext it needs to send in the Army and be on the ready for the attack on Syria. Explaining briefly:

- Israel's military says three Syrian tanks have entered the demilitarized zone in the Golan Heights.
-A military spokeswoman says Israel complained to the U.N. peacekeeping force in the area after the tanks entered Saturday.

-The spokeswoman, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with military protocol, did not elaborate.

-Marco Carminjani, an official with the U.N. body supervising the zone, said he could not immediately confirm the entry of the tanks.

Quoting from two  sources- It was the Israeli military that reported the tanks allegedly entering the zone. Israel did not go to the UN. The Israeli military complained to the peacekeeping force in the zone. The UN  peacekeepers could not confirm the report. What does that tell us?

 Turkey has been shelling northern Syria since the false flag attack at the beginning of October.

 Last report I had seen was on October 29/12. Unfortunately I did not bookmark the news, if anyone can help out, please do.

That has given Turkey over a  month to soften targets and create pockets that can be filled in by the NATO terrorists. A place to install a bogus government in exile. Precisely like the one that is being concocted in Doha, Qatar

In the Qatari capital of Douha, Syria's fractured opposition groups in exile started a five-day meeting backed by the United States in the hope of closing ranks to oust the Syrian leadership

Can they get it together? Does it matter?  The NATO nations have continued on with their destabilization despite the infighting amongst their stooges.

Let's look at Turkey's role in creating pockets of  FSA controlled territory in Syria, necessary for the placement of the 'opposition' and the launch of a war.

 “The right way for Turkey to Intervene in Syria” -The NYT’s. October 11/12
 Did you know there was a right way to foment war without declaring war?
Did you know there was a right way to violate another countries sovereignty?
Makes one wonder what is the 'wrong way' if  this is the right way?
The shelling along the Turkish-Syrian border is a critical development.( Another step in the plan)

The first response for Ankara would be to continue the current pattern of shelling across the border every time Syria targets Turkey. (Of course we have no way of knowing whether Syria is actually targeting Turkey, not that this fact matters) This would weaken Syrian forces in some areas near the Turkish border, letting the F.S.A. fill the vacuum. This wouldn’t create a contiguous safe haven, but it would lead to pockets of F.S.A.-held territory inside Syria under a de facto Turkish security umbrella. 
Finally, if things get worse along the border, causing more Turkish casualties, Turkey may go even further, staging a limited invasion to contain the crisis as it did in Cyprus in the 1970s. At that time, Ankara waited patiently for the United States and the international community to come to its aid in Cyprus. When such help did not materialize, Turkey took matters into its own hands, and landed troops on the island. ????

When international help did not materialize?

 NATO has already issued a statement that it will defend Turkey against Syria. Yet if Turkey decides that the international community is not going to actually help stave off the Assad regime’s aggression, it may choose the Cyprus option.

If Hillary is pushing for a reformed government in exile, at this time, it would appear that Turkey’s shelling has paid off. Turkey has been successful in assisting the FSA in seizing and holding enough Syrian territory to plant the NATO stooges in. Will this seized land become a NATO protectorate? As was done in Libya?

Going back to September 28/2012 as a reminder just prior to the false flag shelling in Turkey
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stressed the need to establish a buffer zone to create a safe haven for refugees inside north Syria while speaking to the BBC's Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen on Friday.

Bowen, however, noted that such a move would require the launching of a military operation inside Syrian territory, but Minister Davutoglu simply ignored that question:

"Mr. Davutog(lu would not be drawn on the fact that inserting a military force into Syria to establish a safe zone would be an act of war," Bowen said.

It would be an act of war. But then with NATO firmly behind Turkey, will that matter? Which is why the Minister just ignored the question. What does it matter?

NATO does indeed look to have Turkey's back
Thanks Anonymous for this piece of the puzzle!
AnonymousNovember 2, 2012 10:21 AM
Turkey wants deployment of patriots?
Yes, Turkey wants deployment of Patriot missiles! Anyone?

Turkey to request Patriot deployment from NATO

Turkey plans to officially request NATO deploy a Patriot missile defense system in its territories as a security precaution against a potential large-scale military offensive from Syria as Syrian shelling on the border raises tensions.

“We have been closely working with NATO on contingency plans regarding the developments in Syria and these plans also include the deployment of missile defense systems in Turkey,” a senior Turkish diplomatic source said Oct. 30. “We are planning to make this request in the case of escalation of the scale of attacks against us.”

Turkey has invoked Article 4 of the NATO treaty twice, which provides for consultations, after the downing of its jet and the killing of five Turkish citizens in a Syrian shelling, but took no action in pursuing Article 5, which considers an attack against one member an attack against all. “We have received sufficient support from NATO so far. The last statement NATO issued after the Akçakale incident was very powerful. We continue to be in close dialogue with the alliance,” the source said. 

 “I would not be surprised if Turkey would soon make such a request,” a diplomat from a NATO country said. “The situation is getting worse in Syria, and it’s the right of Turkey to take necessary security measures.”

 Preparations for war definitely advancing

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  1. Whew, lots of news
    will be back to fix up any typos etc
    meanwhile jump in and comment
    war or not?

  2. what you been missing possibly... not sure where even to begin Lol
    Hajj Hassan criticizes official silence over attack against ISF members in Arsal
    ZIOCON GEN PAUL E VALLELY ''ANNOUNCES OFFICIAL LIASON TO SYRIAN OPPOSITION'' ZIONIST QATAR ...IN BUSINESS WITH ISRAHELL ''8 Martyrs in FSA Shelling on Palestinian Camp, Syrian Army Repels Attacks on Taftanaz Airport'' SYRIAWATCH- THEY'RE BAAACKK... A new weapon in Syria's revolt: Black humor and venomous slogans ... >>> Franjieh: We Must Know Who 'Betrayed' al-Hasan TURKEY ''THE IMPERIALISTS LACKEY'' HDK’s Middle East Conference Concludes with Declaration Foundation for (overthrow) of democracies to host an event called ''Dictators & Dissidents''The honorary committee are CROOKED BANKERS,NEOCONS AND ZIONIST JEWS!!! Documenting the undocumented in the Syrian war On the borderlines thats just a minute fraction of whats been occring..

    1. Hey NYS

      I did see more news then I could cover, as always
      Don't know how you keep up as well as you do
      Will check out your links
      Hope others here do also..

  3. Penny I feel that desperation is in your tone of writing, I say do not worry the battle has been lost, the weather as I have said previously is going to have it's final say. Watch Wednesday onwards. This time there is no political gain to be had so the poor parts will be left to be destroyed, the people will finally wake up and start to rebel. Please take care Penny.

    1. Hi hans

      "I say do not worry the battle has been lost"

      I hope your right.
      I always want to be wrong and wish I could feel as confident as yourself. But, I am just not

      It is not looking good at all. :(
      I have blogged on Syria's destabilization since it began all the way back to March 2011
      via the media I have watched the progression for the worst
      Sigh, sigh and sigh...

      I will take care hans, thank you for being concerned :)

  4. On the previous article re Libya is sure doew look like the booty is being divied up: Libyan fund 'interested in French refinery'

    Also there was this small tidbit about $37B being siphone off in Nigeria.

    "The report, obtained by Bloomberg, was prepared by a team set up by the Petroleum Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke in February and is due to be released publicly tomorrow. Collusion between government officials, Nigeria National Petroleum Corp. and people working for its partners, who include Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA) and Exxon Mobil Corp., resulted in the losses, according to the report. "

    Still no report on where the Libyan gold is - perhaps being airlifted to the London pool to fill the Bundesbank vault...

    As for Syria, is it a coincidence that the leaked story about Netanyahu/Barak ordering war preparations back in 2010 pitted the administration against Mossad chief Dagan who couldn't seem to find a doctor to give him a transplant but for Belarus.

    Belorussian president: ‘No on else wanted to do a transplant on a former head of the Mossad’

    Odd no?

    1. As an aside oil is the lodestar of the global FX system. It is why the story about Turkey denying that it was exchanging oil for gold is one to inventory.

      And on th Turkley trade balance:
      "The lower-than-expected August trade deficit was mainly due to the slowdown in domestic economic activit, and net gold exports," Emre Tekmen and Tugba Talinli, economists with Turk Ekonomi Bankasi, wrote in a note. "We might see net gold exports contribute to the trade balance in the coming months," they wrote.

      Don't lose sight of the Turkey rating upgrade despite the core balances deterioration.

    2. VoR on Libya $150B gone missing:
      "First – the damage that the air raids by the Western anti-Gaddafi alliance caused to Libya is estimated to be 7 times bigger than the damage which bombing by the Nazis caused in Europe during WWII.

      Second – Muammar Gaddafi and his associates had, in total, $ 150 bln on bank accounts in various parts of the world. After the beginning of the Libyan revolution, the West froze these accounts. Now, this money has disappeared somewhere."


    3. Saudi king replaces interior minister 2012-11-06 06:04:21 [RSS] [Feedback] [Print] [Copy URL] [More]

      JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud issued a royal decree Monday to remove Prince Ahmad bin Abdulaziz from the post of interior minister, and replace him with Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz.

      The royal decree, carried by the Saudi Press Agency, said the king relieved Prince Ahmad from the post of interior minister " upon his request," without mentioning reasons behind the decision.

      The king instructed concerned authorities to immediately implement the decree, according to the press agency.

    4. I forgot that Libya also had a dispute with Goldman Sachs before the invasion when Goldman "lost" 98% of Libya's $1.3 Billion investment. Goldman reportedly offered Libya a stake in Goldman during the time it really needed it (when Warren Buffet also invested in the company).

      The WSJ did some reporting but it's behind a paywall but the headline claims that Goldman engaged is sloppy legal paperwork for its dealings with Libya. Here's the portion I can read:

      Goldman Sachs Group Inc. had no standard contracts in place to protect itself when it made $1.3 billion in options trades for Libya's sovereign-wealth fund controlled by Col. Moammar Gadhafi, according to people familiar with the situation.

      While such contracts aren't required by law, they are routine operating procedure at banks and securities firms around the world when structuring derivatives transactions in opaque markets such as credit-default swaps, futures and options.

      "The documents usually include crucial information such as the financial and pricing data each party must provide to the other, what happens if either side reneges on its obligations ..."

      Sounds like theft to me.

    5. Indeed WWM

      found an article you might find interesting-

      Goldman Sachs Lost 98% of Libya's $1.3B Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment

      sounds just like theft

      "Reports surfaced that the Northern African country entrusted $1.3 billion through its sovereign wealth fund to Goldman Sachs in 2007, of which the investment bank lost approximately 98%, sparking the ire of Libyan officials. The fascinating drama includes Goldman offering Libya preferred equity and debt which could’ve made it one of the investment bank’s largest shareholders during the onset of the crisis, as well as intimidation and violent threats by Libyan officials.

      Libya’s sovereign wealth fund, the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), was among many funds set up by emerging economies to grow their export-based riches."

      The sovereign wealth fund was the Libyan peoples money. it was used for their well being

      Clearly Goldman stole the money, this claim of 'losing' it is simply not credible

    6. anony

      saw the news story "the leaked story about Netanyahu/Barak ordering war preparations back in 2010 pitted the administration against Mossad chief Dagan who couldn't seem to find a doctor to give him a transplant but for Belarus"

      seems odd, the timing of that?
      Doubtful it is a coincidence, being brought back out for some reason

    7. Yep Penny, the Forbes article mentions specific GS employees that are taking the fall. I like the one-sided description of the meetings in Libya . . . as if Libyan officials were unjustified in being angry.

      Also notice how the Western media is personalizing the issue of these countries sovereign funds . . . as if Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi were stealing the money for themselves which makes it seem like the West is stealing the money from these guys rather than stealing from the people.

  5. Anonymous 7:15 am

    I was sitting on the fence when it came to SA
    BUT, something seems to be going on there, Just not sure what??

  6. Slightly off topic, but haven't seen much reporting or comment on Syrian born Palestinian actor Mohammed Rafeh's kidnapping, torture and murder. Even on the few blogs that are "covering" Syria, like this blog or Moon of Alabama (where I've been censored and banned), or the ones listed in Penny's blogroll, I haven't seen much mention of it.

    There were very few mentions of his murder in the Western controlled media according to the Google "News" search engine. Here's a typical example from ABC, that can't even mention his murder without making this pronouncement:

    U.N. officials and human rights groups believe President Bashar Assad's regime is responsible for the bulk of suspected war crimes in Syria's 19-month-old conflict, which began as a largely peaceful uprising but has shifted into a brutal civil war. But investigators of human rights abuses say rebel atrocities are on the rise.

    And if one looks at the Google "News" tool something fishy is going on. Here are the results. It claims there are 631 news mentions. Google has sorted the similar stories and the first similar set of stories (which appears to be the most relevant stories about his torture and murder) lists 1376 news sources mentioning the story. But when one clicks through one sees only 3 actual media sources.

    But the ABC story linked above is not in that list and I'm sure there are a few other sources (like the story I linked yesterday) that are also excluded.

    So who knows how widely reported this story is (it also seems to be mostly appearing in online versions and not print, when it appears at all). Maybe the news sources weren't tagging the story with "Mohammed Rafeh" so that it wouldn't show up. Maybe Google is jacking with the results.

    I included the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, L.A. Times and the Chicago Tribune in the search terms along with his name and got no hits for any of these sources. So these media sources didn't deem this information important enough to report!

    In any case the story is being spiked.

    1. Good comment.
      The 'pronouncement' you cite from ABC is classic wordsmithing.

      All stories from corporate media swine that feature murder by western backed rebel/mercs are deliberately vague, always playing up the 'both sides are crazy Arabs' angle.
      All stories that feature a Syrian military action go into great depth to describe the victim, the women crying for the victim, the victims death wounds, and of course the desperate need for westerners to step in and save the poor victims.
      The media coverage of Syria IMO points to a new 'high water mark' in the evolution of propaganda. Converting so many people who are sick of war, to support more war is not easy.
      The tactics used by our media only work when people are unaware of the games being run on them. Exposing media dogs and their games is worthwhile, though Mark Twain had it right when he said of quarreling with media scum......... Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.
      Communications media have always been the greatest asset of the elites. From oil paintings commissioned by corrupt church's centuries ago, to newsprint that killed our old growth forests and enriched the oligarchs of the last century, to today's IT kings and queens. Selling war to people who don't want it, the whole game tips and spins on their success. We have yet to see them fail, but the internet and its options to speak out do present an unprecedented opportunity.....for a while.

    2. Thanks Anonymous. It does seem the window is starting to close on the limited freedom we appear to have on the internet, doesn't it?

      I've noticed many blogs now erasing or closing comments. Like Digby's place, I made a few comments at American Leftist before and looks like it no longer has comments after just checking now.

      And here's John Caruso showing how CommonDreams has been erasing old comments:

      Here's a post on something I noticed, that reddit/r/conspiracy disabled the "controversial" sorting tab which is what I use to find stuff there (because it's overrun with perps who disappear good content so I sort by least popular).

      Also, re that phrase in the ABC link (which is actually an AP story) . . . I searched it on google "News" trying to find a better count for the Mohammed Rafeh story (also spelled by a few people as "Mohammad Rafei", like Angry Arab). But I found that paragraph in a lot of article involving Syria. They are putting it in all the articles--I guess probably combing AP stories or the AP writers are including it in many different stories.

  7. I did see the news reported on WWM
    just can't get to it all
    If I see anything I will leave some links to more stories

    1. Hey, I reported it for you so your blog did report on it ;)

      Was was in-artfully referring to blogs *like* yours . . . and I realize not everyone is going to be interested in the same things I am interested in, but it does seem like significant news.

      Imagine if Ben Afleck (who supports war on Iran) or George Clooney were murdered by a Sudanese or Iranian group . . . it would be all over the news.

    2. And you should be commended for having the best blog coverage on the war on Syria (and probably Libya but that was before I was a reader). Nysoulcontrolla aka Ali's blog, The Naked Facts, also has good links and information.

      There really is a lack of good anti-war reporting/blogging on Syria. Your coverage is waaay better than for instance.

      I've commented before that the lack of media coverage re Syria and Libya demonstrates to me how completely contolled our media is. Many of the so-called liberal blogs have totally ignored this critical news.

      For instance, Arthur Silber, a blog I used to admire, has barely mentioned the word Syria since the current war and when he did it was this:

      In the present case, I do not doubt that the Syrian government is brutal and murderous, nor do I doubt that it is committing various atrocities.

      The only other mentions of Syria appear to be from 2006. Similar story with his treatment of Libya (although there are more mentions, he still beats around the bush and promotes the idea that Libya was an evil regime a la Angry Arab).

    3. "Imagine if Ben Afleck (who supports war on Iran) or George Clooney were murdered by a Sudanese or Iranian group . . . it would be all over the news.'

      Your right that story would be all over the news.
      But then black is white and the west is good and Syria bad
      Right in our twisted overly simplistic world view

      Arthur Silber?
      Never read him. ever. Don't know a darn thing about him.

    4. I would love to see someone create a matrix showing how blogs are connected via blogrolls and links and guest bloggers, etc. [I'm sure our governments and other perps have already done so]

      Arthur Silber, if he is a real person (which is a question that can be asked about a lot of blog hosts), writes the 'Power of Narrative' blog, which I would describe as an antiwar and anti-imperialist leftist blog, although he has worked with Ayn Rand in a former life, he claims.

      Anyway, I would put him at the cream of the crop of the lefty blogosphere (as far as skillz go--Jack Crow is good too). He's an excellent writer and presents great moral arguments (a bit like Chris Hedges or even Chris Floyd but not as lame as Hedges but not as popular as Hedges--Hedges must be the Alistair Crowley type figurehead). Silber is mostly linked to by lefty antiwar blogs like those listed at the blogroll at Distant Ocean:

      A Tiny Revolution
      Arthur Silber
      Black Agenda Report
      Center for Constitutional Rights
      Chris Floyd
      Craig Murray
      Democracy Now!
      Dennis Perrin
      George Monbiot
      Glenn Greenwald
      Naomi Klein
      Noam Chomsky
      PR Watch
      Ran HaCohen
      This Modern World

      Or Stop me Before I Vote Again also has a good blogroll of 'lefty' antiwar types (also including environmental, economic, and political focused blogs as well):

      Ecological Headstand
      Coldtype's Lair
      Politics is the Opium of the Intellectuals
      Stump Lane
      Mike Flugennock
      Dirty Greenie Hippy
      6th or 7th
      Punk Ass Blog
      Who Is IOZ?
      The indispensable.
      Black Agenda Report
      Also indispensable.
      Once Upon a Time...
      false dichotomy by charles davis
      Flagrancy to Reason
      Ms. Xeno
      A long-time comrade.
      This Is So Gay
      Instead of a Blog
      Freedom Rider
      Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy
      The Consumer Trap
      Death by Car
      The Drunken Pundit
      Wear Clean Draws
      The Crow's Eye
      For Want of a Nail | A blog for leftist politics
      The Fake's Progress
      Nasty Mike writes for SMBIVA. Nice Mike writes for fakesprogress.
      Cars Suck! -- Home page
      Dedicated to the overthrow of car tyranny
      Coping with the News
      Coldtype's Lair
      American Leftist
      L'ennui mélodieux
      Jews sans frontieres
      An anti-Zionist blog.
      Cheap Motels and a Hot Plate
      An economist's travelogue
      The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب

      I challenge anybody to scour these blogs to find any sort of critical thinking about the attacks on Syria and Libya. It defies logic to think 'real' antiwar lefties are going to sit back silently while Libya and Syria get whacked. They certainly complain about imperialism and the other wars in Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, etc.

      Conclusion? Probably controlled opposition . . . the lot of them. Maybe a few innocent bloggers got dragged in those blogrolls but most should be included on the perp list. These are the blogs that have broken free of the Democratic party.

      Now the Democratic party loyalists are doing the same scam, but that was more obvious to me earlier.

    5. Hey WWM:

      I am unfamiliar with most of those
      The ones I am familiar with counterpunch, black agenda report, chris hedges...

      Think I had told you this before, I find them to be gatekeepers, they go only so far with their challenges of authority, almost as if they set the acceptable parameters of discourse

      Chris Hedges: we can talk about 'man made' global warming, but we cannot talk about 9/11
      Noam Chomsky: we can talk about propaganda and the control of discourse but we can't talk about false flags
      Though quite obviously false flags and propaganda go hand in hand
      Or that the first casualty of war is truth
      Or" All war is deception"
      But we can't make any connections, no matter how obvious
      example stand down 9/11

      Not that all of there work is bad
      Or useless
      It is just they won't ask the difficult questions
      Limited hangouts

    6. Quite a list Walt. Fake liberal media IMO is the biggest impediment to change right now.

      I would add with extreme contempt

      The Nation

      So many leftist Americans who watched dirty W Bush like a hawk, calling out his many crimes have shown themselves to be hypocrites in the extreme with their lack of interest in the many Obama wars.
      Canadians mindlessly blame Harper for all that ails while they patiently await the Trudeau-messiah, oblivious to the fact that Obama has expanded every Bush crime scene and that, Trudeau will follow the identical play book.
      CBC media do the heavy lifting in pro war propaganda targeted to good leftists in Canada. The results speak for themselves. Tragic.

  8. Just picking one site at random from my list above, 'Jews sans frontieres', and searching the site for mentions of Syria, I see many more hits than normal for these lefty limited hangouts, which is probably necessary for a site with that name. But check out this post from Oct. 8 that talks about how "[i]t is no secret that the Syrian revolution divided the left globally. While divisions remain, the freshly issued statement that appears first below, translated by the Free Haifa blog, seems to me to represent an important step in the reconsolidation of progressive forces over clear support for the people of Syria.

    Underneath it I reproduce an interesting analysis and call of radical Syrian activists that considers more directly the present and future of the armed struggle in Syria."

    Of course both 'sides' support the NATO mercs and promote war. For fun I've spent time searching many of these blogs and I've yet to find arguments and information such as that is presented on this blog.

    So thanks again Penny for your work.

    1. Your welcome WWM
      checked the link

      both comments which are supposed to be very different, are not different at all

      The first one pushed the phony Arab spring narrative, right at the beginning

      signatories "the april 6 movement"????
      Nothing like a good old NED contrived activist movement, if one took the time to look into the other signatories we would find most of them affiliated or funded by western destabilizing organizations

      The second opinion opens up again with a false narrative

      "the protests were peaceful" until arms were given to the opposition

      the protests were never peaceful. Not from the get go.
      The of course the regime is to blame for the increase in violence,, following on along the line of the phony narrative that began with the peaceful protests

      It's the same shit, just spun a bit differently

      Oh and thanks you for commenting WWM! You have offered insight and asked tough questions, that many do not want to ask

  9. Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA Release a Video of Kidnapped Journalist Anhar Kochneva

    1. that is good news
      Likely the NATO leaders pulling the strings of the mercs had something to do with that
      to much bad press lately